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Boris V. Vasiliev Supercondustivity Superfluidity

Superconductivity and

Superconductivity and Superfluidity In view of Eq.(7.26) from Eq.(9.13) we can estimate the values of London penetration depth (see Table 9.2). The consent of the obtained values with the measurement data can be considered quite satisfactory. Table 9.1 Corrected values of London penetration depth. superconductors λ L , 10 −6 cm measured [23] ˜Λ, 10 −6 cm calculated Eq.(9.13) ˜Λ/λL Tl 9.2 11.0 1.2 In 6.4 8.4 1.3 Sn 5.1 7.9 1.5 Hg 4.2 7.2 1.7 Pb 3.9 4.8 1.2 The resulting refinement may be important for estimates within the frame of Ginzburg-Landau theory, where the London penetration depth is used as a comparison of calculations and specific parameters of superconductors. 100 Science Publishing Group

Chapter 10 Three Words to Experimenters The history of the Medes is obscure and incomprehensible. Scientists divide it, however, into three periods: The first is the period, which is absolutely unknown. The second is one which is followed after the first. And finally, the third period is a period which is known to the same degree as two firsts. A. Averchenko ≪The World History≫ 10.1 Why Creation of Room-Temperature Superconductors are Hardly Probably The understanding of the mechanism of the superconducting state should open a way towards finding a solution to the technological problem. This problem was just a dream

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