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We’re excited to bring you the July issue of Pulse! This month, we are placing a special focus on opening the lines of communication between members and the VIVE team, which you can read more about in the Letter from the Owner on page X. Further, we are providing a few new offerings that we know will make your experience at – and even outside – the Club even better!

We also hope that you’ll join us this Fourth of July, because you’ll have a chance to sweat it out with our team before the festivities commence! The schedule includes two great GEX classes, as well as our annual Fourth of July Trifecta, which will be held in the group training room from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. The Trifecta is open to guests at no charge, so bring a friend or two along!



JULY 2017

Meet our fabulous



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VIVE owner, Diane Insalaco,

shares her thoughts on

VIVE’S bright future in her



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Check out this

month’s great perk!

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Interested in meal

prep (that’s already

done for you)? We’re

excited to introduce


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to Pulse



elcome to the July issue of Pulse! As many of you already know, we

believe in tailoring VIVE’s offerings to meet the needs of valued

members like you. As such, we are highlighting some fresh opportunities

for open communication to ensure that your voice is heard and your

interests are reflected in our operations, both this month and beyond.

First, you will have the chance to “hear” from VIVE owner Diane Insalaco in her featured

Letter from the Owner, where she discusses her passion for VIVE and its members.

Further, we’re excited to spotlight a group that works hard, wears a smile each day and is

known by pretty much every member – our front desk staff! This group works diligently

each day to make the member experience at VIVE an unforgettable one. This energetic

group is sometimes overlooked, and this month, we are giving our front desk staff their

much-needed time in the spotlight!

Responding to the necessity for a meal preparation program at the Club, VIVE will

be the official launch site for Dish’d, which is our general manager Brent Oliver’s

entrepreneurial endeavor, along with his brother-in-law, Brandon Culver. For more

information on Dish’d, please see the back cover of Pulse on page 8.

In this issue, we have also included information regarding a member survey, which we

are kindly asking you to fill out in an effort to continue making VIVE the premier health

and fitness facility in northeastern PA. You can access a link to the survey on page 3, or

stop by the front desk to fill one out.

Additionally, please save the date for our annual Fourth of July

Trifecta from 8:30–9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 4th, with trainers

Tom, Matt and Corey – you won’t want to miss this opportunity

to rev that metabolism before your festivities begin! We will

also have two GEX classes that morning: Total Body Kick with

Terri at 8 a.m., and Ride & Rip with Pam at 9 a.m.

We hope that you enjoy this issue of Pulse. We can’t wait for you

to join us this month, and for all that’s to come! The energy at

VIVE is sure to stay high and upbeat all summer long.

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at VIVEHealthFit

In health and fitness,

The VIVE team

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VIVE Health & Fitness

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BOSU Combo is back!

Join Deb at 9 a.m. on




to view all





VIVE will be open from 5 a.m. to noon. Two

GEX classes will be offered: Total Body Kick with

Terri at 8 a.m. and Ride & Rip with Pam at 9 a.m.

Also, don’t forget about the Trifecta with VIVE

trainers Corey, Matt and Tom from 8:30 to 9:30

a.m. Guests are welcome to participate in the

Trifecta for FREE! The member rate for this session

is the same as all other small group trainings.

VIVE is seeking personal trainers

to join our team!

If you are nationally-certified

(ACSM, ACE, NETA, etc.) or know someone

who is, please email a resume to Brent at

The Protein Package

Protein is an essential macronutrient, found in muscle, bone, skin, hair,

and virtually every body part and tissue. Proteins make up who we are

and help sustain optimal functioning and health.

It is recommended that adults get a minimum of 0.8 grams of protein

for every kilogram of body weight per day (or 8 grams of protein for

every 20 pounds of body weight). There is a wide range for acceptable

protein intake, which is anywhere from 10 to 35 percent of calories

each day.

Choosing good, high biological protein sources will aid

in muscle repair, chronic disease prevention and even

weight control. Some high-protein foods are healthier than

others due to what comes along with the protein, such as

healthy fats vs. saturated fats or fiber vs. added salt.

It’s this protein package that’s likely to make a difference for health.

For example, a six-ounce broiled porterhouse steak is a great source

of protein—about 40 grams worth; however, it also delivers about 12

grams of saturated fat. A six-ounce ham steak has only about 2.5 grams

of saturated fat, but it’s laden with sodium (2,000 milligrams worth,

about 500 milligrams more than the daily maximum). Six ounces of

wild salmon has about 34 grams of protein, is naturally low in sodium

and contains only 1.7 grams of saturated fat. Try to swap out unhealthy

protein sources for healthy ones like lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs,

beans, low-fat dairy products, nuts and tofu.

Use this information to take charge of your health this summer!

Consider pairing your protein with a complex carbohydrate for a

perfect meal or snack, and enjoy the healthy benefits that these

essential macronutrients provide.

Questions on the protein package? Then, don’t hesitate to contact Laura

Maxson at Premier Nutrition at; she

and her knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you.


We’ve spiced things up for the summer

with new turquoise hand towels; be sure to check

them out the next time you’re at VIVE!

Beginning July 1st, we will enforce a

sign-out process in which ALL washcloths, bath

and hand towels must be signed out at the front

desk. After use, these items are to be

signed back in. If they are not returned,

the cost of each item will be

automatically added to your

account balance.

We appreciate your compliance!

We want to hear from you;

take our survey today!

To continuously improve VIVE for our respected

members, we would love for you to take a few minutes

to complete our survey! Please don’t hesitate to share

your thoughts regarding pertinent offerings like our

Shake Bar options, which apparel you would like to see

sold at the Club, what we can improve VIVE, etc. Please

fill out the survey at the front desk or submit it using

the following link:


We appreciate your help and participation!

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As part of the VIVE family, you understand the

commitment we have to personalized attention, and

you experience that promise for yourself each time

you step into the Club. We pride ourselves on catering

to you and your unique needs while also being

approachable and friendly, and our front desk staff

ensures this happens every day. This amiable group of

knowledgeable fitness aficionados are at the forefront

of VIVE Health & Fitness, and they certainly deserve

some limelight!

Physical fitness has always been an important part of

Kevin Tlatenchi’s life, which is why VIVE is the perfect

fit for him. Kevin’s favorite part of working at the Club

is interacting with our members, who he describes

as “the best people you’ll ever meet.” In addition

to working at the front desk, Kevin is also a line

technician at Aviation Technologies.

He loves spending time his young daughter, Scarlett

Rose, and also has a pair of guinea pigs, Nala and Kiara,

and a fish named Shark Bait. When asked to tell us an

interesting fact about himself, Kevin said that he was

born in Brooklyn and used to have lush, near-wavy

dark hair!

MacKenzie Bilbow graduated from Wyoming Area

Secondary Center in Exeter and will be a sophomore

at King’s College this fall. Like Kevin, MacKenzie joined

the VIVE family because health and fitness have

always been important parts of her life. Her favorite

part of working at VIVE is seeing familiar faces in the

Club each day. She says that she loves the close-knit

relationships that are formed between employees

and members. MacKenzie has a sister who attends the

University of Pittsburgh and she also has a Maltese

named Murphy. MacKenzie shared with us that she has

an aversion to one of the world’s most popular foods –


4 I pulse

Chloe Winters says the best part of her job at

VIVE is learning about proper physical fitness and

nutrition. She graduated from Clarion University

of Pennsylvania in 2015 with a degree in digital

media and a minor in speech communication; she

is currently advancing her studies and will receive

her master’s degree in mass communication and a

public relations certificate in August. Chloe loves

to play with her puppy, Archie, who is a beaglesheltie

mix. She is the oldest of five siblings,

and assures everyone that, “Yes, it is as hectic

as it sounds!” Chloe is a huge movie buff and

encourages members to stop by the front desk to

talk film with her any time!

Similar to Chloe, Sean Ramsey is interested

in digital media. He attended high school in

Winchester, VA, and is currently majoring in senior

entrepreneurship/digital media and minoring in

design at Wilkes University. His favorite part of

being an employee is making shakes for members

and the public, and helping to suggest proper

shake choices for individuals based on their

unique needs. Sean has an older brother and a

cat named Wonka. He shared with us that he once

ate a burger that was comprised of FOUR eightounce

patties, eight slices of bacon and cheese,

a triple layer of lettuce and tomato and an entire

loaf of bread in an impressive 40 minutes!

Jenn Calaide, the newest member of VIVE’s front

desk staff, received her bachelor’s degree in

business administration from King’s College and

her master’s degree in human resources from the

University of Scranton. She works as a human

resources generalist for Michaels in addition to

working at VIVE. When asked why she chose to

work at VIVE, Jenn enthusiastically shared with us

that the Club combines two important aspects of

her life: fitness and helping others. Jenn enjoys

playing with her Golden Doodle, Penny, and she

has an older brother. While she is not a huge fan

of sweets herself, Jenn loves to bake for others!




Sports, health and fitness are paramount for Haley

Gayoski (left), as she plays field hockey at Wilkes

University and has always been physically active.

Haley played softball, soccer and field hockey while

growing up. She is currently working toward obtaining

her bachelor’s degree in elementary education,

propelled by her passion to help others and make a

true difference in the lives of children. When she is not

at the Club or on campus, Haley is spending time with

her family, friends and dogs Zoey, Maggie and Mollie.

She also has a younger sister, Olivia. Haley loves the

entire VIVE family and especially enjoys working with

her best friend and fellow front desk coordinator,

Sarah, who she has been close to for 15 years!

Sarah Fugate (right) was raised in a sports-loving

family and is a fitness fanatic like Haley! Her cousin

and grandfather both played professional baseball for

the New York Mets and Philadelphia Athletics (now

Oakland Athletics) respectively. Sarah loves working

at the Club and says that she cannot imagine her life

without the VIVE family; she also loves working with

her best friend. Currently, Sarah attends LCCC and

is studying exercise science; she is also an assistant

volleyball coach at Coughlin High School. She loves

spending her free time with her terrier mix, Joey, and

Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog, June. Sarah jokes

about being an only child, stating that her mother

claims to have “stopped with me because I was


pulse I 5


of the



Add vigor to your traditional shoulder routine

with a six-way Delt Raise!

1. Begin with a pair of dumbbells (DBs) on the outside of your

hips. 2. Perform a lateral raise. 3. Without lowering the DBs, adduct

your arms horizontally and bring the DBs in front of your chest.

4. From this position, raise them to an overhead position. 5. Return

them to the position in front of your chest. 6. Adduct your arms

horizontally and move the DBs to arms’ length out to your sides.

7. Finally, lower the DBs back to your hips.

This entire series of moves is considered one rep. Perform three

sets of 5 to 8 reps of this exercise as a great addition to your

shoulder routine repertoire.

1 2 3 4 5

6 7


Constant change is a business reality and companies

must continually adjust and adapt to their environments

in order to remain competitive and current. Oftentimes,

a business must clear out the debris and detriment from

a company in order to recommit to its original vision

and create a culture with consistent standards, peer

learning, and a place where the staff and its members

can grow together instead of apart. Recently, there

have been many changes at VIVE, and I know some of

you have noticed; I reassure you that they are for the

betterment of my business and the vision and future

of VIVE. I ask and hope that all of you can be patient

with us while we restructure the front-end and our


I know this much to be true: Members are often very

perceptive and intuitive to changes that occur at VIVE,

and as an owner, I’d like to thank all of you for making

me and my staff aware of various circumstances that

have gone awry.

I am very grateful for your loyalty and your business.

With the change in management, we are now on the

right path to making VIVE the best it can be. I reassure

all of you that through this process our business will

come out stronger and better to serve you.

I’d like to sincerely thank you, our valued members.

The people who compose our membership base keep

our TEAM’S passion alive and strong each day! Here at

VIVE, we feel more like a family than just co-workers.

We love what we do, and nothing is more gratifying

than keeping our members happy and wanting to

come back every day!

All the best in health and wellness,

Diane Insalaco

6 I pulse



Chicken and Quinoa Burritos


4 burrito-size whole

wheat tortillas, warmed

1 cup shredded rotisserie

chicken, warmed

1 cup black beans, rinsed

and warmed

1 cup cooked quinoa or

brown rice

1 cup grated Monterey Jack


1 cup fresh cilantro sprigs

½ cup low-fat Greek yogurt

1 avocado, sliced

1 cup corn salsa



1. Dividing evenly, top the

warmed tortillas with the

chicken, beans, quinoa,

Monterey Jack, cilantro,

yogurt and avocado.

2. Roll into burritos and serve

with corn salsa.

This month’s shake is exploding with flavor! It’s the perfect

beverage to consume as a Fourth of July workout recovery

treat or any time during a summer heatwave.


Dr. Smoothie Strawberry Puree/water mix, Dr. Smoothie

Lemon-Ade Puree/water mix, freeze-dried strawberries,

freeze-dried blueberries, vanilla whey protein and lemon





A community thrives

when its members

are well in mind, body

and spirit. Today, we

have one of the most advanced health

care systems in the world, but our

community is suffering from negative

health symptoms on a daily basis, such

as allergies, arthritis, difficulty sleeping,

anxiety, diabetes and chronic pain.

Those at Thrive Wellness Center want

to help you understand your body and

its needs to support internal healing so

you can reach a greater state of health.

This means living a life with energy and

without symptoms. As such, ALL VIVE



(greater than $35) OR $20 OFF A


(this massage is excellent for those who

workout regularly, as it increases oxygen

to tissues, increases range of motion,

improves circulation and reduces


At Thrive, you are sure to find a

wide range of affordable, quality

supplements and services based on

your wellness goals. Services offered

include but are not limited to: Swedish

Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot

Stone Massage, Ashiatsu Oriental

Bar Therapy, Lypossage, Lymphatic

Drainage Massage, Rain Drop Technique

Massage, Reflexology, Ionic Detox Foot

Baths, Pulsed Magnetic Therapy (PEMF),

Iridology, Nutritional Muscle Response

Testing, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Exams and Acupressure.

Call Thrive today at 570.283.0111

to schedule a service!

Thrive Wellness Center

647 Wyoming Ave.

Kingston, PA 18704

*Some restrictions apply




pulse I 7


to VIVE: Dish’d!

Dish’d is your weekly source of whole food, plant-based

meals brought to you by VIVE’s very own general manager,

Brent Oliver, and his brother-in-law, Brandon Culver!

This unique service makes eating healthy meals easy and

frees you from spending the weekends meal prepping!

All you need to do is order your meals from the Dish’d

website once a week, and then they will be delivered

to VIVE for pick up on Sundays or Mondays. While some

Dish’d offerings will be available for grab-and-go at the

Club, this service works best when you order online

ahead of time.

Dish’d meals are:

Sustainable Nutrient-dense


and proudly crafted with:

No refined sugar No dairy

No processed meats No wheat

No gluten

More details on Dish’d will be forthcoming, so

stay tuned! To learn more about this new service,

please email: or visit

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