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Welcome to<br />

The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

Our vision is the pursuit<br />

of academic excellence and<br />

the personal development<br />

of each individual within a<br />

caring community<br />


I am delighted to welcome you to The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> – an outstanding, caring school where we<br />

pursue and achieve academic excellence, celebrate success and constantly strive to improve.<br />

The school environment is positive, supportive and purposeful and designed with one thing in<br />

mind: that our students fulfil their potential.<br />

Our track record speaks <strong>for</strong> itself: superb examination results at GCSE and A Level mean The<br />

<strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> is consistently ranked as one of the highest per<strong>for</strong>ming comprehensive schools<br />

in the country. We are known <strong>for</strong> highly successful preparation <strong>for</strong> University education, regularly<br />

producing students who set their sights on and win places at the country’s top universities.<br />

We were immensely proud when, <strong>for</strong> the fourth consecutive time, Ofsted in their most recent<br />

inspection judged The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> ‘Outstanding’ - and across all categories.<br />

Our Ofsted ranking, the educational awards we receive and accolades, such as The Sunday Times’<br />

Comprehensive <strong>School</strong> of the Year, give us all great cause <strong>for</strong> celebration. They also inspire us<br />

and serve to spur us on to ensure each individual student is prepared to meet and embrace all<br />

the challenges and exciting opportunities that lie ahead.<br />

As an Academy Trust, we enjoy greater administrative independence and as a result, we can<br />

concentrate on providing the very best we can in terms of teaching talent, curriculum enrichment<br />

and facilities to enhance the education of our young people.<br />

If you have not already done so, please visit us to see the school in action. I believe you will find a<br />

school that looks <strong>for</strong>ward: to improving and growing facilities, to even greater achievements from<br />

all our young people, to motivating and inspiring our talented staff. You will find a school that is<br />

focused on what matters: happy pupils and great results.<br />

Mr W Morgan<br />


Our Reputation. Our Future.<br />

ASPIRE<br />

The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> is a highly popular, happy and successful 11-18 Academy<br />

school set in beautiful rural surroundings between Cheltenham and Ox<strong>for</strong>d.<br />

The <strong>School</strong> has earned a superb reputation locally and nationally, consistently<br />

appearing amongst the very top state schools at both GCSE and A Level <strong>for</strong> many<br />

years. The school is also known <strong>for</strong> its very successful Sixth Form, curriculum<br />

enrichment programme and flourishing, state-of-the-art facilities.<br />

The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> is a unique blend of innovation and traditional values.<br />

Situated in an area of outstanding beauty, our pupils breathe fresh air, look out<br />

on green <strong>Cotswold</strong> hills and enjoy the open spaces of our 30 acre site where<br />

history is literally under their feet.<br />

Our site has been home to Iron Age families, Roman communities and was the<br />

gathering ground <strong>for</strong> Royalists be<strong>for</strong>e the last battle of the Civil War. Since the<br />

1950s it has been where secondary school pupils learn, grow, compete and<br />

make lasting friendships.<br />

Central to The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong>’s ethos is our vision: the pursuit of academic<br />

excellence and the personal development of each individual within a caring<br />

community. This vision applies to all the stakeholders in our school – pupils and<br />

staff alike. It is a vision that is lived daily and the fantastic relationships between<br />

our pupils and staff, the high standards of behaviour, the mutual respect, the<br />

calm, purposeful atmosphere and the superlative academic results are all<br />

testament to our dedication to that vision.<br />

When Mr Morgan came to the role of Principal from his position within the<br />

school’s leadership team, he noted: ‘I will move the school <strong>for</strong>ward but I will<br />

ensure we concentrate on the fundamentals of this job – teaching quality,<br />

pastoral care and upholding the unique ethos of The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong>.’<br />

Several years on, Mr Morgan has stayed true to those aims and adds: ‘Our<br />

continued success as a school comes from hard work, and dedication from<br />

an enormous team – one that is made up of talented staff, enthused, happy<br />

students, supportive parents and a superb Board of Governors. Together we<br />

have a single focus: that each individual student achieves.’<br />

‘Students flourish in this outstanding<br />

and truly exceptional school’ (Ofsted)<br />



‘Students take their responsibilities<br />

seriously, both as learners and as<br />

partners in helping to determine<br />

school decision-making.’<br />

Student Voice<br />

We aim to develop citizens who are equipped to become thoughtful, articulate, confident and<br />

responsible members of society. What is more, we firmly believe that students can offer valuable<br />

insights into school practice. Students are there<strong>for</strong>e given as many opportunities as possible<br />

to have their voice heard and to shape decisions made in school and in their local community.<br />

Our <strong>School</strong> Council leads the way in campaigning successfully in areas such as the House<br />

structure, transport, after-school activities and the enhancement of the school’s facilities. They<br />

also play an important part in the recruitment process and selection of new staff.<br />

Eco-Council, Peer Mentoring, Student Librarians and House Captaincies offer additional<br />

opportunities <strong>for</strong> our students to become involved and make a difference to the life of the<br />

school. At Sixth Form, students have the chance to occupy important leadership positions<br />

as Head Boy or Head Girl while the Sixth Form Council play an active role not only in the<br />

management of the Sixth Form itself, but sit on wider school committees advising on such<br />

important issues as E-Safety.<br />

Each year students are also actively engaged in fund-raising and charitable work <strong>for</strong> a number<br />

of causes. From talent shows to sponsored runs, lunches <strong>for</strong> the elderly in the community and<br />

Fairtrade Fortnight, the commitment of our pupils is always inspiring.<br />


‘An excited buzz permeates<br />

the learning’ (Ofsted)<br />

Curriculum<br />

The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> delivers a comprehensive curriculum – one which we aim<br />

to adapt to suit the needs of each student. We there<strong>for</strong>e provide an excellent and<br />

varied education which develops learning skills and a broader<br />

understanding of the world around us.<br />

5<br />


The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> was awarded specialist status in both Languages and<br />

Sciences in recognition of the excellent provision of both these subjects at our<br />

school. Although the Department <strong>for</strong> Education has discontinued specialisms,<br />

we remain committed to these subject areas and our considerable investment<br />

in them.<br />

As well as teaching our main languages of French, Spanish and German,we offer<br />

twilight lessons in Russian, Italian and Mandarin Chinese. Student exchange<br />

opportunities and even work experience abroad are all offered to enhance<br />

language skills and cultural understanding.<br />

The Science department gains superb results at both GCSE and A Level. The<br />

department further enhances the curriculum by providing an array of special<br />

events as well as science and engineering clubs designed to inspire and broaden<br />

the subjects’ appeal and reach.<br />

From traditional academic subjects through the Arts, sport and vocational<br />

learning, <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> students at all levels are given the opportunity to<br />

achieve. Learning support is readily accessible. Programmes <strong>for</strong> all learning<br />

levels are devised and overseen by specially dedicated Pastoral as well as Gifted<br />

and Talented teams.<br />

Ofsted inspectors judge the quality of education at The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> to be<br />

‘outstanding’ and note that pupils of all abilities are able to make exceptionally<br />

good progress at each stage of their school life. This is achieved, Ofsted says,<br />

through the purposeful learning, taken seriously by students and the ‘excellent<br />

and often inspiring teaching.’<br />

‘Flexibility and the ability to respond to individual<br />

needs are at the heart of the curriculum and help<br />

promote enjoyment and excellent achievement’<br />


‘The resources and support available are fantastic,<br />

the teachers are passionate about their subjects<br />

and are always willing to help… the environment<br />

is positive, supportive and friendly.’<br />

(Adam Ellison, Sixth Form Student)<br />

Sixth Form at The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

The Sixth Form flourishes, with over 250 students enjoying exceptional teaching across more<br />

than 30 subject areas in a broad, innovative and high-achieving curriculum. Achievement is<br />

‘Outstanding’ (Ofsted) with A Level results that have ranked consistently in England’s Top State<br />

<strong>School</strong> Sixth Forms.<br />

The Sixth Form at The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> is known <strong>for</strong> its highly successful University preparation.<br />

Year on year our students set their sights and win places at the country’s top universities - such<br />

as Ox<strong>for</strong>d, Cambridge and others in the Russell Group - and on highly competitive Apprenticeship<br />

Programmes.<br />

The Sixth Form shares the positive, enthusiastic, focused atmosphere that is evident<br />

throughout the school and which is often remarked upon. Additionally, the Sixth<br />

Form has its own distinctive character – one that reflects the growing maturity and<br />

independence of the young adults who <strong>for</strong>m it.<br />

Working in this friendly, caring environment with its strong academic ethos, our<br />

Sixth Form students are encouraged to aspire. Their teachers, meanwhile, are readily<br />

accessible – taking an active, mentoring role, sharing in the students’ high expectations<br />

and helping them prepare <strong>for</strong> the next chapter in their lives.<br />

While the current Sixth Form Centre provides excellent learning facilities <strong>for</strong> the students including<br />

a fully networked study room and a busy, social Common Room, a new, greatly enhanced<br />

<strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> Sixth Form Centre is now under way. The Sixth Form is regarded as the ‘flagship’<br />

of the school – a privileged position from which students can benefit from and also enrich<br />

the life of the school as a whole.<br />



The Individual<br />

Over four consecutive inspections, Ofsted inspectors judged the quality of the<br />

education at The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> to be Outstanding – and across all categories.<br />

This is the highest accolade that can be given to any school.<br />

Inspectors concluded that students flourish at The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> because<br />

they are ‘valued as individuals and staff are driven by a passionate belief that<br />

all can achieve.’<br />

As the inspectors found, at The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> we do believe that all can<br />

achieve and each pupil is encouraged to do their very best. Endeavour and<br />

resilience are applauded and respect <strong>for</strong> one another is one of the school’s<br />

abiding tenets.<br />

We also celebrate success – success of the group as a whole but also success<br />

of the individual. Recognising and celebrating individual successes is one of<br />

the many ways in which our pupils are actively encouraged to further personal<br />

interests and take pride in personal bests – both their own and those of their<br />

peers. We recognize all that goes well, from the everyday successes to the<br />

extraordinary. Rewards can be given in a variety of ways: praise, publicity, letters<br />

home, house points and, ultimately, awards at the annual Speech Day.<br />

Our staff are dedicated, not just to excellent, inspiring teaching in the classroom<br />

but to the individuals they teach. Pupils are well known by teachers and this<br />

friendliness of spirit characterises relationships within the school community.<br />

The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> staff are to be regularly seen at weekend sports events, in<br />

the audience as students take part in concerts and festivals, and cheering pupils<br />

on in competitions. Teachers’ interest is genuine and staff go to extraordinary<br />

lengths to support pupils in achieving their goals, fulfilling their potential and<br />

helping them explore opportunities beyond the classroom.<br />

7<br />

‘Outstanding care, guidance and support are<br />

central to everything the school stands <strong>for</strong>.’ (Ofsted)

Facilities<br />


‘Expectations of all are high and activities<br />

are carefully planned to excite,<br />

interest and inspire learning.’ (Ofsted)<br />

The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> has benefited from almost continuous building work since<br />

it opened its doors in 1988. New classrooms, science labs, music rooms, and<br />

design and technology facilities create an environment designed <strong>for</strong> excellence<br />

in both teaching and learning.<br />

Access to an on-site swimming pool, our own astro turf pitches, tennis courts<br />

and a magnificent Sports Hall <strong>complete</strong> a superb suite of sports facilities.<br />

Meanwhile, we maintain a programme of landscaping, maintenance and tree<br />

planting on our extensive property ensuring that our students have well designed<br />

recreation spaces that provide them with plenty of opportunity to socialise,<br />

exercise and breathe fresh air.<br />

Classrooms throughout The <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> are fitted with the latest technology<br />

including interactive whiteboards and digital audio visual equipment. ICT suites<br />

are readily accessible and provide students with a fully networked, well managed<br />

system <strong>for</strong> research, projects and study during lessons, break times and be<strong>for</strong>e<br />

and after school.<br />

The school Library offers an excellent range of texts and resources <strong>for</strong> pupils of<br />

all ages, interests and abilities. The Sixth Form have their own dedicated area of<br />

the library containing set texts and study aids, and works specially selected <strong>for</strong><br />

them by their tutors and teachers. The Library is open be<strong>for</strong>e and after school<br />

every day offering help with homework and learning support to the many pupils<br />

who use it.<br />


Widening Horizons<br />

While <strong>Cotswold</strong> <strong>School</strong> pupils have all the advantages of the open, green spaces<br />

and country pursuits that our rural setting brings, the larger cultural centres<br />

(including Ox<strong>for</strong>d, Strat<strong>for</strong>d upon Avon, Birmingham, Bristol and London) are<br />

regularly and easily accessed <strong>for</strong> the numerous events and shows our pupils<br />

may wish to attend.<br />


We firmly believe in developing our students’ understanding of and appreciation<br />

<strong>for</strong> the wider world, preparing them to be global citizens. The school actively<br />

promotes its International Status and has <strong>for</strong>ged links with schools in Zambia,<br />

China, Argentina, France and India.<br />

‘The list of opportunities is impressive’ (Ofsted)<br />

We welcome regular visits from <strong>for</strong>eign students <strong>for</strong> cultural exchanges and there<br />

is also an extensive array of local and international trips available: History trips<br />

to Goodrich Castle, the Somme, Berlin and Krakow; sports tours around the UK,<br />

Barbados and France, and skiing in the Alps; Geography excursions in Wales<br />

and to Iceland; cultural tours to France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Russia,<br />

China and the United States; and month long team expeditions to far-flung<br />

destinations such as Zambia, Nicaragua and Borneo.<br />

As diverse as the school’s curriculum, the extensive programme of co-curricular<br />

activities further enriches our pupils’ secondary school experience. Clubs and<br />

after school activities abound. Our pupils can take part in power-kite flying,<br />

cooking, speech and debate, dance and gymnastics; a wide variety of sports,<br />

philosophy, language, science and engineering clubs; BBC <strong>School</strong> Report,<br />

student book club, annual fashion show, instrument and singing lessons, Duke<br />

of Edinburgh awards, choir, music ensembles, school productions and more.<br />

‘Students are very well prepared<br />

<strong>for</strong> their futures beyond school’ (Ofsted)<br />



The Avenue<br />

Bourton-on-the-Water<br />

Cheltenham<br />

Gloucestershire<br />

GL54 2BD<br />

Tel: 01451 820554/01451 820938<br />

Fax: 01451 810658<br />

Email: admin@thecotswoldschool.co.uk<br />


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