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Asia,Oceania & theIndian Ocean, a whiff of adventure In his home country, Australia, people call him “Crocodile Dundee” due to his knowledge of nature and his taste for adventure. After having led more than 300 expeditions through Antarctica, South-East Asia, Oceania, and the coasts of Australia, the explorer Mick Fogg is now placing his experience at PONANT’s service. Your reputation as an explorer and photographer is well established. Can you tell us about your background? Mick Fogg: Growing up in Australia, I was introduced to nature’s wonders at a very young age. After years of working and educating people about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, I decided to explore further afield, through Oceania and Asia: Papua New Guinea, Borneo, Indonesia Vanuatu, The Solomon Islands… I was fortunate enough to work with renowned photographers, who were keen to share their knowledge and experience. What made you decide to become an expedition leader on PONANT ships? M.F: PONANT’s fleet of small luxury expedition ships make it possible to combine luxury and adventure. As the world leader of luxury expeditions, PONANT desired to expand its expeditions outside the Polar Regions. My years of experience in the Asia Pacific region made us a perfect match. What do you like the most about being an expedition leader? M.F: One of the great joys is sharing unique experiences with well-educated and well-travelled people. Most of our guests aren’t satisfied with just taking a photograph of the destination and heading back home. They want to experience the destination and learn more about what they are seeing and the people they are meeting. You’ve led expeditions throughout the Pacific and Oceania. Do you have a favorite destination – or maybe a top three? M.F: It’s impossible for me to narrow down a favourite destination. My journeys have taken me to some pretty amazing destinations across the planet. Australia’s remote Kimberley region is definitely in my top three. The timeless landscapes, pristine environments and harsh beauty are like nowhere else on earth. Of all the polar destinations, I have visited, Macquarie Island is still my favourite. The landscape is spectacular and it has some of the highest densities of wildlife of anywhere on the planet. Tanjung Puting National Park, holds a very special place in my heart. It was here that I first encountered Orang-Utans in the wild and chose a path to enlighten people about their plight. 52 | Summer 2018 / Winter 2018 - 2019 Cruises

Why travel in tropical expedition voyage with PONANT? • To sail to discover remote archipelagos, each of which has a unique landscape and personality; • To enjoy the possibility of snorkelling in indigo-coloured lagoons, exploring some of the world’s most beautiful sea beds; • To experience privileged encounters with traditional tribes, living on the lands of their ancestors; • To observe wild and unspoiled animal life, such as wallabies, caimans, albatrosses and sea turtles; • To take a unique voyage to discover the Sub Antarctic Islands of New Zealand, in the heart of the Southern Ocean; • To make extraordinary journeys along the Kimberley coast, one of the last great wilderness areas in the world. Asia, Oceania and Indian Ocean Expeditions by | 53