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Flipbook version of the 2018 printed programme


DEFECTIVE TUE 1 MAY 5.00PM STRATFORD PICTUREHOUSE Dir: Reese Eveneshen Year: 2017 Language: English Runtime: 101 Country: Canada UK PREMIERE A new corporation, the S.E.A. have been set up to trial a new type of police in North America. Uniformed, anonymous Preservers of Peace investigate, judge, and sentence people for even the smallest of crimes. Rhett, a disillusioned, middle-aged man, witnesses first-hand this newest law-enforcement mandate, which decrees citizens as “defective.” The punishment? Instant public execution at the hands of ruthless enforcers. Rhett, has a run-in with the Preservers and has to flee across state borders to escape them. But, after a surprise visit from Jean, his estranged sister, Rhett reluctantly now has his sister in tow, with the state in close pursuit. Dredd?, Robocop? How long before we see this kind of ‘protection’ on our streets? DIRECTOR Q&A 10 THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASTIC FILM 1 — 7 MAY 2018

HIDDEN RESERVES The corporation sells ‘death insurance’. Those who don’t have it are forced to remain alive (in body only) as repositories of other people’s consciousnesses until any ‘life debt’ they had is repaid. Vincent, a top insurance salesmen, firmly on the way up the corporate ladder, is secure in his work, sleeping with his boss, and able to afford an extravagent lifestyle, a life that many Wall Street brokers would envy. One day he meets Lisa, part of an activist group that wants an end to the storage facilites and the release of the human data machines. After Vincent fails to secure a rich client and is demoted, his one chance of regaining his former status is to infiltrate this resistance via Lisa. Of course, Vincent is drawn to her, and questions his own values and his drive for power. A very slick dystopian noir. THU 3 MAY 7.15PM STRATFORD PICTUREHOUSE Dir: Valentin Hitz Year: 2016 Language: German/ Russian/English subtitles Runtime: 96 Country: Austria UK PREMIERE THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASTIC FILM 1 — 7 MAY 2018 11

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