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Flipbook version of the 2018 printed programme


WELCOME TO SCI-FI-LONDON 2018 The festival comes of age this year, our 18th edition no less. I am delighted to once again bring a selection of fantastic films to the UK. Each year we are amazed by the quality and breadth of international science fiction film, the ideas keep rolling in. This festival we wanted to celebrate the fact that 200 years ago, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus was published. For me, it is really the first ‘proper’ science fiction novel and it is amazing that we are still enchanted by its characters and moral questions. Our opening night film, CHIMERA, is by no means a version of Shelley’s work but, it does ask one of the questions she posited: do you want to live forever? We bring again to the big screen a film we first showed over 12 years ago, SUBJECT TWO. It finds the subject and the scientist in the wilderness dealing with rejuvenation and longevity, again – who wants to live forever!? Virtual reality seems to be a very currrent topic right now and, of course, we have films that question the morality of being able to do what you want in a VR world. As a counter to Spielberg’s recent blockbuster, Ready Player One, we have the UK premiere of a brutal Russian film called CENSOR – it puts characters in a VR world and asks them to perform the most amoral things they can think of, so the programmers can code them out, after all it’s just pixels... and no one really got murdered did they? Thanks for coming to our 18th, see you at the bar. Louis Louis Savy Founder and Festival Director “OF WHAT A STRANGE NATURE IS KNOWLEDGE! IT CLINGS TO A MIND WHEN IT HAS ONCE SEIZED ON IT LIKE A LICHEN ON A ROCK.” MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT SHELLEY

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