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Tuesday January 2 2018


Funding to buy CCTV

cameras reached

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A man was charged with three

of the four aggravated burglary

offences, including that of Miss

van Ras. He has been remanded

in custody and will next appear in

court on February 21.

Johnston Architects owner

Regan Johnston said the business

has recently moved to Sumner

from the central city so the

company wanted to get involved

in an important community


“It’s important to the community.

We thought, we’re new – let’s

do our part,” he said.

Ms Preston said any leftover

money would go straight back to

the community via the Sumner

Residents’ Association.

Ms Preston said residents have

been concerned for a number of

years that property-related crime

was on the rise. However, she said

it was the burglary of Miss van Ras

that sparked the group into action.

“The idea is that if something

does happen we’ve got footage

to help track down whoever was

involved,” she said.

But she said the cameras would

also act as a good deterrent to


Any footage captured would

only be viewed by police, who

support the initiative, and

security staff.

Shakespearean stage beckons

Actress off

to London’s

Globe Theatre

• By Julia Evans

“ROMEO, ROMEO, wherefore

art thou Romeo?”

Tigerlily Perry may soon

be reciting the famous

Shakespearean quote at the

theatre his plays were first

performed in four centuries ago.

Although Romeo and Juliet isn’t

her favourite play.

“It’s a tie between Much Ado

About Nothing and Julius Caesar,”

she said.

The 17-year-old who has just

finished school at St Margaret’s

College is hoping to send her

acting career into overdrive

after landing a coveted spot in

the New Zealand Young Shakespeare


From more than 5000 applicants,

Tigerlily was selected

as one of the 24 students who

will fly to London to perform

at the Globe Theatre. Only one

other student from Christchurch

made the cut, Cashmere’s Ben


Tigerlily and Ben will

perform and take part in several

CURTAINS: Tigerlily Perry is set to head to London and

perform Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre and in

Stratford-upon-Avon. ​

workshops and talks at the

Globe before heading north

to Shakespeare’s birthplace,


“It’s really exciting thinking

about performing there.”

Tigerlily said she expects it

will be “life-changing.”

Although the trip isn’t until

July, Tigerlily is already hard at

work fundraising for the $8500

it will take to get her there.





Fire rages, homes at risk

“I’ve been doing odd jobs,”

she said. But a funding grant

of $1000 from the Shakespeare

Globe Centre New Zealand has

been “amazing,” she said.

It comes after her recent role

as the lead in the international

award-winning film, A Perfect

Child, made by Christ’s College

and St Margaret’s students.

“I’ve always been into acting.

It started with the Shakespeare

festival at school,” she said.

Her mother was an actress,

although never professionally.

“Mum was an actress, she

exposed me to that world and

it developed when I was a kid,”

she said.

Tigerlily grew up with a

love of reading play scripts –

something she always thought

was “a bit weird.”

She has played Paulina and

Hermione in The Winter’s Tale,

Mark Antony in Anthony and

Cleopatra, Trebonius from Julius

Caesar and has taken the lead in

Timon of Athens, Timon.

But she couldn’t pick a

favourite. Instead, she’s hoping

to add new characters to her

repertoire at the Globe in July.

•If you want to help

Tigerlily with the fundraising

campaign, go to https://




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synonyms: flair, grace, poise,

polish, suaveness, urbanity,

chic, finesse, taste, class,

comfort, luxury, affluence,

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