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November 2014

Moon Splash Artist

Moon Splash Artist Studio to Kick Off November Events in Elizabeth City By Charlotte Underwood Celebrating creativity and a brilliant harvest moon over the Pasquotank River, accomplished artists from the south and beyond will travel to Elizabeth City, Nov. 2-9, to take part in the Moon Splash Artist Studio, a destination retreat for painters who wish to connect to their art and fellow artists in a scenic coastal setting. Artists will paint and collaborate in a communal downtown studio space, and workshops and community events are planned with such nationally-known artists as Jane Filer, Bob Rankin, Chad Hughes, Dawn Kinney Martin and Susan Tobey White, along with host-city artists Margie Sawyer, Jeff Whalen and Ian Von Talee of Elizabeth City. A one-time registration fee of $100 is extended to both visitors and residents, who are invited to attend the week’s workshops and social gatherings. Immediately following Moon Splash, Elizabeth City will host a cornucopia of equally fun fall events. So mark your calendars! There’s much to celebrate this month in the “Harbor of Hospitality.” Nov. 7 First Friday ArtWalk Showcasing local visual artists and venues, First Friday ArtWalk is a pedestrian-friendly good time in downtown Elizabeth City! Starts at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 8-9 Mistletoe Show This festival craft show marks its 37th year at the Knobb’s Creek Recreation Center. Save the date for great holiday shopping! Nov. 28 Elizabeth City’s Downtown Holiday Celebration Ring in the holidays with the downtown lighting ceremony, caroling, hay/sleigh rides, Santa and Mrs. Claus, refreshments and more. 6-8 p.m. Nov. 20 “The Three Bully Goats Griff” COA’s Performing Arts Center players put a spin on the tale of the Billy Goats Gruff in this fun, educational play for kids. Visit for details of these events. The Healing Zone Reflexology Spiritual Readings Energy Healing Located inside Alice V Salon LCN Gel Nails Pedicures C: 252-619-7111 By Karen PALE RED/GOLD DESIGN COUCH, GOOD CONDITION $100. ALSO AVAILABLE GLAS- STOP W/ GOLD BASE COFFEE TABLE $35 EXTRA OR 2 SOLID WOOD END TABLES $50 EXTRA CAMDEN (727)560-2791 Albemarle Tradewinds has never required contracts from it’s clients. 22 Albemarle Tradewinds November 2014

Did you know the Albemarle Tradewinds is located in more than 200 locations in NENC and Chesapeake? NC Paranormal Research was contacted by the owner of the oldest two story brick house in North Carolina. This building was built in 1746. Some of the issues the owner stated were the doorknob on the front door had twisted on several occasions and no one was there. Voices were heard coming from rooms and no one in the rooms. Loud banging noise were heard from upstairs as if something hard had fallen, however nothing fell and no one else was in the house. The owners live in this house with two teenage boys. October 11, 2014 Mark Anderson founder and lead investigator of the group showed up around 4pm for a preview, He started with taking pictures of the outside of the house, than went inside with the owners. As the owners described the events Mr. Anderson turned his digital recorder on and recorded the conversation. The next process is the take pictures of the inside of the house. Approximately 8:30pm Mark returned and started unloaded his equipment. Mark started setting up a DVR, then started running the cables for the infrared cameras. The attic was the first place for the cameras, then the upper bedrooms. Mark received a sense that something happened in the doctor’s office, the client did not know of anything. Cameras were setup downstairs, two were trained on the main door as well as the living room area. One for what could have been a small library and one for the master bedroom. By this time the rest of the team arrived to help setup. Jessica, Trish, and Kameha. With eight cameras setup and a hatcam for Mark and a hatcam for Jessica both having infrared and voice capability were mounted on their heads. Ovilus V and Ovilus IV were batteried up and tested. Walkie talkies were tested. Electromagnetic Field testers (EMF) were used as well as digital recorders. The team broke off into pairs Jessica and Trish, Mark and Kameha. Mark and Kameha started in the attic, total darkness only time the flashlights were turned on were to move around. Jessica and Trish started in the room where marks on the fireplace were called “Witches marks” used to ward off evil. It didn’t take long before Kameha heard a dragging noise in the other part of the attic, they both went over there and tried to communicate with whatever may have made that noise. After a few minutes both Mark and Kameha heard a loud bang on the other side of the attic, sounded like something heavy fell and then bounced a couple of times. Mark tried to get a hold of Jessica on the walkie talkie but no answer, went on the other side of the attic nothing was amiss. They both went down to the bedroom to see if something fell down there, and Jessica and Trish stated that nothing fell but they heard the noise above their heads. Through the course of the night there was not much else heard from the naked ears, but some Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) caught on the digital recorder as well as the hatcam. Also Jessica’s hatcam caught an orb that appeared to morph. There were a lot of orbs and strange things on Mark’s hatcam as well. Albemarle Tradewinds November 2014 23