Caribbean Times 71st Issue - Monday 9th January 2017


Caribbean Times 71st Issue - Monday 9th January 2017

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Monday 9th January 2017 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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The One Nation concert held on Saturday night brought thousands to the Antigua Recreation Grounds. Inset: Dancehall artiste Aidonia

thanks Prime Minister, the Hon., Gaston Browne for bringing him for the show. (See story on page 3)

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Monday 9th January 2017

Cancer Centre director paints

a positive future for the facility

By Joanna Paris

The Cancer Centre of the

Eastern Caribbean is building

quite a reputation as a state

of the art facility which delivers

exceptional care to its


That is according to the

Director of the medical institution,

Dr. Thomas Mc-

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Gowan, who revealed on

ABS’s Against the Backdrop

last Friday that the majority

of patients who have been

treated at the facility have

all given positive feedback.

He noted that the centre offers

the best type of treatment

that is recognized around the

world to include the latest

breakthroughs in chemotherapy

and radio therapy.

He indicated that the

medicines given to patients

with prostate cancer have

By Joanna Paris

Persons who participated

in the 2016 Carnival Festivities

are currently being paid.

Minister with responsibility

for National Festivals

the Hon. E. P. Chet Greene

announced last Friday that

the distribution of the prize

monies had started and persons

should expect full payment

later today.

According to a press

statement, Minister Greene

been improved and therefore

assist in prolonging life by a

few years.

Dr. McGowan also stated

that a modern combination

of the latest technology and

medicine can also shorten the

amount of time for a patient

to receive treatment, which

he added “is a relief to both

the patient and their loved


“We have introduced

these for our patients that

meet the criteria, so not all

also outlined that the Festival

Commission’s Chairman,

Maurice Merchant, will immediately

commence preparations

to make payments to

other stakeholders who provided

services to the Commission

for Carnival 2016.

“While we were unable

to make payments to everyone

immediately following

Carnival 2016, this will be

the first time in a very long

time that stakeholders will

patients ae treated for the

shorter course but may or

can be, which means that patients

who travel from other

countries can be done in five

weeks instead of eight for the

same outcome or better”, he


According to the centre’s

director, additional advice is

given to patients after they

complete their required cycle

of treatment and they are also

given referrals for additional


Carnival monies payout

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be paid this early. We thank

the stakeholders for their patience

and look forward to

our collaboration in 2017

said the Festivals Minister.

In addition, the Minister

indicated that he will announce

the winners of the

Independence Essay Competition

today, having received

the results from the


He said that due to the

large number of entries, the

judges created a third category

for judging, to now include

a category for Secondary


The competition, which

was geared at primary

school and tertiary level

students was based on the

2016 Independence Theme

of “Building an Economic

Powerhouse Together”.

Monday 9th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

One Nation concert attracts thousands

By Renio Abbott

Just as the new year

opened, it was announced that

Prime Minister, Honourable

Gaston Browne and The Festivals

Commission, chaired

By Maurice Merchant under

the able leadership of the Minister

of National Festivals E.P.

Chet Greene would be hosting

the One Nation Concert.

The concept of the event

was a simple one, to bring

together the Caribbean Diaspora

in Antigua and Barbuda

through music by notable musicians,

cultural ambassadors,

if you will from various nations

across the region.

That goal was achieved

when Queen Thalia, MNM

Music, Tian Winter, Claudette

“CP” Peters and the Original

Burning Flames from right

here in Antigua were joined

by the Original WCK from

Dominica, Timeka Marshall

out of Guyana, Tall Pree from

Grenada, and Dancehall Superstar

Aidonia from Jamaica

took over the Antigua Recreation

Grounds in a concert

that resulted in one of the

most epic turnouts at the venue

in a long time.

Thousands of Caribbean

Nationals from islands such

as Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis,

Dominica, St. Vincent and

the Grenadines, Grenada, Jamaica,

and Guyana flooded

the venue to party together

in a display of true love and


The love and positive energy

was undeniable with no

fights taking during the show.

MC Jesse Fire kept the crowd

going with hit after hit played

by DJ Jime while the various

bands made their transition.

Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and

Zouk merged to create perfect


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Monday 9th January 2017

Tourism Minister sets the road

map for continued success in 2017

Minister of Tourism, Economic

Development, Investment

and Energy the Hon.

Asot A. Michael convened

the first leadership meeting

of 2017 with all department

heads and senior technical officers

within his Ministry.

The Hon. Minister used

the opportunity to thank his

team for their contributions

towards a very successful

2016 and pledged his support

towards providing all necessary

resources to ensure that

these successes can be duplicated

in 2017.

The focus and tasks in all

priority areas have been outlined

and as such each department

head has a clear understanding

of their outlook for

the year ahead.

According to Minister Michael,

“This year (2017) will

be an exciting one as we continue

to make positive changes

to ensure all our teams are

as efficient as possible to deliver

on our objectives. There

will be reassignment of roles

and responsibilities but your

input and support is critical

to ensuring that we harness

the creativity needed to get

the job done and to get it done


In outlining the key priority

areas for 2017, special

mention was made of new

appointments within the Ministry.

Senator Arthur Thomas

QC has been appointed as the

new Chairman of the Antigua

and Barbuda National Parks

Authority, while Ambassador

Bernard Percival has been appointed

to serve as Chairman

of the St. John’s Development


Priority focus has been set

on securing growth in all major

source markets for 2017

by 10%. A major effort will

be pursued to increase airlift

from existing markets, UK,

Italy, USA and Canada. New

Airlines to be targeted this

year include Jet Blue, Spirit

and South West from Fort

Lauderdale in addition to

Copa, Emirates and Norwegian.

Cruise passenger arrivals

have also been targeted for

growth in 2017 however a

revitalized effort to develop

the cruise industry on the sister

isle of Barbuda will take

precedence this year. Minister

Michael noted that “plans are

to be completed for a cruise

ship facility on Barbuda with

efforts underway to secure a

major cruise line to engage

in joint project funding. The

overall effort will be to increase

the calls of the smaller

vessels to the sister island.”

Work at the Ministry headquarters

will focus around the

development of activities surrounding

the branding of 2017

as the year of Sustainable

Tourism by UN World Tourism

Organisation UNWTO

as well as a thrust to continue

to increase the involvement

of the indigenous population

(small properties) in the

ownership, management, and

operation of tourism facilities

and events.

A concerted effort to engage

the local population on

the importance of the industry

must be made in 2017 and according

to Minister Michael

this should encompass three

spheres; “a local PR campaign

which should highlight

the achievements made in

Tourism with testimonials

from our own people as to the

value of the industry, a rollout

of revised Tourism Channel

content video for showcasing

the product to visitors and

locals and the continuation

of the Tourism Cadet Corp

program with a new batch of

secondary school students to

expose them to the industry”.

The road to a new St.

John’s has been envisioned

and initial phase of this will be

a signage and beautification

campaign to enhance to beauty

of the City of St, John’s and

its environs. Funding for this

project has already been approved

by the Cabinet of Antigua

and Barbuda.

In the areas of yachting

and National Parks, a very

passionate Tourism Minister

urged his team to build upon

and leverage PR for Nelson’s

Dockyard being named as

newest World Heritage site

in all yachting marketing and

to seek out new and additional

sponsorship for the World

Renowned Antigua Sailing

Week and to ensure additional

events and activities for this

year’s 50th Anniversary.

Marketers were also admonished

to utilize the newly

renovated Clarence House

which is the best preserved

cont’d on pg 5

Monday 9th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Further changes at WIOC to result

in added benefits for the country

By Joanna Paris

Energy Minister, the

Hon. Asot Michael, said that

the West Indies Oil Company

(WIOC) is now focused

on its core petroleum businesses.

Speaking during a ceremony

held at the company’s

plant last week, Minister Michael

detailed that this focus

will include terminal services,

storage of fuel products,

wholesaling to the Antigua

and Dominica markets

and supporting the retail petroleum

market in Antigua,

Barbuda and Dominica.

The Energy Minister noted

that the government has

opened a level playing field

for interested parties.

“Over the next 12 months

the two large tanks will be

refurbished and one brand

new 3.5 million gallon tank

will be constructed. In keeping

with the Government’s

commitment to transparency

and good governance,

the bidding process was in

keeping with international


From prequalified companies,

the bid was awarded

to Cape-Inc of the USA

based on a detailed bid evaluation

carried out by WIOC

management and approved

by the full Board of shareholders”,

he said.

According to Minister

Michael, Cape Inc. has extensive

experience and a

large portfolio of successful

tank construction projects

throughout the States and

the Caribbean.

“The next year will see

similar transparent bids for

the refurbishment and upgrading

of the Conventional

Buoy Mooring and for a

Fire and Gas Safety System

at the WIOC LPG Plant”, he

further outlined.

Government is also giving

consideration to a complete

upgrade to the 20lb

LPG cylinders used by the

public, transitioning from

the old design steel cylinders

to new, lighter cylinder

that have already been introduced

in Dominica and St.


The Minister responsible

for Energy is also excited

about the plans to grow

WIOC in conjunction with

PDVSA into a regional supplier

of petroleum products.

cont’d from pg 4

example of a Georgian Colonial Great

house in the entire Caribbean, for major

events as well as establish the Commonwealth

Walkways by implementing

Phase 2. Sir Rodney Williams officially

launched phase 1 last year. It utilizes the

10 km of nature and historical hiking

trails throughout the National Park.

Major developments are expected to

continue to take place with regards to the

continued improvement of the infrastructure

at the island’s ports. The next phase

of the US$60M St. John’s Master plan

has started and will be ready for the Oasis

class ships by November 2017. The St.

John’s Development Corporation (SJDC)

will spearhead this project along with the

Antigua Pier Group and the Antigua and

Barbuda Port Authority. In addition to

this the SJDC is also tasked with the responsibility

of overseeing the Fort James

Project. This project will be fast tracked

under the control of the corporation. Nationals

will be included to empower them

to be major stakeholders of our tourism

trade. Upon completion Fort James will

be converted to a multi-use richly diversified

recreation and entertainment tourist


The Hon. Minister of Tourism stated

that his government will continue the aggressive

ground breaking of new hotel

properties in 2017 and will strategically

seek out viable investments to add to the

room stock of the twin island state. In this

vein, Minister Michael urged the heads of

the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority

to compile and produce a comprehensive

investment guide of Antigua and

Barbuda. According to the Investment

Minister this comprehensive document

which can also be produced in a digital

format will be valuable to not only himself

but his cabinet colleagues when they

travel abroad to numerous tradeshows to

attract investors to our shores.

In addition to plans to complete the

addition of a total of 10 MW of renewable

energy to the grid in Antigua and

Barbuda in 2017, the establishment of

a national energy council is primary

amongst the objectives of the Ministry

of Energy. Minister Michael who holds

the portfolio expects that not only will

the council be established but the first

meeting which should comprise a limited

number of key energy stakeholders in the

public and private sector should be convened

with the aim of fostering coordination

in the energy sector and of providing

high level policy input to the Ministry of


The Hon. Minister urged his team

members to be creative and innovative in

their quest to rise above the bar of standard

expectations…only so will the destination

surpass the successes of 2016.

He concluded the meeting with this

charge to the teams “My primary endeavor

is to boost the Antiguan and Barbudan

economy and to create quality standard

jobs and lifestyles for the citizens of this

country…and with you as my team this

should be OUR collective goal!”

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Monday 9th January 2017

Eye programme continues in Barbuda eyes

As the Government’s Eye Care

program continues in Barbuda, dozens

of residents got the opportunity to see

more clearly as many are being outfitted

with prescription lens during phase two

of the Barbuda Eye Care Mission.

The programme, which is being

spearheaded by the Ministry of Health

and the Environment, will see one hundred

and eighty five (185) individuals

being equipped with prescribed glasses

during the weeklong exercise.

One of the individuals involved

in the program is Optometrist, Khohane

Blake, who commented on a

heart-warming experience that thrilled

her on Wednesday.

Blake, who is also an Epidemiologist,

said that not only are adults and

teenagers benefitting from the mission,

but also Kindergartners as well.

“One of the things that made me

smile this week was when I did a refraction

for a child who is about four years

old and when she got the glasses, she

started smiling because she was able to

see better and that really warmed my

heart”, Blake said.

Certified Refractionist, Raenor

Sharpe, is also conducting eye exams

and he explained the difference between

the first phase of the mission which took

place in October and this New Year’s


“The second phase of the mission

involved those persons who were

screened before. They don’t necessarily

have an eye condition that needs a doctor

but they need glasses and for those

also who would have been screened and

needed surgical assessment or medical

intervention are now requiring glasses,

so that is what we are doing here on the

second phase of the mission”, Sharpe


Equally pleased with the turn of

events is Matron of the Hannah Thomas

Hospital, Nurse Cynthia Byers and she

said that the venture has had a tremendous

impact on the hospital services and

the residents of the sister isle.

“It is a very good thing for the hospital

in terms of having special activities

within the hospital and it helps to bridge

the gap between the community and the

hospital and I hope that this is a roadway

for better things to come”, Byers said.

Addie Newton, the Barbuda Council

Member who is responsible for health,

was full of praise for the Health and

Environment Minister Molwyn Joseph,

and he is hoping that the partnership

will continue to flourish.

“When I approached the Honourable

Molwyn Joseph about the cost of the

glasses he had consented to approach

the cabinet to give us at a minimal cost

but the cabinet decided to cover the total

cost so I much say special thanks to the

Government and in particular to Honourable

Molwyn Joseph for his input”,

Newton said.

Close to four hundred residents

turned out last October for the first phase

of the Barbuda Eye Care Mission and at

the end of the screening, one hundred

and eighty five (185) individuals were

recommended for special treatment,

which included prescription glasses.

Phase three will come on stream in a

matter of weeks.

Monday 9th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

57th JCI Antigua Board of Directors installed

By Renio Abbott

JCI Antigua formerly

known as Jaycees, a non-political

organization focused

on the empowerment of

youth, installed its 57th

Board of Directors last evening

in a short Installation

and Awards Ceremony at the

Heritage Hotel.

The 2017 Board of Directors

led by President

Elect Dorothy Peters-Nichols

was confirmed after 2016

President outgoing President

Melissa Chandler-Joseph

passed the baton after an

empowering speech about

the opportunities and the

friendships that were forged

during her tenure. The past

presidents of JCI Antigua

participated in the changing

of the presidents as is customary.

JCI Senator Clovis St.

By Joanna Paris

The Cancer Centre of the Eastern

Caribbean will be hosting a number of

educational conferences and events this

year, designed to further sensitize the

public about its role in cancer management,

treatment and education.

The Director of the Cancer Centre

of the Eastern Caribbean, Dr. Thomas

McGowan, was a recent guest on ABS’s

current affairs programme Against the


Dr. McGowan said that major conferences

have already been planned for

April and the fall of this year.

The event, which will take place in

Romaine gave a compelling

speech encouraging young

members to aim not for the

dreams you have at night

that are erased from memory

when you awake, but the

sleepless dreams that invade

your mind during your waking

hours compelling you to

achieve a goal.

The 2017 JCI Antigua

Board of Directors are Dorothy

Peters-Nichols – President,

Melissa Chandler

Joseph – Immediate Past

President, Andrea Smithen

– Executive Vice President,

Nneka Hull-James – Vice

President, Stephannie Rodriguez

– Vice President,

Kenesha Dennis – Treasurer,

Christelle Piggot – Assistant

Secretary General, Amanda

April will be a follow up to the initial

conference which proved to be a major

success in April 2016.

The specialist speakers will hail

from local, regional and international

medical institutions.

“We are also intending to hold another

meeting in the fall which is aimed

at the general public, to educate them

about the steps that they can take to

prevent cancers, the importance of

early diagnosis, lifestyle changes. The

agenda is still being worked on, but

it will definitely be taking place”, Dr.

McGowan stated.

He also noted that the year 2016

Peters – Public Relations

Officer, Jackson Telemaque

– Protocol, Training and Retention

Officer and Rosa Ladoo

– General Legal Counsel.

Awards were given in

recognition of the outstanding

performance of members.

Cancer Centre of the Eastern Caribbean

to intensify education programmes

was a successful one for the medic facility

and its staff, as a number of persons

who had previously diagnosed

cases were seen at the centre for the

first time.

He added that the backlog of cases

has since been significantly reduced.

He also reminded persons about the

importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

“It is nothing that we really don’t

already know. You know going for the

low-fat diet, eating more fruits and

vegetables, lessen the carbohydrates,

eat portions that really satisfy you, not

over satisfy you, no snacking on junk

food”, he noted.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 9th January 2017

Tek Dis Til Summa 8 delivers

By Joanna Paris

Tek Dis Til Summa 8 took place at

the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium

last Friday night and true to its reputation

since its inception eight years

ago, delivered to its patrons a fete to

remember …until summer.

Despite a number of challenges encountered

due to a last minute venue

change and other logistics, the fete’s

organizers are grateful for the support

that they have received.

Thousands of the fete’s faithfuls

filled the Island Beehive Party stand,

where they indulged in the party atmosphere

set by the Djs- Ibis, Stiffla,

Jime, Muzio, Supersonic, Elementz,

Virus, Altitude and DJ Quest, who all

added their own flavour.

Aidonia out of Jamaica and Tall

Pree from the Spice Isle Grenada also

stopped by for a surprise performance

much to the crowd’s delight.

Speaking to Caribbean Times, one

of the main organizer’s Josh Gardner,

said that he is pleased with the outcome

despite the obstacles faced in the beginning.

He added that planning for the next

event is already in motion.

“We just was to thank everyone

who came out to support the fete. It was

challenging in a number of ways but at

the end of the night we are happy that

we were able to pull it off. The feedback

has been good and we really just

want to thank everyone who attended

and had fun. Our aim, of course, is to

make sure that the next one is bigger

and better and we have already started

planning towards that”, he said.

Monday 9th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 9th January 2017

Antigua-Barbuda opposition called

on to explain banking scandal

The ruling Antigua

and Barbuda Labour Party

(ABLP) has called on the

leader of the parliamentary

opposition, former prime





A.D. 2017


In the Matter of the Estate


TYRRELL, deceased


GIVEN that at the expiration

of fourteen (14) days from

the date of this Notice, Application

will be made in the

Probate Registry of the High

Court of Justice for an Order

that Letters of Administration

of the Estate of PAME-


deceased, late of Tyrrell’s

Hill Vernon’s, in the parish

of Saint Peter’s in Antigua

and Barbuda be granted to


of Crasula House, Horsford

Hill, Falmouth, Antigua and

Barbuda and COLETTE


of Toy Shop, 141 Redcliffe

Quay, St. John’s, Antigua.

The Applicants being the Executors

of the Last Will and

Testament of the deceased

and Trustees of the Estate of

the said deceased, who died

on the 26 th day of December,


Dated the 5 th day of January,


Lawrence Daniels

Daniels, Phillips & Associates

Solicitors for the Applicant

minister Baldwin Spencer,

and the current political leader

of the opposition United Progressive

Party (UPP), Harold

Lovell, to explain their role in

a second banking scandal that

occurred under their administration

from 2004 to 2014.

The ABLP noted that, in

his New Year’s message, as

leader of the three-person

parliamentary opposition,

Spencer talked of “banking

scandals” putting a “negative

world spotlight” on Antigua

and Barbuda.

In reminding Spencer that

he was prime minister and

foreign minister when the first

international banking scandal

occurred in relation to Allen

Stanford and during the period

of the recently exposed

Meinl Bank money laundering

operations, the ABLP said

that both “banking scandals”

occurred under his leadership.

The ABLP has called for

disclosure by Spencer and

Lovell of any and all links

to the Brazil Odebrecht saga

now occupying international

headlines, including the purchase

of Meinl Bank in 2010.

The ABLP said it believes

that Spencer must have had

discussions with Luiz Franca

prior to appointing him

as honorary consul to Brazil.

Franca was one of three Brazilians

who fronted the purchase

of Meinl Bank in 2010.

He continued as managing

director during his appointment

by Spencer as honorary

consul in Brazil. He was also

known to have a close relationship

with Lovell, having

collaborated with him on several


According to a Brazilian

newspaper account of a trial

in Brazil, Vinicius Borin, one

of Franca’s associates, said

that Antigua Overseas Bank

was the first bank used by

Franca to facilitate bribes on

behalf of Odebrecht, before

he, Franca and Marco Bilinski

fronted the purchase of Meinl


The ABLP noted that this

purchase was known to Lovell

as then minister of finance.

“Spencer has a public duty

to explain why he appointed

Franca and the relationship

between him, Franca and Harold

Lovell, particularly as it

been alleged that hundreds of

billions of dollars were laundered

through Meinl Bank

while Spencer was prime

minister and foreign minister,

Lovell was finance minister

and Franca was, at one and

the same time, their honorary

consul to Brazil and the

managing director of Meinl

Bank,” the ABLP said.

The ABLP noted that, in

normal circumstances, any

unusual transactions over

US$10,000 attracts suspicious

activity reports by a bank’s

compliance officer and these

matters would be drawn to

the attention of the appropriate

authorities for action. Yet,

under Spencer and Lovell’s

watch, hundreds of millions

of dollars were laundered by

Meinl Bank under Franca’s

supervision without an eyebrow

being raised.

The ABLP demanded an

explanation of Lovell’s role

with the Brazilian firm, Andrade

Gutierrez, and its executives

who were arrested for

their participation in the Odebrecht


“How was the connection

to Andrade Gutierrez established?

Why did Lovell and

the UPP government give the

firm a contract to add 1,000

feet to the runway of VC Bird

International Airport at an inflated

cost of EC$270 million.

Was it Lovell who subsequently

issued US$100 million

in bonds at the exorbitant

rate of 13% to pay Gutierrez?

Was there a tender process

for the contract of EC$270

million or were any bribes or

other monies paid in awarding

the contract? Further, did

Lovell meet for several hours

with Luiz Suarez and Olivio

Rodriguez, who are at the centre

of the Oldebrecht scandal,

as asserted in the Brazilian

court documents? If so, what

was the nature of their discussions?”

the ABLP asked.

The ABLP also called on

Lovell to explain the nature

of his relationship with Kleinfeld

and other associates of

Oldebrecht, including if any

monies were paid to him from

these entities. (Caribbean

News Now!)

Monday 9th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Friday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Young lady

5. Mexican sauce

10. Zoomed

14. Female voice

15. Out on ____ (2 wds.)

16. Friend

17. Extend over

18. Less wild

19. Pretense

20. Biblical pronoun

22. Flounder’s kin

23. Mellowed

24. Most sensible

26. Falls behind

28. Sport groups

31. Nasal sounds

35. Cleopatra’s snake

38. Perceived character

40. Baggy

43. Shred

44. Latin dance

45. Business owner

48. Small quantity

49. Stress

50. Make into law

53. Give over

55. Formal procession

59. Land measure

62. Finishes

65. Take it easy

66. Weaving device

67. Sacred song

69. Silent actor

70. Root beer, e.g.

71. Radio receiver

72. Above

73. Store sign

74. Obeys

75. Take it easy


1. Endures

2. First Greek letter

3. Discolored spot

4. 14-line poem

5. Fri. follower

6. What a pity!

7. Exec’s car

8. Aroma

9. Side by side

10. Florida city

11. Stopper

12. Besides that

13. Colored

21. Wind direction (abbr.)

25. Driveway sealer

27. Tiny fly

29. Slight

30. Malice

32. Melon peel

33. Roman garment

34. Stuck-up one

35. Swiss mountains

36. Categorize

37. Impoverished

39. On top of

41. NASA employee

42. Pennsylvania city

46. Detailed (hyph.)

47. Sharp knock

51. Auto

52. Earth vibration

54. Result

56. Animated

57. Noblewomen

58. Put forth

59. Likewise

60. Henhouse

61. Was a passenger

63. Copenhagen native

64. Winter coaster

68. Married woman (abbr.)

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 9th January 2017


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). You know the type — accidental


They’ll eat the last of the cereal

and leave the empty box

in the cupboard. Call them out.

Otherwise, this will go on indefinitely.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

If you’re going to be someone’s

anchor, you’d better prepare

for it first. You’ll need a

metaphorical wetsuit, some

flippers and, of course, an oxygen

tank. Otherwise, the effort

involves drowning.

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Sun and a few passing clouds.

High - 79ºF

Low - 73ºF

Wind: East North East 10 mph

Sunrise 6.38 am; Sunset 5.50 pm

Friday’s Crossword Solution

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). You can’t sing a duet by

yourself, but it’s a thing to try.

To hear both parts in your head

and only be able to sing one is

to appreciate what another person

brings to the song.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

You care. That it doesn’t matter

to most other people won’t

change this. So it’s a small

detail; so it’s widely unnoticeable.

Bottom line: If it means

something to you, it means


ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Stephen King said, “Quiet

people have the loudest

minds.” You’re feeling unusually

introverted today, but this

is something to embrace, not

overcome. All the good action

is inside you.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

You’re drawn to thought leaders

who communicate through

speeches, books and art. Here

comes an expansion of vocabulary

and ideology! Basically,

you’re raising your words, so

you won’t have to raise your


GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

For everything you want, there

is a person out there who has

it. This is wonderful. It proves

what’s possible. Meeting such

a person is an opportunity to

learn what it takes to fulfill a

particular appetite of yours.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Anyone

can get lucky and do well

under pressure once or twice.

But to continually exhibit

grace under the weight of a

relentless opposing force —

that’s how diamonds are made.

You have that kind of stamina

in you.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Imagine that your problem is

a destination, and then zoom

in and out of it Google Earthstyle.

This or some such perspective-based

whimsy could

really break you out of a limiting

mindset today.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Your intuition will protect

you much better than fear ever

could. But can you discern

between the two? Listen carefully

to the tone of your internal

voices, because these two

sound totally different.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

When will you get there?

Whether you gauge by minutes,

steps or songs, the real

question is: Which way will

be the most fun to measure the

journey by?


21). You, hard to love? Ridiculous!

Anyone who thinks so

has a hard time loving, period.

You’re extremely easy to love,

and those with normal-sized

hearts will delight in you today.

Monday 9th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

RSVA Early Childhood Development Center & Nursery

are now enrolling babies from 3 months old to children five

years old at the facility in Upper Gambles. For further information

contact Erika Santana or Sherry- Ann at 562-8838.

The Antigua State College invites the public to participate

in CARD 2017 – Conference for Academic Research and

Development. A community outreach programme of the

college, CARD’s mission is to present research on issues of

national and regional significance with the aim of promoting

societal change. CARD 2017 is slated for March 2017. The

location will be announced at a later date. The organizers are

working to prepare an attractive open environment for the

sharing of knowledge and experience in an array of subject

areas. Papers may be theoretical, archival or experimental in

nature. We are asking those who are interested in presenting

at the conference to submit an abstract of their research

paper along with a resume or one page bio of themselves to

the following e-mail, The

contact person is Dr. Patricia Benn. The organizers invite

the submission of papers by January 30th. For more information,

contact: Antigua State College: 462-1434. Email:

The Medical Benefits Scheme wishes to advise all its’ beneficiaries

that the Browne’s Avenue Pharmacy is now open

to serve you. Enjoy quick service including pick-up & drop

off services and spacious parking. Opening hours are MON

– FRI 8 AM- 3 PM. Special extend hours on 12th – 23rd

of December & 3rd -13th JANUARY 2017: 7AM – 4 PM.

Have a healthy and happy holiday from the Medical Benefits


All eligible persons in Barbuda are being urged to register

immediately in light of the upcoming Barbuda Council elections,

which are slated to be held in late March. The cut-off

date for names to appear on the Register for Elections is January

31. All registration in Barbuda takes place at the Handicraft

Centre. For more information, please call 562-4191 or

visit our Facebook Page at Antigua and Barbuda Electoral


The Diabetes Association will be holding their monthly

Meeting on Wednesday 11th JANUARY 2017 in the First

Floor conference room at MSJMC at 5:00pm please make a

special effort to attend and bring along a family or friend. All

are asked to be in full attendance. Please spread the word.

All members of the Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen

Association are notified of the monthly general meeting on

Saturday 14 January 2017 at 3 pm at Leah`s House on Prime

Minister`s Drive. All poppies and donations should be returned

to the Welfare Officer by Thursday 12 January 2017.

Please be on time or notify the Chairman, PRO or Welfare

Officer on 720-0058, 721-1970 or 561-1062 of any apologies.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 9th January 2017

Leeward Islands Hurricanes announce captain

ahead of final squad selection for Super 50

Kieran Powell who has

been leading the Hurricanes

in the Digicel Regional

4 Day tournament

will retain captaincy while

the best all-rounder within

the Caribbean and a passionate

Rhakeem Cornwall

will be the Vice- Captain.

Powell is who has

played 54 matches with a

performance of 1287 runs

with a highest score of 83

and 8 half centuries, resulting

in an average of 24.75

runs, continues to show

leadership amongst his

team mates.

Vice-Captain, Rhakeem

Cornwall has played 12

matches to date with the

highest score of 113 not out

with an average of 24.60.

Cornwall’s performance

for 2016 showed the kind

of passion and heart that

drives him as a player while

picking up 68 wickets with

6-5 wicket halls with a best

performance of 8 for 108

for the West Indies A team

against the Sri Lanka A

team in Colombo.

Cornwall continues to

show his aggression in

both bowling and batting

as he finishes his tour with

23 wickets for the 3 Match

test series.

Hurricanes to produce

both batsman as wicket

keeper batsman Jahmir

Hamilton closes the first

half of the Digicel 4 Day

Tournament as the leading

batsman with 485 runs at

an average of 69.28.mes

The Hurricanes will

have 3 practice games at

the Sir Vivian Richards

Stadium to select the final

14 man squad starting on

the 12th – 14th January


Annual Sports

Classic a success

By Marver Woodley

The third annual Sports Classic sponsored by the State

Insurance Corporation has come to a close after 4 days of

round country events hosted by the Helping Hand Foundation.

Organizer of the event Parliamentary Secretary in the

Ministry of Sports Colin James thanked all of the participants

for the 4-day experience, as it went off without a hitch.

Several new sporting activities were added to this year’s

event much to the delight of James who adopted the help

of several persons to make the feet possible to include the

national athletic team, all saints athletic club, and several


Unlike when it was held the last two years the event was

expanded to a four-day period from the 5th to the 8th of January

from a one day session to better accommodate activities

and the organization’s ability to host a wider variety of

sports, to include tennis and basketball tournaments.

Although boxing and a cross country run/walk was slated

to take place the two noted events were postpone until the

21st one of which reason being the Governments One Nation



Vacancy for Supervisor at The Furniture Gallery, Airport

Road. 462 4952/1452. Candidate needs to be flexible &

available to work Saturdays. Apply in person with documentation.

Monday 9th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Senator hosts New Year classic

By Carlena Knight

Parliamentary Secretary in the

Ministry of Sports Sen. Collin James

hosted his annual New Years Sports

Classic from Thursday 5 th January

Sunday 8 th January at the Old Road

sports facility.

The event began on Thursday and

wrapped on Sunday with a number of

sporting disciplines on display mainly

basketball and netball.

Ovals and All Saints got off to a

good start in the basketball competition

as they defeated Rockersville

and Sea View Farm on Thursday evening.

In the first matchup, Ovals

trumped Rockersville 64-52 with

HOBART, Australia –

West Indies all-rounder Carlos

Brathwaite made an instant

impact with a brace of

wickets as reigning Big Bash

champions Sydney Thunder

continued their resurgence

with an emphatic six-wicket

Devorn Benjamin leading his team

with 26 points.

He was assisted by Kareem

‘Macky’ Edwards with 10 points.

Kevin Joseph of Rockersville had

19 points while teammate, Walton

Christian netted 16 in a losing effort.

All Saints defeated Sea View

Farm, 44-32 in the final match up of

the night.

Anjis Anthony scored 9 for the

victors and was assisted by Keddie

Martin and John Rolland with 8

points respectively.

Kenroy Telemaque had 11 in a

losing effort.

Matches continued on Friday and

Sunday evening but could not be obtained

up to press time.

win over Hobart Hurricanes


Called up to replace injured

Windies teammate,

Andre Russell, the 28-yearold

Brathwaite played a key

role in his first game to help

restrict Hurricanes to 161 for

Informative, reliable, enriching!

Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!

eight off their 20 overs at Bellerive


In reply, Thunder cruised

to their target with over three

overs remaining, to collect

their second win on the trot.

They remained bottom of the

standings but joined four other

sides on four points, with

Brisbane Heat top on eight


Sent in, Hobart were carried

by George Bailey’s unbeaten

69 off 54 deliveries

while Ben McDermott got 31

and Jonathan Wells, 26.

The hosts slumped to 10

for two in the second over

but Bailey led the recovery,

adding 46 for the third wicket

with McDermott and a further

49 for the fifth wicket with


Seamer Brathwaite accounted

for Daniel Christian

for 16 in the 14th over at 90

Coolidge Cricket

Grounds hosts

its first games

By Marver Woodley

The newly bought Sandford Cricket

Grounds will host its first ever set of games

under the new title the Coolidge Cricket


The grounds will be utilized as one of

two venues selected to host the upcoming

Leeward Island Super 50 tournament and

the playoff, semifinals and final games

in the Group A all scheduled for the 24th

along with the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket


The games will be played in Barbados

and the new capital of the West Indies

Cricket Board in a day and night format.

Brathwaite helps Thunder to key win

for four, caught in the deep

off a slower ball. He then

stalled Hobart’s momentum

by removing Wells to another

slower ball in the 18th over,

caught at square leg off a topedged

slog sweep at 139 for


In reply, Thunder benefitted

from captain Shane Watson’s

top score of 55 off 31

deliveries and opener James

Vince’s 44 off 28 balls, as they

easily overhauled their target.

Vince and Kurtis Patterson

(23) put on 62 off 38 balls for

the first wicket before Watson

anchored a 63-run, third wicket

stand with Ben Rohrer who

made an unbeaten 28.

Batting at number five,

Brathwaite made six before

he was dismissed with the

scores tied, caught in the deep

attempting to end the game

with a maximum. (CMC)

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 9th January 2017

Energy Minister looks forward

to positive output from WIOC

By Joanna Paris

Minister with responsibility

for Energy, the Hon.

Asot Michael, has indicated

that the ongoing expansion

of the West Indies Oil Company

(WIOC) will increase

the number of opportunities

available in the field of energy.

Speaking during the ribbon

cutting ceremony to commission

tank number 45 last

week, Minister Michael said

that the tank farm will provide

the country’s strategic partner,

PDVSA of Venezuela, with

storage to competitively supply

the OECS territories.

The Energy Minister noted

that “the government is

transitioning our relationship

with Venezuela away from

begging and borrowing to

partnership and mutual benefit”,

which he said was not

existent under the former administration.

He said that it

is important for the people of

both Venezuela and Antigua

and Barbuda to benefit from

the financial relationship.

“We believe that such

mutual benefits are the foundation

of a sustainable relationship

that both the people

of Venezuela and Antigua and

Barbuda can uphold and support.

Further, the export of increased

oil-product by WIOC

will earn the company greater

revenues not only for itself but

for the Government and people

of Antigua and Barbuda

as the owner of 51% of the

company”, Minister Michael


In his remarks, the Energy

Minister also stressed that

the tank farm expansion does

not only signify a leap in WI-

OC’s development, but an

important jump in the path of

rebuilding our country’s economy.

“In other words, I want to

recognize and praise the person

who gave the leadership,

the vision and the creativity to

putting the nation of Antigua

and Barbuda in the beneficial

position it enjoys today with

the West Indies Oil Company

and the gains it brings to our

economy. The credit belongs

singularly to the Honourable

Gaston Browne, Prime Minister

of Antigua and Barbuda, a

leader not only with a glorious

vision for the country’s development

but also the capacity

to negotiate and to bargain at

the tables of high finance to

achieve it”, he said.

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