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Organizing and Managing Across Culture

among employees

among employees and understanding must be developed with regards to cultural diversity. In short, emphasis is laid effective communication so as to enhance the level of motivation and satisfaction among the existing workforce. This is a sample on Organizing and Managing Across Culture, for complete Assignment writing Kindly, contact us at: Moreover, the company can encourage the strategy being adopted by the zone three expatriate so that they does not face the issue of being neglected and also the communication issue. Moreover, the company has to adopt the culture of Japan in order to make the employees feel satisfied and to retain them in the organization. This will help in creating competitive edge in the context of effective and efficient employees. If the employees are highly effective and they are satisfied at the same time, than they can make the customer satisfied and also the business can be grown or developed. Zone one people should be trained and also the English language should be Toll Free No. +44 203 8681 670 Assignment desk provides assignment help from professional UK writers.

made the most widely used language in the organization so that communication barriers can be removed. This will help the company to earn maximum profits in the market of Japan and also competitive edge can be created in the industry. The entire study being carried out has supported in knowing that cultural difference has direct influence on the communication. Further, it is well known fact that culture and religion of individual plays a significant role especially at the time when any individual interacts with other. Moreover, it acts as a hurdle as sometime individual may not able to speak the language which is understandable by all. This directly leads to rise in situation such as communication barrier where individual may not prefer to interact with each other. Apart from this, companies which are operating at global level hire individuals who are from different background and areas. Due to this reason, their way of interacting and other things are considered. In every business enterprise, it is one of the main issues such as how to deal with multicultural workforce for the betterment of company as adoption of one single language is beneficial but it is quite difficult to manage. On the basis of culture and religion, individual may speak different language and working style may also be different. Therefore, in this cultural difference acts as a barrier due to which individual may not prefer to be a crucial part of the communication process. Apart from this, different theories along with models applied such as Hofstede model is effective enough to understand about the cultural dimensions. This model relies on six dimensions which are associated with Toll Free No. +44 203 8681 670 Assignment desk provides assignment help from professional UK writers.

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