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Southern View: November 06, 2018

Southern View: November 06,

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2018 Locally Owned Stolen again Widow loses urns for the second time Footpath likely Steps taken to resolve Richmond Hill safety issues Free After Hours Care for Under 13 Yrs OPEN 7 DAYS Ph: 343 3661 | 4 Yaldhurst Rd • By Sophie Cornish KATIE TEMPLE never thought her job as a road-patroller would lead her to creating inspiring artwork. The 10-year-old is the youngest ever winner of the junior section of this year’s SCAPE Public Art Re:Activate competition. Page 3 Page 5 UP AND COMING ARTIST: Katie Temple’s artwork can be see in Hagley Park as she is the winner of the junior section of the SCAPE public art competition. Combining road patrol with a love of art Her art piece titled Changing Pathways features two signs, one with ‘go’ and one with ‘stop.’ The inspiration for the signs came from Katie’s role as a roadpatroller at Thorrington Primary School. Both sides of the ‘lollipop’ Katie carries as she helps children cross the road safely has a different message on it. “On one side of the road patrol sign it says ‘thanks for stopping’ and on the other side it says, ‘have a nice day’. So that’s where I got the idea of using signs.” she said. Katie wanted her signs to relate to our everyday choices and to highlight that every day, we have a choice to do the right or wrong thing. On the ‘go’ sign, it features ideas such as planting trees, walking and biking. The ‘stop’ sign mentions topics such as animal cruelty and wasting water. •Turn to page 4 David East apologises over District Plan accusation • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding CITY COUNCILLOR David East has apologised for accusing the city council staff of tampering with the city’s District Plan. His actions have been supported by Christchurch Coastal Residents United group. CCRU deputy chairman Warwick Schaffer said the issue wasn’t so much one of tampering, it was that the panel wasn’t alerted to the omission. “Strictly speaking there was no tampering of the plan and so he was quite right to apologise for that because it is not the case but it is extremely unlikely staff wouldn’t have noticed it was there and they should have said something to the panel. “My perspective is good on him for owning that and it will be nice to see council admit some similar kind of mistake on their side as well,” Mr Schaffer said. He said it was an extremely technical topic and from an outsider looking in you would naturally jump to the conclusion there had been there had been tampering. “He always sort of said it had been alleged,” Mr Schaffer said. •Turn to page 6 $26 9kg bottle fill Hearing aids – the next generation. Hearing aids that are smaller, look more stylish, and are packed with features for people who are always on the go. Try a pair for FREE * , and if you buy, you’ll get free care for the life of your devices valued up to $3500! * Plus a FREE upgrade to advanced technology valued up to $2000. * Actual size 111-115 Milton Street Phone 332-6056 as local as you are | Terms and conditions apply Call now to book your free trial today. Fendalton 03 351 3535 Halswell 03 322 4326 *Terms and conditions apply, offer ends on the 24 December 2018