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19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read


19 Blogs Every Translator Needs To Read 17. Unprofessional Translation If you are interested in the historical overview of how translators and interpreters have been working, you should visit the ​Unprofessional Translation blog. You will learn about the oldest depiction of an interpreter, how literature translation influences the original, about competitions for child translators, and bilingualism. Furthermore, about the interpreters of some infamous historical figures, such as general Franco or Marshal Petain. 18. Brave New Words The ​Brave New Words blog is an exhaustive resource about translation theory, studies, work and different specializations, such as poetry or audiovisual translation. The author also elaborates on the payment practices in the localization industry and presents links to many interesting articles and websites for everyone desiring to dig deeper into this area. 19. Naked Translations Do you need a break from an exhausting ​translation ​job? Check the ​Naked Translations blog. Here you will find interesting notes on the etymology of some words, tips for translators and guest posts on various translation related subjects. | | +49-40-357-187-76 | | |

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