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Gym instructor

gets Lincoln



to show

impact of



Linda Miratana has transformed the Lincoln Event Centre into a popular place for group gym

classes. Read about how and why her classes have proved so popular on page 8.

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

A NEW report on the impact

freedom camping is having on

the district may not be released

for another four months.

The report was presented

last week by the district

council as part of an internal

briefing on freedom

camping for its councillors.

District council chief



executive David Ward said

the report would not yet be

released because district

council staff were discussing the

survey results with neighbouring


This is to establish a Canterbury-wide

response to issues

caused by freedom camping.

The report, compiled over the

Christmas break, surveyed freedom

campers to gather information

on their demographics

and reasons for using

camping areas.

Selwyn Times was told

more than 100 people were

surveyed as part of the


District councillor Craig

Watson said pressure is being

put on the district after

the Christchurch City Council

changed its freedom camping

rules last year.

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Tuesday May 2 2017




IT IS a bit of a sporting edition

of Selwyn Times this week.

The UC Championships, the

schoolboy rugby competition,

started at the weekend and

Lincoln Combined got off to a

great start against city boys of St

Bede’s College (page 12). Lincoln

Combined had had a rough

season last year, with just one

win, but lets hope the lads can

keep up the momentum as they

head to Nelson this weekend.

West Melton’s Ben Taylor has

had a cracker year. Not only has

he been part of the winning St

Andrew’s College Maadi Cup

squad, but now he has been

named in the national junior

rowing team (page 13).

Finally, sports photographer

Karen Casey was at the combined

country rugby competition

match up of Lincoln v Rakaia at

the weekend. See all the action

over on page 15.

Hei kona.

Lincoln falls to Rakaia SPORT 15

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Tuesday May 2 2017 3


Strong support for RSA plans


• By Tom Doudney and Georgia


PLANS FOR a new Returned

and Services Association to

be established in Rolleston

have received a strong wave of

support from members at the

Templeton RSA.

It is proposed for a new RSA

to be established, co-locating the

Templeton RSA and the Regi-


mental History Centre based at

Burnham Military Camp.

At a special general meeting

held with the Templeton RSA

on Sunday, 63 members voted

for the organisation to move to

Rolleston while three members

voted against the proposal.

Templeton RSA president

John Rae said while plans for the


new RSA is the early stages,

the organisation is excited for

the move.

“We do hear of RSAs closing

throughout the country and

to have one opening I think is

something you can be proud of,”

he said.

Mr Rae said the new

Tasty Bites

relationship between the

history centre and RSA will

be positive not only for the

two organisations but for the

community in Rolleston.

NEW PLANS: Regimental History Centre chairman David

Clarkson said the centre would like to move out of the

Burnham Military Camp so it is more accessible to the



The Regimental History

Centre, which is a sub group

of the Canterbury Regiment

Association displays a

significant collection of South

Island military history.

Items on display at the

centre includes replicas of

New Zealand soldier Charles

Upham’s medals and a bass

drum that went ashore at

Gallipoli in 1915 containing

shell dressings applied to the

wounds of soldiers.

Regimental History Centre

chairman David Clarkson said

the centre would like to move

out of the military camp so it is

more accessible to the public.

“There are security issues and

it takes quite a bit of effort to get

people into the camp,” he said.

Mr Clarkson said if people

want to come see the displays

they have to go through the

camp’s guard house, give proof

of their identity and have people

monitor them while they are on


He said Rolleston would be

a good place for the centre due

to its population base and a

number of people who live in

the area are associated to the

military camp.

“We would be quite happy to

be on a site which is associated

with the RSA . . . it is like

us, an integral part of the

community and with a military

background,” he said.

A location for the RSA is still

yet to be decided on.


you like to see a new RSA

in Rolleston? Email your

views to georgia.oconnor@

In Brief


A group of youths started a

fire in a Rolleston school on

Thursday night. Emergency

services were called to

Clearview Primary on

Broadlands Dr at about 9.45pm

and found a fire near the fence

about 2x2m big. When police

arrived the group ran. They

conducted an area search but

didn’t find any of the youths.

“The caretaker has said this is

an ongoing problem,” Sergeant

Alex Pickover said.


Police are looking for a person

who shone a laser into a

southbound flight on Thursday

night. Air traffic control

contacted the Rolleston police

to report the laser strike that

happened between 6.30-7pm.

The Mt Cook Airline flight was

at about 8000ft when there was

a brief strike in the cockpit,

but it did not affect the flight.

Sergeant Alex Pickover said it is

believed the offender who shone

the laser could have been near

Birdlings Flat or Lake Ellesmere

and police searched the area but

didn’t find anyone. If you have

any information phone

363 7400 or anonymously

through Crimestoppers on

0800 555 111.


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4 Tuesday May 2 2017

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Backyard critters


White butterfly woes

Looking Back


Bowie is an

ecologist who

specialises in


(insects and

other invertebrates). Each

week he introduces a

new species found in

his backyard at Lincoln.

His column aims to raise

public awareness of

biodiversity, the variety of

living things around us:

IF YOU have ever grown

broccoli, cauliflower and

cabbages you will have cursed

the white butterfly caterpillars

that can massacre your brassica


Pieris rapae is the scientific

name for this destructive species

of cruciferous farm and garden

crops which is more commonly

seen as a ubiquitous white


The species arrived in New

Zealand in 1929 and quickly

became a widespread pest

of brassica crops, including

cabbage, throughout the country.

The wingspan of the butterfly

ranges from 32-47mm and the

number of black dots on the forewings

identifies the males from

TROUBLE: White butterflies

are known to be a curse for

gardeners trying to grow

broccoli, cauliflower and

cabbages. Right: The white

butterfly caterpillar. ​

the females – males have a single

dot on each front wing, while

females have two on each.

The female butterflies can

survive for three weeks and flies

an average of 700m per day,

although one specimen is known

to have flown 12km in a single


Yellow elongated eggs like

miniature corn cobs are laid on

the underside on host plants.

When larvae emerge their

NEW LOCATION ADVERT.pdf 1 1/05/2014 11:51:35 a.m.




No job too big or small

first meal is often the eggshell

followed by the host plant.

Larvae are a distinctive bluegreen

when young but change to

a greener hue.

The larvae have a yellow

dorsal line and dashes along its

sides between the black ringed

spiracles or breathing holes.

Two small parasitic wasp

species have been introduced

to New Zealand as bio-control

agents of the pest help to keep

numbers in check.

•Specimens collected by

Mike Bowie will be logged

online at http://naturewatch. This is a place where

you can share what you see

in nature, set up a citizenscience

monitoring project

and learn about our natural

history. It allows you to load

photos of your specimen

and you can ask for identification

by experts.

FAMILY TIME: The home of G.A. (Gully) Smith, corner of

Springs and Boundary Rds, circa 1900. It is thought that

the nickname ‘Gully’ derived from the fact that the house

was by the gully incised by the L1 river.

• Heritage photo supplied by Selwyn Libraries on behalf

of the Lincoln and Districts Historical Society. If you have

any information about this photo, please contact the

library via

Maronan Road, Tinwald, Ashburton

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The Ashburton Fire Museum, Lynn Woodwork Museum & Ashburton

Woodturners are open to browse through. Vintage Machinery display

- view a 1900’s era, German Roland Sawmill in action.

** For the Ladies: Combined Craft demonstrations in Function room

(Spinning, Quilting, Patchwork & more) **

In the Car park the Ashburton Steam & Model Club operate miniature

Train rides. Bring a picnic lunch & enjoy the Domain area, with playground,

tennis court & tranquil pond area.


Visit or

our Facebook Page for details


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Tuesday May 2 2017 5


Vandals hit park


• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

A SPATE of vandalism has

struck at a park leaving the

community to clean up the


An increase in the number of

incidents damaging Doyleston’s


Osborne Park over the past week

has been “disheartening” for


The park has become a target

for minor crime with damage

including lawn mower fuel

stolen from the park’s hall, grass

ripped up by mud grip tyres and

a plaque donated by the Osborne

TARGET: The hall at Osborne Park has been broken into

family torn off recently.


recently with fuel for the lawn mowers stolen. ​Inset: Murray

In a bid reduce vandalism,


padlocks the park have been

changed and the Doyleston the wonderful condition for the

Community Committee will

consult the district council on

cost-effective ways to have cameras


Committee member Jack

Pearcy said while there has been


the occasional incident with



park, the trouble has escalated

over the past week.

“You get young stupid idiots disheartening.

wrecking the place where two

or three very dedicated people

are keeping Osborne Park in

public viewers,” he said.

He said volunteers had worked

hard to maintain the park and

keep the ratepayer money down

and the vandals needed a kick.

A volunteer who did not

want to be named, out of fear of

retaliation said what had been

done in the past week had been

“It is just people who haven’t

got a lot to do. . . we seem to be

copping it at the moment.

Senior constable Lois

Willis Croft said police are

investigating the vandalism and

have a lead as to who may be

causing the destruction.

District councillor Murray

Lemon said he would be happy

to support what is decided by

the Doyleston Community

Committee to address the issues.

But he said while cameras

can capture useful information,

it is still difficult to identify



Coes Ford


ground is one

of the areas

in Selwyn

to have had

an increase

in freedom

campers over

the past year. ​

Freedom camping report

•From page 1

Cr Watson said: “(Christchurch

City Council) took a

very poor view in my opinion,

which was to effectively ban all

freedom camping in their entire

council area, which has pushed

those wanting to be close to

Christchurch out to us and the

Waimakariri,” he said.

Last year, the Christchurch

City Council changed its

freedom camping bylaw to ban

campers without toilets from

council-owned land.

This was after facilities became

over-crowded, unsanitary and

out-of-control in the 2015/16,

summer causing residents to


Five locations in Christchurch

and Banks Peninsula, including

the Lower Styx River car park

and the Addington Reserve car

park, were closed to campers.

Cr Watson said it is about ensuring

the district has the right

infrastructure to cope, as well as

communicating to the campers

about etiquette.

District councillor Jeff Bland

said he would like to see a push

by central Government on

communication with tourists to

re-enforce the country’s expectations

of the freedom campers.

He said while he doesn’t have

a problem with people having

a cheap holiday, “irresponsible

campers” should not get away

with being unhygienic.


you think changes to the

Christchurch City Council

freedom camping bylaw is

impacting Selwyn? Email

your views to georgia.



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6 Tuesday May 2 2017

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Tuesday May 2 2017 7

Paralympian give

kids surprise visit

REMEMBRANCE: Lincoln High School head girl Libby

Trevelyan and head boy Regan Kay. Libby presents a

Scripture reading at the Lincoln Community Anzac Day



Big turnout at

Anzac service

A STRONG community

presence for the Lincoln Anzac

service has been praised by

Selwyn Mayor Sam Broughton.

About 700 people attended the

event held at the Lincoln Event

Centre, adjacent to the Lincoln

war memorial.

“As I look around at the young

ones contributing to this service

. . . it emphasises that we must

make good on the sacrifices

made by earlier generations

and ensure that today’s youth

have a community and a society

in which they can truly fulfil

themselves,” Mr Broughton said.

Lincoln Community Anzac

Day Service Committee member

Ian Collins said the turnout

which has been similar to the

past two years delighted the


He said it was a sign of ongoing

community spirit and

appreciation for the wartime

sacrifices of those from Lincoln

and elsewhere.

IT WAS no ordinary day at a

holiday programme in Rolleston

with New Zealand’s youngest

Rio paralympian giving

children a school holidays


Double bronze medallist

paralympian, William Stedman,

17, visited Sport Canterbury’s

Active Kids holiday programme

in Rolleston last week.

Stedman brought his bronze

medals, joined in on the morning

athletics session, challenged

the children to a running race

and talked about his career path

into the world of paralympics.

Sport Canterbury Active

Kids manager Jules Wilke said

children had the chance to ask

Stedman questions about the


“William led the athletics

“Run Jump Throw” session and

enjoyed meeting children who,

much like himself, started out

with dreams of representing

New Zealand,” she said.

Children also went swimming

at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre,

had a training session with

Canterbury Country Cricket

and completed an orienteering

course at Halswell Quarry.

The Sport Canterbury’s Active

Kids holiday programmes are

specifically designed to cater for

ages five to 13.

SURPRISE: Double bronze

medalist paralympian,

William Stedman, visited

Sport Canterbury’s Active

Kids holiday programme in

Rolleston last week. ​

ADVENTURE: Children had the chance to complete an

orienteering course as part of the holiday programme in


8 Tuesday May 2 2017

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Our People


Linda Miratana

Gym instructor gets

HIGH ACHIEVER: Gym instructor Linda Miratana was

recognised with two awards from the New Zealand Exercise

Industry last year.


With 23 years of working as a gym instructor under her belt, Linda Miratana has

transformed the Lincoln Event Centre into a popular place for group gym classes.

Georgia O’Connor-Harding spoke to her about what brought her to Lincoln

What does your job involve at

the Lincoln Event Centre?

I am the assistant manager

here. I have been in that role

for three years. I did work here

prior to that just part-time, but

then took on the full-time role

as assistant manager. I teach

group fitness and manage the

group instructors here. I am the

group fitness manager in both

centres in Rolleston and Lincoln.

I am often here first thing in

the morning for my day job and

I am often here at nighttime

teaching classes too. I just need a

bed at my desk and I will be fine.

What has kept you here so


It is such a great community.

After working here I moved here

because I loved it so much. I

used to live in Templeton. I live

just two minutes away, which

can be good and bad because

sometimes I am the person on


What was it like to win

the group exercise freestyle

instructor of the year and

people’s choice award at the

New Zealand Exercise Industry

Awards last year?

That was fantastic, so exciting

for me. I have been teaching

for 23 years and it was really

nice to be recognised. Without

me knowing they sent a person

into my classes and they did

the whole class then they had to

report back. It was a really nice

feeling, but I stay grounded because

I love doing it more than

anything else.

Do you have rough days?

How do you push yourself


You play your music and that

usually gives you a lift. There

may just be the odd day where

you feel tired but, honestly, as

soon as you get that music going

it gives you a boost. Plus the people

– I always look at the people

and think these people have

come here for me tonight. They

can go to any instructor but they

chose to come here to my class.

Do you have any specific

way to get people involved in


I will talk to people and reassure

them. There are a couple

of ladies in their 70s as well as

a 21-year-old and all ages in

between in my classes. I have all

different levels of fitness. You

can go in the back, hide in the

corner and give them lots of

options to make it easier. Two

months down the track people

in our beginners classes are addicted


What are your favourite

classes to do?

Definitely not dance because

I can’t. I am useless. Yoga I need

to do more of but don’t. I tend to

like classes more intense. Spin

and pump are my favourite.

They are hard but give you good

results. It was pump I got awards

for. I have done a couple of

presentations, such as the FITEX

(conference for the New Zealand

fitness and exercise industry)

last year. I presented a workshop

on pump, which is the first time

I have done that and I have applied

to do it again this year as


How do you come up with

ideas for choreography of your


I go to lots of fitness conferences

and try to get ideas.

6 Shooter, Production

& Ministock

NZ Title Weekend

Round 1 Events Fund

applications open

Applications to the Selwyn District Events Fund are open during May to fund

events happening between 1 July and 31 December 2017.

The Council’s Events Fund can support a wide variety of events and help

cover costs such as equipment, venue hire, promotions, consent and traffic

management to ensure your event is a success.

Applications for funding close 5pm, Wednesday 31 May 2017.

To find out more and make an application visit

or phone 347 2719 or 318 8338.

growing strong



SAT 6 MAY 12.30PM – SUN 7 MAY 11.30AM

Seafield Road, Ashburton (Next to Airport)

Contact: Graham 027 455 5387 / Ross 027 477 8068 / Lance 021 526 231

Gate Prices

$15 day

$25 both days

Under 14 Free

If accompanied by an adult

Updates & Cancellations

available on



or Text


to 3080 to


Texts cost 50c each

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Tuesday May 2 2017 9

Lincoln residents all pumped up

Ideas for songs – I play the

music channel on television

a lot. Music in my car when I

am driving and I have got the

Shazam app so if I hear a song on

the radio I can tell straight away

it would be a great pump or spin

song and I can then create my

song from that. I have found the

longer I have been here – because

I have such a good base of people

that keep coming back – we

are all getting stronger, so it is

making my tracks a little harder

now. If we go back two years ago

and do a class I used to teach, it

would be so much easier.

Do you have a favourite go to


Not really a favourite, but a go

to just before my class is a tin of

tuna for energy. I eat it before

my pump class and it gives me

so much energy and strength

but it is not that pleasant. Other

snacks are nuts and I often have

a sneaky bit of dark chocolate. I

am a bit of a health nut with my


Are you from the United

Kingdom and what brought you


I was born in London but lived

in Yorkshire until I was 18, then

I went to Blackpool and The

Fylde College and did catering

DREAM, BELIEVE: One of Linda Miratana’s favourite moments in her job was getting 25 people

from her class to enter the PhysioMed Women’s Triathlon or Duathlon in February.

and hotel management for three

years. It was while I was on that

course I met a Kiwi and married

him over there when I was 21

and have been in New Zealand

ever since. I am sure if I had still

been over there I never would

have found my group fitness. It

was through coming here, I had

only been here for a few days and

my new sister-in-law took me

into Les Mills. And after a few

years, they asked me if I would

be interested in being a trainee

teacher and that is how I started

my career in fitness.

Do you have a life motto?

I just like to be a good role

model, and practice what I

preach, and sell the benefits of

what we do. It is a good addiction

to have. It just makes me happy

what I do.

What is one of your

biggest achievements at the


We had a group from

the centre that entered the

PhysioMed women’s triathlon

or duathlon. We had 25 of our

ladies from classes that entered

it in February. Some had never

ran before and it was a great

event where we all supported

one another, not only with our

training, but also on the day.

Everybody wore the same top,

which read on the front ‘Dream,

Believe, Inspire, Achieve,’ which

has now become our fitness


Do you have any goals you

would like to achieve?

Probably to just get more

involved in presenting and

to make sure that, ultimately,

when my time comes to not be

here, the centre can still provide

great quality classes. I want

to continue mentoring new

instructors, because if I was to

go, I don’t want gym classes to

change here. So I need a strong

base of instructors to carry on

what I have started here. I would

hate to go and for the place to go

back to where it was.



SAT 6 MAY 8AM - 7PM • SUN 7 MAY 8AM - 5PM






10 Tuesday May 2 2017

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Montessori & Early

Childhood Preschool

• We Offer a Friendly, Fun and supportive

environment – only 5 minutes from Rolleston.

• We believe that Tamariki thrive in a peaceful,

structured and caring environment, full of fun

and challenges.

• We Offer focused, balanced curriculums

that prepare Tamariki for the next step in

their learning journey.

• We value diversity within our Tamariki and

their whānau and this is reflected in our

whānau focused philosophy.

• We have 3 well resourced classrooms,

caring for Tamariki from 6 weeks to 6 years

of age. We are proud of our large, natural

playgrounds that offer challenges for all


Call in to visit us today, meet the teachers

and have a look around our school





For enrolments please contact Jasmine or Kylie on 347-6161

Visit us at 643 Burnham School Road

Download forms from

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

PAUL WILLIAMS has never shied away

from taking on the sporting world in

spite of only having one able arm.

“It is an advantage, I think, because it

makes you want to beat able-body people,”

he said.

That is exactly what the Rolleston

resident did recently by winning the lawn

bowls champion of champions men’s

colts singles against Colin Stoddart, of

Halswell, 21-15.

He said it was good to get a Canterbury

title under his belt so early in his career.

Williams, 54, was born without his left

arm. He said doctors had never been able

to determine why.

“It was around the time of the drug

thalidomide, but my mother did not

think she took the sickness pills. They

could never pin-point what caused it,” he


Williams first joined the West Melton

Bowling Club about two years ago after

sustaining injuries from over-using his

arm playing golf.

Having always had a passion for sports,

he first began playing soccer at the age of

five before delving into rugby, badminton

and squash.

After his first win, Williams will now

take a break with the lawn bowling

season not set to start up again until



One-armed bowler

wins champions title

​WINNER: Paul Williams won the

men’s colts singles title against

Colin Stoddart at the champion of

champions tournament held recently.


He said while West Melton is growing

in population, the bowling club of about

70 members still has a great country


•If you’re interested in joining the

bowling club, go to http://www.

Ready to get your land use

consent to farm for Selwyn?

We’ll help you get started, so you can get sorted by the June deadline.

There is a lot to figure out – Consents, Farm

Environment Plans, Nutrient Budgets and Audits.

For help, drop in and have a chat with

Environment Canterbury staff about getting

your consent to farm, or call 0800 324 636.

Regular information sessions are held in

Leeston and Darfield.

“ I would thoroughly recommend other

farmers go to these sessions. There’s

nothing like talking to someone. At the

very least, they will tell you what you

have to do. I know now where I can get

help and they can take you through all

the information on the computer.”

Ness, Leeston, cropping farmer.



The first Wednesday of every month.

Darfield Vet Clinic, South Tce, 1-4pm.

The third Tuesday of every month.

Leeston Library, 19 Messines St, 1-4pm.

For session information visit


SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Tuesday May 2 2017 11

LINCOLN’S Hannah Bates

has returned home from

the Australian Age Group

Swimming Championships with

a gold and silver medal.

Bates, 16, made her first

experience representing New

Zealand one to remember

by winning two medals and

smashing a number of personal

best times at the championships

held in Brisbane late last month.

She first won gold in the girls

16-years 400m individual medley.

Her time of 4min 53.21sec in

the final was 8sec better than her

previous personal best.

Bates then grabbed her second

medal two days later when she

produced another personal

best to win silver in the individual

medley in a time of 2min


She was the only South Island

member of the 23 strong New

Zealand team in Brisbane and

the first ever representative from

the Selwyn Aquatic Centre.

The future looks exciting for

Bates, who has also been named

to the short-list for the New

Zealand team for the 2017 Commonwealth

Youth Games in the




Swimmer grabs gold,


silver in Australia


MEDALIST: Hannah Bates proved too good

for the Aussies, coming home with a gold

and silver at the Australian Age Group

Swimming Championships. ​

• More sport, pages 12, 13 and 15




Benefits for your home:




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condensation for

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Increased heat

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Benefits for your home:

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Reduced solar

heat gain for a

cooler home in




resale value

for your home

Breakage resistant

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toughened glass) for a

safer, more secure


Reduced solar

heat gain for a

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reduction for

a quieter


Contact us now for your free measure $ and


Contact us now for your free resale



for your home

Ph: Dan 021 925 211 measure or Nick 027 654 and 0083 quote

PO Box 20-398, Bishopdale



Love Apples

Ambrosia Apples Loose

Product of New Zealand

Speight’s 15 Pack

330ml Bottles



Pams Fresh

Express Cooked


Size 16

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12 99 ea

Hellers Fresh NZ

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3 49 Sausages 1kg Plain

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Specials available South Island only from Monday 1st May until Sunday 7th May

2017 or while stocks last. Wine and beer available at stores with an off licence.

Wine and beer purchases restricted to persons aged 18 years old and over.

12 Tuesday May 2 2017

Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi



Perfect start for Lincoln Combined in UC Champs

VICTORY: Lincoln Combined celebrate following their 15-10 win over

St Bede’s in the UC Championship. ​

• By Gordon Findlater

LINCOLN Combined got

their UC Championship

campaign off to the perfect

start with an upset 15-10 win

over St Bede’s College.

This year’s team is made up

of a core from Lincoln High

School. They also have players

from Darfield High School,

Akaroa Area School and

Ellesmere College.

Saturday’s result at Darfield

High School was Lincoln’s

first win over St Bede’s who

won the competition in 2015

and are considered top four

contenders almost every

season. Meanwhile, Lincoln


a year to forget in 2016,

recording just one win and

finishing second to last in

the competition, ahead of

Timaru’s Roncalli College.

“It was fantastic. We’ve

come close against them a

couple of times in the past so

it was great to get a win over

them,” said Lincoln High

School rugby administrator,

Leslie Greenslade.

Centre Brett Gillan and full



back Bradley Morgan grabbed

tries either side of half-time,

with Gillan also slotting a

penalty and conversion on the

way to victory.

Lincoln led 10-5 at half-time

and were tested in the final

10min of the game with St

Bede’s camped in their 22.

Another firm test in

expected on Saturday when

Lincoln host Moascar Cup

holder Nelson College. Nelson

defeated Christ’s College



HISTORY: The Ellesmere Golf Club.

Name our new retirement village

and be in to

WIN $500

A brand new Summerset Retirement Village

is coming soon to Casebrook, joining other

villages around the country including

Summerset in the Orchard (Hastings),

Summerset at the Course (Wellington)

and Summerset by the Ranges (Levin).

We’re asking you to help come up with a

name for our new retirement community.

We’re looking for a name that will give our

village a sense of place, reflecting the

Cavendish Road location – and of course the

name should contain the word ‘Summerset’.

Inspire us with your name for our new

village and you might win $500 – plus you’ll

always know that it was you who named the

place a community will soon call home.

How to enter:

• Competition entries to be emailed to or

mailed to Danielle Hallett, Summerset

Group, PO Box 5187, Wellington 6140

or call 03 741 3340

• Competition entry must contain your

proposed village name, along with

your name, address and daytime

phone number.

• The winner will receive a $500 voucher

for a store of their choice.

• The judges’ decision will be final and

no correspondence will be entered into.

• Entries close 5pm, 5 May 2017. Winners

will be advised by 19 May 2017.

Love the life


Past presidents back on

the Ellesmere fairways


held its annual Past Presidents

Trophy tournament on


The tournament is held to re

Ellesmere Golf Club

cognise the efforts of previous

presidents who have enabled

the club to prosper over

the years.

This year’s trophy was contested

by eight past presidents.

The winner was Bruce Allan,

who served as club president

in 1986, more than 30 years


Allan scored an excellent

43 stableford points to win

the trophy, beating Barry

Harkerss in second with 40

points. A further 57 members

competed in a stableford event

with the following results.

Ladies: Joanne Harkerss,

39 pts, 1; Heather

McKimmie, 36pts, 2;

Heather Templeton, 35pts,

3; Betty Osborne, 35 pts, 4.

Senior men: Bill Joyce,

41 pts, 1; Roo Beldham, 41

pts, 2; Bruce Bampton, 3;

Peter Burnett, 39 pts, 4.

Intermediate men:

Kevin Gwatkins, 45 pts, 1;

Chris Robinson, 40 pts, 2;

Mike Steed, 37 pts, 3; John

Templeton, 37 pts, 4.

Junior men: Ken Hearn,

43pts, 1; Murray Maw, 42

pts, 2; Alan Miller, 39 pts, 3;

Bill Whelan, 39 pts, 4.

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Tuesday May 2 2017 13

Maadi Cup stars make national team


• By Andrew King

THEY TOOK on the best in the

country, now Ben Taylor, of West

Melton, and Thomas Russel, of St

Albans, will take on the world.

The duo have been named in the

national junior rowing team.

The two 17-year-old St Andrew’s

College students were a part of

the winning Maadi Cup squad

which not only brought back

the top prize for the first time

in the college’s history, but the

Springbok Shield as well.

They will row in the four

coxless at the junior world

rowing championships in Trakai,

Lithuania, from August 2-6.

Rowing is in Taylor’s blood,

the last time the school raised

the shield was when his father,

Andrew, was in the boat 34 years


Now he has been named in the

national squad, he said he has one

up on his father.

“He is really supportive, really

interested and completely stoked

that I have made the team,” he


Russel made the team last year

and said he was nervous going

into the trials, but once he got on

the water he just got stuck into his


“I was more shocked about

making it the year before, but I am

still extremely happy to back that

up,” he said.

Taylor and Russel have been in

the boat together for the past four

years and both agree having each

other there really pushes them to

perform better.

“You see each other on the water

but then spend a bit more time

together out of it as well, and that

means we really want to push for

each other,” Russel said.

Taylor said he has to give credit

to coach Dale Maher, who has

been the “perfect finishing” coach.

“He won seven jubilee cups in

his eight years while coaching

the Rangi Ruru Girls’ eight, so he

knows his stuff,” Taylor said.

Both said they are incredibly

proud to be able to represent their

country in a sport they love.

•More sport, page 15


Thomas Russel and Ben

Taylor will compete in the

four coxless at the junior

world rowing championships

in Trakai, Lithuania, in August.





elegance and sophistication.

synonyms: flair, grace, poise,

polish, suaveness, urbanity,

chic, finesse, taste, class,

comfort, luxury, affluence,

wealth, opulence, lavishness.










Cooked Breakfasts

We are open from 6.30am


2 courses Soup/Roast or Roast/Dessert

Special available lunch only. Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm

Family Friendly

Kid’s 2 course special




Magazine & TV |

‘Famous for

their roasts!’



& Motorlodge

118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn,

Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150










Gluten Free &

Vegetarian options



Early Bird Special

5.30pm – 6.30pm


Roast (4 Choices)

and Free Desserts

still only $20.50

Unbeatable value

including your

choice of fresh

Veges and Salads


LUNCH from 12pm &

DINNER from 5pm



Every Mother goes in

the draw to WIN

one of two Gift Baskets!


Bookings Essential

Hornby WMC | ph 03 349 9026 | 17 Carmen Road | Hornby | Members, guests & affiliates welcome

14 Tuesday May 2 2017

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The effective use of low level laser

treatment for assisting in the healing

of deep tissue and joint problems has

been used for more than 40 years.

This treatment, which uses photo

stimulation of mitochondria in cells,

is able to penetrate into the site of

injury to promote healing and reduce

inflammation – relaxing muscles and

reducing pain.

Southern Chiropractic principal

chiropractor Andre Grob has seen

how the non-invasive treatment has

resulted in impressive results for his


“I attended the World Congress

conference on lower back pain in

Singapore last year where they

reinforced the use of low level laser

treatment on lower back pain.

“It was great to confirm the

technology I have been treating

my patients with has been highly

researched with clinical studies

showing the positive effect on acute

and chronic musculoskeletal pain.”

The treatment, which only takes 15

to 20 minutes, is especially effective

with muscle and joint pain, stiffness



290 halSwell road

associated with arthritis, neck and

lower back pain. It is approved by

the FDA and Meta analysis by the

Lancet Medical Journal also endorses

the treatment saying it can reduce

pain intensity, disability and the

reoccurrence of pain.

Andre can also provide other

treatments including adjustments,

exercises, stretches and muscle

therapy – to readjust the body or

help it heal from conditions that are

physical in origin.

These can include problems such

as back pain, muscle spasms,

headaches and poor posture.

What you may not know is that it

is also completely appropriate to

receive chiropractic care even though

you may not have symptoms. Unlike

standard medical doctors who you

visit when you have symptoms that

need to be treated, chiropractors

offer adjustments to improve spinal

alignment and overall wellbeing –

and can prevent the pain or other

symptoms even starting.

Going to a chiropractor is much the

same as going to the dentist or gym

or even leading a healthy life – it

5 Warning Signs

prevents problems from reaching

critical stage where you can become

incapacitated and as long as you

keep up with regular visits, then you

continue to enjoy the benefits of a life

feeling well.

“I have been providing Chiropractic

Care for patients for more than

15 years and during that time I have

gained outstanding results. If you are

experiencing back or neck pain or feel

that treatment may be of benefit to

you please give me a call.”

ACC recognises chiropractors as

primary health care specialists when

it comes to spinal care so you do not

need a referral from a GP to seek

treatment for a back or neck injury as

a result of accidental causes. In the

event of an accident we can initiate

a claim directly and if it is accepted,

treatment costs will be subsidised.

290 halswell Road

Laser treatment proven to reduce pain



Southern Chiropractic, located at 290 halswell Road, is open Monday, Wednesday

Thursday and Friday. on Tuesdays the clinic operates from Ashburton Chiropractic in


For Tuesday bookings please phone 03 308 9516, or 03 322 1432. For all other bookings

at the halswell location, please phone 03 322 1432 or email, or visit

their website at for further information.

of Spinal Stress!



A healthy spine is vital to your wellbeing.

Specialist spinal therapy

at Southern Chiropractic

consists of:

André Grob, Dr of Chiropractic, has had over 15 years experience

of specialty spinal care in Australia and New Zealand.

• Manual manipulative therapy

• Soft tissue Massage

• Low level Laser therapy

• Exercise and postural education

• For correction of spinal complaints

and to enhance your health!




Phone 322 1432



Southern Chiropractic Ltd

Telephone (03) 322 1432 290 Halswell Road • Halswell • Christchurch 8025 | email

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Tuesday May 2 2017 15



Kris Wilder

leads Lincoln

onto the field

for his 50th

division 1

game with the


Lincoln falls to Rakaia

LINCOLN HAVE been leapfrogged

by Rakaia in the

combined country rugby

competition. The table switch

occurred following Rakaia’s

41-20 away win over Lincoln on


The defeat was just Lincoln’s

second of the season and drops

them to second in section 2, two

points behind Rakaia.

They will face another tough

task when they look to bounce

back on Saturday. Lincoln travel

to Kaiapoi, who are coming off the

back of a 38-17 win over Methven.


Luisetti Seeds division 1 – section


Darfield 45-22 BDI, Hornby

36-15 Hampstead, Saracens 41-17

Ohoka, Prebbleton 29-25 Glenmark,

Celtic 31-16 Waihora.

Luisette Seeds division 1 – section


Kaiapoi 38-17 Methven, Rakaia

41-20 Lincoln, Southbridge 30-25

Oxford, Southern 45-7 Rolleston,

West Melton (bye).


Division 1

Darfield, 29pts, 1; Glenmark,

21pts, 2; Celtic, 20pts, 3; Prebbleton,

19pts, 4; Waihora, 19pts, 5;

Saracens, 16pts, 6; BDI, 14pts, 7;

Hornby, 12 pts, 8; Ohoka, 1pts, 9;

Hampstead, 0pts, 10.

Division 2

Southbridge 29pts, 1; Rakaia,

20pts, 2; Lincoln, 18pts, 3; Oxford,

16pts, 4; Southern, 12pts, 5; Kaiapoi,

11pts, 6; Methven, 10pts, 7;

West Melton, 4pts, 8; Rolleston,

0pts, 9.


Edmonds fights off a two

man Rakaia tackle.

IN THE CORNER: Odgar Odum finishes off a well-worked play by

sliding over the line.


ON THE RUN: Marc Pietzner looks to get loose from the Rakaia





0800 SMOOTH (0800 766 684)

Ventilation Equipment

Suppliers to trade and retail


Balanced Pressure Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Fresh air

from outside

Warm stale air

from house

Heat is transferred to the

incoming filtered fresh air

Substantial energy savings over traditional domestic

ventilation systems

264 Annex Road, Riccarton

Christchurch 8024, NZ

Ph +64 3 343 6184

Exhaust air

to outside

Warm fresh air

to house

for healthy indoor air

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm

Recognising the Early

Signs of Osteoporosis

By Cath King, Nutritionist at Osteohealth NZ

How do we know whether our bones are healthy or not? We can’t see them like

we can our skin, or listen to them like the heart or lungs. They feel strong through

our flesh. But are they really? Bone density scans are a way to look inside bone,

and see how dense or strong they are, but we rarely get a bone density test until

after menopause, when it might be too late.

Studies show that only 12 percent of

people with osteoporosis have had a bone

mineral density (BMD) scan, the most

reliable diagnostic test for osteoporosis. This

is likely due to a lack of awareness among

middle-aged and older women and their

physicians about the risk of osteoporosis.

Some early signs that may indicate bone

loss are:

• Not getting much sun exposure

• Difficulty getting up from a chair without

using your arms to push

• Joint or muscle aches

• A resting pulse greater than 80 beats per


• Height loss

• Increasing stooping (curvature of the


• Receding gums

• Decreased grip strength

• Weak and brittle fingernails

• Cramps, muscle aches

• Low overall fitness

If you have risk factors for osteoporosis –

meaning you’re a woman, postmenopausal,

slight build, take medication or you’re

vitamin D-deficient, among others – don’t

wait until you have symptoms to get

screened. Unfortunately, bone loss, leading

to osteoporosis, often occurs without

any noticeable symptoms, so by the time

you have a fracture, feel pain, or develop

curvature of the spine, osteoporosis may

already be present.

Luckily, if you identify bone loss early,

you can take steps to reduce your risk of


Bone Mineral Density testing will be

available at Lincoln Rec Centre (Lincoln

University) on Friday 19th May.

16 TUESDAY MAY 2 2017

Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi


Events funding


Applications to round one of Selwyn District Events Fund are open during May to fund events

happening between 1 July and 31 December 2017.

Events help make Selwyn a great place to live and provide economic benefits by attracting visitors

to our district.

The Council’s Events Fund can support a wide variety of events and help cover costs such as

equipment, venue hire, promotion, consent and traffic management to ensure your event is a

success. Applications for funding close 5pm, Wednesday 31 May 2017.

To find out more and make an application visit or phone 347

2719 or 318 8338.

Explore Illusions with Science Alive!

During May Science Alive! will visit Selwyn District Libraries to offer free sessions for kids aged 5-10. The

sessions will look at how your eyes can be tricked by an illusion. Sessions will run from 3.30-4.30pm at:

· Lincoln on Monday 8 May,

· Rolleston on Tuesday 9 May,

· Leeston on Wednesday 10 May, and

· Darfield on Thursday 11 May.

Booking is required to attend, see

Rates payments and rebate


By now you should have received your rates invoice for the fourth

and final quarter of the 2016-17 rating year. This invoice covers the

period from 1 March to 30 June 2017, and is due for payment by 2

June 2017. If you have not yet received your invoice, please contact

our Rates Department on 347 2776 or email us at rates@selwyn. If you have recently moved to a new house in Selwyn,

please phone or email us to update your contact details.

A reminder also that rates rebate applications for the current rating

year (1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017), based on your income to 31

March 2016, must be in by 30 June 2017. To lodge your application

please make an appointment at Darfield, Leeston or Lincoln Libraries

and Service Centres or drop in to our Rolleston Headquarters.

· Rolleston Headquarters: drop in anytime 8.30am-5pm


· Darfield Library and Service Centre: by appointment Tuesdays

10.30am-12.30pm, Thursdays 1-3pm. Phone 318 7780 to book

an appointment

· Leeston Library and Service Centre: by appointment Mondays

3-4pm, Tuesdays 2-3pm, Fridays 2-3pm. Phone 347 2871 to

book an appointment

· Lincoln Library and Service Centre: by appointment Wednesdays

9-11am, Thursdays 1-3pm. Phone 347 2876 to book an appointment

Paws for Reading is here

Local dogs and their owners are working with Selwyn District

Libraries to help children to improve their reading skills.

Paws for Reading is a new programme being launched in May.

The programme is designed to provide an opportunity for children

who are not confident reading aloud or who need to develop their

reading skills to read to a friendly dog for fifteen minutes each week.

“We are excited about this new programme. Similar programmes

overseas and in New Zealand have been shown to assist most

children to improve their reading fluency and confidence,” says

Selwyn Libraries Manager Vicki Carlyon.

The dogs being used in the programme are carefully selected by the

Selwyn Dog Training Club to be suitable to work with children. The

sessions are being trialled during term two at all local libraries and

are open to primary school children. Sessions are free but booking

is required – to book a place please visit

or contact your local library.

Recycle your child’s car seat

A recycling programme for expired or damaged car seats is currently operating in Selwyn.

Until June 2017 the Council is offering a collection point at Rolleston and subsidising the processing

cost. You can take unwanted car seats to the Pines Resource Recovery Park for a small $5 charge.

The SeatSmart recycling programme can help reduce the amount of recyclable materials going to

landfill and remove expired seats from circulation which improves road safety.

The seats are dismantled through Department of Corrections community work programmes which provide

opportunities for offenders to learn new skills and contribute to the community. The recovered plastic is

recycled into products for the building industry, metal parts are taken to metal recyclers, and the harnesses

will be used by Karkt NZ and The Green Collective who make handmade bags from recycled items.

Booster and convertible seats can be recycled through the recycling programme, along with capsules,

but polystyrene seats are not part of the programme.

Selwyn School Road Safety Coordinator Stephanie Hautler says all car seats have an expiry date on

them and over time seats can be damaged from UV light, heat, general wear and tear or in a crash.

Parents can find information about how to check their seat’s expiry date at Locally,

the Council has trained a number of volunteers as child restraint technicians and they can check car seat

safety and install seats for free - see 'Selwyn Car Seat Champions' on Facebook for details.

“The Council is pleased to be able to partner

with SeatSmart to help reduce the amount of

car seats going to landfill. To help make the

program a success we are asking people to

remove and dispose of the fabric seat covers

before bringing them in,” says Selwyn District

Council Solid Waste Manager Andrew Boyd.

The Pines Resource Recovery Park is located

at 183 Burnham School Road and is open

Monday to Fridays, 9am-4.30pm, and from

10am-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. For

more information about SeatSmart contact

On the roads this week

Road resurfacing will take place on Dalethorpe Road, with stop/go

traffic controls operating at all sites. Road levelling will take place on

Coleridge Road, with priority give way controls operating. Footpath

reconstruction work is planned on Torlesse Crescent in Darfield.

Road widening – Jones Road

From Monday 1 May until mid-June, road widening will occur on

Jones Road between Weedons Ross Road and the Lyttelton Port

Company. The road will remain open, but may be reduced to one

lane at times with traffic delays expected. This work is occurring

now in order to be completed prior to the NZ Transport Agency

starting work on a new Motorway interchange at Weedons Ross

Road. Maddisons Road is suggested as an alternative route to

Jones Road at peak times.

Christchurch Southern Motorway extension

Sections of Weedons Ross Road between State Highway One and

Jones Road, and Weedons Road between State Highway One and

Levi Road are closed both ways to traffic. A closure will also be in

place on Weedons Road from Main South Road through to Levi

Road. The closures are to allow cables to be laid as part of the

Christchurch Southern Motorway extension project. Detours will be

clearly sign-posted.

Council Call

Selwyn District Council

Norman Kirk Drive Rolleston

Ph 347 2800 or 318 8338

Rolleston Library

Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Ph 347 2880

Darfield Library & Service Centre

1 South Terrace, Darfield

Ph 318 8338 or 347 2780



Latest Christchurch news at www.


TUESDAY MAY 2 2017 17




An application for an on licence

renewal has been received

from Back Door Hospitality.

Objections close 11 May. An

application for an off licence

renewal has been received

from Chateau Delice Limited

with objections closing on 12

May. See

alcoholnotices for details.



Sport New Zealand Rural Travel

Funding is available for Selwyn

sport teams who need to travel

to local competition games and

are comprised of members aged

5-19 years (school competitions

in school time are not eligible).

This funding round is for winter

sports only.

For information and application

forms contact Stuart Westoby on

347 2708 or at stuart.westoby@ Applications for

this funding round close Friday

19 May 2017.



The closing date for Creative NZ

– Creative Communities Scheme

funding applications is Friday


Public Forums: Council,

Community Board and local

committee meetings are open

to the public. Time is available at

the start of meetings for people

to speak on matters of concern.

Please notify Bernadette Ryan

or your local committee at least

three days before the meeting.

Township, Hall and Reserve

Committees: To list or make

changes to meeting details, email


nz or phone 347 2800 or 318

8338 by 9am Wednesday the

week before publication.



Unless stated meetings are held

at Rolleston Council Building

Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee

Tue 2 May 1pm

Audit & Risk Subcommittee

Wed 3 May 3pm

Darfield Service Centre/Library

Council Meeting

Wed 10 May 1pm

Springs Ellesmere Discretionary

Fund Committee

Wed 10 May

After Council meeting

Selwyn Central Discretionary

Fund Committee

Wed 10 May

After Council meeting

Draft Annual Plan Submission

Public Hearings

Thurs 18 & Fri 19 May

12 May. An application form

and criteria is available at www. or by contacting

Stuart on 347 2708 or stuart.


Pursuant to Section 54(1) of the

Reserves Act 1977 the Council

propose to grant a ground lease

to Men’s Shed of Lincoln Society

Incorporated over part of the

land situated near the Lincoln

Event Centre. It is intended that

the freehold ownership of the

site will remain with Council for

future generations of Selwyn


Men’s Shed of Lincoln Society

Incorporated intend to provide

a community facility for use as

a meeting place and an area for

sharing skills to repair and make

items for the community.

A copy of the lease document

and site plan are available

for inspection at Selwyn

District Council’s Rolleston

Headquarters at Norman Kirk

Drive during normal office

hours. Any person objecting

or submitting to this proposal

can do so in writing no later

than 5pm on 2 June 2017. To

make a submission or objection

or to find out more about this

proposal please visit www.



Castle Hill Community


Thurs 4 May 5.30pm via Skype

Coalgate Township Committee

Tue 2 May 7.30pm

Coalgate Fire Station

Doyleston Community


Wed 10 May 7.30pm

Osborne Park Pavilion

Glenroy Community Centre


Tue 16 May 7.30pm

Glenroy Community Hall

Glentunnel Community Centre


Tue 16 May 7.30pm

Glentunnel Community Centre

Hororata Citizens Committee

Tue 2 May 7.30pm, Hororata Hall

Kirwee Recreation Reserve

Management Committee

Mon 8 May 7.30pm

Kirwee Reserve Sports Pavilion

Kirwee Township Committee

Mon 15 May 7.30pm

Kirwee Community Hall

Lincoln Community Committee

Mon 8 May 7pm, Lincoln Event

Centre Fitzgerald Room

Prebbleton Community


Tue 16 May 7.30pm

Prebbleton Community Cottage

Prebbleton Public Hall

Society Inc.

Take our summer events survey and win! Please direct

any queries to Rob Allen

Acquisitions, Disposals and

Leasing Manager by email to



Foster Dog Park will be closed

on Saturday 20 - Sunday 21

May from 8am-5pm to allow

the Selwyn Dog Club to hold a



Wednesday 3 May

Rakaia Huts 9.30-10am

Southbridge School


Thursday 4 May

Lincoln University Early

Childhood Centre 2-2.30pm

Prebbleton Tavern 3.30-5.30pm

Friday 5 May

No visits today

Monday 8 May

Ako Rolleston 10.30-11am

Rolleston Christian School


Selwyn Kids 1.30-2pm

Rolly Kids 2-2.30pm

Tuesday 9 May

Glenroy Hall 11.40am-12.10pm

Windwhistle School 1-1.30pm

Glentunnel School 1.55-2.55pm

Glentunnel Hall 3-3.30 pm

Mon 8 May 7.30pm

Prebbleton Hall Supper Room

Prebbleton Reserve

Management Committee

Mon 15 May 7.30pm

Prebbleton Community Cottage

Rolleston Reserve Management


Mon 15 May 7.30pm

Rolleston Community Centre

Springfield Township Committee

Tue 2 May 7.30pm, Tawera Hall

Springston Community


Mon 15 May 7.30pm

Springston Community Hall

Springston Reserve Committee

Wed 17 May 7.30pm

Errol Tweedy Pavilion

Tawera Memorial Hall


Thurs 4 May 7.30pm, Tawera Hall

Waihora Park Reserve


Tue 2 May 7.30pm

Waihora Bowling Club

Weedons Reserve Committee

Mon 8 May 7pm

Weedons Reserve Pavilion

West Melton Reserve

Board Committee

Mon 15 May 7.309pm

West Melton Rugby Club

Whitecliffs Township &

Domain Committee

Mon 8 May 7.30pm

Glentunnel Hall

Did you attend one of the Council’s Summer in Selwyn events over the summer? These events

included the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, local skate jams, picnics, Music on the Green sessions and family

movie sessions.

If you did you can help us improve our events next summer by completing our survey online at Survey entries are open until Friday 5 May and will go into the draw to win a $50

New World voucher.



















Prebbleton Craft Group

Prebbleton Community Cottage,


The group welcomes people bringing

craft you are working on & joining them

to share skills. Gold coin donation.

Sessions run every week during term –

phone 021 215 6164 for details

Mahoe Reserve

Working Bee

Boundary Road, 2pm

Help weed the reserve & meet

new friends. Please wear suitable

shoes, bring spades, garden gloves,

sunglasses & a bucket if possible.

Contact Sue on 329 5858 for details

or if you would like to join the

management committee

Cooking on a budget


Lincoln High, 6.30-9pm

Learn delicious economical recipes &

ideas. Held in the Food Technology

Room (parking on Boundary

Road). To register phone 325 2007

or email servicesdevelopment@

Tastes from your garden


Lincoln High, 6.30-9pm

Join Ben, Head Chef at The

Laboratory for a workshop on

turning vegetables into a tempting

meal. At the Food Technology

Room. To register phone 325 2007

or email servicesdevelopment@

Save Lives, Give Blood

Lincoln Event Centre, 2-6pm

80% of us will need blood or a blood

product in our life time. You can help

others by donating blood – to book an

appointment see

or phone 0800 448 325

Treaty of Waitangi Workshop

Darfield Library, 6.30pm

A free session looking at pre-Treaty

New Zealand, ancestral origins,

Māori industry, Declaration of

Independence, Te Tiriti O Waitangi/

The Treaty of Waitangi. To book visit

For information on listing a community event visit

Leeston Library & Service Centre

19 Messines Street, Leeston

Ph 347 2871

Lincoln Library & Service Centre

Gerald Street, Lincoln

Ph 347 2876

(03) 347 2800

Darfield call free 318 8338

18 Tuesday May 2 2017

Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi


cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch.

Sales, Service & Parts: 03 379 0588







1/3 1/3 1/3


For a little car, the Mirage XLS is carrying a whole lot of features. There’s a sharp body kit, stunning

colour choices, 5 star safety, 15” alloys, Active Stability Control, Bluetooth TM , just for starters. And when

you consider the fun you and your family will get out of it, it’s pretty hard to go past and that’s before you

consider the price. So don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a quality pre-owned Mirage for

only $12,990.

Normal lending and credit criteria apply. $4,330 + $250 fees (which includes PPSR and documentation fees) are payable on delivery, $4,330 in 12 months and $4,300 in 24 Months from delivery date.

Total cost including Fees and ORC’s $13,240. Offer available while stocks last.

4 . 9L




The Ultimate

Driving Machine



STARTING FROM $59,900. *

The BMW 3 Series range perfectly harmonises the joy of driving with irresistible design.

A combination of luxurious appointments, unrivalled agility and corner hugging handling

all come together to turn your everyday ride into a dynamic drive.

Now added to the range, the BMW 318i from $59,900. *

Experience a feeling unmatched, book a test drive at Christchurch BMW today.

Christchurch BMW

30 Manchester Street, Christchurch. 03 363 7240

*Recommended Retail Price based on BMW 318i includes GST, excludes on-road costs.

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Tuesday May 2 2017 19


Fresh driveline for

Peugeot 2008

• By Ross Kiddie

I’M A firm believer in the

two-wheel-drive sport

utility vehicle market.

The reason being is that

most SUV buyers have no

intention of taking their

cars/wagons into a loose

surface environment, there

is mostly little need for


A lot of manufacturers

are into that concept and

they are increasing the

number of 2WD SUVs.

Peugeot has just launched a

new crossover/SUV/wagon

– the 2008. While its concept

has been around for

a few years, the newcomer

has a fresh driveline and a

fairly hefty upgrade.

Loosely based around

the 208 platform, the 2008

is an SUV of mini proportions

at just over 4m, but it

has a practical interior that

is capable of transporting

awkward loads with adaptable

and versatile rear seat


It is also a comfortable

car for four adults, it’s a bit

of squeeze width-wise for

three adults in the rear but

there’s no shortage of head

or leg room, and the 2008

is clever in the way it translates

its limited space into

occupant comfort.

The 2008 lands here in

two levels, $34,990 will get

you into the Allure, an extra

$2000 will buy what Peugeot

describes as the GT-Line, it

gets a wealth of sporty trim

accents, bigger wheels (17in)

and a higher spec including

a clever grip control system.

Effectively, it is an advanced

traction and stability control

programme that also allows

the 2008 to tackle those offthe-seal

situations that arise

from time to time, but bearing

in mind cross-country

travel is limited.

Under the bonnet is a

new turbocharged, threecylinder

engine and sixspeed

transmission which

is finding its way across

Peugeot and Citroen lineups.

I’ve encountered

this unit in other Peugeot

product and it is an engine

which punches well above

its weight, you have to discard

the notion of it being

small, it is a strong, capable

PEUGEOT 2008: Sport utility vehicle of mini proportions.

power plant which thrills

with its honesty.

Peugeot rates the 1192cc

unit at a healthy 81kW and

205Nm. Not only are they

high outputs for engine

size, it’s the area where the

power is developed that

is most interesting. Peak

power comes in at just

5500rpm and maximum

torque is available from

1500rpm, both low in the

rev band and that is what

you need in all engines,

the ability to haul from low

revolutions. Boost from the

turbocharger is also constant,

there is little lag at

any point.

• Price – Peugeot

2008, $36,990

• Dimensions –

Length, 4159mm;

width, 1829mm;

height, 1556mm

• Configuration –

Three-cylinder, frontwheel-drive,


81kW, 205Nm, sixspeed


• Performance –

0-100km/h, 10.3sec

• Fuel usage –


If you also add in the

benefit of a six-speed

automatic, there’s never a

point where you think the

gearing and engine output

aren’t matched, the driveline

is fluid and responsive.

Peugeot also list a 1280kg

kerb weight for the 2008,

that’s quite light, offering

a healthy power-to-weight


The gearing has been

structured so that there

is reasonable acceleration

to highway speed with

TECHNOLOGY: Satellite navigation is fitted to the

higher grade variant of the Peugeot 2008.

a tallish top gear so that

the engine is relaxed at

100km/h, turning over

slowly at 2000rpm.

At that speed the engine

is sipping fuel at the rate of

just five-litres per 100km

(56mpg), that promoted a

7.2l/100km (39mpg) average

during my time behind

the wheel. These are satisfactory

figures but are a

little distant to Peugeot’s

4.8l/100km (58mpg)

combined cycle claim,

although my driving style

doesn’t augur well for fuel


On the subject of figures,

the 2008 is lively enough,

it will reach 100km/h from

a standstill in just over

10sec and will complete a

highway overtake in 6.9sec

(80km/h to 120km/h).

Peugeot has always had

a reputation for ride/handling

quality and that has

been engineered into the

2008. It has a compliant,

moderately-firmed ride

with a handling feel that

is moderately sporty. The

chassis isn’t disturbed by

mid-corner bumps or road

deviations, the suspension

does a good job of keeping

body balance.

Providing the grip are

205/50 Good Year tyres,

according to the casing they

are worded all season and

during my time with the

test car they were certainly

put to the test on wet surfaces,

heavy rain lowered

grip levels substantially.

Nevertheless, the entire

car felt secured to the

road and steering feel is

another Peugeot hallmark,

the 2008 as a package constantly

feels controlled and


The latter of course is

five-star rated and sits

beside a healthy level of

specification, major features

include satellite navigation,

touch screen infotainment,

cruise control

and speed limiter and high

quality trim materials.

The new 2008 is an

example of a good car

made better, the new driveline

is certainly a case of

less is more.


Fashion Quarterly

from Kim Taylor —Viva La Moda

It’s the Season of the Jacket

Our up and down weather at the moment makes it difficult to dress

so a jacket that can be left on is a practical choice.

Both leather and faux leather jackets are ultra popular right now

and are available in a range of neutrals with brown being a

new in-vogue colour this season. Taupes, tans, stone, beige

navy and black are also available.

We have pictured the Coalition LA faux

leather jacket in Coffee colourway

($199) on our seated mannequin. This

colour is a neutral which will go with

almost everything and can be

a softer alternative to black.

This mannequin is also

sporting the on trend

Quay sunnies which

are a must have this

season ($69.90).

Another faux leather

option is the stylish

Airlie biker jacket

with rose gold zips

($185.95). Rose gold is hugely

popular right now so if you

are amongst those of us

addicted to this colour,

then this is your go-to

jacket. This is a fitted

style which gives plenty of

shape so is very flattering over

dresses or with pants and jeans.

Airlie, a new Australian label, also has the beautiful

misty grey faux suede jacket with drapey lapels

($165.95). This is another style that can be left on as

it has stretch and is comfortable and looks amazing

contrasting with navy or black underneath.

Another new jacket shape which has become very

popular is the bomber. This shape can a little more

casual and is comfortable and easy to wear. A

bomber jacket can also be worn with jeans, pants or

with skirts and dresses so is a versatile addition to the


We have pictured the faux leather

Airlie bomber in stunning pink

($165.95) over a navy and

white Elm striped dress


If vibrant colours are

you , we have found

a beautiful bright

orange jacket in ultra

cosy 100 % wool by

High Style ($189). This

jacket looks great left

undone but adds more

shape if worn zipped up

to bring in the waistline.

There are many more

jackets available but this

selection gives a little taster of

what’s available now in store at

Viva la Moda. See you soon.

-Kim Taylor

All of the fashion featured in the images

is available from Viva La Moda Rolleston

Shop 12, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Phone 347 1151

20 Tuesday May 2 2017

Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi



Great autumn

Being productive in the garden is as much about growing

as it is about finishing crops, and putting all good things

to use year-round. Diana Noonan provides a few tip on

how to use your greenhouse over the autumn months

UNDER COVER: Pumpkins need to be ‘cured’ if they are

to keep well over winter. The greenhouse is the perfect

place to use for this.

Be inspired by

our great range

of quality trees

and shrubs.

Pamper your potatoes

In my autumn, there may well be

no warm, dry periods of little rain.

Thank goodness for my greenhouse,

which I press into service for potato


If you decide to use your

greenhouse for this purpose, there

are one or two things to bear in

mind. The greening of potatoes

is caused by four factors: light

quality (how bright the light is),

the duration during which the

tubers are exposed to light, the

temperature they are exposed to,

and the variety of potato (some have

thicker skins than others). When I

dry my potatoes in the greenhouse,

I minimise the time the harvest

is exposed to the light (leaving

them in the light for no more

than two days and turning them a

couple of times a day to hurry the

process). I leave the greenhouse

door and vents open to lower the

temperature, and I choose a day

with light cloud rather than bright

Growing and marketing

containerised trees & shrubs..

Deciduous, Evergreen & Nz Native

• Over 10,000 trees to choose from with very

competitive prices.

• Expert honest advice on all your gardening needs.

• Delivery and planting service.

• Landscape design from planning to completion.

• Bring in your site plan & discuss planting options.

• Site visit service also available.

• We are happy to provide quotations for trees & plants



366 Halswell Junction Road, Halswell, Christchurch 8025

T: 03 349 9240 | E: |

sun for the harvest. Obviously, even

if your greenhouse is vermin proof,

it is unwise to store the potatoes

in it because temperatures will be

warmer than desirable, even over

winter. Potatoes should be stored

in a cool (1-4°C.), dark place with

moderate ventilation.

Greenhouses are the cure

Autumn may be ‘the season of

mellow fruitfulness’ according

to the poet Keats, but it’s also

the season when dampness is

creeping into the mornings and

late afternoons. All of which makes

curing pumpkins

and other cucurbits

a headache. Unless,

of course, you

have a greenhouse.

Pumpkins and their

relatives need to be

stored in a warm, dry

place for around four

weeks if they are to

store well into winter.

During the curing

process, the gourds’

skins harden, and any

minor blemishes heal

over, protecting the

flesh beneath. Curing

also helps immature

fruit to ripen and


Because curing

should ideally occur

at temperatures

between 27-29 deg C, greenhouses

provide the ideal place for it to

take place. I cure pumpkins, kumi

kumi and marrows on wooden

pallets placed on the floor of my

glasshouse. It’s fascinating to watch

the shells harden on the vegetables

and to see how they deepen in


Sun-dried decoration

Bright dried foods make for

pretty decorations in the kitchen,

whether stored in a jar or strung up

on threads of cotton or natural jute

string. As soon as the chillies in my

glasshouse are ripe (which is when

they have turned the mature colour

indicated on their seed packet or

plant label), I whip them off the

bush. While their stems are still

soft, I use a needle to thread them

onto cotton, spacing them slightly

apart from each other to encourage

ventilation, then hang them across

he roof of the greenhouse to dry.

As most of the plants are gone from

my greenhouse by now, humidity is

low and the chillies dry within a few

days or a week or two depending

on conditions. I also dry bunches

of herbs in the greenhouse, tying

their stems loosely, and placing

the bunches heads down in a

large paper bag hung high in the

structure (heat rises so the higher

they are hung the better). The bags

serve to catch the leaves (or seeds)

as they fall.

gardening without guesswork


I have moved into a new place that has a beautiful flower garden

that includes the likes of dahlias, chrysanthemums and roses.

What do I need to do to help them survive the winter?

At this time of year you will need

Answer: to cut back your chrysanthemums

and dahlias by about two thirds

once they have finished flowering. Make sure that when you are

cutting these back, you use sharp secateurs and do it on a fine,

dry day. To help protect them from the winter cold, add a layer of

bark mulch to the garden to keep them nice and snug through the

cooler months.

Your roses will also benefit from some mulch to protect them.

Organic compost dug through the soil will boost them as well.

As winter begins, this is a good time to prune them. Check out

the gardening advice section on our website for more information

on how to prune It

will also pay to give them a spray – head to your local garden

centre, they will point you in the right direction. The spray will help

to protect the plant’s new growth from winter frosts, as well as

protection from diseases. Please note that if you have rambling

roses, these are best pruned in summer.

for more information, check out our website:

or visit our facebook page:

Thanks to carla for her question.


a $50



Send us your

question and



Email to: or post

your question on our Facebook page:

New questions received by

Tuesday 9th May.

Other maintenance in

the flower garden

Primulas, pansies and polyanthus will love a side dressing of

fertiliser to help see them through the winter. Make sure that you

clean up any leaves from around the garden, add some organic

compost to give the soil a boost of organic matter, and add a

bark mulch to the top for extra protection.

QualITy prOducTs frOm ThE WEB TO ThE shEd!

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Tuesday May 2 2017 21

An Evening Of Burlesque

Saturday, 7pm

A fundraising event to help

Rolleston resident Andrea

Cameron-Hill get international

treatment she needs to fight

multiple sclerosis. This is a R18

event. For more information

about Cameron-Hill’s diagnosis



or email shoneywill989@gmail.

com for information about

tickets for the night.

The Nicholas Hall, Lincoln

Event Centre, 15 Meijer Dr

Musical Instrument

Practice Slots

Thursday, 3.30-7pm

Book a time to go solo or

have a silent practice with up

to four band-mates. There will

be electronic drums, a digital

piano, a Roland session mixer,

mics and headphones available

for budding musicians. You can

also take in your own electric

instruments and plug into the

session mixer.

Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre,

341 Main South Rd

Afternoon Euchre

Every Friday from today


An enjoyable afternoon with

old and new friends in the


by 5pm each Wednesday

new upgraded clubrooms. For

more information phone Noel

Hopgood on 322 8636. Entry fee

is $3 and to enter the raffle is $2.

Halswell Bowling Club, 301

Halswell Rd

Maker Space

Saturday, 1-3pm

Join in the fun for activities

every week in the “maker

space”. There will be a variety of

activities and fun to be had for


Te Hapua: Halswell Centre,

341 Halswell Rd

Scrabble Club

Wednesday May 10,


Go along to the Scrabble Club.

No obligation, go along when

you can and join the friendly

group. Some boards provided

but feel free to bring your own.


Te Hapua: Halswell Centre,

341 Halswell Rd

Save Lives, Give Blood at


Wednesday, May 17

Have you got what it takes to

give blood? NZBlood needs to

collect 3000 blood donations a

week in New Zealand to care

for sick and trauma patients.

Your donation can save up to

three lives. Help meet the needs

of New Zealand hospitals as

blood only lasts 35 days. Regular

donation can make a huge

difference to the lives of New

Zealanders like you. You can

download the New NZ Blood

Service app which stores your

donor card and manages your

appointments. For appointments

phone 0800 GIVE BLOOD or


Lincoln Event Centre, 15

Meijer Dr

Markets this weekend

The markets have a lot on

offer, from fresh produce to

hand made crafts.

West Melton Market:

Saturday, 9am-noon. St Paul’s


Rolleston Envirotown

Market: Sunday, 10am-1pm.

Rolleston Square. If raining, the

event is held outside the shops

under the eaves.

Lincoln Farmers’ and Craft

Market: Saturday, 10am-1pm.

Gerald St, Lincoln.

Darfield Market: Saturday,

9am-1pm, opposite Challenge

Darfield, South Tce.

Leeston Market: Saturday

9.30am-12.30pm, Ellesmere

Cooperating Parish, High St.

Prebbleton Market: Sunday

noon-4pm, Prebbleton

Community Cottage, cnr Blakes

and Springs Rds.

Running Groups

The running groups aim to

BUSY: Go along to

the Mahoe Reserve

working bee. Meet some

locals while attacking

a few weeds. Wear

suitable shoes, take

spades, garden gloves,

sunglasses or other eye

protection, also a bucket

for mulch, if you can.

Working bees are first

Sunday of the month.

Following working bee

is Sunday, June 4 and

a planting day is July 2.

The bee will be held on

Boundary Rd, Lincoln.

For more information

phone Sue Jarvis on 329

5858 or email sue.jarvis@ ​

get like-minded members of the

community fit and engaged with

each other. All running groups

have a handicapped start to cater

for different abilities.

Lincoln Road Runners:

Tuesday registration from

5.30pm starts at 6pm. 3km

or 6km. Starts at Lincoln

University. Gold coin donations.

Malvern Road Runners:

Tuesday registration from

5.40pm starts at 6pm. 3km

or 6km. Starts from Malvern

Netball Centre.

Ellesmere Road Runners:

Wednesday registration from

5.45pm starts at 6pm. 3km or

6km walk or run. Starts from

Leeston Physiotherapy.


An artistic slice of New Zealand

culture is being served up in the

town of Little River. From May 6,

Little River Gallery will be exhibiting

works by artists Robin Slow and

Brian Flintoff.

Titled ‘Whare Huruhuru Manu,’

the exhibition of Slow’s lyrical

paintings show the cultural stories

of Maori past and present with

luscious depth using symbols and

motifs in precious oxides. Flintoff’s

delicately carved instruments in

bone and native timbers add to

breadth of the exhibition.

There is a further dimension to the

exhibition, music composed and

played by Bob Bickerton, inspired

by Robin’s paintings and using

Brian’s instruments. CD’s and

DVD’s featuring all three artists

work are available.

Little River Gallery is located in

Little River on State Highway 75

between Christchurch and Akaroa.

Visit or

call 03 325 1944.

Lincoln University 6km Walk, 10km or 18km Run

Sunday May 21st 2017, 8am

Entry for 6km walk = $5 Entry for 10km run = $10 Entry for 18km run = $20

Lincoln University is very pleased to be able to offer a running event in our local community. This is

our second year running our LU Walk/Run, with the first year being very successful. We decided

on this date as it is a good run up to the Christchurch half marathon. All our profits go to a charity

of choice. In 2016 we donated our profits to the Rolleston St John. This year we have decided to

donate the profits to a group of Lincoln University students who are heading to Malawi to help build

pre-school for a group of local villages to use. If you walk or run please come on down to the

University Recreation on Sunday May 21st. We also will have children’s running races on the

day. You can use the link to pre-register or register on the day.

6 May - 7 June 2017




Robin Slow | Brian Flintoff

music by Bob Bickerton

Main Rd, Little River | 03 325 1944 |

To register follow the link below or on our Website or Facebook page

For further information or enquiries please contact

P 03 4230550




2 Tuesday [Edition datE] May 2 2017


Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi




day in



Crowds gathered in the West Melton

School groundson Tuesday morning April

25 to mark Anzac Day in West Melton.

Members of the Bravo Company from

Burnham represented the New Zealand

Defence Force, while the head boy and

head girl from West Melton School

presented speeches. MC for the event was

Bruce Russell.

The memorial, which was built in the

school grounds for the 100th Gallipoli

celebration in 2015 by teacher Shane

Dawson and the school caretaker, was

adorned with poppies and floral tributes

were laid at the base.













Your home is

your castle.

Build yours now at

Wilfield, West Melton.

Sections selling now 1,200m 2 to 4ha. Email us;, or call 03 741 1340 anytime.

Available 24 th April till 21 st May 2017

Agents for

FROM $245,000

SALES AND INFORMATION OFFICE, 2 Kingsdowne Drive, West Melton.

OPEN Sun and Wed 1-3pm. Or by appointment at 145 Papanui Road, Christchurch. Mon-Fri

West Melton Pharmacy

Shop 12, 736 Weedons Ross Road, West Melton | Ph 03 347 0777, Fax 03 347 0888

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Tuesday [Edition May datE] 2 2017 23 3

On the hunt

for Easter


Real estate company at the

heart of the community

There were plenty of excited

children dashing aboutKirrin Island,

Preston Downs on Easter Sunday,

all searching for hidden Easter eggs

in the Ray White sponsored Easter Egg Hunt

Fun Day.

The day’s activities included competitions as

well as a fundraising raffle and sausage sizzle.

These raised almost $500 for Maddie Collins,

who will be travelling to the United States for a

kidney transplant.

The Ray White tent at the recent West Melton School Fete, which the firm sponsored.

Located in the West Melton Village

shopping complex, Ray White Town &

Lifestyle is right at the heart of the local


“We live locally and we work locally,”

says business owner Sarah Booth,

“and as a well-established West Melton

business operation, we have a strong

focus on fostering good relationships

with the community and putting back

into the community.”

Ray White Town & Lifestyle recently

sponsored the West Melton School Fete,

as well as the Easter Egg Hunt Fun Day

at Preston Downs, which was a great

success with many local youngsters

taking part.

Living locally, the agents have an

in-depth understanding of the Selwyn

District market and this, combined with

the latest technology and a passion for

customer service, ensures their clients

get the best possible service, whether

buying or selling.

The team in West Melton works in

close partnership with the Rolleston Ray

White office, with both offices owned by

Sarah Booth, Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford

and Emma George.

The teams work together to bring the

best results for their clients across the

district, Sarah says.

For enquiries, phone Ray White Town

& Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd, (03) 347-




Exclusive marketing

upgrades available *



Ray White are offering exclusive marketing upgrades.*

Ray White are offering exclusive marketing upgrades.*

Our marketing packages are designed to maximise the exposure of your property

Our to let marketing more buyers packages know are your designed property to maximise is for sale. the exposure of your property

to let more buyers know your property is for sale.

Make sure your property is all wrapped up with a Ray White marketing campaign.

Make sure your property is all wrapped up with a Ray White marketing campaign.

Ray White Rolleston






(REAA 2008)

*Conditions apply

Town & Lifestyle


Estate Ltd

Licensed (REAA *Conditions 2008) apply


and Sunday


from 8am

Sports played live on our big screens •

Gaming Room Lounge •

7 Days $7 beer/wine 4pm-6pm •

Sun/Mon/Tues $10 desserts •

Mon/Tues 13” Woodfired Pizzas $20 each •

Tues Quiz Night •

Wed Burger and Beer •

Thurs $10 Cocktails •

Thurs/Fri Curry and Beer Nights •

Roast meal every lunchtime and Sun night •

Open 7 days lunch/dinner

West Melton Village, Weedons Ross Road

Ph 03 421 6481

4 Tuesday [Edition datE] May 2 2017


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Piano recital

to celebrate a

special birthday

Plans on

track for new



Local pianist and retired piano teacher

Veronica van der Knaap will give a piano

recital later this month to celebrate her

70th birthday.

She has chosen to donate all profits

to the Canterbury Charity

Hospital Trust, as it is a cause

she strongly supports.

Veronica, who has been living

in Canterbury since 1971, was

born in The Netherlands, where

she obtained professional

qualifications at the Amsterdam


Since retiring from her

teaching career Veronica has

remained an active performer.

Her birthday recital will

include works by Brahms,

Chopin, Schubert and others.

It will be held at the Nut Point

Centre, West Melton on Sunday, May 14,

at 2 p.m.

Tickets are available online at www.

The Selwyn District Council’s Project

Steering Committee and Council have

been continuing to develop plans for

the new West Melton Community and

Recreation Centre.

Resource Consent has been granted for

the project and a fundraising drive will be

launched in September to gain support for

the project from the local community and

corporate sponsors.

Plans for the Community and

Recreation Centre include a main stadium

with a full-sized basketball court, meeting

rooms, catering kitchen, playcentre

and Plunket facilities, Scout hall and

youth area, toilets and change facilities,

associated landscaping and plenty of car


The existing community hall will remain

available for use until the new facility is

open, and it is planned to remove the old

building once the new facility opens.

The project is now working towards

completing detailed drawings so the

project can be tendered next year. The

expected date for completion and opening

of the facility is 2018.



Absolutely fabulous

autumn colours

5000m2 ready to build

2 Joshua Place

West Melton

Phone 0272295121




in the next


Contact Elaine

Phone 03 364 7436

or 021 0793339

Great coffee • Free wifi

Everything prepared on site using traditional

French methods Indoor/outdoor seating.

Tue-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 8am-3pm

9/736 Weedons Ross Road | Ph: 03 4216559

West Melton


Every Saturday from 9am til Noon

Variety of stalls












Olive Oil


Music varies

each week



St. Paul’s Church

(opposite the sports grounds in West Melton Rd

& Wilfield subdivision on Weedons Ross Rd.)

Contact: Sue Benzie on 021 733 080


Architectural Housing Hill Sites

Alterations New Homes

Family. Education. Fun!

The best start to a lifetime of learning

Two wonderful centres

• Quality care and education for children aged 3 months to 6 years

• Primary caregiving by experienced, qualified and caring teachers

• Nurturing and respectful environment

• Focused learning programmes

• Innovative transition to school programme

• Top Cats Before & After School Care

Contact us for a visit

10 Beaumont Drive, Rolleston

Phone: 03 347 9561 | Email:

65 Iris Taylor Avenue, West Melton

Phone: 03 741 1785


Qualified and Licensed Builder

Site Safe Member

Registered Master Builder

Quality and professional

service for all your

carpentry needs


For all enquiries contact: Dean Brewster

Email: Mobile: 021 842 242


[Edition datE]

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Tuesday May 2 2017 25

Mother’s Day

- Sunday 14 th May -

Make her day special on May 14

Everyone knows their mother is special

so the chance to make her feel that way,

particularly on Mother’s Day, is always


At the Gift Box in Lincoln you will find a

variety of gifts to fit all budgets. Because it

is open 7 days a week, you can pop in on the

day for those last minute purchases. Here

they provide a wonderful gift wrapping

Come in and

see our range of

Mother’s Day Gifts

Quilters Fabric, Gifts, Crafts, Baskets,

Sewing, Alterations & so much more...

service and a range of cards so you can get

it all sorted in one shop.

Masons Drapery and The Sewing Room

in Darfield have not only the gifts but great

advice if you want to treat that special lady

in your life. Mason’s Drapery has a range of

clothing and accessories while The Sewing

Room has craft and quilting products as

well as a wide selection of gifts.

Broadfield Flowers on Shands Road is a

treasure box crammed full of goodies your

Mother would love. Glassware, jewellery

and frames are included in the wide range

of giftware. Or if you want to say I love

you with a bunch of flowers, then they

can arrange a bouquet to be picked up or


Special treats offered

at luxury resort

sittings: 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm, and

bookings are essential.

Alternatively, you could surprise your

mother with a beautiful and unique

Mother’s Day trip away to Terrace Downs


The special Mother’s Day package

includes dinner, bed and breakfast and a

complimentary spa treatment for Mum

with a few luxuries on the side to enjoy

while she is here.

The cost starts at $500 for two people or

$630 total for the family. The package is

valid from Friday, May 5 to Sunday, May


To book for the buffet lunch or Mother’s

Day package at Terrace Downs Resort

contact the reception team on (03) 318

6943 or email

Mother’s Day


Quilters Fabric & Gifts

45A South Terrace, Midwest Mews,

Darfield. Phone: 03 318 8513.

Open Mon-Thurs 9am-4.30pm, Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-12pm

Terrace Downs Resort in Windwhistle

invites you to say ‘thank you’ to the

leading lady in your life on Sunday, May

14, by treating her to their spectacular

buffet, accompanied by live music.

All mothers receive a complimentary

glass of bubbles on arrival and a special gift

to take away.

Lunch is $59 for adults and $25 for

children under 12 years. There are two

with Broadfield Flowers

In the flower business for 26 years

Order online


P 325 2621 | 1094 Shands Road

Just 5 minutes from Lincoln

Wow Your Mom

This Mother’s Day

Sunday 14th May

Everyone’s mum deserves the best.

Take some time to spend with your

mum. Show her how much you care by

delighting her with a special buffet at

Terrace Downs Resort in a magnificent


Make your Sunday extra

special with our popular

Come and enjoy a delicious

menu of classic and

International flavours,

accompanied by live music.

Every Sunday 12:30pm

Adults $45pp, Kids u12 only $20

11am - 1pm & 2pm - 4pm

$59 for Adults, $25 for Kids u12

Booking Essential

Sunday Buffet

Only one hour’s drive from ChCh

Phone 03 318 6943

623 Coleridge Road

Windwhistle, Canterbury





the word

Spoil Mum this

Mothers Day!

With our lovely selection of

Scarves, Socks, Jewellery,

and Handkerchiefs.


Snood and

fingerless gloves

to keep mum

extra toasty on

the sidelines.

Free gift wrapping and a free

gift with all purchases over

$10 from 2 nd - 13 th May

Shop 5, 346 Halswell Rd,

Halswell. Ph: 322 1368


Tuesday [Edition datE] May 2 2017


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Construction starts

on next stage of

Central Plains Water

Primary Industries

Minister Nathan Guy

Resource Management Consultants

Resource Consents

- Groundwater - Surface Water

- Effluent Discharge - Effluent Storage

- Gravel Extraction - Consents Compliance

• Advocacy

• Aquifer Testing

• Due Diligence

• Feasibility

• Flow Monitoring

• Farm Environment Plans

92 Williams St, Kaiapoi. Ph: 03 375 5015

Prime Minister Bill English and Primary

Industries Minister Nathan Guy were in

Darfield on April 20 for the ribbon-cutting

to signal the start of construction of Stage

2 of Central Plains Water, which will have

the capacity to irrigate an additional 20,000


“This will be a real boost to the Canterbury

regional economy with around 1130 new

jobs expected as a result. A reliable source

of water gives farmers certainty and options

to invest in mixed farming operations

including arable, sheep and beef finishing,

dairy farming and horticulture,” Mr Guy


“Importantly, it also has many

environmental benefits. Using alpinesourced

water rather than ground water is

environmentally beneficial for Canterbury

as it reduces pressure on aquifers, which

are needed to replenish flows in lowland


“Replacing groundwater with river and

stored alpine river water has the potential to

improve water flows into Lake Ellesmere -

Te Waihora, helping the long-term process

Selwyn Auto


› WOF’s › Diagnostics › Repairs

› Servicing › Batteries › Tyres

› Motorbike WOF’s & Repairs

› Courtesy Cars Available

Phone 329 5841 | 132 Leeston Road, Springston |

of improving its water quality.

“For any farm to qualify for scheme water

it has to prepare a plan with a nutrient

budget and meet high standards.”

Crown Irrigation Investments Limited

(CIIL) has committed to providing a $65

million secured loan to CPW to partfund

Stage 2 of the CPW Scheme. Crown

Irrigation’s partial funding of Stage 2 means

that the project can be future-proofed for

long-term demand.

CIIL invested $6.5 million into CPW

Stage 1, which has since been fully repaid,

and full repayment is expected for the Stage

2 investment as well.

A new Sustainable Farming Fund

(SFF) project “SMART Tools and Tips

for Irrigators” is aimed at improving

management practices for irrigators to

deliver better environmental and economic

outcomes. The funding is for $294,400 and

will be led by Irrigation New Zealand.

Another new SFF project led by Federated

Farmers will be looking at the impacts of

irrigation on soil water holding properties.

This project, worth $295,950, will help both

farmers and regional councils by enabling

more effective and efficient use of irrigation

water, reduced drainage and reduced loss of

soluble nutrients.

While in the region Mr Guy also visited the

Hinds/Hekeao Managed Aquifer Recharge

(MAR) project site near Ashburton.

The pilot project, which began in

February 2016, is testing the feasibility of

adding alpine sourced water to shallow

groundwater to help recharge lowland

streams during dry periods and reduce

nitrate levels in the groundwater.

“I was pleased to hear that in the first

year of this project, the bores monitoring

groundwater conditions downstream have

shown positive improvements in both water

quantity with rising levels and in water

quality with decreasing concentrations of


A recent report by NZIER found that

irrigation contributes $2.2 billion to the

national economy and this has the potential

to increase further.

Not just a tyre shop!


No CaLLout Fee

(SElwyn diSTRiCT)


Courtesy car available.

Kiddie’s toys & entertainment.

Enjoy a free coffee, massage

(chair) & TV while you wait.

• 24 hour fleet service

• Full mechanical repairs

• Nitrogen fills, batteries, WOF, shock


• Car tyres, 4x4 tyres, light truck

tyres, truck & bus tyres

• Wheel alignments, puncture

repairs, full groom

Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.00pm, Saturday 9am-12pm

Call 03 347 4702

or 0800 838 973

847 Jones Rd, Rolleston •


Canterbury Ltd

E.sybox &

E.sybox Mini

• The next generation in household

water pumps

• Exceptionally quiet operation

• Constant – Mains-like water pressure

• Up to 50% more energy efficient

Mention this ad to receive this offer


WAS $2585



Sales and service | After hours service call

Jason 021 649 944 or Mike 021 560 044

0800 GRUNDFOS / 0800 478 633




WAS $1820



Conditions apply, while stocks last. Valid until 31 May 2017.

1100EFI Features

67 hp. 1100cc 4 cyl. 16 valve engine, 5 x speed transmission,

hydraulic clutch, 2WD, 4WD, Diff. lock front & rear, max

speed 70kph, snorkel, electrically operated rear deck hoist,

fully foldable windscreen, front mounted electric winch,

roof mounted LED light bar, all steel construction, disc

brakes all round, amazing carrying capacity (front,

roof, rear tray) road registrable,

Dimensions - 3270 x 1550

x 2065(mm) (LxW.H).

Call Us


we are Talking

Turkey on Price


Tuatara Machinery Ltd

Tel: 03 347 4956 Mob: 0274 770 070


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Tuesday [Edition May datE] 2 2017 27 3


New Zealand vets back

antibiotic use reduction

World Veterinary Day (WVD) took place globally on April 29, 2017.

The theme this year was Antimicrobial

Resistance: From awareness to action.

The New Zealand Veterinary Association

(NZVA) says it is well placed to discuss this

concerning and challenging issue that the

World Health Organisation has named one

of the greatest global health challenges we


NZVA chief executive Mark Ward says

the New Zealand Veterinary Association is

taking a strong position on Antimicrobial


“Our goal is that by 2030 New Zealand

Inc. will not need antibiotics for the

maintenance of animal health and welfare,”

Mr Ward says.

“It’s an aspirational goal. It’s big. But

this is an enormous issue facing us, New

Zealand’s veterinarians want to do their

part to reduce our dependency on these

critical medicines and preserve their use

for as long as possible.

“We knew that finding alternatives,

lateral thinking, and collaboration would

be key to finding solutions to antibiotic

resistance. And that’s what we’re doing,

with the backing of vets, government and

industry across the country.”

The veterinary profession’s aspirational

goal was launched by the NZVA in July

2015. They are working collaboratively

with a range of organisations – from

the Ministry of Health and Ministry for

Primary Industries to DairyNZ and Pork

New Zealand, to promote the responsible

use of antibiotics in animals to ensure their

continued effectiveness in safeguarding

both animal and human health.

“We’ve received strong support for

our vision,” Mr Ward says. “We’re now

exploring strategies to address antibiotic

resistance; this could be an innovation

opportunity for New Zealand – it should

be seen in terms of opportunity.

“New Zealand has some of the lowest

rates of antibiotic use in animals for food

production in the world. We are the thirdlowest

user of antimicrobials globally.

But we don’t want to be complacent. It’s

important we continue this momentum.”

A 2015 PwC report, commissioned by

the NZVA, found that as one of the three

lowest users of antibiotics to treat animals

in the OECD, New Zealand could increase

the value of its exports with reducedantibiotic

livestock systems and scientific


“Very few public health issues are of

greater importance than antimicrobial

resistance in terms of their impact on

society,” Mr Ward says.

Effective antibiotics have been a key

factor in living longer and healthier.

Addressing antimicrobial resistance is

a community issue and we’re tackling it

as a community - veterinarians, doctors,

farmers, animal owners (pets and equine)

and industry stakeholders.

Organic Training College



Start a career in

organics. Reduce

your footprint and

produce a regular

supply of your own

fruit and vegetables.

COURSES (All fees under $500)

Year 1

Introduction to Organics

44 weeks

Starts August 2017

(Lincoln campus)

Year 2

Applied Organics

46 weeks

Starts August 2017

(Lincoln campus)

Programme information | 03 325 3684 |


Scorch Broadband

0800 726 724

Rural Section


Farm posts

Deer Fencing

Post and Rail Fencing

Yarding Timber

Oregon Rails

Oregon Gates

Sheep and Deer Netting


Strainrite Fencing Systems


Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

Saturday: 8am- 12pm

Weedons Ross Rd

to Rolleston

We are here

Berketts Rd

Trents Rd

Main South Rd / SH1

Your Local Timber Merchant

Jason Pester 1304 Main South Road, Christchurch P 03 3477465 F 03 3477032

28 Tuesday May 2 2017

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Show Homes

Villages in and

Homes By Parklane

“Standout Homes for a Standard Price”


2 Harvard Avenue

Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

Flemington, Lincoln

6 Craig Thompson Drive

Sat & Sun 12pm - 4pm

(03) 341 3000 or 029 201 2453

Strategic Homes


6 Derek Anderson Drive

Longhurst Estate

Wed to Sun 12pm - 4pm

Ph 03 963 8841 or 0274 359 333

David Reid Homes


231 Highstead Road - opening June


80 Farthing Drive - opening September

Ph Jason 021 514 424

or Chris 021 192 6095

Build 7 - Christchurch

Prebbleton - Flemington

Viewing by appointment only

Ph 03 595 0894 or Jamie 021 783 001

Peter Ray Homes


28 & 30 TeRito Street

12pm to 4pm Tues to Sun

Faringdon, Rolleston

5 & 7 Stanford Way

12pm to 4pm Sat, Sun, Wed & Thurs

Wigram Skies, Wigram

32 & 34 The Runway, 12pm to 4pm

Mon to Sun (7 days)

around Selwyn

Taking a walk through a show home is fun, whether

thinking about building or wanting ideas for renovating or

revitalising home furnishings. They can be a great place to

find the latest trends in building and interior design and

how certain home furnishing elements work together.

It is now the norm for a building company to have a

show home and for larger subdivisions to have a show

home village so it is not surprising that a new impressive

show home village is currently taking shape at Faringdon

in Rolleston.

Faringdon’s new show home village should be fully

operational by July this year, with most of the major

building companies opening homes in a village that is

expected to be the largest of its kind to be developed in

Canterbury, if not New Zealand.

Other show home villages in the area are at Flemington

and Te Whāriki in Lincoln.

Closer to the city is Halswell on the Park, Knights Stream

Park in Halswell and The Runway at Wigram Skies, where

there is a good line up of interesting and varied show


To the north east of the city you will find the Preston

subdivision, which has a show home street then in Kaiapoi,

more can be seen at Silverstream and Sovereign Palms.

Show homes in Selwyn can be found in the following


Flemington in Lincoln:

• Build 7, 45 Sunline Ave (by appointment).

• Homes by Maxim, 10 Craig Thompson Drive.

• Homes by Parklane, 6 Craig Thompson Drive.

• Mike Greer Homes, 15 Craig Thompson Drive.

• Online Design & Build, 4 Craig Thompson Drive.

• Onyx Homes, 1 Oak Drive.

• Orange Homes, 12 Craig Thompson Drive.

• Versatile Homes & Buildings, 5 Sunline Ave.

Te Whāriki in Lincoln:

• Bainbridge Homes, 51 Vernon Drive.

• Benchmark Homes, 53 Vernon Drive.

• Faye Homes, 41 Vernon Drive.

• Fraemohs Homes, 55 Vernon Drive.

• G J Gardner, 47 Vernon Drive.

• Generation Homes, 45 Vernon Drive.

• Hallmark Homes, 49 Vernon Drive.

• Trident Homes, 39 Vernon Drive.


• A1 Homes, 2 Carpenter Drive.

• Artisan Homes, 72 Blakes Road.

Levi Park in Rolleston:

• Pringle Homes, 3 Genoa Avenue.

Faringdon in Rolleston:

• Artisan Homes, 5 Broomleigh Drive.

• Compass Homes, 7 Broomleigh Drive.

• G J Gardner, 1 Eversham Drive.

• Horncastle Homes, 21 Ashdown Way.

• Mike Greer Homes, 2 Ragley Way.

• Mike Greer Homes, 14 Shillingford Boulevard.

• Peter Ray Homes, 5 & 7 Stanford Way.

• Today Homes, 9 & 11 Stanford Way.

More new show homes are due to

open in Rolleston’s Faringdon and in

Prebbleton in the coming months.

To advertise in

The Showhome


Contact Elaine:

(03) 364 7436

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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100


Funeral Directors

Select Services

Select Services

To Lease

Caravans, Motorhomes

& Traliers

CARAVAN Wanted to

buy. Up to $5000 cash

today 027 488-5284.

CARAVAN Wanted to

buy. Up to $5000 cash

today 027 488-5284.

Community Events



want to have a drink thats

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757

Direct Cremation


Service without

the funeral

0800 000 121


& Supplies


For Sale

Ellesmere Lions

have pea straw


Small Bales

at $6.00

Medium Squares

at $50

All a delivered price

in the Selwyn Area

Ph for orders

324 3580



Massage Rural Location

Anna 021 110-8790



• Driveways

• Car Parks

• Site Cleaning

• Demolition

• Farm Tracks

• Drain Cleaning

• Stump & Hedge


• Ashpalt Concrete

Wide range

oF TruckS

For a Free Quote

on your next project

Phone Steve on 021 338 247

or 325 7922

Garage Doors, Auto Openers,

EQC Quotes, Repairs and

Maintenance, One off Custom

Made Designs...

• Tennis Courts &

Swimming Pools

• Chip Seal Driveways

• Diggers – 2 Ton

up to 20 Ton

• Excavators

• Bobcat & Drilling

• For Posthole &

Fence hole



Showroom at

Larcombs Road and

Home Ideas Centre,

Mandeville Street

The genuine custom made

garage door professionals




TyPEs of garagE doors:

Cedar Door, Glass & Acrylic doors, Flat Panel insulated range,

Pressed Panel Doors, Ribline doors, Tilt doors, Roller Doors,

flush mounted doors.

Proud to support your local community

Phone: 0800 661 366 • Fax: 03 347 8363

Factory: 276 Larcombs Road, R.D. 8 Weedons,



Select Services

Need a hand?

✤ Lawns & Edges

✤ Landscaping

✤ Gardening

✤ Hedge Trimming

✤ Handyman Jobs

✤ Casual or One Off

Phone Mike Lineton

022 341 8848

Your local

Selwyn District




Garden Supplies

• Soil • Bark • Sand

• Compost • Chip & more

0274 313 389



2006 Ltd

• Excavators • Dingo • Trailers

• General Equip • Chainsaws

• Log Splitters • Concrete Gear

• Rotary Hoes • Lawnmowers

and much more!

(03) 324 3669

1552 Leeston Road

(1km North of Leeston)

Open 7 days.

Closed public holidays.





18m x 12m

Leeston Area

Ph 03 335 0352 (evenings)

Trades & Services

• Irrigation • Drainage • Driveways

• Auger Hole Drilling

• Land Clearing & Development

• Culvert Installation • Construction Site Works

• Tree & Hedge Removal • Concrete Breaker

Phone Mike: 027 272 8058 OR 03 324 4323 A/H


Why go to the Dump?

Junkman comes to you!

Items too big for the

rubbish bin?

Or too heavy for you

to move?

Junkman comes

to you & takes

it away


65 *

*Prices vary depending on items and volume – minimum charge $65

0800 586 5626




The perfect firewood


Available now

Available now

Ph: 03 325 2290

suPPLiEs LiMiTEd Kent: 021 325 661

Office & Yard 653 Ellesmere Road, Lincoln

Hokianga and Far North

Departs 27th August 2017

8 days $1950.00 per person

Cairns Winter Break

Departs 1st June 2017

12 nights

$4,695 per person

All tours include flights

Call Reid Tours 0800 446 886


New Builds

Home Alterations




Phone Keith:

027274 9359

or (03) 325-4452





Insurance Work

Fully Qualified Builder




Household and Motorhomes. Supply and

install TV aerials, satellite dishes, decoders

(12/240v), TV Wall Mounts, extra outlets,

TV, DVD, Portable satellite kits.

Ph 022 081 0928 or 0800 438 278





• Air Conditioning • Alternators

• Starter Motors • Wiring Repairs

• Diagnostics • Lighting • Batteries

Mobile Auto Electrician

022 644 9664

Farmlands Card Accepted


Shelterbelt Trimming


Call Tony Dempsey

Ph 03 325 3256 Mob 0274 323 943

CARPET carpet/furnishings


Di’s Carpet


Have your carpet

off-cuts bound

124 Halswell Junction Rd, Halswell

Phone 322 1103 Mobile 027 586 4830

Hours Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5.00pm

carpet layer




Repair, Uplifting, Relaying,


*Selection of underlay available

All preparation work undertaken


Phone John 027 208 7383

laminate flooring






*Water Resistant

All preparation work


Contractors rates

Phone John 027 208 7383


Town & Country

Shelter Trimming

Phone Tom

027 4340 200


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Tuesday May 2 2017


Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services


• Re Roofing

• Roof Repairs

• Spouting

Approved Age Concern


Over 30 years experience

Licensed Building




Ph: 349 9778 or 0275 389 415





Protect your home with a new Colorsteel roof.

Call for a friendly, FREE assessment and quote.

Ph: 347 9045 or 021 165 1682


vinyl laying





Selection available or

customer supply

All floor preparation


Contractors rates

Phone John 027 208 7383

• Roofing

• Spouting and Downpipe

• Safety rails

• Licensed Building






Free Measure & Quote

• Asphalt

• Driveways

• Kerb

Quality Workmanship -

Over 10 Years Experience

• Chipseal

• Chip

PH 0800 081- 400 • 980-1123

Mob 0274 325 457



Fast friendly



Selwyn area,

ph 021 364 664



Furniture made to

order and restoration

by tradesman with

35yrs experience.

PH Stephen

021 073 2624




new fencing, post driving,

repairs, maintenence.

Quality workmanship

& advice.

Phone Allan 021 049 6151

Facebook: agrifencenz



Watkins Home Kill


Beef, Pigs, Sheep,

Deer & Fish Smoking

Bacon, Ham and

small goods.

124 Burdons Road


Phone Tim 347 6693

Trades & Services




• Shelter Belt & Trimming

• Tree Topping

• Root Racking

• Full Hedge Removals

• Stump Removals

• Excavations

Sam 027 918 5155

Bill 027 433 7869








Is your heatpump

ready for wInter?

• Save power, Save Money

• Cleaner healthier air

• Friendly, professional


Rob Spink

• 0800 423 637

• (A/H) 03 325 2713

Trades & Services


We will re-scope your property to ensure

you have been paid in full to cover all

your repair costs.

None of the properties that we have

re-scoped so far has been paid the

correct amount to repair their damage.







Rope & harness

a speciality,

no scaffolding


30 years of




Exterior staining,

exterior painting,

moss and mould

treatment and


Phone Kevin

027 561 4629



All Plumbing



Blocked Drains

Log Fires,


Gas Hotwater


021 454 864

CARPET & Vinyl


Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching,

E mail jflattery@xtra.,

ph 0800 003 181

or 027 2407416


Quality timber fencing -

gates & repairs, ph Ryan

027 951 8892

Trades & Services


Boundary, Executive,


All types of residential

fencing and gates

Defender Products

Ph 0800 63 80 80



Furniture made to

order and restoration

by tradesman with

35yrs experience.

PH Stephen

021 073 2624

•Yaldhurst Road Initially $3,800 after our

re-scope payment received $46,320

•Wairakei Road Initially $7,575 after our

re-scope payment received $38,182

•Prossers Road Initially $19,827 after our

re-scope payment received $60,273

•Kaplan Avenue Initially $859 after our

re-scope payment received $34,931

•Liverton Crescent Initially $11,000 after our

re-scope payment received $29,842

•Dalkeith Street Initially $5,000 after our

re-scope payment received $8,945

• We have re-scoped 50 properties who have been under

paid for their repairs.

• Have your initial repairs failed?

• Did you receive your full entitlement?

• Do not pay your excess until all repairs are completed.

• General under payments are: Asbestos testing and

exterior lead paint, peeling wallpaper, cracking in exterior

plaster not repaired correctly.

For re-scoping and all earthquake repairs

including painting and redecorating.

Enquire now Phone 021-667-444

Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors with

our unique fully weather

sealed system. Ask your

builder for a Defender garage

door; your first defence

against the elements.

Defender Products

Ph 0800 63 80 80

Trades & Services


Paving, Lawns, Irrigation,

Decking, Fencing.

Kanga & small digger

services. Check out Squire

Landscaping on facebook.


Arthur 347-8796, 027

220-7014 Edwin 027 220-



MASONRY?? Rock and

Blocks Work Ltd for all

your brick, block and tile

laying needs. Friendly

service Licensed Building

Practitioner phone Devon

on 021 375-888 or 03 329-



See our unique range of

1/2 Ltr packs from only

$1, 360 Ferry Rd, 7 Days

PH 381 2012

RJB PluMBing

Renovations, New Houses,

Hot Water Cylinders,

Kitchens Bathroom

Upgrades, Laundries,

General Maintenance

Phone Mark 0278690026


Quality jobs done on time.

All aspects of tiling. Reg

Master Tiler. Ph Dave 027

334 4125




laundry, incl mosaics, ph

027 334 4125


tree removal, trimming,

stump grinding, shelterbelt

clean up, section clearing,

rubbish removals,

excavation work, ph Trees

Big or Small, for a free

quote, 021 061 4783


Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

stereos, DVD. Aerial

installations and kitsets,

480 Moorhouse Ave, ph 03

379 1400

To Let


Ideal as an extra

bedroom or office.

no bond required thiS month

Fully insulated and

double glazed for warmth.

Three convenient sizes

from $70 a week:

Standard 3.6m x 2.4m,

Large 4.2m x 2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m.

Visit our website for

display cabin locations.

The best place

to learn and

play music in


• Learn an instrument (including voice) in a group or on

your own!

• Join an orchestra, an instrumental ensemble, a jazz

band, rock band or choir!

• Bring the children, aged 2-8 years along to have some

fun and engage in music learning in our foundation

classes, Take Off with Music!

• From ages 2 - 92 we can meet your musical needs.

Join our great community now!

For more information, check out our website

or phone the CSM office on 03 366 1711

Horticulture Course


National Certificate

in Horticulture,

Level 3 NZQA approved.

Part Time distance Learning

(workshops & Tutorials provided) zero fees.

Contact Ryan Young

(Training facilitator)

021 222 9678



17th May. Call Jenny 029

386 1840


17th May. Call Jenny 029

386 1840

Public Notices

Edendale Boot Sale


Christian Resources,

Videos & Books

Noon - 3pm Sunday

Edendale Event Centre

888 Sandy Knolls Rd

(near cnr Main West Coast Rd)

Ph Peter 027 229 5121

Public Notices

Public Notices




Annual General


7pm Rolleston

Rugby Club Rooms

17th May 2017

Any further enquiries

can be emailed to the

Club Secretary at


All members



7 - 12 MAY 2017

The general public is to be advised that a NZ

Army Exercise will be conducted in the West

Melton Rifle Range area over the period 7 –

12 May 2017.

The exercise will involve personnel of 2/1

RNZIR from, Burnham Military Camp. The

exercise will involve up to 60 personnel.

Training will involve soldiers firing live

ammunition and using High Explosives in

and around the West Melton Rifle Range area.

High Explosives will be used on the 10 and 11

of May from 10am until 4pm on both days.

For more information please call

03 363 0099

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi

Tuesday May 2 2017 31

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Public Notices

Public Notice

Rolleston Rugby Football Club

Notice of Special General Meeting to make

amendments to our Constitution

Monday 22nd May, 6.45pm at the

Rolleston Rugby Clubrooms

All members, players and affiliates welcome

Any correspondence to Secretary

Angela Jones -

Situations Vacant




Class 1 Civil


Labourer, civil

background an


Please txt

your name and

licenses to

027 222 0255

Situations Vacant




Class 2 WTR,

civil background

an advantage.

Please txt

your name

and licenses


027 222 0255

Situations Vacant




Class 5 Civil

Driver, civil

background an


Please txt

your name and

licenses to

027 222 0255


10 GAMES // 5 WEEKS // 3 TESTS



British and Irish Lions Tour of New Zealand

Situations Vacant

Drivers Class 4 or 4L

Join our friendly team and learn how to

drive a concrete mixer truck. Positions

available at our Hornby and Rolleston sites.

Send your CV and cover letter to




Class 4 WTR,

civil background

an advantage.

Please txt

your name

and licenses


027 222 0255

Phil Gifford on the game’s greats

Justin Marshall calls it how he sees it


Plan your tour in front of the TV

and on the road

INSIDE: Rugby’s most trusted voices

Ron Palenski remembers the classics

Lynn McConnell on the challenge ahead

ON SALE FROM MAY 1 at all good bookstores and supermarkets

Pre-order now: or 0800 77 77 10

18x4 Lions Guide Filler 2017



We have a position for a person

with mechanical experience to

assemble our Tuatara ATVs.

Work hours can be flexible, and it

is anticipated that the work would

involve approximately one to two

days per week.

Remuneration is negotiable and

subject to experience.

Contact Geoff Hill

Tel.03-347-4956 or Mob. 0274-770-070





Class 1 WTR,

civil background

an advantage.

Please txt

your name

and licenses


027 222 0255



Phone for further details

(03) 379 1100



32 Tuesday May 2 2017

Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi


Join us for our

1st birthday!


This Week’s MANAGER’S Specials

Fresh Brinks NZ

Skinless Chicken

Thigh Cutlets

NZ Whole Crown



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Fresh NZ Pork

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FreshChoice Leeston

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Open 7am – 8pm, 7 days. FreshChoiceNZ 324 3788

FreshChoice Leeston

Certain products may not be available in all stores. Savings are based on non-promotional price. Limits may apply.

Prices apply from Tuesday 2nd May to Sunday 7th May 2017, or while stocks last at FreshChoice Leeston only.

Owned and


by locals



Week commencing Tuesday, 2nd may, 2017

A Fresh New Décor

The Transformation is Complete

This modern, double glazed, four bedroom,

two bathroom home is sited in the heart of


Open-plan living with an adjacent lounge

(with gas fire), whilst two new heat pumps

keep the whole house comfortable year


In neutral tones throughout, the living

areas and bathrooms have new flooring and

several feature walls add style.

A sheltered outdoor entertaining/BBQ

area is accessed from the living and master


Double internal access garage (with auto

door), on a fenced, easy care 836m2



Address: 79 North Terrace, Darfield

Property ID $564,000

Kerin Pitkethley


Phone: 027 698 7453


Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 03 929 0306



15 Brampton Drive

If it is quality you desire, then look no further than 15

Brampton Drive, located in the highly sought after

Gainsborough subdivision, West Melton. A high quality

298m2, family home, set on a beautifully established,

2163m2 section. This truly is a property you will be

proud to call home.

• Modern kitchen, featuring granite bench tops, Bosch

appliances and a large butlers’ pantry

• Large open plan living/dining space and separate


• Master bedroom with en-suite and WIR


• Fully insulated, double glazed

• Modern underfloor heating system and an additional

heat pump

With family living in mind, the home is complimented

with lots of storage space, including a loft above the

triple car garaging.

The family sized section is nicely established, offering

that desirable mix of well established, but low

maintenance. For those of you worried about the

amount of lawn – fear not, the ride-on is included!



VIEW Sunday 7 May 2.00 - 2.45pm

DEADLINE SALE closes Thursday 11th May, 2017 at

4.00pm, (unless sold prior)


Chris Moore

Mobile 027 288 0563

Office 03 929 0306


BUYERS $399,000+



11 Mcilraith Street

Located on a quiet tree lined street in Darfield, is this

permanent material home set on a generous quarter

acre section. Featuring 4 bedrooms that all lead off a

sunny north facing hallway/sunroom.

Modern kitchen with open plan dining leads through to

a large living area with logburner and external access

through French doors to private patio.

Large family bathroom with separate toilet and shower

with tile flooring throughout.

Outside the property enjoys a private backyard plus

single car garaging at the front.

VIEW Sunday 7 May 1.00 - 1.30pm







586 Trents Road

Situated in the heart of the Prebbleton, you will be

blown away with the comfort of this modernised 3

bedroom home as soon as you walk in the front door.

This home boasts a near new kitchen with o/p dining

flowing to the outdoor entertainment area. Perfectly

capturing that indoor outdoor flow you can only wish

for. Separate living with a log burner, 3 double

bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, new bathroom, a

fully fenced section ensuring maximum privacy and a

large deck area and multiple street and off street car

parking options.



VIEW Sunday 7 May 1.00 - 1.30pm

DEADLINE SALE closes Tuesday 9th May, 2017 at 4.00pm,

(unless sold prior)

Sam Ashworth

Mobile 027 242 3290

Office 03 929 0306






Gareth Cox

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306




8 Walter Place

Located in heart of Kirwee is this well-appointed new

home just waiting for you to call it home. This well

designed 4 bedroom home presents a contemporary

style open plan kitchen/dining with access through large

sliders onto the sunny north facing patio. Large formal

lounge with log burner. Master bedroom enjoys a WIR &

ensuite, complemented by 3 additional bedrooms.

Internal access double garage with laundry featuring

excellent storage options.

Position of the home makes great use on the section &

allows the purchasers to add their touch. Now it’s your

turn to step up & call this place home.

VIEW Sunday 7 May 12.00 - 12.30pm

Gareth Cox

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306















Rural Property

Licensed REAA2008

ROLLESTON - 91 Strauss Drive


• 254m 2 brick and cedar home

• 4 double bedrooms

• 2 beautifully specified bathrooms

• Large open plan living

• Butler’s pantry

• Logburner

• Secure & private section


ROLLESTON - 22 Flint Road


• As new stylish 3 bedroom home

• Perfect entry level or downsizing option

• Open plan living

• Loaded with extra features

• 3 x garden sheds

• Secure & private section

Open Home: Sun 2.30pm - 3pm

Price: Neg over $639,000


Price: Neg over $475,000


Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576

Jackie Derrick Mb 027 636 3576

ROLLESTON - 85 Strauss Drive


• Brand new 3 bedroom family home

• 2 living areas

• Feature polished concrete floors

• Centrally located high spec kitchen

• 2 high spec bathrooms including ensuite

• Great indoor/outdoor flow

• 630m 2 fully fenced section

• A real gem!

Open Home: Sun 2pm - 2.30pm

Price: Neg Over $545,000


Jo Barrett Mb 021 859 006


ROLLESTON - 28 Bavaria Drive


• 1055m 2 section

• Located in sought after Devon Park subdivision

at entranceway to the prestigious Coles Fields

• Telephone, fibre, water & power to boundary

• Title issued

• Covenants to protect your investment

Price: $230,000


Andrew Taylor Mb 027 435 5930

PREBBLETON - 15 Prebblewood Drive


• Stunning 4 bedroom plus study

• Exceptional quality throughout

• Three large living areas

• Central kitchen with quality appliances and

walk in pantry

• Bathrooms, fittings and fixtures are of a

high standard and very spacious

• Master has an extra large walk through wardrobe

and access to a private outdoor area

• Set on established and private 840m 2 section

with excellent indoor outdoor flow

Price: Neg Over $780,000


Andrew Taylor Mb 027 435 5930

ROLLESTON - Branthwaite


• Sections ranging from 600m 2 to 800m 2

• Internal fencing included

• Stage One Titles expected April/May 2017

• Offers peace of mind & choice to build their

family's future in Rolleston

• Just 20 minutes from Christchurch CBD &

within walking distance from new High School

• These affordable sections are available NOW

Price: From $187,000


Andrew Taylor Mb 027 435 5930

HALSWELL - 48 Early Valley Road



• Two story 4 bedroom family home approx. 283m 2

• Set on a north facing elevated section of 1816m 2

with pleasant rural views

• Kitchen dining area & separate lounge/living

• Great indoor/outdoor flow onto deck area

• Very private & sheltered from prevailing winds

• Two bathrooms one on each floor plus master

with ensuite

• Highly desirable area & section size that is

very hard to find

• Halswell Township 5-10 minutes and

ChCh City 20 minutes away

KIRWEE - 4B St Andrews Lane


• 4 double bedroom 267m 2 contemporary home

• Open plan living & dining

• Highly appointed kitchen with spacious

walk in pantry

• Large separate lounge with log fire

• Covered deck & outdoor living area

• Master bedroom with WIR & ensuite

• Office is also located off the main entrance

• Ample storage including a large walk in

hot water cupboard which is shelved

• Solar panels along with hardwiring for

entertainment inside & out

• 830m 2 fenced property

Price: By Negotiation


Chris Flanagan Mb 027 433 4657

Open Home: Sun 3pm - 3.30pm

Price: Neg Over $635,000


Sue Robinson Mb 021 409 050


ROLLESTON - 81 Hungerford Drive


• 241sqm, Hebel with timber features

• 4 double bedrooms

• 2 bedrooms with ensuites

• Master suite has walk in robe & ensuite

• German inspired kitchen with quality appliances

& large high spec butler’s pantry

• 3 living areas with high ceilings

• Great indoor outdoor flow

• 120 sqms of deck perfect for outdoor entertaining

• 725sqm fully fenced landscaped section

• Spacious internal access garaging

• Solar power, alarm system with smoke detectors

& 2 heat pumps

• Plenty of storage & quality drapes & blinds

DARFIELD - 10 Whitcombe Place



• 2 year old four bedroom home

• 2 luxurious bathrooms

• Formal lounge, an informal living & dining

• Designer Kitchen with New York influences

• Positioned for view of the mountains

• Great indoor outdoor flow

• Oversized 3 bay shed with three phase power

• Over-sized door opening perfect for storing a

• Caravan, boat or motorhome

• Perfect lock & leave property

• 25 minutes to airport & 20 minutes to Rolleston

• Excellent Primary & High School

Open Home: Sun 1pm - 1.30pm

Price: By Negotiation


Sue Robinson Mb 021 409 050

Open Home: Sun 2pm - 2.30pm

Price: Offers Over $799,000


Sue Robinson Mb 021 409 050



ROLLESTON PH: 03 347 9949 LEESTON PH: 03 324 3704 DARFIELD PH: 03 318 8204

Chris Flanagan

027 433 4657

Andrew Taylor

027 435 5930

Jackie Derrick

027 636 3576

Stephan Knowler

027 229 9522

Cameron McRae

027 769 6696

Paul Robinson

021 277 2690

Sue Robinson

021 409 050

Jo Barrett

021 859 006




van der Klei


Open Home

Open Home

Additional Flat

Templeton 8 Riwai Street

3 A 2 F 1 I

Dunsandel 18 Highfield Avenue

3 A 1 F 2 I

This property boasts two dwellings on one 1011m2 title, each

with established tenants returning $555/week between them.

A unique opportunity for the astute investor or home buyer

looking for an additional income. A charming cottage sits at

the front of the property. Built in the late 1800’s it is full of

yesteryear charm. Heated by a modern wood burner & a heat

pump, the home consists of one double bedroom, separate

living and dining rooms along with a good sized kitchen &

bathroom with separate toilet. At the rear of the property sits

the additional flat of concrete block construction with its own

power & telephone supply. There are two double bedrooms,

open plan lounge/kitchen area & separate bathroom & toilet

all warmed by a heat pump. Don’t delay in viewing!

Deadline Sale

12pm, Thursday 11th May 2017.

View Sunday 11.00am - 11.30am

Melissa Warrington

027 279 4362

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


If you’re looking for an affordable first home in a peaceful

setting, then look no further. This cute 3 bedroom home is

located at the end of a quiet street in Dunsandel, & overlooks

rural farm land. Set on a family perfect 1106m2 section, with

double garage & a separate wood/garden shed. Upon

entering the home, you’ll be impressed to see that many

renovations have already taken place, with a new bathroom &

toilet, and most areas of the home recently repainted. To

keep you cosy & warm this winter, there’s two wood burners

with the added convenience of one being on a wetback,

you’ll love the large laundry & utility area - perfect for those

mucky boots. Do not miss the opportunitity to own a solid

home on a generous section like this. Call now to view!

For Sale

Offers over $369,000

View Sunday 2.45pm - 3.15pm

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Open Home

Open Home

Darfield 13 Kimberley Road

3 A 1 F 1 I

Darfield 21 Piako Drive

4 A 2 C 2 F 4 I

Located in the popular township of Darfield, is this three

bedroom home that offers a sought after 1/4 acre section,

perfect for extra vehicles, pets and kids. The home itself is very

tidy but has scope for you to redecorate, really make it your

own and add value. Within easy walking distance to shops,

schools & parks, you can’t go wrong with the location either.

For Sale $355,000

View Sunday 1.30pm - 2.00pm

Melissa Warrington

027 279 4362

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

West Melton Office 03 347 9933

• Surrounded by executive homes in a sought after location

• Built in 2001 and sits on 5540m2 section

• 4 bedrooms including the large master with an ensuite and

walk-in wardrobe

• Double glazing, log burner, heat pump and nitestore heater

• Double internal access garage plus additional double garage

For Sale $639,000

View Sunday 2.30pm - 3.00pm

Melissa Warrington

027 279 4362

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

West Melton Office 03 347 9933

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Open Home

Rolleston 51 Bradbury Avenue

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

Rolleston 48 Overbury Crescent

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

Packed top to toe with features, this beautiful new 4 bedroom

home is ready & waiting to be loved by you. Aspects to please

include... a stylish kitchen, spacious walk in pantry, wellproportioned

living areas, 2 sleek tiled bathrooms, ducted heat

pump system in the kitchen/living/dining & lounge, fully fenced

& lawned section - this is the home that you deserve!

For Sale Offers over $599,000

View Sunday 12.15pm - 12.45pm

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

• Set on an established, fully fenced 785m2 section.

• Double garage with drive through to a single garage

• Solar panel for hot water, HRV system

• 4 bedrooms (master with ensuite & WIR)

• Separate lounge with pellet fire

• Beautiful outdoor area with shade sail and built in BBQ

For Sale Offers over $569,000

View Sunday 1.15pm - 1.45pm

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Open Home

Rolleston 9 Kingsley Place

• Fantastic 4 bedroom family home with triple car garaging.

• Open plan living area & modern kitchen.

• Separate formal lounge - a cosy place to relax.

• Huge 1184sqm section - perfect for the kids & pets.

• HRV system, built in ceiling speakers & pop up irrigation are

just some of the extras, so call today to view!

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

For Sale $675,000

View by appointment

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

West Melton 51 Langdales Road

Are you looking for a substantial family home that offers the

rare combination of picturesque gardens, established

orchards & functional paddocks? Welcome to 51 Langdales

Road. Boasting five generous double bedrooms, partial

double glazing & multiple spacious living areas, the home

itself has been ideally located to capture every ray of sun.

Large, open plan living flows to a sheltered outdoor

entertaining area, while a separate formal lounge offers further

options for entertaining. The 4.79ha of land has been divided

into 8 paddocks and boasts extensive planting including

mature shelter belts, fruit & nut trees. The addition of a 3 bay

shed, deer fencing & access to a water race create a

multitude of options for the keen life-styler - call now to view!

For Sale

5 A 2 F 3 I

Offers over $989,000

View Sunday 1.15pm - 2.00pm

Melanie Elliott

027 635 2643

West Melton Office 03 347 9933

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


West Melton 36 Shepherd Avenue

• Magnificent 332m2 residence on a 4235m2 section.

• 4 bedrooms including the master with an impressive ensuite.

• The kitchen boasts a large walk-in pantry, double oven &

purpose-built bar area.

• Other features include triple garaging, sauna & shower room,

heaps of storage, large laundry room & diesel central heating.

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

For Sale Offers over $999,000

View by appointment

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

West Melton Office 03 347 9933

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

West Melton 86 Rossington Drive

Ready to meet your dream home?....

....If so, then this amazing two storey home, certainly fits the brief. It´s hard to know where to start here, as there´s just

so much to boast about. The ground floor offers a formal lounge/media room, an expansive open plan living space with

schist featured log burner & a designer kitchen ´to die for´ with WIP. Here you will also find the study, master bedroom

with ensuite & fashionista´s fantasy walk through robe plus a further 3 bedrooms - with one having access to the large

under stairway storage space. Upstairs, there´s a uniquely special retreat, perfect as an alternate master suite,

teenagers´ haven or guest house - with bedroom, ensuite & a kitchenette with sink, dishwasher & bar fridge - whip up a

cuppa or pour yourself a wine & enjoy the views from your balcony. Rest assured this home offers the very best in

luxurious living with the bonus of triple car garaging & additional off street parking for the caravan or boat. All set on a

peaceful rear 1484 m2 section (inc ROW) in the heart of West Melton. Stop dreaming and start living the dream today!

4 A 3 C 1 D 2 F 4 I

For Sale


View Sunday 3.30pm - 4.00pm

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Leesa Booth

027 947 1200

Rolleston 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd



Open Home

Family Flat

Templeton 17 Riwai Street

4 A 2 F 2 I

Dunsandel 15 Leeston Dunsandel Road

2 A 2 C 1 F 3 I

Room for the extra family!

• Beautiful, well maintained, sunny 3 bedroom home plus the

bonus of a self contained 1 bedroom flat.

• Newly updated including brand new carpet throughout.

• Heat pump and DVS system.

• All sited on a large 1012sqm section.

Deadline Sale

Thursday 18th May 2017 at 2.00pm

View Sunday 1.15pm - 1.45pm

Angela Hunt

021 548 777

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Affordable with 3 car garaging!

• Sizable 2 bedroom cottage in the heart of Dunsandel.

• Open plan kitchen with walk in pantry and a fireplace.

• Two separate living spaces.

• Carpeted studio which also has power.

• The sizable back yard is securely fenced off. Call now!

For Sale Offers over $349,000

View by appointment

Angela Hunt

021 548 777

Melanie Elliott

027 635 2643

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Tai Tapu 716 Christchurch Akaroa Road

4 A 2 C 2 E 1 F 2 I

Dunsandel 30 Hororata Dunsandel Road

4 A 2 C 1 F 2 I

Motivated Vendor Has Said Present All Offers!

• Superb 4 bedroom family home in a desirable location.

• Sunny open plan living/dining area + separate lounge.

• Enclosed private spa.

• Heatpump, underfloor heating & night store.

• This home offers a unique opportunity - call now!

By Negotiation

View Saturday 11.15am - 11.45am

Emma George

027 555 0568

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

• Generous family home featuring 4 double bedrooms.

• Large open plan kitchen/dining/living.

• Spacious, separate lounge.

• Woodfire on wetback, heat transfer system + heat pump.

• 6 x 9m garage and a fabulous full sized 1012m2 section.

• Call now to arrange a viewing or see you at the open home.

By Negotiation

View by appointment

Angela Hunt

021 548 777

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Open Home

Tai Tapu 15 Riverside Lane

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

Rolleston 31 Sheridan Drive

6 A 1 D 3 F 3 I

• Simply stunning 4 bedroom family home, that will impress!

• The kitchen with superb living areas have been truly well

thought out for entertaining and busy family life.

• Incredible outdoor areas with 4 separate entertaining spaces.

• To finish this home with ’WOW’ is the fact it’s nestled in a

private lane with it’s own tennis court and reserve - call now!

For Sale Offers over $810,000

View by appointment

Emma George

027 555 0568

Dwayne Bloomfield

021 163 9874

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Two properties - one address!

Located in one of Rolleston’s finest developments is this

beautifully appointed 260m2 family home with an 82m2 two

bedroom cottage, positioned on a 2658m2 landscaped

section, just perfect for extended families/frequent guests/

parents & children. Come & view this most unique property!

For Sale $965,000

View Sunday 12.00pm - 12.30pm

Leisa Webster

027 722 5537

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Rolleston 38 Rembrandt Drive

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

Tai Tapu 40 Michaels Road

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

• Fully fenced 750m2 section

• Two living areas with excellent flow to the large north facing


• 4 good size bedrooms including the master with an ensuite

and walk-in wardrobe

• Other benefits include double glazing, separate laundry,

impressive 3 car garaging & off-street parking.

For Sale Offers over $569,000

View Sunday 1.00pm - 1.30pm

Leisa Webster

027 722 5537

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

• Light & spacious 4 bedroom family home.

• Recently updated with new carpets.

• New, modern kitchen.

• Open plan family living/dining plus separate lounge.

• Double garage plus a double studio with its own access.

• Standalone single garage plus carport and woodshed.

For Sale Offers over $565,000

View by appointment

Emma George

027 555 0568

Dwayne Bloomfield

021 163 9874

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Open Home

Open Home

Rolleston 50 Stonebrook Drive

Positioned on the large section to allow the sun to flood in to

the living areas, this brand new 225m2 home enjoys plenty of

natural light & warmth. The trendy kitchen features a handy

walk in pantry & an adjacent study nook with storage. Both

the open plan living area & separate lounge have ranch sliders

that extend out to the outdoor entertaining area and, with an

open aspect to the rear of the section, it is easy to keep an

eye on the children whilst they play outside in the child

friendly garden. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms which feature a

freestanding bath in the family bathroom & a tiled shower in

the ensuite, a separate laundry, great storage, ever popular

triple car garaging, a log burner & a large, private rear section,

complete the picture of this carefully thought out property.

For Sale

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

Offers over $579,000

View Sunday 1.00pm - 1.30pm

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Rolleston 53 Beaumont Drive

Set on 939sqm (inc ROW), with an abundance of off-street

parking & triple car garaging, there´s room for the cars, boat,

caravan & more. This striking property was once a

Stonewood show home, it was then relocated approximately

two years ago where the fabulous extension took place.

Entering the front door, you´ll find a small office space to the

left, a cosy lounge and open plan living area which

encompasses the modern kitchen with 90cm oven & gas

hobs. The hallway leads to all the bedrooms, & at the other

end is the surprise, when you open the door to find a huge

room which is currently set up as another living area. Outside

you´ll enjoy entertaining on the elevated deck. If you want a 4

bedroom home that stands out from the crowd, then this is it!

For Sale

4 A 2 C 2 F 3 I

Offers over $619,000

View Sunday 11.00am - 11.30am

Brendan ’Big Red’ Shefford

027 224 4733

Mandie Ashwell

027 552 4478

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Open Home

Open Home

Tai Tapu 728 Christchurch Akaroa Road

4 A 2 C 1 F

Prebbleton 4 Florin Place

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

A beautiful, extensively renovated, character home. Offering 4

bedrooms, 2 living areas, 1 bathroom and 2 toilets. Gorgeous

fully fenced 809m2 section with mature gardens, fruit trees and

large deck. Come and live the country dream, nestled in the

heart of the Tai Tapu village!

Deadline Sale 4pm, 9th May 2017

View Thurs 12-12.30pm & Sun 11-11.30am

Emma George

027 555 0568

Leisa Webster

027 722 5537

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

• Superior, executive 4 double bedroom family home with

impeccable detailing, top quality finishes and fixtures.

• Designer kitchen includes a walk in pantry and stone tops.

• Cosy formal lounge features a central gas fire.

• Gorgeous courtyard and outdoor entertainment area.

• This quality home is a must see - call now to view!

For Sale $790,000

View Saturday 12.15pm - 12.45pm

Emma George

027 555 0568

Dwayne Bloomfield

021 163 9874

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Rolleston 340 Dunns Crossing Road

Prebbleton 16B Crown Close

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

On the outskirts of the ever growing community of Rolleston, in

the Newman Park sub division and close to the new West

Rolleston School, this section is in an ideal location for the kids

to walk to and from school. The section is 1018m2, offers great

potential for north facing living and is located down a right of

way. Titles are through, so don’t miss this opportunity, call now!

For Sale Offers over $215,000

View by appointment

Dwayne Bloomfield

021 163 9874

Leisa Webster

027 722 5537

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

• Stunning, modern 4 bedroom family home.

• Open plan living/dining area.

• Separate formal lounge.

• Large tiled patio runs the length of the house.

• Landscaped, pristine, easy care lawns.

• Call now to view this stylish, contemporary home!

For Sale $697,000

View by appointment

Emma George

027 555 0568

Dwayne Bloomfield

021 163 9874

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Retail Investment


New Stage Now Open

Home sites from 480m 2 - 705m 2

Priced from $175,000

First National Real Estate

Sue Mullins Barry O’Neill

021 244 1325 021 364 422

Visit Us Onsite Cnr Birches Rd & Craig Thompson Dr, Lincoln, 7 days Noon - 4pm

Retail Investment



80 and 80a Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Asuperb opportunity to invest in rapidly growing Rolleston

one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand. The property

is well situated in the vibrant town centre surrounded by

quality tenants with proximity to all local amenities.

This is an affordable retail and office investment, with solid

tenants locked in, both with aproven reputation. Strong

leases in place. Potential rental growth.

Hammer Hardware returning $89,417++

Office returning $24,958 p.a ++

Construction circa 1999 -tilt slab construction

80 and 80a Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Net lettable area of 766.92m 2 including garden centre

Personal guarantees on leases

A superb opportunity to invest in rapidly growing Rolleston, one of the

fastest growing districts in New Zealand. The property is well situated in

the vibrant town centre surrounded by quality tenants with proximity to all

local amenities.

This is an affordable retail and office investment, with solid tenants

locked in, both with a proven reputation. Strong leases in place.

Potential rental growth.

Deadline Sale

(unless sold prior)

4pm Thursday 11th May 2017

Quality investment with 2tenancies

Deadline Sale (unless sold prior)

4pm Thursday 11 th May 2017

Jeff Vesey

Jeff Vesey

Tel: 0274363555

Tel: 027 436 3555

Hammer Hardware returning $89,417++

Office returning $24,958 p.a ++

Construction circa 1999 - tilt slab

Net lettable area of 766.92m 2 including garden centre

Quality investment with 2 tenancies





Licenced under REAA 2008


Unique And Affordable Lifestyle


Hororata Bare Land


• Just 2km from Rolleston township and a short

commute to Christchurch

• Four-bedroom, two bathroom house that shouts

homeliness and comfort, includes a large openplan

kitchen and living spaces, and sited to

maximise your rural views on both sides of the


• Irrigated dressage arena, four-bay horse stables,

high truck shed, lockable workshop and carports

• An excellent standard of fencing, water troughs,

shelter and a vegetable patch completes the

offering ID: DAR25964


(Unless Sold Prior)

Closes 1.00pm, Tuesday, 16 May 2017

OPEN HOME Sat & Sun, 1.30-2.30pm

117 Walkers Road

Wilton Atkins

M 027 606 0660

John Hughes

M 021 455 488

• Approximately 92 hectares of well-farmed downs

in a great location approximately 50km from

Christchurch Airport

• Fertile Claremont soils in good heart

• Well-fenced into 18 paddocks all with troughs,

supplied from the Malvern Hills water scheme

• Very good road access and contour, with flats

rising to gentle rolling downs with outstanding

building sites

• Fantastic opportunity to purchase an

uncomplicated easy to farm, low cost property ID: CHR25933


Plus GST (if any)

Sam Davidson

B 03 341 4301

M 027 488 8269


Superior Darfield Subdivision


Size Plus Options


• 46 stunning sections ranging in size from 4684m2

to 9286m2, only five left

• Power, phone and Darfield town supply water

connections available at the boundary

• High speed fibre optic broadband available at the


• Situated on Darfields northern boundary off

Kimberley Road

• Rural views with stunning mountain back drop

• Secure one of Darfields best sections now by

contacting the vendor’s agent ID: CHR2619308

FROM $204,000

Including GST

Sam Davidson

B 03 341 4301

M 027 488 8269

• Huge double-storey, 410sqm, eight-bedroom

home with all of the modern comforts and


• Self-contained, two-bedroom studio with kitchen,

bathroom and living area

• Massive garage/workshop for at least eight cars,

plus upstairs office, log fire and separate driveway

• Salt water swimming pool with entertaining area

and gazebo

• 1.12ha of private grounds, established shelter

• This substantial property offers many possibilities

all within a short commute to Christchurch ID: LEE25832


OPEN HOME Sunday 12.00-1.00pm

606 Selwyn Road

Wilton Atkins

B 03 341 4301

M 027 606 0660

Athol Earl

Sales Manager/Auctioneer

M 027 437 6298

Min Cookson

M 027 249 5417

Sam Davidson

M 027 488 8269

Karen Hennessy

M 027 967 0186

Wilton Atkins

M 027 606 0660

John Hughes

M 021 455 488

Licensed REAA 2008


This Week’s



LINCOLN 45 Vernon Drive,

Thurs 4th May, 3pm -4pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, 682m2

section. $694,000, Deadline sale, all offers presented 3pm 17 May (USP) Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731

– Yolanda 027 321 0569

PREBBLETON 26A Lindsay Drive,

Thurs 4th May,12pm -1pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 3 car gge, 921m2

section. Auction 10.30, 11 May (USP) ID#RL1651.

Harcourts Rolleston – Richard (Taitie) 027 777 8080

ROLLESTON 61 Masefield Drive

Thurs 4th May 1pm -1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, 953m2

section. Deadline sale, all offers presented 4pm Wednesday 3 May (USP) ID#RL1646 Harcourts Rolleston – Shona 027 229


ROLLESTON 17 Goldrush Lane,

Thurs 4th May, 1.30pm - 2.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge,

1019m2 section. $699,000 Harcourts

Rolleston – Richard (Taitie) 027 777 8080

ROLLESTON 16 Armack Drive

Thurs 4th May, 3pm - 3.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge. Deadline

sale, all offers presented 4pm Thursday 18 May (USP)

ID#RL1657Harcourts Rolleston – Shona 027 229 3657


ILAM 15 Powell Cres

Sat 6th May, 2pm – 2.30pm, 5 bed + study, 1 bthrm, 2 car, 637m2 section.

Offers over $790,000, Ray White Rolleston


LINCOLN 45 Vernon Drive,

Sat 6thMay, 3pm -4pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, 682m2

section. $694,000, Deadline sale, all offers presented 3pm 17 May (USP)

Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731 – Yolanda 027 321 0569

PHILLIPSTOWN 1/10 Percy Street

Sat 6th May, 1.15pm – 1.45pm, front unit, 3 bed, 1 bthrm, 1 car, o/s parking.

Offers over $279,000 Ray White Rolleston

PREBBLETON 4 Florin Place

Sat 6th May, 12.15pm – 12.45pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 3 toilets, 2 Car, 700m2

Section. $790,000, Ray White Rolleston,


ROLLESTON 17 Goldrush Lane,

Sat 6thMay, 12pm - 1pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, 1019m2

section. $699,000

Harcourts Rolleston – Richard (Taitie) 027 777 8080

ROLLESTON 61 Masefield Drive

Sat 6th May, 1pm - 1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, 953m2

section. Deadline sale, all offers presented 4pm Wednesday 3 May (USP) ID#RL1646 Harcourts Rolleston – Shona 027 229


ROLLESTON 117 Walkers Road

Sat 6th May 1.30pm – 2.30pm, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on 2.43ha,

four-bay horse stables, truck shed, irrigated dressage arena. Deadline

Private Treaty closing 1pm, Tuesday, 16 May. DAR25964 PGG Wrightson

Real Estate, Ph Wilton Atkins 027 606 0660 or John Hughes 021 455 488

ROLLESTON 16 Armack Drive

Sat 6th May, 3pm - 3.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge. Deadline

sale, all offers presented 4pm Thursday 18 May (USP)www.harcourts. ID#RL1657Harcourts Rolleston – Shona 027 229 3657

TAI TAPU 716 Christchurch Akaroa Road

Sat 6th May, 11.15am - 11.45am, 3 bed + study 1 bthrms, 2 car on 809m2

section. Offers over 537,000Ray White Rolleston


WIGRAM 148 Kittyhawk Ave

Sat 6th May, 2pm – 2.30pm, 3 Bed, 2 Bthrms, W/I Pantry, 2 Car, 208m2

Section. Offers over $625,000Ray White Rolleston www.rwrolleston.


CASTLE HILL – 5 Olympus Terrace

Sun 7th May, 11am-12pm, New build, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom alpine retreat.

$620,000 InclGST DAR25899 PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Ph Karen Hennessy

027 967 0186

CASTLE HILL – 7 Porter Place

Sun 7th May 12.15pm -1pm, Modern, sunny, 3 bedroom Fraemohs home, unrestricted

views. $559,000 InclGST DAR25993 PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Ph

Karen Hennessy 027 967 0186

DARFIELD 21 Piako Drive

Sun 7th May, 2.30pm – 3pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 5540m2 land. $639,000 Ray

White Rolleston,

DARFIELD 11 Mcilraith Street

Sun 7thMay, 1pm -1.30pm 4 bed, 2 living, 1 bath, 1 gge. Offers over $399,000

Property Brokers Gareth Cox 021 250 9714

DARFIELD 13 Kimberley Road

Sun 7th May 1.30pm – 2pm 3 Bed 1 Bthrm 1 car on 1012m2 section. $355,000,

Ray White Rolleston,

DARFIELD 1/546 McLaughlins Road

Sun 7th May, 2pm -2.45pm, 4.5445ha, 4bed, 2 bath, 2 gge. Offers over $875,000

Property Brokers Gareth Cox 021 250 9714

DARFIELD 10 Whitcombe Place

Sun 7th May, 2pm – 2.30pm, 4 bdrm 2 living 2 bath, 3 garage & huge shed

5140m2. Neg over $799,000 Sue Robinson 021 409 050, sue@marealestate. Matson & Allan

DARFIELD 11 Devon Crescent,

Sun 7th May, 2pm – 2.30pm, 3 bed, 3 gge on 932m2 in quiet cul-de-sac. Neg

Over $450,000 Chris Flanagan 027 433 4657 Matson

& Allan,

DUNSANDEL 18 Highfield Ave

Sun 7th May 2.45pm – 3.15pm, 3 bed, 1 bthrm, 2 car, 2 wood fires, 1106m2 land.

Offers over $369,000Ray White Rolleston

HEI HEI 9 Zenith Place

Sun 7th May, 11.30am – 12pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms 2 car on 623m2 section. Offers

over $469,000, Ray White Rolleston

HOON HAY 49 Rowley Ave

Sun 7th May, 2.30pm – 3pm, 3 bed, 1 bthrm, w/in panty, 2 car, 612m2 section.

Offers over $399,000, Ray White Rolleston

HORORATA 353 Hawkins Road,

Sun 7th May, 2pm – 2.30pm, 180m2 home on 8713m2 in quaint rural town. PBN

Sue Robinson 021 409 050 Matson & Allan, www.

KIRWEE 8 Walter Place

Sun 7th May, 12pm -12.30pm, 4bed, 2 bath, 2 living, 2 gge. $549,000 Property

Brokers Gareth Cox 021 250 9714

KIRWEE 4B St Andrews Lane

Sun 7th May, 3pm – 3.30pm, 267m2 4 double bedroom home on 830m2. Neg

Over $635,000 Sue Robinson 021 409050 Matson &


LEESTON 38 Spring Place,

Sun7th May, 1pm – 1.30pm, Large 4 bed, 3 living room home in quiet street.

$499,000 Stephan Knowler 027 2299522 Matson

& Allan,

LEESTON 21 Woodville Street

Sun 7th May, 1.45pm – 2.15pm, 4 bed immaculate home on 759m2. Neg Over

$499,000 Cameron McRae 027 7696696 Matson

& Allan,

LEESTON 3 Greenan Place

Sun 7th May, 3.45pm – 4.15pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 806m2 section. Offers

over $479,000, Ray White Rolleston

LINCOLN 45 Vernon Drive,

Sun 7th May, 11am - 12pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, 682m2 section.

$694,000, Deadline sale, all offers presented 3pm 17 May (USP) www.harcourts.

co.nzID#RL1661. Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731 – Yolanda 027 321


LINCOLN 34 Sunline Avenue,

Sun 7th May 12pm -12.30pm, 4 bdrm, 3 bthrm, 3 living, 2 car gge, 760m2 section.

Price by negotiation Harcourts Rolleston

– Natalie 027 943 6413

PREBBLETON, 586 Trents Road

Sun 7th May, 1pm - 1.30pm, 3bed, 1 bath. Deadline Sale 9th May,Property Brokers

Sam Ashworth 027 242 3290

PREBBLETON 26A Lindsay Drive,

Sun 7th May, 2pm - 2.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 3 car gge, 921m2 section.

Auction 10.30, 11 May (USP) ID#RL1651. Harcourts Rolleston

– Richard (Taitie) 027 777 8080

ROLLESTON 53 Beaumont Drive

Sun 7th May, 11am – 11.30am, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car on 939m2 section. Offers

over $619,000 Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 209A Lowes Road

Sun 7th May, 12pm – 12.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 874m2 section. $649,000

Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 6 Bethany Road

Sun 7th May, 12pm - 12.30pm, New 4 bdrm, 1 living, 2 bath, 2 garage turnkey

package. $539,000 Stephan Knowler 027 2299522 stephan@marealestate. Matson & Allan,

ROLLESTON 68 Shillingford Boulevard

Sun 7th May, 12pm – 12.30pm, 3 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 407m2 section. Offers

over $519,000, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 606 Selwyn Road

Sun 7th May, 12pm -1pm, 8 bdrm home, self-contained 2 bdrm studio, garage/

workshop for 8 cars, salt water pool, entertaining area & gazebo, 1.12ha private

grounds,established shelter. Price By Negotiation LEE25832, PGG Wrightson

Real Estate, Ph Wilton Atkins 027 606 0660

ROLLESTON 12 Bradbury Avenue

Sun 7th May, 12pm – 12.30pm, 4 bed , 2 bthrms, Sep Laundry,2 car on 613m2

section. Offers over $599,000 Ray White Rolleston,


ROLLESTON 31 Sheridan Drive

Sun 7th May, 12pm – 12.30pm, 4 bed + 2 bed flat, 3 bthrms, 3 car, 2658m2 land.

Offers over $929,000 Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 51 Bradbury Avenue

Sun 7th May, 12.15pm – 12.45pm, 4 bed , 2 bthrms, Sep Laundry,2 car on 613m2

section. Offers over $599,000 Ray White Rolleston,


ROLLESTON 17 Greenstone Street

Sun 7th May, 12.15pm – 12.45pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, build 2013, 712m2

section. Offers over $539,000 Ray White Rolleston,


ROLLESTON 17 Goldrush Lane,

Sun 7th May 12.30pm – 1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, 1019m2

section. $699,000 ID#RL1630. Harcourts Rolleston –

Richard (Taitie) 027 777 8080

ROLLESTON 26 McCauley Street

Sun 7th May, 12.45pm – 1pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrm 2 living, 2 car, 651m2 section Offers

over $518,000 Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 50 Stonebrook Drive

Sun 7th May 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car, 1257m2 section Offers over

$579,000, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 81 Hungerford Drive

Sun 7th May, 1pm – 1.30pm, Quirky 4 bedroom home in Faringdon with farm

views. PBN Sue Robinson 021 409 050 Matson &


ROLLESTON 38 Rembrandt

Sun 7th May 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 living, 3 car, 750m2 section. Offers

over $569,000, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 48 Overbury Crescent

Sun 7th May, 1.15pm – 1.45pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, sep laundry, 3 car on 785m2

section. Offers over $569,000, Ray White Rolleston


ROLLESTON 61 Masefield Drive

Sun 7th May, 1pm - 1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, 953m2 section

Deadline sale, all offers presented 4pm Wednesday 3 May (USP)www.harcourts.

ID#RL1646 Harcourts Rolleston – Shona 027 229 3657

ROLLESTON 117 Walkers Road

Sun 7th May 1.30pm – 2.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrm home on 2.43ha, 4 bay horse

stables,truck shed, irrigated dressage arena Deadline Private Treaty closing

1pm, Tuesday, 16 May DAR25964 PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Ph Wilton Atkins

027 606 0660 or John Hughes 021 455 488

ROLLESTON 95 Fairfield Way

Sun 7th May, 1.30pm – 2pm, 4 bed , 2 bthrm, 2 Living 2 Car, 1105m2 section.

Offers over $599,000 Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 5 Duggan Close

Sun 7th May, 1.45pm – 2.15pm, Adorable affordable family living. Neg Over

$525,000 Jackie Derrick 027 6363576 Matson &


ROLLESTON 11 Salisbury Drive

Sun 7th May, 2pm - 2.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 car gge, 1116m2 section.

$659,000 Harcourts Rolleston – Shona 027

229 3657

ROLLESTON 10 Dunlop Crescent

Sun 7th May, 2pm – 2.30pm. 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car 1080m2 section Offers over

$749,000, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 70 Ledbury Drive, Faringdon

Sun 7th May, 2pm to 2.30pm, Architecturally designed & spacious,3 bedrooms,2

bthrm, 3 living, fully fenced sunny rear, builders own home. $739,000 Ph Cheryl

Hunt 0274 303-906 Mike Pero Real Estate

ROLLESTON 85 Strauss Drive,

Sun 7th May, 2pm – 2.30pm, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 living, 2 garage, eye catching

property. Neg over $545,000 Jo Barrett021 859 006

Matson & Allan,

ROLLESTON 31 Campion Place.

Sun 7th May, 2.30pm - 3pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car, $535,000Immediate

possession available.

Heather 021 318 260 Mike Pero Real Estate

ROLLESTON 91 Strauss Drive,

Sun 7th May, 2.30pm – 3pm, Contemporary Opulent 4 bedroom living. Neg over

$639,000 Jackie Derrick 027 6363576 Matson &


ROLLESTON 32 Stanford Way

Sun 7th May, 2.30pm -3pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge, 801m2 section.

Price by Negotiation Harcourts Rolleston –

Natalie 027 943 6413

ROLLESTON 199 Brookside Road

Sun 7th May, 3pm to 3.30pm, Brand new Four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, doubleint

access garage, fully fenced rear. Vendor wants Sold Offers over $549,000 Ph

Cheryl Hunt 0274 303-906 Mike Pero Real Estate

ROLLESTON 16 Armack Drive

Sun 7th May, 3pm - 3.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car gge. Deadline sale, all

offers presented 4pm Thursday 18 May (USP) ID#RL-

1657Harcourts Rolleston – Shona 027 229 3657

SOUTHBRIDGE 76 High Street

Sun 7th May, 2.30pm– 3pm, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on 1885m2.

$455,000 Cameron McRae 027 769 6696 Matson

& Allan,

SOUTHBRIDGE 15 Cryer Street

Sun 7th May, 3pm - 3.30pm , 3 bed, 2 living, 1 bath on 1/2 acre with 4 car garaging.

$395,000 Cameron McRae 027 769 6696

Matson & Allan,

TAI TAPU 728 Christchurch Akaroa Road

Sun 7th May, 11am – 11.30am, 4 bed 2 bthrms, carport, 809m2 land

Deadline Sale Ray White Rolleston

TAI TAPU 233 Hudsons Road

Sun 7th May 11am -11.30am ‘As Is Where Is’ Lifestyle 4ha, 5 bed, 3 bthrms, barn,

yards, chicken coop, own well and septic system $505,000 Incl GST LEE25598

PGG Wrightson Real Estate, Ph Wilton Atkins 027 606 0660

TEMPLETON 8 Riwai Street

Sun 7th May, 11am – 11.30am, 3 bed, 2 bthrm, 1 car, 1012m2 section. Deadline

Sale ,Ray White Rolleston

TEMPLETON 17Riwai Street

Sun 7th May, 1.15pm – 1.45pm, 4 bed, 1 bthrm, 2car, 1 bed flat on 1012m2 section.

Deadline Sale ,Ray White Rolleston

WEST MELTON 38 Preston Ave.

Sun 7th May, 1pm -1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 2 car on 1141m2. $749,000

Heather 021 318 260 Mike Pero Real Estate

WEST MELTON 51 Langdales Road

Sun 7th May, 1.15pm – 2pm, 4.791ha, 5 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car, Offers over

$989,000, Ray White Rolleston

WEST MELTON 15 Brampton Drive

Sun 7th May, 2pm -2.45pm, 2163m2 section, 298m2 home, 5 bed, 2 living, 3 gge,

2 bath. Deadline Sale 11th May, Property Brokers Chris Moore 027 288 0563

WEST MELTON 9 Shepherd Ave

Sun 7th May, 2.30pm – 3pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, sep laundry, 3 car, 1408m2 section.

Offers over $819,000 Ray white Rolleston

WEST MELTON 5 Manna Place

Sun 7th May, 3.15pm – 3.45pm, 4 bed 2 bthrm, 3 car, sep laundry 5598m2 land.

Offers over $799,000 Ray white Rolleston

WEST MELTON 8 Rotherham Drive

Sun 7th May, 3.30pm – 4pm, 4 bed, study, 3 bthrms, pool, 4 car on 4001m2 land.

By Negotiation Ray White Rolleston

WEST MELTON 86 Rossington Drive

Sun 7th May, 3.30pm – 4pm, 4 bed, rumpus study, sep laundry4 car on 1484m2.

Offers over $1,175,000 Ray White Rolleston

Guy and Kate’s family love

playing tennis.

So we designed their home around

the court to maximise their game time.

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03 348 1994 |


Four Seasons

Deadline Sale

All offers presented

3rd May 2017

(unless sold prior)


11th May 2017

(unless sold prior)

61 Masefield Drive


26a Lindsay Drive


4 2 2 1 2

More than Meets the Eye!

Architecturally designed and constructed to the highest standards in 2015.Executive kitchen

with butler’s pantry. High spec tiled showers. Spacious interconnecting living areas with

surround sound, study nook, log burner and heat transfer. Private parking for caravan/ boat

and trailer.

View at: ID#RL1646

Shona Robb 027 229 3657

4 2 2 1 1 3

Large Garaging - Quality Home

Seldom does a special property in the heart of one of Prebbleton’s best healed addresses

come to the market. This home with 9 X 7.6 garaging, fabulous indoor outdoor flow,

chef’s kitchen and expansive living is a very rare find indeed. One thing is absolutely

certain, this home needs to be explored to be fully appreciated.

View at: ID#RL1651

Richard Tait (Tatie) – 027 777 8080

For Sale


For Sale

Price by Negotiation

11 Salisbury Drive


32 Stanford Way


4 2 2 1 2 4 2 2 1 2

Hard To Find. Easy to Love!

Sensational Buying on Stanford!

Situated in a quiet cul-de-sac where homes are keenly sought, this 1,116 m2 property

offers superb comfort and elegance with a rural backdrop. On a private established

section with an abundance of parking. This house will tick all your boxes.

An executive residence boasting all the must have extras including stone bench tops, 900mm

freestanding oven, gas hot water, walk in butler’s pantry with sink, study nook, separate

laundry…..viewing is an absolute must, get more home for your money!

View at: ID#RL1634

Shona Robb 027 229 3657

View at: ID#RL1656

Natalie McLean 027 943 6413

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