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The Positivity Issue (v.13)

Positivity In The Face Of Negativity Tawanda Suessbrich- Joaquim When we think of the past few months, on social, economic, political and global levels, it’s enough to make most of us frustrated. Some of us might laugh nervously. Others might actually take a few moments to hold in tears. It may, for some, seem like the world is falling apart—an incapable president, environmental issues not being taken seriously, police brutalities, less and less rights for marginalized groups every day. The list seems endless. ​But how do we stay positive in the face of all this negativity? Is it even possible? ​I’ve found the answer to be yes. We can absolutely stay positive, and here’s why—it’s the only way to make it to where we want to go. ​We tend to think of things in terms of everlasting dichotomies—light and dark, happy and sad, good and bad, positive and negative. These ideas come from thousands of years of survival through distinction, knowing which plant is poisonous, expressing our emotions, trusting the people in our tribe and protecting ourselves against those who aren’t and so on and so forth. But I don’t think things have to be so black and white. ​Personally, I like to relate positivity and negativity to ebbs and flows—picture a wave rushing in and out again with the tide. Good times and not so good times are like the seasons. We all go through our spring, summer, fall and winter cycles, just like our environment around us. The world and all the people in it need to go through beautiful warm, sunny days spent outside into cold, snowy days where we’d rather stay in, because just when we think winter will never end, the sky will clear and the flowers will start blooming. And the seasons will begin all over again. ​Staying positive in times like these means understanding that life is filled to the brim with happiness and sadness, and both of them are good. They are good because they are both essential to our growth as beings. If we were never sad, we wouldn’t be so thankful for laughter, for hugs and kisses, family and friends. Sometimes we need a little bit of difficulty to push us towards doing the best we can, towards working hard. And at the end, it’s all worth it! ​I guess what I’m trying to say is: with the change in the global atmosphere during the last year, you know this year, 2017, is going to be all about big moves and even bigger changes. So GO FOR IT. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, keep you down. Begin every day with an affirmation—a simple “I can do this,” “I’m beautiful” or “inner peace equals outer peace” will help you move mountains. Get off the couch. Take matters into your own hands, and don’t be afraid to learn, to ask for help. Spread love, joy and knowledge everywhere you with the change in the global atmosphere during the last year, you know this year, 2017, is going to be all about big moves and even bigger changes. So GO FOR IT. go. Stay educated. Stay aware. Stay healthy, and do whatever is best for you. Get together with people who make you happy, eat your favorite foods, learn some- 16

thing new about the world and continue to create art. Know that a bad day every once in a while is only preparing you for all the good ones ahead—remember: spring is just around the corner. No matter what, do not stop seeking positivity in everything you see and do. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. When hard times come, take time to go within yourself and feel into your emotions. Really feel it. Let it all out. Cry. Then, let a ray of light in, plant a seed and watch it grow. Live everyday as the best you that you can possibly be, and love yourself every step of the way! You’re the only you that the world will ever know! And just think about how much more beautiful the world will be after you share your positivity with it. 17

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