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Bron Afon Impact Report - September 2016-17


Impact report September 2016 to September 2017 Broader involvement from across our tenants and residents We have seen great commitment from a lot of local people who have contributed to a range of decisions, improvements and projects! We reached a total of 2148 Bron Afon Members, an increase of 325 in the year. 468 were actively involved 3059 volunteer hours given to projects, meetings, workshops and events Participants feeling valued and listened to We always ask participants questions about how being involved in activities and sessions has made them feel. The responses over the last 12 months have been very positive; 98% said they feel that they were able to make a contribution 98% said they felt they were listened to 99% said they felt part of the discussion 97% said they felt that their views were valued 97% said that they had gained new or useful information Participants have told us that taking part has made them feel: Good! Feel valued as a tenant, to get feedback is good. Part of the bigger picture. That we have real input and ideas that we come up with are listened to. Part of a working team. Page 4

Impact report September 2016 to September 2017 A more tailored and relevant approach based on people’s interests We use what we know about our members to invite them to meetings, workshops and events that we think will interest them. Some examples include: 1 We invited pet owners, those who have made complaints about pets, and a local animal charity to help us review our Pet Policy. 2 For the review of the Community Safety Policy we invited those who had experienced antisocial behaviour in the last 12 months. 3 We digitally engaged those using our ‘My Account’ tenant portal to ask for their feedback. Their suggestions are helping us make My Account more user friendly. 4 We invited a group of current learners within Bron Afon to work with us to influence the development of the Agored Accredited Centre Learners Policies. 5 We have tailored a range of involvement and engagement opportunities to engage our communities in the development of local Community Action Plans. By targeting our approach to involvement in this way more members have been involved and they’ve focused on the things that matter to them. Page 5

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