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EVS Tale of the Two Cities booklet

Booklet describing the amazing learning adventure that Izabela and Dariusz have had through Erasmus+ EVS project TALE OF THE TWO CITIES

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse ECOcalypse SOSNOWSKY’S HOGWEED Hello Madeira! Everything is fine? You want to know my special power? I came to Poland in 50., from Sovietic Russia - when Poland was occupied by them, as a example of simple plant cultures as an animal’s food. But I’m not a simple plant! I had ambitios, self respect – you know! And guess what? I escaped easily from legal areas of cultivation. I’m very famous in Poland! Every year tv and newspapers are talking about me! You know why? In summer, with high temperatures my leaves have toxic and alergic properties. People are scared to meet me on their way. Roooaaaarr!!! (chorus of another invasive species with admiration for the Sosnowsky’s hogweed) Oh... wow!!!! EUCALIPTUS My congratulations Sir. SOSNOWSKY’S HOGWEED Many river valleys and roadsides are occupied by large stands of meeee. I’m difficult to eradicate because my seeds remain viable for many years and my roots are difficult to remove. And yes, when I meet a human being on my way.... I can damage their skin for a long time, I make even third-degree burns. But I need a cooperation with the sun, in Poland we have short summer. I think seriously to move to Madeira – here you can forever spring, we can fight against the people every day! Learn from me! Banana Passionfruit (MARACUJÁ-BANANA) Thank you for the connection. You are inspire us. First Laurissilva than we’ll find the way how to resolve the human problem....So many troubles with them, they are drop garbage everywhere! They are much more invasive than we are! (chorus of another invasive species, war drums music: So many troubles with them, so many troubles; So many troubles with them, so many troubles) EUCALIPTUS (in the center, lights on him, he gesticulates strongly) Our plan is made. Let’s attack very suddenly.... CURTAIN ECOcalipse ECOcalipse ECOcalipse

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse ECOcalypse PART III (scenery changes: sunny day, blue sky, singing birds, clouds, fog, waterfalls, endemic plants are sitting around...) MASSAROCO Oh, so good to be called a pride of Madeira. People love me, they appreciate that I’m blooming in the dry rocks, I bring them joy as a “fountain” of blue and purple flowers. Another plants love me because I’m a queen of beauty for them and animals love me too. I’m offer a shadow to them in dry areas, coastal regions and rocky deserts, when I feel so fine under the full sun. And I also feed butterflies and bees, I produce for them such a sweet nectar. With my nectar they produce very good honey that is very healthy for human beings and this way everyone is so happy. I like to bring a joy to the world! OCOTEA FOETENS (TIL) Dear Massaroco, the greatest queen of the Island, our pround – we are so happy to could live together in our Laurissilva’s space! I’m rain tree, well known as a til. I’m very big tree, I’m grown until 40 m, I’m always green! in the past people used my wood to build their boats and discover the sea. I’m also rich in essential oils. I’m growing in area of low rainfall, it’s why I learn during the ages how to absorp water from the clouds and air. I’m not like an eucaliptus which it’s to lazy to learn how to produce water, so just steals it from ground and another plants. I’m making the climate more misterious, I like be surrounded by fog and clouds. I like humidity and it’s why I help to produce it. (chorus of endemic plants: Bravo!!! Applaud) OCOTEA FOETENS (TIL) My fruits which look as barries are richable for the madeiran endemic bird called Columba trocaz, I’m its favourite tree. As the bird is very shy and flighty – I give him shelter. We leave together in symbiotic relationship, as a family. You see... We spread peace and love to the world. We saved ancient values that modern world are forgetting now... (endemic plants cry a bit...) OCOTEA FOETENS (TIL) Eh... But we still need to believe in human beings! I produce for them from 15 do 25 liters of steam every day. I’m very important source of sweet, drinkable water. Imagine what will happen if I dissapear. In this small island surrounded by salty ocean’s water... People need to take care about me! I’m green lungs of the island. (endemic plants are hugging him, chorus: Also we need you! We all together create the special ecosystem, we can’t exist without you!) ECOcalipse ECOcalipse ECOcalipse

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