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Selwyn Times: July 18, 2018

Selwyn Times: July 18,

WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2018 Locally Owned SCHOOL 20K EITHER WAY Chess Feedback champions sought Ro Consultation ommoloriori starts voluptium over denis intensive remfarming rules Becoming NZ citizens Growing number of immigrants living in Selwyn WHEN PASSING A STATIONARY SCHOOL BUS Page 3 Page 8 Little Lexi is a real water baby Little Lexi Miller might only be 11-months-old but already she loves going to the Selwyn Aquatic Centre with her mother Brooke Cleaver. Miss Cleaver says her daughter is quite the “water baby.” “We actually did lessons there last term because she loves it so much,” she said. Miss Cleaver said it’s likely Lexi developed her love for water from her nine-year-old brother Kayden. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER Proudly brought to you by the Road Safety Team Former mayor slams into cow at 100km/h • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding FORMER MAYOR Bill Woods and his two passengers were lucky to escape serious injury after his Mercedes-Benz, travelling at about 100km/h, collided with a cow. Mr Woods was returning to Springfield from Christchurch Aiport at 1am on Thursday when he hit the cow in the middle of Old West Coast Rd near Waddington. His Mercedes-Benz B200 was moderately damaged, he and his passengers, Keith and Helen Taege, of Sheffield, escaped injury. He had picked them up from the airport. The cow was killed. Mr Woods said the air bags did not activate, which in hindsight was lucky. After striking the cow, his vehicle veered towards a power pole which he was able to avoid. The car came to a stop at the side of the road. If the air bags had inflated he would not have been able to see the power pole, he said. •Turn to page 7 Just released. December titles guaranteed. Sections between 400 and 576m 2 with prices starting at $167,000. Call Bruce Harvey on 0800 667 849 or go to Visit our info centre, cnr Goulds and East Maddisons Rds, Rolleston. Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm to 4pm. First home buyers can afford to build in Faringdon Courts. Faringdon Courts is filled with quality infrastructure, located close to the town centre, and primed for first home buyers eligible for a KiwiSaver HomeStart grant. Faringdon residents, Brad and Georgia discovered it was better value to build. Why buy second-hand when you can build the home you want in Christchurch’s most sought after residential development? You’re home.