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Marketing Plans and

Marketing Plans and Strategies to market TMP4us to consumers Marketing Strategy Marketing Plan 4 P’s Goals we need to achieve with our marketing efforts How we are going to achieve those marketing goals (Product / Price / Distribution / Place) Social Media Social Media sites we will use to market our message Our Game plan of how we will use them Technology Beta/Testing Differing forms of technology used Test companies to use on a trial basis. Main

Marketing Strategy Competitor C (Business Consultants) Have a low price point and a high value service package. Why? It will be hard for our competitors to compete with our price point. We will be able to service all small businesses at this price point. Todays market place is saturated with free services, software, information. We are basically organizing the information on the internet in such a way that it is advantageous to our owners. If you consider Facebook and Angie’s list all started for free Marketing Main

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