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April 2016 Final Web

April 2016

S.T.E.M. and Charter

S.T.E.M. and Charter Schools - Good for the country, or a scam? By: Centinel As promised last month, we will discuss the Senate hearing in late February on the STEM worker shortage. Hal Salzman, Ph.D., testified at the subcommittee. Hal Salzman is a professor at the E.J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy and J.J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University. He testified that the STEM industry’s claims of a worker shortage last year is “Questionable at best” and “by themselves seem implausible.” He went on to testify that the industry fires more people in a year than it hires from the federal provided H-1B guest worker program. Salzman said that colleges are currently graduating double the number of STEM students than can find work in the STEM fields every year. Testifying at the hearing was Leo Perrero, a former Disney worker of 10 years. He and his colleagues were informed that they would spend the next 90 days training their foreign replacements and if they didn’t cooperate they wouldn’t receive their severance pay. So what is happening? If American workers were so incompetent why are they training their replacements? This is an industry-wide problem. Disney, Cal Edison, Toys ’R’ Us and Qualcomm were cited as examples in the testimony. We said in the first article of this series that STEM and immigration are linked. It appears that the STEM industries have been lobbying congress to pass legislation to allow them to hire foreign workers because of the perceived STEM shortage. This has caused low-wage foreign workers to displace American workers and wages to stagnate. So if market forces applied, there would be more STEM jobs available. The government interfered in the job market via legislation and it appears that the H-1B program is abused by the STEM industry. We will try to decipher this and continue next month with our findings. Source: The C.S. Navy Rams the Yankee Dominence Out Of Plymouth, N.C. To read more of Terrance Mann’s and Centinel’s writings go to their blog at By Dr. Dave By 1862 the Yankee Dominence of Plymouth, N.C. was getting out of control and needed to be stopped. As the plan of attack was being layed out by General Robert Hoke to include the CSS Albemarle which at the time was being constructed by 19 year old Gilbert Elliott on the upper Roanoke River near Scotland Neck, N.C. Gen.Hoke requested the assisrance of the captain of the RAM Albemarle Jame W. Cooke. The plan was for a 3-prong attack on April 19, 1864 to rid the dominate yankee occupation from Plymouth. While the final construction of the RAM was unfinished by departure date all aboard was called for to disembark, with laborers aboard to finish construction while proceeding forward downriver. Arriving at Williamston with the laborers work finished they were dropped off there, meanwhile the RAM was cleared for action. As the Albemarle advanced towards Plymouth Captain Cooke observed five Yankee warships advancing, all of them considerably larger in size than the 155 ft.Albemarle. As Captaing Cooke reconnoitered the U.S. Miami and the U.S. Southfield were chained together to try and trap the Albemarle, Captain Cooke outwitted the Yankee Navy and went around the starboardside of the U.S. Southfield and rammed it which sank in 5 minutes. The Southfield sits today on the bottom of the Roanoke where it was rammed.With the Southfield out of the way the Albemarle went after the Miami with exchanges of fire and the commander of the Yankee fleet killing himself, the complete Yankee squardron turned tail and skidattled to the sound. While the Albmearle was clearing the wates of the Yankee Navy General Hoke with land forces cleared the rest of Plymouth of the remaining Yankee soldiers by death, runnaways or captured and the conraband soldiers ran into the swaps and killed each other mostly by their inaccurate gun fireing. In 1990 Plymouth had their first reenactment battle. In 2002 Tom Harrison a local Historian and Benafactor along with Guy Macken built and launched a 3/8 scale of the CSS Albemarle. Late that year a Confederate Navy reenactment group was formed. See add on page 23 of March 2016 issue for more information. 10 Albemarle Tradewinds April 2016

Dear Dr. Crime Dr. Crime is a pseudonym for a social scientist holding a Ph.D. degree in sociology and in criminology. He has worked in all major parts of the criminal justice system. Drop him a note at the website If you or your child is in trouble, he may be able to help, give him a call (2523390000) Dear Dr. Crime: Do crooks look different from us other folks? How can I see pictures of normal crooks . Sister Straight Dear Sister: If you have not seen mug shots of arrested people, you are in for a treat. There are numerous magazines or newspapers devoted just to mug shots, such as the NCSlammer coverning Wake and Johnston Counties. Write to it at Spotlight Media Group, LLC, POBox 142, Rolesville, NC 27571 or The Charlotte area can be found at http://www. and you can google “mugshots”. You may see someone you know!!!! Dear Dr. Crime: Do we have anything here in our state to help veterans who get in legal trouble? How much of a military presence do we have in North Carolina? Proud American Dear Proud American: I join you in your concern for our veterans. It seems from what we hear on the news that the government has not followed through on their commitment. Here in NC we have the 3rd largest active duty military presence in the US so our concern is valid. Our NC Division of Veterans Affairs, with the support of Governor McCrory, is doing a lot, so see their document NC4VETS RESOURCE GUIDE ( or call 844.624.8387) for an outline of resources. And they do have a Veterans Justice Outreach program and other resources to help with criminal justice issues. Thanks for your concern. Former Sgt. Adams Also, if your child is a “youthful offender” and- or having problems with drugs, Dr. Crime can offer confidential suggestions on how to work with the criminal justice system. Or, a formal criminological report for a court or other authority may help. For more information see www. or email This home was lovingly restored in 2003 and you won’t find another on the River with this much personality and character. This log-cabin inspired home is a solid example of American Ingenuity, features custom live-edge log shelving and stairs, gorgeous ceiling beams, hardwood floors, a wood-burning stove, porch & deck w/ hot tub; the perfect spot to enjoy the view of the River. Owner added a split log frame storage building with chinking, that is a lovely accent to the home. Riverfront lot has newer vinyl bulkhead, small boat dock and Lisa L. Brown, Broker/Owner Realtor, GREEN, SFR, SRES Inner Banks Real Estate Group, Inc. P.O. Box 5~ Camden, NC 27921 (757) 619-8064 Bob’s Guns also does gun repair! owner did not require flood insurance for loan. Albemarle Tradewinds April 2016 11