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Selwyn Times: February 07, 2018

20 Wednesday

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SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday February 7 2018 21 Backyard Critters SCHOOL New entrants PEST: Whitefly adults, pupae and larvae. Whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum is a danger to many plants. Significant greenhouse pest Mike Bowie is an ecologist who specialises in entomology (insects and other invertebrates). Each week he introduces a new species found in his backyard at Lincoln. His column aims to raise public awareness of biodiversity, the variety of living things around us THE MOST significant greenhouse pest in New Zealand is the whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum. The cosmopolitan species is also a pest of outdoor plants including pumpkin, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, beans and begonias, to name a few. The adults are 1.5mm long with waxy white wings and yellow bodies. Eggs are yellow and laid singly, usually on the underside of leaves. These hatch into oval shaped, creamy-to-yellow coloured nymphs. These and adults suck the sap from the their hosts and produce honeydew in a similar way to aphids. They can produce large populations that fly off leaves in clouds of whitefly when disturbed and can severely reduce plant vigor. A whitefly parasite from Britain and the Netherlands was introduced in the 1930s and can successfully control whitefly in greenhouses, but requires careful management. The parasites, Encarsia formosa, are approximately 0.6mm long and have a black thorax and bright yellow abdomen. The parasites can lay 50-100 eggs in pupal and older larval stages of the whitefly. These can be bought as a commercial product called Enforce. NEW BEGINNINGS: Jasmine Alexander (left) started her first day at Leeston Consolidated School last week. HAPPY: Haniteli Vakapuna (right) started his first day at Broadfield School last week. •If your child has started school recently, send their photo through to Sign up to Smart Deals & be in the monthly draw for a $100 Dress-Smart gift card! Be one of the first to hear about the latest deals, sent straight to your inbox each week! JOIN US NOW! See website for details REMBRANDT Selected Casual Shirts, 100% Cotton were from $129, Now Only $29. RIP CURL Take a Further 20% Off Already Discounted Prices, Storewide. BENDON Everything Half Price (excludes Basics). CUTLER & CO Crinkle Shirts, were $179.95 Now $99.95. ESPRIT Buy 3 Get 20% Off Buy 5 Get 30% Off (terms & conditions apply). MAX FASHIONS Further 50% Off Selected Styles. THE WATCH.CO.NZ Up to 60% Off Timex, Lorus & Pulsar (exclusions apply). YD Up to 80% Off RRP on Any Clearance Winter Styles when Purchased with Any Shirt. GET EVERY DAY Open 10am-5pm, 7 Days 03 349 5750 HORNBY 409 Main South Road