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Reason 1 - Reporting vs.

Reason 1 - Reporting vs. Analytics A: SAP HCM Reporting Solutions Now that you know the difference between reporting and analytics, you can understand why different solutions may be required for each. A reporting solution is operational in nature and provides access to all transactional data in real time to drive the business on a daily basis. This solution gives the user access to pick the fields they want, from the time periods they are interested in, in real-time, down to the lowest level of detail to review. These types of reports include: • Hires, Terminations and Turnover • Time, CATS and Leave Accounting

• Payroll Registers and Reconciliation • Benefits Enrollment • Overtime Reports • Vacant positions • Compliance and auditing reports to identify missing data or null values • Action or Incident reporting Analytics, on the other hand, are not designed to be transactional, and include summarized information that is not real-time; it is pulled from a data repository or warehouse on a scheduled basis - like monthly or quarterly, for example. The data included in analytics is not necessarily designed to drive the business on a daily basis; it’s generally used to plan for the future. Transactional information is not a focus; the main objective is answering key business strategy questions using data from all areas of the organization, which is used to shed insights into workforce impact on the business. Sample Analytics includes asking questions such as: $ $ $ What is your revenue per employee? Is it higher How does your headcount per unit of How many dollars of operating profit What percentage of your operating than your competitors? How does it vary across production compare to that of your are generated for every dollar invest- expenses is invested in compensation lines of business or geographies? direct competitors? ed in compensation and benefits? and benefits? REPORTING VS. ANALYTICS Rel-time transactions used to run the business Right thissecond and today Transactional, operational and individual detail HRIS, Coe, Managers 97% of time spent “I need a report shwing how many EE,s terminated employment so far this week and their names and their supervisors contact information.” Aggregate historical data from engagement surveys,financial ledgers and talent/learning systems Planning for tomorrow Aggregate, Ratios, Trends C-Suite, LoB Leaders Les than 1% time spent “I need to show my CEO ow employee engagement correlates to revenue over the last 3 years, then identify thedrivers of engagement” PAGE XX 05

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