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Friends Appreciation Day May 20th 2017

Precious Jezzie Samples

Precious Jezzie Samples all the desserts on her plate. Hide dem chocolates caus momma es a chocoholic lady BOL Dawn Widener Pratt My meowmy is da chocoholic tou Precious. Pookie & Starlight No worree, uz hab got LOTS da tshokalaetz! Gomez CatStar These look tasty! Dawn Widener Pratt (Zooms to the table) Hai Gomez. I haz fur mew de entire menu tou enshooy, an da nize litty milk wiff da bakon stwaw. Kathleen Dell Oooooh, chocolates! Dawn Widener Pratt Halp yurself Aunti Kathleen. We weally preciates mew! Kathleen Dell Thank you. I will. Dawn Widener Pratt Youse be welkom Auntie Kathleen. Wormhole Bistro Skitters comes runnin obers n gibs Auntie Kathleen da hooge hug n smoooches, Happy Birdieday Auntie Kathleen Dell Thank you, Skitters. Hugs him back. Johanna Duffek-Kowal Mmmh, how lovely! Dawn Widener Pratt (Zooms to the table) Hai Auntie Johanna. I haz fur mew da entire menu an da nize cuppa da hot koffee wiff sum of Quincey's speshul additive. MOL. Enshooy.

Johanna Duffek-Kowal Oh, thank you, Buck! Mmmh, really nice...! Dawn Widener Pratt Youse be so bery welkom Auntie Johanna. We awl weally preciates all ob our customerz. Haz da gud night. Liz Reeve We love those! I am glad I brought a baggie with me..thank you for the wonderful party! Dawn Widener Pratt Youse be welkom Auntie Liz. May I gatz mew anyting elze fur mew to take homez tuday? Liz Reeve No thank you...we already had so much hehe... Dawn Widener Pratt Okay den Auntie Liz. Mew an Cleo haz da gud night. Danks fur cumin to da party. We preciatez awl our furiends. Sunshine the feline thanks very much for the delicious treats Nicki Czalbowski Flick Lexi heading fer da wormhole & home--hez a tired littul gurl kitty todae.I gotted sum chocolates an da strawberries fer Momma & da Caine (an meez,she giggles) a thermos ob icy latte too.she laces up da skates an calls out,"see ebbyone tamarrow",an she beez gone..Whee!! comes echoing down da wormhole. Dawn Widener Pratt Well it is time for Oreo and Buck to head back home. The had a wonderful time at the party, but now they are tired and ready for bed. They pack a bag of noms to go, wave goodbye to everypawdy and up the wormhole they slide together.

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