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19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read


19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read 3. A Pragmatic Eye The blog by Charlie Bavington, French into English translator with an extensive experience in the IT industry. You may find many of his observations useful, because he ponders on subjects such as payments (e.g. whether payment in advance is a good idea), takes into account translator conferences and discusses some common issues that translators have with translation software. 4. Business School For Translators One of the reasons why you should visit this blog is the large number of advice for beginners as well as experienced translators who wish to promote their services more effectively. You will find almost 100 subjects presented in the form of lessons, accompanied by videos and tips. The lessons can be downloaded as a document. There are also some interesting thoughts about the influence of the translator’s personality on his work, common experienced translator’s mistakes, planning holidays as a freelancer and using social media. 5. The Translator’s Teacup If you are a newbie translator, you will find this blog extremely helpful. The blog owner, Rosalyn Newell, describes the most common pitfall that a beginner may face, such as underpayment, tenders, tricky test translations, useless translator directories and many others. You can also get some valuable advice on the choice of working equipment. 6. Freelance Folder This is a great blog for anyone who intends to start a career as a freelancer. It presents various ways of promoting one’s online business and gives detailed advice on different tools that might be helpful when running a freelance business. For instance, which Facebook or Google+ groups are the best ones to join and tips on setting up your own website. It applies not only to translation jobs, but to all freelance positions, which may come in handy, if you were to decide to offer more services, e.g. copywriting, to your clients. | | +49-40-357-187-76 | | |

19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read 7. Thoughts On Translation As a translator you are probably wondering how to balance the freelance work and other obligations. This and many other translator’s dilemmas are analyzed thoroughly in this blog. The author shares her tips on time management, finding new clients and basic SEO rules for a freelance website. 8. EMpTy Pages This blog is a great resource for every translator interested in technology. The authors present extremely detailed descriptions and opinions about collaborative translation platforms, translation management systems​, machine translation as well as the localization industry’s biggest players. They present different points of view on the state of the translation market and the opportunities it brings. 9. The Freelancery Is it better to have more clients, but low rates or only a few clients offering higher remuneration? You no longer have to worry about it, just check ​The Freelancery blog, whose author will give you a great solution known as “the free-day rule”. He also ponders on career strategies, choosing the area of specialization, ways of attracting new clients and changing freelance paths. 10. About Translation CAT tools can be a real challenge. Check the ​About Translation blog if you are a beginner in the translation business, but also if you are a seasoned translator. The author shares many practical tips on using the most popular CAT tools, such as MemoQ, Trados, various online tools, and presents some thoughts about the work of a translator. | | +49-40-357-187-76 | | |

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