CRST 2016

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Celebrating<br />

the New<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> Center

In the fast lane<br />

We’re proud to be running side-by-side with <strong>CRST</strong> to<br />

bring new vitality to downtown Cedar Rapids. All of us<br />

at Bankers Trust send our congratulations to <strong>CRST</strong> for<br />

helping transport our community into the future. And<br />

we look forward to passing you in the halls.<br />

Bankers Trust is excited to bring expanded services<br />

and new convenience to our loyal customers.<br />

• Full-service 1st floor branch<br />

• Street-level customer parking<br />

• Drive-thru teller with ATM<br />

Member FDIC<br />

221 Third Avenue SE 319-896-7777<br />

400 Blairs Ferry Road NE 319-221-1230<br />

BankersTrust.com<br />

2 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com

A letter from Dyan and John Smith:<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> CENTER<br />


CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 52401<br />

WWW.<strong>CRST</strong>.COM<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2016</strong><br />







As we celebrate the grand opening of <strong>CRST</strong> International’s<br />

new headquarters in downtown Cedar Rapids, we reflect back<br />

more than 60 years to <strong>CRST</strong>’s humble beginnings and our family<br />

founders’ first headquarters—a $125 chicken coop.<br />

It is with great gratitude and tremendous respect that we<br />

dedicate this new, beautiful building to <strong>CRST</strong>’s founders and<br />

John’s parents, Herald and Miriam Smith, for their extraordinary<br />

vision to grow <strong>CRST</strong> into one of the nation’s largest trucking<br />

companies and to foster Cedar Rapids’ growth and vitality along<br />

the way.<br />

Having been born and raised in Cedar Rapids, and having<br />

raised our three children here, we are committed to the economic<br />

prosperity of our community and hope our investment in this<br />

new, $37 million building will inspire additional new growth and<br />

development in our downtown.<br />

We believe that a strong, vibrant downtown is important to<br />

those who already live here, but it is also extremely important for<br />

attracting a strong, talented workforce. As we’ve seen in other<br />

areas around the country, younger professionals desire to live<br />

and work in a cosmopolitan downtown—one that is thriving with<br />

great restaurants, entertainment and the arts—which is another<br />

significant passion of ours that we are pleased to continue to<br />

support.<br />

As <strong>CRST</strong> continues to achieve record growth under the direction<br />

of <strong>CRST</strong> International President and CEO Dave Rusch and his<br />

leadership team, the grand opening of our headquarters could not<br />

have come at a better time to accommodate our growing team of<br />

employees.<br />

We thank all the employees of <strong>CRST</strong>—the drivers, mechanics,<br />

office personnel, supervisors and leadership team—whose<br />

integrity, ingenuity and can-do spirit have made <strong>CRST</strong> International<br />

an industry leader in growth and profitability. Our family is forever<br />

grateful to these dedicated men and women, whom we are proud<br />

to call the best in transportation.<br />

We are also proud to welcome Bankers Trust, our anchor tenant<br />

occupying the top two floors of the building and providing a<br />

street-level full-service branch, as well as tenants RSM and Holmes<br />

Murphy, to their new homes in our new building.<br />

Putting together the financial pieces and partnerships to make<br />

this building a reality involved many business, community and civic<br />

leaders. We extend our heartfelt thanks to officials from the City<br />

of Cedar Rapids and the State of Iowa for their assistance along<br />

the way. And we cannot thank enough OPN Architects and Ryan<br />

Companies for building us this striking statement of a building that<br />

has forever changed the skyline of downtown Cedar Rapids.<br />

We are excited to celebrate another significant milestone for<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> and our family. We are proud to call Cedar Rapids our home<br />

and the home of the headquarters for <strong>CRST</strong> International.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

John and Dyan Smith<br />

www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com 3


Smiths Get Set to Open <strong>CRST</strong>’s New Tower<br />

John and Dyan Smith are about to christen their newest family heirloom – the<br />

$37 million, 11-story corporate home of <strong>CRST</strong> International Inc. – in downtown<br />

Cedar Rapids.<br />

“We decided this would be an opportune time to develop a downtown<br />

building that <strong>CRST</strong> and the city would be proud of,” said John, 67, chairman<br />

and son of Herald and Miriam Smith, who started Cedar Rapids Steel<br />

Transportation in 1955 out of a refurbished chicken coop they bought for $125.<br />

“Smitty,” as Herald was called, convinced his customers he could save them<br />

money by contracting with owner/operators who were hauling livestock to<br />

Chicago to return to the Cedar Rapids area with loads of steel instead of<br />

empty trucks, according to the company website.<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> ultimately evolved from a trucking firm into a major transportation/<br />

logistics firm.<br />


4 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com


We are proud to<br />

assist you in adding<br />

to the Cedar Rapids<br />

skyline!<br />

Plumbing • Pipefitting<br />

HVAC Service • Sheet Metal<br />

Temperature Controls<br />

500 Walford Rd. SW | Cedar Rapids<br />

www.moderncompaniesinc.com | 319.841.1170


Herald Smith died in July 2015, but he lived long enough to see the new tower<br />

rise, John said.<br />

“His dad was really pleased; he was very much looking forward to seeing this<br />

building completed,” said Dyan, 66, who also serves on the company’s board.<br />

The Cedar Rapids-headquartered company, which has spread to locations in<br />

Alabama, Indiana, California, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas and<br />

Oklahoma, has 5,500 employees, as well as over 2,400 owner/operators, for a<br />

total of 7,900 stakeholders in <strong>CRST</strong>, John said.<br />

The company pondered expansion of its existing campus on the southwest<br />

side of Cedar Rapids, as well as sites south of town, near the airport. Based on<br />

studies, the downtown site made the most sense.<br />

In 2012, the decision was made to build downtown, John said.<br />


6 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com

ROAD<br />

TO<br />


Congratulations on constructing a beautiful building<br />

for <strong>CRST</strong> headquarters and other area businesses to<br />

thrive in.<br />

We commend you on driving our community, state and nation in<br />

Transportation Solutions and Comprehensive Logistics. We are proud<br />

to sit along side you on your journey.<br />


The Smith family tasked OPN<br />

with creating a “statement<br />

building” that would dramatically<br />

change the Cedar Rapids skyline.<br />

The original renderings are<br />

shown here.<br />

Flood wall design looking north.<br />

Looking west during the day.<br />

Looking north at night.<br />

8 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com

Congratulations<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> Center<br />

101 T&K Drive, Ely<br />

319-848-4191 800-383-7663<br />



The couple was involved in every phase of the process.<br />

“When the opportunity came to build downtown, I knew we wanted<br />

to build something that was contemporary and would appeal to the<br />

people of Cedar Rapids,” Dyan said.<br />

Dyan worked closely with Cedar Rapids-based project designer OPN<br />

Architects.<br />

“That’s why we have the modern glass facing the river with the view,<br />

to be seen by people coming into downtown, and the brick facing<br />

downtown, as a nod to what was more traditional,” Dyan said.<br />

The new project makes a statement about the success <strong>CRST</strong> has<br />

enjoyed over the years, which is an image they believe is critical to<br />

attracting new, young talent into the industry and community, John said.<br />


10 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com

You see possibility.<br />

We see you.<br />

When you are ready to plan for the future, spend some time with<br />

our online financial tools and resources that are designed to help<br />

you work toward your goals. Start your journey with us – we are<br />

here to support you. financialgenius.usbank.com<br />

U.S. Bank is proud to welcome <strong>CRST</strong> to their new downtown<br />

Cedar Rapids headquarters.<br />

Visit one of our convenient area branch locations today!<br />

Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC. ©<strong>2016</strong> U.S. Bank 4/16<br />

www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com 11


When the opportunity came to<br />

build downtown, I knew we wanted<br />

to build something that was<br />

contemporary and would appeal to<br />

the people of Cedar Rapids.<br />

— Dyan Smith<br />

Resourceful.<br />

Responsive | Reliable<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> does anticipate growing<br />

in its new home. The firm will<br />

occupy two floors of the new<br />

building, with a third floor<br />

remaining for future expansion,<br />

Dyan said.<br />

A family-owned business like<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> can invest in its future with<br />

nimbleness that perhaps a larger<br />

corporate entity might not have,<br />

John said.<br />

“In terms of family business, I<br />

think a family can make quicker<br />

decisions for the long term and<br />

not have to worry about quarterly<br />

earnings like public companies<br />

do,” he said. “There are<br />

advantages to being private, and<br />

we intend to stay private.”<br />

Indeed, family is key to <strong>CRST</strong>’s<br />

success, John said.<br />

“Although the family is not<br />

involved in running the day-today<br />

business, we see our job<br />

as ensuring that the vision and<br />

principles that <strong>CRST</strong> was founded<br />

upon by my father are carried out<br />

in the future,” he said.<br />

John credited a “professional<br />

management” team led by<br />

President and CEO David Rusch<br />

for having kept the company on<br />

course.<br />

“It’s key that the next<br />

generation keeps active and<br />

growing,” John said. n<br />

We are proud to be a part of the<br />

design and construction team for<br />

the <strong>CRST</strong> Center!<br />

Cedar Rapids, IA<br />

(319) 366 8321<br />

terracon.com/cedar-rapids<br />

Environmental Facilities Geotechnical Materials<br />

12 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com




YOUR DOG,<br />


We are always sniffing out new ways to manage the cost of risk,<br />

and develop management strategies for your assets and financial<br />

security. By creating custom strategies for Employee Benefits<br />

and Property Casualty, we can also ensure the plan will fit your<br />

company’s mission, vision and values.<br />

This kind of coverage will leave your tail wagging.<br />




“NEIGHBOR”<br />

TO OUR 19 YEAR<br />




New <strong>CRST</strong> Center Evolves<br />

as ‘Collaborative’ Effort<br />

Structures like the new <strong>CRST</strong> Center don’t just go<br />

up; they evolve, according to those who designed<br />

and built the gleaming new $37 million, 11-story<br />

waterfront tower in downtown Cedar Rapids.<br />

Indeed, the original thinking didn’t involve a<br />

new building at all, according to Marc Gullickson,<br />

CEO/Midwest for Ryan Companies, the project’s<br />

general contractor.<br />

Company Chairman John Smith and his wife,<br />

Dyan, who also serves on the board, were initially<br />

interested in renovating and expanding the<br />

company’s longtime headquarters on the southwest<br />

side of town, Gullickson said.<br />

“The project evolved over time to become a new<br />

building,” he said. “Suburban and urban locations<br />

were considered, but the Smiths were convinced<br />

that if they were going to build new, they should<br />

build downtown and be part of the post-flood<br />

revitalization effort for the city.”<br />

At that point, Ryan Companies took on more than<br />

a contractor’s role, applying its development skills<br />

to support such efforts as finding a site, developing<br />

a project pro forma, negotiating issues with the city<br />

and pursuing tax credits, Gullickson said.<br />

“It has been great fun,” he said.<br />

Cedar Rapids-based OPN Architects got the call<br />

to design the building.<br />

“When you have a company like <strong>CRST</strong> and<br />

members of this community like John and Dyan<br />

Smith who are making this kind of commitment to<br />

this downtown and community, it’s very rewarding to<br />

be associated with it,” said Dan Thies, CEO of OPN.<br />

The excitement rose as the building concept took<br />

shape, Thies said.<br />

“I think in our world, the design process is always<br />

very exciting and every project presents a new<br />


14 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com

<strong>CRST</strong>’s new employee break room located on the fifth floor of <strong>CRST</strong> Center.<br />

Amperage congratulates<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> International and the Smith Family<br />

on your new headquarters<br />

You’ve been moving the community forward for over 60 years—building neighborhoods,<br />

underwriting the arts, supporting local needs and fostering our economy.<br />

Thank you for advancing Cedar Rapids downtown development.<br />

We’re proud to call <strong>CRST</strong> International our long-standing client<br />

and now, our neighbor.<br />

AMPERAGEmarketing.com<br />


www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com 15


set of elements for us to work on and solve in a<br />

creative manner,” he said.<br />

It’s a collaborative process, Thies noted.<br />

Thies also noted that the Smiths were personally<br />

involved in all design meetings.<br />

“Very hands on, and certainly they were interested<br />

in the <strong>CRST</strong> leadership understanding the building<br />

and being excited about what will become home to<br />

their administrative group,” Thies said.<br />

The Smiths vetted physical models, 3-D analyses<br />

and even materials going into the project, Thies<br />

said.<br />

Dyan Smith, who acknowledged a passion for<br />

building design, said she had a clear vision for the<br />

final project.<br />

“Since it’s on the river, I wanted it to have<br />

sweeping views of the river,” she said.<br />

That would be fitting, since the city has had an<br />

intimate relationship with the Cedar River since its<br />

founding, she said.<br />

“I wanted lots of windows; I wanted the interior<br />

to be as open as possible so each tenant coming in<br />

could decide if they wanted open space or smaller<br />

spaces or offices,” she said.<br />

The new building has been a hive of activity<br />

throughout the building process, Gullickson said.<br />

“On a given day, there could be 200 people<br />

on-site working,” he said, noting that about 25<br />

subcontractors were involved.<br />

Coordinating all that activity required “having a<br />

good quarterback,” Gullickson noted.<br />

“That is our job: Having a design partner that<br />

is committed to working with us is essential, and<br />

OPN has been terrific,” he said. “It is our job to<br />

manage the schedule and coordinate the effort.”<br />

That includes any unforeseen obstacles,<br />

Gullickson said.<br />

“Any job – and this project is certainly no<br />

exception – will have hiccups,” he said. “Knowing<br />

how to deal with the hiccups is essential. Everyone<br />

has to work together to make a project like this<br />

work.” n<br />

It’s always a pleasure<br />

to recognize the<br />

achievement of<br />

our clients.<br />

Proud to partner with<br />

you on your new building.<br />

Congratulations on the completion of the new <strong>CRST</strong><br />

Center. RSM looks forward to serving clients from this<br />

new location beginning October 24, <strong>2016</strong>.<br />

rsm us.com<br />

1711 Hawkeye Dr | Hiawatha<br />

319.743.9891 | www.hawkeye-electric.com<br />

Visit rsmus.com/aboutus for more information regarding RSM US LLP and RSM International.<br />

AP-CN-ALL-ALL-0816<br />

McGladrey is now RSM. Learn more about our unified global network at rsmus.com/mcgladrey.<br />

16 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com

This fourth-floor office has views to the east.<br />

Proud to do the steel erection<br />

for the <strong>CRST</strong> project.<br />

Cedar Valley Steel is a certified AISC steel erector. Our experience<br />

is in all types of structural steel erection including AESS,<br />

catwalk systems, entrance canopies, metal decking, mezzanine<br />

framing, miscellaneous steel, ornamental steel, pre-engineered<br />

metal building, skywalk bridges, structural & miscellaneous steel<br />

demo, reinforcing, shear stud welding, precast erection, heavy<br />

rigging and machinery moving.<br />

280 50th Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids<br />

(319) 373-0291<br />

www.cedarvalleysteel.com<br />

www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com 17


<strong>CRST</strong> Could Ignite Other Projects<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> International Inc.’s new 11-story tower<br />

is more than the newest jewel adorning<br />

downtown Cedar Rapids, according to economic<br />

development leaders.<br />

They see the $37 million office complex as<br />

potentially being a key that could unlock untold<br />

prosperity in the heart of the city’s business district.<br />

“This building is one of many new projects<br />

that showcase the progress and growth in Cedar<br />

Rapids and our core district areas,” said Brian<br />

Crowe, economic development strategist with the<br />

Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance.<br />

The new tower also symbolizes <strong>CRST</strong>’s evolution as<br />

one of the area’s strongest enterprises, Crowe said.<br />

“Since 1955, <strong>CRST</strong> has evolved from a trucking<br />

firm to one of the nation’s leading providers<br />

of transportation solutions, and this skylinetransforming<br />

tower in downtown Cedar Rapids<br />

shows their pride and confidence in locating their<br />

headquarters here,” he said.<br />

Confidence is crucial to growth, Crowe noted.<br />

“By building and maintaining their headquarters<br />

here in Cedar Rapids, <strong>CRST</strong> is showing their<br />

confidence as one of the largest privately owned<br />

transportation companies in the U.S., but also<br />

their confidence in Cedar Rapids,” he said.<br />

Crowe noted that the tower also will serve as fertile<br />

ground for other local companies it will house.<br />

“Obviously, we are all excited to see the<br />

building completed, but it is extremely exciting<br />

to know that three other major local tenants –<br />

Bankers Trust, RSM International and Holmes<br />

Murphy – will take occupancy in the new building<br />

as well,” he said.<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> has just cast a strong vote of faith in Cedar<br />

Rapids and the Creative Corridor, Crowe said.<br />





<strong>CRST</strong><br />

VISION &<br />


Thank You<br />

John & Dyan Smith and Family<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> International<br />

18 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com

The fourth-floor boardroom, which overlooks the Cedar River, features a stretched fabric ceiling with LED lighting above<br />

the conference table.<br />



Industrial - Commercial - Utility<br />

Residential - Agricultural<br />

319-393-6406<br />


www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com 19


“The <strong>CRST</strong> Center and the many other new<br />

projects underway in Cedar Rapids will continue to<br />

add vibrancy and amenities while adding jobs and<br />

capital investment to our city,” he said.<br />

Dan Thies, CEO of Cedar Rapids-based OPN<br />

Architects, which designed the riverfront tower,<br />

noted that the building is the first privately<br />

developed office building in downtown since the<br />

Great America Building, which came online in the<br />

late 1990s.<br />

“When a project like this comes along, I think<br />

it’s a significant statement about the strength<br />

and health and vibrancy of our community, the<br />

economic stability of our community,” Thies said.<br />

“It’s a heck of a statement for an important private<br />

company to step forward and say they’re making<br />

a commitment to downtown.”<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> Chairman John Smith said development<br />

could ignite other projects.<br />

“You can never exactly know what projects are<br />

going to spur growth, but all I can tell you is that<br />

after we announced we were coming downtown,<br />

you just keep hearing of new projects and that the<br />

face of downtown is going to continue to change<br />

in the next five years, and we’re just part of that,”<br />

Smith said.<br />

It could be the start of something big<br />

downtown, Smith said.<br />

“We’re not bringing our whole operations<br />

downtown, but we’re bringing our corporate<br />

headquarters downtown, and I think it spurs<br />

people to think about it,” he said.<br />

Opening the new headquarters downtown is<br />

good for business across the Creative Corridor,<br />

Smith said.<br />

“Indirectly, I think the better Cedar Rapids does,<br />

the better the Corridor does,” he said. “The<br />

way Cedar Rapids is going to grow is to get our<br />

downtown really sold and get people down there.<br />

It’s a long-term project that never stops.” n<br />

Growing with you for over 100 years<br />

Congratulations <strong>CRST</strong><br />

on your new Center!<br />

D&N FENCE Co.<br />

Since 1945<br />

Functional Commercial Fencing - Effective Recreational Fencing<br />

Professional Residential Fencing<br />

Hughes Nursery & Landscaping<br />

5201 Nursery Rd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404<br />

319-396-7038<br />

www.HughesNursery.com<br />

A Nationally Known and Respected Company<br />

Serving the Landscape Beautification Needs<br />

of the Local Cedar Rapids Area<br />

Support your local, family-owned business today<br />

and enjoy high-quality fences that will last for a lifetime.<br />

319-393-0468<br />

4000 Blairs Ferry Road NE, Cedar Rapids<br />

www.dnfence.com<br />

20 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com

Artwork accents the walls throughout the fourth and fifth floors of the <strong>CRST</strong> Center.<br />

Congratulations<br />

<strong>CRST</strong> on your new headquarters<br />


Let Dave Schmitt Construction be your worry-free contractor<br />

250 50th Ave. SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 (319) 365-8669 daveschmittconstruction.com<br />

www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com 21

The U-shaped outdoor terrace wraps around the fourth floor.<br />

22 www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com

The new <strong>CRST</strong> Center is located at 201 First St. SE, Cedar Rapids.<br />

www.<strong>CRST</strong>.com 23

For sixty years, we have been proud to<br />

call <strong>CRST</strong> our partner and friend.<br />

Congratulations on achieving an extraordinary vision.<br />

115 3rd Street SE, Suite 1200 | Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 | 319.366.7641<br />

1150 5th Street, Suite 170 | Coralville, IA 52241 | 319.354.1019<br />


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