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Flipbook version of the 2018 printed programme


HOSTILE FRI 4 MAY 5.15PM STRATFORD PICTUREHOUSE Dir: Mathieu Turi Year: 2017 Language: English Runtime: 83 Country: France A global disaster and epidemic has left a barren world with strange creatures that hunt at night. Juliette is one of the few survivors left and part of a small organised group. She spends her days looking for supplies in the dry wastelands, using a van that has seen better days. Her two-way battery powered radio keeps her in contact with home base. One day, as she travels back to base, an incident causes her to crash. She radios base but they can’t get to her for hours and darkness is closing in. As she tries to get through the night she remembers the life she had before. By turns both romantic and terrifying, HOSTILE is an emotional roller coaster. It’s perfect for cuddling up with a loved one. If you like scary movies, you’ll love half this film. If you like love stories, you’ll enjoy the other half... If you cherish a good story, then you’ll love the whole thing. AintItCoolNews UK PREMIERE 12 THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASTIC FILM 1 — 7 MAY 2018

NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS You’re having having a conversation with someone... and neither of you cares... know that feeling? Dave Stimple, an unfocused mattress store owner, is having issues connecting with everyone around him. He arrives at the shop one morning to find the local health and safety people have shut him down. Bugs, huge bed bugs and lots of complaints are cited as the reason. Dave is really confused and his relationships with his wife, friends, and his own humanity seem to be devolving and increasingly distracting anomalies begin to take over his reality. But his issues may not be as internal as they seem. This is a proper WTF movie that you will enjoy unravelling. Sometimes, modern life makes us all feel like mattress sellers at times. WED 2 MAY 7.10PM STRATFORD PICTUREHOUSE Dir: Justin Petty Year: 2017 Language: English Runtime: 101 Country: USA UK PREMIERE THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASTIC FILM 1 — 7 MAY 2018 13

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