Ideaworks Marketing | Dazzle Issue 4

Happy holidays! We’re excited to present Ideaworks Marketing’s latest issue of Dazzle, our award-winning agency magazine. We sincerely hope that you find this issue to be intriguing, informative and inspiring, as we have worked hard to feature relevant marketing topics that will be of interest to you while also sharing some behind-the-scenes looks at our team’s recent endeavors. A few articles in this issue include: “7 Tips for Stronger Client Relationships” (pg. 5) “Researching Trends, Delivering Solutions,” a look at our newest initiative for our charity of choice, Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge in Dallas, PA (pg. 6) “The Dialogue Age of Marketing,” the issue’s feature story (pg. 10) A “what’s happening” look at our team members in “Life @ 197” (pg. 17)

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