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Selwyn Times: February 07, 2018

Selwyn Times: February 07,

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2018 Locally Owned A Star Media Event Star Media Repairs needed Springfield’s St Peter’s church needs preservation Community champion Darfield resident talks about her passion for helping Sunday 18 March 2018 PROGRESS: Maddie Collins having a celebratory meal at a cafe after being discharged to Ronald McDonald House. (Above) – Maddie’s medication for the next month. Out of hospital, appetite returns • By Emily O’Connell WEST MELTON teenager Maddie Collins is out of hospital and recovering at Ronald McDonald House in Auckland after her potentially Page 5 Page 10 life-saving kidney transplant. Said Maddie’s mother Sarah Manson-Collins: “It’s great to be out (of hospital) as it’s one step towards home.” Maddie, 14, was discharged from Starship Children’s Health on Thursday, but is returning there every second day for a month to have blood tests. Mrs Manson-Collins told Selwyn Times Maddie’s kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome, had not returned yet. Maddie, 14, and her family were told on January 16 their five-year wait for a kidney match had been found. •Turn to page 5 Lincoln bottle store opposition dries up • By Georgia O’Connor- Harding A NEW BOTTLE store will open in Lincoln after objectors failed to turn up to a hearing to try and stop it. SJTP Ltd was granted a licence for the Liquorland store in Vernon Drive across from the New World supermarket. It is expected to open soon. There were 166 written objections to the licence and 48 of those said they wanted to be heard at the hearing which was held in November at the Lincoln Event Centre. But only one of those turned up and that person didn’t want to be heard. The Selwyn District Licensing Committee released it decision last week. District licensing chairman Al Lawn said the lack of turnout from objectors at the hearing was “disappointing.” This was because the applicant is prevented from testing any of the objector’s claims and assertions, he said. Objectors included Lincoln High School board of trustees chairman Adrian Paterson, Lincoln University’s chief operating officer, businesses and residents. •Turn to page 4 This year, make it Falcon exciting! Come and see our new sections at Falcon’s Landing. Pop in to our sales and information office, 17 Branthwaite Drive, this Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Or call 03 741 1340 or email anytime.