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The Sheepwash Chronicle is a magazine for and about the residents of the little village of Sheepwash in Devon.

equipment. Other overheads that we can and do try to manage and minimise include accountancy,

electricity, insurance, and wastage - all of which have been reduced during the past year.

Finally, our biggest overhead is labour. Any community shop relies on its volunteer staff to reduce its wages

bill. Without them, it would not survive.

The Plunkett Foundation, a charity that helps rural communities, states that the average number of

volunteers in a community shop is 30. Ours total 13 1 / 2 - but this is much improved on last year's figure of

only five. However, Plunkett's figures are derived from villages with a population three or four times that of

Sheepwash - so maybe we're not doing so badly after all.

We would always welcome more though! So if you have a couple of hours a week to spare, and want to

add retail experience to your CV, or would just like to serve your community - and be first in the know of

what's going on in Sheepwash! - then do let us know. It's more fun than you might think!

What a card!

The new card payment and cash back facility are now fully up and running. Many thanks for your patience

while we ironed out one or two initial problems with the system.

It is encouraging to report that there were over £1,000 worth of card transactions made in December, so

hopefully this has increased our sales a little, along with proving to be a useful asset for the village.


Now that we are a CIC (Community Interest Company), we are encouraged to seek involvement with those

who, in modern speak, are known as our stakeholders - and that means you!

So please do let us know what you think - good or bad, it all helps us improve what we do.

So, whether it's your personal needs, good business ideas, or anything else - all your ideas will be gratefully

received, as they will all help turn the shop into our shop.

Simon Crossley

Can You Contribute Content to the Chronicle?

We are always looking for new content for the Chronicle.

Do you have a story you would like to share?

Is there a hobby or interest you have which you can tell us about?

Have you taken any photographs or made a drawing or painting or sculpture you

think other people would like to see?

Do you know any good jokes (suitable for a family audience!)?

Or is there something else you’d like to see in the Chronicle?

We want to see as many villagers as possible in the Chronicle.

Please get in touch with your ideas – see our contact details on the back page.

Deadline for the next issue

Please get all your news and contributions to one of us by 24 th March, to ensure

it is included in the April (Spring) issue of the Chronicle.


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