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Dress shoe sales are down. Career wear

sales are down. What’s up? Casualization

of America is what’s up. Athleisure has

gone from weekend to weekday, gym to

the office.

Counter this trend by differentiating your

look with something a bit classier and

smidge dressier; with a whole lot

more panache. We call this the

counter trend.

Crisp pressed shirts can oomph

the professionalism of a turnip.

No offense meant to turnips.

When you want to turn heads

and make your guests feel extra

special, invest in a look that

reflects a by-gone sensibility

for dressing to impress.

Blazers are coming back, as are

slacks, polished shoes, and neck ties. You

may have to teach some youngsters what

a Windsor knot is but who doesn’t like the

look of freshly pressed pleats?

Looking great

is no hoax!

A funny thing happens when we humans

wear fancier clothes. We behave a bit

fancier too. We become ladies and

gentlemen. Capture the timeless respect

that a well-fitting ensemble garners from

your guests.

Set a dressier tone and let

staff live up to the image.

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