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Annual Report


Table of Contents

President’s Report .................................................................................................... 2

Operational Update.................................................................................................. 3

Collection Management Project ............................................................................. 4

Our 2017 Staff .......................................................................................................... 5

Transition 2017 ......................................................................................................... 7

Bridge River Gold .................................................................................................... 9

Museum Day ...........................................................................................................10

Financial Report 2017 ............................................................................................11

President’s Report

During the last year we continued to make good progress on our collection management by cataloguing

and digitization of the permanent collection.

We had up to 4 staff rotating this summer and were so able to get a lot done while being open for visitors

in our temporary location.

I want to thank our dedicated staff for ensuring that this big task is moving forward. We’d also like to

particularly thank Susan Medville, our Heritage Consultant, without whose expertise we would not be

moving forward as we are.

I’d like to thank our outgoing board (Michelle Nortje, Debbie Demare, Roger Geeves and Pat Dahle) for

their dedication and commitment. Also a big THANK YOU to the Heritage Committee: Roger Geeves,

Lorna Geeves, Judith Hull, Assu Nydam, John Robins, Debbie Demare, Cara Demare, Teri Anderson.

They have spent many hours guiding the movement of the Bralorne Pioneer Museum in to the coming


Through the purchase of the former Bralorne Pioneer Mine Motel through the Bridge River Valley

Community Association, we will be able to now plan for a move to the new location at a later point and

give the museum a permanent home within the mixed use building.

One challenge we keep facing is to gather stories from people that lived here (and still live here) about the

rich history of the Bridge River Valley.

Many visitors stopped by this year and shared their personal story and their connection to the area. It

always impresses me when somebody random has ties to the valley and finds themselves or a close

relative in one of the pictures.

We will continue to work hard to ensure that we preserve our unique artifacts for future generations.

Andre Kuerbis

President, Bralorne Pioneer Museum Society

Operational Update

• Operating at the temporary museum – 3767

Lillooet-Pioneer Rd. 40

• Part time year round staff – 6 hours per week

• Summer staff – weekends – 18 hours per week –

May long weekend – Thanksgiving

• Basic Exhibit Completed

• 553 visitors from May to October (excl. bus tours)

• Four bus tours – approximately 100 guests

• Donations to General Fund as at October 30

totalled $ 3123

• Online fundraising to Oct. 30 (included in above

amount) $725

• Regular contributions to Mountain Telegraph


• Maintained Facebook page

• Created an Instagram account

• Professionally produced advertising and related

marketing materials

Special thanks to Roger and Lorna Geeves and Teri Anderson for their hard work getting the new

exhibits completed for Museum opening in May

Collection Management Project

• Two days of staff training were provided with Susan Medville in early 2017

• Work started on those collection cards that had not been input into Past Perfect

previously but needed to get into the Museums data system. It was slow going at first

and there were days that went faster than other when inputting the information in Past

Perfect. Near the end of May the cards were completed.

• In the summer there were two students, Emilie Larsen and Kali Chetcuti working on

Collections. During that time from early June more archival boxes were started.

• Also on the list were a huge amount of photograph’s that needed to be scanned. While

one student scanned the photographs the other staff numbered the items to have them

ready for uploading.

• Prior to uploading (Emilie) the photographs, the numbers had to be changed on the

scanning end. Those photographs were uploaded into Past Perfect with matching


• All in all a total of between 2500-3500 pictures had been captured. They are now in

archival boxes for future reference, Nine boxes in total at this time. We reached our

goal prior to the student leaving for the summer.

• At beginning of 2017 there were 12 completed archival boxes, the next box to be

completed will have the total at 29!

• Two grant applications to the Canadian Conservation Institute. They are for The Snow

Queen Robe (Cape) and the Brexton Sign. Confirmation has been received that the

applications will participate in the annual evaluation in November , fingers crossed they

are chosen. Great work Janis who had never done this type of thing before.

• Our main staff Janis is taking additional training this November on Collections

Management and the Past Perfect Software.

Summary of Key Accomplishments of Collection for 2017

• Total Collection Cards: 1600.

• Entered 305 cards plus additional 237 or 33.875% increase

• Substantial increase of Archival Boxes and Artifacts put away up 41.379% from 2016

• Scanning and uploading of pictures prior to students leaving increase of 80% from 2016

• Grant applications accepted by the Canadian Conservation Institute-Evaluation in


• On-Line courses for Collection Management to be taken in November-Past Perfect.

Our 2017 Staff

Susan Medville

Susan Medville, M.A., member of Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals is the

Principal of Mountain Heritage. She is a historian, cultural resource specialist and heritage and

museum planner. For the past few years she has served as a heritage consultant for working with

the Bridge River Valley Community Association Heritage Committee to assist with the planning

and management their many heritage resources.

In 2017 Susan worked with the Bralorne Pioneer Museum to develop their exhibit at the Hurst

Building, the Museum’s interim home. The exhibit includes six illustrated text panels discussing

the history of Bralorne and Pioneer from the first prospectors coming to the area, through the

booming years of the mines to the closing of the Pioneer Mine and the Whiting’s purchase of the

Bralorne town-site. A limited number of artifacts were selected and put on display. During this

time period Susan also met with Museum Staff to familiarize them in the process of cataloguing

the Museum’s collection and handling and storing the artifacts. She is currently working with the

Museum to develop a plan for the transfer of the Museum from the Hurst building to the

Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office which will become the Museum’s permanent home.

Long time museum advocate and staff person, Teri Anderson greeted

visitors on the weekend this year.

Janis Irvine

Janis Irvine has joined us as Museum Assistant in early 2017. She will be at the Museum on

Monday year around. She will also be doing two days a week on the Collection Management


A little about Janis:

• hold a diploma as a paralegal, payroll specialist and

school graduate.

• two previous businesses under my belt and the

encouragement from the Business Development Bank of

Canada I received hours of advice and training in

marketing, sales techniques and customer service to

become a superior competitor in my field.

• Janis is passionate about any new assignments given and

takes pride in completion

• In her spare time my immediate family and extended

family have priority. She enjoies the great outdoors,

fishing, snowmobiling, boating and activities this great

area has to offer. Watching the wild life, enjoying the

fauna and clean living.

Transition 2017

In order to facilitate the best possible shared operational opportunities, in 2015 the Bralorne-

Pioneer Museum signed a management agreement with BRVCA. BRVCA, through its Heritage

Committee will manage the operations of the Bralorne-Pioneer Museum going forward.

In July 2017, The Bridge River Valley Community Association purchased the Bralorne Pioneer

Mines Motel (nee Office) with the intention of relocating the Bralorne Pioneer Museum into the


It is the intent of the Bridge River Valley Community Association in partnership with the Bralorne

Pioneer Museum Society to create a space for the Museum that will become an attraction for

visitors and a place to celebrate the area’s rich heritage.

The Bralorne Pioneer Mines Motel, first opened in 1939 and was the site of the Bralorne Pioneer

Mines Office. Now that the building has been purchased, the next step will be to renovate a

significant portion of the building to become the new home of the Bralorne Pioneer Museum,

which was established in 1977.

The remainder of the building will be activated for purposes of revenue generation, including long

term rentals of both office space and residential, a gift shop and coffee shop. The revenue streams

will create new professional jobs in the community and will also help to ensure the ongoing

maintenance of an important heritage building.

This project would not be possible without the generous support of many funders including; The

Government of Canada – Gas Tax Fund – Community Works Fund program, the Province of BC

and the BC Museums Association – BC| Canada 150: Celebrating B.C Communities and their

Contribution to Canada program, the Bralorne-Pioneer Museum Society, Northern Development

Initiative Trust – Community Halls and Recreation Facilities Program , the Squamish- Lillooet

Regional District – Northern Payment In Lieu of taxes fund, as well as several private funders.

The Bridge River Valley Community Association sincerely appreciates the support and we are

thankful to our funders who are making this project a reality.

Project Background

In 2010, the Bridge River Valley Community Association conducted a building assessment and

cost analysis of the Bralorne Pioneer Museum’s existing location. The structure, which had

housed the museum since the 1980’s was constructed in the 1950’s as a temporary class room for

the Bralorne High School’s Industrial Arts programme. The 2010 report advised the Museum

Society not to renovate the museum’s existing building due to advanced structural damage. The

report concluded that the best course of action would be either to construct a new building on the

existing site or find a suitable building in Bralorne in which to relocate the museum. The

community determined that constructing a new building on the existing location would be cost


By 2014, the Museum building had deteriorated to the point that the most vulnerable items in the

collection had to be moved to a temporary leased location to ensure protection from environmental


During this time, the community identified the possibility of relocating to the Bralorne Pioneer

Mines Office (Motel) as the most beneficial solution. It is the only building in the Bralorne

townsite both large enough and in reasonable enough condition to occupy. The building is

prominently located in the centre of Bralorne and has been well cared for since it became privately

held in the 1970s when the mine closed.

Further, the building served as the Mines office from 1939- 1971 and carries historic significance

to the community. Coincidentally, the Mines Office building was the original home of the museum

when it first opened its doors in 1977. However the museum had to be relocated when the office

came under new ownership in the 1980s.

Through this project, the Museum will come full-circle and return to its original home, while

providing other economic opportunities for the community and a self-sustaining revenue source to

maintain the building.

Bridge River Gold

The much beloved Bridge River Gold book has long

been out of print.

Permission was provided to the Bralorne Pioneer

Museum to have rights to the book and to republish.

The Museum had done some fundraising to reproduce

the book some years ago. A Total of $1680 was

donated. Now thanks to the financial assistance of the

SLRD Area A Select Funds Grant In Aide, the finances

now exist to reproduce the book

Of course, things have changed and the digital era is

upon us, so the first step was having the book


Judith Hull has taken on spearheading the editing of the

book. We also found a wonderful book publishing

professional who is assisting us.

The goal with best of luck and everything moving

smoothly is to have the book available by July 2017.

Our hope is to also make the book available for sale as

an e-book.

Special thanks to Dir. Debbie Demare, Judith Hull, and

Ellen Trembley for the countless hours this is going to


Museum Day

As part of an effort to reach out and rebuild connections with the many people who lived and

worked in Bralorne and area, we held our first annual Museum Day on September 8.

The Bralorne Reunion organizers were contacted and the afternoon’s events were designed in

conjunction with their schedule out here in the Valley.

Additional outreach efforts are planned to reach out to folks having luncheons, etc. so we can

take our photographs which need some identification of people, places and time.

Financial Report 2017

• A yearly budget is created for the Bralorne Pioneer Museum and variance reports are

produced twice per year

• With the reopening on the weekends in 2017, significant visitation and related donations

were made to date (Oct. 30) of $2698

• Book and other types sales recommenced this year with net profit (at Oct 30) of $280

• Online fundraising thus far in 2017 through Canada Helps Great Canadian Giving

Challenge was $725

• A very generous donation of $5,000 was provided by John Robins for a specific purpose,

the Collection Management project

• While the Museum receives a taxation-based tax requisition from the SLRD of, other

sources of revenue do not allow for summer operations. Summer operations this year

cost approximately $6,000 for staff. In 2017, an SLRD Grant In Aide of $5,000 was

granted to assist the Museum to be open more hours during the summer months

• We have included the 2016 Financial Statements in this report


Financial Statements

Year Ended December 31, 2016

(Unaudited - See Notice To Reader)


Index to Financial Statements

Year Ended December 31, 2016

(Unaudited - See Notice To Reader)




Balance Sheet 2

Statement of Earnings and Retained Earnings 3

Notes to Financial Statements 4

155 Main Street

PO Box 1660

Lillooet, BC


phone: 250-256-0476

email: debraneufeldcpa@gmail.com

web: www.debraneufeldcpa.com


On the basis of information provided by management, I have compiled the balance sheet of Bralorne-

Pioneer Museum Society as at December 31, 2016 and the statement of earnings and retained earnings

for the year then ended.

I have not performed an audit or a review engagement in respect of these financial statements and,

accordingly, I express no assurance thereon.

Readers are cautioned that these statements may not be appropriate for their purposes.

The financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2015 were compiled by another accounting

firm and were neither audited nor reviewed and are presented for comparative purposes only.

Lillooet, British Columbia

October 10, 2017

Debra Neufeld, CPA



Balance Sheet

December 31, 2016

(Unaudited - See Notice To Reader)

2016 2015

$ $



Cash 15,394 18,125

Accounts receivable 6,173 1,981

Inventory 372 372

21,939 20,478



Accounts payable 2,059 2,000



See notes to financial statements



Statement of Earnings and Retained Earnings

Year Ended December 31, 2016

(Unaudited - See Notice To Reader)

2016 2015

$ $

REVENUE 50,480 49,297


Advertising and promotion 130 60

BRVCA Management Agreemen 14,698 16,092

Bad debts - 435

Fundraising Expenses 1,726 -

Office 421 528

Professional fees 1,200 1,145

Rental - 2,000

Repairs and maintenance - 385

Salaries and wages 17 15,385

Collections Management 30,886 -

Utilities - 829

49,078 36,859


NET ASSETS, beginning of year 18,478 6,040

NET ASSETS, end of year 19,880 18,478

See notes to financial statements



Notes to Financial Statements

Year Ended December 31, 2016

(Unaudited - See Notice To Reader)


Bralorne-Pioneer Museum Society (the "society") is incorporated provincially under the laws of the

province of British Columbia on November 4, 1977. Its main activity is the operation of a museum.


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