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Laravel public function

Laravel public function broadcastOn() { return []; } } Step 7: Create an event handler called HandleNewStudentAdded by executing the following command. php artisan handler:event HandlerNewStudentAdded --event=StudentAdded Step 8: After successful execution, you will receive the following output: Step 9: The above command will create an event handler file at app\Handlers\Events\HandleNewStudentAdded.php. Copy the following code in that file. app\Handlers\Events\HandleNewStudentAdded.php

Laravel class HandleNewStudentAdded { protected $name; public function __construct() { // } public function handle(StudentAdded $event) { $this->name = $event->name; echo "New Student added in database with name: ".$this->name; } } Step 10: We now need to add the event class and its handler class in a file stored at app\Providers\EventServiceProvider.php. Notice the line in bold font and add that line in the file. app\Providers\EventServiceProvider.php

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