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Boris V. Vasiliev Supercondustivity Superfluidity

Chapter 1 Is It Possible

Chapter 1 Is It Possible for a Physical Theory to be Harmful? One should not think that the fundamental scientific knowledge can be harmful. Most of theoretical physicists adequately reflects the physical reality and forms the basis of our knowledge of nature. However, some physical theories arised in the twentieth century are not supported by experimental data. At the same time impression of their credibility masked by a very complex mathematical apparatus is so great that some of them are even awarded the Nobel Prize. However, the fact it does not change - a number of generally accepted theories created in the twentieth century are not supported by the experience and therefore should be recognized as pseudoscientific and harmful. The twentieth century ended and removed with every year further and further from us. Already possible to summarize its scientific results. The past century has brought great discoveries in the field of physics. At the beginning of the XX century was born and then rapidly developing nuclear physics. It was probably the greatest discovery. It radically changed the whole material and moral character of the world civilization. In the early twentieth century, the radio was born, it gradually led to the television, radiotechnics gave birth to computers. Their appearance can be compared with the revolution that occurred when people have mastered fire. The development of quanta physics leds to the emergence

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