Ideaworks Marketing | Dazzle Issue 4

Happy holidays! We’re excited to present Ideaworks Marketing’s latest issue of Dazzle, our award-winning agency magazine. We sincerely hope that you find this issue to be intriguing, informative and inspiring, as we have worked hard to feature relevant marketing topics that will be of interest to you while also sharing some behind-the-scenes looks at our team’s recent endeavors. A few articles in this issue include: “7 Tips for Stronger Client Relationships” (pg. 5) “Researching Trends, Delivering Solutions,” a look at our newest initiative for our charity of choice, Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge in Dallas, PA (pg. 6) “The Dialogue Age of Marketing,” the issue’s feature story (pg. 10) A “what’s happening” look at our team members in “Life @ 197” (pg. 17)

Happy holidays! We’re excited to present Ideaworks Marketing’s latest issue of Dazzle, our award-winning agency magazine. We sincerely hope that you find this issue to be intriguing, informative and inspiring, as we have worked hard to feature relevant marketing topics that will be of interest to you while also sharing some behind-the-scenes looks at our team’s recent endeavors. A few articles in this issue include:

“7 Tips for Stronger Client Relationships” (pg. 5)
“Researching Trends, Delivering Solutions,” a look at our newest initiative for our charity of choice, Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge in Dallas, PA (pg. 6)
“The Dialogue Age of Marketing,” the issue’s feature story (pg. 10)
A “what’s happening” look at our team members in “Life @ 197” (pg. 17)


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ISSUE 4<br />

The Dialogue Age Of <strong>Marketing</strong>

4 5 6<br />






TO TRY IN 2018<br />

7 TIPS FOR<br />










8 9 10<br />




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THE 411<br />

ON VIDEO<br />





LIFE @ 197<br />



contents<br />

19<br />








Editor-in-Chief: Chelsey Tupper<br />

Contributing Editor: Alyssa Zekoski<br />

Art Director: Rachael Baratta<br />

Contributing Art Director: Gabby Creazzo<br />


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and think of an item or<br />

experience you value. What<br />

popped into your head? Why?<br />

Do you value this particular thing<br />

because it was given to you<br />

by someone you love? Do you<br />

value this memory/experience<br />

because it played a huge role<br />

in shaping who you are today?<br />

It probably wasn’t too difficult<br />

to think of one or even several<br />

items or experiences you value.<br />

As humans, we seem to place<br />

a value on everything, whether<br />

it’s positive or negative, and<br />

perhaps we do this consciously<br />

or subconsciously. In the same<br />

way that we place a value on<br />

possessions or experiences,<br />

we also do this when it comes<br />

to colleagues and professional<br />

relationships.<br />

Years ago, marketing and<br />

advertising agencies enjoyed a<br />

special kind of monopoly that<br />

has since disappeared thanks<br />

to the advent of the internet.<br />

Agencies didn’t have to concern<br />

themselves with competition<br />

from websites offering less<br />

expensive prices for graphic<br />

design or “marketing” services.<br />

However, now, we do, and with<br />

that comes the need to make<br />

ourselves even more valuable<br />

to clients than ever before. Let’s<br />

face it, if clients don’t find value<br />

in the services we provide, the<br />

relationship is over.<br />

You might be thinking, “Well,<br />

of course I am much more<br />

valuable than some website,”<br />

but are you really? Do you stay<br />

up-to-date with current trends,<br />

which change as rapidly as<br />

the weather? Do you read any<br />

marketing article you can get<br />

your hands on – even if it isn’t<br />

necessarily the area in which you<br />

specialize? Most importantly,<br />

do you take the time to research,<br />

read and learn all you can<br />

about your clients’ businesses/<br />

industries? If you answered “yes”<br />

to each of these questions, then<br />

kudos, you’re right on track. If<br />

you answered, “no,” then it’s time<br />

to change.<br />

While it’s important to stay<br />

updated on all things marketing<br />

so you can suggest the best<br />

strategies and tactics to clients,<br />

nothing is more valuable than<br />

when you approach a client<br />

with a trends report or an article<br />

discussing a pertinent topic in<br />

his or her repective industry. This<br />

not only shows you have your<br />

client’s best interest at heart and<br />

want to see him or her succeed,<br />

but it also places a value on your<br />

relationship with said client – a<br />

value that is invaluable in this day<br />

and age. Any agency is going to<br />

welcome new clients on board<br />

and sell, sell, sell its marketing<br />

services, but those agencies<br />

that take the time to know and<br />

study their clients’ businesses and<br />

industries are the ones who will<br />

easily differentiate themselves<br />

amongst the competition.<br />

Any possession, experience,<br />

relationship or service that you<br />

regard as being valuable is<br />

actually invaluable, i.e. you still<br />

wouldn’t give up said item even<br />

if offered millions of dollars.<br />

As a marketing professional,<br />

this is how you need to be<br />

viewed by clients because you<br />

must become an incredibly<br />

valuable asset to them in order<br />

to establish those invaluable<br />

relationships that are key to your<br />

business success.<br />


7TIPS written by:<br />


TUPPER<br />



IN SEPTEMBER, our director of marketing<br />

communications, Chelsey Tupper, had the privilege of<br />

speaking to a public relations class taught by Rachel<br />

Urbanowicz at Misericordia University in Dallas, PA,<br />

which is located about 15 minutes from <strong>Ideaworks</strong>.<br />

Rachel used to work at our agency and was a guest<br />

author in the last issue of <strong>Dazzle</strong>. It was Rachel who<br />

invited Chelsey to speak to her class, and Chelsey<br />

eagerly accepted.<br />

For the topic, Chelsey suggested ways to communicate<br />

with clients/consumers that foster stronger relationships.<br />

Since this is usually not taught in college, and is more<br />

or less learned as a career progresses, she thought this<br />

would be an insightful topic to speak on. Rachel agreed,<br />

and the rest is history.<br />

The presentation went extremely well and received<br />

positive feedback from the students, so much so that<br />

Rachel has already asked Chelsey to speak again<br />

next year.<br />

Though Chelsey compiled her presentation for a college<br />

audience, the tips she shared are relevant for seasoned<br />

professionals. Check out Chelsey’s seven tips for stronger<br />

client/consumer relationships below!<br />

1<br />



A client doesn’t like a<br />

piece of work you spent<br />

hours or days developing?<br />

That’s ok. Gather feedback,<br />

make revisions and move<br />

forward.<br />

13<br />

2<br />



Baby Boomers (1946-1961),<br />

Gen X (1961-1981),<br />

Millennials (1982-early 2000s)<br />

& Gen Z (1995/1995-mid 2000s)<br />

3<br />


Read, read, read & read some more. This will make<br />

you a valuable and trusted resource to your client.<br />

7<br />



Induce pleasure, reduce pain & always ask yourself,<br />

“what’s the ultimate purpose?”<br />

4<br />


Be polite and use manners on email, the<br />

phone and conference calls – even when<br />

you don’t feel like it.<br />

5<br />



In business, the most important thing<br />

is a funnel of work/sales. That’s why<br />

the war matters more than the battle.<br />

6<br />


Show your value to your client/consumer by being<br />

solution-oriented.<br />



TRENDS,<br />



How we became inspired to<br />

launch the newest initiative<br />

for our charity of choice.<br />

written by: Alyssa Zekoski, Markering Communications Manager<br />

Researching current trends that impact<br />

our clients’ businesses is a practice woven<br />

into the <strong>Ideaworks</strong> fabric. To echo this issue’s<br />

Editor’s Letter, how else would an agency<br />

remain competitive in the marketplace? Over<br />

the summer, Cordie Braun, kennel manager<br />

at our charity of choice, Blue Chip Farm<br />

Animal Refuge, located in Dallas, PA, reached<br />

out to our marketing communications<br />

manager, Alyssa Zekoski, and voiced an<br />

interest in exploring new avenues for growth;<br />

Cordie wanted to penetrate a new sector,<br />

releasing a new initiative for Blue Chip that<br />

was far different than anything done before.<br />

Accepting the challenge with confidence, we<br />

began to do our homework; and as the old<br />

adage goes, the rest is history!<br />



Making the selfless choice to be an I Do, Blue couple means you' l help suppor the<br />

deserving animals who call our no-ki l shelter home. Couples have the freedom to<br />

selec the customized donation package that best suits their needs and budget.<br />

I Do, Blue packages include:<br />


$500 donation<br />

Couple receives:<br />

Two customized bricks –<br />

One for the couple to keep, and one that<br />

wi l be added to Blue Chip’s Legacy of<br />

Love commemorative wa l on-site.<br />

Each brick a lows for 15 characters<br />

and 3 lines to engrave a forever<br />

message, such as:<br />

“THE<br />

[LAST NAME]s<br />

Married [YEAR]”<br />

An electronic file with customized<br />

table tents for the reception space<br />

An 11x17 customized easel to<br />

incorporate into your venue’s décor<br />

Personalized thank you card inserts to<br />

remind guests of your generous donation<br />



$300 donation<br />

Couple receives:<br />

An electronic file with customized<br />

table tents for the reception space<br />

An 11x17 customized easel to<br />

incorporate into venue décor<br />

Personalized thank you card inserts to<br />

remind guests of your generous donation<br />


$150 donation<br />

Couple receives:<br />

An electronic file with customized table<br />

tents for the reception space<br />

An 11x17 customized easel to incorporate<br />

into venue décor<br />

Giving back is the new way to say thanks.<br />

Learn how you can make a difference in<br />

the lives of deserving animals on your special<br />

day by visiting www.bcfanimalrefuge.org<br />

or emailing bcfanimalrefuge@gmail.com.<br />

*Couples may inquire about customized package<br />

options by emailing bcfanimalrefuge@gmail.com.<br />

“We knew that we had to unveil something<br />

memorable,” says Alyssa, “but that, of course,<br />

was the easy part. We began to research<br />

trends in philanthropy, looking for unique<br />

fundraisers and creative ways that individuals<br />

are giving back to nonprofits this year.” What<br />

we found helped to lay the groundwork for<br />

<strong>Ideaworks</strong>’ latest major initiative: I Do, Blue.<br />


“We noticed that couples are choosing to give back<br />

on their wedding day more so than ever before.<br />

Whether it’s making a donation in the couples’ name<br />

Our graphic designer, Allison Simenkiewicz, designed<br />

all pieces for the initiative, from those aforementioned<br />

to Facebook art, a tabletop banner so Blue Chip could<br />

“While creating these pieces, I kept in mind that the designs needed to conform to any wedding theme. The<br />

lace is formal and delicate like a traditional wedding gown; further, there’s a surprise included: a dog subtly<br />

incorporated into it! Inspired by the age-old saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed,<br />

something blue,” it was fun to create theI Do, Blue designs for such aworthy cause!” — Allison Simenkiewicz<br />

in place of giving a bridal shower gift, holding a<br />

food or clothing drive at their wedding reception or<br />

foregoing their wedding favors to donate to a charity<br />

on their special day, couples want to mirror the<br />

same love they feel on their wedding day by ‘paying<br />

it forward’.”<br />

At a routine planning meeting with Cordie, our team<br />

pitched the idea and Cordie was instantly sold. Then<br />

came the strategizing, name ideation (the chosen<br />

name being I Do, Blue), planning and design meetings<br />

and hours spent working together to breathe life into<br />

the initiative at no cost to Blue Chip.<br />

I Do, Blue is comprised of three leveled packages<br />

(“Blue for Two,” “Blue Chip’s Wedded Bliss” and<br />

“Something Blue Chip”), and couples can select<br />

the one that best suits their interests and budget.<br />

Each package includes <strong>Ideaworks</strong>-created materials,<br />

such as an 11”x17” customized easel that the couple<br />

can display at their reception and a digital file of<br />

customized table tents for the couple to place in front<br />

of guests’ plates to remind them of the donation made.<br />

Personalized thank you cards are also a component<br />

of several packages, and the Blue for Two package<br />

includes two customized bricks – one for the couple<br />

to keep, and one that will be displayed on Blue Chip<br />

Farm’s Legacy of Love wall on-site.<br />

present at bridal expos and<br />

a form for interested couples<br />

to fill out.<br />

It came time to officially launch<br />

I Do, Blue in September at the<br />

Northeast Pennsylvania Bridal<br />

Show, held at the Radisson Lackawanna<br />

Station Hotel in Scranton, PA. Alyssa attended the<br />

show with one of Blue Chip’s volunteers, Carol, where<br />

they spoke to many interested brides, grooms and<br />

their families about I Do, Blue.<br />

“Many people said that they did not expect to see<br />

Blue Chip Farm at a bridal expo, and really, that’s<br />

exactly what we wanted. That is one of the hallmarks<br />

of great marketing today – adding that little bit<br />

of shock value that tilts peoples’ perspectives just<br />

enough to move them,” commented Alyssa.<br />

Since its launch, many couples have expressed an<br />

interest in becoming I Do, Blue couples, and the<br />

initiative has received attention from the media. We<br />

couldn’t be happier with the output, and this has all<br />

been done for our incredibly-deserving charity of<br />

choice, which makes I Do, Blue even more special.<br />

For more information on I Do, Blue,<br />

visit www.bcfanimalrefuge.org/idoblue.<br />


5<br />

FOOD<br />

TRENDS<br />

TO TRY<br />

IN 2018<br />

The start of a new year always brings with it<br />

new trends, and as a marketing agency, one<br />

of the things we pride ourselves in is detailed<br />

research so we can share the valuable findings<br />

with clients. As such, due to the industries that<br />

some of our clients are in, we’ve been busy<br />

researching 2018 food trends, and they are too<br />

delicious not to share! Perhaps your New Year’s<br />

resolution can be to give each one of these a try!<br />

1<br />

2<br />




This was a 2017 food trend that is projected to stick<br />

around in 2018. As a whole, homegrown options are<br />

becoming increasingly popular as the demand for these<br />

items continues to rise. In fact, most consumers have<br />

come to expect that they will be served fresh, locallysourced<br />

fare whenever possible, such as honey, sweet<br />

corn, tomatoes and sustainable seafood.<br />

DINER’S TIP:<br />

If this is a trend that is important to you, make sure to take<br />

the time to carefully read menus and labels to ensure the<br />

foods you are ordering or purchasing are locally-sourced/<br />

considered sustainable. Not sure? Don’t hesitate to ask!<br />


Frozen novelties are all the rage, and these tasty<br />

ice cream treats are taking a much different form<br />

than the traditional two-scoop cone!<br />

What’s particularly hot in the world of all things cool?<br />

Bubble waffle cones, rolled ice cream, and fat-free, no sugar<br />

added, low-calorie and preservative-free options.<br />

DINER’S TIP:<br />

Don’t wait until summer to give this trend a try! Find a<br />

local ice cream shop that might offer these exciting new<br />

options. Your sweet tooth will surely thank you!<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />


Lifestyles are increasingly busier, making snacking more<br />

popular than ever; in fact, over 90% of people claim they<br />

snack each day because the line between a snack and a meal is<br />

becoming blurred! Small plates are also gaining serious traction.<br />

What are the buzzwords when it comes to snacking in 2018? Size<br />

and healthiness, thanks to millennials and Gen Z who are driving<br />

several of the trends we’re seeing these days. Fresh, energizing<br />

options, like vegetables and nuts, that help refuel throughout the<br />

day reign in popularity, along with small plates with big flavor!<br />

DINER’S TIP:<br />

Ordering small plates when out for lunch or dinner is an excellent way<br />

to try a few different dishes on the menu without getting too full.<br />


Veggies take center stage – or plate! Meat is being<br />

swapped out for plants in dishes, as many people are<br />

finding new ways to get that necessary protein.<br />

Plant-based ingredients that are particularly popular right now<br />

include cauliflower, nuts, foraged mushrooms, and spiralized<br />

vegetables like squash, beets and zucchini.<br />

DINER’S TIP:<br />

If you happen to be a steak or chicken die-hard, don’t be too quick to<br />

snub this trend. Give it a try; we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.<br />


Chefs are getting more creative in their kitchens and<br />

putting unique twists on classic dishes, which has<br />

captivated consumers.<br />

Whether it’s using an unlikely pastry and artisan cheese to build a<br />

burger or adding smoked meat atop the traditional grilled cheese,<br />

prepare for flair!<br />

DINER’S TIP:<br />

The crazier the concoctions the better, so don’t be shy and order up!<br />

http://www.food-management.com/menu-trends/20-great-locally-sourced-menu-items/ http://www.baumwhiteman.com/<br />

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http://<br />


Copwriting & The Holiday Season:<br />

A Spirited Juxtaposition<br />

Written by: Alyssa Zekoski<br />

What do contemporary copywriting and the holiday season have in common? On<br />

the surface, the two are certainly unrelated. The former is a precise type of writing.<br />

Stringing together emotionally-charged words and phrases to appeal to your<br />

target audience. When done with care, it is a beautiful craft indeed. The latter, of<br />

course, is a time of year. A lively period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day<br />

during which individuals crowd around dinner tables with their loved ones, make<br />

memories, and celebrate another year passed and a new one on the horizon. Cue<br />

twinkling lights, distinct aromas, and pomp and circumstance.<br />

Juxtaposing the two, however, reveals that copywriting and the beloved holiday<br />

season do relate; in fact, they do so much more than one might think! The<br />

next time you put your fingers to the keys or a pen to paper, consider these<br />

copywriting tips and their holiday-themed equivalents:<br />

2<br />

3<br />




Great writing is about making<br />

connections – seeing two separate<br />

entities as one and running with<br />

each of them until they meet at<br />

one distinct point. Great writing<br />

comes from understanding a<br />

precise moment in time and the<br />

emotions that are associated. Think<br />

of this as your holiday gathering.<br />

Separate personalities meeting<br />

in one room? Surely. Emotions<br />

expressed? Absolutely. One special<br />

moment that connects everyone in<br />

an instant? There’s the sweet spot.<br />

When you’re writing copy, find<br />

that special moment, and equate<br />

your words and phrases to a<br />

holiday gathering – a beautiful<br />

blend of differences meeting<br />

under one roof.<br />




Modern readers have incredibly<br />

short attention spans; Generation Z<br />

(Gen Z)’s is a mere eight seconds.<br />

To appeal to the masses, you’ll need<br />

to scale back that lengthy copy.<br />

HubSpot’s marketing blog suggests<br />

turning your 50-word homepage<br />

copy into a 25-word sentence,<br />

then parring it down even more<br />

to just 15.<br />

Next time you’re reading over<br />

something you’ve written, ask<br />

yourself: Is this word necessary?<br />

What is this line adding to my<br />

sentence? Think of this process<br />

as your Giving Tuesday, a global<br />

celebration of giving that takes<br />

place annually on the Tuesday after<br />

Thanksgiving. On that day, people<br />

shy away from excess and gluttony,<br />

and focus on giving back to others<br />

in need. When writing, ask yourself<br />

if you really need those extra words<br />

and sentences, or if you can forego<br />

them altogether to strengthen<br />

your copy.<br />




Today, people do not want to be<br />

sold anything. They want to see<br />

what your brand is about and feel<br />

a human connection to your ideals.<br />

Perhaps above all, they want to be<br />

communicated with through story;<br />

it’s the easiest way for our brains to<br />

process complex information.<br />

As you write, draw inspiration from<br />

those holiday moments shared<br />

around the dinner table. What<br />

makes those moments so special?<br />

It’s the stories, past and present,<br />

that we share with one another.<br />

Share those special moments with<br />

your target audience through<br />

your copy, and you’ve got your<br />

magic moment.<br />

Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/<br />

marketing/good-copywriting-practices-list<br />


Dialogue age feature<br />

The Dialogue Age<br />

of <strong>Marketing</strong><br />

written by: CHELSEY TUPPER<br />

Imagine being out to dinner with a friend and he or she<br />

doesn’t let you get a word in all evening. The conversation<br />

strictly revolves around this person. Have you ever been in a<br />

situation like this? It’s not much fun, is it? You probably won’t<br />

make future plans, or if you do, the next dinner won’t be in the<br />

near future. Conversely, think about a time in which you went<br />

to dinner with a friend and the back-and-forth conversation<br />

made the night extremely enjoyable. Then, before leaving,<br />

plans were made to get together again in the next couple<br />

weeks. The differentiating factor here is the conversation,<br />

which changed the outcome for the exact same scenario.<br />

While a bit more complex than the dinner example, this is<br />

what’s taking place right now in the world of marketing;<br />

the simple act of conversation has changed the face of<br />

this industry like never before. Instead of being talked at,<br />

consumers now prefer to be talked to.<br />


Dialogue age feature<br />

From the 1940s with the rise of TV to the 1990s with the onset<br />

of integrated marketing communication, you had a 50-year<br />

span in which the brand voice was talking at the audience<br />

via different media and different approaches. However,<br />

around the year 2000, digital started to creep in, but was still<br />

being used by agencies as just another channel to speak<br />

at the consumers they were trying to serve, using tactics<br />

like brochures on websites or ads on the internet. Between<br />

2004 and 2006, the social powerhouses started to show up<br />

– platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The dawn of<br />

social media sparked the Social Age, and the traditional way<br />

marketing was done began to take on a new shape that kept<br />

growing. As a result, the marketing discipline has now moved<br />

past the Social Age into the age of today: the Dialogue Age.<br />

Thanks to technological advancements, this is the reality of<br />

the world we live in. Instead of just marketing to consumers,<br />


it is vital to understand them and help them<br />

live better lives. Digital marketing has given a<br />

power to the consumer that they’ve never had<br />

before. Therefore, even though most marketers<br />

are accustomed to the traditional method of<br />

talking at vs. talking with, it’s imperative to<br />

understand that it no longer works. The way<br />

marketers must market is now different. Being<br />

in the Dialogue Age, marketing must now<br />

involve listening and talking, also known as<br />

two-way communication. It’s the only way to<br />

stay current and keep business flowing.<br />

An excellent example of a brand that’s<br />

embracing the Dialogue Age is Apple (surprise,<br />

surprise). Take a minute to think about the ads<br />

Apple creates, whether they’re for the iPhone,<br />

iPad or Watch. Not one merely touts all the<br />

benefits of the product or states an innovative<br />

quality not found with competitors’. Instead,<br />

the ads show how an Apple product makes<br />

life more fun, enjoyable or easier. The brand<br />

connects to consumers in such a way<br />

that gets them to think, “Life is better with<br />

an iPhone.”<br />

While there are certainly several others, this<br />

example demonstrates how brands enjoy<br />

success with two-way communication. By<br />

listening and responding to consumers, instead<br />

of just touting their products and stating why<br />

they are the best, brands are forming more<br />

meaningful relationships with their audiences,<br />

who, in turn, can start trusting that brands<br />

genuinely care about them enough to bring<br />

forth solutions that improve quality of life.<br />

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself,<br />

“What are the best steps to take or concepts to grasp<br />

in order to become a successful marketer in the<br />

Dialogue Age?” That’s a very good question, which is<br />

why we’ve compiled the list on the next page.<br />


PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that this is not an exhaustive list nor is it in any<br />

particular order, but rather the points we feel are most important:<br />

As a Dialogue Age<br />

marketer, the best<br />

question to keep asking<br />

yourself is, “How do I<br />

understand my prospects<br />

and shape an appealing<br />

product story that best<br />

meets their needs?”<br />

Technology is great, but it<br />

will only provide results if<br />

you use it to understand<br />

and get closer to your<br />

consumer<br />

Having a brochure<br />

on a website does<br />

not make a brand a<br />

“digital” brand<br />

<strong>Marketing</strong> hasn’t<br />

changed because<br />

of technology – it’s<br />

changed because of<br />

the evolution and<br />

growth of digital<br />

?<br />

Profiling helps ensure<br />

brands remain current and<br />

know their customers; it also<br />

helps when trying to figure<br />

out the consumer’s motive<br />

or the “why” behind<br />

a particular action<br />

Understanding the<br />

“why” results in strong<br />

relationships WITH<br />

the audience<br />

People make purchasing<br />

decisions based on<br />

emotion – not logic, which<br />

is why shoving facts and<br />

figures at an audience<br />

doesn’t entice them to buy<br />

When considering the<br />

“4 Ps of <strong>Marketing</strong>,” the<br />

most important is “People”;<br />

this is because brands need<br />

to be customer-centric in<br />

the Dialogue Age<br />

Brands that do not<br />

provide two-way<br />

communication will<br />

become irrelevant since<br />

the Dialogue Age is<br />

putting the interpersonal<br />

factor back into business<br />

Consumers must be at<br />

the center of all a brand<br />

does, which can be done<br />

by defining objectives and<br />

informational needs, then<br />

collecting and analyzing the<br />

data; as a result, evidencedbased<br />

decisions can then be<br />

made on how to best reach<br />

the target audience<br />

Customer profiling is an<br />

excellent way to form<br />

relationships and establish<br />

the customer-centric<br />

model with the ultimate<br />

goal of creating the right<br />

dialogue that will build<br />

brand engagement and<br />

foster brand loyalty<br />

Success in the Dialogue Age<br />

all depends on knowing the<br />

customer’s core<br />

Most brands think they have<br />

to be everywhere in order to<br />

be successful; however, this<br />

is a misconception because<br />

if a brand tries to be<br />

everywhere, it isn’t relevant<br />

It all boils down<br />

to trust in the<br />

Dialogue Age!<br />

SOURCE: “Mastering Digital Strategy” online course presented by Kevin Adema<br />


411<br />

The<br />

on video<br />

marketing<br />

written by: CHELSEY TUPPER<br />

Video marketing is hot and getting hotter. You’ve probably heard it a million times over, but<br />

you’re about to hear it a million and one times: If you’re not using video as a marketing tactic,<br />

then you’re behind! The rise in popularity of video marketing happened so quickly that now<br />

it seems consumers are inundated with video, but when you think about it, the use of video<br />

isn’t really that surprising. Tugging on the emotional heartstrings of your target audience<br />

is one of the best ways to convince them to buy, and video does an excellent job with this<br />

when compared to print ads because of its very nature. Through video, it’s much easier to<br />

ignite emotion within consumers, which is of utmost importance when trying to establish a<br />

relationship with them.<br />

At <strong>Ideaworks</strong>, we’ve been busy with a variety of video projects for basically all of our clients.<br />

Each project varies a bit, from technical process videos to feel-good values videos, and we’re<br />

also trying to incorporate more video work on our own blog and social media pages. Our<br />

content team works alongside one of our designers who specializes in video editing to produce<br />

quality productions that look great and achieve their targeted objectives.<br />

It will be interesting to see how video marketing continues to grow and develop as we enter<br />

2018, but one thing is certain – it surely isn’t going away. If anything, it’s gaining momentum<br />

and becoming even more creative and interactive that ever before.<br />


The following infographic highlights the 10 THINGS<br />

you need to know about video marketing and why<br />

you need to start using it NOW!<br />

Video boosts conversions<br />

and sales: When product<br />

videos are included on<br />

websites, they can help boost<br />

sales conversions by 80%.<br />

Video shows great ROI:<br />

Even though video production<br />

is not the easiest nor cheapest<br />

task, it pays off big time. In<br />

fact, studies show that 76%<br />

of businesses agree video<br />

provides an excellent ROI.<br />

The quality of the video<br />

doesn’t matter as much<br />

as its content:<br />

The latest research shows<br />

consumers are mostly put off<br />

by videos that don’t explain<br />

the product or service clearly<br />

enough. Low quality and poor<br />

design don’t matter nearly<br />

as much, but don’t discount<br />

design entirely. If you need<br />

some assistance with your<br />

design efforts, please give<br />

us a call!<br />

Using the term “video” in an<br />

email subject line boosts open<br />

rates by 19%, increases click-through rates<br />

by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.<br />

Ninety-three percent of marketers use<br />

video for online marketing, sales and<br />

communication.<br />

Video creates trust:<br />

The whole concept of content marketing<br />

is based on trust and creating long-term<br />

relationships. People do not want to be sold<br />

to; instead, they crave interesting and useful<br />

information.<br />

Google loves video:<br />

A vast amount of research suggests that<br />

videos increase the time spent by visitors on<br />

websites. Thus, longer exposure builds trust<br />

and sends the signal to search engines that<br />

there is good content on said site. Actually,<br />

according to Moovly, businesses with<br />

embedded videos on their websites are 53<br />

times more likely show up first on Google.<br />

Thirty-three percent of tablet<br />

owners watch about an hour<br />

of video on their devices every<br />

day, and 28% of smartphone<br />

users watch a video on their<br />

devices at least once a day.<br />

Seventy-eight percent of<br />

people watch videos online<br />

every week, and 55% of people<br />

watch videos online every day.<br />

Fifty-nine percent of senior<br />

executives agree that if both<br />

text and video are available<br />

on the same topic on the same<br />

page, they prefer to watch<br />

the video.<br />

SOURCES:<br />

https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/2017-year-of-video-marketing<br />

https://www.dreamgrow.com/8-reasons-why-your-business-should-use-video-marketing/ DAZZLE: ISSUE FOUR 15

emaining<br />

UPBEAT,<br />

INSPIRED &<br />




It’s no secret that<br />


can be incredibly positive,<br />

boosting morale and productivity within the office. Over the<br />

past few months, our team has grown and evolved, making it<br />

even more important for us to partake in activities and tasks –<br />

both small and large-scale – that bring us closer together and<br />

help us remain upbeat, inspired and committed to excellence<br />

each day. As we reflect on recent efforts, we are proud to say<br />

that they were, indeed, the kind of constructive, motivating<br />

activities that a business hopes to enjoy!<br />

In late July, Peter Steve, our owner and CCO, and Donna<br />

Hansbury, president & CEO, generously decided to plan an<br />

employee outing that was far different than the traditional<br />

company picnic: a spa day for the team! We started the day<br />

with relaxing treatments and lunch, followed by a delicious<br />

dinner together at a local restaurant. At dinner, we played<br />

games to get to know each other even better (complete<br />

with raffle prizes!) and shared lots of laughs. Together outside<br />

of work, we were able to unwind amidst a busy summer<br />

at the agency.<br />

on Economic Opportunity (CEO)’s Harry & Jeanette Weinberg<br />

Northeast Regional Food Bank. We collected dozens of canned and<br />

dry goods, hygiene products and baby items that were distributed<br />

to local families in need. From coordinating the donations and<br />

packing the car to delivering the goods and meeting with<br />

members of the CEO, this experience was one that drew us closer<br />

together while helping neighboring communities in the process.<br />

In August, we also began brainstorming new ways to keep<br />

engagement levels high on social media; we didn’t have to<br />

look far to come up with a great idea. We receive so many<br />

compliments on our beautiful office, and oftentimes,<br />

we tend to take for granted how inspiring our<br />

workspace can be. Thus, we decided to<br />

begin a Motivation Monday series<br />

on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter<br />

and LinkedIn, where we draw<br />

attention to a particularly<br />

inspiring spot within our<br />

office each week. So far, we<br />

have featured motivational<br />

quotes that hang on our<br />

agency walls, a shot of our<br />

conference room, a look at<br />

our beautiful building from the<br />

outside and in-the-moment photos<br />

of our team members collaborating, all<br />

of which help to showcase how we source<br />

creative inspiration every day.<br />

For September, we took part in Hunger Action Month,<br />

working as a team to collect donations for the Commission<br />

Boss’ Day takes place in October, and this year, we decided to hold<br />

a special celebration for Peter and Donna to show our appreciation<br />

for them. Being that Donna was leaving for Italy just three days<br />

later, we put together an Italian-themed lunch for our two amazing<br />

bosses. From the antipasto to the homemade dips and the laughs<br />

and stories shared in our office kitchen, this memorable day was<br />

one of the best.<br />

October also marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and our<br />

agency used that time to recognize the brave women who battle<br />

this disease, including some of our own friends and family. Jordan,<br />

daughter of our vice president of creative and operations, Patty<br />

Pugh, and her field hockey team sold t-shirts to benefit That Special<br />

Woman, a local women’s healthcare boutique. Spectators wore<br />

the shirts during the girls’ annual Pink Game, and <strong>Ideaworks</strong> kindly<br />

purchased a shirt for each of our team members. We sported them<br />

together and held our own a miniature “Pink Out” at the office.<br />

It is with a great amount of enthusiasm that we are able to look<br />

back at the past few months and see our team growing together.<br />

We are committed to making the culture at <strong>Ideaworks</strong> as engaging<br />

as possible, and we are always grateful to have a wonderful team<br />

that is committed to discovering, dazzling, and delivering day<br />

in and day out.<br />


LIFE@ @ 197<br />

Alyssa Zekoski and her<br />

young cousins recently<br />

made raviolis from scratch<br />

for their grandfather’s 80th<br />

birthday. The whole family<br />

got together for a “Pasta<br />

Sunday” to celebrate!<br />

Brian Leonard, senior graphic<br />

designer, and his girlfriend,<br />

Alicia, recently traveled to<br />

Philadelphia where they saw<br />

Aaron Lewis (for the third time<br />

this year) at the Tower Theater.<br />

It was an excellent show, and<br />

he highly recommends seeing<br />

A.L. in concert!<br />

Chelsey Tupper and her<br />

husband Brian recently<br />

adopted a kitten that was<br />

11 weeks old when they<br />

brought her home. They<br />

chose the name Ella after<br />

Ella Fitzgerald since Brian<br />

is a huge fan. Ella has a lot<br />

of energy and loves to play;<br />

she follows Chelsey and<br />

Brian around their house<br />

wherever they go. She has<br />

already brought much joy<br />

to the couple, and they just<br />

love her to pieces!<br />

In November, Chelsey Tupper and<br />

Brian Leonard traveled to Los Angeles,<br />

CA, for a client meeting. Even though<br />

it was a business trip, they managed<br />

to fit in some sightseeing in Hollywood<br />

and Beverly Hills, along with a delicious<br />

lunch while sitting beach-side in Malibu!<br />

This fall, Kelly<br />

Alansky, graphic<br />

designer, took her<br />

son Porter to Knoebels<br />

Amusement Resort in<br />

Elysburg, PA, for one of<br />

its Hallo-Fun Weekends;<br />

this was his first time<br />

at an amusement park!<br />

Porter had a blast going on<br />

the rides with his cousin<br />

Alysse. His favorite was the<br />

Pirate Ship!<br />

Donna Hansbury<br />

crossed an item off<br />

her bucket list in<br />

October when she<br />

traveled to Milan,<br />

Italy, for a client<br />

meeting! Once the<br />

meeting concluded,<br />

Donna and her fiancé<br />

Eddie enjoyed a week<br />

of sightseeing in<br />

Venice, Rome and St.<br />

Moritz in Switzerland.<br />

What’s better than one Marilyn<br />

Monroe? Ten of them, of course<br />

– larger than life and vibrant<br />

as can be! Rachael Baratta,<br />

graphic designer, recently<br />

attended opening night at the<br />

“15 Minutes: From Image to<br />

Icon” exhibit in Wilkes-Barre,<br />

PA. The exhibit featured<br />

some of Andy Warhol’s<br />

most iconic works.<br />

Gabby Creazzo, graphic designer, recently traveled to New<br />

York City to sightsee.While walking around the city, she<br />

decided to venture to the top of the Empire State Building<br />

and see the beautiful views and take some photos, all while<br />

fighting the urge to recreate her favorite romantic comedies.<br />

We are pleased to welcome Chris Konnick to<br />

the <strong>Ideaworks</strong> team as our new administrative<br />

assistant! Chris came onboard in November and<br />

has 26 years of experience working in project<br />

accounting and administrative support. When not<br />

at work, Chris loves to cook; she especially enjoys<br />

making Polish favorites like pierogis and kielbalsi.<br />

She and her husband also recently celebrated their<br />

28th wedding anniversary!<br />




WHY<br />





when things take on a festive feel and<br />

the trials and tribulations of day-today<br />

business seem less daunting than<br />

usual. While the season itself can be an<br />

added stress, it seems that for most us,<br />

the anticipated joy of the approaching<br />

holidays makes it all worthwhile, if not at<br />

least tolerable.<br />

While the holidays can be a difficult time<br />

for some, for most of us, the holidays give<br />

us each our own special feeling, often<br />

based on a memory of a past event or<br />

time-honored tradition that defines this<br />

time of year. For me, the holidays remind<br />

me of a slower time where things were<br />

simpler. Where snow for the big day was<br />

never in question and the only thing<br />

standing between me and a full-out<br />

celebration was the last day of school<br />

before holiday break.<br />

I guess that’s why in my adult years, the<br />

movie “A Christmas Story” has taken on<br />

a special meaning, representing the<br />

things I remember from my past, and<br />

still admittedly long for every year. Oh, I<br />

understand the entire flick is pure fiction;<br />

heck, the house used in the movie isn’t<br />

even in Indiana, it’s in Cleveland! And<br />

that’s only one of many oddities and<br />

errors discovered by fans through the<br />

years. But for what it isn’t, this movie has<br />

become a true holiday tradition for my<br />

entire family and many other families, too.<br />

My two sons began watching it<br />

when they were barely old enough<br />

to understand what it was all about,<br />

and they still are watching it to this<br />

day, well into their 20s. Playing over<br />

and over again, on that continuous<br />

24-hour schedule, this movie serves as<br />

the official start of the holiday season for<br />

my entire family.<br />

But beyond this, “A Christmas Story” gives<br />

us all a reason to slow down and enjoy<br />

spending time together. While the cell<br />

phones still buzz and the text messages<br />

still fly, even on Christmas Day, for some<br />

strange reason we all seem to fall into<br />

an enjoyable coma when this movie<br />

is playing, immersing ourselves in the<br />

exploits of Ralphie and his family.<br />

The purpose of this message isn’t to<br />

convince you to watch “A Christmas<br />

Story” this year. That would be selfish<br />

on my part. But, it is to encourage you<br />

to find A Christmas Story of your very<br />

own, whatever it may be. Whether it<br />

be a movie, a book, a song or a prayer,<br />

regardless of your religious or personal<br />

beliefs, find that one thing that will help<br />

you slow down, brings you together with<br />

the ones you love and gives this time of<br />

year some special meaning – even if only<br />

for a moment in time.<br />

Happy holidays and may 2018 bring you<br />

good health, much happiness and many<br />

joyful memories.<br />





2018!<br />


members of our <strong>Ideaworks</strong> team<br />

will be attending the 2018<br />

CaterSource Conference and<br />

Tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV.<br />

CaterSource is one of the largest<br />

catering and event conferences<br />

in the United States where the<br />

greatest hospitality minds gather to<br />

discuss trends, industry happenings<br />

and more in a fun and motivating<br />

environment. Complete with<br />

networking activities, continuing<br />

education classes, top-notch<br />

speakers and inspiring programs,<br />

CaterSource is a one-of-a-kind<br />

industry conference.<br />

<strong>Ideaworks</strong>’ president, DONNA<br />

HANSBURY, will be a guest speaker<br />

at the conference and will entertain<br />

and inform attendees on the art of<br />

storytelling and how it can be used<br />

to make an emotional connection<br />

with consumers. Donna is also a<br />

featured guest blogger for the<br />

CaterSource event.<br />

For the first time ever, <strong>Ideaworks</strong><br />

will be exhibiting at the<br />

CaterSource Tradeshow. Our<br />

marketing communications<br />

director, Chelsey Tupper, and<br />

marketing manager, Alyssa<br />

Zekoski, will be at the booth to<br />

unveil a NEW catering product<br />

developed by our team exclusively<br />

for the catering market.<br />

Watch for more details coming soon!<br />

To learn more about the<br />

CaterSource Conference, please<br />

visit catersource.com. For more<br />

details on <strong>Ideaworks</strong> and our<br />

Conference involvement, please<br />

contact Donna Hansbury at<br />


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