dormitories - University of Delaware Library Institutional Repository

dormitories - University of Delaware Library Institutional Repository


Keen competition develops for Spirit Trophy.

The last silly millimeter delays departure for dinner.

Audiences applaud dorm musicians' keyboard antics.

Vendors' negligence forces frugality on frustrated students.

Lonely hearts communicate for hours across the lines.

Ideas for room decorations rival those of interior decorators.

Weather warms and radiators roast rooms.

Springtime flies—ants and spiders as well.

Meticulous maids merely redistribute dust.

Inappropriate lounge behavior merits social stigma for females.

"Bedrooms are not considered appropriate for entertainment of guests. '

Water and shaving cream fights break the monotony of neatness.

Bedtime bedlam frustrates serious students.

1 Hey, roomy! Keep the noise down!"

Residence advisors speak boldly and carry a marshmallow stick.



(caterpillar) Who are YOU? ... a fringe . . .

Carroll-land . . . through shadow passages of the

mind tumbling . . . it's late, white rabbit, it's time

. . . grinned the Cheshire universe ... no room,

no room, we're all quite mad . . . ontogeny recapitulates

phylogeny . . . ineluctable modality of

the visible ... off with their heads . . . it's

finally reached.

First Row: Andrew Shumaker, Jeff

Sands, J. Paul Godleski, Elliott

Snyder, Robert Troxell, Danny

Ratchford, Stephen Kirkpatrick.

Second Row: Bob Halstead, Tom

Rosbrow, Wayne Rigby, Mark Anderson,

Joe Di Norscia, Keith Mc-

Grath, Bob Purvis, Martin VanHorn,

Finn Helmer-Petersen, Alain Fresco,

Bruce Baker.


First Row: Kay Murray, Sheila Williams,

Annie Buckley. Second Row:

Diane McFann, Mary Williams,

Lynda Kopinke, Miss Knouse, Lana

Green, Betty Lewis, Lora Bilton.

Third Row: Trevor Jacks, Carol

Johns, Sheryl Furbish, Linda Scott,

Chris LaMacchia, Linda Waski,

Margaret Egan.



Finally our own house . . . workmen everywhere

. . . dirty old painters . . . leaky radiators . . .

windows that won't open or close ... no curtains

. . . breakneck firedrilIs . . . football in the back

yard . . . home for the stray cats . . . Mary the

Maide . . . Les bieres de La Meuse . . . sunbathing

on the escape hatch . . . English out the Window

. . . "Oh hell, the bell" ... the Murray . . .

Zut . . . Belmont boys ... no parking on the

grass . . . our Scotch directress . . . VIVE LA



"Home of the Frogs" . . . Biggest rooms on campus

. . . smallest on campus—69 men ... all

from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ivania,

Maryland and Delaware . . . tremendous rise in

spirit since last year ... the couches in Brown

lounge! ... the home of Phi Omega Tau . . . part

time hall director—full time lover . . . Dirty:

Doug, Bill, Tom, Kevin, Stu, Woody ... the great

jam sessions at the piano . . . crime and punishment

= one coloring book and crayons . . . potentially

explosive football team next year . . .

late night pizzas . . . Ripple-not an expensive

wine, but certainly a wine to be respected.



First Row: Dave Turner, Bill Dempsey,

Daniel Leibensperger, Herbert

Conner, Carl Cofer, Paul Hopstock.

Second Row: Bill Docchart, Glenn

Bennett, David Dunbar.

First Row: Harry Roberts, Thomas

Gladwin, Carl Burnam, William

Woodford, Bruce Lonton, Doug

Lawrence, Robert Davis, Bill

Schwarz, Howell Bixler, Bill Hatter,

Ronald Needles, Bob DeRoy, Stu


First Row: Louis Baer, Richard

Stouffer. Second Row: Paul Harwitz,

Dave Wills, Grey Fernard, Bill

Marrazzo, Richard Marsey, Jeff

Lincoln. Third Row: Ken Hackett,

Milt Hill, Denny Stanlley, Jim Welch,

Bruce Sarver. Fourth Row: Ron

Moody, Martin Lassman, D. B. Lipman,

Paul Oberdorfer.

First Row: Robin Merlini, Cindy

Engel, Nancy Mahon. Second Row:

Sheri Lemon, Gini Ludy, Carol Bauman,

Fran Miller, Linda Hunt, Martha

Harbison, Kathy Thudium, Pat

Schoenly, Jane Ruppel, Alice Horgan,

Zohar Mandelberg, Yvette

Freeman. Third Row: Barbara Dudkewitz,

Amy Ashwill, Mary Hoffecker,

Pam Cale, Wendy Lafferts,

Lynn Weber, Diane Shepheard.

First Row: Alice Palmisano, Karen

Burkhard, Lee Welsch. Second Row:

Lorraine Gladstone, Ruth Trexler,

Chris Stires, Barb Jones. Third

Row: Emily Quill, Lois Kohl, Roz

Keir, Sue Quade, Cindy Hawke,

Kathy Houghton, Sharon Franklin,

Sue Pietlock, Kathy Kircher, Marsha

Jacobs, Donna Kolar, Nancy


First Row: Stephanie Schambron,

Pat McCabe, Maryanne Bruno,

Janet Herring. Second Row: Joan

McCurdy, Shelley Moran, Cindy

Schafer, Kathy Martinez, Julie Vannon,

Mary Szabo, Jeanne Novak,

Gail Williams. Third Row: Ginny

Rash, Martha Biesecker, Sharon

Hudson, Mary Pease, Lucy Erickson,

Jing Wang, Sharon Murphy, Joanne

Pharo, Lynne Henderson, Gini





The Northernmost dorm on South Campus . . .

surf's up . . . Alice in Wonderland is alive and in

the basement . . . "Snob Hill" star gazers at dinner

time . . . the dessert kids ... a great housemother

. . . three brother dorms . . . community

cigarettes . . . "the guys" . . . 5:30 mail . . .

procrastinators . . . the fire bell that never shuts

off . . . everybody gets a birthday party . . .

first floor's red light . . . shaving cream fights

. . . the tremendous award winning Halloween

Party skit . . . ten minute phone limit—ha, ha . . .

study breaks . . . efficient maids ... the spectacular

falling Hen . . . dorm trips . . . two service

wives . . . our swinging chem. grads . . . hot

and furious house council meetings . . . Our

motto—Man in the Hall!!!

First Row: Dennis Tracey, Mark

Siena, Rod Bartchy, Paul Seelig.

Second Row: Gary Lissak, Orville

Mason, Dick Muto, Bob Lofland,

Brian Telinek, Chuck Highfield.

Third Row: Charles Hendrickson, Ed

Banks, Richard Summerville, Laurence

Robinson, Rick Douglass,

Bob Johnson, David Lehman, Timothy


First Row: Leonard Ignatowski,

John Lister, Myles Mulnick, Jack

McGee, John Michael, Mike Goeller,

Bill Luddy. Second Row: Leslie

Johns, Ken Hall, Ron Worden,

Ralph Weis, Paul Taylor, Ron Van

Gorder, Jim Mullens, Alan Kessler,

Carlo Fedele, Don Ritter, Ken

Lacsny, Mark Hanson, Joe Hopkins.

Third Row: Steve Harbourne, Ted

Halderman, Gary Willoughby, Paul

McBride. Fourth Row: Scott Hillmann,

Rick Hester, Bob Temple,

Sam Gish.



Home of the Fire . . . Passion Pit of South Campus

. . . honorary residents of Georgetown ... a dorm

with no name . . . Alcoholics Anonymous founded here

in 1957 . . . Wallace campaign headquarters . . . best

"mixers" on campus . . . home of the Orang-utang

. . . weekend blackouts . . . unpainted walls . . .

studybreaks . . . WHEN disc jockeys . . . world-wide

reputation . . . orthopedic furniture ... a salute to

Virgil . . . highest dorm cum! . . . best spirits on campus.




Willard Who? . . . Hungry Bailey Burgers . . .

"Second floor did it" . . . Henrik, Ken, & Dieter

. . . "That's a Blue Hen?" . . . "Would you believe

a yellow owl?" . . . "Who's obnoxious?"

. . . "Hello, Maintenance, It's in Room 61." . . .A

second floor welcome ... a new stereo . . . the

girls' EX-TV room ... a sabotaged float . . . The

Red Pen . . . Bulletins galore . . . Gilbert Blab

. . . the firewarden's bucket shower.



First Row: Rick Maerker. Second

Row: Harriet Seeley, Velvet Sponaugle,

Sue Ballantyne, Jane Dobrzynski,

Mrs. Conners. Third Row:

Jim Steinhauer, Paula Weisel, Pat

Szwed, Barbara Pletcher, David

Hammers. Fourth Row: Bob

Woerner, Bob Hagenbach, Lynn

Prober, Barbara Paulsen.

First Row: George Oppegard,

George Maerker, Barbara Cox,

Joan Fessler, Harriet Seeley. Second

Row: John Truax, Tim

O'Brien, Larry Stevens, Noreen

Magargal, George Gard, Martha

Krapf, Cathy Reeth, Paula Weisel,

Joann Wise, Sue Biddle, Velvet

Sponaugle. Third Row: Joy Eisenhauer,

Anna Fotias, Carol Green,

Nancy Horsey, Steve Brown, Jan Allebach,

Mike Gawinski. Fourth Row:

Bob Hagenbach, David Young,

Robert Appleton, George Johnston,

Sheri Witt, Linda Galperin.

First Row: Jim Adams, Alan

Chernetsky, Steve Motter, Art

Hanby. Second Row: Susan Ballantyne,

Kathleen Anhalt, Karen

Fenwick, Catherine Figest, Dauna

Plack, Carolyn McDougall, Jane

Dobrzynski, Sidne Spencer, Sheryl

Robinson, Nancy Voss. Third Row:

Phyllis Throp, Jane Mayberry, Kim

Allinger, Jessie DeHaven, Isobel

Wilson, Callie Miller, Julie Taylor,

Camilla Thompson, Kathy Copson,

Nancy Kline, Lydia Hill, Celia Ratzman.

Fourth Row: Rusty Wheeler,

Walt Hopkins, Jim Steinhauer, Ted

Trevorrow, Gary Winkelman, Larry

Taylor. Fifth Row: George MacKenzie,

Greg Greer, Wayne Bailey, Joe

Zimmerman, Ken Olcott.

First Row: Caroline Haslam, Donna

Meidling, Maryanne Phillips, Richie

Reiter, Julie Taylor. Second Row:

Walter Spilka, Vicki Talley. Third

Row: Robert Grulich, Tina Day,

Cindy Woerner, Pat Szwed, Sue

Vroman, Diane Francy, Ronald

Fried, Bill Webster, Scott Maher,

John Stitt, Alta Workman, Susan

Lennox, Janice King, Jerry Hoffa,

Barbara Paulsen, Barbara Pletcher,

David Hammers. Fourth Row: Kevin

Kyte, Bob Stowe, Ron Sharp, Lynn

Prober, Sue Grafton, Kathy Caldwell,

Bob Woerner, Bill Falasco,

John Stitt, Rod Gregg. Fifth Row:

John Brocke, Dennis Calciola, Dick

Kirk, David Maguigan, Paul Heal.



First Row: Richard Kutner, Andy

Murphy, John Lund. Second Row:

Dale Murray, Roger Nelson, Thomas

Noll, John Nickerson, Rick Frosch,

Roger Jolly, Robert Niedzielski.

First Row: Dave Metz, Rick Newnam,

Bruce Matthews, John Stanley,

Alan Stetton, John Buckley. Second

Row: Scott Roberts, David Munch,

Gardner Kahoe, Martin Smith, Paul

Swetland, Gary Sutton.

First Row: Rick McCauley, Joseph

McDonough, Will McCloud, Tom

Lau, Timm Newton, Greg Lamoreaux,

Jim Fry, Al Norman. Second

Row: Vince LaFrance, Glenn McCarthy,

Steve Lloyd. Third Row: Don

Bradway, Jim Nelsen, Don Williams.



"What is Gilbert C?" ... a dorm ... 103 male

residents ranging from the slightly neurotic to

completely psychotic . . . peculiar types: the ceiling

tile busters, the drilling crew, the Job Corp,

the I.M.F. wall scaling commandoes, the Matriculators,

the Telephone Operators, and the minority

group—the students . . . float building Committee

offers a $100 reward to anyone who can remember

the float . . . Excitement: knocking on

somebody's door and asking, "Hey, have you got

change for a quarter?" or going downstairs and

resetting all the buzzers ... All in all, the University

community would be 100% better off if Gilbert

C were evacuated and converted to a cheap

motel for students on the weekends.

First Row: Jay Gil. Second Row:

Gary Watts, Steve Leonardi, Joseph

Avigdor, Jimmmy Turner, Paul

Behringer, Gary Middleton.

First Row: Linda Kafka, Linda

Bergh, Karen Gotsch, Jeni Johnson,

Sandi Rossiter, E. J. Wainwright,

Cheryl Aafjes, Lucille Cirino, Mary

Shea, Marcia Jones. Second Row:

Carol Rizzi, Marianne Shoebach,

James York, Ed Roth, Roger Betts,

Richard Kentopp, Neal Kelley, Joe

Chicosky, Heloise Demhoff, Bob

Monaco, Bob Gerald, Paul Cunningham.

Third Row: Mark Reed,

Ken Comegys, Ken Raffa, Mike

Mann, Ron Grimm, Ken Morris, Bill

Weil, Jay Kelly. Fourth Row: Tom

Brown, Bill Stine, Otto Hofmann,

David Genereaux, Keith Fitzgerald,

Bob Monaco, George Hull.

First Row: Joey King, Carl Biesinger,

Sally Charadavoyne, Rudy

Krause, Peggy Dickey, Claire Sandbach.

Second Row: Kathy Desmond,

Sarah Way, Helen Hahler, Eleanor

Riccio, Chris Allen, Barbara Blackman,

Linda Hayes, Joanne Channell,

Marie Clarke, Lorraine Favreau,

Janet Morris. Third Row: Eileen Mc-

Evoy, Barbara Bolton, Kathy Lloyd,

Cathy Jones, Paula Barnett, Ann Siberski,

Judy Snyder, Marcia Baird.


The first coed dorm on campus . . . prize winning

decorations and float . . . flaming parties . . .

dignified dinner dance . . . home of the lizardeater

. . . birthdays (especially 21st) . . .a spirited

group in the stands . . . "Mixer" . . . lounge

love affairs . . . emergency house-council . . .

juice . . . togetherness.



First Row: Fred Morie, Karen Sanders,

Joan Rothenmeyer, Jane Blakely,

Kendra Olson, Barbara Bringardner.

Second Row: Leonard Hall,

Rita Hayman, Kathy Pel ley, Loren

Pratt, Pat Kiefer, Jim Couch, Molly

Strubb, Q. Furlow. Third Row:

Gayle Smith, Maggie Bowersox,

T.H.E. Thien, Chris Wilson.

First Row: Ken Thomas, Pat Brown,

Jim Keeling, Phil Hutton, Jane

Hertig, Sue Ruyter. Second Row:

Carl Rambo, Craig Fromme, David

Appleby, Barbara Rosenblatt, Judi

Dashper, Edward Zygmonski, David

Lowden. Third Row: Tucker Ellis,

Aggie Hill, Anne Malestein, Charles

Burns, Dick Kile, Denny Bohn, Steve

Fox, Chuck Rogers.

First Row: Linda Fuhrmeister, Kathy

Hilb, Charlotte Meehesney, Ginger

Butters, Bette Jones, Debbie Markland,

Vicki Huber, Karen Grady,

Mary Alice Christian, Donna Karen

Weber, Susan Hannell. Second

Row: Judy Steward, Sharon Smith,

Sue Stork, Joanne Webb, Ann Burr,

Judy Leonhard, Mau Reed, Mary

Roser, Ruth Swanson. Third Row:

Regina Thomas, Alice Atkinson,

Kitty Murray, Cathy Palmer, Gloria

Payne, Debbie Wheatley, Ruth

Walker, Joan Winberg.

First Row: Linda M. Scarborough,

Mary Lou Conlyn, Donna M. J. Bell,

Linda Levitsky, Kathy Stephan. Second

Row: Terri Caldwell, Cynthia

Primo, Viva Steffans, Ann-Marie

Hill, Velia Steffens. Third Row:

Eileen Pancoast, Cathy Svanoe, Susan

Beidler, Mary Jo Heaps, Gale

Umphlett, Lynne Kaufman, Denise


First Row: Charlotte Snyder, Carol

Morris, Mary Sue Moseley, Linda

Moschini, Carol DeMond, Sue Rolfe,

Sharman Jordan, Carol Tylecki.

Second Row: Aileen Webb, Gloria

Pingel, Rosellen Klabee, Linda

Luff, Jane Knott, Joanne Loughrey,

Donna Foster, Anne Fosler.




Gillbert's Cricket Club . . . Swap SHOP

Rooftop Rovers . . . Cards, Cut-ups, Confusion

. . . Midnight Gamblers of the First Floor . . .

"anybody got change for a quarter?" . . . "Let's

Clean Our Diamonds" . . . Courtyard Pick-up

. . . Diet—Tomorrow . . . "Well, Here We All

Are" . . . Third Floor—Home of the Fuchsia Fink

... Old Weird Harold . . . "Please Remove The

Flower" . . . Second Floor Sleepwalker. . . S +

D + S . . . "Whose Turn Is It To Call for The

Pizza?" ... The F Trap . . . "Hey, man!" . . .

Water Battles . . . Excedrin Headaches.

First Row: Lucy Marshall, Fran

Hoksch, Sue Dustman, Dottie Johnson,

Lynn Maciolek. Second Row:

Chris White, Sue Glassman, Val

Vogel, Sue Lechthaler, Sue Coulter,

Janet Sparts, Sue Lee. Third Row:

Carol Dickinson, Em Fisher, Carol

Kauffman, Ing Tornfelt, Lynn Buckmaster,

Linda Dick, Sue Dibble,

Joan Dillon.

First Row: Henry Retz, Lee Daney,

Larry Rickards, Bob Jaep, Chuck

Fisher, Paul Seitz. Second Row:

Scott Jednacz, Allen Raich, Vera

Rybachak. Third Row: Chuck Egan,

Tom Kaltenbaugh, Mark Blair, Dave

Jenkins. Fourth Row: Neil Jarom,

Tom Hunsderfer, John Linton, Mike

Edwards, Tom Craven, Ken Ellers,

Ed Swiatek. Seated: Fred Knoles,

Steve Vollendor, Yancy Phillips.

First Row: Chris Scarborough,

Larry Smith, Bob Zappa, Walt Scarlos,

Steve Vollendorf. Second Row:

Herb James, Ted Harting, Ed Cannon,

Jerry Moeller, Joe Spada,

Todd Smith, Doug Barlow, Rich

Wolff, Bill Mannering, Paul Steinberg,

Dave Willis, Phil Tatnall.




"Gross fire drills" . . . Harrington A at the Creek

. . . stiff competition with Belmont ... a new

dorm director and his wife . . . our beloved president

and football star, Yancey Phillips ... the

new look at the Tip-Top ... the dear old Deer

Park . . . love-ins . . . drink-ins on the third floor

. . . the nonexistent first and second floors of

Harrington A ... an academic atmosphere (?)

. . . third floor Harrington A "lives on" . . . HB

becomes known as "The Daisy Hill Puppy Farm"

. . . engagements and marriages . . . touch football

games . . . and fumbles ... a youthful coed

government . . . spirited mixers and hayrides

. . . continuous bridge in the lounge till closing

hours . . . Roman and lampshaded bedspreads

for firedrills . . . dead skunks stuck in the ceilings

. . . water fights with wambats . . . Bees

and Arabs . . . coffee and donuts for homecoming

decorations deadline—a week early ... the

best coed dorm.



First Row: Vera Rybachak, Tony

Hrones, Diane Schreiber, Diana

Colatriano, Karen Best. Second

Row: Sue Clor, Carol Klees, Gail

Brandenberger, Petra Suarez. Third

Row: Joyce Heckman, Fran Fonner,

Jessie Angstadt, Nancy Joslin, Anne

Seibel, Carol Jackson, Carol Bradham,

Maggie Fonts, MaryAnne


First Row: Jerry Elliott, Ray Qui lien,

Harry Temple, Bob Jones. Second

Row: Rip Shivone, Bob Simmons,

Chet Sprague, George Calleo, Dennis

Cherrin, John Mooney, Jim

Rogers, Greg Adey. Third Row:

Walt Lapinsky, Jerry Hendricks,

John Bonner, Wyn Hiles, Paul Davolos,

Mohammed Alsaleh.

First Row: Trudy Thompson, Linda

Lee Wilhide, Bev Strouth, Linda

Ewonishon, Mary Flanagan, Carolyn

Sale. Second Row: Sue Wiemann,

Mary Dillon, Marti Yocum, Rosemary

Walla, Franni DiPasquantonio, Kerry

McKenney, Peggy Sophy. Third

Row: Patty DiMondi, Jan Neville,

Milli Garcia, Sally Ferrigno, Clare

Glynn, Nancy Hughes.

First Row: Gale Catley, Patti

Chapin, Linda Gray, Maryclaire

Dun lop, Gloria Harrison, Sally

Curtis. Second Row: Betty Ann

Service, Lynda Roach, Linda Townsend,

Chris Arllen, Linda Fuhren,

Sally Powers, Donna Dunning, Mary

Stotler, Sharon O'Neill. Third Row:

Carol Bassett, Nancy Winberg.

First Row: Sandy Long, Mary Vessels,

Lark Wilson, Julie Kucaba, Ellen

Magee, Ursula Wichmann, Barbara

Jordan, Diana Levin. Second

Row: Carole Schmitt, Linda Phillips,

Juli Hammond, Mary Bush, Linda

Gallo, Kathy Scheid, Karen Jardine.

First Row: Ellen Jarrell, Kathy Mc-

Gonigal, Debbie Harrington, Linda

Hitchens, Nancy Bender. Second

Row: Juanita McBroom, Bonnie

Nagowski, Elian Wharton, Barbara

Field, Margo Ewing, Nancy Vernon,

Mary Jane Cartwright, Nancy





Mrs. Layhen and her chicks ... 21st birthday

parties with class . . more deliveries from New

England Pizza than any other dorm . . . women

active in campus leadership . . . candlelight service

.. . spirited hockey team . . . buzzing sewing

machines . . . group cramming for hourlies . . .

Smokey Warton, our fire chief . . . Rosie's "Ain't

Life a Kick?" . . . "Chris gonna find Ray

Charles" ... the first floor vs. third floor war of

1968-1969 . . . good times for all ... a charming



Pizza wars . . . coed football . . . The Sacred

Order of Cows . . . The Owls: alive and living in

HE . . . Marathon dorm meetings . . . "Laugh-In"

crowds . . . another new television . . . Birthdays

in the shower . . . "WAMPUM" . . . HE's new

dorm director . . . the reign of the piano-pounders

.. . best male attendance at female firedrills

. . . wall-walking contests ... the first not-gross

(!) playbill . . . Snakin' It ... no lounging in the

lounge . . . The Cackle in 305 ... Brian

Bryan?? . . . shaving cream fights . . . The

Ancient Mariners of 319.



First Row: Joan Yaiser, Ed Orr, Pat

O'Donnell, Ronnie Crowley, Debbie

Freeman, Nancy Mathieu, Ellen

Arnow, Chris Monson, Ericka Witnauer.

Second Row: Dave Schoff,

Linda Bockrath, Kay Cochran, Bob

Osborn, Ren6e Rochelle, Anne

Whiteside, Margie Welsh, Tom Minshall.

First Row: Leslie Wells, Beth Budischak,

Leslie Ingham, Cathy VanBergen,

Sally Sloan, Anne Ward,

Meredith Wilder. Second Row: Bill

Kirby, Eleanor Hamilton, Leigh Divine,

Sally Pierson, Diane Oberholtzer,

Jackie Hazel. Third Row:

Doug Goodale, Gary Warren, Jared

Fischel, Henry Hershberger, John

Lee, Freddy Stites, George Janvier,

Doug Oldfield, Bob Wright, Wayne

Wallace, George Atkinson, Ed Martnick,

Tom Minshall, John Weldy.

First Row: Renita Moglioni, Mark

Blechman, Marie Mauk, Debbie

Furhman. Second Row: Linda

Shupe, Sue Verbanc, Jim Patton,

Sue Doherty, Steve Horton, Dan

Banks, Andy Sabatino, John Shedletsky.

Third Row: Philip Calvaresse,

Russ Smith, Brian Bryan,

Pete Pizzolongo, Doug Oldfield,

Dave Urhmann, Fred Carey, Sue Mc-

Mullen, Bill Osborne, Joe Cummings,

George Atkinson.

First Row: Jim Patton, Steve Horton,

Brian Bryan, George Atkinson, Allan

Ontko, Tim Isaacs, Ed Stephan,

Dona Morton, Dan Banks, Mary Ann

Marek, Harry Satter fie Id, Ray

Moynihan. Second Row: Linda Lankenau,

Bill Osborne, Susan Jackson,

Susan McMullen, Fred Carey,

Pete Pizzolongo, Pat Meyer, Randy

Bailey, Mike Harvey, Mark Blechman,

Larry Prober, Abby Harris,

Steve Anderson, Kathi Burns, Doug


First Row: Judy Gelb, Kathy Johnston,

Diane Savage, Tracey Wilson,

Ann Gooding, Barbara Paul, John

Moore, Ed Anzalone, Bob Wright.

Second Row: Tony Simeone, Randy

Quillen, Ginny Bouchelle, Linda

Waite, John Weldy, Fran DiJoseph,

Suzanne Clevenger, Carolyn Cirino.

First Row: Eileen McGrath, Marianne

Krawczyk, Nancy Schmidt,

Judy Kazanski, Joe Osborne, Jim

Oakes, Bev Miller, John Volk, Pat

Djakovich. Second Row: Pat Phile,

Ellie Lurwick, Steve Welch, Marsha

Healy, Steve Scheller, Cindy Nice.

Third Row: Bob Cohen, Debby

Sammartino, Joe Cummings, Dave

Grim, Jim Patton, Alan Muller.


First Row: Charles Berbeza, Robert

Smith, Andy Robertson, Grant

Snyder, John Orfe, Harvey Erdle.

Second Row: Clifford Probusco,

David Corby, Chip Harel, Bob Hanson,

Roland Millen, Tony Wampler,

Bob Swarr, Robert Adams. Third

Row: Jim Williams, Jim Poole, Dave

Norstrom, Stephen Wright, James

VanderHaar, Carlton Acker, Richard

Twiner, Bill Morrow, Arthur Edwards,

Dave Wartell.

First Row: Bob Seibel, Fred Blome,

Tom Marin, William Riva, Robert

Smith. Second Row: Bill Segmund,

Serge Dumont, Bill Bridgewater,

Paul Clement.

First Row: Denver, Auther Ashe,

Danny McDale, Jack Meoffe. Second

Row: Tom Schaich, Bob Derrickson,

Tom Weiner, Tom Siegrist.

Third Row: Mark Darienzo, Rich Osborne,

Tony Imperiale, Terry

Siegele, Bob Seibel.



One of the oldest dorms on campus . . . singing

pipes and radiators at 2:00 in the morning . . .

our own library—including such classic works as

The Girl Scout Handbook, Private Life of Helen of

Troy, and Christmas stories . . . flocks of girls

. . . gross boys.


"This not Kent Dining Hall" . . . engagements

. . . Pinochio . . . the great green banner . . .

kitchen shower . . . Romeo and Juliet . . . Freshman

skits ... the last of the Pastramis . . . Association

of fly killers . . . well stocked kitchen

. . . Kent still satisfies best!



First Row: Sandra Cunningham, Denise

Celestini, Sandra Martorelli.

Second Row: Carol Gruber, Donna

Melrath, Paula Capuano, Loydine

Burkey. Third Row: Ruth Montsma,

Annette Curran, Linda Mumford.

First Row: Jeanne Sadot, Susan

Shinton, Karen Hammerschmidt, Alison

Wood, Barbara Hanley. Second

Row: Kristine Tease, Jo Spencer,

Janet Glover, Joan Myers, Sondra

Arnsdorf, Corinne Kassab, Nancy

Gravener, Christina Landskroener,

Lucy Laucius. Third Row: Elizabeth

Upson, Eva Spitzer, Joanne Hitchens,

Sharon Starr, Debby Clayton,

Diane Kuell, Melissa Huber, Barbara

Stewart, Nancy Overman.

First Row: Sabina Bobzin, Susan

Narten. Second Row: Harriet Spear,

Diane Money, Esther Bontrager,

Marcia Baumeister, Dorothy Valenti,

Doris Hogentogler, Linda Bell,

Linda Rifenberg, Carol Guenther,

Georgia Easton, Cheryll Moore.

First Row: Judy Tucker, Darlene

Reaves, Carolyn Schell, Barbara

Kane, Barbara Dail, Karen Grossman.

Second Row: Nancy Travers,

Patricia Leonard, Susan Brackin,

Cheryl Eilertson, Carolyn Hudson.

First Row: Mike Nolan, Kathy Barnett,

Susan Beveain, Mary Ann

Rowe, Mary Ayer. Second Row: Pat

Davis, Wells Ruoteberg, Shelley

Wheeler, Diane Newswanger, Rosemary

McGurk, Maurine Verble, Lynn

Scheible. Third Row: Andrea Fay,

Debbie Smith, Chris Schuler, Vicki

Crompton, Pat Martin, Mary Novello.

First Row: Barbara Hales, Patti

Lovallo, Linda Gross, Joann Oddo,

Deborah Chavenson, Barbara Maddex,

Anne Turner. Second Row: Joanne

Gamsby, Linda Eiffe, Chris

Harvie, Jayne Elliott, Elizabeth

Houde, Joan Piorkowski, Ritsa

Tagmatazkes, Marcia Madonna.



Popcorn and pizza . . . human buzzers ... extension

cords . . . steam heat . . . "The Chicken

that laid the egg" . . . squeaky doors . . . self

detaching door knobs.


First Row: Larry Trincia, Leo Selb,

Larry McDale, Rick Kantner. Second

Row: Denny Polikoff, James Roberts,

Randy Murray, Peter Scheer,

Lloyd Black, Ken Stecher, Rennie


First Row: Rick Kantner, Ralph Hutton,

Bryant Brown. Second Row: Bill

Bain, Jerry Jones, Rob Fischer,

Jerry Frazier, Roland Stull, Steuart

H. Ligon. Third Row: Bill Mavity,

Bill Saulsbury, Steve Downs, Robert





Short notices ('cause there have been many) . . .

Sponsors of W.E.S.T. radio . . . active freshman

class on the first floor—"close shave" . . . water

balloon fights . . . indoor track meets . . . home

of the resident commuters . . . all-night card

games . . . all-night ping-pong . . . singing intercom

West is Best . . . juiced intramural team . . .

home of the five man lift . . . the enchanted KEG

. . . first and third floors on the rug at last . . .

filty T.V. room . . . helpful Custodial . . . "What

can I say" . . . "Chirp" . . . Trouman: Supermart

. . . Superz-Stereo . . . Hunting Lounge . . . Migrations

to Coz, Laugh-In, Snatch Bar, Star Trek

. . . Final Minutes . . . Golden tones in a shower

. . . Wuff & Bower . . . West Hall Wall Ball . . .

leching . . . and a good thing to end it all off

with . . .


Pioneers of WILD WEST COUNTRY—club life

. . . private phones in rooms . . . wall-to-wall

carpet that buckles 2 days after installed . . .

"we've got our eyes on that pool!" . . . Nightly

floor parties . . . "Brownie nights" provided by

the "Great Pumpkin" . . . Loyal subscribers to

Playboy . . . 2nd highest cum on Campus . . .

Home of the AB—Lib . . . The "Untouchables" of

the panty raids? . . . Wilbur borrowed Harry's

Chicken Soup and emerged "best dressed" in



First Row: Sue Barkley, Patti

Speakman, Christine Evans, Cynthia

Wood, Linda Gamber. Second Row:

Gretchen Mears, Eva Eaton, Janet

Lofland, Betty Sheets, Mary Tutko,

Pat Brittingham, Anna Webers.

Third Row: Irene Egan, Mary Lou

Mahlman, Julia Francis, Annelyn

Simpson, Nancy Northrop, Kay Peterson.

First Row: Eva Eaton, Debbie Muhlenberg,

Anna Webers, Mary Tutko,

Betty Sheets, Diana Lambdin, Biz

Campbell, Wanda Bason. Second

Row: Sue Nelson, Dale Weiss,

Franci Hollweck, Pat Shine, Debby

Lake, Mary Amerman, Martha Hinchli

ffe, Donna Haug, Brenda

Jaquette, Susan Clinch, Ellen Hahn,

Carol Finnegan. Third Row: Pennie

Goss, Ruth Rash, Patti Mitchell,

Eleanor Landt, Elise Johnson.

First Row: Biz Campbell, Ellen

Bretz, Linda Cutler, Ann Gland.

Second Row: Betty Gail Barham,

Carol Owen, Cathy Collins, Barb

Houghton, Pattie Russell, Carol

Rogers. Third Row: Susan Gregory,

Chadjon Tantivatana, Sharon

Galano, Mary Gouvellis, Sally Ferguson,

Jeannie Filachione, Mrs.

Kemp, Judy Feinman, Greta Steinbach,

Jeana Dressel, Valerie Feiler,

Kathy Kadow, Martha Hinchliffe,

Cynthia Freeman. Fourth Row:

Margie Miller, Anne Simmons.


A new name . . . juiced pep tests . . . successful

coed government . . . two new dorm directors

. . . dodge-the-carpet-rolls-firedrills . . . blue

chickens scratching in the front lawn . . . echochamber

halls forever silenced . . . donuts and

coffee at finals . . . frequent study breaks . . .

Fireside Chats . . . occupants who habitually

climb walls during hour-exam-onslaught . . .

Quiet Hours? . . . lounge disaster on Sunday

morning . . . empty magazine rack . . . well-used

fireplace—central heating? . . . live alligator in

the shower . . . aquarium buffs . . . first floor

brewery . . . marathon ping-pong ... 53 hours

awake . . . pungi sticks lining the halls . . . campus's

biggest student . . . maid locked in the

closet . . . 7:30 a.m. arrival of carpet layers—on

Sunday? . . . "Hobby-Heart" room . . . midnight

chicken raid . . . Indians in the dining hall . . .

mysterious peanut shells . . . spiderweb on the

first floor . . . dust-covered text books . . . fruit

fly swarms . . . marshmallow-shaving cream battles.


First Row: Spots Foster, Dennis

Volmi, Mike Reilly. Second Row:

Doug Tuttle, Scott Phillips, Alan

Hendel. Third Row: Glenn Timmons,

Dennis DeLong, Frank Hechmer,

Bert Burgess.


George Oram, William Jones, Harvey

Kirk, Scott Graham, Douglas

Wootten, Bruce Frye, Murray

Hirschbein, Stephen Seidel,

Michael McGrath, Drew Barteszek.

First Row: Lauren Duff, Barb

Egner, Linda Laskowska, Elizabeth

Blair, Mary Potter, Diane Fafalies.

Second Row: Linda Whittington,

Anne Sheets, Betsy Crump, Linda

Palmer, Mary Jane Weid, Lindy Atkinson,

Gail Lush, Amelia Donovan,

Betsy Thomas, Voula Annos, Elizabeth

Lutz, Rose Marie Jasinski,

Carol Drinks, Melody Conaway,

Anne Mack.


i i

First Row: Barb Peterson, Pat Williams,

Kathy Trickey, Gary Pierce.

Second Row: Ralph Bultaco, Don

deCourcelle, Russell DeGarmo.

Third Row: Steven H. Lasher, Peter

Rittenhouse, Michael Reilly, Steven

Pasimeni, Ellery Street, Bonnie

Gould, Carol Girard, Janet Walker,

Jim Barnes, Lee Revis, Mary Ramsey,

Kathy Grande, Lyn Saddel,

Betty Lindsay, Nina Bellavin.

Eileen Williams, John Schafer, Ray

Jacobsen, Dr. E. A. Trabant, Lee

Revis, Maury Klein.

First Row: Mel McDaniel, Alice

Casey, Marsha Manns, Kenda

Jones, Francis Babiarz, Gaye

Webb, LaVera Leonard, Anne

Hampton, Carole Albone. Second

Row: Terry Caracuzzo, Dennis Fitzgerald,

Richard Browne, Cal Morgan,

Younus Tabani, Pedro Katz,

Barbara Hurst, Marcia Boehnlein,

Susie Pasquino, Brenda Shrum,

John Gilmartin. Third Row: Larry

Sellin, Jorge Larrieu.



A juiced dorm . . . first prize winning float

. . . Homecoming candidate—Brenda Shrum . . .

closest dorm to the Deer Park . . . furthest

dorm from the Stadium . . . studybreaks . . .

hoagies and pizza prevent starvation . . . Rodney

E-F forums great successes . . . nicest maids on

campus . . . well-organized dorm government

. . . recreation in coed lounge . . . fall and

spring creek parties well attended . . . carpeting

keeps the noise down . . . West is best! . . . (but

Rodney will have to do) . . . the answer is transfer

(to Rodney E-F).


First Row: Tom Hoynowski, Ray Jacobsen,

John DiFrancesco. Second

Row: Maury Klein, Toby Klein, Tom

Johnson, Doug Dolan, Bruce Green,

Bob Freedman, Brian Hershner,

Jeff Bacher, Bill Phillips, John

Punderson, Jay Peacock, Tom Bullock,

Carol Reed, Sue Farmer, Sue

Foote. Third Row: Suzi Wilson,

Larry Sellin, Diane Clement, Nancy

Guth, Georgene Moldovan, Jane

Shallow, Paul Heckles, Barbara


First Row: Jo Johnson, Sally Aaron,

Peter McClellan, Suzi Wilson,

Younus Tabani, Dinesh Mohan.

Second Row: Larry Sellin, Maury

Klein, Ray Jacobsen.

First Row: Bev Lutz, Mary Helen

Wanamaker, Walt Christensen, Dorothy

Andrews, Marjorie Spencer,

Kathy Glenn, John Benner, Debby

Schroeder, Eva Hudson. Second

Row: Tom Heynowski, Larry Sellin,

John DiFrancisco, Nancy Hartman,

Chuck Dougherty, John Hammond,

James Davis, Mark Delmerico, Mike

Hurka, Jeri Moskowitz. Third Row:

Ed Eastman, Anne Benedict, Warren



All night float building party . . . Laugh-ins on

Monday nights . . . Halloween mixer . . . foiled

panty raids . . . KEEP THOSE C-SIDE SHADES

SHUT! . . . best barbers on campus . . . Where

were you when the lights went out? . . . keg

party—again . . . Orest was here . . . home of

Baja Charlie, Chicken-man, Cognita, the Nougie

. . . dirty Herbie . . . your motha called . . . Jack

was nimble, Jack was quick; Jack, get the flock

out of here . . . Are you the professor of Giovanni

or sky-high Lucy? . . . Why haven't taps been

blown lately? . . . lounge discussions on supernatural

phenomenon . . . piano "players"?


First Row: Dolores Hartley, Becky

Windsor, Linda Sawyer, Pat Specht.

Second Row: Marilyn Field, Jane

MacNabb, Jack Finnefrock, Patty

Zaharko. Third Row: Lee Hunter,

Gail Greenamoyer, Suzanne Archer,

Bert Green, Sherry Craft, Debbie

Meredith, Bruce Landau, Steve Bennett.

Fourth Row: Mike Kallay, Barb

Wright, Sandor Cosh, Ginger Carrel

I, Byron Hauck, Bruce Swayze,

Pete Reed, Chester Wzynosky, Ronald

Ball, Rick Bal lance, Robert

Meeker, Brian Sowards.

First Row: Thelma Lou Gibe, Steve

Tissot, Orest Ginsiorsky, Philip

Hoffman. Second Row: Gene Hartman,

George Leleko, Hans Feindt,

Valerie Krepps. Third Row: Bill

Deuenex, Chris Cobb, Fred Scerni,

Charles Nalle, Paula Dickerson,

Debbie Pemberton, Linda Pattilo,

Bill Murphy, Bill Korpman, John

Chelucci, Bert Green, Frank Singles.

First Row: Tim Remmel, Jack Mc-

Vaugh, Barbara Davies, Lynn

Wagner, Diane Ventresca, Leslie

Marquette, Jeff Powell, Ronnie

Karasic. Second Row: Larry Silver,

Ron Valente, Kay Coshell, Sharon

Alexander, Sessie Glenn, Sandy

Benzi, Julie DiStephano, Elaine

Bunticz, Anna Mae Legates, Mike

Green, A. T. Tappman. Third Row:

Richard Miller, John LaCosta, Richard

Sharp, Leonard Walton, Harry

Landsburh, Carmine Casper. Fourth

Row: Tom Crawford, Bob Taggart,

Joe Smithmyer, Chuck Rau.

First Row: Linda Kammer, Kirsten

Arentzen, Charlotte Weabeeste,

Sharon Aydelott, Bonnie Nelson,

Kathy Boardman, Robert Dettra.

Second Row: Patrick G. Parish,

Thomas Miller, Annette Wilderman,

Alan Zawacki, Valerie Armstrong,

Mike Cavey, Steve Vanant, Nancy

Cherry, Kathy Scadden, Ken Reutter,

Joane Dombrow, Chip Dougherty,

Lynn Scannell, Debby King,

Cathie Baird, Elmer Read, Buff Mc-

Allister, Don Flaggs, Jim Scarborough,

Jeff Blau, Stu Drowos.

First Row: Carol Herrington, Joan

McNelis, June Currinder, Linda

Steen, Shari Newton, Joey Wroten,

Bruna Carchedi. Second Row: Patt

Olesky, Debbie Backer, Beth

Schealer, Mary Cormany. Third

Row: Linda Hughes, Cathy Angelo,

Jean Bringardner, Jackie Wheeler,

Norma Jean Lynch, Donna Davis,

Bebe Allen, Joanne Wheatley, Kathi

Euston, Wayne Lewis.


First Row: Joe Truitt, John Merritt,

Ken Guillaume. Second Row: Harry

Orth, Bruce Levy, John Osborne,

Larry Boyer, Walt Smith, Charlie

D'Orazio, Jim Ayers, Alton Brittingham.

Third Row: Bill Craig, Pat

O'Brien, Mike Pindzola, John Reed,

Jeff Kroll, Bill Erwin, Bill Jones,

Phil Volturo, Skip Peterson. Fourth

Row: Glenn Forbes, Larry Sterling,

Allan Redden, Ranny Palmer, Bill


First Row: Marty McDonough, Francis

Blanchard, John Storm, Steve

Brockel, Bob Jefferson, Scott Warren.

Second Row: Bruce Dyer, Walter

Ferndt, Bill Brown, Phil Gibbs,

Ray Dechene. Third Row: David

Waselefsky, Don Benner.

First Row: Bill Wiley, David

Shamers, Danny Winn. Second Row:

Rick Karpinski, Jim Weil, John Pacinelli,

Ron Shapiro, John Riley,

Jay Walls, Mitch Smith, Dave Williams,

Bob Stier, Mick Carney. Third

Row: Joe Schlosbon, Chip Nickles,

Bob Knight, Paul Panadero, Dave

Converse, Tom Leonarski, John

Johnston, Donald Wolfe, Daniel

Skedzielewski, Greg Somerville,

Mark Manno.


3 A.M. Air Raid Drill . . . Missing Link . . .

Swirlies . . . "You guys must think I'm pretty

stupid or something" . . . "Zoobamba"—Dog,

Man or Spirit? . . . Bogo, Heavy (to the) Rescue,

Bum Steer . . . Volturo did it! . . . Take it out of

the hall . . . Chicken Man and Super Jew . . .

Whitmore vs. the U.S. . . .210 Den ... 21 Door

Salutes . . . Snick leaves, Bullwhip arrives . . .

Gerbil population triples . . . Shaving cream capitol

of the world . . . Weirdos, Juveniles, Jocks

. . . Bedrock voted most sociable . . .314 Wallace

headquarters . . . Monastery . . . Sit-ins

outside 203 . . . Honeymoon in the zoo? . . .

Wayne and Larry grow some hair . . . Freak-out

in 204 .. . Bible study in 304?—Like—! . . .

Fred who?


Bunkies of D & E unite . . . The most in coed

living ... the six packs win again . . . hopscotch

in the halls ... the wig man of 107 E . . . Russell

E serenades . . . pink underwear forever, ZOO?

. . . hayrides—I have to—, Leonard ... OH

WOW! Michael and his bicycle . . . peeping Tim

. . . dying Indian . . . "Crayon, where did you get

pinned?" . . . "outen the lights" ... I'm going

to bite your neck, signed the phantom ... the

triumverite—Otto, Sue the Lush, and Wesley the

Bird Brain . . . Jumping jacks . . . polack birthdays

... 6 A.M. fire drills . . . What weighs 150

pounds and is stuffed with food?



First Row: Dave Frey, Mo Frey,

Maralyn Schreiber, Tom Smiley,

Sue Carpenter, Kaye Pegelow. Second

Row: Mike Clark, Gerald

Hocker, Jay Devine, Gail Wolfe,

Donna Boyle, Roger Paquette, Bill

Humphrey, John Cahoon, Steve

Manlove, Alan Zerbe, Bruce Marker,

Ken Mullin. Third Row: Charles

Riley, Vince Gostkowski, Lew

Wagner, Scott Jackson, Barbara

Brown, Mike Truono, Sherry Cuculo,

Fred McKee, Oliver Parker, Charles

Collins, Jeff Brelsford, Mike Masoncup,

Greg Wilson, Mike Pauling,

Bob Singley, Tom Willing, Phil


First Row: Lynn Raber, Becky Wallace,

Janice Ignatowski, Ann West,

Stephanie Mastoraki, Lea Hetrick,

Sheri Giordano, Nancy Cormany,

Cherie Hunter. Second Row: Linda

Abramowicz, Glenn Moore, Mary

Booker, Jackie Oliver, Nate Wilson,

Cliff Barr, Gail Evans, Karen Olsen,

Gerry Peltz. Third Row: Jeff Brelsford,

Tom Willing, Bruce Warner,

Chuck Sheets, Steve Dolby, Sharon

Gunther, Pat Stelle, Larry Silver,

John McDermott, Bob Weiner, Lee




First Row: Ken Hefland, Lainie

Hackett, Jim Colbert, Karen Otteni,

Barb Van Dyke, Craig Hitchens,

Janet Jeglum, Ruby Hand. Second

Row: Gaylord Hartfeld, Gary Washington,

Ruthie Layton, Wesley Marvil,

Sue Faulkner, Diane Lorenzoni,

Nancy Sandler, Ann Moran, Gail

Dick, Ellen Norris, Sheila Salmons,

Cherie Hunter, Debbie Couglan,

Gary Aber, Sally Scharnagle. Third

Row: Dennis Carey, John Staley,

Pete Eisemann, Karen Boyce, Bob

Masin, Buddy Landis.

First Row: Sherry Brody, Sue Stillman,

Debbie Cundiff, Cindy Roberts,

Peggy Robinson, Carol Grant,

Ken Hefland. Second Row: Toni

Gregory, Diane Northwood, Carol

Wisniewski, Linda Scholl, Ronni

Cohen, Joanne Hurd, Barb Wesley,

Wendy McKeever, Pam Simpson,

Mimi Rafetto, Doug Swift, Ken Shugart.

Third Row: Carolyn Roblou,

Sue Ulrich, Dan Toomey, Paul Poplawski,

Donna Windsor, Joey

Scogna, John Staley, George Wilkerson,

Gaylord Hartfeld, Dennis

Carey. Fourth Row: Debbie Coulter,

Linda Fletcher, Jeanie Rossiter,

Jerry Vest.


"We're number One" . . . paddle ball enthusiasts

. . . second floor . . . dating service . . . spirited

basement . . . dress-up fire drills . . . yellow arrows

from Recitation Hall to Squire . . . Room

113 ... Dr. Trabant as "mystery guest" . . .

"knock, knock" "Who's there?" "Squire, Squire,

for hire, who in the hall do you desire?"


First Row: Sue Hnat, Debbie Claxton,

Nancy Given, Elaine Gibson,

Sue Hartman, Gail Hartman, Sue

Huber. Second Row: Linda Van

Horn, Kerry Clause, Wendy Holmes,

Sharon Raffensberger, Becky Donnan,

Janice Pyne, Joyce Huber,

Alice Spurlin, Eileen Hall, Suzanne

Simons, Judy Eckles, Joanne

Lowery. Third Row: Terry You mans,

Sandy Clark, Bobbie Fanning, Lynn

Wright, Jane Young, Lilli Antalffy,

Mary Bourdan.

First Row: Pat Keer, Ellen Berd,

Rose Slonsky, Kyle Moran, Jeannie

Strickler, Sheri Winkle. Second

Row: Carole Rogers, Meg Ambry,

Joanne Mon, Candy Oakfork, Mary

Alice Nelson, Fran Spengal, Jackie


First Row: Sandy Burgess, Marti

Loeb, Janet Callum, Lorraine

Bevans, Sue Edwards, Linda Clark.

Second Row: Andi Lose, Kathy

Lyons, Sue Levens, Julie Rosen,

Debbie Kirk, Judy Libby, Mike

Spitzer, Bonnie Culver.

Richard Matarese, Joseph Campese,

Philip Pfeifer, Joe Hopper,

Dave Fesbenner, Jim Cordrey, Gene

Perotta, Richard Timmons, Dan

Campese, Dan Alvarez, Bob Ciociela,

Kurt Redriguez, Jim MacLeed,

Wayne Rhone, Craig Savage, Bill

Enslen, John Eastlund, Ronald

Greenberg, John Anerousis, Ed Allenby,

Herb Flosdorf.

First Row: Paul Heyden, George

Frangice, George Schlatter, Bob

Greenwood, Scott Comparini, John

Digges.Second Row: Bruce

Evanche, Andy Cetrone, Bob Calvarese,

Rob Harra, John Cunningham,

Masayuki Miyara. Third Row:

Barry Cooper, John Bayalis, John

Floyd, Tony Sochurek, Jim Fleagle,

Rick Keller, Bill Titus, Shannon

Russell. Fourth Row: Randy Shields,

Jim Crittenden, Charles Farley, Jim

Ratzenrenger, Kevin Sanderson, Jim

Egan, Stephen Auleward, Scott

Gundaker, Jim Gilliland.




Intramural sports power-house . . . most unique

"ladies room" on campus ... an "unappropriate"

Homecoming float . . . best dorm director

and advisors on campus . . . unsolicited showers

for the hippies . . . wondering why all the girls

walk on the other side of the mall . . . Friday and

Saturday night . . . "thumbs-up" knitting society

on the second floor . . . perpetual Pinochle

games on the third floor . . . midnight conversations

with Sypherd . . . passing away of the

Wiedcycle . . . "townie" girls raiding our halls

. . . and, most of all, our new hotplate.


Number one in size and spirit . . . Playbill . . .

spirit trophy . . . flooded basement . . . Thursday

night at the park . . . spirit . . . fourth floor without

a John ... a great housemother . . . juiced

frosh . . . spirit . . . divided first floor (but how

could we make it without the lounge?!) . . . The

Great Pumpkin . . . co-ed football . . . spirit . . .

those basement windows . . . Quiet Hours? . . .

floating third floor . . . locked bathrooms . . .

21st birthdays . . . spirit . . . "Alcoholic" and

"Anonymous" . . . the Big T . . . frogs ... another

phone call for Nielson!. . . Bing!!



First Row: Karen LeMaistre, Joyce

Verly, Sally Cooper, Susan Keeley,

Betsy Taylor, Bonnie Rafetto, Chris

Pocomis. Second Row: Joyce Fleetwood,

Marilyn Moulder, Betsy Boddorf,

Stella Diamond. Third Row:

Phyliss Inden, Debbie Waldon, Virginia

Wheatcroft, Wanda Young,

Beverly Cannon, Jeanne May.

Fourth Row: Kerry Davis, Janis

Crawford, Donna Dalby, Leslie

Julien, Sandy Carrell.

First Row: Jean Roy, Barb Neilsen,

Linda Rizze. Second Row: Diane

Lynch, Sandy McGee, Marge

Curley, Donita Rohr, Jane Billings,

Cindy Herbold, Mryna Krzyzanowski,

Sherry Pomerey, Nancy Campbell.

Third Row: Marsha Silverman,

Mary White, Debbie Flint, Becky

Pepper, Kim Browne, Peggy

Kloster, Liane McDowell, Bar Cameron.

Fourth Row: Judy Gladnick,

Nancy Masogolite, Tina Soneson,

Liz Bootman, Susan Rebar, Patty

Scannell, Susan Jandresevits,

Nancy Stevenson, Harriet Carrell,

Barb Faupel, Beth Harrall, Mary

Roasitar, Sandy Reese.

Top Shelf: Brookes Elsworth, Carol

Letrell. Second Shelf: Peg Taylor,

Janet Blevens, Judy Austin. Bottom

Shelf: Susan Stokes, Cathy Laughrey.

First Row: Bonnie Frear, Jane

Timmons, Patti Burns. Second Row:

Christy Ludice, Janet Criswold,

Donna Dinger, Mary Haines, Barb

Faupel, Pat Slater, Susan Dalrymple,

Mary Mosko, Sue Austin,

Jeanie Cooper, Mary Fran Faupel,

Suzanie English, Paula Melwager,

Barb Melwager, Sandy Kobel, Trish

Young, Lisbee Boothman, Anita


First Row: C. Taylor, Ron Gitaitis,

Ed Carr, Kirk Johnson, Joe Owsley.

Second Row: Barry Ebersole, Philip

Delduke, Steven Bowen, Lloyd

Mackie, Bill France. Third Row:

Randy Buch, Vinny Delack, Tom

Gehman, Ken Warner, Bob Schmitt.

Fourth Row: Charles Postle, Earle

Gould, Rick McCluskey, Paul Kimpel,

Robert Johnson, George Carson.

First Row: Camillo Faraone, Mike

Clark, John Wheatley, Dan Witley,

Richard Freed, Bob Riley. Second

Row: Willy Miranda, Al Chinnici,

Roger Hannahs, Marty Figun, Mike

Chadwick. Third Row: Bill Robinson,

Ron Swartz. Fourth Row:

Amato dePaulis, John Feeney, Dan

Bowden, Mario Frabizzio, Barry Ettenger,

Ronald Pritchett, Robert

Mayer. Fifth Row: Eric Cannon,

Wayne Levering, Kirk Bailey, Tom

Swain, Mike Hill, Leigh Bandekon.

First Row: John Lenderman, Tom

Townsend, Paul Frantz, Jim Conant,

Bob Kimble, George McDowell.

Second Row: Chris Willey, Fred

West, David Savage, Paul Welsh,

Rick Henderson. Third Row: Bud

Harcum, Jack Frayne, Joe Hickson,

Don Cassel, Bill Cain.



Exchanging vocal pleasantries with Sharp . . .

traffic-stopping posters . . . "Greenie!" . . .

fighting Delaware Avenue traffic . . . "Sypherd

Summer Home"—some are homes and some are

not . . . The Gnome: "apples, peaches, pumpkin

pie" . . . live steam instead of hot water . . .

frosh everywhere . . . football with Smyth ... the

electric fern . . . juice, juice, juice ... at last—a

kitchen . . . pep rallies . . . "Hey Ray!"


Emergency door with no alarm or lock . . . barrels

of popcorn . . . "Sussex sirens" . . . co-ed

football games . . . vocal and guitar concerts at

midnight . . . The Hill, one of your basic . . .

WWW . . . chained in emotions ... the 8:30's

next door . . . dozens of yellow roses . . .

"Which way to the Beach?" ... the first floor

Secret ... the obscene caller . . . open dorm

phone ... the Scrounge Posse . . . Roman baths

—first stall reserved . . . giant posters . . .

"Hooray for the Prince" . . . O.O. . . . third floor

out of sight and up tight . . . 5:30 mail deliveries

. . . rustic bathrooms . . . "Sussex? where's

that?" ... a choir of radiators . . . tri-colored

rooms . . . one-way buzzers . . . roaches in 334

. . . Olympic pool in the basement after a rain

. . . the second floor Robby Robot . . . Alphonso

and Portia . . . psychological counselling service

. . . a Housesitter . . . early morning painters

. . . boob-tube breakdowns ... a water fountain

in the trunk room . . . "Although we're small we

are the BEST!"



First Row: Ellen Prestowitz, Kathy

Jessop, Pauline Zaborowski, Carol

Prestowitz. Second Row: Cindy

George, Linda Meadowcroft, Sharon

Combs, Inez Reed.

First Row: Joyce Keith ley, Abbi

Lawrence, Kathy Thomson, Lynn

Ballance. Second Row: Cindy Hall,

Roxanne Rylander, Pat Pfaff, Julia

Ryan, Dottie Stopyra, Margaret


First Row: Peggy Zetterlund, Janis

Elm, Barb Hires, Alice Fields, Paula

Hayes, Sue Jones, Penny Foltz.

Second Row: Kay Boyles, Nancy

Cazer, Tina Leisser, Jenny Hankin,

Th6re Carpenter.


Thompson, does its own thing . . . rallying cry—

"fourth for bridge?" . . . second floor spite and

malice tournament . . . sitting in halls till 3 A.M.

—studying? . . . midnight birthday parties . . .

the new housemother—someone to talk to . . .

"informal" dorm pictures . . . touch football with

Sigma Nu . . . Wednesday night at the Tip-Top

. . . practical jokes . . . Hayden and Bonnett, "A

Good Man is Hard to Find" . . . Fabulous girls

. . . campus leaders . . . Crash Parassio . . .

SDSer's . . . everyone an individual.


First Row: Patti Lynch, Barb Meals,

Pam Adamson, Kathy McGill, Carol

Adelman. Second Row: Jane

Cooper, Carole Emory, Pam Tell,

Linda Heuser, Cheryl Boyle, Donna

Emory, Rosanne Laggner, Susan

Smith, Elaine Richert, Anjo Goverts.

Third Row: Carol Lewin, Pat Nazemetz,

Jane Copper, Linda Brown,

Joanna Harton, Marilyn McCafferty,

Laura Slack, Mary Brook Fox, Kathy


First Row: Carolyn Berry, Mary Hayden,

Judy Masareh, Beverly Coon,

Mary Mitchell, Elsa Leach, Marilyn

Perry, Sue Hendricks. Second Row:

Mary Helmer, Karen Fonner, Marcia

Fernandez-Herm, Sue Bowman,

Cheryl Winkworth, Ingrid Rosenback,

Laurie Adamson, Suzanne

Foresman. Third Row: Janet Roach,

Karen Huggins, Nancy Lovett, Dorothy

Allen, Susan Rausteoni, Gale

Anderson. Fourth Row: Barbara

Brustman, Carol Weikert, Sally Sutton,

Mary Ellen de Young, Phyllis

Chicano, Gail Parassio, Sue Danehower,

Barbara Bimbi, Nancy Anderson.

First Row: Pat Reik, Betsy Taylor,

Janet Weaving, Marcy Nichols, Karen

Acquaottla. Second Row: Geneva

Sampson, Hollis Ritter, Sue Thornley,

Cathy Zeigles. Third Row: Pam

Murray, Georgia Searle, Pat

Guthrie, Pat Ibbeken, Lynn Jaggard,

Ann Bailey, Chris Anderson,

Brooke Murdock, Jan Sheeman,

Merry Ellen Evens, Karen Lee Van



Ron, Sherry, and "Mr. Wenger" ... a green Jaguar

. . . the Warner Room—no smoking or card

playing . . . pancake party success ... "I always

thought this was the Infirmary" ... a

soundproofed String Quarter . . . private bathrooms

... a tiny tricycle in the hall . . . sundecks

. . . "the biggest recreation lounge on

Campus" . . . dorm block with Harter . . .

"Where's the buzzer system in this place?" . . .

Big John and Little John of the third floor . . .

Steinway Baby Grand . . . crepe paper in the

browsing room . . . stairway to nowhere.



First Row: Linda Sundet, Carol

Lindsey, Terri Immordino, Brad

Wenger, Ann Hill, Pat Raum, Russet

McQuery. Second Row: Maureen

Beatty, Joan Digiacobbe, Sue

Abercrombie, Janet Ward, Elizabeth

Stanford, Ellen Sibley, Bonnie


First Row: Nancy Kelly, Janet Wark,

Dotti Wessells, Pat Sterner, Carol

Martin, Brad Wenger. Second Row:

Colleen Bell, Carol Ida, Debbie Wilson,

Anne Fisher, Mario Comer,

Gwen Stevens, Stephanie Tarburton,

Kathy Sellers, Wendy Schmoll.


1968 A & B

'68 AB . . . coed government . . . the "Passion

Press" . . . Nasty Pearl . . . Mrs. Schreiber "custodian"

. . . Khaled's harem . . . freshmen . . .

"Is this a fire drill?" ... the uncharted sea of

mud . . . pajama party . . . Simon and Garfunkle

in every room . . . the third floor strikes again

. . . and again . . . and again . . . paint your Halloween

dance . . . why no fingerpaint? . . . "It's

only someone fooling with the buzzers!" . . .

"What do you mean this isn't a fire drill?". . .

"flab lab" . . . Wednesday night donut breaks.



First Row: Tom Martin, Liz Moore,

Donna Nicoletti, Tom Marshall, Hal

Davison, Vicki Ober. Second Row:

Tom Hnatowski, Cynthia Walraven,

Peggy Thornton, Georgia Jones,

Molly DeCoster, Jan Schmidt, Art

Glick. Third Row: Don Had ley, Dan

Hartig, George Brown, Elaine

Knowles, Wendy Remondi, Candy

Lyness, Shirley Pugh, Jack Moran,

Lee Sibley, Ralph Palmer.

First Row: Debby Maclntyre, Teri

Reynolds, Suzanne Pope, Sally

Brown, Jane Nidzgorski. Second

Row: Rich Walton, Babs Johnson,

Cheryl O'Neill, John Fuchs, Toni

Laws, Jody Papi, Jackie Vaughan,

Phil Saksa. Third Row: Walt Copeland,

Janet Stia, Karen Nagy, Sue

Mitchell. Fourth Row: Dale Linton,

Ernie Harr, Buzz Hennessy, David

Hoch, Scott Parker, Sue Kehoe.

First Row: Charlie Frederick, Mark

Davies. Second Row: Khaled

Nizami, Teri Foster, Rob Hinks,

Barb Kriss, Bob Glass, Cheryl Le

Compte, Jonna Meinersmann. Third

Row: Janice Harrison, Chris Svenson,

Carol Bryson, Camille Yancko,

Mary Di Giacoma, Fred Wheeler,

Mark Cacciatore, Roger Plata.

Fourth Row: Daniel Kopel, Terry

Brown, Glenn Koch, Andy Leiter,

Joel Levin, Steven Morgan, Terry

Sklar, Mary Jane Calladine, Dana


First Row: Alma Schreiber, Dean

Jester, Gary Johnson, Jim Seymour,

Bill Hutchings, Jeff Cooper, Lynn

German, Jackie Jones. Second Row:

Terry Hanratly, Sandy Parmenter,

Betsy McPherrin, Lynn Merkel, Priscilla

Jones, Kristen Houchin, Valerie

Urian, Rose Swift. Third Row: Nancy

Gretz, Suzie Gonsalus, Lynda Hastings,

Mary Jane Forbes, Janelle

Sloan, Eileen Shea, Jack Howell,

Sam Berry, Austin Everhart.

First Row: Don Gudzune, Pete Jumars,

Tom Giacopomello, Rick

Brown, Jim Govatos, Steve Brant,

Fred Wheeler. Second Row: Bob

Glass, Lynn Pancoast, Joyce Gearhart,

Kathy Vadden, Mary Dell Gordon,

Mary Koster, Dona Logan, Janice

Troutman, Debi Palardes, Melodee

Jones, Kay Paradis, Barbara

Neil, Judi Notari. Third Row: Frank

Hitchens, Frank Hirsch, Don Hutchinson,

Judy Rill, Marcie Grice,

Cathy O'Connell, Brian Hoffman,

Beverley Perry, Mike Hoffman, Sue

Stewart, Jerry Kirk, Ted Kowalchuk.


First Row: Reginald Elam. Second

Row: Linda Hale, Pat Walls, Mark

McClafferty, Denny Harcum, Evelyn

Walls, Pat Whitley, Joyce Hutchinson.

Third Row: Clinton Thymes,

Herbert Broadwater, Ray Calloway,

Lawrence Thomas.

First Row: Arthur Douglas, Cheryl

Ben, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Caves,

Debbie Colacino, Karen Kane. Second

Row: Judy Bowers, Ellen

Thompson, Mary Lee Oberdorfer,

Robert Benton, Susan Spencer, Joy

Molin, Ann Johnson. Third Row: Jim

Korolog, Joanne Bigelow, Marilyn

Portlock, Thomas O'Brien, Diane

Thomas, Dave Rutter, Kathy Vodvarka,

Kathy Perkins.


1968 C & D

Floor activities: "Another Meeting/" . . . workmen:

"Man in the halls!" . . . firedrills: "Everybody

out of the showers!" . . . "The fire alarm

bell just short-circuited again!" . . . distance:

"Life in Maryland at '68" . . . we're one big

family out in the sticks . . . freshmen: "Freshmen

dominated, or dominated freshmen??!!" ... incomplete

dorm: "By the time we graduate, the

university just might finish this place!"



First Row: Andy Cousins, Stan

Moss, June Koelker, Linda Spare,

Kay Rhodes, Alan Gamiel. Second

Row: A I Lambertson, Nancy

Rhodes, Marcia Mitchell, Chuck

Skinner, Steve Kukich, Dianne

Drowos, Jan Millon, Linda Tidwell.

Third Row: Liz Jones, Amy

Chatham, Sharon Rawley.

First Row: Wini Ford, Sharon Hasse.

Second Row: Glenda Brinsfield,

Lynn Simon, Kathy Eberts. Third

Row: Judy Wisniewski, Nick Hardy,

Lionel Benard, Dave Littlehales, Dan

Kiser, Debbie Eberhard, Wayne

Cross, Bill Chernekoff. Fourth Row:

Mary Beth Bryant, Dave Richards,

Mary Roberts.

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