Be Magazine 2016 EN

The Magazine for Belgian Furniture - Brussels Furniture Fair 2016

The Magazine for Belgian Furniture - Brussels Furniture Fair 2016


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The <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

for <strong>Be</strong>lgian Furniture<br />

#12 ― <strong>2016</strong><br />

•<br />

Brussels Furniture Fair<br />

6‒9 November <strong>2016</strong><br />

BE ― 1


Furniture Fair Brussels<br />

Hof ter Vleestdreef 5 box 7<br />

BE 1070 Brussels<br />

Tel +32 2 558 97 20<br />

be@furniturefairbrussels.be<br />

www.furniturefairbrussels.be<br />


Lieven Van den Heede<br />


Veerle Tuytschaever<br />

EDITOR<br />

frances van der steen / franpress<br />


Siegrid Demyttenaere / Waterproof2000<br />


German: Doris Grollmann, Lisa Degen, Josten LU<br />

English: Gregory Ball, Vicky Morrison<br />

French: Aline Gustot<br />


BE was conceived and created for the promotion and support of<br />

The belgian furniture sector. BE is published in 4 languages and is distributed internationally<br />

in various european countries. It is forbidden to offer BE for sale.<br />


No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitt ed in any form or by any means, electronic or<br />

mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any other information storage or retrieval system, without<br />

prior permission in writing from the publisher.<br />


Furniture Fair Brussels<br />

L. Van den Heede<br />

Hof ter Vleestdreef 5 box 7<br />

BE 1070 Brussels / <strong>Be</strong>lgium<br />



•<br />

BE ― 2

Brussels Furniture Fair<br />

Changing times •<br />

It is with considerable pride that we bring you the 12th<br />

edition of BE <strong>Magazine</strong>, THE yearbook of <strong>Be</strong>lgian manufacturers<br />

exhibiting at the forthcoming Brussels Furniture<br />

Fair. Indeed, this year we have every reason to be delighted.<br />

The tide is turning, and the consumer market is evolving<br />

fast.<br />

Our manufacturers are responding in detail to all the new<br />

developments. They are focusing on the changes we have<br />

seen in the housing market. On the consequences of<br />

increased levels of stress that stem from our ‘24/7 online’<br />

lifestyle – which largely takes place in a sitting position.<br />

And on the opportunities offered by new (industrial) technologies.<br />

This detailed response is creating a new dynamic<br />

that is surprising, realistic and above all, inspiring.<br />

The time is ripe for ‘space saving’ solutions: pieces of furniture<br />

that make small spaces seem more spacious. More<br />

and more designs have open bases, and mechanisms are<br />

increasingly hidden from view. Now is the time to develop<br />

new ‘reset’ functions: pieces of furniture that contribute<br />

to physical and mental recovery. This new generation of<br />

reclining comfort ranges from a power-napping concept<br />

to a zero gravity position. A new era of cherishing has<br />

dawned, featuring natural and cultural riches, new tactile<br />

textures, and colours designed to be restful or uplifting.<br />

So our message is: take your time and have a good look<br />

at it all. We invite you to browse through this BE <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

and to pause every now and then to take a closer look at<br />

one of the many interesting innovations. This will give you<br />

a taste of what our <strong>Be</strong>lgian exhibitors will be presenting<br />

at the Fair itself. We hope that you will be as enchanted<br />

by it as we are! And once you’ve whetted your appetite,<br />

we invite you to come and experience the products in<br />

real life at the Furniture Fair. You are uniquely placed to<br />

understand that a piece of furniture is something that you<br />

need to see, feel and try out for yourself. You can discover<br />

all this – and so much more – at your convenience at the<br />

Brussels Furniture Fair. We look forward to welcoming<br />

you!<br />

Our motto is still the same: there’s always time to do<br />

business enjoyably!<br />

LIEV<strong>EN</strong> VAN D<strong>EN</strong> HEEDE<br />

Brussels Furniture Fair, 6-9 November <strong>2016</strong><br />

BE ― 1

03 <strong>Be</strong>lgian Design<br />

04 Emmanuel Gardin<br />

06 PJ Mares<br />

08 Mathias de Ferm<br />

10 ― Frederik Delbart<br />

13 ― Trendstyles 2017<br />

We Care!<br />

14 ― About the Planet<br />

36 ― About the People<br />

58 ― About the Future<br />

76 ― Brussels by Night<br />

97 ― Address list<br />

•<br />

BE ― 2

In the spotlight:<br />

Four <strong>Be</strong>lgian Designers •<br />

Every year, we make a selection from<br />

the most promising and up-and-coming<br />

designers in <strong>Be</strong>lgium. And we’re spoilt for<br />

choice! On that front, <strong>Be</strong>lgium is creating<br />

a storm. Our designers are making a heavyweight<br />

contribution to the (industrial)<br />

design world.<br />

The four designers selected for BE <strong>2016</strong> are<br />

Emmanuel Gardin, Fredrik Delbart, Mathias<br />

De Ferm and the duo PJ Mares. What are<br />

their visions, ambitions and strengths?<br />

What lies behind statements such as ‘less –<br />

but better design’, ‘industrial naivety as a<br />

driving force’, ‘the social added value<br />

of design’ or ‘design as a symbiosis of<br />

extremes’? One thing that all these designers<br />

have in common is commitment:<br />

to the planet, its people and our future.<br />






PHOTO © PATRICIA GOOIJ<strong>EN</strong>S<br />

BE ― 3

Emmanuel Gardin<br />

Metamorphosis design •<br />

MEDUSA<br />

Krizalid is a phonetic way of writing ‘chrysalid’<br />

(‘chrysalis’ in English): it is a metaphor<br />

for the process of metamorphosis in the<br />

insect world. An example is the caterpillar<br />

in its cocoon that emerges as a splendid<br />

butterfly. As an industrial designer he<br />

is spellbound by metamorphoses: both in<br />

the production process and in the use of<br />

the product. He makes a clear distinction<br />

between industrial designers and other designers.<br />

‘Anyone can design something: by<br />

thinking up a shape and putting it down on<br />

paper. But for an industrial designer, the real<br />

challenge is to change this form into a tangible,<br />

affordable product for the general public.’<br />

He distances himself from exclusive design,<br />

‘because the prices mean the product<br />

is only affordable for a limited public. I don’t<br />

consider that design, but art. By contrast,<br />

Ikea is the very best of industrial design.’<br />

When it comes to product development, he<br />

does not aspire to invent high-tech articles.<br />

On the contrary, he goes for ‘low-tech’, and<br />

actually increases the simplicity of production.<br />

He looks for technical dodges that do<br />


Emmanuel Gardin (1980) set up<br />

Krizalid Studio in 2008: its name is<br />

both intriguing and symbolic. As<br />

well as being an industrial designer,<br />

he is also creative director of the<br />

<strong>Be</strong>lgian Lindadura label. He distances<br />

himself from exclusivity and<br />

consumerism. He aims for better<br />

design, but less of it. •<br />


BE ― 4

BELGIAN DESIGN ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Lower tech •<br />

KINO<br />

the atmospheric light changes into reading<br />

lamp. The user himself controls the metamorphosis<br />

of the light.<br />



not require serious investment. He aims for<br />

a production process with the minimum of<br />

technical tools, resources and materials. ‘In<br />

this way, the economic base is broadened<br />

and sustainability optimised.’<br />

What is the ultimate showpiece for his design<br />

vision? The Recto Verso collection: a<br />

fold-it-yourself aluminium bookshelf, coffee<br />

table and desks. Each design is based<br />

on one single aluminium sheet, only 2mm<br />

thick, with perforated folding lines. Each<br />

product makes use of opposite corners:<br />

bent left or right – recto or verso – for its<br />

design and for stability (the bookshelf can<br />

carry up to 30 kg!), and for its practicality:<br />

the slots can be used for magazines and<br />

suchlike. The user himself carries out the<br />

metamorphosis from aluminium sheet to<br />

product and also determines its use.<br />

In short: Emmanuel Gardin’s design world<br />

revolves around metamorphoses: from<br />

idea right through to everyday use. •<br />

www.krizalidstudio.com<br />

One telling example is the Kino lamp: a flat<br />

sheet of beech plywood only 1.2 mm thick<br />

is manually transformed into a quasi-sculptural,<br />

3-dimensional volume. The tension in<br />

the bent material gives shape to the light.<br />

His purpose is to create better design: he<br />

seeks simple solutions for practical matters,<br />

for both the producer and the consumer.<br />

He is able to study an object endlessly, asking<br />

‘what could be done better?’ Only then<br />

does he take up the challenge. ‘That makes<br />

the design interesting and well-considered.’<br />

He distances himself from consumerism:<br />

the enormous urge to consume more and<br />

more. His motto is ‘better design, but less<br />

of it’.<br />

Take the Sunrise lamp (a prototype) as an<br />

example: by sliding the shade up or down,<br />

IKA<br />

BE ― 5

PJ Mares<br />

The best of two worlds •<br />

PJ Mares stands for Peter-Jan Scherpereel<br />

(1966) and Tom Mares (1983). Together they<br />

run an interior design studio – including a<br />

furniture workshop – in Brussels. They concentrate<br />

on handmade furniture and interiors.<br />

Their collaboration and designs are characterised<br />

by a symbiosis of extremes. •<br />

This two-man company dates from 2014.<br />

<strong>Be</strong>fore that time they worked independently<br />

of each other, Peter-Jan as an architect<br />

and interior designer, Tom as an<br />

interior and furniture designer. Following<br />

a collective commission, they spontaneously<br />

joined forces.<br />

They complement each other perfectly:<br />

like yin and yang. As an architect, Peter-<br />

Jan has a practical, spatial vision. How<br />

does a design function in the surrounding<br />

space? How is it used? As a furniture<br />

designer, Tom has more of an eye for details.<br />

How is the design to be made? They<br />

both share the view that design should be<br />

functional and may be extreme and full of<br />

contradictions. They look for the best of<br />

two worlds in everything they do. Natural<br />

materials combined with strident colours.<br />

Austere graphic areas with details<br />

reminiscent of an Airstream. A high-tech<br />

process with traditional craftsmanship.<br />

Designing and producing in their own<br />

workshop.<br />

A new design is grafted onto the past: not<br />

copy-paste, but an archetypical image,<br />

a concept from the collective memory.<br />

It seems familiar, but still… The image of<br />

DWS05<br />


BE ― 6

BELGIAN DESIGN ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Functional and extreme •<br />


NOMAX<br />

the small desks evokes associations with<br />

your schooldays: this is the context. Yet<br />

each desk is different: the materials reflect<br />

a classic design style, and refer to a particular<br />

period in time. Walnut gives the desk<br />

an American feel; ash represents the Scandinavian<br />

style. Teak and leather suggest refined<br />

Italian design. ‘The materials push the<br />

desks apart, but always within the context<br />

of this one design genre.’<br />

PJ Mares is highly graphically inclined. This<br />

can be seen in the non-conformist patchwork<br />

of materials and colours. It breaks<br />

with what one expects from natural materials<br />

and therefore natural tints: sulphur yellow,<br />

a sort of reddish orange, and a mint<br />

colour called ‘PJ Mares Green’! A green tint<br />

with a fair amount of blue: this makes it both<br />

fresh and warm, and that means it matches<br />

the warm wood. They show daring in taking<br />

the mixture of materials and colours to<br />

extremes.<br />

sofa, a bookcase, lighting and other items.<br />

Supernomax represents the evolution<br />

from custom work made piece by piece<br />

to custom work within a well-delineated<br />

structure.<br />

The ultimate principle that guides PJ Mares<br />

is the ability of the design to fit the lives of<br />

the occupants. A piece of furniture or an<br />

interior only comes to life when it is used:<br />

through the things you put in it and the<br />

traces you leave on it. •<br />

www.pjmares.com<br />


In the Nomax kitchen, a metal framework<br />

is filled with a colourful collection of natural<br />

materials. Drawers in solid walnut; here a<br />

front in marble, there one in brass; shelves<br />

in brushed aluminium or PJ Mares Green.<br />

Apart from this, Nomax is the product of<br />

ultra-high-tech and authentic handwork.<br />

The steel supporting structure was made<br />

by 3D folding, while the drawers are made<br />

with dovetail joints. This kitchen concept<br />

is extended into Supernomax: an all-round<br />

concept suited to supporting a table, a<br />


BE ― 7

Mathias De Ferm<br />

Socially relevant design •<br />

FRAME WITH PIETER VANDERH<strong>EN</strong>ST<br />

His list of achievements includes international<br />

awards and designs for renowned<br />

manufacturers.<br />

From the very beginning, Mathias had a<br />

particular penchant for furniture: because<br />

they are craft objects. And also because of<br />

the materials used: wood and metal. In the<br />

meantime he has designed more than just<br />

furniture: chopping boards, urban barbecues,<br />

wooden outhouses, and interiors. He<br />

works on both a large and small scale, for<br />

serial production and one-off projects, for<br />

the masses and for a select target group.<br />

So he is simply a designer, with no label to<br />

force him into any specific category.<br />

His creativity is fuelled by his critical, analytical<br />

mind. He draws attention to points that<br />

could do with improvement. Most of the<br />

designs are ‘born out of a need’: fuelled by<br />

situations in his daily life. Others are created<br />

at the request of a proactive client. In any<br />

case, ‘designing means aiming for added<br />

value, from various points of view’.<br />


Mathias De Ferm (1985)<br />

is a product and furniture<br />

designer with an additional<br />

specialisation in<br />

metal and woodwork. His<br />

mission is to create added<br />

value. This ranges from<br />

practical details to a social<br />

dimension. ‘Design<br />

embraces so much more<br />

than just a fine form.’ •<br />

The added value may lie in the production:<br />

the ‘Marguerite’ table is incredibly simple to<br />

assemble: using just one spanner. Or it may<br />

lie in possible new applications of a production<br />

process. A woodworking company<br />

which among other things makes façade<br />

LUMINE<br />


BE ― 8

A sense of togetherness •<br />

BELGIAN DESIGN ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

BBQ<br />

cladding, patio decking, roof panelling and<br />

enclosures? That can tackle anything?<br />

Frame* is a tailor-made design concept for<br />

carports, pergolas, pool houses, garden<br />

storage and garden offices.<br />


The added value may lie in user-friendliness.<br />

His 4cm-thick chopping board has<br />

bevelled edges that ensure the best possible<br />

grip when cutting and lifting. The added<br />

value may be in the accessibility, such as<br />

making outdoor living achievable for urban<br />

people. ‘Not everyone has a garden.’ His<br />

barbecue is made for balconies: it hangs,<br />

half-floating, over the balustrade. By contrast,<br />

the Butch* is a barbecue module for<br />

public spaces such as parks. A sound construction<br />

in the form of a trapezium, suitable<br />

for a whole range of settings. In one line,<br />

separate, in a circle.<br />

As Mathias emphasises, ‘When creating<br />

added value, the challenge often lies in the<br />

production or use. But the basic principle<br />

for every design is always maximum sustainability<br />

and social dynamic’.<br />

Sustainability here means more than ecologically<br />

sound production with recyclable<br />

materials. ‘Collecting and processing<br />

waste, separating the materials and so on:<br />

this whole process brings economic and<br />

ecological costs with it.’ He interprets sustainability<br />

as products having a long lifespan<br />

and usable life, ‘Thanks to timeless design,<br />

flawless quality, and, as time passes,<br />

more and more emotional value.’<br />


He makes the social dimension his first<br />

priority: every design should bring people<br />

together in a convivial group. This feeling<br />

of belonging together provides moments of<br />

inestimable worth. How can a design make<br />

this experience more agreeable? In this respect,<br />

the Traverse table is suited to all situations.<br />

It is perfect for a cosy tête à tête, but<br />

also for a larger group of up to 6 people, but<br />

all in a small area. When folded out it only<br />

occupies 85 by 150 cm.<br />

Cooking, barbecuing, dining, sitting outdoors…<br />

These moments make life more<br />

pleasant! •<br />

www.mathiasdeferm.be<br />

* Frame and Butch were designed in association<br />

with Pieter Vanderhenst.<br />



BE ― 9

Frederik Delbart<br />

Intuitive ultimate design •<br />

IDEM<br />

He is fascinated by textures, structures and<br />

fine materials: how far can you go? How<br />

can you combine different materials and<br />

give them a coherent form? He seeks out<br />

the limits, then goes beyond them – sometimes<br />

slightly too far. ‘Then I have to take a<br />

step backwards.’ He says that his quest is<br />

purely intuitive, based on a positive ‘industrial<br />

naivety’.<br />

‘I don’t have a manufacturer’s expert knowledge<br />

as far as materials, production process<br />

and suchlike are concerned, but I do have<br />

a lot of respect for this expertise! I enter the<br />

design process with an open mind, have no<br />

obstructions, see more possibilities, question<br />

everything. The project grows out of the<br />

dialogue between the company and myself.<br />

Boundaries are explored – and shifted.’<br />


Frederik Delbart (1988) graduated in Industrial<br />

Design from ‘La Cambre’ in Brussels in 2011.<br />

Since then several of his designs have been<br />

put into production: from furniture and lighting<br />

to an ‘aquabike’. Sounds promising! One<br />

of his qualities is ‘industrial naivety: this is not<br />

a shortcoming, but is in fact the strength of<br />

an industrial designer.’<br />

MIA<br />

BE ― 10

BELGIAN DESIGN ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

The ultimate revelation was his traineeship<br />

with Bram Boo. ‘Thanks to him I discovered<br />

the impact of emotion in an object, and how<br />

personality can even influence functionality.<br />

How you develop your own identity and are<br />

able to translate it into a design.’ His time as<br />

a designer at Philips gave him professionalism<br />

and industrial knowhow.<br />

For the Sibling lamp – actually his graduation<br />

project – Frederik Delbart explored<br />

several frontiers: between high-tech and<br />

craft, wood and glass, and present and future.<br />

His starting point was to incorporate<br />

the latest OLED technique into a contemporary<br />

yet timeless design. At the time, this<br />

light source was no further than the prototype<br />

stage. In the meantime, the design has<br />

already won 4 prestigious awards.<br />

He does not let himself be held back by<br />

what is ‘impossible’. The Mia candleholder<br />

(sconce) is folded from a single piece of<br />

metal, without screws or welds. The Idem<br />

stool is a take-away construction comprising<br />

11 identical pieces of solid oak.<br />

Whatever the approach to a design is,<br />

the process ends with a seemingly simple<br />

product. The design and the materials<br />

make the object timeless. Time and use<br />

give it a personal character.<br />

Frederik can already see an evolution in his<br />

design work: his industrial expertise has<br />

grown, the simplicity of the objects is becoming<br />

more elegant.<br />


Due respect<br />

for<br />

expertise •<br />


BE ― 11

BELGIAN DESIGN ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />


RECTOVERSO - VAN D<strong>EN</strong> WEGHE<br />

Corners and edges are rounded off, volumes<br />

reduced to a minimum. Challenges<br />

that lead to the ultimate design: in terms of<br />

form, materials, construction and industrial<br />

knowhow.<br />


Take one of his latest designs, the RectoVerso<br />

table. Both the table top and the trestles<br />

are in marble. In fact this means a sandwich<br />

construction with a core in aluminium<br />

honeycomb sheeting. The trestle has three<br />

hinged legs. The table top uses marble of<br />

various origins and colours: the upper side<br />

and the underside are different. They merge<br />

almost seamlessly into each other. Anyone<br />

who sees the table spontaneously touches<br />

it and continues intuitively stroking and feeling<br />

it. ‘This is triggered by the unexpected<br />

contrast between the brushed texture and<br />

the smooth marble.’ And what’s more, this<br />

marble table is safe to transport yourself!<br />

The identity of each design is appositely expressed<br />

by the evocative names: The Siblings,<br />

The Lovers, Muse, Idem, Vertebrae<br />

etc. This too is part of the design process:<br />

the marketing. •<br />

www.frederikdelbart.com<br />


BE ― 12

TR<strong>EN</strong>DSTYLES 2017 ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

We Care!<br />

about the PLANET,<br />

its PEOPLE & our FUTURE<br />

In a world of terrorism, environmental<br />

pressure and economic crises we see a<br />

shift from a ME to a WE attitude. A sense<br />

of collective responsibility, since the big<br />

issues are everyone’s problem. We all<br />

want to take some minor action to transform<br />

the bigger picture.<br />

Social media bring like-minded individuals<br />

together to spread the message easily<br />

and quickly. Big data, gathered by all<br />

kinds of media, become very important<br />

in understanding the customer’s needs.<br />

These databases are now interpreted in<br />

a human way, and for designers this is<br />

the new inspiration platform. The new<br />

products will come alive through the<br />

customer’s experience and through<br />

social networks and review sites.<br />

Companies and brands that deliver accountability<br />

and are transparent will be<br />

successful, since the new generation of<br />

customers wants to know what they are<br />

buying and where it comes from. Sustainability<br />

is now a lifestyle and conscious<br />

living has become cool. The future<br />

belongs to activist entrepreneurs that<br />

don’t produce more, but do more.<br />

BE ― 13

We Care!<br />

About the Planet<br />

Climate change and the depletion of natural<br />

resources is no longer a theoretical problem.<br />

We are all concerned and want to do something<br />

about it, on a small or large scale.<br />

Designers, scientists and bioscience-engineers<br />

work together on new intelligent materials, repurposing<br />

natural resources to create products for<br />

modern use.<br />

Re-connecting with natural forces and resources,<br />

people are trying to live in harmony with nature.<br />

Designers are now reviewing and experimenting<br />

with the power of forgotten plants and minerals<br />

in order to create new design materials.<br />

Giving a new meaning and look to traditional<br />

crafts, using primitive processes. Knowledge<br />

and traditions inspire contemporary designers<br />

in new ways.<br />

People seek various forms of mental clarity,<br />

escapism and tranquillity. We like to manage our<br />

own well-being. Health has become part of social<br />

status, there is a real drive towards wellbeing and<br />

food is the new fashion; these health consumers<br />

have become a huge target group.<br />

PMS 4545 PMS 5425 PMS 7470 PMS 289 PMS 2745 PMS 4545 PMS 5425 PMS 7470 PMS 289 PMS 2745<br />

BE ― 14

TR<strong>EN</strong>DSTYLES 2017 ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Colours are coming from<br />

the earth with a human twist.<br />

Shapes and materials are<br />

organic, and are often rough<br />

and unfinished<br />

BE ― 15

Saving natural energy •<br />

We care about the planet. That’s why manufacturers<br />

come up with pieces of furniture<br />

that restore humans’ contact with the natural<br />

world. They draw people’s attention to the<br />

unique character of natural materials. They<br />

draw their attention to the natural power and<br />

beauty of precious (raw) materials. They draw<br />

their attention to the natural rhythms of life<br />

away from the city, in the countryside. And<br />

they surround them with the incomparable,<br />

pure colours of the natural world.<br />

Exclusive vintage<br />

At first glance, all eyes are on the upholstery:<br />

a sophisticated, uni-colour vintage<br />

velvet. This exclusive woven velvet has a<br />

short pile. The ‘vintage’ look invites closer<br />

inspection, which reveals a total absence of<br />

bare patches, but instead features delicate<br />

hints of ‘wear’. The viscose (76%) creates a<br />

subtle, silky gloss, with a stunning interplay<br />

of light and dark. The single colour actually<br />

enhances the vintage relief and the shading<br />

effect. This ‘soft-touch’ Hampton velvet is<br />

exclusive to Neostyle <strong>Be</strong>nelux.<br />

In terms of modelling, Percy fits firmly into<br />

the ‘comfortable and compact’ category.<br />

Neostyle has thereby further developed its<br />

well-known customising formula: in addition<br />

to all the sizes and functions on offer, the<br />

feet can be finished in any colour. There are<br />

10 standard colours included in the package,<br />

whilst for all other RAL colours there is<br />

a small surcharge.<br />


BE ― 16

WE CARE ABOUT THE PLANET ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

VIP AND FRI<strong>EN</strong>DS – COUCH<br />

Combinations<br />

of materials •<br />

King-size<br />

Clusters is a group of five round tables at<br />

five different heights. All tabletops are in<br />

either Carrara marble or yellow bronze veneer<br />

(comprised of 2-3 mm solid brass on<br />

wood), and these vary in diameter from 40<br />

to 80 cm. Clusters thus represents a step<br />

up from the petty-bourgeois ‘nest of tables’<br />

concept. These tables are fit for king-size<br />

settings.<br />

VIP AND FRI<strong>EN</strong>DS – CLUSTERS<br />

BE ― 17

Energizing<br />

luxury •<br />


A good all-rounder<br />

This handy little gem fits beneath any coffee<br />

table or alongside any sofa, and is suitable<br />

for every occasion. Pastille is always 37.5 cm<br />

high, but its diameter varies. The small<br />

model (ø 90 cm) is tautly upholstered, while<br />

the large version (ø 110 cm) features supersoft<br />

upholstery, and comes with an extra<br />

plush covering layer.<br />


BE ― 18

Fenix mix<br />

Two deep lines cut through the sideboard.<br />

The horizontal line divides the drawers from<br />

the doors; whilst the vertical line divides a<br />

single door and drawer from the rest. Both<br />

lines run right across the cupboard and<br />

around the corners.The symmetrical divisions<br />

thus created are reminiscent of Mondrian’s<br />

abstract painting style.<br />

Altea has translated his painted lines into<br />

recessed strips, which are fashioned from<br />

Fenix ® . The black can also be muted to taupe<br />

or either dark or light anthracite. And the<br />

main coloured panels are finished in brushed<br />

oak – in either natural, white or smoke grey.<br />

This bi-colour material combination of oak<br />

and Fenix ® also has its practical advantages.<br />

Any minor damage can simply be repaired<br />

with an iron. That’s why Fenix is available for<br />

all tabletops, including the extension leaves.<br />

The display cabinets prove that asymmetry<br />

can sometimes work out symmetrically.<br />

These exist in 2 mirror-image variants, with<br />

the glass window set on either the right or<br />

the left-hand side. Thus when two of the<br />

cabinets are positioned side by side, they<br />

form a perfect, symmetrical whole.<br />


Evolution<br />

Year after year, Leda is gradually evolving<br />

towards a more contemporary style. Yet it<br />

achieves this without undermining the timeless<br />

nature of the design and upholstery,<br />

and with respect for the company’s artisanal<br />

heritage. Its traditional, customised pieces<br />

are and will remain 100% <strong>Be</strong>lgium-made.<br />

LEDA – KARMA<br />

Karma is the latest development in this<br />

evolution. Although the model’s country<br />

roots are unambiguous, the styling is<br />

somewhat sleeker. The inside-out seam is<br />

truly contemporary, although this is only<br />

employed very discretely. Without this<br />

seam, the sofa becomes the Kosmo model.<br />

A matt black block foot or steel sled<br />

base underlines the contemporary look.<br />

The balance between contemporary and<br />

timeless is highly nuanced.<br />

BE ― 19

MICHELD<strong>EN</strong>OLF – CARRARA<br />

BE ― 20

WE CARE ABOUT THE PLANET ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Solid materials •<br />

Semi-artisanal<br />

As always, the focus is on minimal design in solid oak. In line with the current trend,<br />

brushed oak is used in combination with marble and wrought iron. It is no coincidence that<br />

all three materials have a rich artisanal history.<br />

The refined top (2 cm) is fashioned from solid marble: white Carrara from Italy or brown<br />

Emperador from Spain. Consequently the cupboards have a wrought iron support: the<br />

metal is semi-artisanally worked before being finished with a powder coating. The same<br />

applies to the profile handles on the fronts. Together these form a striking, yet subtle detail.<br />

BE ― 21

Double base<br />

The suffix ‘TU’ alludes to this table’s dual<br />

purpose. When used as a stand-alone model,<br />

it is a simple console table – 50 cm deep<br />

and 220, 260 or 300 cm long. However, part<br />

of the concept is to position two of these tables<br />

side by side. Thus configured, the two<br />

console tables form a versatile dining table<br />

that is a generous 1 metre wide and seemingly<br />

‘never ending’.<br />

This double base explains the simple design<br />

and the raw, unpolished finish. The oak is<br />

sanded, burnt and finished with matt wax.<br />

Table TU is the perfect complement to spontaneous<br />

lifestyles.<br />

VIPS AND FRI<strong>EN</strong>DS – TABLE TU<br />

From Bruges or Brussels<br />

Bruges and Brussels have one thing in common:<br />

their centuries-old lacemaking tradition.<br />

It was the fabric’s lightness and openwork<br />

motifs that provided the inspiration<br />

behind this chair. The metal back appears<br />

to be dotted with lace mats. These give the<br />

laser-cut metal a more romantic cachet,<br />

conjuring up anything from a flea market to<br />

flower power retro.<br />


BE ― 22

WE CARE ABOUT THE PLANET ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Internationalisation<br />


Gemma is a re-styling of the Margeritte<br />

collection. The key difference can be<br />

summed up very simply: more visible<br />

wood. With Margeritte, the pieces<br />

are finished from top to toe in handbrushed<br />

colour; whilst with Gemma the<br />

cornices, tops and tabletops are left in<br />

natural teak. However, the edges have<br />

been fully sandblasted. The bi-colour<br />

effect creates a broader, more international<br />

appeal.<br />

Wood on wood<br />

This is minimal design in 100% teak: part solid,<br />

part veneer. By definition, the drawers and<br />

doors have handleless fronts. A black framework<br />

in the display cabinet provides the only<br />

decorative touch. Contrary to expectations, it<br />

is not fashioned from metal, but from wood.<br />

This is a deliberate choice, as it means that the<br />

doors shut with a whisper. The sound of wood<br />

on wood is so much more pleasant.<br />


BE ― 23


Country lifestyle<br />

Delhi conjures up a simple country lifestyle.<br />

The range features robust pieces with a<br />

lived-in feel, which are designed to withstand<br />

wear and tear. The solid acacia has<br />

been treated to create a weathered quayside<br />

look, which is enhanced by its grey-washed<br />

finish. To chime with this, the handles have<br />

a rusted look but are clean to the touch. The<br />

glass doors have an old-fashioned feel to<br />

them, with a black line delineating the facet<br />

cut glass.<br />

The bench at the dining table – rather unusual<br />

for Bauwens – is a stylish alternative to<br />

the standard chairs and fits perfectly with<br />

this style.<br />

BAUW<strong>EN</strong>S – DELHI<br />

BE ― 24

Stationary wall-away system<br />

Allure features an innovative mechanism that was developed in house: a dual motor wall-away system.<br />

This has led to a comprehensive upgrade: a technical enhancement whose advantages are both practical<br />

and visual. This dual motor innovation banishes the problems associated with the single motor wallaway<br />

system for good. The new system avoids the gaping hole beneath the arm with a view of an (ugly)<br />

metal rail frame on the floor. With the new system, the armrests/sides remain stationary on the ground<br />

and the mechanism stays out of sight. The reclining functions are set in motion in a highly focused way:<br />

only the seat and the back move, and these are completely independent of each other. A sofa with this<br />

dual motor mechanism can be positioned even closer to the wall. Just calculate how much space can<br />

be won. See how magnificent it is: both in terms of the way it works, and the way it looks.<br />

Increasingly similar<br />

The Abby couch is equipped with all that is<br />

needed for optimal reclining comfort, right<br />

down to a bar feature. Everything is operated<br />

mechanically. The real element of surprise<br />

is the upholstery: a superior quality PU<br />

leather with a ‘real leather’ feel. Here, feeling<br />

is believing. This reproduction leather is increasingly<br />

similar to the natural original.<br />


DEZ - ABBY<br />

BE ― 25

Energizing rural lifestyle •<br />

Expected<br />


KDB Furn is synonymous with custom-made<br />

country lifestyle furniture.<br />

However, there is more to this<br />

than meets the eye, because even<br />

this style is subject to trends. KDB<br />

is moving towards a modern restyling,<br />

and the resulting range is slightly<br />

sleeker and more tactile than was<br />

customary in the past. However, all<br />

this has been achieved without altering<br />

the traditional quality and customised<br />

approach. Only European oak -<br />

partly solid and partly veneer - is used<br />

for the pieces. Moreover, KDB Furn<br />

works with a wider palette of colours<br />

than is standard, with poetic names<br />

such as papyrus, oyster and shell.<br />

The Finesse programme is merely<br />

a careful step in the new direction,<br />

so the ultimate destination is full of<br />

promise.<br />

Evergreen<br />

A classic amongst classics, this model is suitable for both lifestyle interiors<br />

and other decorative styles. Its Chesterfield arm is gently angled to create<br />

a natural arm position. The many loose cushions conjure up a feeling of<br />

cosiness, and a flounce running around the base provides a stylish finishing<br />

touch.<br />



BE ― 26

WE CARE ABOUT THE PLANET ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />


<strong>Be</strong>d-level comfort<br />

Pure enjoyment •<br />

With a few simple steps, you can give Amalfi<br />

either a country or a vintage look. It’s all a<br />

question of choice: between a cubist or a<br />

Chesterfield arm, two buttons or none in the<br />

loose back cushions, and a natural cotton/<br />

linen fabric or a robust corduroy. There is<br />

even a choice of seating comfort: a HR 35<br />

cold foam or an authentic box spring interior.<br />

Country lounging<br />

HIMA – BELIN<br />

<strong>Be</strong>lin is a lifestyle sofa in an imposing lounge<br />

format. The three-seater is a generous 260<br />

cm wide, and features fluffy seat and back<br />

cushions that are sumptuously padded with<br />

Dacron. A single button positioned at the<br />

heart of the back cushions is an allusion to<br />

deep tufting. Naturally, <strong>Be</strong>lin is presented in<br />

a cotton or linen fabric. The decorative cushions<br />

can be upholstered in velvet, in which<br />

case the button is used to provide a bi-colour<br />

accent.<br />

BE ― 27

Decorative waves<br />

The fronts in the Jonas range are decorated<br />

with elongated waves. These underline the<br />

subtle contrast between black and white,<br />

with anthracite-coloured waves and glass<br />

fronts set against the grey-white ‘Pesaro’<br />

oak. Fronts are framed and lit like paintings,<br />

most strikingly in the sideboard. Doors are<br />

recessed beneath the tops and between the<br />

sturdy, bevelled supports. Recessed into the<br />

tops is atmospheric LED lighting, which provides<br />

the perfect finishing touch.<br />

BAUW<strong>EN</strong>S - JONAS<br />

Country-style<br />

undulations •<br />


BE ― 28


Pearl foot<br />

Perla’s most striking feature is its column<br />

foot, whose teardrop shape alludes to ‘the<br />

tear of the sea’ or the pearl. In this case, the<br />

pearl is set on a metal base. A more poetic<br />

interpretation might be to characterise the<br />

tear as being cradled in a goblet on a platter.<br />

But regardless of how you describe it, this<br />

column is a true pearl – both visually and in<br />

terms of its construction.<br />

The entire surroundings are reflected in the<br />

hemispherical metal base. Although the table<br />

appears to be perched at the pinnacle<br />

of a spinning top, on the slimmest of points,<br />

it is in fact highly stable, thanks to an ingenious<br />

construction concealed inside the foot.<br />

The uppermost, conical section is manufactured<br />

from high-end plastic by a company<br />

that usually supplies the automotive industry.<br />

The metal is available in either a nickel-coated<br />

or a lacquered (6 colours) finish, whilst<br />

the plastic is coloured to match the oval, extendable<br />

tabletop (2 sizes). As is customary,<br />

this can be delivered in a range of ceramic<br />

and glass finishes.<br />


BE ― 29

Comfortable arms<br />


The Wings sofa bed derives its name from<br />

its handy armrests. Their slanted top works<br />

well as a headrest for full-length lounging on<br />

the sofa. However this slanted area is in fact<br />

a flap: the arm offers storage space for the<br />

pillow and other bedding.<br />

BE ― 30

WE CARE ABOUT THE PLANET ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Pluralistic<br />


Here, uniformity gives way to diversity.<br />

Bolzano is the epitome of unequal volumes,<br />

surfaces and divisions. Chunky fronts are<br />

juxtaposed with slim panels and set alongside<br />

open areas to create a dynamic depth<br />

effect. The texture of the walnut set against<br />

the matte, beige lacquer only serves to<br />

strengthen this asymmetric look. Strategically<br />

placed LED spotlights further enhance<br />

the depth effect.<br />

Anti-stress & Comfort •<br />

Modern offshoot<br />


Antistress – a new Avanti offshoot – is a<br />

collection of more modern recliners. These<br />

Scandinavian-inspired models are set on a<br />

swivel base. This can either take the form<br />

of a chrome-plated trumpet base, a star<br />

base or a wooden base plate. The reclining<br />

functions comprise an adjustable back and<br />

foldaway footrest.<br />

BE ― 31

D&D – TABU + KUBA<br />

Night-time gold<br />

Kuba comes under the Tabu label. Its bronze-coloured frames accentuate the artistic fronts,<br />

which feature a mysterious, dusky decor of gold and wood shades. Closer inspection reveals a<br />

riot of gold leaf on weathered wood. These panels hint at a glorious past, and bring a touch of<br />

glitter and glamour to the vintage look. An added advantage is that the MDF panels are laminated<br />

with a PET film, which is of a better quality than melamine foil. They are subsequently coated in a<br />

transparent, high-gloss lacquer. This means that as well as being truly splendid, Kuba is durably<br />

finished.<br />

Toppers<br />

Evita is a crystallised mix of leading<br />

models. What is comfortable to sit on?<br />

What looks good? All this has resulted<br />

in its generously stuffed cushions,<br />

low back with foldaway headrest, and<br />

pouffe-like end module. Evita falls firmly<br />

into the 1+1 = 3 category.<br />


BE ― 32

WE CARE ABOUT THE PLANET ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Timeless<br />

Kristian links a traditional, classic style to a<br />

more contemporary look. A characteristic<br />

feature of these pieces is their brushed oak,<br />

which is part solid, part veneer. The range<br />

is available in three contemporary shades:<br />

sahara, dark grey and white.<br />

A more classic style is apparent in pieces<br />

such as the high sideboard with drawers.<br />

In terms of finish, however, these are firmly<br />

modern: the door and drawer panels are<br />

smooth and the table is super sleek. In contrast,<br />

the chairs feature tufted backs. Overall<br />

this creates a timeless combination.<br />

BAUW<strong>EN</strong>S - KRISTIAN<br />

Shutter bar<br />

The standout feature of this nostalgic, country<br />

style bedroom is the authentic shutter<br />

bars used on the wardrobes. Panel doors<br />

help to create the impression of solid wood.<br />

Moreover, the oak wood structure is stylishly<br />

combined with slate, which is used as<br />

a decorative trim on the headboard and foot<br />

end, and for the top of the chest of drawers,<br />

bedside tables and blanket chest. In this<br />

kind of interior, a mirror on the wardrobe is<br />

the perfect fit.<br />


BE ― 33

BE ― 34

WE CARE ABOUT THE PLANET ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

MOOME – VIC<br />

BE ― 35

We Care!<br />

About the People<br />

Big Data provide companies and designers with<br />

an insight into consumer attitudes and behaviour,<br />

giving targeted and intelligent recommendations.<br />

Designers use the human interpretation<br />

of these data as a new platform for inspiration,<br />

as a new design toolbox, and with this stream of<br />

content create a new visual language. This translates<br />

into 3D modelling graphics and wireframes;<br />

working with the impact of colour and an eclectic<br />

language of digital collage. Designers start<br />

using our or their own brain as a design tool.<br />

Science fiction ideas are no longer found only<br />

in laboratories, but also at home. Robots have<br />

made their entry into many households as useful<br />

social helpers. Decoding DNA becomes a useful<br />

tool for the development of a new level of personalisation.<br />

Co-working spaces are the new temporary network<br />

communities for solo-entrepreneurs who<br />

are mobile nomads. They connect and build new<br />

communities together to work, live and relax collectively<br />

for an uncertain period of time. Social<br />

marketplaces are well known in these communities;<br />

no money is involved, by liking stuff you can<br />

sell stuff. Consumer electronics need to simplify<br />

while retaining future-facing functionality.<br />

WHITE cool grey 4 BLACK PMS 211 PMS 359 PMS 192 PMS 263 PMS 292 PMS 267 PMS 021<br />

BE ― 36

TR<strong>EN</strong>DSTYLES 2017 ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

This results in a vibrant,<br />

pop-inspired colour palette.<br />

Designers draw inspiration<br />

from geometric shapes and<br />

patterns, as well as grids<br />

and metric systems from<br />

the world of science.<br />

BE ― 37

<strong>Be</strong>ing smart •<br />

We care about the people. That’s why manufacturers come up with<br />

smart solutions that meet the needs and expectations of a new generation<br />

of consumers. In our stressful 24/7 society, people need time to<br />

recuperate both physically and mentally. They need a sense of space,<br />

even if they live in smaller homes. They need cheerful colours that<br />

brighten up their living spaces. On top of all this, they want maximum<br />

freedom to shape their micro living environments themselves. They<br />

are chasing the interior of their dreams.<br />

BE ― 38

WE CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Moome<br />

Smart constructions<br />

Frames is the apex of minimalistic (and) takeaway<br />

design. This shelving unit is a compilation<br />

of 10 steel frames. Although fashioned<br />

from a uniform square tube (15 x 15 mm),<br />

these elongated frames fluctuate in format.<br />

The dimensions of the component struts<br />

vary and follow a geometric series, with each<br />

frame connecting to the next in the series.<br />


Bottomless shelves<br />

This shapes the construction: the frames<br />

slide together both horizontally and vertically<br />

to create a 3-dimensional grid. The result is<br />

phenomenal: a fascinating puzzle of crisscrossing<br />

lines made up of a diverse range<br />

of interwoven volumes. The horizontally positioned<br />

frames serve as shelves: an empty<br />

frame with an open space in between? A<br />

gaping hole? It all works! The bottomless<br />

shelf determines where the book or object<br />

can sit. One option is to cover the open<br />

space with a glass sheet; another is to fill it<br />

with metal tubs (for plants or other bits and<br />

pieces).<br />

The geometric series is also prompted by<br />

efficiency. When lying flat, the 10 frames all<br />

fit into one another in size order, creating a<br />

single broad framework. This offers advantages<br />

for both logistics and production. A 39<br />

cm-deep shelving unit fits into a box that is<br />

a mere 3 cm high. The wall shelving unit can<br />

also be used as a room divider. When thus<br />

deployed, Frames is the epitome of spatial<br />

transparency. •<br />

BE ― 39

Smart<br />

and beautiful •<br />

Securely lashed<br />

In the spirit of Henry Van de Velde, the Henry<br />

dining room chair has been designed with<br />

the minimum of lines. It consists of a square<br />

tubular frame plus an unavoidable plank as<br />

a seat. The comfort lies in the back, which<br />

comprises a rather flat cushion, softly stuffed<br />

with Dacron on cold foam and reinforced internally<br />

with a rigid plank. Two leather belts<br />

(complete with buckles) are used to securely<br />

lash down the cushion, fixing it in exactly the<br />

right position.<br />

VIPS AND FRI<strong>EN</strong>DS – H<strong>EN</strong>RY<br />

The frame can be finished in either black or<br />

copper look, and the seat plank in oak or<br />

black. Cushions can be personalised in a<br />

choice of 7 fabrics and 4 imitation leathers;<br />

and the belts come in 2 universal models:<br />

cognac leather and dark brown suede.<br />


BE ― 40

WE CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />


All-Over<br />

Over the years, Joli has diversified its collection.<br />

The pace has been intensified from<br />

gradual to high speed. Indoor has been<br />

made outdoor-proof. Tables have been complemented<br />

by chairs and cupboards, and the<br />

dining room concept has been expanded to<br />

include (home) office applications.<br />

The final step is the transition into every room<br />

in the house. Dining tables have been lowered<br />

to create coffee and side tables. They<br />

have been narrowed to create console formats,<br />

thus making them suitable for the hall<br />

and bedroom. In this way, models have been<br />

expanded to create entire families, and a design<br />

is used as a common thread that runs<br />

through both the house and the garden.<br />


BE ― 41

Retro stability<br />

A table set on three feet is always perfectly stable.<br />

There are times when these disappear from<br />

furniture ranges, only to reappear with a vengeance.<br />

Now is another such time when this retro<br />

look is suddenly all the rage. The Tripod Triple is<br />

available as a 40 or 45 cm-high side table, with<br />

either a round (ø 50 cm) or a triangle-inspired<br />

tabletop. The shape of the latter resembles the<br />

percussion instrument: a triangle with rounded<br />

corners; but with the addition of three curved<br />

sides. The height difference makes it possible<br />

to use the tables in a ‘nest-like’ formation: they<br />

can be partially slid underneath one another. As<br />

a dining table, the Tripod Triple has a circular<br />

tabletop in 3 sizes (ø 70, 90 or 100 cm). The<br />

styling is simply a question of colouring in: there<br />

are 10 laminate shades and 16 epoxy lacquers,<br />

plus high-gloss or matt chrome.<br />


BE ― 42

WE CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Smart constructions •<br />

BE ― 43

Customizing •<br />

More, more and still more<br />

The Adatto made-to-measure concept is<br />

continuously being fine-tuned to create<br />

more and more individualised interior solutions.<br />

There are more materials such as<br />

glass (matt and satined) and 2 new ceramic<br />

surfaces for the fronts. To be specific, these<br />

are the select white Calacatta and beige<br />

Terra marbles (in addition to the current ceramic<br />

collection). More veneer options such<br />

as walnut in addition to oak.<br />

More lacquer colours such as metallic bronze<br />

and Atlantic blue. More sizes, such as the 120<br />

cm width for the horizontal modules like drawers<br />

and upward-opening cupboards. And like<br />

the 40 cm recess height, a perfect size for folders/ring<br />

binders and books. With this, Adatto<br />

also has its eye on the professional market.<br />

There is certainly no end to customising in<br />

sight. Adatto is a concept in progress.<br />


BE ― 44

Skin-melamine •<br />

WE CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Fingerprint-proof<br />


Cosmopolitan’s combination of white elm and<br />

anthracite drawers already creates a trendy impression.<br />

But in addition to the usual sideboards,<br />

plus TV, bar and display cabinets, MDR has come<br />

up with a more fashionable, modular alternative.<br />

This consists of wall-mounted components that<br />

can be affixed either horizontally or vertically; and<br />

freestanding pieces that can be configured to<br />

create a multimedia unit. The anthracite element<br />

deserves a special mention: this uni-coloured,<br />

super-matt Skin melamine is fingerprint-proof. As<br />

the cupboards feature push-to-open fronts, this<br />

is a very compelling sales argument.<br />

Comfort-types<br />

The Viventis concept starts with personalised<br />

seating comfort in the back and the<br />

seat, which are totally separate from each<br />

other. For the back, there is a choice between<br />

two comfort types for the loose cushions.<br />

Type 1 is plushly filled with silicones<br />

and foam flakes, whilst type 2 is slightly<br />

firmer with cold foam in a sandwich configuration.<br />

The seat comes in 3 comfort types: a<br />

classic sprung interior, a box spring interior,<br />

or a pocket spring base. It is then time to<br />

choose between the various model and size<br />

options: 10 arms, 3 backs (2 heights), 4 feet<br />

(10 colours), etc. The desired outcome is a<br />

sofa that both looks good and is comfortable<br />

to sit on.<br />

MECAM - VIV<strong>EN</strong>TIS<br />

BE ― 45

PureLine •<br />

Shading effect<br />

A contemporary sofa is not only for sitting<br />

on, but also for (online) living. Evora is fitted<br />

with all modern conveniences. As well as<br />

function buttons, the PureLine control panel<br />

also has a USB port. Taking inspiration from<br />

classic sofas, the back heights have been<br />

increased to 102 cm, and the cushions are<br />

downy and generously stuffed. The nonchalant<br />

design of the seats is visually enhanced<br />

by the ‘shading effect’ leather. Namibo is<br />

a smooth, flat, semi-aniline leather (with a<br />

5-year guarantee). Any kind of rippling creates<br />

a fluctuating effect of light and shadow<br />

flowing over into each another.<br />


BE ― 46

WE CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

MINTJ<strong>EN</strong>S – CASCADE<br />

Design oak<br />

Cascade is the translation of Italian design into a typically Mintjens style. The key starting point<br />

is oak veneer, which although brushed, does not feature the usual knots. This can also be<br />

described as design oak (six colours). Additional design materials are brushed steel and matt<br />

lacquered, acidified glass (three colours). Then simply let the mixing and matching begin - from<br />

compact to XXL walls. Cupboard modules can either be wall-mounted or freestanding, and can<br />

sit either on metal feet or a wooden plinth. Thanks to a ‘magic’ system, dining tables can be<br />

lengthened without having to move the feet. The secret lies in the rails. Regardless of whether<br />

the tabletop is 155, 180 or 220 cm long, an additional 1-metre leaf is always supplied.<br />

Twofold<br />

The Twice concept begins with a table and<br />

ends with an all-encompassing range. The<br />

styling process is twofold.<br />

For the tables, it is a case of choosing a finish<br />

for the metal support and the oak tabletop.<br />

There is a diverse range of possible<br />

shapes, sizes and finishes on offer. Coffee<br />

tables, side tables, cupboards and other accessories<br />

can be configured in a similar way.<br />

Pieces can be stand alone or styled as a coherent<br />

whole.<br />


BE ― 47

Power nap<br />

When it comes to the development and reinterpretation<br />

of sleeping comfort, Kreamat is moving into<br />

new territory. Sleeping at night has already been<br />

extended to relaxing in the bedroom in the evening.<br />

But now comes power napping in the afternoon:<br />

outside the bedroom, at home and at work.<br />

The Sedes concept is designed to offer a place to<br />

rest in our 24-hour economy. A power nap is far<br />

from a superfluous luxury; it is vitally important. Its<br />

advantages are increasingly being acknowledged<br />

and lauded. Your energy levels, creativity, ability to<br />

concentrate and productivity are all boosted. (Time<br />

managers swear by them.)<br />

Visually, the Sedes concept is an ultra-thick mattress<br />

(32 cm) set on a platform (16 cm high). Everything<br />

to do with high-tech sleeping comfort has<br />

been camouflaged. There is neither a slatted base,<br />

nor a box spring. The mattress (7 comfort zones)<br />

is electrically adjustable in a fully autonomous way.<br />

The integrated mechanism runs down the whole<br />

length of the mattress. During adjustment, the mattress<br />

appears to be ‘taking flight’ from the platform.<br />


The platform is fashioned from epoxy lacquered<br />

MDF that is a mere 1 mm thick! This too is a phenomenal<br />

piece of engineering. The slanting design<br />

in black underscores the sense of floating (away).<br />

The idea is to rest for a short time, so that afterwards<br />

you can resume work fully energised. That<br />

is the benefit of a power nap!<br />

Extended<br />

Mecam has successfully extended its market<br />

exclusivity in <strong>Be</strong>lgium for the slide-torelax<br />

system. Therefore this invisible and<br />

smoothly integrated footrest is being utilised<br />

to the full in the models. This year, the Wall<br />

Away system has also been perfected: the<br />

back can be positioned almost horizontally,<br />

meaning that it is almost as flat as a bed in a<br />

sleeping position. Even when in this position,<br />

the sofa can still stand comfortably close to<br />

the wall.<br />


BE ― 48

WE CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />


That deckchair feeling<br />

Rom is synonymous with the 20 cm custommade<br />

concept, and guarantees smart home<br />

comfort in the broadest sense of the word.<br />

The company is a pioneer in the application<br />

of state-of-the-art technologies from a variety<br />

of disciplines. The source of the latest innovation<br />

is the field of astronautics.<br />

In parallel to the well-known 20 cm custommade<br />

concept, Signature offers loose back<br />

cushions as an additional option. These add<br />

an extra dimension to the configuration, as<br />

you would expect from Rom. Signature is<br />

clearly designed to appeal to new target audiences.<br />

Specifically, the Signature collection has<br />

been fitted with an ‘extraterrestrial’ reclining<br />

position. This is a new intermediate position<br />

that comes about before the backrest<br />

and/or footrest start moving. Sitting<br />

in this position is like being in a deckchair.<br />

When you sit down in the unfolded lounger,<br />

you end up ‘with your derrière on the floor’.<br />

Your upper legs and upper body are tilted<br />

upwards, with your hips lying at the lowest<br />

point. This reclining position is good for<br />

you! It is similar to astronauts’ posture in<br />

space. To a certain extent, this deckchair<br />

feeling mimics a feeling of weightlessness.<br />

That is the new intermediate reclining position<br />

in action.<br />

Another renowned ‘NASA trump card’ is<br />

the visco-elastic foam. All Signature seats<br />

have a covering layer of 4 cm memory foam<br />

above a 10 cm-thick HR cold foam core.<br />

MEDAL – OHIA<br />

BE ― 49

Pure poetry •<br />

Outline<br />

Duke’s modelling draws on a number of different<br />

styles: from cubist, to country and<br />

retro. A narrow profile is used to frame its<br />

broad block arm, whilst its sharp lines are alternated<br />

with soft edges. Thanks to these interactions,<br />

Duke has a multipurpose appeal.<br />

VARAM – DUKE<br />

BE ― 50

Visually-appealing sizes<br />


The semi-loose cushions derive maximum benefit from the ergonomic softness and durable<br />

shape retention of Eucafeel foam. Artigo’s standout feature is its multiple elements. These are calculated<br />

so as to create ready-made solutions within certain boundaries. Every element is a compromise<br />

between dimensions and modelling: it is important that the sizes are visually appealing.<br />

Adjustable<br />

Chill is the flagship model in a new, contemporary comfort<br />

class, with a design that fully lives up to fashionable expectations.<br />

Its solid block cushions and arms sit on a visible<br />

wooden platform with chamfered edges, whilst a black metal<br />

sled base lends the piece a design allure.<br />


BE ― 51

Frame handle<br />

Frame is an abstract composition of rectangles with some positioned horizontally, some vertically. Its linear<br />

design is meticulously carried through into the finest details. The fronts are further delineated with an edging<br />

profile: a frame that also serves as a handle. Dividing lines between the cupboard carcass and the fronts, or<br />

between open and closed sections, are marked by a recessed frame. This dark brown shadow line creates a<br />

sharp contrast with the chalked pine.<br />

EVAN – FRAME<br />

Extra: active seat<br />

Fusion offers more custom-made solutions<br />

than Varam typically offers. The most versatile<br />

of these is the choice between a 59<br />

and 54 cm seat depth. These 5 cm make<br />

all the difference between lounging and active<br />

sitting, which makes Fusion appeal to a<br />

wider audience. After all, why should a more<br />

modern taste be linked to age? Moreover,<br />

the seat modules now come in a choice of 3<br />

seat widths: 55, 80 and 90 cm.<br />

It goes without saying that there is a huge<br />

selection of fabrics/leathers, feet and reclining<br />

functions, so the sofa can be configured<br />

exactly as the customer wants it.<br />


BE ― 52


Elegantly<br />

voluminous •<br />

Raised blocks<br />

Avelino’s voluminous seat blocks are horizontally<br />

layered, and comprise a sleek base,<br />

a loose seat cushion and a relatively high,<br />

plump back cushion. The vertical building<br />

blocks such as the arm and the backrest<br />

are raised up slightly above the floor. This<br />

makes Avelino feel less heavy.<br />

BE ― 53


Play of colours •<br />

Dynamic colours<br />

Magnum is flying the flag for a new dynamic at Gerlin.<br />

Commercially successful shades such as grey and<br />

brown hues are being brightened up with fresh colours<br />

like red, yellow, blue and green. The new colour spectrum<br />

goes hand in hand with additional texture in the<br />

fabrics. This means that reclining features are profiled<br />

and perceived in a more modern way. For the consumer,<br />

colours are of paramount importance.<br />

Refined handwork<br />

B-SEATED BY BSM – 777<br />

The 777 concept - pronounced ‘triple seven’ – stands<br />

for a new discipline within the B-Seated division. The<br />

three figures stand for 7 models, 7 fabrics and 7 colours.<br />

This is the very first bespoke collection in which<br />

the chairs are authentically hand-upholstered, piece by<br />

piece. So, covers, straight modelling and fake tufting<br />

are firmly out. Both ergonomically and aesthetically,<br />

this is design at a higher level. The same applies to<br />

the materials: original Nosag springs, HR cold foam,<br />

A-class oak (5 colours), powder-coated metal (2 colours),<br />

and invisible welded seams – plus an exclusive<br />

fabric collection. Customers have complete freedom to<br />

decide how they would like the chair to be upholstered.<br />

In principle, every surface and seam can be in a different<br />

colour.<br />

BE ― 54

Sink right in! •<br />


For all ages<br />

Plouf says it all: this is an armchair that you<br />

can fall into. The concept is ultimately based<br />

on a beanbag, but offers a much greater<br />

degree of comfort when sitting down and<br />

standing up. The fluffy cushions are filled<br />

with a mix of down and latex sticks, and the<br />

basic metal frame keeps everything under<br />

control. Secure webbing beneath the cushions<br />

creates an extremely comfortable seat.<br />

The result is a beanbag chair into which you<br />

can retreat – opening up that beanbag feeling<br />

to every generation.<br />

MOOME – DAISY, DESIGN KARLI<strong>EN</strong> IMMANTS<br />

BE ― 55


Hybrid family<br />

Lindsay is a new offshoot of the Mobitec<br />

brand. It is a Scandinavian-style design<br />

with a large amount of visible wood - in this<br />

case, trendy light beech or oak. The striking<br />

thing about the construction is its diagonal<br />

perspective: the feet are angled, the apron<br />

slopes diagonally upwards, and the underside<br />

of the seat cushion is chamfered. Both<br />

seat and back are ergonomically styled and<br />

comfortably upholstered (Nosag).<br />

Lindsay was originally conceived for the<br />

project market, hence the generous gap between<br />

its seat and back, as well as its four<br />

different heights. However, upon closer inspection,<br />

the model is clearly universally applicable,<br />

so is also suitable for home use.<br />

BE ― 56<br />


WE CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />



In a class of its own<br />

Doma’s soft cubist modelling defies expectations. It does not fit<br />

in with the stereotypical image of recliners. Neatly hidden behind<br />

the back cushion is the headrest, which is invisibly and vertically<br />

integrated into the back. Moreover, the touch buttons are set in<br />

a unique position: on the same level as the seat. Doma is truly<br />

in a class of its own.<br />

MECAM - DOMA<br />

BE ― 57

We Care!<br />

About the Future<br />

Water is one of the main issues. We need to<br />

reduce the use of water in production processes<br />

(especially in the textile industry). Cleaning the<br />

oceans and using the plastics recovered from<br />

them as a raw material, as well as reducing the<br />

use of plastics and replacing them by other<br />

resources have inspired many designers. All<br />

shades of water blues and - greens will become<br />

the key colours of 2017.<br />

Anticipating the waste stream, upcycling redundant<br />

products into valuable, desirable materials<br />

and designs. Designers are looking for creative<br />

affordable ways to make sustainable products<br />

and find new raw materials in the dustbin to start<br />

from. The result is not looking recycled nor upcycled<br />

but sophisticated and precious.<br />

The new generation doesn’t want to live in a<br />

throwaway society anymore, and designers anticipate<br />

this by making products that either last<br />

for a long time or that are meant to be recycled<br />

soon after use. Designing for de-growth: going<br />

for longevity instead of the flashiness of the new.<br />

Today we prefer more classic to trendy design<br />

and go shopping for trans-seasonal clothing.<br />

PMS 282 PMS 488 PMS 186 PMS 7456 PMS 283 PMS 573 PMS 3275 PMS 461 PMS 5315 warm grey 8<br />

BE ― 58

TR<strong>EN</strong>DSTYLES 2017 ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

A range of sophisticated,<br />

saturated pastel colours from<br />

the ocean. New upcycled and<br />

recyled materials resemble<br />

rocks or crystals. Shapes and<br />

patterns are inspired by the<br />

underwater world.<br />

BE ― 59

Anticipating waste •<br />

We care about the future. That’s why manufacturers<br />

come up with solutions that reduce waste. Throwing<br />

things away has been replaced by cherishing, respecting<br />

and re-evaluating. They cherish nostalgic designs<br />

that are etched into people’s memories. They cherish<br />

our rich industrial heritage. They cherish robust materials<br />

that are the ultimate in durable, primordial strength.<br />

They cherish the long-lost, uncomplicated lifestyle<br />

from the pre-hectic age. And they cherish life in and<br />

around the home, with family, friends and guests.<br />


BE ― 60


Perfecta.<br />

Back to school<br />

Will these chairs that hark back to the<br />

schools of yesteryear conjure up good (or<br />

bad?) memories? In any case, they have<br />

undergone a refreshing metamorphosis. The<br />

frame is available in chrome and 16 epoxy<br />

lacquers, from neutral white to green or baby<br />

blue; while the typical Formica seat and<br />

back can be supplied in 5 colours. So let<br />

the game of mix and match begin: uni or bicolour?<br />

One key advantage of these chairs<br />

is that they are ‘Made in <strong>Be</strong>lgium’.<br />

The standard school model on four feet has<br />

been expanded to include a sled base variant.<br />

Moreover, the College chair has been<br />

joined by the low stool Tab (from tabouret)<br />

and bar stool options designed for use both<br />

at home and in the hospitality industry.<br />

BE ― 61

Black beauty<br />

This model takes both its name and colour<br />

from the black Dahlia. The polypropylene<br />

seat draws its inspiration from the pumpkinshaped<br />

variety. It is deliciously roomy to sit<br />

on, without being disproportionately wide.<br />

The edges are elegantly folded in an imitation<br />

of the furled flower petals.<br />

For now, this Dahlia is only available in monochrome<br />

black. Just like the flower, it looks<br />

pretty exclusive.<br />

Graceful as<br />

flower petals •<br />


Narrow alongside wide<br />

This range is all about industrial<br />

style, and Kora conjures up the<br />

idea of planks set into metal scaffolding.<br />

The melamine foil suggests<br />

weathered planks – of various<br />

widths, in an alternating pattern<br />

of narrow, wide and extra wide.<br />

The natural wood texture and<br />

weathered colour differences are<br />

photographically precise. These<br />

nuances are further enhanced by<br />

the combination with slate on the<br />

cupboards and black metal frames<br />

on the sides. The obligatory LED<br />

lighting runs vertically, like a support<br />

beam. The allusion to scaffolding<br />

is abundantly clear!<br />


BE ― 62

WE CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

MINTJ<strong>EN</strong>S – SOHO<br />

Industrial oak<br />

Soho is designed to chime with the young urban industrial style.<br />

The image may be industrial vintage, but there is no compromise<br />

when it comes to quality standards. On the contrary: Soho is<br />

veneered with character oak, a delicate process that delivers an<br />

authentic, weathered look. Think of the beams that come from<br />

old factory buildings and other ruins, which are full of fissures<br />

and cracks. The character oak veneer is cut from the heart of the<br />

tree trunk, which is full of fissures. Until recently, it had seemed<br />

impossible to process this into veneer and use it in a piece of<br />

furniture. This is far from self-evident. The fissures in the veneer<br />

are strengthened and accentuated using a black background,<br />

and the result is stunning.<br />

Soho combines this character oak with seemingly untreated steel<br />

(coated with transparent lacquer). The steel is used for the visible<br />

hardware: suitcase handles and T handles. It is also used<br />

for the profiles in the cupboards, the table and the hanging constructions.<br />

This explains the ‘industrial style’. Which leaves the<br />

‘young urban’ appellation, and that is simple to explain. Soho is<br />

a furniture range designed to chime with this target group’s favoured<br />

mode of living and lifestyle. They are looking for compact,<br />

transparent and playful solutions - and Soho has these qualities<br />

in abundance.<br />

BE ― 63

We Care!<br />

About the Future<br />

Natural textures •<br />


BE ― 64

WE CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Concrete touch<br />

Roca outshines all the concrete look-alikes.<br />

Both the countertops and the boards are the<br />

thickness of two thumbs, i.e. 5 cm. You can<br />

see the characteristic colour nuances of cement.<br />

And you can touch the erratic texture<br />

of the concrete: in some places it is more or<br />

less flat, whilst in others it is quite raw and<br />

bumpy. This is quite simply exceptional. Instead<br />

of mimicking woodgrain, this 3-D melamine<br />

creates concrete textures that appeal<br />

to the senses.<br />

Dust-free split<br />

Cornwall features pilasters that are as thick<br />

as heavy beams, and fronts formed of separate<br />

planks with gaps in between them. But<br />

believe it or not, this is actually a melamine<br />

range! The 3 planks really are positioned<br />

separately, with a 1 cm space between each<br />

one that mimics the natural shrinkage that<br />

causes splits between solid wood planks.<br />

So will your cupboard get dusty? Of course<br />

not! The planks are screwed onto a panel,<br />

ensuring that the gaps are ‘boarded up’<br />

from the rear. On the front, the gaps remain<br />

open to a depth of 18 mm.<br />

This construction further adds to the solid<br />

wood look. The oak shade selected determines<br />

how roughly hewn the piece looks:<br />

the light natural colour says ‘lifestyle’ through<br />

and through, while the darker Tabacco tends<br />

towards a more rustic look. The same reasoning<br />

applies to the choice of either a<br />

sturdy plinth or an open base beneath the<br />

cupboards.<br />

D&D – ROCA<br />


BE ― 65

Sturdy<br />

Horizontally, this solid cubist sofa forms a<br />

continuous, flat plane. The grooved line in<br />

the side panels links to the line in the back<br />

marking the foldaway headrests. Decorative<br />

seams add a sporty touch, and the seat is an<br />

overt allusion to quilted puffa jackets. Nore<br />

offers both sturdy support and soft comfort.<br />

HIMA – NORE<br />

Solid look •<br />

Multiple-choice package<br />

The Rachelle bedroom offers more options<br />

than is customary for MDR. For the sliding<br />

door cupboards, the dimensions have been<br />

expanded to include 2 possible heights (200 cm<br />

and 220 cm) and 5 possible widths. In addition<br />

to the conventional bed set, a modular<br />

concept has been introduced: a bed frame<br />

with 3 types of headboard.<br />


BE ― 66

WE CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Shadow effect<br />

The Eden bedroom is all about minimalistic<br />

design, as evidenced by its handleless<br />

fronts and linear surfaces with their<br />

horizontal interplay of lines. As always with<br />

Mintjens, Eden’s foundations lie firmly in<br />

nature. This can be seen in the brushed<br />

oak veneer with its striking knots, and optional<br />

ecological Silk lacquer finish. Oak’s<br />

inherent sturdiness is emphasised separately:<br />

through the double-planked structure<br />

of the cupboard, drawer fronts, headboard<br />

and foot end. When viewed from the<br />

front, the planks are layered one on top<br />

of the other; whilst from the side you see<br />

three abutting planks, the middle of which<br />

is slightly recessed. This opens up fresh<br />

perspectives! By (optionally) colouring this<br />

more deep-set plank in black, you enhance<br />

the natural shadow effect. This black line is<br />

then carried through into the feet.<br />

Eden’s other notable features are of a practical<br />

nature. The slanted headboard acts as<br />

a back support, and the upright mirror conceals<br />

a coat rack; indeed it is this metal coat<br />

hanger that attaches the mirror to the wall.<br />

MINTJ<strong>EN</strong>S SLEEPLINE – ED<strong>EN</strong><br />

BE ― 67

Outdoor tree trunk<br />

These tree trunk tables for indoor use can<br />

also be taken outside. The difference lies<br />

in the wood: solid oak is used for indoors,<br />

whilst outdoor models are fashioned from<br />

teak with built-in gaps between the planks.<br />

For all models, the edges of the table follow<br />

the contours of the authentically sawn tree<br />

trunk planks. Indoors, the table can be set<br />

on metal feet, glass supports or a wooden<br />

frame. For outdoor models, a teak support<br />

is supplied as standard.<br />

Inside and outside •<br />


BE ― 68

WE CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Webbing<br />

Natural materials are currently dominating<br />

interior trends. Ideally, these materials have<br />

also been artisanally worked. The Riet chair<br />

translates this trend into metal. A closer look<br />

at the back reveals a ‘webbing mat’. Its perforated<br />

design made up of circles and diamonds<br />

is a stylised version of a braided rattan<br />

pattern. Shades such as bronze, gold,<br />

copper, silverline and graphite help to give<br />

the metal a warmer feel.<br />

Marlboro-stijl<br />

Its Western leather upholstery transforms<br />

this cubist piece into a robust sofa for likeminded<br />

interiors. The Wesco model finished<br />

in Western leather is perfect for an uncomplicated<br />

lifestyle, evoking the freedom of the<br />

wild natural world. A metal support creates<br />

a more modern feel; whilst wooden feet can<br />

be used to fashion a more rugged, Marlboro-style<br />

look.<br />



BE ― 69

We Care!<br />

About the Future<br />


BE ― 70

WE CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Lighter and airier<br />

There is nothing to suggest that Hammock<br />

and Mio are sofa beds. Their open bases<br />

make them perfectly at home in the living<br />

room. The 12 cm-high feet give them an<br />

open base, with all the attendant advantages.<br />

A nice additional detail is that the type of foot<br />

selected sets the tone for the room. The difference<br />

in effect created by Scandinavian<br />

wood or metal is dramatic.<br />

It goes without saying that it is impossible to<br />

fit a slatted base into these sofa bed models:<br />

instead they feature a lightweight wire mesh.<br />


BE ― 71

Contemporary<br />

looks •<br />

Options galore<br />

Remco basically comprises a<br />

black or white polypropylene seat<br />

set on oak feet. Upholstery can<br />

be limited to the seat cushion, or<br />

can extend to the entire seat. The<br />

standard fabric is a uni-coloured<br />

black, but for a bespoke finish,<br />

Camira Fabrics’ entire collection<br />

is at your disposal.<br />


Universal category<br />

This style is designed for younger living – in a<br />

Scandinavian-tinted, light-filled environment.<br />

Hence the natural oak, the typical solid<br />

wood feet, the creamy white, and here and<br />

there a ribbed front panel.<br />

The Mila collection is designed to be universal,<br />

so is not tied to any particular age<br />

category or type of room. A cupboard would<br />

be equally at home in a child’s room or in<br />

an adult’s bedroom or living room. The piece<br />

evolves with its user.<br />

RECOR – MILA<br />

BE ― 72

WE CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />


Arm bookshelf<br />

An open bookshelf is offered as a handy<br />

armrest alternative. This all-in-one solution<br />

is practical, decorative and space-saving. It<br />

creates room for houseplants, accessories,<br />

reading material, a lamp and social media<br />

equipment. This arm bookshelf is available<br />

as an optional replacement for the left-hand<br />

armrest. The wood from which the bookshelf<br />

is fashioned reappears in the angled,<br />

conical feet.<br />

The cushions are beautifully delineated with<br />

faux-piping: tautly sewn, hollow piping in<br />

glossy nylon. This semi-classic detail attests<br />

to the upholsterer’s superior skill.<br />

BE ― 73

From hip to elegant<br />

Jana is a versatile model whose plump<br />

cushions and broad arms can be interpreted<br />

in a variety of different ways.<br />

As a 3-2-1-seat sofa in black leather, Jana<br />

is the epitome of chic. Decorative seams in<br />

the back serve to emphasise the voluminous<br />

arms. Here, Jana’s luxurious comfort<br />

is elegantly clothed. As a crisply upholstered<br />

sofa complete with lounge module,<br />

Jana immediately looks hipper. A large<br />

storage pocket in the side is all part of the<br />

look, and further adornments are unnecessary.<br />

This sofa simply needs to provide<br />

what it is designed to provide: a place to<br />

chill out and relax.<br />

UP2DATE – JANA<br />

Chill out and relax •<br />

Doubly hygienic<br />

Gent combines open base modelling<br />

with Aqua-Clean fabrics. This is<br />

doubly hygienic: it is easy to clean<br />

beneath the sofa, and the upholstery<br />

can be carefully wiped with a damp<br />

cloth. To remove stains, a little water<br />

is all it takes.<br />

HIMA – G<strong>EN</strong>T<br />

BE ― 74

Back tot he 60s, 70s or 80s? •<br />

WE CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Seventies revival<br />

This is a collection that screams out ‘seventies’. However its monobloc seating elements<br />

have the very modern addition of NOSAG springs and are upholstered on all sides.<br />

The <strong>Be</strong>veren range still features the old, familiar ingredients such as the seating element<br />

positioned in a corner (with an angled back). Contemporary additions are the lounge element<br />

plus the interconnected pouffe/seating module: a two-seater format with a one-person<br />

back. The retro seating area has been updated for convenience with 2 gadget elements: an<br />

armrest and a small table, both set on a chrome-plated frame. The U-profile simply slides<br />

under and rests against the seating block. This means that both the arm and the small tables<br />

are always ‘close at hand’.<br />

LIGNA – BEVER<strong>EN</strong><br />

Outdoor island<br />

Elano is a compact seating island concept.<br />

Whilst the stand-alone modules are fairly<br />

limited in terms of their dimensions and finishes,<br />

they do offer plenty of room for manoeuvre<br />

when it comes to configuration.<br />

The teak platform is partitioned using<br />

square block cushions. To create back<br />

cushions, these rest on aluminium brackets<br />

that are steplessly adjustable. There is<br />

complete flexibility as to the way the space<br />

on the platform is configured. The coffee table<br />

is the same height as the platform, so<br />

a cushion placed on top of it will allow for<br />

full-length lounging. Just like the teak, the<br />

cushions are available in a single colour. <strong>Be</strong>yond<br />

this, Elano is a question of adjustment.<br />

Everything fits together perfectly, meaning<br />

that almost anything is possible: from a conventional<br />

sofa to a corner formation.<br />


BE ― 75


BE ― 76

We Care!<br />

Brussels by Night<br />

BRUSSELS BY NIGHT ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

The world of sleeping comfort is a world apart:<br />

both in terms of consumers’ experience and<br />

in terms of retail and industrial practicalities<br />

– and this is borne out at the Furniture Fair. In<br />

the international world of sleeping comfort,<br />

our <strong>Be</strong>lgian manufacturers play a leading role.<br />

They are renowned for their innovative spirit.<br />

Brussels by Night <strong>2016</strong> will once again prove to<br />

be the epicentre of pioneering developments.<br />

And this is no overstatement. More than ever,<br />

the latest innovations offer practical solutions<br />

to burning questions.<br />

A key theme is that living spaces – and therefore<br />

also bedrooms – are getting smaller. This<br />

is a real challenge! <strong>Be</strong>lgian manufacturers are<br />

coming up with open base, almost transparent<br />

constructions, and even mechanisms. Visually,<br />

these create a generous feeling of space. Another<br />

key theme is that people are under stress<br />

for ever-longer periods: due to work, social<br />

media and other ‘24/7 online’ factors. A further<br />

challenge is that people are sitting still far too<br />

much and for far too long, with all the associated<br />

health risks that this implies. ‘Sitting is the<br />

new smoking’. Due to this continuous stress<br />

and sitting, it is now more important than ever<br />

for sleeping comfort to facilitate the necessary<br />

physical and mental recovery. And this is a major<br />

challenge for <strong>Be</strong>lgian manufacturers.<br />

Brussels by Night offers some surprising<br />

answers to these crucial questions.<br />

BE ― 77

Veldeman – Finesse<br />

Sophisticated design – smart technology •<br />

The Finesse heralds a new generation of wellness at home.<br />

This open base design includes invisibly mounted mechanisms<br />

and incredibly healthy features such as the antisnore<br />

and zero gravity positions. It also features some<br />

very handy tools for control and usage.<br />

The sprung box spring base has been minimised<br />

to a height of 8 cm, whilst still retaining<br />

its ergonomic superiority. Its core is made up<br />

of 500 mini pocket springs per m². The top is<br />

upholstered with a 3D fabric, whose ventilating<br />

properties have been optimised by positioning<br />

ventilation grilles in the base plate.<br />

These are strategically placed and are neatly<br />

finished with a plastic cover. This has resulted<br />

in the Finesse being awarded VIV label<br />

certification: Vertical Integrated Ventilation.<br />


The slim, open base design is built around<br />

an extremely sturdy support structure. Literally<br />

everything is attached to the metal<br />

frame: the headboard, the (mobile) bedside<br />

tables and the LED floor lighting. The only<br />

BE ― 78

BRUSSELS BY NIGHT ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

parts standing on the floor are the four feet.<br />

Even the linear motors and the transformers<br />

are invisibly – and firmly – anchored to the<br />

frame. (Thus the twin beds always form a<br />

uniform whole: there is no visual difference<br />

between adjustable and non-adjustable bed<br />

halves.) Instead of the usual hinges, there<br />

are robust profiles. A cable management<br />

system conceals all the cables. Plastic bearings<br />

muffle sound, ensuring that the Finesse<br />

merely whispers while in motion.<br />

Healthy positions<br />

In addition to the usual head and foot positions,<br />

plus massage functions, the Finesse 2<br />

offers a range of extremely healthy positions,<br />

designed to maximise oxygen supply and<br />

blood circulation. These encourage physical<br />

recovery day after day. The AS (anti-snore)<br />

function lightly raises both your head and<br />

your feet to an angle of 7-8°. On the one<br />

hand, this enables you to breathe freely in<br />

and out. Your larynx is not blocked and your<br />

airways can open fully. (In fact, snoring is<br />

actually ‘gasping for breath’.) On the other<br />

hand, your blood circulation improves. Your<br />

feet are no longer at the lowest level. Your<br />

heart is in balance with the rest of your body<br />

and therefore needs to pump less fast. The Z<br />

function (Zero Gravity) is designed to mimic<br />

a feeling of weightlessness in bed. Your upper<br />

body and knees lie at an upward angle of<br />

28°. Your pelvis lies at the deepest point of<br />

the bed. Your (stomach) muscles can relax<br />

to an optimal degree. You have less pressure<br />

on your chest and can breathe more easily.<br />

Your legs are less heavy. The blood circulation<br />

and oxygen supply rapidly return to the<br />

correct levels. As these two positions are especially<br />

healthy, the AS and Z functions are<br />

pre-programmed as standard.<br />

menu). Moreover, the Finesse App can be<br />

used with total anonymity. Both react to the<br />

function buttons with the speed and accuracy<br />

of GPS. This is particularly apparent with<br />

the synchronisation setting: the two bed<br />

halves follow each other in a fraction of a<br />

second. The remote control works via Bluetooth<br />

4.0.<br />

Purist or soft<br />

The final aspect is the styling. The metal feet<br />

and the bridging decorative frame can easily<br />

be upholstered with the help of ready-made<br />

Deco sets. These 3D, upholstered accessories<br />

with integrated magnets click seamlessly<br />

into the frame’s metal profiles. The Deco<br />

sets immediate create a different effect.<br />

Thus the Finesse can either remain in its distilled,<br />

purist form or be styled more softly. •<br />

Smartphone level<br />

The Finesse can be operated with a remote<br />

control and a smartphone, and in terms of<br />

user-friendliness, there is little or no difference<br />

between the two. The remote control<br />

is also equipped with a torch, the date, the<br />

time and an alarm clock (with an options<br />


BE ― 79

Light and airy<br />

Artesia is putting the box spring into a<br />

more spacious perspective. The box has<br />

been slimmed down to just 22 cm high and<br />

stands on a metal bow arch frame. Glass<br />

night tables are supported by the oversized<br />

headboard. The whole construction is positioned<br />

a short distance away from the wall<br />

to allow room for the LED light. This indirect<br />

mood lighting serves to better enhance the<br />

airy dimensions of the box.<br />


Floating illusion<br />

The Aria bed defies both the imagination and the laws governing<br />

the mechanics of materials. Its box spring rests upon<br />

an ultra-slim metal frame, which is the epitome of transparent<br />

minimalism. Partly solid and party hollow, the tubing is just 2.5<br />

cm in diameter. Moreover, the bed does not require the standard<br />

middle foot. The frame is well concealed beneath the box<br />

spring. This is a mere 11 cm thick, but its bevelled (tapered)<br />

edges make it seem even slimmer. All this creates the illusion<br />

that Aria is a feather-light, floating bed, and bedding only serves<br />

to augment this dreamy effect.<br />


BE ― 80

Fully automatic<br />

The CC system was already suitable for<br />

heavy, electrically adjustable beds with thick<br />

mattresses, thanks to an integrated, lightweight<br />

mechanism. Therefore the electrically<br />

adjustable folding mechanism is the logical<br />

next step. With a single touch of the remote<br />

control, the bed appears or disappears. At<br />

the same time, the living room functionality<br />

has been enhanced: a dresser unfolds to<br />

create a table that seats 6-8 people.<br />

Abracadabra<br />

bed •<br />

BOONE – CC 2.0<br />

Graceful<br />

The elegant headboard strikes a balance<br />

between romanticism and minimalism. Its<br />

undulating curves have been muted, and<br />

its volume has been reduced to thickness<br />

of 10 cm. On the side of the bed is a single<br />

decorative touch - a pattern comprising<br />

four rows of vertical piping.<br />


BE ― 81


Generous<br />

box springs •<br />


BE ― 82

BRUSSELS BY NIGHT ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Up-styling<br />

The Urban collection actually dates back<br />

to 2010, when its predecessor, the Wow<br />

concept, was launched. Six years on, this<br />

is now out of date. The update of the Wow<br />

has become the Urban, which represents<br />

an upgrade in terms of both styling (sleeker)<br />

and customising (more options). There is a<br />

choice of 3 types of box springs, 3 headboards,<br />

2 toppers, 9 fabric colours and 2<br />

types of feet (stainless steel or wenge). Will<br />

it be the basic 20 or 30-cm high box spring,<br />

or the more luxurious, adjustable version?<br />

POLYPRE<strong>EN</strong> – URBAN<br />

POLYPRE<strong>EN</strong> – URBAN<br />

BE ― 83

Luxurious guest room<br />

Ami is aimed at family and friends. It immediately<br />

transforms a spare room into a super<br />

deluxe guest room. During the day, there<br />

is a haute couture divan: a secluded spot,<br />

screened by soft, high sides and equipped<br />

with all the decorative and roll cushions that<br />

anyone could need. At night this is transformed<br />

into a sleeping area for two. A trundle<br />

bed is concealed inside the box spring,<br />

and the bedding is stored in the upholstered<br />

blanket chest.<br />

Super deluxe sleepover •<br />


BE ― 84

VAN LANDSCHOOT – H<strong>EN</strong>SON DESIGN 2.0<br />

New look<br />

Five years ago, Van Landschoot caused a<br />

furore with the Henson Design collection,<br />

and now it is high time for a restyling. The<br />

headboards, feet and fabric collection have<br />

been fine-tuned to bring them in line with<br />

contemporary interior trends. This metamorphosis<br />

has prompted the launch of<br />

Henson Design 2.0.<br />

BE ― 85

The Princess<br />

and the Pea •<br />


Fairy-tale bed<br />

‘Hans Christian’ is a fairy-tale bed concept<br />

upholstered using special “3D effects”. The<br />

name alludes to its source of inspiration:<br />

H.C. Andersen. The design plays on his fairy<br />

tale ‘The Princess and the Pea’. Indeed,<br />

the bed frame appears to consist of a pile<br />

of mattresses that have been heaped up at<br />

random. To achieve this look, it is not upholstered<br />

as ‘one solid block’, but instead<br />

makes use of an ingenious technique.<br />

The pseudo-mattresses are all different, both<br />

in terms of height and of upholstery. They<br />

even appear to be loosely stacked. But nothing<br />

could be further from the truth. The pseudo-mattresses<br />

are delineated using horizontal<br />

indentations. These grooves gently flow over<br />

into deeper slots, which create an illusion of<br />

space between the ‘mattresses’. Contrary<br />

to expectations, this ‘pile’ is in fact integrally<br />

upholstered (not layer by layer), despite the<br />

fact that each pseudo-mattress has a distinct<br />

look and feel. There are 9 fixed colour combinations,<br />

ranging from uni to bright.<br />

The 48 cm-high bed frame is set on 8 cmhigh<br />

concealed feet: this creates the illusion<br />

that the bed is floating, as well as being more<br />

BE ― 86

BRUSSELS BY NIGHT ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

Both luxurious<br />

and minimalistic •<br />

Tightly rounded<br />

Versailles strikes a fine balance between<br />

minimal design and luxurious<br />

comfort. The headboard is precisely<br />

delineated with piping, whilst its front is<br />

subtly rounded. The corners of the box<br />

spring are stylised in a correspondingly<br />

soft way.<br />


hygienic. The bedside table consists of a<br />

walnut ladder with upholstered rungs which<br />

are clearly not intended for standing on. This<br />

reinforces the illusion of sleeping on a ‘tall<br />

mountain’ of mattresses. The real mattress is<br />

actually set both within and on top of a slatted<br />

base, and is surrounded on both sides and<br />

at the foot end by a 12 cm-wide bed frame .<br />

The Hans Christian bed is a clever feat of<br />

high-end craftsmanship with a strong eye for<br />

detail. Even the pea has not been forgotten!<br />

It introduces a musical note, playing a nostalgic<br />

lullaby. •<br />

BE ― 87

Recor <strong>Be</strong>dding – i-<strong>Be</strong>d<br />

One Size Fits All & Always •<br />

Recor <strong>Be</strong>dding is introducing a unique, self-regulating sleeping system!<br />

At its core is a universal, low-tech slatted base, without any kind<br />

of high-tech measuring system. And yet the base is designed to suit<br />

everyone and to always be ergonomically sound. Simplicity is the key<br />

to the i-<strong>Be</strong>d base: everyone can understand it and see how it works.<br />

And with this, Recor <strong>Be</strong>dding is rowing against the stream.<br />

Always good<br />

The i-<strong>Be</strong>d base operates according to the laws<br />

of mechanics. Picture a seesaw. If you push<br />

down on one side, then the other side rises up<br />

of its own accord. With the i-<strong>Be</strong>d base, when<br />

one slat is pushed down, another automatically<br />

rises up. This creates a natural balance.<br />

All this is entirely down to the construction:<br />

all the slats are connected in a zigzag pattern<br />

and react to one another’s movements.<br />

They rest upon black zigzag profiles that are<br />

set into red V-shaped profiles (see photo).<br />

The pivotable dual hoods ‘balance’ on the<br />

top of the ‘zigzag’. At the foot, the profiles<br />

are linked to one another via a flexible hinge<br />

(like in a pair of scissors). Zigzag works like<br />

a seesaw, creating a balanced interaction<br />

between the slats. Downward pressure in<br />

one place (for example by the hips) is compensated<br />

by upward pressure elsewhere (for<br />

example at the waist). There is therefore no<br />

need for the slatted base to be individually<br />

adjusted per body zone: it is self-regulating.<br />

The spinal column always lies in a straight<br />

line: regardless of (fluctuating) body weight,<br />

build and the changes in sleeping position<br />

during the night!<br />

Mirror, mirror…<br />


The i-<strong>Be</strong>d base is deliberately distancing<br />

itself from high-tech measuring systems.<br />

The consumer does not need to provide<br />

any (sensitive) personal information such<br />

as weight and age. The salesperson has<br />

no need of computer software, and is not<br />

obliged to present scientifically grounded<br />

sales arguments. What’s more, the obligatory<br />

lie-down test ‘to mimic the situation at<br />

home’ is no longer a requirement.<br />

BE ― 88

BRUSSELS BY NIGHT ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />



Bouncy comfort<br />

thick air pad offers the ultimate ‘sleeping on<br />

air’ experience, in which ergonomic comfort<br />

and refreshing ventilation go hand in hand.<br />

Elastic Lycra on the side ensures that the<br />

air pad fits snugly around any mattress. The<br />

SmartSleeve Bounce has been developed in<br />

collaboration with CSIRO (Commonwealth<br />

Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)<br />

from Melbourne.<br />

The i-<strong>Be</strong>d base speaks for itself. Convincing<br />

proof of its effectiveness can be delivered by<br />

placing two mirrors beside the test bed. An<br />

upright mirror on the floor shows the interactive<br />

way in which the self-regulating flexibility<br />

works, whilst a sloping mirror against<br />

the wall shows the position of the back. It<br />

really can be that simple. The consumer immediately<br />

feels, sees and understands how<br />

the slatted base works – and that it works<br />

effectively. This enables sleep specialists to<br />

limit both the duration of the sales talk, and<br />

the investment required.<br />

Complete<br />

The i-<strong>Be</strong>d base underpins the i-<strong>Be</strong>d sleeping<br />

system. It can be used in 3 different<br />

ways: either freestanding, built into the i-<strong>Be</strong>d<br />

framework or integrated into the i-<strong>Be</strong>d Box<br />

(box spring). The i-<strong>Be</strong>d mattress is a new<br />

Visco Gel quality: a gel foam top layer and a<br />

visco middle layer on HRC foam – encased<br />

in Aegis® ticking. The unique combination<br />

of this mattress and the i-<strong>Be</strong>d base guarantees<br />

a perfect lying position and support.<br />

The i-<strong>Be</strong>d is available with all the headboards<br />

and options that are offered with the existing<br />

Carte Blanche and Queens concepts.. •<br />

Cable construction<br />

Forget heavy motors, arms, rods and the<br />

associated motor-driven mechanisms. This<br />

slatted base runs on an ultra flat motor that<br />

is a mere 4 cm high, and which sets the base<br />

in motion using ultra-slim steel wires. Nevertheless,<br />

it has a load carrying capacity of<br />

150 kilos. This cable construction represents<br />

a breakthrough in the world of flatter motors.<br />

The entire system fits snugly between the<br />


The follow-up to the SmartSleeve mattress<br />

protectors is the SmartSleeve Bounce - a<br />

mattress air pad that offers an improved, refreshing<br />

night’s sleep. The air pad comprises<br />

2 layers of Cairfull, SmartSleeve’s renowned<br />

high-tech 3D fabric. Sandwiched between<br />

these layers is a core of reticulated foam, or<br />

quick dry foam. This unique combination results<br />

in 400 x more air circulation inside the<br />

fabric (CSIRO tested). Thus this slim, 2cmframe<br />

and the slats. It sits on two transverse<br />

support profiles in the frame, with no heavy<br />

mounting points. When the slatted base is<br />

in motion, the mechanism on the underside<br />

remains perfectly level. This means that even<br />

when viewed from a distance, nothing can<br />

be seen protruding below the frame. So regardless<br />

of the position, the space beneath<br />

the base always stays free.<br />

BE ― 89

We Care!<br />

Brussels by Night<br />

POLYPRE<strong>EN</strong> – MOOD<br />

BE ― 90

BRUSSELS BY NIGHT ― BE <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

An explosion<br />

of colours •<br />

WOLMAT – TR<strong>EN</strong>TO<br />


BE ― 91

Pillow top<br />

Which trend is likely to follow the Scandinavian<br />

box spring with topper? The expectation<br />

is that it will be the hotel box spring with<br />

pillow top. Here the topper is fixed to the<br />

mattress. It is generously stuffed and sumptuously<br />

layered to create a deliciously soft<br />

feeling of superior luxury. The Hotel Line offers<br />

the option of either a single or a double<br />

pillow top on the mattress. To conform with<br />

hotel regulations, the ticking is made from<br />

flame retardant, anti-allergic damask.<br />

Moreover, the Hotel Line collection also offers<br />

all the standard options in terms of bed<br />

comfort, styling and accessories.<br />


BE ― 92

Urgently needed<br />

This straightforward child’s bedroom is supplemented<br />

by a similarly straightforward<br />

desk range. Frodo is confined to those<br />

items that are most urgently needed: a desk<br />

(4 sizes), an add-on table, a drawer unit and<br />

2 tall filing cabinets. This is already quite a<br />

professional look for young people, hence<br />

the combination of graphite with brushed<br />

metal.<br />

Made-to-measure •<br />

MDR – FRODO<br />


Sliding and turning<br />

This modular desk is designed to fit around a child and his or<br />

her bedroom. It is supported by a side panel-cum-bookshelf and<br />

a cupboard unit (1 drawer, with or without a door). There are 2<br />

possible formats for the made-to-measure desktop: either rectangular,<br />

or with a bend in the middle. Creating the perfect desk<br />

is a matter of sliding and turning.<br />

BE ― 93

Safe and efficient<br />

The <strong>EN</strong> safety requirements for (semi) high<br />

sleeper beds stipulate that the ladder must<br />

be secured to the front. This rule limits the efficient<br />

use of the space beneath the bed, but<br />

Mathy by Bols has come up with a compromise<br />

solution: the split ladder. This enables<br />

every single cubic cm beneath the high sleeper<br />

to be used. There is a pull-out desktop that<br />

runs across the entire length and width of the<br />

bed, plus 5 generous storage drawers that<br />

can be fully extended. The lower half of the<br />

ladder is attached to the desk, whilst the top<br />

half is affixed to the safety rail. This combination<br />

fits beneath the Dominique (127 cm) and<br />

New Classic (129 cm) high sleeper beds.<br />


Racing in Pink<br />


In the car bed category, this is a special design<br />

for cool, speed-loving girls. It’s a race<br />

car in pretty pink, right down to the wheel<br />

rims. The racing driver is perfectly placed to<br />

play it cool: all she has to do is relax behind<br />

the wheel.<br />

Re-designing the train<br />

Mathy by Bols is continuing with its nostalgic<br />

holiday journey. Following on from the Caravan<br />

and Tent single beds comes the Wagon<br />

bunk bed. The inspiration for its stylish design<br />

has been drawn from an old-fashioned<br />

train carriage. You will recognise the archetypical<br />

lines of the rounded roof, the couchette<br />

windows, the door in the middle, and<br />

the train wheels that serve as handles on<br />

the 2 pull-out drawers. At the front of the<br />

carriage, there is the option to ‘couple’ on<br />

a desk and a bookcase. The Wagon can be<br />

painted in a choice of 26 colours: with a single<br />

colour as standard, and bi-colour as an<br />

option (5% surcharge).<br />


BE ― 94

BRUSSELS BY BY NIGHT ―/ BE BE 2014 <strong>2016</strong> ●<br />

NEYT - FINN<br />

Modern dimensions<br />

Finn is a child’s bedroom in a timeless<br />

white wood texture. It is the dimensions<br />

that make it truly modern.<br />

The headboard is 97 cm high: a subtle<br />

nod to the monumental rear wall panels<br />

found in far more luxurious bedrooms.<br />

The 200 cm-high semi-open<br />

bookcase is the same height as the<br />

wardrobe. Its 52 cm width is virtually<br />

the same as the wardrobe’s depth.<br />

This paves the way for the highly contemporary<br />

option of positioning the<br />

bookcase at right angles to the wardrobe.<br />

A touch of luxury<br />

NEYT - NOOR<br />

The Noor baby and child’s bedroom delivers the allure of top-notch design on a budget.<br />

White fronts are playfully juxtaposed with weathered oak cupboards. The rather wide bars on<br />

the cot exude a quality feel, while the feet on the various pieces (wardrobe included) create a<br />

lighter, airier interior. The metal look handles provide the finishing touch.<br />

BE ― 95

VIPACK – D<strong>EN</strong>VER<br />

Compact and smart •<br />

A student’s room<br />

Denver is the ideal solution for those cramped<br />

student rooms. The cabin bed becomes a<br />

generous 200 x 59 cm desk – complete with<br />

feet and a rear wall panel. This opens up a<br />

wealth of options: the board can be used<br />

for sticking, planning, pinning, magnets and<br />

writing. When the bed is tipped over, everything<br />

on the desk can stay where it is, thanks<br />

to the generous distance between the bed<br />

and the desk. The changeover is lightweight<br />

to manage and can ‘be done with one<br />

hand’. The tipping mechanism is based on<br />

a high quality gas spring: the bed or desk<br />

can remain stationary in any position. For<br />

added security, blocking systems have been<br />

built in: a pin for the desk and a clamp for<br />

the bed.<br />

BE ― 96

BAUW<strong>EN</strong>S GASTON<br />


MEDAL<br />

POLYPRE<strong>EN</strong><br />

VARAM<br />



PUURSESTE<strong>EN</strong>WEG 399 A<br />

KERKHOV<strong>EN</strong>SESTE<strong>EN</strong>WEG 88<br />


8730 BEERNEM<br />

8890 DADIZELE<br />

2880 BORNEM<br />

3920 LOMMEL<br />

8930 M<strong>EN</strong><strong>EN</strong><br />

WWW.BAUW<strong>EN</strong>S.BE<br />



WWW.POLYPRE<strong>EN</strong>.COM<br />




MEUBAR<br />

RECOR<br />


SINT TRUIDERSTE<strong>EN</strong>WEG 296<br />



SINT TRUIDERSTE<strong>EN</strong>WEG 296<br />


3500 HASSELT<br />

8520 KUURNE<br />

8211 AARTRIJKE<br />

3500 HASSELT<br />

3660 OPGLABBEEK<br />






BOONE<br />

MINTJ<strong>EN</strong>S SLEEPLINE<br />

MICHELD<strong>EN</strong>OLF<br />


VIPACK<br />


MEIR<strong>EN</strong>STRAAT 8<br />

OOST<strong>EN</strong>DESTE<strong>EN</strong>WEG 143<br />



8970 POPERINGE<br />

2390 WESTMALLE<br />

8480 ICHTEGEM<br />

3600 G<strong>EN</strong>K<br />

8531 HULSTE<br />


WWW.MINTJ<strong>EN</strong>SGROUP.COM<br />

WWW.MICHELD<strong>EN</strong>OLF.BE<br />



BSM<br />

KDB FURN<br />

MINTJ<strong>EN</strong>S<br />


VIPS AND FRI<strong>EN</strong>DS<br />

LEG<strong>EN</strong> HEIRWEG 57<br />

GRO<strong>EN</strong>STRAAT 4<br />

MEIR<strong>EN</strong>STRAAT 8<br />

G<strong>EN</strong>TSTRAAT 58<br />


9890 GAVERE<br />


2390 WESTMALLE<br />

8760 MEULEBEKE<br />

2840 RUMST<br />



WWW.MINTJ<strong>EN</strong>S.COM<br />


VIPSANDFRI<strong>EN</strong>DS.COM<br />




ROM<br />

WOLMAT<br />





PUURSESTE<strong>EN</strong>WEG 399 A<br />

2060 ANTWERP<strong>EN</strong><br />

3740 BILZ<strong>EN</strong><br />

4700 EUP<strong>EN</strong><br />

4700 EUP<strong>EN</strong><br />

2880 BORNEM<br />




WWW.ROM.BE<br />



LEDA<br />

MOOME<br />






8880 LEDEGEM<br />

8820 TORHOUT<br />

3650 DILS<strong>EN</strong> - STOKKEM<br />

8790 WAREGEM<br />





DE EIK<strong>EN</strong> ZETEL<br />

LEE & LEWIS<br />


SOFA-BED<br />

MANDEWEEGSK<strong>EN</strong> 76<br />


WATERMOL<strong>EN</strong>STRAAT 79<br />

MOL<strong>EN</strong>STRAAT 47<br />

9900 EEKLO<br />

3980 TESS<strong>EN</strong>DERLO<br />

8500 KORTRIJK<br />

1651 BEERSEL<br />

WWW.DEZ.BE<br />





LIGNA<br />


THEUNS<br />




POSTBAAN 75<br />

8890 DADIZELE<br />

3650 DILS<strong>EN</strong>-STOKKEM<br />

3650 DILS<strong>EN</strong>-STOKKEM<br />

2910 ESS<strong>EN</strong><br />





ELSACH<br />


NEYT<br />




HEISTRAAT 12<br />

G<strong>EN</strong>TSTRAAT 101<br />

3630 MAASMECHEL<strong>EN</strong><br />

9990 MALDEGEM<br />

9080 BEERVELDE<br />

8760 MEULEBEKE<br />








UP2DATE<br />

ALBERT I LAAN 29<br />

ROUTE DE ROLY 26<br />


PUURSESTE<strong>EN</strong>WEG 399 A<br />

8630 VEURNE<br />

5660 MARIEMBOURG<br />

8640 OOST-VLETER<strong>EN</strong><br />

2880 BORNEM<br />





GERLIN<br />





A & A DECRUY (MDR)<br />


AALTERBAAN 119<br />

8820 TORHOUT<br />


9140 TEMSE<br />

9990 MALDEGEM<br />


8800 RUMBEKE<br />



WWW.MDR.BE<br />

HIMA<br />




MECAM<br />


AMBACHT<strong>EN</strong>STRAAT 33<br />

8610 KORTEMARK<br />


9890 GAVERE<br />

8870 IZEGEM<br />


3650 DILS<strong>EN</strong>-STOKKEM<br />




BE ― 97



B-1070 BRUSSELS<br />

T +32 2 558 97 20<br />

F +32 2 558 97 30<br />



BE ― 98

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