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April'18 Chapter Chatter

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- 12 - .66 56:61 DI D D96 : D9 66 66D: 3G D96 : DD D 09 G G 6D : 369 D96 :D6 ,66 G 96 G A6D: 66 6D : D9 Bring some kind of donut pastry ... keeping it simple. Please have your refreshments at the Meeting by 9:15 am If you cannot provide refreshments as assigned, it is you responsibility to work a trade with another member for their month. Claudette Braly, Hospitality Chair APRIL 16, 2018 DONUTS ... DONUTS only Cathy Phelps Candy Prater Donna Provence Jonene Pruitt Larry Pruitt Janine Ramseur Carolyn Ritzer Trudy Rivera Carol Rogge Barbara Sargent Gretchen Schaeffer Patty Sharp Catherine Simpson Yvonne Slavich Cheryl Smith Georgeann Smith Sherry Sorsdal Jana Springer CATERED MAY 21st LUNCHEON $10.00 M a k e Y o u r R e s e r v a t i o n at the General Meetings in March or April or sign up at the Thrift Shop Are you a cuirious person? Are you a creative person? Do you revel in the challenge of learning something new? This is definitely for you! How about doing the ALGA newsletter? You don't have to be a graphic artist. No one should monopolize any position for more than two years...everyone should have an opportunity to do something different. To contribute their own creative touch. I love doing the Chapter Chatter but it is time to let someone else take it to the next level as we grow. I'll be happy to assist however necessary but the Chatter has no prescribed may make it anything you like. contact Susan Cox

RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE Golf Tourney - Janice Hallisey, Chair · SAVE THE DATE: April 23, 2018 - Assistance League Spring Fund Raiser Golf Event is well on its way! - Thus far, 49 "Clothe a Kid" Flags have been sold ($3,750) - Pledges of $9,500 have been secured representing 15 sponsors and 62 paid golfers for a total of $19,280. - "PLAY A ROUND" FOR THE KIDS @ THE Berry Creek Country Club. You can help by forwarding any sponsorship donations or inquiries to Janice Hallisey, Chair - Golf Event. Library Gala Event - Joanne Harrah, Chair - Partnered event with the Georgetown Library for May 19th. - Upscale, Gala "Through the Looking Glass" theme at $50 per person. THRIFT SHOP Carol Palmer, Chair March Thrift Shop sales were $28,222. The Shop is $29,866 in sales ahead of the same time last year! Our move-in date for the new shop is April 13....reopening on Tuesday, April 17th. We need all 'hands on deck' - 13 - for this move...please come help out on Fri-Sat-Sun or Mon to volunteer. WE NEED YOU! GRANTS COMMITTEE Judy Butler, Chair - Application has been made to The Lola Wright. -Grant application is being completed for the Chaparral Women's Club before the 3-28-18 deadline. Debbie Williams VP Fund Development SERVICE HOURS REPORT 27,500hrs 23,317 hours reported thru Mar '18 We are 85% of goal with the rest of April and May to finish up our year. Way to go! Please estimate your hours for May and turn them in along with your April hours by the first week of May. Thank you! Please turn in those hours this Monday at the meeting or drop them off at the Thrift Shop. E-mail me if you need to check on your last reporting month. Thanks, Barbara Council

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