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Southern View: January 24, 2017

Southern View: January 24,

FREE TUESDAY JANUARY 24 2017 379 7100 Southern View Proudly locally owned and published by Star Media Award winning publishing group Bellbird (Korimako) Magazine OUT NOW! FREE in selected homes and outlets. A CHRISTCHURCH STAR COMPANY PUBLICATION Spreydon, Hoon Hay, Hillmorton, Cracroft, Cashmere, St Martins, Somerfield, Sydenham, Addington, Waltham, Opawa, Beckenham, Huntsbury, Woolston Plan to sort Rapaki Rd parking concerns stalls • By Caitlin Miles A PLAN to ban parking on busy Rapaki Rd has been put on hold due to nearby residents’ concerns of the impact on surrounding streets. The road is the main access route to Rapaki Track, which is popular with walkers, runners and mountain bikers – causing issues for people who live on Rapaki Rd. In November, the city council proposed banning parking on Rapaki Rd due to ongoing concern from residents about safely accessing the street and their driveways. A parking ban on one side of Erewhon Tce was also included in the plan, because cars are often parked on that street if Rapaki Rd is full. The proposal was meant to go to the Spreydon- Cashmere Community Board next month for approval, but that will be put on hold. Following the submissions received, city council acting head of transport Steffan Thomas said the project has been put on hold due to concerns raised over how the surrounding roads will be effected by the ban. The city council received 93 submissions on the plans, 66 supported the idea, 24 were against and three submissions were unclear. Thirty of those submissions, both for and against the parking restrictions, were concerned over the impact on the surrounding streets, namely Vernon Tce. One submitter opposed the plans because Vernon Tce is “already dangerously congested” and banning parking on Rapaki Rd will only add to the congestion. A Vernon Tce resident said they were “terrified that restrictions proposed on Rapaki Rd will have an extremely detrimental effect on traffic, congestion, parking and safety on Vernon Tce,” and opposed the parking ban unless more parking is provided elsewhere. “As a result, the project has been put on hold temporarily to consider whether any additional parking controls should be proposed further afield,” Mr Thomas said. City councillor Tim Scandrett (left) said Vernon Tce residents had a right to be concerned. “The ideas raised in the submissions were very good ones and we do need to look at the plan again and see what we can do,” Cr Scandrett said. Mr Thomas said the next step of the project will be to undertake further consultation with affected properties if changes are made to the plan. DON’T MISS OUT! LIMITeD OffeR! HOT PRICE Hot Hot Deal on 8KW on FLOOR 8KW CONSOLE Heat PumP $3,399 Heat Pump for Just installed “Model FUJitsU aBtG24lVt (Conditions apply) $2,999 Fujitsu ASTG24L 8 KW Fully Installed* CONGESTED: The city council will reconsider a parking ban on busy Rapaki Rd until a solution can be found. BLINDS...Cleaned, Repaired & Restored... Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with our re-oiling service. Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS High-tech Cleaning We clean and repair all types of blinds – Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Roller, Hollands, Romans and Pleated – with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Temperature Controlled Drying Re-oiling & Rejuvenating Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman Same Day Pick Up & Drop Off Six Year We offer BE a QUICK same-day, pick up and drop off Warranty Six Year service for most types of blinds. Bookings Warranty are required. Convenient Location Drop blinds into us by 9am, at Installed back to back, up to 3 metre pIpe 330 Cashel Street (near the run and electrIcal supply wIthIn 6 metres. Fitzgerald end), and collect them at the end of the day. Email: New Blind Sales Priced from $30 * Installation is back to back with up 5 meter pipe run electrical 6/105 Coleridge St, Sydenham, run Email: up to three Christchurch meters, in home assessment recommended Call for a FREE no obligation assessment and quotation PH 377 0034 OR 0800 800 734 PH 377 0034 OR 0800 800 734 10 5 only 6/105 Coleridge St, Sydenham, Christchurch * Conditions apply. Normal lending criteria, booking fee and annual account fee applies. Limited stock. Roller Blinds cleaned from as little as $20 per blind Ph 377 0770, 330 Cashel St, Christchurch SCAN QR code for Info > WE ARE OPEN Mon - Fri 7.30am to 5.00pm