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BusinessDay 15 April 2018

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C002D5556 Sunday 15 April 2018 42BDSUNDAY Things To Do In Lagos This Sunday There’s never a weekend where nothing happens in this fun city of Lagos. So if you have no idea what or how to unwind today, here are a few ideas: Visit the beach – Tarkwa Bay The artificial sheltered beach is located near the Lagos harbour in Nigeria. Due to its island status, it is only accessible by boat or water taxis from either Ikoyi or Victoria Island. Smart Zone Dubai|Lagos Workshop Date: Sunday, April 15, 2018. Time: 1 PM. Venue: Four Points by Sheraton, Lagos. Alexx Ekubo at Naked Waters Date: Sunday, April 15th, 2018 Time: 10.00 pm Venue Rooken Villa, 21 Fatai Idowu Arobieke Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki, Lagos. Fela and The Kalakuta Queens Venue – Terra Kulture Arena, Victoria Island Lagos Time – 3pm and 7pm

Sunday 15 April 2018 C002D5556 BDSUNDAY 43 Top 3 Most Eligible Bachelors In Lagos (2018) These men have not found their better halves yet, so you might just be the lucky girl. Don’t worry, Don Jazzy has become the chief executive officer of the Bachelors club, so his name is not on this list. Uncle has just refused to look my way and marry me Well checkout my top 3 most eligible bachelors to drool over this year. First on my list is Paddy Adenuga. Forget the fact that Paddy is the son of multi billionaire Mike Adenuga, the guy is cute inside and outside. He’s real to his roots. Loves the good things of life. Isn’t entirely freaked out about the flashy girls or Island slay 2 has other amazing talents - like singing, cooking and staying sexy. Lynxxx might look like he’s been off the radar for something, but we know he’s still single and minding his business. A man like Lynxxx, won’t just make you stay in love all your life, he will pull you closer to the Lord. Don’t worry about all the other names I didn’t mention, those men have just been on the list for way too long eg Alex Ekubo, Uti Nwachukwu, Debola Lagos, Olaotan Coker. 1 queens, or Lekki cats, he just likes his woman to be simple. Not to say that team natural has won his heart oooo. I call Paddy the two-toned lip Prince who uses his brain as his greatest asset. Second on my list is Tolu Erogbogbo, popularly know as Chef Eros. If you love the sweet things of life, you will agree with me that Cookie Jar should be one of your go to places. Tolu has used his skills in the kitchen to capture the hearts of many ladies (which by the way forms a better demographic of his clientele). He is not just skilled in the kitchen, man can command an army with his distinct voice and he sure gives The Rock a run for his And last but certainly not the least is Lynxxx. This man is FINE for Africa. Don’t just fall for his good looks, he The market place with cookie jar founder chef Tolu Eros How long ago did you start baking? That would be 6 years ago (2012-2018). What the history of Cookie Jar? Cookie Jar started as a dream. In December 2011, I started dreaming about cookies and then in 2012 we had the occupy Nigeria strike, I tried out the cookies, it made sense, tasted great, I got really good feedback. By February, Valentine’s period, we sold over half a million naira worth of cookies and that was how Cookie Jar started. Has the business always been profitable? The business has not always been profitable. We went through a though time in 2016, 2017 and that was as a result of spreading myself too thin. We expanded too fast and didn’t have the right structures in place to be able to take on the expansion. As a result, cash flow was really tight. What was responsible for Cookie Jar’s wide acceptance? The quality of the products that we put out and the creativity behind all the products. Also the kind of people that were attracted to the brand, including celebrities and social media influencers, were a huge part of growing the brand. But the secret was really in the pudding itself, which was the taste. How do you deal with competition? Onlooking! I keep my eye on the ball, I do not at any point in time focus on what the competition is doing. I am more focused on what I’m doing and ensure that I’m doing it to the best of my ability. What gender makes up a better part of clientele? Clientele in terms of my demographics, about 75-80% of them are female and 20- 25% of them are male. But you find out that even a lot of the male clients are actually buying for the females, so approximately maybe 90% of them are females. But I like to think it’s growing because guys are becoming more and more interested in sweet things. Asides baking do you love cooking? Cooking has always been the number 1. 1 As a matter of fact it started from cooking. So asides from baking, I definitely love cooking. My first everything was cooking. I only tried baking in 2012. But before that, in 2009, I had my first restaurant and that was just strictly cooking. So yes I do love cooking. Do you manage other businesses? Yes I do manage other businesses. In total we have 5 businesses under the group – there’s Cookie Jar, Eros and Gourmet catering, Breakfast In Eros, Puff Puff Boutique, Studio 1 Kitchen and some more coming soon. How do you split your time? It’s pretty difficult sliptting the time to be honest, but what tends to happen is I structure my day and I give all my businesses as much time as they deserve. Some ofcourse require more time, depending on how busy they are. At the moment, Eros and Gourmet is getting a lot of attention, but Cookie Jar is somewhat second to none. Also I have the right people in the right position, who manage the business and keep an eye out there for me, even though I need to pay a lot of attention to the business to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Where do you see Cookie Jar in 5 years? To be honest, in 5 years I see Cookie Jar as a franchised business. I’m not entirely sure if that’s going to pan out, because I keep saying it and pulling back; simply because I feel like Nigeria is not ready yet. But I definitely see Cookie Jar in different locations across Nigeria and across other countries in the world. It goes past just Cookie Jar though. As a group in general we are aiming to push into the international market and cater to their needs. Sex For Pass! The awkward conversation between an OAU professor and a female student A professor from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Richard Akindele, was effortlessly recorded demanding sex from a student to make her pass. In a phone call made to the professor by the student, the professor asked that the student have sex with him 5 times for him to upgrade her score from 33 to a pass mark, which clearly wasn’t going to be an A or B. What’s worse for him is that he’s a pastor in an Anglican church in Ife, and most of his members are still in shock from the now viral phone call. The school has set up a disciplinary committee for this incident that happened last year. The panel has been set up and query has been given to the man; but they need somebody to come up that she was the one that was sexually harassed, before further actions can be taken. It’s really embarrassing for this man’s family and his wife is of the belief that it’s the Devil’s making. How many things can one possibly blame the devil for? For more information, check out 3

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