Caribbean Times 86th Issue - Monday 30th January 2017


Caribbean Times 86th Issue - Monday 30th January 2017

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Monday 30th January 2017 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Everton Barnes

The proposed referendum to determine

whether or not Antigua and

Barbuda accedes to the Caribbean

Court of Justice (CCJ) will be the focus

of discussions today between the

Prime Minister and the Leader of the


Prime Minister Gaston Browne

will host the meeting scheduled to

take place at the Office of the Prime

Minister this afternoon.

The Prime Minister has issued an

invitation to Leader of the Opposition,

Baldwin Spencer to attend the

meeting and to advise him that he

may bring along a team of five members

to the meeting.

The government will also be represented

by a team of five persons.

Since last November, the Prime

Minister dispatched a letter to Spencer

seeking to ascertain from him the

opposition, United Progressive Party’s

position on the staging of the referendum

on the CCJ.

This as both Spencer and UPP Political

Leader, Harold Lovell, have

stated their support for the regional

Prime Minister, the Hon., Gaston Browne

court, but have indicated that this was

a ‘personal’ position.

In light of this, it was never clear

what the UPP’s official position on

the matter was.

Spencer indicated in a letter this

month that the UPP seems to favour

putting multiple questions, including

the CCJ, before the electorate, but

based on the St Vincent and the Grenadines

and the Grenada examples

where this was done, PM Browne is

unlikely to agree to multiple questions.

The prime minister has repeatedly

Leader of the Opposition, the Hon., Baldwin


said that if there were any attempts

to politicize the process or if the UPP

is not willing to move forward with

only the CCJ question on the ballot

paper, he will not proceed any further.

Today’s meeting will be the first

time that both sides are meeting with

a full forum to discuss the matter, as

members of the National Coordinating

Committee will also be attending.

Following the meeting, the prime

minister will hold a press conference

to update the public on the outcome

of the meeting.

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Monday 30th January 2017

CHAPA updates Cabinet on housing

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By Everton Barnes

The Cabinet has received

an update into the

operations of the Central

Housing and Planning Authority

(CHAPA) which

has a mandate to provide

houses for ordinary men

and women in the country.

A team from CHAPA

was invited to Friday’s

meeting of the Cabinet

when it provided the update.

It reported that no accounting

or auditing of its

books has taken place since


According to Cabinet

spokesman Lionel Max

Hurst the Cabinet was told

that the 2006 audit was

completed in 2016, and the

auditor finds it difficult to

move forward since the accounting

records have disappeared;

authorities from

the previous administration

absconded with CHAPA’s


Hurst said the CHAPA

reported that though it sold

land valued at $48 million

dollars, one quarter of that

sum, or $12 million dollars,

remains unpaid for 90 days

or more; that is considered

delinquent. A system for

pursuing delinquents is to

be put in place.

The CHAPA also reported

that it was responsible

for the construction of

two housing projects since

2004. It was involved in

the building of 79 houses

at North Sound, and 54 at


“The houses remained

largely unoccupied until

after June 2014, when a

new administration ordered

that the homes be distributed

to nurses, police-persons,

public servants, and

others employed by Government’s

statutory bodies,

under a rent-to-own plan,”

Hurst reported.

The CHAPA reported

that it is still being called

upon by those occupying

the houses to make minor

repairs, cut overgrown

grass and undertake other

kinds of improvements as

though it were a landlord;

the CHAPA regards the

occupiers as prospective

owners that are paying

rental towards obtaining a

bank mortgage.

CHAPA estimates that it

ought to take no more than

three years from possession

for those rent-to-own occupiers

to organize a mortgage.

The Cabinet learned that

CHAPA also owns land in

Picadilly and will begin

selling plots to prospective


Cabinet agreed that the

CHAPA will sell that land

with infrastructure—roads,

electricity, water, telephone

and Internet fiber-optic capability—already


“No longer will CHAPA

sell land that is undeveloped,

the Cabinet decreed.

The price per square foot

will reflect the infrastructure

costs,” Hurst declared.

Plans being made to rid the

streets of derelict vehicles

By Joanna Paris

Plans are currently being made for the

National Solid Waste and Management Authority

and the Central Board of Health to

begin removing derelict and abandoned vehicles

from the streets of Antigua and Barbuda.

According to Government’s Chief of

Staff, Ambassador Lionel “Max” Hurst, the

“vehicles” will be taken to Cooks Dump for

storage and eventual disposal.

“The unsightliness of the vehicles, the

accumulation of places for vectors to breed

and spread diseases, the opportunity for

pests and vermin to find places and conditions

conducive to spreading contagion,

have influenced the Cabinet to move swiftly

on this national clean-up”, Hurst outlined in

a press statement.

Hurst indicated that the abandoned vehicles

have already been marked, and the

removal will take place in accordance with

the law.

The law compels notice by way of visible

XXs on those to be removed.

The statement noted that “since body repair

shops and mechanic shops are primarily

the ones where this unlawful storage takes

place, the Cabinet appeals to the owners to


Monday 30th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Prime Minister Browne holds

bilateral talks with Danilo Medina,

President of the Dominican Republic

Prime Minister Gaston Browne and President of the Dominican Republic

Danilo Medina

Matters of mutual interest

with a view to further

promoting cooperation between

Antigua and Barbuda

and the Dominican Republic

were high on the agenda,

when the Honourable Gaston

Browne, Prime Minister

of Antigua and Barbuda met

with His Excellency Danilo

Medina, President of the

Dominican Republic, on the

margins of the Fifth Summit

of the Heads of State/Government

of the Community

of Latin American and Caribbean

States (CELAC),

which took place last week

in Punta Cana, the Dominican


Among the topics highlighted

was the Government

of Antigua and Barbuda’s

desire for the Dominican

Republic to establish its

first embassy in Antigua and

Barbuda, which would serve

to further strengthen bilateral


In this connection, the

Prime Minister indicated

that his Government would

offer a minimum of one (1)

acre of land free of cost to

the Dominican Republic for

the construction of an embassy

in Antigua and Barbuda.

In addition, Prime Minister

Browne noted the tremendous

potential of the

relations between both countries,

which is underpinned

by strong people-to-people

links, and joint coordination

in fora such as CELAC and

the Caribbean Forum (CAR-


He stated that Antigua

and Barbuda would

welcome the further development

of investment

and business ties with the

Dominican Republic, and

pointed out that Antigua and

Barbuda would serve as an

excellent platform for trade

reach into OECS and CAR-

ICOM markets.

Prime Minister Browne

also mentioned the possibility

of exploring bilateral

cooperation in the realm

of health-care, given that

the Dominican Republic

possesses expertise and

high-level medical facilities

that can be utilized by Antigua

and Barbudan citizens

seeking medical treatment






Don’t Dream it.

Drive it




1 (268) 462-1062

In response, President

Medina affirmed the Dominican

Republic’s keenness to

bolster ties with Antigua and

Barbuda, and agreed to establish

diplomatic presence

in Antigua and Barbuda.

He informed that as a

step to enhancing cooperation

between the two countries,

the Foreign Minister

of the Dominican Republic,

His Excellency Miguel Vargas,

would visit Antigua and

Barbuda to discuss bilateral

possibilities in further detail.



4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 30th January 2017

Roman Catholics celebrate 30 years

By Everton Barnes

The Roman Catholic

community in Antigua is

celebrating the 30th anniversary

of the dedication of

the Family Cathedral at Michael’s


On Sunday, hundreds attended

morning worship at

the Cathedral, led by newly

installed Bishop Robert

Llanos who used the occasion

to reflect on the exile of

Joseph, Mary and the baby

Jesus to Egypt to escape

Herod’s wrath.

By Renio Abbott

On Tuesday 24th January, 2017

a 2nd form student of the Clare Hall

Secondary School was injured by a

teacher who is employed at the secondary


It is alleged that between 4:30 and

5:00 p.m., three 2nd form students

who attend the Chare Hall Secondary

school were on the Building Technology

block of the school’s compound,

trying out bike stunts and decided to

make a video depicting the stunts.

The said video eventually circulated

on social media and went viral.

Based on an account given by one

of the students who was present, one

of the boys attempted to grab the attention

of a female passerby.

When she did not respond to the

verbal signal, one of the other boys

took up a pebble and threw it to get

her attention, just as another student

who was riding the bicycle on the corridor

attempting to complete a stunt.

At the same time while the rider

advanced along the corridor, teacher

26-year old Vendiz Charles called

out to student who threw the stone,

Using the lessons from

this well-known story,

Bishop Llanos recalled the

decision to construct the

new Cathedral back in the

early 1980’s and the efforts

to construct the edifice that

was consecrated and bless

on January 20, 1987.

He told the congregation

that construction a new Cathedral

was an important act

in several ways for it signified

not just the physical

building, but the building of

the spiritual body of Christ.

For, as he noted, the church,

its members, are the building

blocks of the ‘Body of


According to the Bishop,

there were several events

taking place within the Roman

Catholic community

over the past three months

as a build-up to Sunday’s

worship and family gathering

that followed.

He said each family was

asked to carried out what he

called ‘a spiritual exercise’

where they were asked to

instructing him to “stop throwing


After not being acknowledged for a

second time, he said “stop”, and threw

a stone in the direction of the corridor,

injuring the student just above his left

eye and resulting in blood spilling all

over the bicycle.

Another teacher who was present

in a classroom came to the assistance

of the minor when the Charles left and

went to the office.

The injured boy was taken to the

bathroom to wash his face and Charles

returned with ice, instructing the him

to put it on his head.

Shortly thereafter, he started to

suffer from a seizure, an ambulance

arrived and took him to the Mount St.

Johns Medical Center.

The mother was notified of the

incident by Charles, stating that “the

child had an accident with another minor

at the school”.

The student was admitted to the

Intensive Care Unit at the hospital,

having fallen into a coma for a few


He eventually woke up and the

performed a task out social

outreach to others in the


Immediately after the

service, the congregation

engaged in a series of social

activities that included

hot lunch, games, music and

other celebrations on the

Cathedral grounds,

A team from the Medical

benefits Scheme was also

on hand to carry out a health

fair that included screening

for blood pressure, blood

sugar and cholesterol levels.

Teacher charged with attempted murder

doctor advised his mother to keep him


When asked to identify the student

by name, he told his mother that a

teacher caused the injury. Mr. Charles

walked in and upon hearing the line of

questioning, said, “It was me”.

The police were called and subsequently

charged him with attempted


The visibly frustrated mother

speaking to Caribbean Times stated

“I’m not pleased in the way Mrs.

Greene, principal of the Clare Hall

Secondary School is dealing with the


“Thanks to Mr. Browne at the

Ministry of Education for giving me

the utmost support with my son’s accident;

I would like to thank the general

public for their kind and positive


She indicated that her son is still in

pain and is in no condition to return

to school at this time and would like

the nation of Antigua and Barbuda to

continue praying for her son.

The student who was diagnosed

cont’d on pg 5

Monday 30th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Sons and Daughters of Willikies

gives back to prison inmates

By Renio Abbott

On Friday morning, Her Majesty’s

Prison was greatly blessed with a donation

of medical supplies from the Sons

and Daughters of Willkie’s. Present at

the short handover ceremony were His

Excellency, Sir Rodney Williams, Governor

General of Antigua and Barbuda,

Honorable Molwyn Joseph Minister of

Health, Mrs. Worthene George, Permanent

Secretary in the Ministry of Public

Safety, Albert Wade Superintendent

of Prison and the members of the Sons

and Daughters of Willikies.

One year ago, Nurse Simon had a

conversation with Dr. Oswald Thomas

and Derick Nicholas, one of the founders

of sons and Daughters of Willikies;

she explained the horrific situation at

the Her Majesty’s Prison and their desire

for a Dental Clinic and a Medical


Nurse Simon plead and insisted that

Dr. Thomas come to see her at the prison.

They would meet both the prison

Superintendent Albert M.P Wade and

Nurse Simon, and after meeting the key

stakeholders, Dr. Thomas asked Nurse

Simon to put together a wish list for the

Prison, which she gladly provided.

It was expressed that sometimes the

prison staff encounter challenges in

getting the inmates proper care; whether

at Mount St. John Medical Center or

from private facilities. Nurse Simon’s

cont’d from pg 4

with a fractured skull and blood clots

in his head has since been discharged

from the hospital.

The incident has drawn the attention

and ire of the public on social

media with comments being made

both in support of and against the

Minister ASOT Michael with Adam Goldstein, President and COO Royal Caribbean

Cruises LTD and Chairman of FCCA.

wish list for HMP was specifically for

the setting up of a Dental Clinic and

she lamented on the lack of equipment

and supplies for a Medical Clinic.

The members readily embraced an

excess of US $53,000.00 worth of supplies

for the cause. Dr. Aubrey Webson,

and the staff at the Antigua and

Barbuda’s Permanent Mission in New

York not only embraced the project, but

they agreed to pay for the items being

teacher with fellow educators, stating

that it was an honest mistake, citing

that the charge is too much considering

the circumstances; others have

stated that under no circumstance

should a teacher have equipped himself

with a stone to throw towards


shipped to Antigua.

Superintendent Wade added that

one of the biggest challenges the inmates

are facing now in the prison is

dental care, thanks for the Honourable

Molwyn Joseph, Minister of Health for

his kind support.

Hon Molwyn Joseph congratulated

the Sons and Daughters of Willikies

for their well put together organization

and the willingness they have shown in

helping the prison inmates.

The Governor General was rather

pleased to see the valuable work a

small community banded together to

complete in helping the inmates without

any help from the Government he

also pleaded to the public whether a

group, a company , an organization or

individuals to assist the prison.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 30th January 2017

Antigua and Barbuda to benefit from recent

discussion in the Dominican Republic

By Joanna Paris

Antigua and Barbuda

stand to benefit from the

further strengthening of a

mutually beneficial relationship

with the Dominican


St. Nicholas Primary was awarded the

trophy for best school in the annual Halo

Christmas Card Competition.

The presentation was held at Government

House, and four of the nine top prizes

were won by students of St. Nicholas


Katherine Woodhouse was named

overall winner of the competition, which

is open to all government primary and

Prime Minister, the Hon.

Gaston Browne recently

visited the Dominican Republic

where the Fifth CEL-

AC (Community of Latin

American and Caribbean

States) Meeting was convened.

During meeting of Cabinet,

which took place on

Friday, the decision-making

body was informed about

the opportunity that the forum

presented to dialogue

From left: Students of St.Nicholas Primary with Lady Williams - Isabella Feilles, Katherine Woodhouse,

Isabella Morcos and Coco Feilles.

St. Nicholas Primary wins

Christmas Card competition

secondary schools throughout the island.

St. Anthony’s Secondary also exhibited

exceptional performance, securing

two first places (Xintong Xie and Alexander

Yhap) and one second place (Abigail

Adams) in separate age categories.

Villa Primary and Princess Margaret

Secondary received second and third

prizes (Shawntelle Jones and Amelia

Bedward) for their submissions.

and to network with hemispheric


“The meeting was “outward

looking,” the Prime

Minister reported, and

sought to address threats

and challenges that the

hemisphere continues to

face”, indicated a press


Prime Minister Browne

has also reported that the

President of the Dominican

Republic “is eager to

strengthen the bond between

Antigua and Barbuda

and his own country”.

The nation’s leader noted

that the President “is aware

that a significant number of

Dominicanos have made

their home in Antigua, beginning

more than 30 years

ago or around 1985. The

President is giving consideration

to erecting an

Embassy here in Antigua,

having been offered land on

which to build in the Marble

Hill area”.

The strengthening of

trade links between both

states was also discussed.

According to the press

statement, the opportunity

for sick patients, whose illness

may require treatment

outside of Antigua and Barbuda,

to travel to Santo Domingo

for affordable treatment,

was also broached.

The President of the Dominican

Republic offered

help for training nurses in

various specialties.

Monday 30th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Bad behaviour and choices: “Head shot” for the day

Serious health problems are associated

with heavy drinking, the kind

actively promoted in wild parties given

names like “HeadShots” which I

must hasten to inform you are actually

DeathShots. The caption of this article

spells out the reality of another of

the wild rum party concepts so freely

promoted among us: “BBAC” (Bring

Bottle And Come) which I must hasten

to realistically inform you should all

be summed up as Bad Behaviour And


I hate the role of being a prophet of

doom but I am constrained to announce

that the icy hand of death, at this time,

is looming over Antigua and Barbuda.

Permit me to share a recent mindboggling

Whatsapp conversation I had

one evening with a young resourceful


ME: A blessed evening. Trying to

get some info on the outing tagged

“Head Shots”

ME: What do you know?

WA: It’s a party

ME: Yea... What kind of party?

WA: A regular fete

WA: They call it head shots because

rather than giving you shots in a shot

glass they pour it out the bottle straight

in your mouth

In this enlightened age, it is no

secret that alcohol consumption can

cause major health problems - the

health maladies including cirrhosis of

the liver and even injuries (which could

be fatal) sustained in automobile or

other accidents. Now, if one thinks liver

disease and things like car crashes

are the only health risks posed by

drinking, one must think again! Reputable

researchers have linked alcohol

consumption to more than 60 diseases.

This article highlights just a few

of the conditions linked to prolonged

drinking. Let me begin with Anemia.

Heavy drinking can cause the number

of oxygen-carrying red blood cells to

be abnormally low.

This condition, known as anemia,

can trigger a host of symptoms, including

fatigue, shortness of breath, and

lightheadedness. This could have easily

headed my list – Cancer. “Habitual

drinking increases the risk of cancer,”

says Jurgen Rehm, PhD, chairman of

the University of Toronto’s department

of addiction policy and a senior scientist

at the Centre for Addiction and Mental

Health, also in Toronto. Scientists believe

the increased risk comes when the

body converts alcohol into acetaldehyde,

a potent carcinogen. Cancer locations

linked to alcohol use include

the mouth, pharynx (throat), larynx

(voice box), esophagus, liver, breast,

and colorectal region. Cancer risk rises

even higher in heavy drinkers who also

are smokers.

A host of young people today are

affected by Cardiovascular diseases.

Heavy drinking, especially bingeing,

makes platelets more likely to clump

together into blood clots, which can

lead to heart attack or stroke. In a landmark

study published in 2005, Harvard

researchers found that binge drinking

doubled the risk of death among people

who initially survived a heart attack.

Heavy drinking can also cause cardiomyopathy,

a potentially deadly

condition in which the heart muscle

weakens and eventually fails, as well

as heart rhythm abnormalities such as

atrial and ventricular fibrillation. Atrial

fibrillation, in which the heart’s upper

chambers (atria) twitch chaotically

rather than constrict rhythmically,

can cause blood clots that can trigger

a stroke. Ventricular fibrillation causes

chaotic twitching in the heart’s main

pumping chambers (ventricles). It

causes rapid loss of consciousness and,

in the absence of immediate treatment,

sudden death.

Another frightening condition

is Dementia. As we age, our brains

shrink, on average rate of about 1.9%

per decade: - that is considered normal.

But heavy drinking speeds the shrinkage

of certain key regions in the brain,

resulting in memory loss and other

symptoms of dementia. Heavy drinking

can also lead to subtle but potentially

debilitating deficits in the ability to

plan, make judgments, solve problems,

and perform other aspects of executive


Let me leave it here, confident that

I have seriously challenged my readers

today. Notwithstanding I am constrained

to append that the range of

illnesses would of course include infectious

diseases. Actually, prolonged

drinking of alcohol suppresses the

immune system, providing a toehold

for infections, including tuberculosis,

pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, and other

sexually transmitted diseases (including

some that cause infertility).

People who drink heavily also are more

likely to engage in risky sex. “Heavy

drinking is associated with a threefold

increase in the risk of contracting

a sexually transmitted disease,” Dr.

Rehmn says.

The time has come, the time is

NOW to curb bad behaviour and to

make choices commensurate with all

that would make us all healthy, wealthy

and wise indeed. In a more profound

sense, this article should be considered

your Head Shot for the day!

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed

in this Op-ed are those of the

author and do not necessarily reflect

the views of Caribbean Times.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 30th January 2017

Army General Raúl Castro Ruz

speaks at the 5th CELAC Summit

Never has it been more

necessary to effectively advance

along the path of unity.

Speech by Army General

Raúl Castro Ruz, President

of the Councils of State and

Ministers of the Republic

of Cuba, at the 5th CELAC

Summit, in Punta Cana, the

Dominican Republic, on

January 25, 2017, “Year 59

of the Revolution.”

Esteemed President Medina;

Esteemed Heads of State

and Government of Latin




State Insurance Corporation announces the sale of

damaged vehicles. Contact us at 481-7818/17/12 to

make an appointment to view vehicles. Then submit

sealed bid including name address and telephone number

of bidder, bid value and make and model of vehicle.

Address bids to Salvage Sales and drop off at our

office on Redcliffe St. Our representative will contact


America and the Caribbean;

Distinguished Heads of

Delegations and guests:

At the Summit that gave

life to this Community, in

Caracas in 2011, we expressed

the conviction that

“unity and the political, economic,

social and cultural

integration of Latin America

and the Caribbean constitute

(...) a requirement for the

region to successfully confront

the challenges before


Never has it been more

necessary to effectively advance

along the path of unity,

recognizing that we have

many common interests.

Working for “unity within

diversity” is an urgent need.

To achieve this, strict

adherence to the Proclamation

of Latin America and

the Caribbean as a Zone of

Peace, signed by Heads of

State and Government in

Havana in January 2014, is

required, in which we commit

ourselves “to strict compliance

with their obligation

not to intervene, directly or

indirectly, in the internal affairs

of any other State,” and

to resolve differences in a

peaceful manner, as well as

to “fully respect the inalienable

right of every State to

choose its political, economic,

social and cultural


It is therefore essential

that all members of the international

community fully

respect the principles of the

Proclamation in their relations

with CELAC countries.

It would be desirable for

the new United States government

to opt for respect

for the region, although it is

a matter of concern that intentions

have been declared

that endanger our interests

in the areas of trade, employment,

migration and the

environment, among others.

It is therefore imperative

to establish common courses

of action and to make

the organization of CELAC

more effective.

Furthermore, a return

of neoliberalism would increase

poverty and unemployment,

thus aggravating

social conditions in Latin

America and the Caribbean.

Mr. President:

We reiterate our support

to the Venezuelan people

and government in the defense

of their sovereignty

and self-determination in

the face of acts against the

Bolivarian Revolution.

We will continue to contribute

to the extent of our

possibilities to the implementation

of the Final Peace

Accord between the Government

of Colombia and

the FARC-EP and to supporting

the peace talks with

the ELN.

We reaffirm that the nation

of Puerto Rico must be

free and independent; we

will continue to support the

demands of Ecuador in the

face of the refusal of transnationals

to repair the serious

environmental damages

in the Amazon; we reject

the political manipulation

against the Bolivian government

and the attempts

to destabilize the country;

we congratulate President

Daniel Ortega for his recent

re-election as leader of Nicaragua

and also Vice Presicont’d

on pg 9

Monday 30th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

cont’d from pg 8

dent Rosario Murillo.

We reiterate our rejection

of the parliamentary-judicial

coup d’état perpetrated

in Brazil against President

Dilma Rousseff, to whom

we express our solidarity, as

well as to former president

Luis Inácio Lula da Silva.

We reaffirm Cuba’s support

for the sister Caribbean

nations in the face of

attempts to deprive them

of access to financial resources,

in the fight against

climate change and in their

legitimate claim for reparation

for the damages of colonialism

and slavery.

We reiterate our encouragement

for the efforts of

the Argentine Republic to

recover the Islas Malvinas,

South Georgia and the South

Sandwich Islands.

Esteemed President:

I wish to express Cuba’s

willingness to continue negotiating

pending bilateral

issues with the United

States, on the basis of equality,

reciprocity and respect

for the sovereignty and independence

of our country,

and to continue the respectful

dialogue and cooperation

on issues of common interest

with the new government

of President Donald Trump.

Cuba and the United

States can cooperate and coexist

in a civilized manner,

respecting differences and

promoting all that benefits

both countries and peoples,

but it should not be expected

that to do so Cuba will

make concessions inherent

to its sovereignty and independence.

The economic, commercial

and financial blockade

persists, which causes

considerable hardships and

human damages that severely

harm our economy and

hamper development.

Despite this, we continue

immersed in the updating

of our economic and social

model and we will continue

to fight to build a sovereign,

independent, socialist, democratic,

prosperous and sustainable


I would like to express

my deep gratitude to President

Danilo Medina for his

heartfelt tribute in remembrance

of the Comandante

en Jefe of the Cuban Revolution,

Fidel Castro Ruz,

at the opening ceremony of

this Summit, as well as to

all those who sent us their

condolences and messages

of solidarity .

Let me conclude by

thanking you and the Dominican

people for your

hospitality and warm welcome,

and congratulating

you for the work carried out

in heading the CELAC Pro

Tempore Presidency; and at

the same time express our

commitment of support and

solidarity to El Salvador and

its president Salvador Sánchez

Cerén, in his administration

on leading the Community

during 2017.

Thank you very much.


Gustavo Véliz Olivares

Embajador de Cuba en

Antigua y Barbuda

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 30th January 2017

Flow customers in for a treat as Monday Night TV heats

up with Caribbean’s Next Top Model Season 3 on Flow1

Port of Spain, Trinidad

– Flow customers will have

front row seats as Caribbean’s

Next Top Model (CaribeNTM)

Season 3 heats

up Monday night television

with its double-length series

premiere on January 30 th at 9

pm – exclusively on Flow1,

formerly known as Flow TV.

Over the past few

months, aspiring young

models from 15 countries

across the region auditioned

to become the next Caribbean

girl who has what it

takes to reach the top of the

global fashion industry. Seventeen

contestants will brace

for battle in the new season,

which is shot against the

enchanting backdrop of the

Spice Isle of the Caribbean,

Grenada – home to Season 2

winner, the 6ft tall Kittisha

Doyle. Doyle is currently in

New York City where she is

carded to walk in this year’s

New York fashion week.

Wendy Fitzwilliam,

Trinidadian attorney at law,

philanthropist, fashion model

and former Miss Universe,

will return as Host

and Chief Judge of Season 3,

which promises to be packed

with even more drama and

entertainment than ever before.

“Modelling is a tough

business,” says Fitzwilliam,

“and we promise Flow customers

an exciting Season

that will showcase the hardwork

and determination that

is required to make it to the

top. We encourage viewers

to tune in to Flow1 every

week and support their favourite

girls by following

and voting on social media

as well.”

Flow’s Senior Director,

Consumer Communications,

Wendy McDonald

said, “An added feature for

CaribeNTM Season 3 is the

ability for our customers

to enjoy a more interactive

experience, as they can follow

the live action no matter

where they are via our Flowto-Go

app, as well as catch

up on reruns of Seasons 1

and 2 via Flow’s video on

demand services (VoD). “

McDonald also proudly

spoke about the company’s

commitment to create the

best viewing experience and

bring relevant and relatable

content to Caribbean viewers.

Flow has made significant

investments to bring

programmes such as Caribbean’s

Next Top Model,

Caribbean Tales Incubator

Programme for Caribbean

filmmakers, and the airing of

premier regional sports content

like the Flow CARIFTA

Games, which will be broadcast

live from Curacao in


Caribbean’s Next Top

Model will air exclusively

on Monday nights at 9pm

Caribbean and Eastern Time,

with a repeat on Thursdays

at 9pm on Flow1.

Monday 30th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Friday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Undermines

5. Coffee break

9. Tier

14. Colorful gem

15. To ____ his own

16. Sports ring

17. Act of leaving

19. Creature

20. “Lawrence of ____”

21. Military supplies

23. Feel remorse

24. Floppy

26. Wiped clean

28. Actress ____ Dietrich

32. Old

33. Medicinal plant

34. Greek deity

36. ____ Island

40. Songstress ____ McEntire

41. Small depressions

43. Like a villain

44. Odor

46. Mumbai attire

47. Spool

48. Bridge hand

50. Canadian province

52. Not fine

55. Tinter

56. Belgium’s cont.

57. Wise

59. Certain vitamin

64. Out of the way

66. Conducting contact

68. Hard metal

69. Garden tool

70. Personnel

71. Curved letters

72. Ogled

73. Warmth


1. Root beer, e.g.

2. Imitator

3. Father

4. Thick slice

5. Kept

6. ____ de toilette

7. ____ metal

8. Those there

9. Worker

10. How ____ you?

11. New ____ Day

12. Come afterward

13. Classified

18. Irritate

22. ____ Ryan of “You’ve Got


25. Least

27. Stick

28. Blemishes

29. A Baldwin

30. Lounging garment

31. Less fatty

32. Off course

35. Stop ____ dime (2 wds.)

37. Done

38. Food regimen

39. She, in Barcelona

42. Quieted

45. Cap ornaments

49. Dead ____ Scrolls

51. Englishman, informally

52. Stop

53. Deposes

54. Zodiac sign

55. Put off

58. Richard ____ of “Chicago”

60. Curve

61. Apple’s center

62. Inspiration

63. Politician ____ Gingrich

65. Marginal grade

67. Get by

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 30th January 2017

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Partly cloudy skies.

High - 81ºF

Low - 73ºF

Wind: East South East 14 mph

Sunrise 6.40 am; Sunset 6.01 pm

Friday’s Crossword Solution


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). Tricks to stop the energy-draining

habit of worry:

Write it down and burn it. Distract

yourself with overwhelming

entertainment. Change the

channel. Solve the problem.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

You are, at times, helplessly,

even unwillingly, empathetic.

It’s usually when another person

seems to need your protection.

A baby crying, an animal

hurting — you’ll feel it immediately.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

There’s danger in weighing in

too soon, judging too quickly

and reacting too impulsively.

You won’t be sorry for asking

a few more questions, taking

your time and withholding

your opinion until you get all

of the facts.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

You can be the star, but you

can just as readily be the cheerleader,

coach or motivational

force to another person’s performance.

When you interact

with others, your goal is to help

them win.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

Some things you’ve seen lately

definitely look better in

pictures than in real life. But

tonight you’ll witness what

simply can’t be captured with

a camera, no matter how good

the lens is or whose eye is behind


CANCER (June 22-July 22).

You’re the purveyor of good

taste and consumer quality in

your group. You’ll take the

responsibility seriously today,

vetting the options carefully

and giving a full report to interested


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You’re

not afraid of being proved

wrong. In fact, you look forward

to anything enlightening.

That said, you will quietly hold

to what you feel is right until

anything that is truer can convince

you otherwise.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Everyone is selling something,

although some are doing it so

badly (and others are doing it

so well) that it’s hard to tell.

What are you selling? If you

don’t know what it is, it’s hard

to get the right price.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You

want freedom; you need rules;

you long for adventure; you’re

drawn to comforts. All these

contrasts are working in your

life, and you’re better for the


SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Life seems to be going to plan,

the only problem being that

the plan in question isn’t your

own. Take back the reins. Step

one: Determine who has them.

Step two: Wrestle.


21). Making friends isn’t so

hard for you, and neither is

keeping them, though the latter

takes more of a conscious

effort. Decide on a pattern

that works for you, and hope it

matches the needs of the other


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Charisma is yours to

wield today, so which direction

should you wield it? Do

you aim it for the low-hanging

fruit, or are you willing to

climb a bit? Hint: The one who

is difficult to win will be won

over by you right quick.

Monday 30th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

All eligible persons in Barbuda are being urged to register

immediately in light of the upcoming Barbuda Council elections,

which are slated to be held in late March. The cut-off

date for names to appear on the Register for Elections is January

31. All registration in Barbuda takes place at the Handicraft

Centre. For more information, please call 562-4191.

The Antigua State College invites the public to participate

in CARD 2017 – Conference for Academic Research and

Development. A community outreach programme of the

college, CARD’s mission is to present research on issues of

national and regional significance with the aim of promoting

societal change. CARD 2017 is slated for March 2017. The

location will be announced at a later date. The organizers are

working to prepare an attractive open environment for the

sharing of knowledge and experience in an array of subject

areas. Papers may be theoretical, archival or experimental in

nature. We are asking those who are interested in presenting

at the conference to submit an abstract of their research

paper along with a resume or one page bio of themselves to

the following e-mail, The

contact person is Dr. Patricia Benn. The organizers invite

the submission of papers by January 30th. For more information,

contact: Antigua State College: 462-1434. Email:

All members of the Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen Association

are notified of the next monthly meeting, to be held

on Saturday 4 February 2017 at 3 pm, at Leah`s House on

Prime Minister`s Drive, Saint Johns. Please be on time and

bring along your poppies and donations, or notify the Chairman,

Secretary,PRO or Welfare Officer on 720-0058,723-

3452,721-1970 or 561-1062 of your apologies.

Informative, reliable, enriching!

Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!


The following VACANCIES are currently registered at the

One Stop Employment Centre (OSEC):

1) Cashier/Clerk – (Construction Supply Company)

The key duties would entail:

1. The sale of construction supplies

2. Recording said sales accurately and according procedures

in place

3. Receiving and disbursing cash, cheques

4. Tracking inventory

5. Adhering to re-order levels

6. Facilitating employee sign in and sign out daily

7. Answering queries in person and by phone

The ideal candidate should be:

- Computer literate

- Possess at least 3 CSEC subjects including English

A, Mathematics or P.O.A

- At least 2-3 year’s work experience in related field

2) Administrative/Sales Assistant


- Minimum 2 years’ experience in administration is


- Strong, keen performance focus, sales planning,

strong team-building skills.

- Strong communication, analytical, problem solving

& decision-making skills

- Job experience with extensive customer contact, including

building and maintain customer relationships.

- Ability to work efficiently in a high demand, team

oriented, and fast-paced environment.

- Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Career Progression:

• Career progression to Accounts Clerk or Marketing Officer

possible with requisite training and qualifications

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in a

listed vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements. Our centre is located on

Old Parham Road in the Ryan’s Building, next to Antigua

Motors. OSEC telephone numbers are 5628533/34/35.

Kindly note that the DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICA-

TIONS is Monday 30th January, 2017.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 30th January 2017

Concerned citizens donate to

Belmont Clinic Soccer Academy

The Belmont Clinic Soccer Academy

received age appropriate footballs,

cones, boots and some kit to help support

the work they do in developing

Antigua and Barbuda’s local football

talent. The equipment was collected

by English Football Association ‘A’

licence coach Adie Costello after his

recent coaching trip to Antigua. Coach

Adie, Molescroft Primary School, York

City FC, and Doncaster Belles Women’s

FC in the UK donated the equipment.

Local consulting firm Andrew Williams

Consulting transported the equipment

from the UK and handed it over

to Academy director Vaughn ‘Joey’

Christopher at the Police Grounds on


The company also brought coach

Adie to Antigua in November 2017 to

provide specialist coaching assistance

to some local teams and coaches, although

the main effort was in support

of the Belmont Clinic Soccer Academy.

Coach Adie said, “I was so impressed

with the coaching talent and

effort I saw at the Belmont Clinic Soccer

Academy that I wanted to do something

to help. Luckily I didn’t need to

do much persuading to get the clubs to

provide equipment.”

“The Soccer Academy makes football

accessible to everyone but doesn’t

Soccer Academy Coach Vaughn ‘Joey’ Christopher receives the equipment from Andy

Williams the CEO of Andrew Williams Consulting.

have the resources to continually update

equipment and that’s where we

thought we could help”.

I was most impressed with the integration

of boys and girls at the Academy

which is a valuable lesson in life

and reflects how we do youth development

in the English FA”.

Andrew Williams Consulting CEO

Andy Williams said, “ Going round the

country working with teams from the

Premier League though to the Second

Division as well as the Academy we

were very impressed with the talent


– Reigning champions

Trinidad and Tobago Red

Force produced a limp performance

as they slumped

to a five-wicket defeat in

their second game of the

Regional Super50 here Sunday.

Sent in at the Vivian

Richards Cricket Stadium,

Red Force could only muster

a 193 all out off 48.3

overs, with all-rounder Roshon

Primus top-scoring

with 60, opener Kyle Hope

here in Antigua.”

“As a lifelong supporter of Premier

League Southampton FC I have seen

how to develop young boys and girls

in football, educationally and with life

skills in the best Academy in England”

“Youth is the future not only of

football but of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Academy is giving young boys

and girls the opportunity to be better

people though sport and to contribute

to the country. For our company there

is no better reason to be involved with


Lethargic Red Force thrashed by Spitfires

getting 43 and Nicholas

Alexis, 28.

Seamer Ivan Thomas

was the best bowler with

four for 51 while left-arm

spinner Imran Qayyum (2-

33) and veteran pacer Darren

Stevens (2-39) supported

with two wickets apiece.

Kent were never threatened

in reply as opener Sean

Dickson struck a brisk 56

off 67 deliveries to inspire

the English County side to

victory in the 37th over.

cont’d on pg 15

Monday 30th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Antigua Girls Hight School trumps

Jennings Secondary in School Basketball

By Carlena Knight

Antigua Girls High

School trumped Jennings

Secondary, 38-10, on Thursday

afternoon at the JSC

Sports Complex in the Senior

Girls division of the

Cool and Smooth Ministry

of Sports Inter-school Basketball


Athalia Ralph, the 3Ds

Playtime Snackette Player of

the match scored 12 points

and had 9 steals led her team

to victory with assistance

from Kahtalia Valentine who

also scored 12.

Teresha Joshua of JSS

had 7 points.

The Antigua Barbuda

Institute of Information and

Technology (ABIIT) secured

their first victory of

the season defeating Princess

Margaret, 30-24 in the

Senior boys category.

Teyon Lake had 8 points

and 9 steals with teammate,

Orville Knowles assisting

with 8 points.

PMS’ Bokeem Murrell

had 9 points in a losing effort.

S. R. Olivia David Primary

also found themselves

in the winners circle after

defeating Buckleys Primary,

12-6 in the Mini-girls Primary


Jemiesha Jeremy scored

8 of the victor’s 12 points

while Azairiah Henry scored

By Carlena Knight

Defending Division One Antigua Barbuda

Basketball Association league champions,

F and G Trading Cuties Ovals Ojays

and title contenders, H.U.F. Baldwin Braves

both remain unbeaten in the 2017 season.

Braves continued their unblemished

record after trampling over Harold Lovell

Rockersville on Thursday night at the JSC

Sports Complex, 84-60.

Led by Lindsay McDonald with 16

points and 6 steals and assisted by Vivian

‘Boast’ Destin with 13 points, 8 rebounds,

5 assists and 5 steals, the Grays Green men

continue to cement their status and build up

what is expected to be a nail biting matchup

between them and the defending champs.

Kevin ‘Devil’ Edwards had 10 points

cont’d from pg 14

The right-hander struck seven

fours and posted 85 for the first wicket

with Daniel Bell-Drummond whose

35 came from 60 with four fours.

Both openers fell within 19 runs of

each other, the 23-year-old Bell-Drummond

lbw to leg-spinner Imran Khan

in the 19th over and Dickson caught

at square leg by Lewis off Jason Mohammed.

Stevens then blasted a quick-fire 43

off 36 balls with four fours and two

sixes, putting on 67 for the third wicket

with captain Sam Northeast who

stroked a busy 31 from 40 balls.

The partnership effectively condemned

Red Force to defeat and even

though Kent lost three quick wickets

for seven runs as seamer Ravi Rampauls

struck late, the damage was already


Rampaul led Red Force with three

for 46.

Red Force had earlier struggled

to find their footing, and were never

comfortably placed at any stage during

their innings.

4 points in a losing effort.

Matches will continue today

with five games.

At 2:15 p.m., St. Joseph’s

Academy will play

Clare Hall Secondary in the

Mini-boys Secondary category

while in the Mini-boys

Primary division, Parham

Primary will face Liberta

Primary and Villa will battle

Buckleys Primary at 2:45


Antigua Grammar will

play Ottos Comprehensive

at 3:00 p.m. in the Junior

boys division and at 4:30

p.m., Antigua Grammar will

meet Ottos Comprehensive

in the Senior boys category.

All matches will be

played at JSC.

Ovals and Braves remain unbeaten

while teammate Xavier ‘Xman’ Meade

grabbed 10 rebounds for the victors.

Rockersville’s Kevin Francis had a

game high 23 points and 12 rebounds with

Kevin Joseph contributing 13 points and 13

rebounds in a losing effort.

Forty-eight hours later, the defending

champions were in action at Ottos Basketball

court with a convincing 74-48 victory

over Yorks Crushers.

Reigning Playoffs MVP, Kareem

‘Macky’ Edwards led the charge for the

team with 17 points while new recruit,

Devorn Benjamin chipped in with 10 points.

Crushers’ Jamie Harris had 11 points

and 10 rebounds while Cohen DeSouza

chipped in with 9 points and 9 rebounds respectively.

They were struggling at 43 for

three after Evin Lewis (12), Kjorn Ottley

(0) and Mohammed (0) perished

cheaply, and it was left to the rookie

Primus to rally the innings with his

maiden half-century at this level.

He punched eight fours in a 72-ball

innings, adding 45 for the fourth wicket

with Hope who counted five fours in

an 83-ball knock, and a further 65 for

the fifth wicket with Alexis.

However, the late order acceleration

never came as Red Force lost their

last six wickets for 40 runs. (CMC)

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Monday 30th January 2017

Powell century sets up Hurricanes win

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – A flamboyant

career-best century from captain Kieran

Powell and a devastating six-wicket

haul from Test speedster Alzarri Joseph

inspired Leeward Islands Hurricanes to a

crushing 184-run victory over Windward

Islands Volcanoes, as they racked up their

third successive victory in the Regional

Super50 here Sunday night.

Sent in at Coolidge Cricket Ground,

Hurricanes amassed a tournament-high

333 for six off their 50 overs, also their

second highest total in the history of the

regional competition.

The left-hander Powell, in his first

full season of regional cricket following

a self-imposed break, pummelled a superb

135 off 137 balls, which included

10 fours and four sixes.

For the opener, it was his second hundred

at this level – the first coming just

three days ago against West Indies Under-19s.

Burly West Indies A all-rounder Rahkeem

Cornwall blasted an unbeaten 70

from 58 deliveries and Montcin Hodge,

54, while all-rounder Kevon Cooper arrived

at the death to stroke a cameo 12-

ball, unbeaten 28.

Captain and off-spinner Liam Sebastien

claimed three for 42 while seamer

Kyle Mayers supported with two for 66.

Joseph then wrecked the Volcanoes

innings with career-best figures of six for

31, as the visitors crashed to 149 all out

off 28.1 overs.

They were tottering at 24 for five in

the seventh over with Joseph accounting

for four of the five wickets to fall, and

though Mayers top-scored with 45 and

Darren Sammy got 33, there was no recovery

for Volcanoes.

They have now lost two in three outings.

Powell dominated the first half of

the encounter, however, with the second

highest all-time individual score for Leewards.

Keiran Powell

He was audacious from the outset,

rushing to his half-century off 43 deliveries

in the 16th over with seven fours and

a six, before bringing up triple figures off

96 balls in the 31st over with eight fours

and four sixes.

Powell inspired three half-century

stands which underpinned the Hurricanes

innings. He posted 97 for the first wicket

with Hodge who struck 11 fours in his

48-ball knock and then dominated an 81-

run second wicket partnership with debutant

Jermaine Otto who made 21.

When Hurricanes lost three quick

wickets for 11 runs in 21 balls, Powell

and Cornwall came together to rally

the innings in a spectacular 99-run, fifth

wicket stand.

Cornwall was typically aggressive,

clobbering four fours and five sixes and

when Powell departed in the 47th over,

he found an ally in Cooper, and together

they added a frenetic 43 off 17 deliveries

in an unbroken seventh wicket stand.

Joseph then got stuck into Volcanoes

innings from early, wiping out the top order

in quick time.

He had Devon Smith brilliantly taken

at mid-on by Chesney Hughes without

scoring at five for one in the second over

and three balls later, deceived other opener

Johnson Charles (4) with a slower ball

to have him caught and bowled with one

run added to the score.

With the first ball of his next over, he

trapped Andre Fletcher lbw for one and

four balls later also accounted for Kavem

Hodge for four. When medium pacer

Cooper had Sunil Ambris lbw for seven,

Volcanoes were in turmoil.

The left-handed Mayers and Sammy

then tried to blast Volcanoes out of trouble

with a 70-run, sixth wicket stand.

Mayers counted eight fours in a 48-

ball knock while Sammy struck two fours

and two sixes in a breezy 22-ball cameo.

The partnership was broken when

Sammy was brilliantly taken on the

mid-wicket boundary one-handed by

Gavin Tonge sprinting around the ropes

in the 18th over.

Unfortunately, Tonge’s excellence

was marred by a collision with Cooper

who had to be stretchered from the field

and taken to hospital with facial injuries.

Mayers followed in the 21st over,

lbw missing a swing at pacer Tonge (2-

47) and the innings fizzled out despite

Shane Shillingford’s blustery 28-ball 27.


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