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CHAPTER 1 – The Right

CHAPTER 1 – The Right People in the Right Place William N. Thode, Inventor – Thode was also the co-inventor of a Stock-controlled feed for presses which was patented in 1924. No other patients were found bearing his name. It was also stated that he was a resident of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Charles C. Mason, Developed an improved model based on original model. Nothing else could be found on Mason, but the search for information is not over. Chas R. Koursh was listed on both patents as the witness. It would only be logical to speculate that he was also employed by Seiders – Mather Corporation, but in what capacity has yet to be discovered. Charles H. Rosenfeld, President - Referred to as the Pivot man for the Seiders-Mather Corporation, Rosenfeld was remembered as a motivator. His family left to the Chicago University over 19.5 linear feet of materials on motivational salesmanship and sales techniques; reports, training publications, posters, and placards on sales management and moneymaking methods; material on sales talks, sales contests, and other promotions. His papers are reportedly dating from 1906-1974. Oh, did I fail to mention there were also boxes on the Krimp’It? No, well, that is because until June of 2012, those documents were not available to the general public. It was through contact with Mr. Rosenfeld’s family that the doors at the University of Chicago started opening for this research project. 18 Born on May 29, 1886, Charles worked in sales for most of his life. Records indicated that he was a traveling salesman from around 1917 up to the 1920’s. From the 1920’s to the 1960 he earned his place in various companies holding executive positions. It was during this period that he was brought on board with Seth Seiders to organize the many facets the Seiders Syndicate had acquired which included the Krimp’It Fastener. In 1931, Charles Rosenfeld, L. R. Fox, F. A. Mudgett, and Wirt Hurd, all former executives of Seiders, Inc., took over the company, renamed it The Seiders-Mather Corporation, and patented and sold the Krimp'It paper fastening device.

From the sources available, it was easy to establish the kind of man Charles Rosenfeld was, He was friendly and easy to approach. His salesmanship skills came naturally and earned him great respect in the industry. He did retire in 1960 and enjoyed 23 years of retirement before passing away in 1983. Seth Seiders, Born in 1883 in Paulding Ohio, Seth Seiders seems to have entered this life driven by an intense desire to make money. It was said that he worked as a child selling magazines, trapping animals for the pelts and he sold blackberries. Even in his youth, his goal was to make a million dollars. Before long, he had grown into “a big, well-dressed, blonde-headed man with an arresting gray eye,” as he was described in 1926. Seiders started a short-lived business, sold advertising for a newspaper, traveled the country selling door to door, married a businesswoman, and ultimately did make a million dollars How he made that money, though, is a matter of some debate. After moving to Chicago, he founded and presided over Seth Seiders Incorporated, and built a tiny empire selling printed pep talks and motivational sales booklets. During the same years of the first half of the 1920s that Seiders was building his business in Chicago, Al Capone was taking over the Chicago underworld—making millions every year off liquor and gambling and prostitution—bribing and threatening and striking deals with countless lawmen and politicians and businessmen. The rumors were that Seth Seiders and Al Capone had mutual business interest. In 1924, Seiders left Chicago for New Mexico, for the Jemez Mountains, but continued to spend at least half of every year in Illinois. He bought a large piece of property in the Jemez Mountains’ Cebolla Valley, built a house, a dancehall, an exclusive and technically illegal bar, a little store, and numerous outbuildings. Stables held horses for his guests to ride, hop plants grew around a mysteriously locked building, and there was more than enough room for friendly local girls, banquets, and slot machines. The property became known as the Rancho Rea, after Seiders’ wife, Rhea, and Seiders’ friends and associates would come west from Chicago and the East Coast just to see it. One of those people that spent time at the ranch was Al Capone. Wirt W. Hurd, Mr. Hurd was the Treasurer for the Seiders – Mather Company. Unfortunately nothing has been found on this individual. 19

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