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Flipbook version of the 2018 printed programme


CENSOR SAT 5 MAY 9.00PM STRATFORD PICTUREHOUSE Dir: Konstantin Shelepov Year: 2017 Language: Russian/ English subtitles Runtime: 133 Country: Russia UK PREMIERE Virtual reality, so real it’s indistinguishable from real life. Zombies, Nazis, Knights in armour - the game has it all. After some real-world violent crimes are linked to gamers, the Ministry of Internal Affairs creates a new department, “C”, whose agents are censors. They must play the games and try to exceed the permitted level of violence. But two of them become rivals and the lines between the real and game worlds blur. This dark cyberpunk story is as much about the fear that computers will do our thinking for us as the dangers posed by the people who develop and control them. Censor’s director says, “As we develop this tech, should censorship become more important? Sci-fi is not about tomorrow. It is about today” Censor makes Hardcore Henry look like a Disney film and slams its message down your throat! You Ready Player One? 6 THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASTIC FILM 1 — 7 MAY 2018

CYGNUS Fabián, is an astronomer on a quest to discover the nature of an unknown object near the Cygnus constellation 30,000 light years from Earth. One night, a strange signal gives him hope that he might be close to solving the mystery of Cygnus. His colleagues say he is wasting his time, but he thinks the signal is targeted at Earth rather than a random discovery. His superior’s attitude changes and Fabián becomes fearful that they will steal his discovery. He becomes more paranoid and strange things begin to take place in the observatory. Did he really find something or was the signal waiting to be found? Amazing landscapes and great performances make this a solid sci-fi tale. WED 2 MAY 9.00PM STRATFORD PICTUREHOUSE Dir: Hugo Félix Mercado Year: 2017 Language: Spanish/ English subtitles Runtime: 87 Country: Mexico UK PREMIERE THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASTIC FILM 1 — 7 MAY 2018 7

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