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The latest report into

the impact of poverty

on wellbeing of Kiwi

children shows why

the Government has put children

and families at the centre

of its programme and will

pass an historic Bill to tackle

child poverty by the end of the

Parliamentary year.

The Children’s Commissioner’s

Child Poverty Monitor

Review this year focused on

the impact that poverty and

low income is having on the

wellbeing of Kiwi children.

Suffering families

Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern said, “Evidence that

children in low income

families are more likely to get

The National Party says

that the government

should not support a

United Nations Migration

Pact due to be signed in Morocco

this week.

At press time, UN-Member

States were due to meet in Marrakesh

in Morocco to formally

approve the non-binding pact,

which aims to increase global cooperation

over migration issues.

National Party Leader Simon



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Child Poverty strengthens government’s resolve

Supplied Content

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (Supplied)

sick, to leave school without

a qualification, and to sometimes

struggle to get food*,

shows why this Government

has made the wellbeing of

children such a priority.”

By the end of this Parliamentary

term, in a few days’

time, New Zealand’s first-ever

child poverty reduction Bill

will have passed with cross-party

support, she said.

Ms Ardern said that the goal of

her Government is to halve child

poverty within ten years, taking

the rate of poverty and hardship

among our children to world-leading

low levels. But in order for us

to meet our targets, children need

us to act now.

“We have,” she said.

Ms Ardern issued the following


Lifting the lot of people

In the past year, the Coalition

Government has lifted the incomes

of more than 384,000 families

by $65 a week, on average,

now and $75 when the Families’

Package is fully implemented.

We have extended paid parental

leave, and introduced the best

start payment for every child

born in New Zealand, providing

$60 a week for up to three years to

support every family at the most

crucial time in their children’s’


Free medicals for children

We have made it free for all

children under 14 to go to the

doctor and pick up a prescription.

And we are making homes

healthy for our kids to grow up in,

by building thousands of affordable

Kiwibuild and state homes,

passing laws that guarantee

minimum standards for rentals.

In a country with the resources

of New Zealand, we have an

opportunity and obligation to

make our country the best place

in the world to be a child.

The finding on food insecurity

came from a 2015-2016 Survey.

Bridges says we should not sign Immigration Pact

RNZ Wellington

Simon Bridges (INL Photo)

Bridges said that New Zealand

should not sign the Pact because

we already have “good, if not

excellent” Immigration Policy.

No purpose

Mr Bridges questioned the

point in signing up to the pact if it

were truly non-binding.

“It is creating a situation where

we know even if it is not binding,

over time it will become part of

our laws, it will become interpreted

by the judiciary. We don’t

need to do that. What part of our

settings is wrong in immigration

and why would we cede this?”

Support waning

US President Donald Trump

pulled his support for the pact a

year ago, and in recent months

other nations have followed

including the governments of

Australia, Austria, Israel and


“Australia, the US, many EU

countries... These are great, traditional

friends of ours... I do this

for our own reasons.,” he said.

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New Zealand is sending UN

representative Craig Hawke to

Morocco for the signing.

Foreign Minister Winston

Peters said his job would be to

communicate New Zealand’s position,

get clarity on the contentious

points and work out whether

there was an appetite for change

if it happened to conflict with the

country’s interests.

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DECEMBER 15, 2018

Review of Mental Health falls short of immediacy

Peter Dunne

Congratulations David


In a Government

where initiating a

review has been a substitute

for doing anything, he has

become the first Minister

to have both established a

major review - into Mental

Health - and to have received

the final report of the

finished review, complete

with a comprehensive set of


But, unfortunately, that is

where it stops so far.

The Mental Health

review has made 40 specific

recommendations for change

to a system that it describes

as broken and long overdue

for major change.

Precious time lost

However, Dr Clark has indicated

that the Government

will not finalise its response

until March next year. So, the

prospects for urgent action

on the report’s recommendations

are not high.

Assuming that the

Government adopts the

recommendations - by no

means a certainty - the

Minister must have funding

bids in for the 2019 Budget,

meaning, definitive action is

unlikely to come on stream

Dr David Clark (Centre) with the Inquiry Panel (from left) Sir Mason Durie, Dr Jemaima Tiatia-Seath,

Professor Ron Paterson (Chairman), Dean Rangihuna, Dr Barbara Disley and Josiah Tualamli’I at

the release of the Report in Wellington on November 28, 2018.

before the latter half of next

year at the earliest.

If new legislation is

required to implement any of

the recommendations, it will

probably be well into 2019

or even 2020 before it passes,

meaning those changes would

not take effect until after that.

Issues beyond Government

And some of the recommendations

are beyond the

Government’s control at this


For example, the

recommendations regarding

decriminalising drugs will

not be able to proceed before

the recreational cannabis

referendum, apparently now

scheduled to be held at the

time of the next election.

The government is yet

to indicate whether it will

regard the outcome of that

referendum as binding, and

what steps it will take in the

event of a vote for recreational

cannabis decriminalisation.

So, the path to the positive

future recommended by the

Mental Health review is a

long and uncertain one yet.

But none of these should

detract from the importance

of addressing comprehensively

the Mental Health review’s


There are too many individuals

and families suffering to

allow that.

Comprehensive Response


And despite the public expectation

for swift action, due

in part to the Government,

as usual, overselling its intentions,

it is more important

that the Government introduce

a comprehensive and

integrated response, rather

than an ad hoc and piecemeal


And that will be adifficult

balancing act because the

public’s hopes are so high.

Meanwhile, the

Government may have to

do something that Labour

Governments of late have

been loathing to do - make

full use of non-government

agencies and their skills and


There are several

hundred such agencies

active in the mental health

and addictions fields, and

there is no reason why they

could not be utilised more

fully, alongside the services

provided by District Health


Rationalising roles

Indeed, the review

provides an opportunity to

rationalise the respective

roles of the non government

agencies and the District

Health Boards, and establish

a long overdue partnership

between them.

The obstacle, though, is

Labour’s long held view that

such matters are primarily

the province of the state to


The Mental Health review

opens up the possibility of

the most profound changes

since the Mason Report of

the late 1980s.

The government’s

response in March 2019

should set out a clear and

integrated way forward,

together with an interim

pathway towards achieving


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Dr Clark may well feel

satisfied that the Mental

Health review has been

completed on time, and is


But for patients and their

families, the agonising

wait while the review was

underway will continue and

reach its crescendo when

the Government responds

in March.

In that sense, the mental

health challenge is now only

just beginning.

Peter Dunne was a Minister

of the Crown under

Labour and National

Governments from 1999

to 2017.

He lives in Wellington.

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DECEMBER 15, 2018


‘Relief, vindication’ over Maxwell bullying inquiry

Sam Sachdeva and Melanie Reid

Former employees of Retirement

Commissioner Diane Maxwell have

expressed relief and vindication at

the news bullying allegations against

her will be investigated by the State Services


Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister

Kris Faafoi confirmed the investigation to

Newsroom , following its investigation into

Maxwell and the concerns raised by over a

dozen staff who worked at her Commission

for Financial Capability (CFFC).

Employees relieved

Maxwell, who has denied many of the allegations,

has been placed on leave while the

SSC carries out its inquiry, which Faafoi said

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was expected to report back by February

next year.

Several of the employees who spoke to

Newsroom as part of its original investigation

said they were happy that something

was finally being done to hold Maxwell to


Julia Bockett, a former HR manager at the

commission who said she found it difficult to

raise concerns shared with her about Maxwell’s

behaviour, said she looked forward

to the investigation outcome but questioned

why nothing was done sooner.

Stress and strain

“Why did things have to hit rock bottom

before anything was done? It still astounds

me that no attempt was made to dig deeper

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Diane Maxwell

(Picture from RNZ/Facebook)

into the turnover statistics at

the time they were reported.”

Bockett said the oversight

had caused “untold stress”

to the Commission’s staff, as

well as additional costs to the


Employee C, a staff member

who worked under Maxwell

for several years, said she

was relieved at the news of a

formal investigation.

“I feel relieved that someone

has managed to do something

and create some real, shall we

say, vindication for those who

have suffered under her.”

Massive gap

She said that the investigation

needed to cover the

“massive gap” in support for

employees at the Commission,

including the lack of an HR

system during her time there,

as well as the governance

processes which helped to

cover up the problems.

“Diane was the board, the

CEO, and the HR person, and

there was nowhere else we

could go.”

Employee G, who worked

under both Maxwell and her

predecessor Diana Crossan,

said the news of the inquiry

was “fantastic,” including the

fact its scope would cover

the Commission’s operating


He felt “a little bit of vindication”

at Faafoi’s decision,

adding the SSC’s work needed

to cover Maxwell’s appointment

process, the recruitment

processes in place, and the

decision to relocate the

commission from Wellington

to Auckland.

Employee K, who quit the

Commission after less than a

year, said she was relieved at

news Maxwell had been stood

down pending the results of

the investigation.

“Now the truth will

hopefully prevail and ex-staff,

existing staff and taxpayers

alike can breathe a sigh of

relief that this behaviour will

not be tolerated.”

PM weighs in

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

weighed in on the issue at

her weekly press conference

on Monday afternoon, saying

the Government needed to

make sure that all workplaces

dealt with bullying allegations


Ardern said the SSC would

be “well-placed” to look

into whether there were any

“systemic issues” with the

unique governance structures

of Crown entities such as the


A written statement provided

by a CFFC spokeswoman

said Maxwell “welcomed the

review” and looked forward

to “providing clarity as part

of a robust and accountable


“The work of CFFC in

helping New Zealanders

get ahead financially will

continue as usual, led by its

senior leadership team,” the

statement said.

The terms of reference

for the inquiry, as well as

who will lead it, are yet to

be finalised, although Faafoi

said he expected it to cover

complaints from any former

or current staff, as well as the

organisational structure of

the commission.

An SSC spokesman said

State Services Commissioner

Peter Hughes would appoint

somebody soon to carry out

the investigation, with the

investigator’s name, along

with the terms of reference,

to be released “as soon as


Sam Sachdeva is Newsroom’s

Political Editor,

covering Foreign Affairs,

Trade, Defence, and Security

Issues and Melanie Reid

is Newsroom’s Lead Current

Affairs and Investigations

Journalist. The above

article, which appeared

on the Web Edition on

December 4, 2018, has been

reproduced here under a

Special Arrangement.

Read Related Report under

Businesslink and our Leader,

‘Bullying at the top must stop,’

under Viewlink.

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DECEMBER 15, 2018

Red Chilli Restaurant owner

jailed for tax evasion

Sourced Content



AHastings couple,

who operated dairies,

restaurants and

other businesses,

have been sentenced to prison

and home detention on

tax evasion charges totalling

nearly $ 1 million.

Rakesh and Nalini Kumar

operated Red Chilli Restaurants

and Take Away in

Taradale and Indian Palace

Restaurant in Napier together

with dairies in Hastings

and Mount Maunganui and

other businesses.

Prison Term

Rakesh Kumar will spend

two-and-a-half years in

prison after pleading guilty

to providing false returns

and evading tax totalling


His wife, Nalini Kumar,

has been sentenced to five

months home detention and

100 hours community work

after a guilty plea to evading

$127,029.60 in tax.

Inland Revenue Department

(IRD) spokesperson

Karen Whitiskie said that

the couple under-reported

cash sales and paid employees

under the table over

several years.

“Between 2010 and 2016,

Mr Kumar’s companies

reported substantial losses

Image from Red Chilli Restaurant Website

for Income Tax and GST

purposes. There were also

an abnormally low number

of cash sales recorded at a

time when his bank records

revealed substantial cash


“Mr Kumar also paid his

employees in cash and didn’t

list them on the Employer

Monthly Schedules provided

to Inland Revenue.”

Low cash sales

Inland Revenue began

looking in to Red Chilli

restaurant after it showed

abnormally low cash sales

between 2009 and 2015. Indian

Palace also had similar

abnormally low cash sales

between 2010 to 2015.

“In one year, the companies’

tax returns stated less

than 1% of its sales were

cash sales, compared to the

industry average of 30%.

Both restaurants’ PAYE

returns also understated staff

numbers, with Indian Palace

claiming only one employee

over the busy Christmas

holiday season in 2010-2011,”

Ms Whitiskie said.

“Defrauding IRD is not

a victimless crime. It is

a straight theft from the

community and all too

common. Concealing cash

sales is just one part of the

hidden economy, and an area

of concern for us. The overall

harm is more than just the

tax shortfall because Inland

Revenue relies heavily taxpayer

honesty. Deliberate offending

like that committed

by Rakesh and Nalini Kumar

undermines that relationship

and damages the integrity of

the tax system.

“As the Court of Appeal

has said (R v James), nothing

is more corrosive than the

sight of people apparently

earning high income and

evading payment of tax,” Ms

Whitiskie said.




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DECEMBER 15, 2018

Education and Training Special

Hart donates $10 million for Auckland Dental School

RNZ (Auckland)

A$10 million donation to the University of Otago

by New Zealand’s richest man will help the institution

open a new $28.2 million dental teaching

facility in South Auckland.

The University confirmed the donation by businessman

and philanthropist Graeme Hart and wife Robyn in

an announcement on December 7, 2018.

Single largest donation

It represented the biggest single donation in the

University’s almost 150-year history.

“We are immensely grateful to Graeme and the Hart

family for their generosity,” University of Otago Foundation

Trust chairperson John Ward said.

“This funding will make asignificant contribution to

the development of a new dental teaching facility, which

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in class / for work / at home



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*Many courses are free

Clinic in South Auckland. Photo: Counties Manukau Health (RNZ)

will not only provide students

with diverse practical learning

opportunities but will also

provide dental care for the

local diverse communities at a

highly accessible cost.”

Mr Hart, of Auckland, was

awarded an Honorary Doctor

of Commerce degree by the

University late last year, in

recognition of his contribution

to the business sector and

philanthropy in the fields

of education and children’s


For low-income people

In a statement, Mr Hart

said he was “delighted” that

the donation would help

support the University and

South Auckland community,

including meeting the needs

of lower socio-economic


“We are very pleased that

the youth and young children

of this region will benefit from

this facility,” he said.

University Vice-Chancellor

Harlene Hayne said that

the Institution was “most

appreciative” of Hart family’s

support, which would provide

“certainty” regarding the

development of the dental

teaching facility in Counties


About the Dental School

The University announced

in August that it would build

the dental teaching facility

and treatment clinic in South


The $28.2 million, two-storey,

32-chair building will be

built at the Counties Manukau

District Health Board’s Super

Clinic site in Great South


Construction is due to

begin on the site soon and the

facility is expected to open in


The above story first

appeared in the Otago Daily

Times and was later carried

by Radio New Zealand. Indian

Newslink has reproduced

it under a Special Agreement


Tooth decay remains a major

problem among children

Arish Naresh

Lucy Wyndham

Around 40% of fiveyear-old


who had dental

check-ups in 2017

had tooth decay, according

to data compiled by New

Zealand’s Ministry of Health.

However, in poorer

areas such as Tairāwhiti

and Northland, children are

faring worse – with about

half having cavities. In areas

like Northland, around 56%

of children showed some

signs of dental decay.

Dental Service Manager

Arish Naresh said that

although all children are

enrolled with the Oral Health

Service of the District Health

Board, many families fail to

actually take their children to

the dentist, owing to a lack of

time and long working days

that can sometimes span 13


The government has already

taken steps to improve

the situation by offering

evening and afternoon

dental sessions, which,

Mr Naresh said, has led to

significantly lower rates of

missed appointments.

Decay continues

Dr Naresh and his team

hope to see major improvements

in the next few years,

though they note that thus

far, there has been no improvement

in the percentage

of children with decay.

On the upside, the severity

of decay has diminished,

indicating that parents are

taking their children to the

dentist once symptoms of

decay are noticed.

Regular dental visits are

key because some cavities do

not show symptoms until it is

too late.

Dental implants

Moreover, sometimes,

small cavities may be immensely

bothersome, while

larger ones may go unnoticed.

The latter is especially

true if decay begins beneath

the gumline.

Since large cavities can

sometimes results in tooth

loss, it is vital for parents to

comprehend that prevention

of decay is key.

These days, dental implants

for missing teeth can

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DECEMBER 15, 2018

Continued from page 6

restore full functionality and improve

aesthetics. However, dental implants are

often not recommended until adulthood,

when the jaw is fully developed.

Socio-economic causes

Why are the Poor at an Increased Rate

of Dental Decay?

In the report Too Soon for the Tooth

Fairy: The Implications of Child Poverty

for Oral Health, P Sural et al note that

dental decay is a socio-economic disease.

The problem goes beyond not having

enough time to go to the dentist. Orthodontic

problems may require expensive

orthodontic work and may have a

significant effect on their confidence.

Researchers say that greater

education is required, so that families

are aware of the importance of nutrition

and preventive care.

They said that real change could only

be achieved through an improvement in

family incomes of the impoverished.

Other measures recommended

include a wider provision of fluoride

in water, reducing the intake of sugary

foods, and applying a tax on sugary


High costs deter

Research has shown that tooth decay

is a disease that affects people from

lower socio-economic rungs far more

severely than the affluent.

Failure to seek proper dental care is

often the result of a lack of time and a

fear of the cost of treatments. Because

dental decay can result in a lifetime

of pain, loss of functionality, and even

impaired self-confidence, it is vital that

efforts be made to boost family incomes

and to educate parents about the links

between nutrition, tooth care, and oral


Lucy Wyndham is Content Editor for a

Survey and Review Site based in New


Education and Training Special

Design School appoints new Chief

Supplied Content

Paul Brafield has been

appointed as the new Head

of Media Design School

(MDS), an award-winning

digital and design technology

tertiary institution.

The School is a part of Laureate

Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Brafield will assume the

post of General Manager, Design

and Technology on December 14,


The role encompasses MDS in

Auckland as well as Laureate’s

Design faculty in Australia.

Extensive experience

Mr Brafield brings with him

comes to the role with more than

23 years of industry, academic,

business and leadership experience

in the design and creative

technology sectors.

He has been Director of Product

Innovation at Laureate Australia

and New Zealand for the past

three years, responsible for implementing

product strategy and

driving best practice in the online

and digital learning experience

through product management,

new programme development

and enhancement.

His responsibilities included

ensuring connectivity and collaboration

with the global Laureate

network of more than one million

students studying at 60 higher

institutions in 20 countries. Mr

Brafield has a strong connection

to Laureate’s Design faculty,

having worked in a number of

Paul Barfield (Picture)

key roles, including Programme

Director for Digital Media and

Head of Learning and Teaching.

Effective links

He brings an abiding

connection and understanding

of New Zealand’s design, creative

technology and higher education


Prior to joining Laureate, he

was Programme Leader, Digital

Media at AUT (Auckland University

of Technology) for nine

years. His career in education

also encompasses international

experience, holding positions at

The University of London and

Birkbeck College in the UK.

In New Zealand, Mr Brafield

has worked as a Broadcast

Graphic Designer and Art

Director for a range of major

television networks, including

TVNZ, CanWest and Sky, and

as a freelance designer and

consultant on broadcast, film and

web projects.

He said “I am delighted to

be joining MDS, which I have

long admired for its amazing

quality of student work resulting

from a strong focus on industry

immersion. I am looking forward

to supporting the growth of that


highly successful model as we

expand our offering into exciting

fields, like artificial intelligence

and cloud computing, and

exploring innovative new study

options for students, such as


Outgoing MDS Chief Executive

Darryn Melrose described Mr

Brafield as ‘a natural fit for the


“MDS is fortunate to have someone

of Paul’s calibre to lead the

School through the next era. His

extensive experience and deep

expertise in the fields of design

and education as well as strategic

business development make him

the perfect choice,” he said.

About Media Design School

Media Design School was established

20 years ago and is New

Zealand’s most awarded private

tertiary institution for digital and

creative technology qualifications.

The School offers programmes

in Computer Gaming, Animation,

Creative Advertising, Interactive

and Graphic Design and Motion


MDS will expand its offering

in 2019 to include degrees and

masters in artificial intelligence

and cloud computing.

In 2011, it became part of the

global network of private higher

education institutions, Laureate

International Universities, which

has more than one million students

studying at 60 institutions in

20 countries.

Laureate Australia and New

Zealand’s Design faculty

incorporates Auckland’s Media

Design School as well as Torrens

University in Australia.


Stand up for your

employment rights!

EVERY EMPLOYER whoexploits

migrants canbeimprisoned

and/or fined up to $100,000.

Formore information and your free

minimum rights and responsibilities

guide visit


DECEMBER 15, 2018

Education and Training Special

Mindfulness Apps need time to give benefits

Supplied Content


therapies have shown

promise in reducing

stress and improving

psychological wellbeing.

Using a novel approach to

mindfulness training, Doctor

of Clinical Psychology graduate

Dr Amy Granberg investigated

the effectiveness of a mindfulness-based

phone app for


“I was interested in the active

components of mindfulness

underlying clinical benefits

observed in the literature. Most

studies investigating mindfulness

report outcome measures and

not changes in mindfulness per

se,” she said.

The Challenges

According to Dr Granberg,

mindfulness is difficult to

define in view of its multifarious


Her research utilised laboratory

measures and self-report

measures of mindfulness, in an

attempt to capture information

about mindfulness skills acquisition

and processes.

A randomised controlled design

was used to test the feasibility

of a low intensity mindfulness

app intervention to improve

stress and enhance wellbeing in a

student population.

Fifty-four University

students, new to mindfulness,

Picture of Dr Amy Granberg from Massey News

participated in the study,

which compared seven days of

mindfulness practice using a

mindfulness-based mobile app

(MBMA), to an active control.

Dr Granberg said that

the assumption was that

mindfulness would reduce on

measures of perceived stress,

negative affect and emotion

reactivity, and increase mindfulness

and positive affect,

compared to the control.

No major differences

“There were no significant

differences for perceived stress

or wellbeing, and both groups

demonstrated a significant

decrease in negative affect.

While the results of this study

failed to provide support for

the use of a mindfulness-based

mobile app to reduce student

stress, results indicate such an

intervention for seven days

may cultivate the ability to act

with awareness and presents

an original contribution to

knowledge about the efficacy

of mindfulness-based interventions,”

Dr Granberg said.

She said that the brief,

seven-day intervention may not

have allowed sufficient time

for the effects to be captured. It

may be that self-directed mobile

mindfulness apps require more

time to generate beneficial


About Dr Granberg

Dr Granberg lives in Grey

Lynn in Auckland, with

her husband Michael and

nine-year-old daughter Beata.

She holds a Master of Health

Sciences, a Bachelor of Science

and a Bachelor of Arts from the

University of Auckland. She

works as a Clinical Psychologist

at Comprehensive Care in

Albany, and is working to set

up her own private practice in

Grey Lynn.

She said that her PhD studies

would not have been possible

without the support of School of

Psychology staff and her family.

She expressed her gratitude

to her Primary Supervisor Dr

Heather Kempton, Dr Peter

Cannon for training in the lab

and facilitating data processing,

Ella Kroch for her contribution

to study recruitment and

laboratory assessments as part

of her Honours project and her


Wellington Conference

to address Journalists’


Venkat Raman

The challenges faced by journalists

in a fast-changing

world, their response to disruption

in mainstream media

and the ‘creative tension’ that

exists in newsrooms will be among

the topics that will be discussed at a

Conference later this week.

Organised by the Journalism

Education Association of New

Zealand (JEANZ) on December 13

and December 14, 2018 at Te Auaha

New Zealand Institute of Creativity

located at 65 Dixon Street, Te Aro,

Wellington on December 13 and 14,

the Conference will be inaugurated

by Broadcasting Minister Kris


Digital Disruption Specialist

Radio New Zealand Board

Member Melissa Clark-Reynolds will

be the Opening Speaker and facilitate

the ‘Disruption Session,’ sponsored

by the Wellington City Council.

A Specialist in ‘Digital Disruption,’

she has been the Chief Executive of

a number of technology companies,

and is on the boards of government

agencies as well as high growth

technology organisations. Her experience

includes Online, TV and

Computer Gaming.

She works as a Digital Strategist,

and mentors the international startup


Creative Tension

The Session on Creative Tension:

Diverse form and function of the

art and craft of journalism would

be of interest to many.

Melissa Clark-Reynolds (Picture Courtesy: CINZ)

A Conference Communique said

that data speeds and affordability

are opening up new ways of telling

stories and reaching audiences

Continued on page 9

Winner of the Indian Newslink

Community Award 2018

for Distinguished

Legal Services to communities

We take the stress out of the New Zealand

immigration and settlement process

Bringing NewZealand HeartSpecialists to Fiji

● Specialist Consultations ● Exercise Treadmill Test

● Echocardiography (Echo) ● Angiography

● Electrocardiogram (ECG) ● Angioplasty (Stenting)

● Acting on behalf of clients overseas and in New Zealand

● All types of New Zealand visa applications

● New Zealand Employers recruiting migrants

● Sorting visa problems (PPI letters and Visa Revocation)

Declined visas, complaints and complex cases

● Section 61 requests for people unlawfully in New Zealand

● Deportation orders and Detention issues

● All types of Appeals (legally aided for some)

● Refugee/Asylum and Family reunification cases

● New Zealand Citizenship

● Sale, purchase and Property Refinancing Transactions

● Enduring Powers of Attorney and Wills


Level 1, 207 Broadway, Newmarket 1023, Auckland

Phone: +64 9 283 0157 Fax: +64 4 461 6019




Unit 4, 18 Moorefield Road, PO Box 13208, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037

Phone: +64 4 461 6018 Fax: +64 4 461 6019



Level 1, 252 Cumberland Street, Dunedin Central 9016, Dunedin,

Phone: +64 3 926 9755 Fax: +64 4 461 6019


12 Commercial Street, Namaka, Nadi

DECEMBER 15, 2018

Education and Training Special


Continued from page 8

for Journalism schools and their


“They are also putting storytelling

choices in the hands of diverse

communities and cultures.

But how is Journalism Education

managing the competing demands

of these multiplying forms and


“At the same time, fewer people

are considering Journalism

Education, and the number of

training options is shrinking. How

are the tensions being managed

between expectations of industry,

the expanding creative possibilities

for the craft, and fewer options

for exploring it?”

The Conference will also cover

Dr Catherine Strong

(Picture Courtesy: Massey News)

diversity of voices in Journalism

Education and Teaching

Feedback Sessions.

New website launched

On another note, JEANZ has

just launched its new website as

a portal for its members, the industry

and for people evincing

interest in Journalism Studies.

Dr Catherine Strong,

Senior Lecturer at the

Massey University School of

Communication, Journalism

and Marketing and Executive

Member of JEANZ, said that

Journalism educators are driving

dynamic changes in their

institutions and their own association

to meet the demands of

Killing the cult of Consumption

changing requirements of employers

and students.

The new website comes at

the same time as members in

journalism schools around the

country are redeveloping their

programmes, she said.

Trends in Journalism

“The developments address

the dramatically different job

descriptions and rise in demand

for the journalism skills being

delivered in the digital environments

of modern journalism

programmes. There has never

been greater demand for quality

Journalism and Journalism

educators are staying ahead of

that demand, and it is reflected

in the website content which

is easy to find on any platform,

and in the programmes being delivered

around the country,” she


Dr Strong said that the website

includes news updates about

member activities, resources including

journalism links, student

run news sites in Aotearoa

and textbook exercises, contact

information, and research by


Kieran Madden

Gross National Product…measures


except that which makes

life worthwhile.”


Bobby Kennedy’s famous

1968 speech decried how measures like GDP

count the locks on our doors and a nation’s

weapons of mass destruction, while ignoring

the “health of our children,” the “strength

of our marriages,” or “the intelligence of the

public debate.”

What we measure reflects what we think


Festival of Consumer Greed

Fifty years have passed since then, and it

is fair to say that despite the common refrain

that there is more to life than money, the West

has continued with a getting-and-spending

consumption culture.

Just the other week, for example, we in

New Zealand celebrated “the most honest of

seasonal celebrations,” as columnist Liam Dann

put it, the “Festival of Consumer Greed” that is

Black Friday.

Meanwhile, the Government is taking steps to

put consumption in its rightful place alongside

the ‘worthwhile’ things that Kennedy espoused.

Treasury is pulling together a living standards

framework that adds social and environmental

indicators alongside the economic, set

to inform the Government’s ‘Wellbeing Budget.’

But will this be a waste of time if we are not

honest about our obsession with consumption?

The Role of Work

Oren Cass of the Manhattan Institute

thinks so, and is the latest to take a shot at the

economic status quo in his book ‘The Once and

Future Worker.’

His critique focuses squarely on the role of

work, and asks the question, “What if people’s

ability to produce matters more than how

much they can consume?”

Prioritising production—work—should be

our focus.

Economic Piety

He calls the current system ‘Economic Piety,’

the immovable belief that the society is here

to grow the economic ‘pie,’ so that bigger slices

can be distributed and people can consume

more stuff.

The natural endpoint, he reckons, is “Unconstrained

growth paired with unconstrained

redistribution, maximizing consumption

without reference to work.”

Cass offers what he calls the Working

Hypothesis as an alternative, arguing that a

“Labour market in which workers can support

strong families and communities is the central

determinant of long-term prosperity and

should be the central focus of public policy.”

By focusing on the pie, we have improved

living standards, but lost the dignity and value

of work, creativity and obligation for others, he


We count the cost of things like pollution and

limit economic activity, and we should do the

same when jobs are at stake. Cass isn’t aiming

for a socialist paradise, more rebalancing for a

sustainable future.

Money for all

Perhaps the ascendency of ‘economic piety’

is the reason that policy ideas like the Universal

Basic Income – money for all regardless of

work – are so in vogue right now.

But ideas like this miss Cass’ point. The Living

Wage movement, despite its shortcomings, is

at least all about importance of a job that can

support a family.

A society where work is both meaningful

and able to put food on the table is worthwhile.

Going beyond consumption for our measures

of well-being is a good thing, but we need to

change our culture too—one where producing,

not consuming, is our goal.

Kieran Madden is a Researcher at Maxim

Institute based in Auckland.

Maungakiekie Office

Level 1, Crighton House, 100 Neilson Street, Onehunga

(entrance from Galway Street)

Open weekdays 9am-5pm

(09) 622-2660

Please call to make an appointment before coming into the office



Authorised by Priyanca Radhakrishnan, 100 Neilson Street, Onehunga




Our country is a target for fraudsters looking to clean their money.

It’s estimated that over $1 billion a year comes from drug dealing and fraud,

and can be laundered through New Zealand businesses. Risking our reputation

and economy. So, we’re making law changes to protect New Zealand and

everything we love about it. To find out more, visit


DECEMBER 15, 2018


The Global Migration Agreement ripples across New Zealand

Sam Sachdeva

Days from the signing

of a Global Migration

Agreement, the Government

is yet to decide

whether it will put pen to paper,

while National has pre-emptively

pledged to withdraw New

Zealand from the deal.

It might seem hasty for an

Opposition Party to pledge to

withdraw from a global deal its

government is yet to sign - but

then again, it is equally rare

for the same government to

have not made up its mind just

days out from a major signing


Government undecided

Such is the current state of

play with the United Nations’

Global Compact for Migration,

which will be formally adopted

at a Conference in Morocco this


The Government has not yet

decided whether New Zealand

will be among the signatories:

Immigration Minister Iain

Lees-Galloway has said he and

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston

Peters are still considering what

to do.

That has not stopped National

leader Simon Bridges from

announcing that his Party would

pull the country out if it won power,

saying that New Zealanders do

not need the United Nations to tell

us what to do.”

New UN Agreement a common understanding on migration

Bridges said the Party had

received objections about the deal

from “thousands of people” - but

why has an issue which has largely

bubbled beneath the surface of

mainstream discourse suddenly

sparked up?

Common Understanding

Francis Collins, Director of

New Zealand’s National Institute

of Demographic and Economic

Analysis, said that the compact

was just the “most recent and

most coordinated iteration” of

a worldwide push for greater

coordination around migration

over the last 10 to 15 years.

“It is really just an attempt I

think to set a number of global

norms, or we might even call

them aspirations, that countries

agreeing to the compact then

might try to work towards around

migration policy, to sort of get

away from both the variations

and some of the problematic

outcomes of migration policy


Tension in Europe

There has been a growing sense

of crisis, most obviously in Europe

where an influx of immigrants

and asylum seekers in recent

years, many from Muslim-majority

countries, has created political

and public tension.

The 34-page document, the

result of intergovernmental

consultation and negotiations

which began in late 2016, sets out

23 “objectives” for signatories

to move towards what is calls a

“common understanding, shared

responsibilities and unity of purpose

regarding migration, making

it work for all.”

“It is crucial that the challenges

and opportunities of international

migration unite us, rather than

divide us.”

The Controversy

While that may seem innocuous

enough, the Agreement has

proved controversial to both the

UN’s usual critics and a number

of major countries.

US President Donald Trump

withdrew his country from

negotiations shortly after taking

office, while Italy, Israel, Poland

and Switzerland are among those

who will not attend the Morocco


Closer to home, Australia has

also opted against signing the


The country’s Home Affairs

Minister Peter Dutton said that

the government was “not going

to surrender our sovereignty” -

language that has been echoed by

National MPs in New Zealand.

“Migration policy is often

framed as a core component of

sovereignty, and so nation states

often say, ‘Look, the one thing

we control is our borders’,” Mr

Collins said.

That sentiment has been

heightened by the growth of

populist parties and politicians

around the world, he said,

placing even more emphasis on

the control of borders.

Areas of concern

That is not to say there are not

specific areas of concern within

the agreement itself.

Mr Lees-Galloway said that

areas where the compact did not

“align” with the Government’s

policy included a provision

requiring all migrants to be given

RVS Heat Recovery Ventilation

legal proof of identity, as well

as what he described as “what

we would probably consider

regulation of free speech.”

That seems a likely reference to

a section calling on governments

to “(stop) allocation of public

funding or material support

to media outlets that systematically

promote intolerance,

xenophobia, racism and other

forms of discrimination towards


National’s Foreign Affairs

Spokesman Todd McClay said

another concern for the Party

was a suggestion that legal and

illegal migrants be given the

same rights, while Mr Collins

said other pressure points were

likely to be allow migrants to

move freely between employers

and have their family with them,

regardless of their skill level or

work visa.

Natural disasters

Not a ‘Headline Issue’ in the

global debate, but of particular

interest for New Zealand, were

sections of the compact which

covered planning for “slow-onset

natural disasters” such as climate


“Thinking of our Pacific neighbours,

how is it that we respond

to the migration pressures that

emerge in the context of climate

change?”, Collins said.

However, he said that New

Zealand already complied

with much of what was in the

Continued on page 11

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DECEMBER 15, 2018



Continued from page 10

Iain Lees-Galloway: Concerns over compact

Agreement, such as reducing the

vulnerability of migrants, having

safe recruitment practices, and

using detention as a last resort.

Stemming the flow

The larger subtext to the

concerns expressed by critics

seems to be that the Agreement

could make nations powerless to

stop a flood of migrants entering

their borders.

However, Mr Collins said that

the compact did not address how

many migrants countries should

be expecting, while the number

of people entering a country

should be kept distinct from

the rights they had when they


“It is possible that if you have

very large numbers of people

arriving in a country that the

impacts on infrastructure can be

significant, and we have to think

about how we’re planning for


“But actually, having people

who have less rights living in a

country I would say is detrimental

to everyone as well, because

it reduces social cohesion, it

increases inequality, and it means

areas like the labour market are

not operating in an ideal fashion

because you’ve got people in a

disadvantageous position.”

Allaying fears

The compact’s supporters have

tried to allay fears by pointing out

its non-binding status, meaning

countries who sign on can fail to

follow through without the threat

of sanctions.

However, Mr Peters suggested

that “non-binding sometimes

means binding’” while Mr Bridges

said that UN agreements had “a

habit of making their way into

law regardless of their status.”

Amendments possible

Whether the Government will

sign the compact or not seems

Winston Peters: Changes to Agreement possible (Pictures for Newsroom by Lynn Grieveson)

genuinely up in the air: while Mr

Lees-Galloway said it was too late

to change any of its concerning

language, Mr Peters suggested

amendments at the Morocco

event were possible - including

from New Zealand.

And with immigration having

proved a hot-button topic for politicians

keen to win votes on each

side of the debate, whichever side

of the fence it lands on is likely to

cause a stir.

Sam Sachdeva is Newsroom’s

Political Editor, covering

Foreign Affairs, Trade, Defence,

and Security Issues and

Melanie Reid is Newsroom’s

Lead Current Affairs and Investigations

Journalist. The above

article, which appeared on the

Web Edition on December 4,

2018, has been reproduced here

under a Special Arrangement.

Commerce Commission

to study the fuel market

Supplied Content

The retail fuel market will

be the first Commerce

Commission market study,

Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern and Commerce and Consumer

Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi

announced today.

“This Government is committed

to easing financial pressure on

families. I had previously voiced

my concern about the high cost of

fuel, because it is a core expense

for consumers and businesses,” Ms

Ardern said.

“New Zealanders deserve peace

of mind that the price they are

paying at the pump is fair. At the

moment, we cannot definitively

say whether that is in fact the

case across New Zealand so this

is a market that most certainly

warrants a full investigation,” she


Testing ground

Mr Faafoi said that while there

were several possible markets

mooted for consideration, the retail

fuel market clearly met the test for


“Simply, it is in the public interest

to ensure people and business are

not paying too much for fuel. There

are existing indications of competition

problems in the retail fuel

market that are of concern to me,

such as the more than doubling of

petrol and diesel importer margins

over the past decade,” he said.

Image Courtesy: RNZ

“It is also a market that is hugely

important to consumers and to

our economy, given the extent to

which we rely on fuel and the size

of the market, with around six

billion litres of petrol and diesel

consumed for land transport use

annually,” he added.

Thorough analysis

Mr Faafoi said that the

Commerce Commission will be

undertaking a full and thorough

analysis into competition in the

retail fuel market.

“This will enable us to better

understand the market conditions

and determine whether consumers’

interests are being protected

at present, and if not, what action

needs to be taken,” he said.

The terms of reference for the

study into retail fuel markets

are expected be published in the

Gazette on Wednesday, December

5, 2018, when the Commission will

start the study.

The Commission will provide

further information about the

process and updates and will be

required to publish a final report

by December 5, 2019.


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DECEMBER 15, 2018


Allegations and denials

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

ISSUE 406 | DECEMBER 15, 2018

Bullying at the top must stop

The State Services

Commission is currently

investigating complaints

of bullying against former

Retirement Commissioner Diane

Maxwell and Parliamentary

Services is looking into similar

allegations against National MP

Maggie Barry.

In both cases, former or

existing staff members have filed

these complaints.

Recorded allegations

Ms Barry said that Parliamentary

Services has cleared her

name, while one staff member

has denied this. Ms Maxwell has

been forced to go on leave, while

Ms Barry seems to be gathering

support from other members of

her staff.

In the case of Ms Barry, there

are tape-recordings which

apparently testify the complaints,

in some places the MP using foul


Then there is another debate

whether she allowed her staff

to record the proceedings of her

meetings with staff.

What is going on?

The British Scene

Bullying staff appears to be

becoming a common practice

by lawmakers in many parts of

the world. In Britain, following

a revelation by BBC, Andrea

Leadsom, Leader of the House of

Commons has proposed to conduct

an inquiry into allegations

of bullying.

“I will propose that the inquiry

should hear from past and current

staff members about their

experiences and help to provide

them with closure wherever


As BBC mentioned, her wording

was a little vague.

It is also the case that the House

of Commons Commission, the

panel that runs the House, would

decide on the terms.

“The whitewash is coming,”

BBC announced.

Independent Review

In New Zealand, Parliamentary

Speaker Trevor Mallard has

launched an independent review

into bullying and harassment of

staff at Parliament, saying that all

political parties have problems in

this area.

Consultant Debbie Francis

will conduct the Independent

Review to find out whether any

harassing or bullying of staff has

occurred since October 2014, the

start of the last Parliament. It will

cover MPs, staff and contractors

in Parliamentary Services and

the Office of the Clerk. At least

3000 personnel, including former

staffers, in Parliament or in electorate

offices around the country,

who have left since 2014 will also

be covered.

We welcome the Independent

Review. It is time erring politicians

are brought to account.

We seek hands of friendship

As Indian Newslink steps

into its 20th year of

publication, we mark the

occasion expressing our gratitude,

solemnity and solidarity

with our people- advertisers,

sponsors, contributors, correspondents,

readers and staff- for

they have been the instruments

of our destiny since we launched

our publication on November 15,


Over the years, we have learnt

the difficult art of maintaining

balance, not just in our journalistic

approach but also in our mood

and attitude. We have learnt how

to stay on the ground; not seeking

dizzy heights of conceit when

loaded with accolades nor sinking

to the depths of depression when

showered with brickbats. There is

a certain joy in being what we are

than what we have.

Healthy Competition needed

Competition is the fuel that

sparks the engine of any business,

giving it the momentum not

just to survive but also to gain

strength and get bigger and

better. It keeps an organisation

under check, preventing it from

becoming reckless either in its

conduct or service to the society.

We believe that the ethnic

media in New Zealand, at least

in respect of the extended Indian

community, is in the process of

growth and advancement. As

it matures, it would discern the

difference between true patrons

and attention-seekers; it would

also understand the need for

well-defined policies that are

truly worthy of public trust and


Hand of friendship

It is unfortunate that New

Zealand does not have an organisation

that binds together people

in the media industry. There is

an urgent need for newspapers,

radio stations, television channels,

and programme providers

to unite under an umbrella so

that their purpose of serving the

people could be bettered.

New Zealand is a small country,

and the Indian population is

even smaller. The ethnic media

subsists in an extremely crowded

market, with the risk of business

ethics eroded to the point of


We also seek the hand of our

counterparts in the industry in

re-establishing solidarity and

meeting the challenges of the


Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media

Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

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Production Manager: Mahes Perera; Financial Controller: Uma Venkatram CA;

Phone: (09) 5336377 Email:


rock Maggie Barry

Craig McCulloch

The former staff member

who has released recordings

of National MP

Maggie Barry rejects any

suggestion he taped her secretly

and says she asked him to do so.

But Ms Barry flatly rejects that

and is backed up by another person

who used to work in the same

office and who says she feels

“betrayed and violated” by the


The North Shore MP has been

under scrutiny after revelations

Parliamentary Service had received

bullying complaints from

two of her former staff.

Taping and denial

One of the ex-employees has

told media Ms Barry belittled and

swore at staff and told them to

do political work on the taxpayer’s

time. The former staffer has

provided media, including RNZ,

with recordings of some private

conversations in a bid to back his


Ms Barry has denied all the allegations

and says she’s “uncomfortable”

at having been recorded

without her knowledge.

But the former staff member,

who did not want to be named,

said Ms Barry had been aware he

was taping the meetings.

“Any allegation that I was doing

some secret recording is absolutely

false. She told staff to

record her - and I wasn’t the first

staff member to record her, other

staff members recorded her. She

told us that was a good idea because

then she could go off to another

meeting and we could go

back and check the tape,” the staff

member said.

He’d also been told by

Parliamentary Service to “document

interactions” with Ms Barry

after he lodged a complaint, he


‘Simply false’

But Ms Barry, who used to

host the television programme

Maggie’s Garden Show, said she

never gave the staff member permission

to record her.

“I did not know I was being recorded

during the conversations

which have been released and

did not give anyone permission

to record me for their own purposes

or to record my conversations

with other staff members

who were also not aware they

were being recorded,” she said in

a statement.

“It is simply false to say


A different former staff member

- who also asked to remain

anonymous - agreed that employees

were not asked to record


“I feel absolutely betrayed and

violated that private and sensitive

conversations in the electorate

office were recorded without

my knowledge or permission,”

the former staffer said in a statement.

On occasion I would record

[Ms Barry] if she was dictating a

letter that I’d have to type up or if

she was doing a media interview

but this was always done overtly

and I didn’t record meetings. I

National MP Maggie Barry (Picture for RNZ by Rebekah Parsons-King)

had absolutely no idea that was

going on.”

Distressing experience

She said it was “really distressing”

to discover she’d been recorded

without her knowledge

and she had contacted both

Parliamentary Service and the

Privacy Commissioner for help. I

have no idea what other recordings

he has and what they might

say or how they might be taken

out of context.”

‘Jekyll and Hyde stuff’

On Tuesday (December 11,

2018), Ms Barry told media a

workplace investigation into

two complaints had cleared her.

National leader Simon Bridges

also defended his MP, saying

that Parliamentary Service had

found there was no bullying or


But the aggrieved ex-staffer

believes Ms Barry “absolutely

had not been cleared” by

Parliamentary Service.

He said that the workplace investigation

made no findings

about bullying in his case and had

simply concluded there had been

a breakdown in the relationship.

The staffer was uncertain of the

outcome of a second complaint by

a co-worker.

Party work

He said he had approached the

media because he believed Ms

Barry should not be allowed to

remain in a position where she

could bully staff.

“She would swear at me and

blame me for mistakes she had

made ... she would call staff stupid,

tell them that she couldn’t believe

they’d been given a degree,

she’d talk about their sexuality

behind their back,” he said.

“It was Jekyll and Hyde stuff. It

was terrifying at times. It rocketed

from absurd one moment to

terrifying the next. She would be

absolutely lovely and then a small

thing would trigger her and she’d

be absolutely furious, just red-hot


He also said “about 50%” of

the work he did was Party work

despite that being against the

law. For example, he wrote columns

which campaigned for

then-Northcote candidate Dan

Bidois and created brochures for

a National Party conference.

“The very first piece of work

that I did on my very first day was

to create her email newsletter

which campaigned for Dan Bidois

... and which also asked people to

join the National Party.

“We collected membership

funds, people would pay their

membership dues at the electorate

office ... she would solicit

membership from the office.

Unlawful act alleged

RNZ has seen text messages

which appear to show Ms Barry

requesting the staffer carry out

political work during office hours.

‘I wasn’t bullied.’

The former staffer who supports

Ms Barry said she had never

been bullied by the MP in the six

years she had worked with her.

“Maggie has high standards.

She will tell you if something

needs doing again and she’ll

thank you for a job well done,”

she said in a statement.

The staff member said it was

reasonable for politicians to demand

honesty, appropriate behaviour

and a good work ethic

from the people they employ.

“I was not bullied - verbally,

psychologically or physically.”

Ms Barry denies

On Tuesday (December 4), Ms

Barry told media she was not a

bully and invited those speaking

to the media to file formal


“I create a positive environment

for all staff. I have high expectations

of myself and of my staff,

but I believe that you always treat

people with respect. That is what

I have endeavoured to do in all of

my workplaces over a long period

of time, she said.”

Ms Barry said she never asked

Parliamentary staff to do National

Party work. She said some people

chose to do Party work in their

own time, but she never asked

them to do so.

She had asked Parliamentary

Service to look into the matter of

secret recordings, she said.

“It is a little odd and unfair having

to answer allegations anonymously

and also to be taped

without my knowledge,” Ms Barry


Craig McCulloch is a Political

Reporter at Radio New

Zealand. Indian Newslink has

published the above Report

and Picture under a Special

Agreement with

Related Reports appear under

Homelink, Businesslink

and Viewlink. Please read our

Editorial, ‘Bullying at the top must

stop,’ under Viewlink.

DECEMBER 15, 2018



Former Ministries in the dark about Maxwell

Supplied Content

Former Commerce and

Consumer Affairs Minister

Paul Goldsmith says that

he was not aware of bullying

allegations made against outgoing

Retirement Commissioner

Diane Maxwell.

However, he did know about

the high staff turnover in her


Goldsmith reappointed

Maxwell for a second term as

Commissioner in 2016.

‘All News’

When asked about the

Newsroom story in which more

than a dozen former staffers

raised concerns about Maxwell’s

poor management, Goldsmith

said, “it was all news to (him).”

He said that early in Maxwell’s

first term as Commissioner,

which began in 2013, there was

high turnover.

“There was high turnover

when she came in and she restructured

the whole thing, so

clearly there was a turnover,” he


He said that the turnover appeared

to be a result of changes

that Maxwell was making at the


“She was moving away from a

television advertising model to a

different model, requiring different

people and that is the sense I

had of it,” he said.

Paul Goldsmith

The allegations

But Goldsmith said the fact

the high turnover continued after

Maxwell’s initial restructuring

was first revealed to him

in Friday’s Newsroom story, as

were the allegations of bullying.

“It appears, looking at your article,

that it continued longer

than you would expect but at the

time I certainly didn’t have any

suggestion of what was suggested,”

he said.

He said that when the time

came to reappoint the role, it appeared

that Maxwell had been

doing good work, which fit with

the “social investment” ethos

of the Government. Along with

other colleagues, including MP

Alfred Ngaro, the decision was

Alfred Ngaro (Pictures Supplied)

made to reappoint Maxwell.

Substantial changes

“There were a number of

my colleagues who were very

keen on the work she was doing

and she had done one term

and brought through fairly substantial

changes and in the normal

course of events you’d want

to give somebody a bit of extra

time to carry that through,”

Goldsmith said.

Ngaro told Newsroom that

he had been impressed with the

“community approach” Maxwell

had been taking to her role of educating

people about retirement


“Some of the work around financial

literacy she was doing in

our local communities and it really

made a difference,” Ngaro


He said he was not aware of

any allegations of bullying

“My experiences with Diane

were very positive,” he said.

A culture of bullying

Newsroom revealed that

Maxwell had not been reappointed

to a third term as Retirement


This was confirmed by

Commerce and Consumer Affairs

Minister Kris Faafoi.

Faafoi said that he notified

Maxwell her contract would not

be renewed for a third term two

weeks ago.

“Two terms is a significant

commitment and after two terms

it is appropriate to go to the market

to re-appoint for the next

term. This was shared to the

Commissioner two weeks ago,”

Faafoi said.

The previous Commissioner,

Diana Crossan, served a term

of 10 years, being appointed

in February 2003 and stepping

down in January 2013.

Faafoi told Newsroom that he

had received an anonymous letter

about Maxwell on Tuesday,

after he had made the decision

not to reappoint her.

The letter raised concerns

about Maxwell and her time at

the Commission and prompted

Faafoi to seek further advice.

Maxwell’s tenure at the

Commission was marked by high

staff turnover.

Intimidating staff

Newsroom revealed allegations

that much of that turnover

was a product of bullying and


Newsroom’s story noted that

staff feared reprisals for speaking

out. One former staff member

told Newsroom that a group

of senior staff wrote a letter to

the State Services Commissioner

outlining their concerns over

Maxwell’s leadership, but they

lost their nerve over fear for

their jobs and did not send it.

Today, the State Services

Commission confirmed they had

no record of any complaints being

made against Maxwell.

Health and performance issues

are the role of the Commission’s

monitoring agency, MBIE.

An MBIE spokesperson confirmed

they had not received any

formal complaints from current

or former employees of CFFC.

Thomas Coughlan is a

Newsroom Reporter based in

Wellington. Indian Newslink

has published the above Report

and Picture under a Special

Agreement with Newsroom.

Related Reports appear under

Homelink, Businesslink

and Viewlink. Please read our

Editorial, ‘Bullying at the top

must stop,’ under Viewlink.

Franchising Opportunities

This is your opportunitytobecome partofasuccessful international brand,partnering with the expertise of RestaurantBrands hereinNew Zealand

and the Yumbrand worldwide.

With 98 stores NZ wide including 69 franchised stores and sales exceeding $90m, Pizza Hut is currently enjoying strong growth and franchisee


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Foraconfidential interviewand foraninformation memorandum.

ContactAlan Brooks

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DECEMBER 15, 2018


Honesty should not be traded in any property deal



Recent research by the Real

Estate Authority (REA) has

shown that many people

have a very relaxed approach

to being honest when they

are selling a property.

Some people justify not coming

clean about everything because

they think the onus is on the buyer

to do their homework, or that if

they can get away with it then it’s

ok not to tell the full truth.

People tell themselves this behaviour

is ok because they believe

that successfully selling their

property is the only thing that


The need to sell, and to get a

good price, is often seen as a higher

priority than the need to be

completely honest.

Full Disclosure

Sellers thought that full disclosure

would have an impact

on whether the sale would go


One respondent said that they

did not want to open up any potential

problems and that they

were completely selfish about it.

They were concerned that being

honest about any problems with

the property would mean that no

one would want to buy it.

Agent’s responsibility

If, like most New Zealanders,

you are selling with a licensed real

estate agent, they will play an important

role in this process.

When you sign an Agency

Agreement (the legally binding

document that sets out the contract

between you and the real

estate agency) you are asked to

disclose or be honest about any

known defects.

If you tell the agent about a significant

problem with aproperty

but ask them not to tell anyone

else, they may need to cancel the

agreement and walk away.

When you are talking to an

agent about selling the property,

the best course of action is to tell

them everything you know about

the property, no matter how small

you think it is.

They are the experts and their

professional reputation is at stake

if they mislead a buyer.

Consider as a buyer

If you are still not sure what

to disclose, the real test is to

put yourself in a potential buyer’s

shoes. If you were the buyer,

would you want to know about

unconsented building work, potential

leaks or unstable ground?”

In an ideal world, every potential

buyer will do all the necessary

research about a property. The

consequences of not doing so are

very real.

Selling a property is stressful

enough without adding in the

threat of the sale being cancelled

or of possible legal action further

down the track.

Due diligence

At best, any serious problems

will be uncovered by due diligence

and you’ll look like a bit of a

fool, but the buyer will either walk

away or begin negotiations that

take these defects into account.

At worst, if the sale goes through

and the buyer then discovers

that they have been sold a lemon,

you may end up in the Disputes

Tribunal or engaged in more serious

court action.”

Neither scenario will leave you

feeling very positive about the experience

and has the potential to

have a negative impact on your


If you are upfront with your real

estate agent about everything (and

you talk to the Council about getting

any additions or alterations

certified), you will be on asurer

footing when it comes to negotiating

with potential buyers further

down the track.

It might seem unfashionable in

the era of fake news, but honesty

is always the best policy.

Kevin Lampen-Smith is the chief

executive of the Real Estate

Authority (REA), the independent

government agency that regulates

the New Zealand real

estate industry. For more information

about buying or selling

property, check out settled.

Statute to reinstate

workers’ rights



The Employment

Relations Amendment

Act (passed by

Parliament on

December 5, 2018) helps restore

fairness to New Zealand

workplaces and restore fundamental

rights for workers,

The Government is determined

to lift New Zealand

into a high wage, high skill

economy with thriving regions.

The Employment

Relations Amendment Act

is one piece of our plan to

do this, by restoring a better

workplace relations

framework for New Zealand


Restoring conditions

The Act restores many of

the conditions that existed

during the previous Labourled

Government, at time

when the economy enjoyed

record-low unemployment

and unprecedented economic


The Coalition Government

believes that everyone deserves

a fair day’s pay for a

fair day’s work. This Act helps

achieve that by bringing back

protections for workers, especially

vulnerable workers,

and strengthening the role of

collective bargaining.

Key Changes

The key changes under

the Employment Relations

Amendment Act include

(a) Reinstating prescribed

meal and rest breaks (b)

Strengthening Collective

Bargaining and Union Rights

(c) Restoring protections for

vulnerable workers, such as

those in the cleaning and catering

industries, regardless

of the size of their employer

(d) Limiting 90-day trials to

business with fewer than 20


These are fair and familiar

protections that strike the

right balance for employers

and workers, and mainly restores

worker protections

which were in place as recently

as 2015.

A majority of the provisions

in the Act will come into force

on Monday, May 6, 2019.

Further information on the

changes will be available at

Iain Lees-Galloway is

Workplace Relations and

Safety Minister

DECEMBER 15, 2018

Franchising: Consider the risk before the spread

Khushbu Sundarji

If you are considering taking

up a franchise business,

you should consider a number

of issues before such an


Evaluate your business

You must take a critical look at

your business.

Is it profitable? If your

business is not profitable,

Franchising will not fix the


You must invest money to

change your business into a

franchised business.

Can your business be taught

easily to others? There should

be effective training processes

and resources in place well

before you make a move into


You must also protect your intellectual

property by having a

Registered Trade Mark.

Assess the market

You must thoroughly research

the market to see what is already

out there.

Is there a business in your

particular industry that is already

doing what your business

does? If so, is your business distinctive

and have an edge on the


You should also look at similar

businesses that have both

succeeded and failed in your industry.

You should be realistic

about whether your potential

franchised business can make a

mark in your industry and succeed.

It may be that you will

need to adjust your business

model after conducting your


Seek legal and accounting


We recommend that you seek

expert legal and accounting


An accountant will tell you if

it is financially viable to start

Franchising at the point of time

and the potential costs and investment


Use a lawyer who is experienced

in Franchising to explain

your obligations as a franchisor

and draft the Franchise


It is essential that you understand

your obligations before

you start issuing franchise

agreements. You should also ensure

that training and accounting

systems are set up before

you start Franchising.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any business model,

Franchising has both advantages

and disadvantages.

The operating costs will be reduced

as it is the franchisees

who will be paying the costs

of day-to-day running of the


You will also receive ongoing

fees and royalties for the use of

your system.

You will be able to expand

much quicker than if you were

opening stores yourself and you

will have the capital from the

franchisee as opposed to borrowing

to obtain these funds.

Your system will also be centralised

and manuals will advise

how the business is run.

This will mean that your customers

will receive better service,

no matter which outlet the

customer visits.



Less disciplinary control

However, you have less disciplinary

control over the franchisees

and it may be tough to

remove unsatisfactory franchisees.

There is always a risk

that any unsatisfied franchisees

may damage your reputation.

You must disclose a lot of confidential

information about your

system to potential franchisees

and there is the danger of franchisees

exiting the franchise after

the initial term and then

becoming your competitors.

Tread carefully

You should not rush into becoming

a franchisor. The payoff

may not be foreseeable in the

short term and may in fact take a

few years.

Franchisors have failed in the

past for a number of reasons.

These include not fostering

the relationship with the franchisees,

not providing assistance

to the franchisees or not acting

in good faith.

Successful Franchisors have

been able to ensure that their

franchisees are aware of their

obligations and make sure that

the business is run correctly under

the franchise agreement and

manuals; but are always willing

to assist and adapt to their franchisees

needs if a franchisee is


Khushbu Sundarji is an

Associate at Stewart Germann

Law Office. Phone: (09) 3089925

Email: khushbu@germann.; Website: www.germann.

Legal Disclaimer: The above

article should be considered

only a general guideline and

not as specific advice. Indian

Newslink and its Management,

Stewart Germann Law Office

and Khushbu Sundarji absolve

themselves of all obligations in

this connection. Please consult

your lawyer and/or accountant

before taking up any business

mentioned in the above article.


Company Background

Oaks Property ManagementLtd is aleading residential property managementcompany. We specialise in

managementofinvestmentproperties,family homes,apartments,shorttermrental and boarding houses.Weare

proud to be the only companyaccredited with ISO9001:2015 international qualityservicestandards in the industry.

Our Objectives

1. Maximise return on investment -Successful investments through optimisation of rent yields and capital growth.

2. Maintain property’s optimum condition -Ensure that the property is in pristine condition for tenancy, maintained and functions

well, and choosing the right tenant that will take good care and use of your property.

3. Enable Landlord’s investment focus -Wewill help you unload the task of managing properties and let you focus on your portfolio


Our Scope of Services

Tenant Management | Property Care | Communication &Management Systems | Risk Management

Contact us

E: |M:022 0107099 |


DECEMBER 15, 2018


Banks feel the pinch as smart players gather momentum

Kris Faafoi Ross Delaney Antony Buick-Constable Dave Birch

Jenee Tibshraeny

Banks have for centuries

been among the most

powerful institutions in

the world.

As the guardians of our

finances, they have essentially

had a monopoly on our money.

They have controlled the way

we have accessed and managed


But times are changing.

Government authorities around

the world are forcing banks to

share their data with other companies

that carry out banking

services – often at a lower cost to


Open Banking with Paymark

Paymark, the company that

runs Eftpos in New Zealand, is

enabling customers of certain

banks to pay for some of their

online shopping with their mobile


The selling points are

convenience, as customers can

verify payments on their phones

and avoid paying credit or debit

card fees.

A transaction is made by a

customer using their phone to

plug into their bank account to

approve a payment via Paymark.

This process is known as Open


Paymark doesn’t touch the

customer’s banking information,

it just facilitates the connection –

for a fee.

Choice and Competition

However Paymark is trying

to undercut the credit card


Its Head of Strategy and Innovation

Ross Delaney said that

the aim is to drive choice and

competition in the payments


“Credit cards have been pretty

much the only option for a

very long time. We really want

to give, I guess, account debit

innovation a chance to shine,”

he said.

While Paymark’s focus is on

payments, there are companies

that believe they can do a better

job than banks when it comes

to helping customers budget or

alerting them when their bills or

credit card repayments are due,

for example.

They want the same plug-ins

to banks as Paymark.

Demand for innovation

Asked whether banks see

Open Banking as a threat

or an opportunity, Antony

Buick-Constable of the New

Zealand Bankers’ Association

said, ”Customer demand for

innovation suggests that Open

Banking is something we should

be looking at, and it is.”

While Paymark has hundreds

of retailers, including Nova Energy,

Burger Fuel and Smith and

Caughey’s which have signed up

to its mobile payments offering,

only Westpac, ASB and Coop

Bank are on board.

What is more, although Paymark

is in the process of being

sold, it is currently owned by the

big four Australian banks.

So, if progress is slow for

a company that is already

theoretically cosy with banks,

it is even slower for other

companies wanting to get into

Open Banking.

Possible Regulation

Authorities in the UK and

Australia are so keen on

Open Banking that they have

introduced legislation to force

the banks into it.

Commerce and Consumer

Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi

believes they should have this

access, as it will spur greater

competition in the market.

But he is taking a softer

approach. “We have been clear

about working collaboratively to

this stage,” he said.

Mr Faafoi has given banks until

mid-2019 to get their tech up

to speed and create their own

security and privacy standards

to safely manage Open Banking.

“If we see anything that gives

us concern around the detail of

the framework, and some of the

contractual arrangements that

will stymie further competition,

then we’d be concerned about

this,” he said.

Christchurch man fined for hiring student electrician

Staff Reporter

The Christchurch

District Court fined

$2550 for allowing a

University student to

carryout prescribed electrical

work on his property.

It is unlawful to employ

any unauthorised person,

not properly certified by the

authorities to perform any

electrical job, since it could

become a major fire and

health hazard.

The Court heard that the

accused, named Tu Nguyen,

had employed a student for

the job, although he had

hired an electrical company

to complete electrical work

on his property.

Ministry of Business,

Immigration and

Employment (MBIE) Team

Leader Simon Thomas said

that Mr Nguyen also carried

out prescribed electrical

work himself on the property

although he was not licensed

or registered by the Electrical

Workers Registration Board.

Endangering lives

“This is an example of a

homeowner taking dangerous

shortcuts, which can endanger

the lives of anyone

in the house, at any time.

Simply put, it is unlawful to

undertake prescribed electrical

work, unless you are

Only licenced electricians can carry out related

works (Image from NZ Electrical Workers Registration

Board Website)

licensed to do so - whether

it is your house or not,” Mr

Thomas said.

The Court was told that Mr

Nguyen contracted a company

to project-manage proposed

developments to the

property. The contractor then

sub-contracted an electrical

company to complete the electrical

work on the property.

Power locked out

Mr Thomas said that the

electrical company had locked

out the power supply over the

weekend, but Mr Nguyen and

the student entered the property

and carried out electrical

work themselves.

This included installing

data and power sockets,

switchboard fuses and LED


“When the electrical company

employee returned to

the property, he found that

the lockout had been removed

and the power livened.

He also found safety

issues with live cables on the

property. He then shut off

(rightfully) the power supply

and refused to continue

or certify the work. He returned

three days later to

find the power has been restored

and reported the incident

to the authorities,” Mr

Thomas said.

Mr Thomas said that the

employee did well to report

Mr Nguyen.

“This type of work, when

incorrectly installed, can result

in fire or serious harm,”

he said.

Mr Nguyen should not

have allowed an unlicensed

student to undertake dangerous

electrical work that

should only be carried out

by a licensed and registered

electrical worker,” he added.

Mr Thomas said that licensed

electrical workers are

professionals who have the

skills and expertise to do the

job safely and correctly.

“Where prescribed electrical

work is not being carried

out by a licensed electrical

worker, our team will investigate,

ensuring the safety of

New Zealanders,” he said.

If this happens, he will regulate.

Banks keen on security

Mr Buick-Constable said that banks are

working hard to get their ducks in a row

to make sure anyone who chooses to pull

their bank account data via a third party,

can do so securely.

He explained how crucial it is to

ensure the companies that facilitate these

plug-ins to banks are properly accredited,

as Open Banking cannot be a free for all.

However, UK-based Financial Services

Consultant and Open Banking Commentator

Dave Birch said that suspicion is


“You should have a suspicion” that the

companies that will capitalise on Open

Banking are not the “little garage startups

with their great new ideas.”

It is likely to be the incumbents.

Tech giant threatens

Paymark is a big incumbent but the

players Mr Birch is really concerned

about are Google, Amazon, Apple and


“They can essentially provide banking

services without actually being a bank.

I go into Facebook and I want to borrow

some money or something. Why would

I come out of Facebook? I can do it all

in Facebook and the fact that Facebook

underneath is plugging into one of the

existing banks, I might not even know

which one it is,” he said.

So, in the process of destroying the

control the big four Australian banks

(Commonwealth Bank, National Australia

Bank, Australia and New Zealand

Banking Group, and Westpac) have

on our money, Open Banking could be

giving the big four tech companies even

more control over our lives.

Mr Birch said this results in a “highly

asymmetrical situation,” where banks,

which have access to financial services

data, compete with tech companies that

have access to this data as well as other

data on their users.

European banks upset

“And you don’t have to be a genius to

Restauranteurs pay the

price for law breach

Supplied Content

Two Dunedin restaurant employers

have been ordered to pay $11,500

by the Employment Relations

Authority (ERA).

Following a Labour Inspectorate investigation,

Hai Ung and Vuochhuor Ung,

who operate the ‘South Dunedin Curry

House,’ were penalised for failing to keep

accurate wage, time and leave records.

Prior offence cited

Labour Inspectorate Regional Manager

Jeanie Borsboom said this employer

was one of 41 businesses proactively

visited by the Inspectorate in Dunedin in

November 2017.

“When questioned about why they

did not have employment records,

Mr Ung told the Labour Inspector he

‘forgot.’ Our officials had visited them in

2007 following a complaint from three

employees and that they were in breach

of the Minimum Wage Act, failed to

keep accurate records and did not have

employment agreements,” she said.

At that time, the Inspectorate recovered

the arrears and Mr and Mrs Ung were

provided with Employment New Zealand’s

educational material to assist them

with understanding their obligations as


Employers’ Responsibility

“The responsibility for keeping

accurate wage, time and leave records is

always on the employer, and there is no

way around this. If the Inspectorate sees

this happening through our proactive

investigations, or investigations initiated

through employee complaints, we will

seek penalties. These employers had

been in business for nearly 20 years and

see this is why some of the European

banks are starting to get very upset about

the current situation. There is no reciprocal

right on those platforms to provide

data to the banks. Or to put it absolutely

crudely, Amazon can have access to your

bank account but the bank can’t have

access to your Amazon account,” he said.

“That’s not really a level, competitive

playing field, is it?”

Furthermore, these tech companies

are nowhere near as regulated as banks

in New Zealand. In fact, the government

struggles to get them to pay tax.

Reciprocity the saving grace?

Mr Faafoi maintains that if banks tell

tech companies that they can only plug

into their systems if the arrangement

is reciprocal, the tech companies may

be deterred from partaking in Open

Banking in a major way.

This is the thinking of regulators in

Australia; so, Mr Faafoi assumes the same

might eventuate in New Zealand.

Mr Delaney agrees.

“Banks need to make sure it is a twoway

street. And that will protect from

those large four big global players. In a

true sense, there are good reasons that

things like Open Banking have been set

up. . . But really, more of these other big

large corporates should be sharing their

data as well,” he said.

Open Data

Mr Delaney said that “Open Data” will

be the product of Open Banking or ‘Open


Mr Birch concluded, saying, “It is a

different kind of future. Therefore, it

requires a different regulatory mindset

as well. Taking what you might label

industrial age solutions – monopolies and

mergers, commissions and competition

authorities and this kind of thing – and

trying to apply them to this new data

economy doesn’t seem to work.

“And I am not smart enough to know

what the answer is, but I can see that it

needs a different kind of regulation.”

: Jeanie Borsboom

(Picture Courtesy: George Heard, Stuff)

should be well aware of their obligations

to all employees,” Ms Borsboom said.

She said that officials revisit businesses

to ensure continued compliance with

Employment Law, and that Mr and Mrs

Ung had again failed to keep accurate


Compliance expected

“This should send an obvious message

to employers that where the Labour

Inspectorate has visited your business,

we expect to see continued compliance,

and we will hold employers to account

where this isn’t the case,” Ms Borsboom


Mr and Ms Ung have been placed

on the employer Stand Down list for

18 months and will be prevented from

hiring migrant workers for that time.

“This should also encourage

consumers to think twice about whether

employees are being treated fairly in

their favourite restaurant or takeaway

spot,” Ms Borsboom said.

MBIE encourages anyone who has

information about minimum standards

or visa conditions not being met to

phone the Ministry’s Service Centre on

0800-209020. Strict confidentiality of the

callers is assured.

DECEMBER 15, 2018



Championing a



12308 0718


Our Rehabilitation

and Return to Work


help youfocus on

getting back to your

‘normal’ and getting


New Zealand’s


This programmeis

inspiring children

and families to make

healthierchoices and




AIA Vitality is a

world-leading, sciencebacked


programme thathelps


changes to your health.

Coming soon.

Airpoints: Take a

break andrecharge

your life. Youcould

earn AirpointDollars

on eligibleAIA

insurance products.


Formoreinformation, contact your InsuranceAdviser today.


DECEMBER 15, 2018


Chasing shadows of desire take us nowhere


Whatever people call

as ‘Love’ right now

tends to be between

man and woman

because nature has created a

certain attraction between man

and woman.

This attraction is crucial for

the survival of the race.

If you look at this physical urge

that you refer to as sexuality, you

will see that the urge is to become

one with something.

Seeking Oneness

It is not just about doing this

or that.

Somewhere, there is a longing

in you that being yourself is not


You want to include another

person as a part of yourself.

So, sexuality is just a longing

to become one with something

more than that which you call

as yourself – the basic longing is

just to seek oneness.

The Medium of Yoga

Oneness means Yoga. You are

seeking to become one with

something, but if you become

one with a woman or a man, it is

not sufficient.

Initially, you may have really

believed it was sufficient.

But once you go through that,

you will see, it is not.

A fool will think that he wants

to become one with more and

It is awareness

that brings


and light

more people in that way, but

still it will not fulfill you.

If you go through a whole lifetime

of that, it does not get you


Yearning without awareness

Equally, your desire to have

more money, more property,

more power, more pleasure,

more love is simply your

spiritual longing, but without


Whether you desire sex, money,

pleasure, property, power,

whatever, your desire is right,

but you are not giving it the

right direction, that is all.

Your desire is still wanting

to become one with something

more than yourself, but you

need to understand that getting

one woman or one man, or

one this or one that is not going

to fulfill you. It seeks more, and


Chasing the invisible

What is it that your desire is

finally seeking? It is seeking unboundedness.

It wants to become

one with everything.


In life, it does not matter what

you include as a part of yourself,

whether you include a man

or a woman or one dozen children,

still your life is not fulfilled.

When you are young, you think

“Oh, if I got married to this particular

person, my life will be


It may bring some happiness

and comfort into your life, but it

does not fulfill you.

Once you realise that, you think

“Oh, we don’t have children. That

is why we are like this. If I bear a

child, everything will be okay.”

You could have one or one dozen,

but nothing happens. We produced

one billion people in India.

Do you think everybody is realised

and fulfilled?

We go on bearing children

without limit, but still, where is


Do you see fulfillment on people’s

faces? It is not happening.

Something missing

So, either you go through all

these experiences at the cost of a

whole lifetime, or you look at all

these people and see. They have

done all these things, it has not

gotten them anywhere.

It is very obvious. You look at

a 60-year-old man who has gone

through every process of life:

of ambition, of power, of sex, of

children, of love.

If you look at his face and see,

is it a face of fulfillment? No.

If you have the intelligence to

understand this from other people’s

experience of life, you will

see these things will not get you


This is why the Yoga sutras

start this way, “And now Yoga.”

The innate desire

The most basic instinct in you

is always to become one with

something or somebody. This

is a spiritual instinct. It is just

that you give expression to your

spiritual instinct in a materialistic


If you bring awareness to

whatever you refer to as the

most basic instincts, you will

see, you will start on a spiritual


Right now, you are doing it

without awareness, that is why

it is remaining a limited process.

Ranked among the 50 Most

Influential People in India,

Sadhguru is a Yogi, Mystic,

Visionary and Best-Selling

Author. In 2017, he was conferred

the title of ‘Padma

Vibhushan,’ the second highest

civilian honour by the Indian


Isha Foundation New Zealand

conducts Isha Inner Engineering

and Hatha Yoga Programmes. It

also offers free Isha Kriya and

Isha Upa Yoga practices for the

General public regularly.

For more information, please

call 022-4637811. Website:


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Model of the Fortnight



SmartPayroll has

IRD’s compulsory

Pay Day fi ling






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DECEMBER 15, 2018


Models of the Year 2018

Kartika Singh-July 15, 2018 Amrita Gillard-August 15, 2018 . Anjini Lata-April 15, 2018

Aashna Saxena-Auguat 1, 2018

Suman Shaw-May 15, 2018

Shithi Saha-May 1, 2018

Sabby Jey-June 15, 2018

Valentine Fernandes-February 15, 2018

Editor’s Choice

Our ‘Model of the Fortnight

Column,’ carrying

the pictures of various

photographers, is one of

the most popular features of the

print and web editions and Social

Media pages of Indian Newslink.

While space is a major constraint

in the print version, we

are happy to post almost all the

selections of our photographers

online while updating our

editions either daily or at least

every fortnight with a new print


The ever-increasing traffic

(more than 80,000 unique visitors

a month and about 3000 visitors

a day) demonstrates your patronage

to this newspaper.

Tough Task

As we end Year 2018 with this

issue, we thought of featuring

Editor’s Choice of pictures of our

models featured throughout the

year. Selecting just nine pictures

out of more than 330 found in

our digital library was a tough


As we wish our past and future

models, our photographers

and you dear Readers, Merry

Christmas and a Happy News

Year (!), we wish to reiterate our

commitment to bring you the

best in terms of news, views, features,

and of course the always

popular Model of the Fortnight.

IP Rights

These pictures appearing in

our print and web editions are

the intellectual property of Indian

Newslink and the respective

photographers Any reproduction

in any form for private, public,

commercial or non-commercial

purposes is prohibited and any

breach would be an offence

under the relevant laws in force.

If you wish to sponsor our

Model of the Fortnight or be featured

in our series, please contact

021-836528 or email venkat@

Johannah Prasad-November 15, 2018

DECEMBER 15, 2018



We support

Kiwi business.

So youcan keep


Want to know more?

or call us on 0800 022249



DECEMBER 15, 2018

Christmas &New Year Special

ThePrinceofPeacelives in your home

Wenceslaus Anthony

Christmasisthe celebration

of the birthday of

Jesus Christ born inthe

stable at Bethlehem,.

Two holy people who have

had agreat impact inmyown

life are St JohnPaul II and

Blessed Mother Teresa who

had laid much emphasis on

the importance of Family.

Ishare some oftheir

thoughtsfor your reflection.

We seethe images ofthe

Holy Family of Nazareth-

Jesus, Mary and Joseph- in the

cribs displayed at many places-

in churches, public places,

homesand eveninsome


Great reminder

In amessage, Pope John

Paul II said that during the

Christmas period, our eyes

will rejoice at the mystery of

the Holy Family, just as children

rejoicewhen they look

at the crib, recognisinginit

akind of prototype of their

own family, the family within

which they came into the


This is agreat reminder to

all of us to look into our own

family and pray forpeace

within ourselves and in our family.

Thatisthe joy ofour family to


St JohnPaulIIfurther spoke

about the greater humanfamily –

humanity itself.

He said that as he looked at

families in the lightofChristmas,

he couldnot but turn histhoughts

to thegreater human family,unfortunately

torn by persistent

forms of selfishness andviolence.

The tragedy of war inmany parts

of the world continues to produce

countless victims evenamong innocent

and defencelesspeople.

Following is abeautiful prayer

of St JohnPaul II, which we could

recite as wegaze at Baby Jesus in

the Crib duringChristmas:

“Wipe away, Baby Jesus, the

tears of children! Embrace the

sick and the elderly! Move men

to laydown their arms and to

draw close inauniversal embrace

ofpeace! Invite the peoples,

Omerciful Jesus, to tear

down the walls created by poverty

and unemployment, by ignorance

and indifference, by

discrimination and intolerance.

God ofpeace, gift of peace forall

of humanity, come to live inthe

heart ofevery individual and of

every family. Beour peace and

our joy! Amen!”

Prayer for peace

During this Christmas celebration

of festivities, decorations,

gifts, lunches, carols and danceslet

usnotforget the innocent and

defenceless people in our own

family and in greater human

family. Weneed tocarefor them

andpray for Peace. We need to

radiate Peace which isthe essence

of Christmas.

Mother Teresa has alsospoken

about alack of love and our pursuit

of success and riches.

She saidthat love begins at

home; love lives inhomes, and

that is why thereissomuch suffering

and so much unhappiness

in the world today.

Everybody todayseems to

be in such aterrible rush, anxious

for greater developments

andgreater riches and so on,

so that children havevery little

time with their parents. Parents

havevery little timefor each other,and

in the home begins the

disruption of thepeace of the


Let us ponder what these two

Holy People werespeaking to us

andreflect on the Holy Family

of Nazareth as we gaze atthe

Crib –the family to which Jesus

belongs.The family where Joy,

Love andPeace reigned.

May our family be the Holy


Iwish you Peace as we celebrate

thePrince of Peace and

as St John Paul II said may we

be the instrument to reach this

Peace to families, children, women,

elderly, the handicapped,

who are often helpless victims

of selfishness and neglect by


Wenceslaus Anthonywas adevoutCatholic

and practiced love

andcarefor others throughout

hislife. He wasalsoChairman

of Divine RetreatCentre,New

Zealand based in Auckland. Had

he been alive, he would have

written afresharticlefor this

SpecialFeature. In reproducing

his articlethat appeared in our

Christmas&New Year Special

in our December 15, 2015,we


and Chairman of theIndian

Newslink CommunityFund.

Holidayseason brings smile on facesand tills

Venkat Raman

Snow, iceand cold weather

are often missed by

average New Zealanders

since the Southern

Hemisphere is normally hot

and humid. Christmas this

year promises tobring with

it cooler weather butperhaps

morerain; which isnot anyone’s

idea of Christmas really!

Festivitieshave begun already,withcommercial


and corporates

hosting Christmas and yearend

parties for staffand customers.Major

retailers have

placed anextensive rangeof

items on specialoffers, while

shopping malls, with extended

business hours, have dedicated

counters providing free gift

wrap services.

Legendsand traditions come

alive. Towns, villages, communities

and theentire country is

in afestive mood.

Santa’s Parade

The traditional parade of

Santa Claus held onDecember

2(postponed from November

25, forthe first time in 20

years) in Auckland’s Central

Business District wasafestive

affair as the parade of

Father Christmas brought anxiety

andfun earlierthan expected.

Theannual Farmer’s

Santa Parade, now in its 85th

year featured all the amazing

pageantry, funand surprises,

making it aperennial favourite


Heralding the start of the

Christmas season, this beloved

Santa rides along enlivening Farmer’s Parade in Auckland CBD

Children singing and dancing as apart ofthe Farmer’s Santa Parade

(Pictures from Farmers Santa Parade Facebook)

holiday parade featured colourful

grand floats representing the

cultural diversity of today’s Super

City, lively marching bands, amazing

character balloons and an appearance

by Santa Claus.

Farmer’s Santa’s Parade on Queen Street (December

2, 2018)

The Auckland parade was afunfilled

affair as Santawaved to tens

of thousands of People, cruising

high above the street in hissleigh.

Children waited for more than

an hour for Santa and his reindeer,

the last float to roll by. Most

stood orsat on the road-edge

of the 2.2 km route and many

perched on parents’shoulders.

Hundreds of performers including

those onbrass bands, pipe

bands, Asian dancing troupes,

swooping dragons, stilt walkers,

clowns, bubble-blowers, several

dogs and two donkeys were

on the floats that moved along

Queen Street.

However, with the Auckland’s

event agency withdrawing its

funding, the future of the Parade

appears tobeshrouded inuncertainty.However,


in other partsofthe City, including

Papatoetoe and Howick will

continue, attracting thousands of


Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinnerinNew

Zealand is amixture of Western

and South Pacific traditions.

Many still have turkeyand

plum pudding but often served

withsalads. The traditional feed

iscooked onthe barbecue outside

and may include avariety

of typical Kiwi treats, such

as lamb chops and Christmas

fare. The festive foodisincomplete

without alarge, fluffy but

light Pavlova, our owndessert,

made with whipped egg whites

and sugar, cooked inaslow, low

oven and decorated with fruit

(often Kiwifruit)and cream.

The Maori Tradition

Maori traditionally celebrated

the month Hakihea (which

begins on or about December

15) as oneofease,beforethe

Christian missionaries exercised

their influence. The

‘Maori Hangi’ is abig hole in the

ground, heated withhot rocks

and then loaded with baskets

of food, coveredand allowed

to cookunderground. The food

items include tender pork,

chicken, kumara, pumpkin, potatoes

and stuffing. The ‘Hangi’

isusually served around 5pm

followed by carol singing.

Whatever be the political issues

and otherproblems rocking

the country’s polity or

economy, Christmasisaseason

for goodwill and friendship.

Peoplefrom allwalksoflife decide

to become alittle more human,

showing concern for the

fellow beings and fostering

goodwill, kinship and universal

brotherhood. It is atime togivelove,

gifts andunderstanding

and atime toforgive.

DECEMBER 15, 2018

Christmas & New Year Special




No. 034

Use the photos to find the answer: unlucky draw

The intense sensation known as Amor in

Latin, Amour in French, Amore in Italian,

and Love in English, was personified by the

Greek god Eros, and the Roman deity often

depicted as a plump little cherub, Cupid, an

aerodynamic anomaly and a meddlesome

matchmaker who shoots potent love arrows

at the bosom, because the heart, and not the

brain, was considered the source of human

passion. The evidence is in the palpitations.

Spot the 10 Differences

“Alex...the kids want to know if it’s OK for them to fall out of the tree?”


No. 024



+ A M O R E


In the addition sum different letters and the

smiley face represent different digits. Rewrite

the addition sum using the following digits:


1 23 45 67 89

Solution to Attemptation No. 023


0 1 2 3 4 6 7 9

JUMBLE No. 1757 SUDOKU No. 1078 HI


15 Words Good

19 Words Very Good

22 Words Excellent

26 Words Genius



card char chard

chary church churchy

cray curacy curch

curd darcy dray hard

hardy hydra racy yard


How many words of 4 letters or more can you make from these 9 letters?

In making a word each letter may be used only once, and the centre letter

must be included. There must be at least one 9-letter word. No slang,

foreign words, plurals, hyphens or apostrophes.



3 Liquid part of blood

7 Bit

9 Strike breaker

12 Male swans

14 Assault

16 Found

17 In favour of

18 Unite

19 Dislike intensely

21 Number

23 Strong feeling of


25 Piece of turf

26 Carry out

29 Gets closer

32 Lake

33 Rowing poles

34 Anger

36 Fighter in Roman


37 Make void

39 Fruit

40 Verdi opera

41 Important horse race

42 Hurls


1 Optimistic

2 Drink of the gods

3 Small stone

4 Broke into pieces

5 Donkey

6 Just

8 Grow together

10 Harebrained


11 Man (coll)

13 Cunning

15 Feign

20 Put up with

22 Magic spell

23 Fish eggs



6 One who makes

excessive consumer

demands (7)

7 Feverishly suffering

from a vague

disability (5)

9 & 2Dn To produce an

insect the little dog

consumed (6)

10 Quality of sound

varies on a screen


12 Tradesman to supply

crew for this vessel


15 & 1Dn Ground grain

that comes up on its

own! (4-7,5)

17 Resigns, maybe,

after an outburst of

displeasure (9)

19 The ticket agent will

supply a label (3)

21 Neil returns with a

stranger (5)

22 Hypersensitivity

makes everything

unusually grey (7)


1 See 15Ac

2 See 9Ac

breaking point

















Crossword No. 11925














No. 17577

3 Go to sleep–it’s

almost twelve (4)

4 Inelegant

arrangement of the

sweet-briar (9)

5 Old soldier or cadet

transferred (7)

8 Ethical practices

not written in the

manuscript (6)

11 For each erstwhile

actor (9)

1. Mermaids fingers missing

2. Starfish moved

3. Mermaids scales missing

4. Part of anchor missing

5. Part of rope missing

6. Mirror straighened

7. Shell different colour

8. Ceiling crack missing

9. Book cover different colour

10. Lamp different colour

24 Knight’s title

25 Relating to stars

26 Girl’s name

27 Correct

28 Drive forcibly

29 Water nymphs

30 Plants

31 Wanders off

33 Eccentric

35 Surprise attack

38 Domesticated animal

13 They have links with

Charles round at

home (6)

14 We hear the officers

are surrounded by

shells! (7)

16 Load a hundred on

Jason’s ship (5)

18 Seaman found in the

cellar (4)

20 This is used for

spraying aircraft (3)

Snap Decision No. 024 What’s Different No. 033 Attemptation No. 023










Sudoku No. 1077 Cryptic No. 17576

Across: 7 Railway ticket;

8 Merciful; 9 Ayes;

10 Passed; 12 Ill-use;

14 Stress; 16 Needed;

18 Spot; 20 Lie still;

22 Take a short cut.

Down: 1 Take part;

2 Places; 3 Half;

4 Stallion; 5 Scrawl;

6 Cede; 11 Disclose;

13 Spell out; 15 Either;

17 Estate; 19 Play;

21 Eros.
















0 1 2 3 4 6 7 9






DECEMBER 15, 2018


Patel retained, Somerville

dropped for Sri Lanka Tests

New Zealand Cricket

Central Stags spinner Ajaz

Patel is in line to play his

first match for the Blackcaps

on home-soil after

being included in the squad to face

Sri Lanka in two Tests, starting

at the Basin Reserve on Saturday,

December 15, 2018.

Patel is the specialist spinner

in the 13 player squad, with Will

Somerville and Ish Sodhi released

to play in the fourth round of the

Plunket Shield along with Wellington

Firebirds wicket-keeper Tom

Blundell, who also drops out from

the victorious UAE touring party.

Stags batsman Will Young

has earned his maiden call-up

to the Blackcaps as the batting

cover, following strong form on

the domestic scene and for New

Zealand A.

Great Support

Selector Gavin Larsen said that

the squad were looking forward

to starting the home summer in


“There’s a real swell of support

for the Test team following their

efforts in the UAE, so, we are hoping

to transition that momentum

into a big home summer,” he said.

“Ajaz certainly grabbed his

opportunity on the UAE tour and

he’s a proven performer in New

Zealand conditions. Will Somerville

was an obvious stand-out on

Will Somerville

(Picture: Photosport published by RNZ)

debut in the Abu Dhabi decider

and it’s great to know we’ve got

quality spin bowlers who can

create competition for places,” he


Mr Larsen said that it is an

an exciting time for Will Young

who has been pushing for higher

honours for a while now. He scored

hundreds against Pakistan A and

India A in recent months and fully

deserves his call-up.

“The first international of the

home summer is always an exciting

time and the revamped Basin

Reserve should be a fitting setting

to launch the Sri Lankan tour,” Mr

Larsen said.

Radio New Zealand reports:

Despite playing a leading hand in

the helping New Zealand to their

first away series win over Pakistan

in nearly 50 years, off spinner

Will Somerville has been dropped

for the two test series against Sri


The 34-year-old Somerville

made his test debut in the third

and deciding test against Pakistan

in Abu Dhabi last week and took

seven wickets to help the Black

Caps to 123 run test victory and a

2-1 series win.

Ajaz in form

However Ajaz Patel, who also

made his test debut in the Pakistan

series, is only spinner who has

been named in the squad for the

two tests against Sri Lanka.

“Ajaz certainly grabbed his

opportunity on the UAE tour and

he’s a proven performer in New

Zealand conditions,” Mr Larsen


Patel has been the leading wicket

in the New Zealand domestic fourday

competition for the past three

seasons while Somerville who

currently plays for Auckland has

little first class experience in New

Zealand conditions having played

in Australia for several years.

Uncapped batsman Will Young

has also been added to the squad

as batting cover after strong

performances in domestic cricket

and for the New Zealand ‘A’ side.

The Blacks Caps Test Squad:

Kane Williamson (Captain),

TrentBoult, Colin de Grandhomme,

Matt Henry, Tom Latham, Henry

Nicholls, Ajaz Patel, Jeet Raval, Tim

Southee, Ross Taylor; Neil Wagner,

BJ Watling, Will Young

Wellington Team rewarded at

Veterans Soccer Tournament

Arveen Sharma

Four New Zealand Fiji soccer

teams participated in

a six-team International

Veterans’ Soccer

Tournament at the Sydney

United Ground from November

23 to November 25, 2018.

The NZ teams were Labasa

and Rewa from Auckland,

Hamilton and Wellington.

It was an excellent opportunity

for overseas teams to

showcase their talent by engaging

with former National and

District Representatives.

Team Hamilton was supported

by Canberra based players,

while Rewa and Labasa

had some of Fiji’s famous icons

in their teams including Esala

Masi, Stuart Bola, Ramendra

Dutt, Sameer Ali, and many others

of international repute.

Surprise Package

The surprise package for

the tournament was Team

Wellington which relied totally

on its local Wellington-based


Two of the veterans in

Wellington team, Jayant Lal and

Arjun have been on the Soccer

scene since the early 1980s.

Wellington’s highlight of

the Tournament was a nil-all

draw against a star-studded NZ

Labasa Lions team.

Labasa Lions official Avi Kumar presenting the

Team’s Appreciation Award to Zuber Kaiyum

for his excellent services to the Team.

Wellington’s Arunesh and

Iliyas Musa combined well in

defence with their goalkeeper

to avoid NZ Labasa Lions from


Team Wellington’s performance

throughout the tournament

was well recognised and

it received the best and fairest

team award.



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