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X O D U S BUSINESS MIND THE SYSTEM The basic understanding of economy, closed economy is that there are three (3) major contributors to its sustenance. These are households, firms and government. Without these contributors the economy is basically non-existence. Each country’s economy is measured by its gross domestic product (GDP), simple terms, its spending. So we can safely say that without a flow of cash (medium of exchange), every country is almost doomed. The three (3) contributors have to spend their money for the economy to grow or become sustainable. Two elements of spending are accessible, through income from or to the supplier (firm) and the financial institutions e.g. banks. While the firms receive or make their money through selling their produce to those who desire it, they also spend it through buying labour from the households as well as necessary equipment for this production. So the firms flow their money understandably for the production and sustenance of the business. The households receive or make their money by selling their time (labour) and they spend it through buying necessities to sustain their households e.g. food. Government on the other hand is all about sustaining the country and its ability to trade, and they are the biggest contributor of any economy. They make their money through taxes, levies and fees and they spend it through firms, grants and subsidies. So if you look at the three (3) main contributors of any economy, you immediately realise that their purpose of generating and spending money is sustenance thereof. It is to circulate resources and ensure that all are living and operating under acceptable conditions. Households provide a needed service (labour); firms provide income to the households as well as whatever necessary produce; government ensures a proper running and maintenance of the country as well as proper distribution of resources. Therefore, these will always remain the engine of a country’s economy because what they provide is a necessity. What is then the purpose of a financial system? Granted, all this flow of money has to be under certain management in order to combat fraudulent activities like money laundering. Every country has its own trading currency which I presume it necessary for the management of cash flow. What would it mean then if the whole world was to use one global currency? Who would manage the cash flow? Who would take claim to it? As it is, every country is able to account for its currency because they manage and generate its print and subsequently its flow. So, in a case of a global currency who is to account for it as well as manage it, and what would be their benefit? Who would be deemed suitable for that position and who would deem them suitable? Whether you are an individual or a business, God is the Creator 38

B U S I N E S S - M i n d t h e s y s t e m We have distinguished that the purpose of a financial system, provided by financial institutions is to ensure proper flow and management of currency e.g. bank. However, including banks, we also have financial institutions that have their purpose mainly to provide currency in the form of loans and insurance. We also have financial institutions whose aim is to grow one’s currency through investments. Would these institutions do all these out of the goodness of their heart, to help society? It appears so from the marketing point of view. It appears as though the financial life of households; firms and government would tumble if these institutions didn’t exist. They are providing a solution to the nightmare of financial sustainability. It all seems good on the surface, but what are they benefiting out of it? Dependence! Whether you are an individual or a business, God is the Creator. He created humanity and He creates every business opportunity. On all this creation He spoke or speaks a purpose upon its life. He then provides resources, including a financial blessing account perfectly suitable for the realisation and sustainability of that purpose. In other words, the financial blessing account of every individual as well as business is measured and apportioned according to the purpose each need to serve. So what then happens, what raises and increases the need for individuals and businesses to seek the financial assistance of these other financial institutions? I could say living or spending beyond available means, but that is only an element of a bigger problem. The enemy comes only to kill, steal and destroy. The purpose attached to the human or business gives a certain degree of identity. The enemy’s purpose is to kill or steal that identity, as well as to destroy the life of. The enemy does not have its own original resources or ability to create. Therefore, it takes from whatever God has created and uses it for its own gain. When you have an income, whether business or individual you are a potential target for the financial institutions. The justification would be that they need money to sustain the service they offer. Fair enough. This is why everyone pays fees for their bank, investments or insurance accounts. However, this is not where they make their biggest chunk of money. It is through loans; credit cards etc. the things that you do not necessarily need, but are offered. The aim of it all being to suck you into the system that you are unable to survive on your own. These institutions target people or businesses with a flow of income and they offer their products to them. Secondly, these would have an outstanding credit rating. Meaning they have mastered a way to manage their finances. This then means that these institutions offer them a way to extend their spending abilities, while slowly and unnoticeable taking their money bit by bit and eventually driving them to a corner of dependence on their solutions. If I am managing my finances well, why do you see the need to extend my spending if it is not for your own benefit? I cannot blame it on my inability to control my spending appetite, but the structure and design of the world’s system. It is designed to tempt you to believe that when you spend more your status rises, but only in material possessions. However, those possessions are not your own if they are funded by someone else on interest. The point I am trying to make is that, God provides accordingly but the enemy is always waiting to steal that which God has provided. The only money field that exists is in utilising the financial provision God has availed to you in a manner that serves the purpose of your creation. That way you are ploughing it back. In everything that God has created there is a regeneration seed. Therefore when He gives you a financial provision, use it in the manner in which it has been purposed, for it to regenerate and grow. The financial system is not a solution but a devil’s way of stealing from God’s provision so it can sustain its own purpose. Do not be lewd into a debt trap by what the world presents as acceptable and glorious. Stand firm on yours and your businesses’ purpose. God will always provide accordingly as well as sustain you or your business. April 2018 39

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