Global Reggae Charts - Issue #5 / September 2017


Inside you can find the latest reggae album and single charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.

issue # 5 | september 2017

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Karsten Frehe - Germany

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global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017

global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017


Welcome to a new edition of the Global Reggae Charts! We are five months in and the charts are

becoming. But we are still far from being contempt. Last month, I talked about improving our editorial

concept. This quickly developed into internal talks about overhauling our website.

We launched with a quick implementation of the site in order to get things going without committing

too many resources (after all, this is still a project we realize in our spare time). But by now we

have the core piece, the voting system in place and think that it’s robust enough to proceed on that

basis. Thus, we can now set our eyes on new goals.

Relaunching our site and making it a better experience and a more inviting place on the internet is

high on our priority list. Some ideas are pretty straight forward. Putting more data and content on

the site in a native web format - and not only in the form of our e-zine - is an obvious next step. As

I mentioned in the last edition’s editorial, we don’t aim to become another media outlet. Rather, we

are going to focus on the charts and some industry-specific content.

So far, we haven’t worked out a detailed plan for the relaunch yet. We’ll begin the real work at the

end of the year. However, we are already collecting ideas. Our major question in that regard is:

How can the Global Reggae Charts website provide the utmost value to its users? And, since it

determines the answer to the former question: Who are our users?

In order to get a better idea of the latter, we set up a brief reader poll last month. You can still

participate at Moreover, if you have ideas how we can improve,

please drop us a line at We are grateful for any


Moreover, we are also very open for new collaborators. So, if you are interested in contributing to

the Global Reggae Charts, we’d be very interested to hear from you. At this point in time, I don’t

want limit your suggestions as helping hands are generally a good thing. But of course there are

a couple of things that would be particularly useful: web development, music and reggae industry-specific

writing (or other content!) or data science. But as I said before: these are only some

things that come to mind. If you are interested in contributing in whatever capacity: write to with a brief introduction and some lines on why/how you want to

support. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!



Thomas Euler is founder of the German reggae & dancehall blogazine // feedback:


global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017

Album single Charts | top 20


Ending 31/08/2017

Contributing voters: 56


# LM 2M PK Mo Artist Single Label

↑ 1 3 2 1 3 Kabaka Pyramid Can‘t Breathe Ghetto Youths International

↑ 2 15 - 2 4 Samory I Rasta Nuh Gangsta Rorystonelove / Black Dub

+ 3 - - 3 1 Alborosie Living Dread Baco

↑ 4 7 12 4 4 Hempress Sativa Rock It Ina Dance Conquering Lion

5 1 1 1 3 Damian Marley Medication feat. Stephen Marley Universal

+ 6 - - 6 1 Capital Letters Judgement Day Sugar Shack

7 2 4 2 4 Chronixx Skanking Sweet Virgin

8 4 8 3 4 Protoje Blood Money Mr Bongo

↑ 9 13 - 9 2 Estelle Love Like Ours feat. Tarrus Riley VP

10 9 - 7 3 Collie Buddz Good Life Harper Digital

11 10 - 10 2 Jesse Royal Always Be Around Easy Star

↑12 14 6 1 5 Talisman Relijan Sugar Shack

13 6 11 4 4 Morgan Heritage We Are feat. Kabaka Pyramid & Dre Island Cool To Be Conscious

14 11 10 10 5 Hempress Sativa Fight For Your Rights Conquering Lion

+ 15 - - 15 1 Pressure Busspipe Sensi Jah Mikey One & Haze St. Dub

16 8 13 2 5 Havana meets Kingston Carnival feat. Solis & Randy Valentine Baco

+ 17 - - 17 1 Black Roots I Believe feat. Jah Garvey Nubian

+ 18 - - 18 1 Dubmatix Roll Dem feat. Gappy Ranks Dub Arc

+ 19 - - 19 1 Cornell Campbell My Roots Girl Med Tone

+ 20 - - 20 1 Cookie The Herbalist Eaze! feat. Lee „Scratch“ Perry Boomrush

+ 20 - - 20 1 Mungo‘s Hi Fi Amsterdam feat. Eva Lazarus Scotch Bonnet

+ 20 - - 20 1 Jesse Royal Generation feat. Jo Mersa Marley Easy Star

Samory I

Hempress Sativa Kabaka Pyramid Alborosie Dubmatix

global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017 2

Album Charts | top 10


Ending 31/08/2017

Contributing voters: 44


# LM 2M PK Mo Artist Album Label

↑ 1 2 - 1 2 Samory I Black Gold Rorystonelove / Black Dub

2 1 - 1 2 Chronixx Chronology Virgin

3 3 - 3 2 Damian Marley Stony Hill Republic

↑ 4 5 7 2 5 Inna De Yard The Soul of Jamaica Wagram / Chapter Two

↑ 5 7 8 1 5 Nattali Rize Rebel Frequency Baco

↑ 6 9 - 6 2 Perfect Giddimani Live My Life Again Giddimani

7 6 2 2 3 Morgan Heritage Avrakedabra Cool To Be Conscious

+ 8 - - 8 1 Alborosie Freedom In Dub VP

+ 8 - - 8 1 Christos DC Tessera Honest Music

+ 10 - - 10 1 Illbilly Hitec One Thing Leads to Another Echo Beach

Perfect Giddimani


Illbilly Hitec

Samory I

Christos DC

# = this month’s position on the chart LM = last month’s position on the chart 2M = position two months ago

PK = peak position MO = months on the chart ↑= signifies upward movement + = new entry

#make your vote on


global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017

global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017 4




global reggae charts

featured voter


For the fifth issue of our magazine we talked to

Karsten Frehe, who presents his show „Forward the

Bass“ at the awarded internet station Byte FM.

Global Reggae Charts: Can you please introduce

yourself and your radio show!

Karsten: My name is Karsten Frehe and I am working

as an art and geography teacher at a school in

Hamburg. For a really long time now, Reggae and

especially Dub have also been very important to me.

I started Irie Ites (Germany) in 1995. Since then I have

been writing reviews and articles for different magazines,

especially the German Riddim mag, as well. In

November 2014 I started my radio show at ByteFM.

ByteFM is a very well-known and influencial German

webradio based in Hamburg. Check it out at www.

short FACTS

Station: Byte FM

Location: Hamburg

Show: Forward The Bass

Host: Karsten Frehe

On air: Monday 18:00 to 19:00 CEST (UTC+2)


GRC: What are the features you like better about

radio than the website? And the other way around?

K: Radio is more spontaneous and I can play a big

variety of tunes without having to write articles or

reviews about the artists. I include old and new tunes

with different flavours of reggae inspired music. The

website takes a lot more time to work on. You need to

listen to the music closely in order to write a proper

review or article.

GRC: What spectrum of music do you play in your

show and which artists have you found most inspiring


GRC: You have been involved with for a

long time. How did you become a radio DJ?

K: Irie Ites started as a radio show in 1995 and is still

running at a local public radio in Kassel. After that

the sound system, website and label were founded.

I left Kassel in 1998 and others took over the radio

show. But radio has always been a major interest of

mine, so I knocked on the door of ByteFM and since

then I’ve been broadcasting again.

K: Like I have said, the variety is pretty big. I am a

fan of roots reggae, digital dancehall, rock steady,

ska and especially dub. I am not a big fan of modern

roots any more, because the lyrical contents and the

music seem to stay the same and some of the releases

are really uninspired. But I definitely find loads of

fine and exciting music in the global dub scene. Here

is a little namedropping, of what I have been playing

lately: Stand High Patrol, Roger Robinson, Dub Dynasty,

Dubmatix, Vibronics, Aldubb and a lot more.

Next to that scene, you can find jewels of releases in

other genres of reggae, like the amazing rock steady

album „Nothing More To Say“ by The Frightnrs. Of

the newer releases, I have been playing almost every

tune from the exceptional album „Hira“ by Meta &

The Cornerstones.


global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017



global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017 8


global reggae charts

featured artist

Women in Reggae

Text: Thomas Euler //

Reggae and dancehall historically both had their fair

share of highly talented and artistically impactful

women. Still, by and large the two genres certainly

qualify as male-dominated. For every Marcia Griffith,

Sister Nancy, Tanya Stephens or Lady Saw, there

always used to be a multiple of male artists with

comparable standing. At least when judging on the

grounds of their commercial success which often

didn’t measure up to the critical acclaim and the

fan’s appreciation. Multiple factors contributed to

that development, ranging from industry dynamics

(some might describe them as patriarchal) to societal


What certainly didn’t contribute is a lack of talent. Through

the years, the great ladies of reggae have created

some of the genre’s very best records, among

them several all-time classics. As such, it is great to

see that today’s generation of reggae and dancehall

artists features a number of women at the forefront:

Jah9, Etana and Spice are among Jamaica’s most notorious

artists. And the Australian singer Nattali Rize

has gained momentum internationally (her current

album Rebel Frequency topped the Global Reggae

Charts for two months straight).

And once you look under the surface and dig a bit

deeper than the highest-profile names, you’ll find a

lot more. There is a whole bunch of highly talented

and very promising young women like Xana Romeo,

Toian, LMK, Marcy Chin, Ishawna, Sevana or

Shanique Marie. None of them appears to be contempt

with the status-quo of women in reggae. And,

more importantly, none them seems particularly affected

by historical limitations the genre might have

put in front of female artists.

Another name that definitely needs to be mentioned

in that context is Hempress Sativa. In early 2017, she

released her debut album Unconquerebel which

gained a lot of positive feedback from fans, critics

and fellow musicians alike. Before that, her single

Rock It Ina Dance had already achieved notoriety

on dances and radio alike. The song illustrated that

Hempress is well-versed in old school dancehall

vibes and capable of reworking them into a fresh

sound. To get there, she worked with no other than

Hopeton Overton Brown - better known as Scientist.

Having a reggae and dub legend in her inner circle -

Scientist mixed another three songs from the album

- is a good indication of her appreciation for the

music’s pioneers.

Which isn’t a coincidence. Her father, Albert “Ilawi

Malawi” Johnson, used to be a selektor at Jah Love

Muzik, a Sound System that was pretty popular from

the late 70’s throughout the 80’s. Growing up in a

musical household meant Kerida Johnson (Sativa’s

birth name) came in contact with reggae music from

a very early age. In comparison to other kids whose

parents are music fans, though, said contact wasn’t

limited to listening to the music. Instead, by virtue

of having a music professional as a parent, she also

learnt what it means to be in the music industry.

That, interestingly, isn’t an uncommon theme among

today’s generation of Jamaican artists. Here is a brief

(and very incomplete!) list of artists whose parents

were professionally involved with reggae in some


- Chronixx (father: Chronicle, singer)

- Protoje (mother: Lorna Bennett, singer)

- Keznamdi (both parents: Chakula, band)

- Xana Romeo (father: Max Romeo, singer)

- Marley siblings (father: Bob Marley, singer;

- Stephen & Ziggy also: mother: Rita Marley, singer)

- Queen Ifrica (father: Derrick Morgan, singer)

- Ishawna (father: Don Angelo, singer)

- Meleku (father: Sizzla, singer)

- and many more


global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017

global reggae charts

featured artist

Now, don’t get me wrong: That’s neither a criticism

nor would I dare say that “your career is simply the

child of your parent’s success. It still takes talent,

effort and one’s creative vision - and in many cases

very likely a lot of thick skin to deal with such accusations

and the inner conflicts they can produce.

Instead, I regard it as an entirely positive thing. More

knowledge about how the game is being played makes

for better players and results.

And this can easily be witnessed when looking at

Hempress Sativa’s work. Although her career is arguably

still in its early stages, she has put out some

very ripe music already. She clearly has the vibes

and the talent. Also, she managed to work with some

great collaborators; Scientist is only one example.

Others are drummer Kirk Bennett, guitarist Earl

“Chinna” Smith or Errol “Flabba” Holt who bring

many combined decades of reggae experience to the

(studio) table. And, most importantly, she knows how

to bring all this together into a compelling package.

A feat that takes many years of experience. Which

she started to make from early on.

Projecting the future is generally an inaccurate science

and probably twice so in the world of music.

But if Kerida Johnson continues on her current path,

it’s hard to see why her next endeavors shouldn’t be

leading her to good places. She is one of the most

exciting female reggae artists. And she’s part of a

generation that could change the entire perception of

what it means to be a woman in reggae.

title: Hempress Sativa - Unconquerebel

label: Conquering Lion Records

release date: 07|01|2017

global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017


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global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017

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global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017

global reggae charts | issue 5 / sept 2017

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