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Maurizio Carta, p. 46,

Maurizio Carta, p. 46, p. 98. Architect and urban planner, PhD. Full Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the Department of Architecture of the University of Palermo; current President of the Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo. Senior expert in strategic planning, urban design, and local development. Author of several urban, landscape, and strategic plans in Italy. He is directing the Smart Planning Lab with the aim of improving the smartness of cities and communities. He has been a member of the steering committees of the Italian Society of Urban Planners (SIU), the Accademia Urbana (AU), and the National Institute of Urbanism (INU). From 2009–2011 he was Deputy Mayor for Urban Regeneration and Strategic Planning of the City of Palermo. He has been Visiting Professor at several international universities and institutions. Author of several publications, including: Next City: Culture City (Meltemi, 2004), Creative City (List, 2007), Governare l’evoluzione (FrancoAngeli, 2009) Re-think, Re-load, Reimagining Urbanism (ListLab, 2014), Urban Hyper-Metabolism (with B. Lino, 2015), The Fluid City Paradigm (with D. Ronsivalle, Springer, 2016), Re-cyclical Urbanism (with B. Lino and D. Ronsivalle, List, 2017), Augmented City (List, 2017). Daniele Caruso, p. 82. Master’s degree from the University of Naples Federico II in Urban, Environmental, and Landscape planning with a thesis focused on infrastructure recycling as multi-scale armature of landscape. PhD candidate with a thesis on the role of blue infrastructure for sustainable urban development. Gilda Collet Bruna, p. 58. Architect and urbanist. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo (FAUUSP), 1968. PhD in Architecture and Urbanism from USP, 1973. Post-doctoral studies in city planning, JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan, 1977. “Livre-Docente,” USP, 1980. Professor of graduate course on Regional and Urban Planning in Brazil, at UNM, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, 1985. Professor of undergraduate course, FAUUSP, 1971– 1997. Professor of graduate course, FAUUSP, 1978–2003. Dean of FAUUSP, 1991–1994. President of EMPLASA 1995–2000. Full Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of Mackenzie Presbyterian University since 2002; Co-ordinator of graduate programme, 2005–08. Research Fellowship from CNPq Brazil (Council for Scientific and Technological Development) since 2012. Stefania D‘Alterio, p. 70. Urban planner, PhD student in Urban Planning. Graduated from the University of Naples Federico II. She has been participant in conferences and exhibits on environmental infrastructure in contemporary city and published about resilient urban regeneration. 118

Alissa Diesch, p. 74. Architect, living and working in Bogotá, Colombia, where she holds a DAAD scholarship for her doctoral research. Lecturer and Researcher at the University La Gran Colombia of Bogotá. Diploma from Technische Universität München (TUM) in 2012, with a thesis on the transformation of a former sugar cane factory in Mauritius into a cultural centre. PhD candidate at TUM since 2016, with Prof. Sophie Wolfrum as thesis supervisor. Dragos Mihai Dordea, p. 20. Architect, PhD. Lecturer at the Design Synthesis Department at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu Bucharest UAUIM since 2016. Founder of the architecture office Dordea Dragoş Mihai B.I.A. in 2008. PhD in Architecture with the thesis Mutations in the Architecture of Individual Dwellings in Romania 1947–1989 at UAUIM, 2014. Master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Architecture of the Territory from the Accademia di Architettura Mendriso (AAM) of Università della Svizzera Italiana, 2007. Master’s degree in Architecture, AAM 2005. Raffaella Fagnoni, p. 42. Architect, Associate Professor in Design, and Head of the Master’s programme in Product and Event Design in the Department of Architecture and Design (DAD) of the University of Genoa. Deputy Coordinator of the PhD course in Architecture and Design, Coordinator of the PhD curriculum in Design. She has been a member of the governing council of the Italian Design Society (SID) since 2014. Her research interests focus on social design, working on different topics from cultural heritage to health and environment, urban life, reuse and recycling. Diploma from the University of Florence. Selected publications: Fagnoni R. (2009) “Design and New Behaviors: Project Responsibility, Social and Cultural Connectibility,” in: Strategic Design Research Journal, vol. 2, 2/2009; Fagnoni R. (2011) “Lo spazio pubblico urbano. Connettibilità sociale, colore, comunicazione”. In: Spadolini M.B. ed. (2011) I colori di Cornigliano; Fagnoni R. (2016) “Core Values For Re-Cycle Social Innovators”. In: Ricci M., Schröder J. eds. (2016) Towards a Pro-Active Manifesto. Sara Favargiotti, p. 28. Architect, PhD. Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Trento, Department DICAM, as well as Research Affiliate at the Office for Urbanization, GSD Harvard University. Her research focus is on landscape urbanism, ecological design, and emerging infrastructures and their influence on cities, landscapes, and territories. DAAD Research Grant for Young Scientists in 2014–15 at Leibniz Universität Hannover. Books: Airports On-hold. Towards Resilient Infrastructures (LISt Lab, 2016), Airfield Manual: A Field Guide to the Transformation of Abandoned Airports (with C. Waldheim, GSD Harvard 2017). 119