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Bay Harbour: March 07, 2018

PAGE 22 Wednesday

PAGE 22 Wednesday March 7 2018 BAY HARBOUR Latest Christchurch news at our fresh promise If it's not fresh, we'll replace & refund 5 th to 11 th March 2018 $ 13 99 kg Fresh NZ Beef Rump Steak 69 ¢ ea Sweetcorn great deal $ 4 99 ea Tip Top Ice Cream 2L $ 6 99 kg Fresh NZ Pork Shoulder Roast (Excludes Free Range) $ 1 99 kg Royal Gala Apples $ 6 50 ea Sanitarium Weet-Bix 1.2kg 2 for $ 5 80 great deal $ 1 00 ea great deal $ 2 99 ea Tip Top Better For You/ Super Soft Bread 700g Bluebird Burger Rings/ Twisties/Cheezels/ Rashuns 110-120g Cadbury Chocolate Block 155-205g $ 19 99 pk Steinlager Classic 12 x 330ml Bottles $ 11 99 ea $ 5 00 pk Purex Toilet Tissue 12 Pack/ Mega Long White 6 Pack Wyndham Bin / Wither Hills 750ml (Excludes Pinot Noir) svbhn0703 Owned & operated by locals SuperValue Lyttelton: 17 London Street, Lyttelton. Phone 328 7368. Open 7am–9pm, 7 days. SuperValue Sumner: 3 Village Mall, Sumner. Phone 326 5688. Open 7am–9pm, 7 days. While stocks last at SuperValue Lyttelton and Sumner only. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Trade not supplied. For inspiration visit | Please drink responsibly

Wednesday March 7 2018 Latest Christchurch news at BAY HARBOUR PAGE 23 Hydrate to elevate We all know drinking water is important, but the majority of us simply don’t drink enough even though we know it makes us feel great when we do. We look at the benefits and motivate you to drink more with a few tips on how to make it just a little more palatable. With over a quarter of Kiwis consuming less than two glasses of water a day and only 5% drinking more than the recommended eight, the message obviously hasn’t hit home on the importance of hydrating our body. A recent survey conducted by SodaStream found that Cantabrians are particularly guilty when it comes to their water intake. With 82% drinking less than six glasses of water a day, but with over 85% admitting they feel healthier when they drink more water, something needs to be done to bridge the gap in terms of what we know to be true and what we’re actually doing about it. This same survey revealed that although 41% of us limit how many soft drinks we consume due to our concerns over sugar content, the same number of people said tea or coffee is this their number one drink of choice. Some people even believe that the water consumed in their cup of Joe constitutes part of their water intake. This is a fallacy. As caffeine actually dehydrates us, as does alcohol too, it means we need to drink even more water to compensate. Not so surprisingly the reason we don’t drink nearly enough water is that we simply forget. Now with apps you can download direct to your smart phone, there are no more excuses. Further studies proved that people who had a SodaStream machine in their homes were more likely to drink more water. In fact, the study showed that people drank 30% more water. For those of us who aren’t used to drinking water like it’s going out of fashion, there are plenty of ways to increase the fun factor while still being healthy. By simply turning tap water into sparkling water with a SodaStream machine and adding a splash of fresh lemon juice or naturally squeezed fruit juice, is bound to have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Refer your friends to us and you and your friend will receive a free gift with your appointment. Make an appointment today (03) 384 1743 4/2 Soleares Ave, Mt Pleasant Open: Monday to Saturday Late Night: Wed & Thurs style noun elegance and sophistication. synonyms: flair, grace, poise, polish, suaveness, urbanity, chic, finesse, taste, class, comfort, luxury, affluence, wealth, opulence, lavishness. MAGAZINE STYLE.KIWI