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Global Reggae Charts - Issue #4 / August 2017

Inside you can find the latest reggae album and single charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.


REGIONAL RADIO ITALY global reggae charts featured voter INTERVIEW In this edition of the magazine we talk to Vitowar, who presents his radio show on Radio Popolare Network since 1988. Global Reggae Charts: Can you please introduce yourself and your radio show! Vitowar: I was born in 1962 and in 1986 I started to work in the reggae scene in Milan, the city where I’m living. I was promoting reggae events and I organized various reggae nights, mostly at Leoncavallo, the biggest community center in Milan. In 1988 I was approached by Paolo Minella, a radio host at Popolare Network FM station, to host/organize a reggae radio show every Sunday night. Since almost 30 years, Vitowar is live and direct every Sunday night with REGGAE RADIO STATION ITALY on Popolare Network. The show quickly became a reference point of the reggae scene in Italy with charts, pre-release records from Jamaica, interviews and international guests. GRC: Someone once told me that you are the veteran of the Italian reggae radio scene. How would you describe your position and stand? V: I don’t like the word “veteran” so much because I never fought a war. I believe “pioneer” describes me better. For sure I belong to the first generation of reggae fans in Italy, the ones who were attracted by the sound but also by the political and spiritual message of this music as a way to escape the boring reality of the Italian society in the late 70s / early 80s. That’s what Reggae Radio Station has always been trying to promote and nowadays it’s the longest running radio show in Italy, nobody else has lasted for 30 years on Italian airwaves. GRC: What made you fall in love with reggae music and how did you end up in the radio? V: My first contact with reggae was when I bought the Exodus LP from Bob Marley and The Wailers. Soon after, I was blessed to see the King of Reggae live on stage in Milan in June 1980, probably the biggest concert he ever had in front of an audience of 100k people. That night I fell in love with reggae music. The reggae events I organize, the concerts, the radio show are a direct consequence of my passion which is still alive and burning. GRC: Are you involved with the reggae business outside of the radio as well? V: I have always tried to promote Italian reggae artists, I started to organize concerts with the first wave of Italian bands such as Africa Unite, Different Stylee, Pitura Freska, Sud Sound System. Nowadays I still push the Italian scene with bands like Mellow Mood, Train To Roots, David Lion, Raphael and many others. I have always believed promoting local artists is the best way to grow the reggae scene in Italy and increase awareness of the true message of reggae music. Some of my events really became a classic reference point for the Italian reggae scene, especially global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017 4

global reggae charts featured voter the Reggae Radio Station Summer Festival which I organize every year at Circolo Magnolia in Milan. This year it will be the 10th edition and we will also welcome Alborosie, a dear friend of my radio show. GRC: What spectrum of music do you play in your show and which artists have you found most inspiring lately? V: The radio show always tries to let the listeners discover new artists and new styles of reggae coming from Jamaica, but I also push reggae music from other countries with a special attention to the Italian reggae scene. I am still very emotionally attached to my favorite bands like Misty In Roots and Black Uhuru, that was the reggae music I grew up with. However nowadays I like a lot of new artists such as Chronixx and Protoje, without forgetting the reggae greats such as Damian Marley, Anthony B, Capleton, Sizzla. On my radio show I like to play all reggae music except homophobic tunes, those tunes will never find a space in my selection. GRC: Thank you, Vitowar! V: Big respect and many thanks to Global Reggae Charts for your attention and your time! short FACTS Station: Radio Popolare Network Location: Milan Show: Reggae Radio Station Italy Host: Vitowar On air: Sunday 23:45 to 06:15 CEST (UTC-2) Vitowar‘s Top 10 Singles Collie Buddz - Good Life Chronixx - Skanking Sweet Damian Marley - Medication feat. Stephen Marley Estelle - Love Like Ours feat. Tarrus Riley Monkey Marc - No Surrender Nattali Rize - Rebel Frequency Shaggy - Promises feat. Romain Virgo Sizzla - I‘m Yours Sud Sound System - Mystical Sound Ward 21 - Shadow 5 global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017