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Creative Heritage

ISBN 978-3-86859-532-1

Maddalena Ferretti Land

Maddalena Ferretti Land Heritage How can the idea of heritage be extended to other fields and include material and immaterial aspects, going beyond the “codified” definition of cultural heritage? How can built heritage become an engine for local identity, contribute to place-making, and provide new impetus for development? A refreshed understanding of heritage as part of more complex spatial structures, as potential for new dynamics of territorial development, and as pattern of a larger system of relationships with new aesthetic qualities is needed. As heritage’s value is intrinsically linked to time and perception, permanence and memory, it may be difficult to acknowledge new forms that, despite not being included in monument protection lists, still could or should be recognised as shared societal resources. The idea of conservation gives way to more open and flexible ways of reading and using heritage through design and creativity. Design can help replace traditional approaches with a fresher perspective, embed new concepts related to urban design and planning, and be connected to city and territorial development (such as recycling processes). Especially in rural areas—where the potential is often not evident—“land heritage” can be combined with a creative approach and become an impetus for sustainable development and spatial enhancement. If associated with a shared strategic process, “land heritage” can increase quality and resilience in rural contexts. For the Regiobranding project, we explored the potential of “land heritage” for rural-urban contexts in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Investigated through a creative reading of spatial patterns and explorative scenarios, these areas have become testing grounds for a diverse understanding of, and action on, heritage. Schröder J., Ferretti M. (2018) Scenarios and Patterns for Regiobranding. Berlin, Jovis 66 Rundling hamlets, in the Wendland region. Photo: Regionales Bauen und Siedlungsplanung LUH

67 “Heritage is a pattern of a larger system of relationships with new aesthetic values.”