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Nel’s last home game

Sumner face an emotional

match on Saturday

REMEMBRANCE: Stonemason Mark Robberds’ memorial sculpture to Sam and Paul Zarifeh (inset with Julie Zarifeh) will be

unveiled on the Esplanade on Sunday.


Seats to remember Zed boys

• By Sarla Donovan

LATE LAST year, two members

of Sumner’s Zarifeh family, Paul

and then son Sam, died within

three weeks of each other.

Paul Zarifeh died of pancreatic

cancer on November 23 last

year aged 60. He co-founded the

Canterbury Wetsuit Company,

later Seventhwave Wetsuits, in


Three weeks later, Sam Zarifeh

died after falling from a

raft on the Landsborough River,

inland from Haast.

On Sunday, a sculpture in

their memory will be unveiled

on the Esplanade and the occasion

marked with a community

mid-winter swim which the

family hopes will become an

annual tradition.

The sculpture was

designed and constructed by

Sumner stonemason Mark

Robberds after Paul Zarifeh’s

widow Julie approached him

about the idea.

“It is hard to believe seven

months has passed by since the

losses of our beloved Zarifeh

menfolk, Paul and Sam,” Mrs

Zarifeh said.

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Worry a

drone is

spying on



• By Sarla Donovan

SCARBOROUGH residents are

worried they’re being spied on by


Lucy Broadhurst, who lives

halfway up Scarborough Hill, was

sitting with her partner in the bay

window of their house about 10pm

on a Monday night when they

spotted a red light hovering about

20m away.

They initially thought it was a vehicle’s

tail light but recognised it as

a drone when it started moving up

and down. Ms Broadhurst reacted

by pulling the finger, “which made

whoever (was) controlling the

drone immediately take it down,”

she said. “It felt really creepy that

somebody was looking into our

living room. Our conclusion was

it’s someone being nosy or, it seems

a bit drastic, but scouting for stealing


Lyttelton Police Station supervisor,

Sergeant Franco Lovrich, said

police would be very keen to hear

from anyone with information

about the owner of the drone, or

any drones spotted at night.

It is illegal to use a drone outside

daylight hours without special

permission, or to film a person or

their private property without their


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from the editor’s desk

BAY HARBOUR readers continue to

share their opinions on the issue that has

polarised many in Redcliffs - whether the

school should be sited at Redcliffs Park or


We run those views on page 4 today and also report on the

latest development regarding Friends of Redcliffs Park’s petition

to Parliament.

The group wants Winston Peters to fulfil a New Zealand First

pre-election pledge over the issue (see page 3).

On page 1 we report on concerns from a Scarborough resident

that a drone has been used to spy on her property.

Also on page 1 we preview a sculpture which will be unveiled

in memory of Paul and Sam Zarifeh and on page 5 we look at

the Lyttelton Festival of Lights.

- Barry Clarke



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Mindfulness for children

Juggling family and businesses two Sumner women have started

up a series of mindful retreats for young people.

Pages 9 & 10


50 years for the Sumner Bridge Club

Find out how the club started before it celebrates its 50th

anniversary in September.

Page 13

community events

Stories after dark

Lyttelton Library will come to life with stories, songs and rhyme

when the sun goes down on Thursday.

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Wednesday June 27 2018


Focus on Peters over park

NZ First called

to honour

election pledge

• By Sarla Donovan

FRIENDS OF Redcliffs Park are

criticising New Zealand First

for what they say is a broken

promise to support the return

of Redcliffs School to its former

Main Rd site.

The group last week wrote to

the Acting

Prime Minister

and NZ

First leader


Peters calling

for his help to

“ensure that

the current

Winston Peters


but inherently

unsound decision made by

Hekia Parata is reversed.”

Spokesman Chris Doudney

said the reversal of former Education

Minister Hekia Parata’s

decision to move the school

from its former Main Rd site

was an important election plank

prior to the November, 2017


Since then, the party had been

“totally silent” on the issue, he


However a spokesman for Mr

Peters’ office said the rejection of

Ms Parata’s decision was based

on “information that we had

while in opposition,” and that

since then the party had worked

with their coalition partners on

an approach.

“That approach was to give the

decision making power back to

the Redcliffs community,” the

spokesman said.

Latest Christchurch news at

“After 353 submissions made,

60 per cent of those submissions

were in support of the fast

track option suggested by the

Government. The children of

the Redcliffs community need a

school as soon as possible. The

decision made is the decision of

the Redcliffs community.”

But Mr Doudney said most of

the supporting submissions were

from Redcliffs School pupils and


Close to 100 came from children,

Mr Doudney said.


Friends of


Park do

not want

the school

relocated to

the park.

“If you analyse the submissions,

you’ll see they are gerrymandered,”

he said, adding that

it was “unfortunate the party

had made this change of policy.”

Meanwhile, a petition asking

Parliament to return Redcliffs

School to its former home has

collected 149 signatures.

Organised by Friends of Redcliffs

Park, the petition calls for

urgent legislation enabling the

school to reopen on its former

Main Rd site.

•Letters page 4





In Brief


Fire rages, homes at risk


Weekend opening hours at

Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre

will be extended after the city

council budgeted an additional

$44,000 per annum in the Long

Term Plan. The funding will

allow the centre and library to

extend weekend opening hours

to 10am-4pm Saturday and



Plans to install two CCTV

cameras in Sumner are on hold

while the Linwood-Central-

Heathcote Community Board

seeks advice from police to

ensure the cameras will comply

with the Privacy Act. A group

of concerned residents called

Safer Sumner raised $4005

towards the cameras which were

purchased in January.


Concept design ideas for

a building on the Collett’s

Corner site in Lyttelton will

be on show at Exchange

Christchurch, 376 Wilsons Rd

on July 4 from 10am-7pm. The

building is expected to house

bathing pools, co-working

and artist spaces, restaurants,

shops, a hotel and cinema. The

designers will be present to talk

about their concepts 5pm-7pm.



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Wednesday June 27 2018

Your Local Views

Readers continue to debate

the Redcliffs School move

and Friends of Redcliffs

Park’s bid to stop it from

rebuilding at the park.

The group is circulating

a petition to take to


D Moorcroft Critchley – I

totally agree with the comments

made by Redcliffs School

principal, Rose McInerney and

the school board of trustees.

I feel that the petition was illtimed,

insensitive and culturally


Whether in agreement or

not, Redcliffs School will not be

returning to the Main Rd site.

That has been made crystal clear.

The decision has been made, and

sadly this has created division

within the community.

While respecting those who

oppose this, it is time to let go

and move on. Furthermore,

the personal attacks made

against the school principal

are unwarranted and totally

unfair. The long and demanding

process has been transparent and

democratic throughout. There

have been ample opportunities

during public consultations

for those affected to have their

say. We live in a democracy

and the majority have spoken.

The community will not be

deterred from their mission – to

finally return Redcliffs school

to Redcliffs. They have shown

great resolve, commitment and

determination throughout this

endeavour. This will continue.

A line needs to be drawn in the

sand now. The whole community

needs to come together

to discuss and resolve the

differences and concerns clearly

evident. This has always been a

priority for the school to engage

in, as they understand there are

some who are disappointed with

the outcome. My sincere thanks

to Rose, the board of trustees,

the parents, tamariki and the

community for their support

during this difficult struggle. Kia


Christine Kirkland – I’ve

had three children attend

Redcliffs School on the old site

and know it well.

The buildings have not

DIVISION: The Government’s

move to shift Redcliffs

School onto Redcliffs Park

has divided the community.

deteriorated to any extent since

the earthquakes. Safety from the

rock face behind is now greatly

reduced since the loose rocks

have been brought down, so even

in an almighty new earthquake,

the rocks that might fall would

not reach out as far as the

original ones did.

The safety on that site is as

good as anywhere around that

neighbourhood or on the hills.

The original explanation that

children returning to the site

who were there at the time

of the earthquake would be

traumatised is totally irrelevant

now, as all children – even fiveyear-olds

at the time – will have

left school. The flood-prone park

will be a massively expensive site

to relocate the school to, due to

having to raise the buildings up,

put ramps and steps everywhere,

and redesign the landscaping

to provide usable dry areas in

winter months.

Neighbours who paid for

their location beside a park and

allowing views to the water will

have their properties massively

devalued. Access to school

grounds will require children

to cross the very busy Main Rd

in far greater numbers than on

the original site. It is not a wide

road and traffic build up around

that area is bad. If the original

site is to be turned into a park,

which will obviously be used

by people, and probably the

school children, how can that be

justified, when it is deemed to

be unsafe as a school location?

I seriously do not believe the

original site is dangerous enough

to abandon.

Richard Jones – I would

build a pre-fab by the road

running down the fence line

where the swimming pool was

(just two rooms initially). The

old building might eventually

come down and the hockey field

moved at a right angle. That

corner should be utilised as it’s

further from the cliff. Out the

back, build one (or even two

parallel) large stone walls like

they have at Sumner (where the

Marine Hotel was).

Samuel Zelter – The

arguments for moving the school

to Redcliffs Park are illogical and

purely political in nature.

The threat of rockfall: The

Redcliffs Park site is 20m from

the base of the cliff around Moa

Bone Cave. The back boundary

of the unadjusted Redcliffs

School site is in excess of 40m

from the cliffs.

The size of the sites: Redcliffs

Park is not a similar size to

Redcliffs School. For the two

sites to be made equivalent, the

entire portion of school land that

holds the assembly hall, junior

field, junior sandpit, and former

rooms 14 and 15, is shaved off of

the school site.

Main Rd is dangerous: Both

school sites have a fence line

directly onto Main Rd. Students

are one gate away from the busy

thoroughfare on either site, no

matter what. The Redcliffs Park

site is no safer than the current

site in this regard.

Developing a school in

Redcliffs Park requires city

council development rules to be

broken. The site is already floodprone

and sits about 1m above

mean sea level. In 50 years time,

the site will be regularly flooded

by annual heavy rainfall events. I

could go on with further points,

but these are the big four.

Sandy Thomas – When

will the Bay Harbour News stop

flogging this topic? How many

times has the siting of the school

on Redcliffs Park been allowed

ill-informed opinion space in

this publication?

Every time a page is taken

up pushing the views of a tiny

minority, the board of trustees

chairperson or the principal

patiently responds by reiterating

the facts. And now a blatant and

manipulative misrepresentation

of the school’s poroporoaki

(blessing ceremony) is given a

front page headline accompanied

by an irrelevant photo which

appears solely designed to draw

attention to the petition set

up by the aforementioned tiny

minority. Enough is enough. The

school has repeatedly stated that

its new design will show respect

for its immediate neighbours.

Let it go Bay Harbour News! It is

disappointing that a community

newspaper is choosing to

sensationalise this issue in such

an unbalanced way. What was an

uplifting, moving and respectful

farewell to the old school has

been completely hijacked by this

article. Whatever happened to

impartial journalism?

Editor Barry Clarke

responds – Bay Harbour

News has covered this emotive

and polarised issue fairly and

accurately, and will continue to

do so.

It would be a sad day for

society if news media didn’t

cover all sides of a debate, or did

not allow a minority voice to

have their say, simply because

it does not suit the agenda or

views of another group. Bay

Harbour News will continue to

provide our readers information

and updates over the petition to

Parliament and developments

regarding the school’s planned

shift to Redcliffs Park – without

bias or favour.

A responds to the

article about city council

transferring ownership of

Purau Maori Reserve to

Rapaki Runanga

Kathy Palmer – Return

Purau Reserve to the care

of Ngati Wheke. An urupa/

graveyard is not an appropriate

place for eating drinking and

sports, there are other reserves in

the area for such activities. If Mr

Kulpe wants to question the local

traditions, he can do no better

than go to Christchurch District

Libraries and check out Barry

Brailsford’s book The Tattooed

Land: Traditions of the Southern

Maori for excellently researched

and authenticated archaeological



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Wednesday June 27 2018

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June 29 - July 1 10AM - 5PM


Street party, fireworks to close festival

The Lyttelton Festival of

Lights finishes on Friday.

Sarla Donovan reports

AN ART gallery that glows in

the dark is among the special

events in the 14th Lyttelton

Festival of Lights, which

culminates on Friday night with

the popular street party.

Along with food and drink

stalls, music, activities and light

art installations, Lyttelton

Primary School has teamed up

with microbiologist Siouxsie

Wiles to create Bioluminaire: a

glowing art gallery.

Two hundred pupils have

followed Dr Wiles’ formula to

create a glowing artwork in a

petri dish using bioluminescent


Lyttelton Primary School

principal Brendan Wright said it

was an exciting addition to the

festival lineup.

“Siouxsie is on a mission

to enthuse children with

both the art and the science

of bioluminescence. She’s a

wonderful science communicator

and we’re delighted she has

agreed to help the school produce

what promises to be a marvellous

new attraction for the Festival of

Lights,” he said.

Check it out at the Port Talk

building on the corner of Oxford

and London Sts.

Friday’s Matariki-themed

street party marks the high point

of the week-long festival.

Stages in Albion Square and

the family-themed Collett’s

LIGHTS: The annual Lyttelton Festival of Lights street party on

Friday will include the popular fireworks display.

Corner host a stream of diverse

performances from 7-10pm.

Events get under way with the

street parade at 7pm, then there

will be kapa haka, dance crews,

bands like The Settlers and The

Preservatives and a ukelele group

among the acts lined up to delight

the crowds.

The Lyttelton Port fireworks

display at 8pm is a must-see.

DJ Rang will host activities

for youth at the skate park on

Oxford St from 7.30-9.30pm.

Organisers recommend using

public transport to get there.

There will be two park-andride

locations in Christchurch

with buses running half-hourly

from 5.30pm on Ferry Rd outside

Countdown and from Chapmans

Rd, Woolston, by the corner of

Lock Cr.

Direct-to-Lyttelton red

bus shuttles will depart from

platform L at the central bus

exchange at 5.05pm, 6.05pm and


Normal services are also

available on the 28 and 535 bus


For the most up-to-date

transport information visit www.

Enjoy some mulled wine


Curtin’s first Festival of Lights

was “quite a few years ago.”

Employed as a chef at Volcano

by then owners, Lois Ogilvie

and Peter Llewellyn Evans, she

helped at the street party, selling

mulled wine in front of the


And has carried on the tradition

since then. She remembers

those early years being “hugely,

hugely busy – we couldn’t pour

the wine faster enough.”

The street party has always

been popular, she says, except

for last year when numbers were

down a bit with the rain. But it

was still a good night out.

“It’s a really fun, social occasion,”

she said. “People do say

that our mulled wine is the best

on the street, we pride ourselves

on it. It’s a special recipe we

used when the Volcano was still

around: Lots of really good red

wine, nice orange juice, a good

splosh of port, some cloves, cinnamon

and honey.”

The festival has gotten bigger

and better organised over the

years, she said. “Project Lyttelton

does a great job.”

Her favourite part of the

night is the Port Lyttelton fireworks

display “and there’s some

amazing food on the street as


WINTER WARMER: Volcano’s Sue Curtin is ready with

supplies for her mulled wine stall at Lyttelton’s Festival of

Lights street party.


Stone sculpture to remember Zarifeh boys

•From page 1

“As a family we continue

to be immensely grateful for

the outpouring of community

support and kindness, and are

thrilled to now be able to share

this memorial as a focal point of


The stone sculpture will be

a place to sit and reflect “and

maybe also check the surf,”

Mr Robberds said. “The stones

themselves are significant as they

were foundation stones from a

Christchurch building.

“In many ways Paul Zarifeh

provided a foundation for many

surfers in Christchurch through

his business and through his

support of young competitive

surfers. Sam Zarifeh also

provided a strong foundation

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for others in his role as a

boarding master and teacher at

Christchurch Boys’ High.”

Stonemason Ben West and

Sumner landscape architect

Cameron Rennie have also

helped Mr Robberds with the


To reflect the family’s love of

the outdoors, a number of special

stones from around the South

Island – including one that represents

Paul’s Palestinian heritage

– have been cast into the larger


The family has put out an open

invitation to the community to

go along and make a splash, “in

the Zed boys’ memories.”

Mrs Zarifeh extended her

thanks to Mr Robberds for

his “design, creation and

implementation of the sculpture,

and also, in advance, to the

numerous local businesses who

have generously donated prizes

for the mid-winter ‘splash’ this


There will be coffee,

refreshments and prizes at the

event, which takes place at 11am

on Sunday at the Esplanade end

of Hardwicke St.

New Zealand Native Hedging and Trees

Fruiting and Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Perennials, Groundcovers, and Climbers

Ceramic Pots, Soil, and Plant Care

Succulents and More!

478 Marshland Rd, 9am-4:30pm Thurs.-Mon.

PAGE 6 Wednesday June 27 2018


Latest Christchurch news at





Paul Simon - The Life

By robert Hilburn

‘There’s no tougher a mind, no more tender a voice than Paul Simon, and there’s no better

man than Robert Hilburn to decipher the hardwiring of this hyperintellect...great songs can

never be fully explained, but the great man on his way to find those songs surely can.’ - Bono

Through such hits as “The Sound of Silence,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Still Crazy After

All These Years,” and “Graceland,” Paul Simon has spoken to us in songs for a half-century

about alienation, doubt, survival, and faith in ways that have established him as one of

the most honoured and beloved songwriters in American pop music history. Yet Simon has

refused to talk to potential biographers and urged those close to him to also remain silent.

But Simon not only agreed to talk to biographer Robert Hilburn for what has amounted to

more than sixty hours, he also encouraged his family and friends to sit down for in-depth


Paul Simon is a revealing account of the challenges and sacrifices of artistry at the highest

level. He has also lived a roller-coaster life of extreme ups and downs. We not only learn

Paul’s unrelenting drive to achieve artistry, but also the subsequent struggles to protect

that artistry against distractions - fame, wealth, marriage, divorce, drugs, complacency,

public rejection, self-doubt - that have frequently derailed pop stars and each of which he

encountered. From dominating the charts with Art Garfunkel and a successful reinvention as a

solo artist, to his multiple marriages and highly publicized second divorce from Carrie Fisher,

this book covers all aspects of this American icon.


By Alan Gratz

JOSEF is a Jewish boy living in 1930s Nazi Germany. With the threat of concentration

camps looming, he and his family board a ship bound for the other side of the world ...

ISABEL is a Cuban girl in 1994. With riots and unrest plaguing her country, she and her

family set out on a raft, hoping to find safety in America . . . MAHMOUD is a Syrian boy in

2015. With his homeland torn apart by violence and destruction, he and his family begin

a long trek toward Europe . . . All three kids go on harrowing journeys in search of refuge.

All will face unimaginable dangers -- from drownings to bombings to betrayals. But there

is always the hope of tomorrow. And although Josef, Isabel, and Mahmoud are separated

by continents and decades, shocking connections will tie their stories together in the end.

This action-packed novel tackles topics both timely and timeless: courage, survival, and

the quest for home.


Mindful Vegan Meals

Food is Your Friend

by Maria Koutsogiannis

Framed by her own personal struggle with bulimia and body dysmorphia,

Maria Koutsogiannis’ The Mindful Recovery traces the foods she ate to get

her to the next stage of her recovery in a way that will inspire and help

others with this large and growing problem as evidenced by her large

social media following.

Maria pairs stories of her recovery from bulimia and body dysmorphia with

the recipes that kept her body nourished along the way, giving an intimate

look at how she went from eating disorder to proclaiming her personal

mantra: “Fear not. Food is your friend.”

Packed with vibrant and healthy recipes inspired by her journey, including

milestone recipes like the first carbs she allowed herself to eat, The Mindful

Recovery offers a hopeful look at life while overcoming an eating disorder.



The President is Missing

By President Bill Clinton and James Patterson

The President is Missing. The world is in shock.

But the reason he’s missing is much worse than anyone can imagine.

With details only a President could know, and the kind of suspense only James Patterson

can deliver.

‘The dream team delivers big time a Clinton’s insider secrets and Patterson’s storytelling

genius make this the political thriller of the decade.’ - Lee Child

‘A bullet train of a thriller. The Day of the Jackal for the twenty-first century.’

- A.J. Finn, author of The Woman in the Window

‘Yes, The President is Missing is fiction - it’s a thriller - but James Patterson and I have

come up with three of the most frightening days in the history of the presidency. And it

could really happen... These days, the seemingly impossible can happen. And it happens

so fast. I believe that readers will not soon forget President Jonathan Duncan and his

story.’ - Bill Clinton

‘Needless to say, we had some great conversations about the presidency, what life in

Washington is really like, and about the state of America and the rest of the world.’

- James Patterson









1005 Ferry rd

Ph 384 2063

while stocks last (see instore for terms and conditions)

Barry & kerry

Wednesday June 27 2018

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June 29 - July 1 10AM - 5PM


it’s our



a $500 Cof ee

Machine Combo

1 per store to be won

See instore for details

SHOWCASE: This weekend’s Star Media Home and Leisure Show is shaping up

to be the best yet.


Home & Leisure Show

on this weekend

THE STAR Media Home

& Leisure Show promises

to be the best yet.

Celebrating its 20th year

of supporting local businesses,

the event has an

extra special flavour this

time around with a unique

tasting corner.

Event manager Vanessa

Fleming is super-enthused

about the new addition,

which reflects the importance

of leisure in people’s

lives these days.

“There will be a wide

range of food and drink

products to sample, which

people can then go home

and recreate in their own

kitchens,” she says.

And with the latest in

kitchen innovations and

products on display, it’s a

chance to get creative in

all aspects of life.

Said Star Media chief executive

Steve McCaughan:

“I am very excited about

the new elements we

have introduced with the

addition of our free taste

section, new glossy Home

and Leisure magazine, plus

fantastic prizes to be won.”

Seminars are held

throughout each of the

three days and feature

everything from starting

a renovation through to

the design and decoration


A hot topic this year is

water, with multiple water

filtration systems being

exhibited at the show,

along with spa pools

and the best in heating


“This show is designed

to inspire people with the

latest in home and lifestyle

technology,” says Ms


Port construction

noise until 2020


Lyttelton’s new cruise

berth gets underway

early next month with

residents warned to

expect intermittent noise

through to early 2020.

Pile driving will

occur six days a week,

Monday to Saturday, with

similar noise levels to the

construction of Cashin

Quay in 2014 and 2015.

However, given the

cruise berth’s proximity

to residents, noise will

be heard more widely,

Lyttelton Port Company is


“While the level of

noise cannot be effectively

mitigated, residents will

be able to view regular

updates to the planned

piling times on LPC’s

harbour watch website,”

chief executive Peter

Davie said.

Mr Davie said the size

of the original piles for the

berth had been reduced

to mitigate the effects

of noise on endangered

Hector’s dolphins.

“In the new design the

piles are now 900mm

in diameter, which

significantly reduces the

pile driving noise underwater.

The new design

does not require resource

consent to construct

the wharf, as it is within

the regulations of the

Lyttelton Port Recovery

Plan. We have applied for

consent to allow the larger

cruise ships to berth at the

wharf, and to undertake

minor dredging works,”

Mr Davie said.

Purchase any

Four Square Pizza

and go into the draw to win

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Competition runs from 25.06.2018 to 08.07.2018

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Redcliffs Pharmacy

Experience You Can Trust

The team at Redcliffs Pharmacy

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are available to help answer

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concerns. No question is too

trivial for the team and you can

sit down with their pharmacists

Catherine, Sandi or Daryl and

talk about medications and how

to best take them. There is no

charge for this service.

Redcliffs Pharmacy are long

standing community members.

Catherine started there as an

intern 29 years ago. Daryl has

been there nearly as long and

Sandi is coming up 20 years.

They love working

in the Redcliffs

community, where

people are so friendly.

Having been there so

long they know most

people who walk in

the door so are able

to provide a more

personalised service.

Daryl also keeps busy

in the community as

Sumner’s Fire Chief.

Their Pharmacists are

experts in medicines and

are available to discuss and

prescribe Pharmacist-only

medicines such as Viagra

for men, Trimethoprim for

urinary tract infections for

women, and contraceptive pills

(including the emergency pill) for


At this time of year, they are busy

talking to customers with cold and

flu symptoms. People should check

with a Pharmacist before taking over

the counter remedies if they are on

any regular medications for blood

pressure or diabetes.

An important part of a pharmacist’s

job is to know when they can help

you or when they need to refer you to a GP.

The pharmacists at Redcliffs enjoy working

with the local GPs to ensure better health

for the community.

Another service provided by the pharmacy

is dispensing medications in blister packs.

This has a small charge but can make

taking a number of medicines a lot easier.

Medications for heart, blood pressure and

other conditions can be important not to


Call in to the Redcliffs Pharmacy today.

Check out their Facebook page for

seasonal tips, medical information and

lifestyle help. Like their FB page so you can

receive their updates.

Call Redcliffs Pharmacy today -

03 384 1037. They look forward to helping

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Wednesday June 27 2018

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Fire rages, homes at risk

Helping kids deal with anxiety

Along with juggling

young families and

running businesses, yoga

instructor Jess Smith

and child psychologist

Emma Chapman started

up a series of mindful

retreats for the 9 to 14

year-old age group this

year. Based in Sumner,

they aim to help young

people manage the

complexities of growing

up in the 21st century.

They talk to reporter

Sarla Donovan

So why have you aimed the

retreats at this age group?

Emma: It’s a really good age in

their development to put mental

health strategies in place that are

a little bit more complex than

you could do with those under

the age of eight. Also they’re

really open at this age, they’re

not as self-conscious and you can

get a lot of good, honest work

done with them - would you say


Jess: Yeah, they’re very honest

and they’re not so ‘in their head,’

their answers come out really

fast. And they’re fun to be with.

Emma: We give them this

journal that’s got a whole lot of

stuff in there so that throughout

their teenage years as they’re

growing and processing things

more they have these tools. It’s

almost like we’re trying to not be

the ambulance at the bottom of

the cliff, we’re getting in before

all that and giving them tools to

go forward with.

What are the biggest

challenges facing ‘tweens’ today

and how are you helping them?

Jess: One thing is they’re living

outside their body, not inside.

They’re busy looking at social

media and everything’s so out

in front of them, there’s so much

ALL ABOUT THE BREATH: Jess Smith and Emma Chapman run workshops for 9-14 year

old’s, building resilience and teaching young people how to manage stress and anxiety.


comparison that they forget to

listen to that internal voice and

develop their intuition. Even

with yoga, I never teach that it

should look like this. I’m really

mindful of my language so it’s

more of an inquiry: ‘how does it


Emma: We need to be able

to feel all of our emotions and

know what to do when they

overwhelm us. Social media is

about the persona of what you

want the public to see and often

that’s just happy, lots of friends

and all that kind of thing. And

we’re saying hang on, let’s get

back to what’s real in life and the

fact that not everyone’s happy all

the time, so what do we do with

those big emotions?

Can anybody attend a retreat?

Emma: Anyone can come.

These are strategies for

everybody, you don’t need to

have anxiety or be stressed out.

We would only ever restrict

anyone from coming if they

were working really closely with

mental health services, meaning

that being in the group would

put them so far outside their

comfort zone that it wouldn’t be


How do you think the

earthquakes have affected

young people in Christchurch?

Emma: For my part I think

it’s a very useful tool during

the retreats that children have

had the shared experience of

the fight/flight/freeze response

during the earthquakes and

we focus on how this has built


Jess: Teaching them how to

breathe is a really important part

because as we know during fight/

flight the breath gets shortened

and the heart rate comes up

so we’re learning how to work

with that: grounding the feet,

coming back to the breath and

anchoring. It’s such a small

tool but it can go such a long


Emma: The breathing is a huge

part of our retreats. We come

back and back and back to it.

Can you describe what you do

each day?

Jess: I start with a 90 minute

yoga practice, maybe some

meditation, a little bit of art work

and then we have a break, have

some food and then Emma takes


Emma: Once they come to

me I usually do some psychoeducation

around their brains

and anxiety/stress, things like

that. So they’ve been grounded

by Jess and then unfortunately

I take them straight back into

their heads. But they’re ready for

it by then and it’s at their level,

just making sense to them as

why their bodies go into

fight/flight/freeze and things

like that. And then we work

through different strategies,

cognitive behaviour therapy,

acceptance and commitment

therapy, both of which work

really well with this age group

and it’s kind of up to them to

take those away and decide what

works for them and what doesn’t.

There’s lots

of homework involved with

that, and lots of sharing which is

really nice.

•Turn to page 10

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A professional realtor with

local expertise

and a personal touch


We’ll help you live the dream.

Min Sarginson Real Estate Ltd. specialises in homes, sections and

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coastal suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand.

We’ll make it so easy for you. All our sales consultants live in the

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coastal communities.

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Rolleston Ave

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Colombo St St

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Mindfulness retreats for youngsters

•From page 9

Jess: By day three I have to

calm everybody down, they’re so

excited and talking and there’s

this beautiful friendship that

starts between everyone.

Jess: We’re trialling one day

workshops because the four days

is a commitment and expense

and at least it gives people who

can’t take breaks during the

holidays an experience of what

it’s like.

How did you come up with

this idea?

Jess: Emma actually contacted

me. A good friend of her’s came

to one of my yoga retreats (for

adults) and she mentioned that

she wished her daughter could

have gone and I think Emma’s

brain lit up and she contacted


Emma: There’s nothing in the

market like it and for someone

like myself who’s a private

psychologist having to make

people pay $150 an hour to see

their children when I could

actually give thee same strategies

in a group setting . . . I just

thought we need to get this

out there. The mental health

service in Christchurch is

crazy, there’s a 28 week wait

or something like that to see

someone through the public

system. And although there’s still

a cost it’s very low compared to

what it would be

if you were doing it individually

with someone privately.

Jess: For me, yoga is in big

competition with rugby and

netball and just the A to Z of

activities. Kiwi kids have so much

on their plate besides just going

to school so when yoga gets put

on the table it’s kind of the last

thing a kid’s going to do so it’s

nice to offer it as something that

is going to benefit other aspects

of their life, not just physically.

You’ve run two retreats now,

what’s the feedback been like?

Emma: That it’s been really life

changing. They all want to do

it again. We have a form we ask

them to fill out at the end.

Jess: And they’re brutal!

(laughs.) As adults we’re so

conditioned to be nice but it’s like

“I didn’t like the food,” or “What!

Homework? I thought this was a


Emma: Then we have feedback

weeks or months later from

caregivers and they’re saying

they’ve really found it useful.


ACT: Yoga

teacher Jess

Smith juggles

her business

with raising two


They go away with quite a large

pack of things so we’re not just

saying do the four days and see

you later, they’ve got things they

can go back to so when the next

big thing comes up in their lives

they can go back to their yoga

mat that they’ve decorated for

themselves and all of the things

that they go away with that

makes it doubly powerful.

Have you made any changes

since running the first retreat in


Emma: Another big thing is

we used to just take girls and we

have decided to be more gender

diverse because of course there is

no need for it just to be girls. We

thought possibly it was going to

create a safe space but all genders

can do that.

And what does the future hold

for the Mindful Retreats?

Emma: We get a lot of really

good sponsorship from people

because we hate that people aren’t

able to come because of money

so ideally the government would

start sponsoring us and we could

roll it out across primary schools.

That would be where we’re

aiming for so we’re collecting a

lot of data so we can approach

government agencies and see

what they can do.

•Four-day winter Mindful

Retreat, Tuesday July 17 -

Friday July 20, 12.30 - 5pm

at Van Asch Deaf Education

Centre. See the Mindful

Retreats Facebook page for


Heading to



Plan your trip






From 2 July, Canterbury District Health Board’s hospital shuttle

will run from a new location at 33 Lichfield Street – the

Christchurch City Council’s Lichfield Street Car Park building.

Lichfield Street


Hospital shuttle

moving to Lichfield Street

Car Park building from 2 July 2018

Hospital patients and visitors should

park in the building and catch the

free shuttle from the pick-up area on

Level 2A. Pay for your parking when

you return.

The shuttle will run to the current timetable,

from 7.15 am to 8.30 pm, 7 days a week.

Journey times on the shuttle will be around

15 minutes, similar to the current shuttle.

Learn more at

or call 0800 555 300

For parking rates see

Ōtākaro/Avon River

Riccarton Ave

Hagley Ave

Cashel St

Shuttle route to

Lichfield St

Car Park building

Shuttle route to

the Hospital

and Outpatients

Hereford St

Oi Manawa



National Memorial

Tuam St

St Asaph St

Bridge of


Durham Durham St S





City Mall


Mollett St

Lichfield St

Car Park building

Lichfield St

High St




Wednesday June 27 2018

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Timber OffCUTS


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Win tickets to the NZMCA

Motorhome, Caravan &

Leisure show!

For all lovers of the great kiwi outdoors,

a bigger show featuring all your favourite

brands is on its way to Horncastle Arena

next weekend…

The NZMCA Motorhome, Caravan &

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The 3-day show features a great range of

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If unadulterated leisure is your thing, you

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You can even enter to win your dream

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Look out in next weeks STAR for your $5 off

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Come with dreams and make them your

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Motorhome, Caravan & Leisure Show,

Horncastle Arena, Christchurch.


We have 14 tickets to give away. It’s easy to enter, simply email:

Entries close 5pm Wednesday 4th July 2018

To be eleigible for the draw, all entries must include your name and contact number.

Your Local Views

Volunteers help

make a difference

There are many

volunteers making

a difference in our

community, writes

National List MP for

Port Hills Nuk Korako

Last week was National Volunteer Week

– “ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai”

(many hands make light work.)

Our chance to acknowledge and thank

those volunteers in our community for all

the work that they do.

I had a good start to my week volunteering

at Cultivate Urban Farm to harvest

vegetables for market. Their philosophy is

to not only nurture plants, but also to give

disadvantaged youth and the homeless the

chance for a fresh start through gardening.

It is a fantastic environment for youth

development and was a real pleasure to

work alongside them.

There are many ways we can volunteer.

The question is, how and where do I start

as there are so many great causes. Personally

I enjoy getting out and collecting for

as many worthy appeals as I can. It is a

great way of raising much needed funds as

well as catching up with the community

in the Bays and hills areas for a chat and

to see how things are for them. I also enjoy

the local planting days.

As well as the volunteer networks who

work tirelessly to keep organisations functioning,

there are our local unsung heroes.

They engage and help with our estuary,

rivers, conservation, community response

and community wellbeing.

Sumner Lifeboat, firefighters, coaches

and carers, resident associations, neighbourhood

watch, the list goes on. We

thank every single one of you for giving

your time freely. It is people like you who

make our world a better place, thank you.

If you would like to start volunteering

there is no better time than to start now.

Your local community group such as

Sumner (, Project

Lyttelton (, residents’

associations and other groups.

Volunteering Canterbury (

nz) is a good start. Giving even a couple of

hours a week of your time will make such

a difference to any cause, as well as enrich

your own life.

To all our volunteers, a huge thanks.

ALL SMILES: Helping out Cole

and Amra at Cultivate Urban Farm

during National Volunteer Week.

Horncastle Arena • Christchurch

6-8 July 2018


Friday 6th - 9am-5pm • Saturday 7th - 9am-5pm • Sunday 8th - 9am-4pm

Wednesday June 27 2018

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Bridge club spans half a century

Sumner Bridge Club

will celebrate its 50th

anniversary in September.

Sarla Donovan reports

YOU COULD say it was rain

that created the Sumner Bridge

Club back in 1968.

A group of people got together

- mostly men - who worked

at the Lyttelton wharves, club

president Julie Cunningham


“The rules of stevedoring in

those days were that if there

was too much rain, you weren’t

able to work. So they used to go

indoors and play cards.”

Eventually they decided to

form a club.

They didn’t have premises

initially, but used the social hall

at the St John ambulance rooms

and the Sumner Community


Its first session was convened

with 27 players on September 9,

1968, in the supper room of the

community centre.

When a run-down

weatherboard house in Dryden

St was spotted for sale at a cheap

price, the club bought it by

raising 216 debentures from their


Purchased for $3750 in May,

Still Pedalling!

Trevor Crowe’s been involved with cars for a

while. You can benefit from his experience at...

Subaru Specialists

Full Workshop services

WOF’s | Service Checks | Wheel

Alignment | Brakes | Clutches | Tyres etc

Great range of Subarus & other

makes from $5,000 - $35,000

View at

518 Moorhouse Ave (East end)

Phone 379 7615 or


FULL HOUSE: Sumner’s Bridge Club president Julie Cunningham is ready to mark the club’s 50th

anniversary in September.


1970, the property had a 2017

capital rating valuation of


The debentures also funded

major renovations at the

This year The

Sumner Bridge CluB

iS 50 yearS old

a Jubilee Celebration is

planned for the weekend of

september 8th and 9th.

There’s drinks and dinner

on saturday evening and for

sunday, a morning of Bridge

fun, followed by lunch and an

afternoon Tournament

Present and past members

are invited to catch up with

friends old and new.

To order a registration form,

phone either Mary 384 3192

or Julie 384 5401

space is limited, so register

early. applications must be in

by august 3rd.

property, and because many

of the men in the club had

carpentry and building skills.

They set about gutting the inside,

changing around the layout and


The Blood Road

(Logan McRae, Book #11)

by Stuart MacBride

What drives someone to murder?

putting in men’s and women’s

bathrooms, Ms Cunningham


After a few years, a breakaway

group formed what became the

The No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author returns with the

much anticipated new Logan McRae thriller.

Some things just won’t stay buried…

Logan McRae’s personal history is hardly squeaky clean, but now

that he works for Professional Standards he’s policing his fellow officers.

When Detective Inspector Bell turns up dead in the driver’s seat of a crashed car

it’s a shock to everyone. Because Bell died two years ago, they buried him. Or they

thought they did.

As an investigation is launched into Bell’s stabbing, Logan digs into his past.

Where has he been all this time? Why did he disappear? And what’s so important

that he felt the need to come back from the dead?

But the deeper Logan digs, the more bones he uncovers – and there are people out

there who’ll kill to keep those skeletons buried. If Logan can’t stop them, DI Bell

won’t be the only one to die…

Levi’s War

by Julie Thomas

A story of courage and bravery from a Jew behind enemy lines during the Second

World War.

How many secrets can one family hold?

Levi Horowitz isn’t a natural-born soldier. But in November 1938, Berlin is a

volatile place for a Jew, and the talented young musician secures passage to

Switzerland. Instead, Levi is taken to a Danish border checkpoint and from then on

his war becomes secret, even from those he loves best.

In 2017, a recording emerges, showing Levi in 1945 and revealing a story in

equal parts shocking and heroic. It is a journey that leads him face-to-face with

Hitler, and into a position to change the final outcome of the war.

Levi’s War follows on from the enthralling historical novels The Keeper of Secrets

and Rachel’s Legacy, this time tracing the story of the eldest Horowitz son. Whether

you’re discovering Julie Thomas’s books for the first time, or making a return visit

to the saga of the Horowitz family, Levi’s War will leave you utterly breathless.





Mt Pleasant Bridge Club.

This time it wasn’t rain, but

smoke that was the cause.

“In those days, people smoked

tremendously, particularly the

men. After seven or eight years,

some of the club members asked

the offending smokers to desist

while playing but they refused,”

she said.

So a group broke away and

formed the non-smoking Mt

Pleasant Bridge Club with 40

members in August, 1975.

But after a few more years,

Sumner also went smokefree.

Today the club continues to

thrive, with members ranging in

age from their 40s right through

to 93.

Ms Cunningham herself came

to the game at retirement age.

Having grown up in a

generation where a lot of people

played cards - “there wasn’t

much entertainment in the

evenings!” - she still had eight

weeks of lessons before starting.

And beginners lessons are

still offered regularly at the

club, which will mark its 50th

on the weekend of September

8 and 9 with a get together and

drinks on Saturday followed

by entertainment, lunch and a

tournament on Sunday.



We have one copy of The Blood Road by Stuart MacBride to give away, courtesy of Take Note Ferrymead.

To be in the draw, email with The Blood Road in the subject line or write to Take

Note Book Giveaway, The Blood Road, Star Media, PO Box 1467, Christchurch 8140. To be eligible for the

draw, all entries must include your name, address and contact number. Entries close Tuesday July 10th.

Winner of Anna by Amanda Prowse is Olive Crothall of Opawa.

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Page 15

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grade carpet

RRP $129.99 NOW $77.90PM

1600 metres to clear 8 colours available Newport

120 metres

25% off!

Boucle Twist

• Extra heavy duty • Cut pile • 1 colour

• 80/20 wool



per lm

250 metres

Sierra - Sedan

• Pure wool • Extra heavy duty

• Slightly imperfect



per lm

fully installed

house lot deals

Brescia ($119.90 per metre)

• Extra heavy duty • Cut Pile • 4 colours

• 48oz Solution Dyed Nylon

luxury underlay &

installation included



garage carpet



6m by 6m garage fully

installed for $900

Some conditions apply



2 metre vinyl








312 Wilsons Road North, Waltham Phone 366 0070

^Prices are based on an average 3 bedroom home using 25 metres of

carpet, three finishing bars and fully installed. Excludes smooth edge,

uplift and furniture removal. For more details see instore.

Q Card Finance Now Available

*No payments and no interest until (“Payment Holiday”) is available on Flexi Payment Plans [for in-store purchases only] until 31 August 2018. Offer excludes Trade me purchases. Minimum spend $1000.00. Annual Account Fee of $50 applies. New Cardholder fees - $55 Establishment ($3 PPSR – Q Card only). Existing Cardholder fee -

$35 Advance. Standard Interest Rate, currently 25.99% p.a. applies to any outstanding balance at end of Payment Holiday. Payment Holiday period may vary depending on Cardholder’s payment cycle dates. Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Rate and fees correct as at date of publication, subject to change.

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Friday 29th June

6pm - 10:30pm


with Backyard Davey

7:00 Street Parade

7:20 Lyttelton Primary School

7:30 Rāpaki Whānau Kapa Haka

7:45 Lyttelton Arts Factory Dance Crews

8:00 Lyttelton Port of Christchurch Fireworks display

8:30 The Secret Lives of Ukelele

9:00 Backyard Davey


with Shay Horay

7:00 Street Parade

7:15 Lindon Puffin and the Bad Bax

8:15 The Settlers

9:00 The Preservatives

9:50 AL P and his PAL's


7:30 - 9:30 DJ Rang


Bus and Shuttle Info at

Wednesday June 27 2018

Emotional match for Sumner

Nel to play at

St Leonards

one last time

• By Gordon Findlater

A TRIO of milestones will

happen when Sumner play New

Brighton in the ‘battle of the

beaches’ at St Leonards Park on


Both Tom Crozier and Josh

Loader will both make their

50th appearances for the club

while South African No 8

Dylan Nel will play his final

home game for the club before

relocating to Dunedin to begin

preparations ahead of the Mitre

10 Cup season with Otago.

“It’s a mixed bag of emotions.

Obviously I’m excited for what

awaits in Otago but it’s going to

be very sad to leave my Sumner

family,” said Nel.

It’s understood the club are

planning a ‘dress up like Dylan

Nel’ party after their match

against New Brighton.

“There will be a few tight pants

and low cut singlets,” said Sumner

coach Martin Dodgson.

The match is also very much

a must win for Sumner’s semifinal

hopes. With just three

matches remaining until the

play-offs, Sumner are in fifth

– just one point behind New

Brighton in fourth.

“She’s a very tight top six this

year . . . it’s going to come down

to bonus points,” said Dodgson.

Sumner’s last two top six

round robin matches will be

away to Sydenham and at home

against Christchurch.

On Saturday Sumner suffered

their first lost in the top six at

the hands of defending champions

Lincoln University 13-34.

However, Dodgson was happy

with the performance from his

team which saw them camped

on Lincoln’s line midway

through the second half with the

scored at 13-13.

Latest Christchurch news at

BARNSTORMING: No 8 Dylan Nel will play his final match for

Sumner on Saturday.


From there, Lincoln University

worked their way out of trouble

to score seven at the other end,

before scoring twice in the final


“We were much happier with

the performance compared to

last week,” said Dodgson.

“The guys were smiling

again and really enjoying their


The club will also celebrate

their annual ladies’ day on

Saturday where bubbles are

expected to be enjoyed under a

side-line marquee.

• By Gordon Findlater




NEW MAN: Aiden Barbour-

Ryan has made the switch

from Selwyn United and will

look to lead the attack for

Bays in the newly reformed

Southern League.

Bays enter new era


new frontier on Saturday when

they kick off the newly founded

Southern League by hosting

Nomads United at English Park.

The 2017 Mainland Premier

League champions finished third

in this year’s campaign to qualify

for the newly reformed competition

which last existed in 1999.

The top five teams from the MPL

are joined by the top three teams

from the Football South Premier


“Qualifying for this has been

a goal since the start of the year.

All of the guys are really excited

for it,” said Bays coach Danny


“The quality of the southern

teams is a bit of an unknown.

The long away trips and playing

on unfamiliar surfaces will be a

challenge, but it’s also very exciting.”

Bays face away trips to Dunedin

Technical and Invercargill’s

Southland United. However,

much to the team’s disappointment,

they have drawn Queenstown

FC at home, meaning a

much anticipated boys weekend

in Queenstown is off the cards.

The last round of the MPL was

held on June 9, and with grounds

closed in recent weeks due to

persistent rain, Bays’ preparations

have been unconventional

ahead of the new league which

consists of one round of games.

“We’ve focused on a lot of

fitness work and have even done

some boxing fitness sessions and

spin classes. We got in a practice

match on Thursday evening so

things are shaping well,” said


Bays will be without the services

of the MPL’s all-time leading

scorer Michael White who is

expected to miss the remainder

of the season after damaging cartilage

and ligaments in his knee

earlier in the year.

However, they have signed

exciting young striker Aiden

Barbour-Ryan from Selwyn

United, who possesses the pace

and eye for goal that was missed

with White’s absence.

Sarah, Anita, Grant, Ashleigh and Kellie

Full Service Pharmacy


• Passports Photos

• Revlon Cosmetics and Revlon Club

• Gifts and Gift Wrapping

• Ear Piercing

• Extensive Natural Health range

• Scarves, Hats and Sunglasses

• Focus on Natural Organic Skincare including Trilogy,

Antipodes and Sukin


Dispensary Service

• Medico Packs

• Quit Smoking Quitcards

• Emergency

Contraceptive Pill

• Delivery Service

Owned and operated by

your pharmacist, Grant Bell



1005 Ferry Rd, Ferrymead. Ph:943 9635

OPEN 7 DAYS: Mon to Fri 8.30am - 6pm

Sat 9am - 4pm and Sun 10am - 4pm

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Colombo St








Bauer Roxxie 20SS ONLY





worth of Bikes








Jamis Trail X Blue 19 ONLY





only at 550

Colombo St,



JULY 3rd



on everything $499 and over #

0800 SMITHS (0800 764 847)

SHOP YOUR WAY Delivered to your door or pick up in-store

Valid until Tuesday 3rd July. #Apple products, selected computers, game consoles, gift cards, clearance items and some promotional items are

not available in conjunction with INTEREST FREE offers. Exclusions, fees, terms & conditions apply. See in-store or visit


Wednesday June 27 2018

[Edition datE]

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keep it local

and support businesses in your community

A ‘gold mine’

of footwear

for all ages

The Footwear Factory in Garlands

Road Woolston has been a part of the

Christchurch retail scene for more than a

quarter of a century.

Over that time thousands of people have

flocked to the store to find bargains and

good deals in quality footwear, ranging from

children’s shoes, sandals and school shoes

to men’s and women’s fashion and causal

shoes, outdoor and sports shoes, bowls

shoes, slippers, and safety footwear for the


Launched in a small shop in Papanui, the

business later operated in Riccarton for 12

years before moving to Garlands Rd 13 years


Owned by Russ and Jude Day, there you

will find shelves lined with footwear in a

huge variety of styles and colours for men,

women and children – a ‘gold mine’ for shoeseeking


The footwear is brought in from all over

the world, as well as coming from New

Zealand manufacturers, and includes ends of

lines and other well-priced items.

Four main brands are carried – the New

Zealand made McKinlays range of children’s

school shoes, as well as men’s and women’s

styles. The well-known Hi-Tec range of

outdoor footwear and tramping, New

Balance sports shoes and a range of Keens

sandals and outdoor footwear. These known

brands cover all ages.

New styles arrive almost every day, so

there are always more to try on, while Russell

and his second-in-charge Karen are happy to

advise on styles and sizing.

Located on a high-profile site at 47C

Garlands Rd, (next to Flags Tyre’s), the

Footwear Factory is easy to find, and there is

off-street parking available.

They are open seven days a week –

9.30am- 5pm Monday to Friday, 10am-2pm

Saturday and 11am-3pm Sunday. Phone

389-3431. Check out their website for new


Karen Kirk displays the

popular Hunter Junior shoe









For men, women

and children



to $250

• Mathematics

• Reading

• Spelling

• English

• Sciences

• NCEA Subjects Y11-13

• Preparation for school

entrance test



47c Garlands Road, Woolston

Phone 389 3431

Unit 1/27 Waterman Place, Ferrymead

(just off Ferry Rd) | Phone 384 1188



If you’re reading this ad chances are thousands

of other local Bay Harbour readers be will also

Are you interested in advertising on our

‘Keep it Local’ page and for less than $100

per month and also includes an advertorial



Four good reasons to use us

to frame your artwork:

1. Know how - UK qualified

conservation framer

2. Experience - We have been

established now for eighteen years

3. Guarantee - All work guaranteed

4. Price - Very competitive prices



Legal Executive







Contact Rob Davison 021 225 8584

or Javier Balcazar 021 225 8221

Contact Malcolm Ph 328-7350

32 London St, Lyttelton

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm

186 Main Road, Redcliffs

03 384 5350 |

Open Monday - Friday 6am-5pm

& Saturday 7am-3pm

8 Norwich Quay, Lyttelton

Phone: 03 328 9004

Advertising enquiries Javier Balcazar | Ph: 021 225 8221 |

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The Ultimate

Driving Machine


If you’ve had your heart set on owning an Ultimate Driving Machine, this could be the extra push you

need. We have a range of pre-registered and demonstrator models available at exceptional prices.

Contact the team at Christchurch BMW to find out more or visit us to test drive one today.

BMW X1 sDrive 18i

Black Sapphire / Sensatec

Black, Demo kms.

RRP $67,290

BMW X1 sDrive 18i

Estoril Blue / Sensatec

Black, Demo kms.

RRP $68,090

BMW X1 sDrive 18i

Alpine White / Sensatec

Black, Delivery kms.

RRP $67,100

BMW X1 sDrive 18i

Glacier Grey / Sensatec

Black, Delivery kms.

RRP $69,090

BMW X2 sDrive 20i

M Sport Misano Blue /

Leather Dakota, Delivery

kms. RRP $81,990

BMW X2 sDrive 20i

M Sport Alpine White /

Leather Dakota, Delivery

kms. RRP $85,600

BMW X2 sDrive 20i

M Sport Sunset Orange /

Sensatec Black, Delivery

kms. RRP $80,290

BMW X2 sDrive 20i

M Sport Galvanic Gold /

Alcantara, Delivery kms

RRP $80,290

BMW X2 sDrive 20i

Black Sapphire / Sensatec

Black, Demo kms.

RRP $71,890

BMW X3 M40i

Phytonic Blue / Black

Leather Vernasca, Demo

kms. RRP $127,740

BMW X3 xDrive 30i

Alpine White / Black

Leather Vernasca, Demo

kms. RRP $106,750

BMW X3 xDrive 20d

Black Sapphire / Leather

Vernasca, Demo kms.

RRP $107,640

BMW X4 xDrive20d

Black Sapphire / Black

Leather Nevada, Delivery

kms. RRP $108,495

BMW X4 xDrive 28i

Black Sapphire / Oyster

Leather Nevada, Delivery

kms. RRP $101,090

BMW 530d xDrive

Black Sapphire / Black

Leather Dakota, Demo

kms. RRP $158,400

BMW X5 M50d

Black Sapphire / Black

Leather Dakota, Demo

kms. RRP $179,090

BMW X5 xDrive30d

M-Sport Alpine White /

Black Leather Dakota,

Demo kms. RRP $143,950

BMW X5 xDrive40d M

Black Sapphire / Black

Leather Dakota, Demo

kms. RRP $162,130

BMW X5 M40d M

Space Grey / Black Leather

Dakota, Demo kms.

RRP $158,830

BMW X5 xDrive40d

Black Sapphire / Black

Leather Dakota, Delivery

kms. RRP $159,030

BMW X5 xDrive30d M

Space Grey / Black Leather

Dakota, Delivery kms.

RRP $146,940

*Vehicles may carry the balance of their new car warranty and service plan, conditions apply.

Christchurch BMW

30 Manchester Street, Christchurch, 03 363 7240.

Wednesday June 27 2018

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East to West – the trip of a lifetime

Recently named as one

of the world’s best scenic

train journeys by National

Geographic Traveler, the

TranzAlpine takes you from

one coast of New Zealand

to the other, over the

majestic Southern Alps.

Hop aboard to cross the fertile farmlands of the

Canterbury Plains, and enjoy thrilling vistas over deep

gorges as you travel alongside the ice-fed Waimakariri

River. Traverse the mighty Southern Alps, where

spectacular views of the chiselled alpine landscape will

take your breath away at every turn.

Then, after stopping at Arthur’s Pass, emerge from the

long Otira Tunnel and descend through sub-tropical

rain forest past beautiful Lake Brunner and on to

Greymouth – a great base for exploring this unspoiled

region with its mighty glaciers, wild rivers and famous

Punakaiki pancake rocks. Relax and unwind with local

delicacies like the famous West Coast Whitebait fritters

when you are in the region.

On-board the train, you will be enjoying the comfort

of award-winning carriages featuring huge panoramic

sky-view windows, or get even closer to the action

on our open-air viewing deck. We also have an on

board licensed café with a delicious selection of meals,

snacks and beverages, and GPS triggered at-seat

audio commentary. The TranzAlpine runs a daily

return service between Christchurch and Greymouth

throughout the year. Book your unforgettable

TranzAlpine journey today and experience the beauty

of it all.

Book now at

Visit the West Coast by train this winter.

Experience the South Island’s striking natural landscape by taking a train between Christchurch and Greymouth. Along this journey you’ll see epic

vistas, travel the edges of the ice-fed Waimakariri River, traverse the Southern Alps, and see miles of native beech forest. The TranzAlpine is one of the

world’s great train journeys covering 223 kilometres (139 miles) one-way, taking just under 5 hours. You’ll traverse the majestic Canterbury Plains, to the

backdrop of the mighty Southern Alps - the journey of a lifetime.

Book now at

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25 th June to 1 st July 2018


3 99


Country Fresh Washed Potato

Range 2kg


6 99


Fresh NZ Pork Shoulder Roast

(Excludes Free Range)


3 99



Weet-Bix 750g


5 69



1 79



4 49


Alpine Butter


Keri Juice/

Drink 1L

(Excludes Premium)


Chocolate Block



14 99


Fresh NZ Beef Blade Steak/

Bolar Roast


3 99


Meadow Mushrooms Portabello/

Chef’s Choice Mushrooms 250g


1 99



Family Bag



18 99


DB/Export Citrus/Gold/

Tui 12 x 330ml Bottles

(Excludes Hop Lager)


11 99



3 99


Surf Laundry Powder 1kg

Mission Estate

(Excludes Reserve/Pinot Noir/


Wyndham Bin 750ml


Owned & operated

by locals

SuperValue Lyttelton: 17 London Street, Lyttelton. Phone 328 7368. Open 7am–9pm, 7 days.

SuperValue Sumner: 3 Village Mall, Sumner. Phone 326 5688. Open 7am–9pm, 7 days.

While stocks last at SuperValue Lyttelton and Sumner only.

We reserve the right to limit quantities. Trade not supplied. For inspiration visit |

Please drink


Wednesday June 27 2018

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by 5pm each Wednesday

Knit and Yarn

Wednesday, 10am-noon, and

Friday, 10.30am-noon

Go along to this friendly craft

session. Bring your knitting,

crochet or other portable craft

project and enjoy time with

other crafters. Take a look at the

library’s range of books to get

ideas for your next project. Free,

no bookings required. Beginners


Lyttelton Library on

Wednesday, Sumner Library on



Wednesday, 10.30-11am,

Tuesday, 11-11.30am

Encourage learning through

a love for stories. Storytimes is

a free, interactive programme

including stories, songs, rhymes

and play.

Sumner Library on Wednesday

and Lyttelton Library on Tuesday.

Mini Music

Thursday and Tuesday, 9.30am

Bring your children along

to sing, dance and meet other

children and their parents/

caregivers. Cost is $3 per session

or $5 for two or more children.

Term times only. Call Eddie


nz or 027 781 1348 for further


Thursday at 4 Augusta St,

Redcliffs and Tuesday at the

Sumner Centre, 37 Nayland St

Create and Connect

Thursday, 9.30am-noon

Come and create in company.

Cost is $3 per session which

includes a morning tea and

great company. Bring your own

creative project or come and get

some inspiration. Call Beth for

more information 022 678 1252

St Andrews Anglican Church,

148 Main Rd, Redcliffs

Mt Pleasant Playgroup

Thursday, 10.30-11.30am

Enjoy a relaxed play in a

light and beautiful space. Try

out the dress-ups and musical

instruments, put together some

puzzles or zoom around on the

ride on bug. All pre-schoolers

and their caregivers are welcome,

entrance by koha. For more

information, email Kathyn at

Mt Pleasant Community

Centre Hall


Friday and Tuesday, 10.30-


Encourage your baby’s

learning through language.

When the sun has gone down, go along to the Lyttelton Library for Stories After Dark –

stories, songs and rhymes followed by crafts and hot chocolate. Library staff will entertain

your four to seven-year-olds but the whole family is welcome. You can wear your PJs and

bring Ted along too. Thursday, 6.30-7.30pm. This event is part of the Lyttelton Festival of


Babytimes involves interactive

activities, such as rhymes, songs,

stories and play.

Lyttelton Library on Friday,

Sumner Library on Tuesday

Twinkle Tots

Friday, 10.30am

Practice social skills with your

under-fives through singing and

dancing and having fun together.

Morning tea is provided. Gold

coin donation.

St Mary’s Church Village Hall,

Heathcote Valley

Mainly Music

Friday, 9.30-11.15am

Mainly Music is a fun,

educational half hour music and

movement session for babies

and pre-schoolers followed

by morning tea and a social/

play time. The first session is

free and after that cost is $4

per family casual rate or $30

for a 10-session card. For more

information, phone Hazel 384

1965 or 021 077 1264.

St Andrews Church, 148 Main Rd

Mahoe-nui Bush Planting

Saturday, 9-11.30am

Go along to the planting

day this weekend – adding to

Mahoe-nui to provide more

habitat for native birds. Plants,

spades and gloves provided. Stay

on after for a spot of morning

tea. Meet at 9am on Colenso St

by the Sumner School netball

courts to carpool from there.

Suitable terrain for children aged

about eight years and older.

Mahoe-Nui lower site off Evans

Pass, Sumner

Akaroa Area School Fundraiser

Saturday, 7pm

Live Kiwi music from Rodney

Fisher and Gareth Thomas

of Goodshirt along with the

Akaroa Rhythm Method Ensemble.

Tickets $50. Supper is

included in the ticket price. Bar

with eftpos available, no BYO.

The Gaiety Hall


Lyttelton Farmers’ Market

and Lyttelton Craft Market:

Saturday, 10am-1pm, London St.

Mt Pleasant Farmers’ Market:

Saturday, 9.30am-12.30pm, 3

McCormacks Bay Rd.

3 Garlands Road, Woolston

Christchurch's Premium Cinema Experience

Phone Bookings | Free Parking | Cafe/Licensed Bar

03 389 5360 Online Bookings | Cinema Club | Hot Nuts/ Cheeses

edie Uplifting British Drama

wed: 11:50AM thu: 10:00AM, 12:00PM, 6:00PM

fri, sat, sun: 10:25AM, 2:20PM, 6:00PM mon, tue: 10:25AM, 2:20PM, 6:00PM

adrift Incredible True Story

thu: 3:50PM, 8:30PM fri, sat, sun: 12:25PM, 8:30PM

mon, tue: 12:25PM, 8:30PM

the leisure seeker Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland

wed: 10:10AM, 1:50PM, 6:20PM, 8:10PM

thu, fri, sat, sun: 10:10AM, 2:00PM, 4:10PM, 6:20PM

mon, tue: 10:10AM, 2:00PM, 4:10PM, 6:20PM

tea with the dames Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Eileen Atkins, Joan Plowright

wed: 10:00AM, 2:30PM, 6:30PM thu: 12:20PM, 2:00PM

fri, sat, sun: 12:20PM, 4:20PM mon, tue: 12:20PM, 4:20PM

ocean’s eight Starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway

wed: 4:00PM, 8:30PM thu: 8:30PM fri, sat, sun: 8:00PM mon, tue: 8:00PM

the bookshop Starring Emily Mortimer and Bill Nighy

wed: 12:20PM

the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society

Heart-warming Love Story

wed: 4:10PM

edie M Offensive language adrift M Offensive language the leisure seeker M Suicide

and Euthanasia themes, sex scenes and offensive language tea with the dames M Offensive

language and sexual references ocean’s eight M Offensive language the bookshop PG

Coarse language the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society M Adult themes





elegance and sophistication.

synonyms: flair, grace, poise,

polish, suaveness, urbanity,

chic, finesse, taste, class,

comfort, luxury, affluence,

wealth, opulence, lavishness.



Twice a year we clear the Community Fund collection boxes at

Christchurch Airport and share the money across the community.

Kiwi dollars, international currency, small change from your cup of

coffee, plus a top-up donation from us, all add up for local charities

and community projects.

Preferred repairer and

service agent for all major

warranty repair companies



We service and repair

most European vehicles

namely Audi, BMW, Land

Rover/Range Rover and

VW and also Diagnostic

Scanners for most other

makes and models.

The New Brighton Blanket Bank has been running since 2012 with the aim of

collecting donations of good used and unused blankets, duvets, sheets and

towels; and redistributing them to those in the community that require some

extra warm bedding. Blanket Bank Coordinator Sarah (pictured) helps families

and individuals from all over Christchurch, and even beyond.



2/36 Birmingham Drive, Middleton, ChCh

Phone: 03 338 8777

Open: Mon to Fri 8am-6pm and Sat 9am-3pm

Charities and community groups

can apply for funds at

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Latest Christchurch news at


ENDS 9.7.18







Cnr Blenheim & Curletts Rds, Christchurch

Ph: 0800 TARGET (0800 827438)

Offers and product prices advertised here expire 09/07/18.

Sale excludes Manchester and Accessories.

Wednesday June 27 2018


Soothe your soul

Latest Christchurch news at

54 Avoca Valley Road, Heathcote

Auction: Thursday 12 July 2018 Unless Sold Prior

4 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 1 living room | 1 office/study | 4 car-garage | 2 off-street parks | Listing #FM5436



Wake up to sights and sounds of the

country in this delightful property nestled

in the heart of Avoca Valley, surrounded

by the vista of the grand Port Hills. The

rural background combined with your

own landscape section of 2,672m2 creates a

peaceful haven where you can unwind, and

your kids can play to their hearts content.

Warm and inviting, the family home

offers four large bedrooms plus study, two

bathrooms and expansive living that is

warmed by a great logburner, perfect for

these colder winter months.

The expansive grounds will appeal to

those looking for extra outdoor space, as

the section features a large lawn surrounded

by a host of native trees and shrubs. With

double garaging attached to the home and

a further large garage to the rear of the

section there is ample room for all your

cars including space for a boat.

The summer months will be spent

entertaining friends and family on the

North facing patio where the sheltered

microclimate of the valley will be fully


Live a rural lifestyle while being so close

to good schools and the city with all your

shopping needs catered for at the nearby

Ferrymead retail centre and Lyttelton.

Be the envy of all your friends and family

and grab this lifestyle opportunity today!

Auction date: Thursday 12 July 12:00pm

(Harcourts City, 98 Moorhouse Ave) Unless

Sold Prior

Open Homes: Wednesday and Sunday

12:00pm - 12:45pm.

For more information or to arrange

a private viewing contact Chris Moores

of Harcourts Grenadier Ferrymead

(Licensed Agent REAA 2008) on

384 7950 or 0275 884 440.

now bigger than ever

The magazine for gardeners who

like to get their hands dirty

growing with you

SprIng Is here –

It’S Sow Time

how to get the best results from

seeds and seedlings

100% NatIve In

The capItal

Unravelling the secrets of

Otari-wilton Bush

The New Zealand

landscape awards

The people behind

the projects

September 2016 | 100%

It’s time

to grow!

New look and more

content than ever!

MeeT LeSTer Brice

A Garden coach

SubScribe from

$43. 50*

$7.90 incl. GST

*6 issues/6 months

ISSN 2423-0219

Save our roSeS

How a rose register is protecting our heritage

auckland Botanic GardenS

Why we love our public grounds


0800 77 77 10


• By Bridget Rutherford

PROMINENT Cantabrians

have given a mixed response to

the possible futuristic look of

Cathedral Square.

Plans for what the Square

could look like were released

by Regenerate Christchurch

yesterday after seven years of

debate and controversy over the

slow progress of the rebuild.

It includes three covered

pavilions, which would have

a “lattice-style” translucent

roof, which could host markets

and other events.

FUTURISTIC: Plans released yesterday show what Cathedral Square could look like.

The long-term vision, which is

estimated to cost between $60-

$80 million, aims to bring people

back into the area, through a

series of interconnected public


The vision for the Square also

includes Cathedral Gardens

with trees and water features,

Post Office Place with events

and meeting spaces, and Library

Plaza with other people-friendly


Former mayor Garry Moore

said the plan was “brilliant”

Lianne Dalziel Garry Moore Jamie Gough Vicki Buck

while developer Ernest Duval

was not fussed by the pavilions. city council and stakeholders to be needed.

think of the central city as a

The next step is for a delivery determine what could be done, Mayor Lianne Dalziel said destination and residential

strategy to be developed with the when, and what funding would the vision would help people neighbourhood.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

“I’m confident Regenerate

Christchurch’s vision will allow

this to happen.”

City councillor Deon Swiggs

said it would need to work

around other developments

such as Turanga, the Spark

building, Aotea Gifts and the

restoration of Christ Church


“We’ve got to look at what is

happening, what’s in the vision

and what can we deliver.”

City councillor Jamie Gough

said it was a good starting


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Big scrap after police

find ‘burglar’ – page 17

Six Year


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Thursday, May 24, 2018

• By Bridget Rutherford

A CON man who tells his

intended victims he will harm

their families if they don’t pay up

may face a bigger problem than

the law – gangs.

Police have received 19 complaints

from Christchurch people

targeted by the sinister scam. It

involves phone

calls and texts to

victims who are

told the caller is

from the Mongrel

Mob, Highway 61

or Black Power.

Pay up or your

family members, Greg

including elderly Newbold

parents, will be

attacked, the caller says.

But it appears the con man is

not connected to the gangs, just

using their names to put fear into

the intended victims.

Canterbury University criminologist

Greg Newbold said yesterday

the gangs would be “filthy”.

“All I can say is he’s got a death

wish,” he said.

“They will be absolutely p***ed

off. Anybody who impersonates

a gang member is committing a

serious crime against the gang.”

Prof Newbold said the perpetrator

could get a “hiding” for that


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PAGE 26 Wednesday June 27 2018


Latest Christchurch news at



• By Bridget Rutherford

PROMINENT Cantabrians

have given a mixed response to

the possible futuristic look of

Cathedral Square.

Plans for what the Square

could look like were released

by Regenerate Christchurch

yesterday after seven years of

debate and controversy over the

slow progress of the rebuild.

It includes three covered

pavilions, which would have

a “lattice-style” translucent

roof, which could host markets

and other events.

The long-term vision, which is

estimated to cost between $60-

$80 million, aims to bring people

back into the area, through a

series of interconnected public


The vision for the Square also

includes Cathedral Gardens

with trees and water features,

Post Office Place with events

and meeting spaces, and Library

Plaza with other people-friendly


Former mayor Garry Moore

said the plan was “brilliant”

while developer Ernest Duval

was not fussed by the pavilions.

The next step is for a delivery

strategy to be developed with the

FUTURISTIC: Plans released yesterday show what Cathedral Square could look like.

city council and stakeholders to

determine what could be done,

when, and what funding would

be needed.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel said

the vision would help people

think of the central city as a

destination and residential


Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Square: Is this the future?



to bold

new plan

Lianne Dalziel Garry Moore Jamie Gough Vicki Buck

Convicted killer involved

in high speed smash



in lucky


• By Barry Clarke and Emily


A CONVICTED killer is back

behind bars after a spectacular

crash while allegedly fleeing


John Oliver Jamieson’s Subaru

Forester crashed through the

Rolleston dog park fence on


A spear-like fence post

smashed through the window

screen narrowly missing a

woman in the passenger seat.

Miraculously Jamieson and the

woman were unhurt.

He had earlier been recorded

driving at 180km/h on State

Highway 1.

A cut-down rifle was later

found by police in the vehicle.

Startled dog walkers said

Jamieson ran a short distance

from the vehicle before stopping

to see if the woman in the vehicle

was okay.

Police arrived soon after and

he was apprehended.

Jamieson was one of six men

“I’m confident Regenerate

Christchurch’s vision will allow

this to happen.”

City councillor Deon Swiggs

said it would need to work

around other developments

such as Turanga, the Spark

building, Aotea Gifts and the

restoration of Christ Church


“We’ve got to look at what is

happening, what’s in the vision

and what can we deliver.”

City councillor Jamie Gough

said it was a good starting


•Turn to page 5

IMPACT: The aftermath of the high speed crash on Saturday when this vehicle went through a dog park fence.


found guilty of the manslaughter

of Timaru man Wayne Kerry

Bray in 2009. Jamieson received

a nine-year jail sentence. He was




Insta led


(Conditions apply)

Ca l for a FREE no obligation assessment and quotation

Six Year

Warranty Ph 377 0034 or

0800 800 750

Phone 377 0034

15/114 Sawyers Arms Road email:

*Conditions apply. Insta led back-to-back, up to three metre pipe run & electrical supply within 6 metres. O fer expires June 30th, 2018.

on bail for other charges at the

time of the attack on Mr Bray.

Mr Bray, 26, died four days

after he was punched, kicked and

stomped on in a Timaru street.

Mr Bray had walked past a

property where there had been a

party. There had been bad blood

between one of the men found

guilty and Mr Bray which led to

the attack.

•Turn to page 6

Start your own story

03 348 1994 |

Thursday, June 7, 2018

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CNA Awards, STAR MEDIA had

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As a team, we strive for excellence every

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STAR MEDIA recently won a variety of

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Newspaper of the Year” for the second

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I want to thank all my team, these awards

acknowledge their efforts, passion and

skill they bring each day to our business.

I would also like to thank our advertisers,

whose support make it possible for us to

connect to our audiences so well.

And most importantly, thank you to

you, our readers!

- Steve McCaughan

Chief Executive

NZ Supreme


The Star

Best All Round


The Star

Best All Round

Lifestyle Magazine

Kiwi Gardener

Best Front Page


Kiwi Gardener



Celebrating 150 years

The Square: Is this the future?



to bold

new plan


Fergie versus

The Cop

See pages 4 & 5

Being tactical

Coach, mum, motivator


Trump gets

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Wednesday June 27 2018

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PAGE 28 Wednesday June 27 2018


Latest Christchurch news at

Thank you for

helping your

Fall Zones


To all of you who have had your

trees trimmed before they became

a problem, thank you for keeping all

the families in your community warm,

happy, healthy and connected.

You can be proud of the fact that you have allowed your

neighbours to stay warm, cook dinner and even charge

their mobile phones. You may not have realised that what

you’ve done has had much impact, but from all of us here

at Orion, we just want to say thank you.

Notice and Growth limit zones



Power line voltage A. Growth limit zone B. Notice zone

66,000 volts 4.0m 5.0m

33,000 volts 2.5m 3.5m

11,000 volts 1.6m 2.6m

400/230 volts 0.5m 1.5m

We’re not exaggerating.

On our network, 10-20% of all unplanned power outages are

caused by trees — including vegetation — coming into contact

with power lines. Other than this, fire damage to property from

branches sparking in dry conditions and serious injury from

electrocution from contact with trees touching power lines are

also possible consequences of not maintaining your trees.

How close is too close?

While most damage is caused by trees falling on power lines,

significant risk exists from trees merely touching them. This risk

increases the higher the voltage of the power line.

The minimum distances that must be maintained between trees

and power lines, as defined in the Electricity (Hazards from

Trees) Regulations 2003, are outlined in the diagrams above.

All vegetation should be kept out of the growth limit zone and

preferably the notice zone.

Sometimes it may not be practical to have a tree trimmed at the

rate at which it grows and unfortunately, this means it may need

to be removed. Other situations may require trees to be removed,

most commonly when they are at a high risk of falling due to

disease or adverse weather events.

Where do I start?

Before you begin, remember to keep yourself, and those around

you, safe. We recognise that not everyone is experienced in tree

trimming and are happy to advise you on what to do. We can arrange

for trees near power lines to be trimmed at your expense, however

we recommend you hire professionals to safely carry out the work.

If you or someone working for you intends to work within four

metres of power lines, a close approach consent is required from

Orion before you start. As a tree owner, you may be liable for any

damage caused by carrying out trimming or felling of trees.

Will I be fined if I don’t comply?

If a cut or trim notice is given to you and you fail to have the tree

trimmed and/or advise us of the time and location of the trim

without a reasonable excuse, this is an offence. This will make you

liable for a fine not exceeding $10,000. If the offence continues,

you will be liable for a further fine of not more than $500 for every

day or part day during which the offence continues.

More info can be found on our website and if

you have any questions or notice any trees

touching power lines in your area, please call

us on 03 363 9898 or 0800 363 9898.

Orion New Zealand owns and operates the electricity distribution

network in central Canterbury between the Waimakariri and Rakaia

rivers and from Canterbury coast to Arthur’s Pass.



JUNE 29 – JULY 1

Horncastle Arena | Friday, Saturday, Sunday | 10am-5pm

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outlets and Christchurch P.O Boxes


→ Wish - we’d been advised to insta l

therma ly-broken aluminium windows.

Had the money for central heating.

→ Hardest decision – forgoing a bath. Switching

Beaven’s ShadowClad spec for cedar.

→ Favourite feature - the textural fabric of our

home: glass, cedar, plywood, steel, concrete

Xbond and luxe loop pile carpet.

Kitchen Zone

Ideas for budgets

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The new Home & Leisure magazine will be given to all those who

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A perfect partner for a highly attended annual event.


Charlotte Smulders

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Juliet Dickson

Account Executive

364 7409 / 021 688 159

Vanessa Fleming

Home & Leisure Show Manager

021 914 565

Cover image: Trends Kitchens

Magazine of

The Christchurch Star Company Ltd is not responsible for any actions taken on the

information in these articles. The information and views expressed in this publication

are not nece sarily the opinion of The Christchurch Star Company Ltd or its editorial

contributors. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information within

this magazine, however, The Christchurch Star Company Ltd can accept no liability

for the accuracy of a l the information.

The firs time I woke up with a cold nose in my brand

new home, I wa shocked. How could this be? The

cool, calm, co lected one and I had planned for our

home to be we l insulated against Canterbury’s

cold winters. Turns out, not we l enough. We’d

even assured a we l-meaning friend we had ample

insulation (yes, Duncan, you were right). I’ve worked out where we

fe l short in hindsight. Our home was designed by highly respected

Christchurch architec the late Peter Beaven, for a magic little

Port Hi l site, where he planned to live in with his wife Lesley.

Sadly Peter died before realising his plans. We bough them and

employed Archology in Sydney, where we were living a the time, to

prepare the construction drawings and specifications. Compared to

Australia, the R values for insulation would have looked high. Our

talented young builder, Sam McCarthy, would never have queried

the levels because they were standard practice around town. So it

wasn’t until we were living in the house and I consulted Council’s

eco design advisor Julie Vi lard about how we could warm it up that

we discovered, while we unwittingly thought we had exceeded New

Zealand standard, we had merely met Code. And that ain’t going to

cut it in our climate.

Fortunately Julie had plenty of ideas on how we could improve

the situation and we have easy access to our underfloor to top-up

the insulation. Julie Vi lard, an architect from France, is on a mission

to transform building best practice here and you can read abou the

groundbreaking ideas she’s applied to her own brand new build on

page 20.

I’ve shared the highs and lows of building with the other home

builders and renovators I interviewed and, like Diane (page 36), would

relish doing it again. I was struck by how a l the home owner said

what they most valued was the ability of their designer or builder to

“rea ly listen” to their wants and needs. I was also impressed by how

much Christchurch people love a good garage! We’ve got some ideas

for some top of their class cars to complement yours on page 81 and

how to quickly establish a lawn on page 72.

We review a l the lates trends in everyone’s favourite room –

the kitchen (page 48), and share an easy yet impressive recipe for

entertaining friends in your fabulous new home on page 77.

I hope Peter Beaven would be pleased with how the cool, calm,

collected one and I realised his dream. Go chase yours people!


Speaking to the NZ Institute of Architects about ‘bespoke

architecture’ being a ‘minority pursuit’ not long before his death

Peter said “I am going to try to prove that it’s possible to build

modestly and cheaply with a little house for ourselves. It’s going to

be sustainable and it’s going to be beautiful and it’s going to be just

cheap – no more than an ordinary spec house. I’ l prove that it can

be done, and it might be the las thing I prove.”


+ InterIors

+ BAtHrooMs

+ tAste Corner

+ LAndsCApIng

+ MotorIng

Building tips from the home owners plus expert home design advice




This year we have introduced our very first tasting

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Ark Financial

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Armstrong Motor Group

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Bay Audiology

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Brand Developers Power fit gym

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Brand Developers Bambillo Beds

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Brand Developers Air Hawk

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Build Right Homes

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Cannon Hill Gourmet

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Carpet Plus

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Central Heating New Zealand

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Chamberlain NZ

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Crafty Weka Bar

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Dream Doors

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Duzz all beeswax

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E3 Decoration

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Stand 5,6

Eden Orchards

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Enviro Master

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Filters and Fountains

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Fire and Emergency NZ

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Generation Homes

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Generator Place


Get A Gate

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GJ Gardner Homes

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Graphic Glass

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Happy Spine

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Health Co

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Stand 38,40

Hometech Solar tube

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Hororata Community Trust,

Rainbow Print

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HRV Canterbury

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Ideal build NZ

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Install Concepts

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Kitchen studio

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Leisure Spas

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Natural Flow

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New Zealand Home loans

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One Square Rate

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Plus 2Wp

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PolarEnergi NZ

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Pool Land

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Stand 36

Property Investors Club

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Stand 100


Stand 23


Stand 107-109

Rosebank Estate Winery

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Sculptural Landscapes

Stand 16

Show TV - Fryair air Fryer

Stand 31

Show TV - Health Station V Fit

Stand 11

Show TV - Hercules Hose

Stand 63

Show TV - Nellies Wow Mop

Stand 7

Show TV - Turmerix

Stand 9

Show TV - Windowwow Window


Stand 33

Showerdome South

Stand 135

Shuzi NZ

Stand 114


Stand 20

Sincock and Till Audiology

Stand 127

Smartway Homes


Smart Cities - Christchurch City Council

Stand 221

Spice Craft

Stand 157 Taste Corner


Stand 130-131

Star Media

Stand 1-3

Stratton Bathrooms

Stand C11

Sunshine Solar

Stand 53-55

Synscape Synthetic Grass

Stand 168

TC Groundworks

Stand 138


Stand 195-197

Temperature Solutions

Stand 30

The Carpet Mill

Stand 151-156

The Glass Room

Stand 21-22

The Good Oil

Stand 148 Taste Corner

Total Finish Contractors

Stand 74

Trident Homes

Stand 70-71

Unicorn Kitchen Bathrooms

Stand 46


Stand 77-78

Venus Flooring

Stand 191-193

VJV, Warmth NZ

Stand 75

Whitehouse builders

Stand 39-41

Wright Hotspring Spas

Stand 26, 28

Yellow River Construction

Stand 103-104


Stand 80

June 29 – July 1 2018 | Horncastle Arena | Friday, Saturday, Sunday | 10am-5pm

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