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EVS Tale of the Two Cities booklet

Booklet describing the amazing learning adventure that Izabela and Dariusz have had through Erasmus+ EVS project TALE OF THE TWO CITIES

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse ECOcalypse OCOTEA FOETENS (TIL) Thank you my brothers! UVA-DA-SERRA Thank you my brothers and my friends! You are such a good creatures. You are doing so many good things for the ecosystem and people just forget it. They forget that we all are a big family and we need to keep the balance, and now – they want money, they destroy everything, they want to be great imperators. (endemic plants are yearning...) UVA-DA-SERRA I’m unique kind of blueberry. I’m exist only here and in Porto Santo! I feel very comfortable to live close to the Til. I chose mountains to live there. You can meet me around 800 to 1700 meters above the sea level. I like to look at the world from the top! I’m tasty and very healthy for the people, I’m full of antyoxidants. They like to made food from me - for the preparation of jams, spirits, vinegar and liqueurs. MASSAROCO We all are more than friends! We are living together as brothers. All together we create the unique type of subtropical forest found in areas with high humidity and relatively stable, mild temperatures. UVA-DA-SERRA We need rain – and some foreigners are occupated our space, they just took our lands, didn’t ask about permition.... They are dry and agressive. Nobody helps us, nobody hears us! (chorus of endemic plants: Nobody helps us, nobody hears us!) CURTAIN ECOcalipse ECOcalipse ECOcalipse

ECOcalypse ECOcalypse ECOcalypse PART IV (We can see all of the invasive species on the one part of scene and all of the endemics on the second part. Everything mix now: relaxing sounds of waterfalls, bird’s sings together with war drums and war sings of invasives) EUCALIPTUS (screams in agressive and ironic way) What a beautiful day to conquest the world!!! It happened. It’s the day of a big change. We are going to change the history! Goodbye Laurissilva... (he is blowing and we can see the fire flames that are coming from his mounth) BIRD OF PARADISE FLOWER (STRELITZIA) Goodbye the biggest enemy of mine: Massaroco. People will forget you easily and I can be legaly the unique symbol of the island. In this competition – I’m the winner, darling! (she is laughing in ironic way and very cruel, touch the cheek of Massaroco and strike sparks from hands, Masarroco looks scared) Banana Passionfruit (MARACUJÁ-BANANA) AND OPUNTIA Don’t waste the time for goodbyes. The world is only our! (one is spread the fire by blowing, another put the flames around) ENDEMIC PLANTS TOGETHER (they are keeping their hands together, are standing in the circular shape, invasive are trying to surround them slowly) No! No! No!!! If we are together, you will not conquer us easily. Let’s cry aloud. (invasive species laugh loudly and like crazy) MASSAROCO Our tears are not our weekness! With our tears, deep from our hearts, we will fight with you! OCOTEA FOETENS (TIL) I’ll spread now all of the water that I collected in my green vains, leaves, from top to the roots. I have lots of water inside me, I can fight with your poor flames!!!! (he spreads clouds of fog; hope so we can make artificial smog that will look like a water steam) ECOcalipse ECOcalipse ECOcalipse

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