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• Late Major

Maxwell Mahama

•Ishahu Yaro

must lose his leg

or face death

• The main gate to the plot

•Augustine Saakuur

Karbo, the General

Secretary of TEWU

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Don’t Let Yesterday

Take Up Too Much Of

Today. – Will Rogers



Independence Day —

Wednesday, 6th March.

Good Friday — Friday, 19th April.

Easter Monday — Monday, 22nd



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Fast-track negotiations

on our conditions of

service • TEWU to govt




THE NATIONAL leadership

of the Teachers and

Educational Workers’

Union (TEWU) is calling

on the government to

make good its promise to conclude

negotiations on conditions of service

for its members.

According to TEWU, the payment

of critical support for some staff

members of the Ghana Education

Service and issues relating to the

proper placement of the teaching and

non-teaching staffs of the Colleges of

Education, to reflect the new degreeawarding

status of such institutions,

and the re-composition of the Governing

Councils for the Colleges of

Education deserve prompt attention.

Mr Augustine Saakuur Karbo, the

General Secretary of TEWU, in a statement

copied to the DAILY HER-

ITAGE, saluted workers, especially

those in the education sector, for their

dedication, sacrifice and “commitment

to ensuring conducive atmosphere for

quality teaching and learning over the


“We really want to serve notice to

the government, Ghana Education

Service (GES), Ministry of Education

and other stakeholders that we have dialogued,

consulted and engaged enough

and also petitioned the President of the

Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-

Addo, on the critical support for some

staff of the Ghana Education, yet we

are not hearing anything positive.

“We hope these issues will be resolved

soonest, because we will not take

any explanation or excuses for inaction

regarding these outstanding concerns.

“We call for the process to be fasttracked

for employment of non-teaching

staff into the public universities,

Technical Universities/Polytechnics,

Colleges of Education because of high

numbers of vacancies, due to retirement,

resignation and death.

“Filling such vacancies is very urgent

so that the institutions can have

their full staff strength for both academic

and non-academic work” and

that “the idea of getting clearance from

the Ministry of Finance is good, but,

•Augustine Saakuur Karbo, the

General Secretary of TEWU

there should be an innovative way of

overcoming the delays around the clearance

for employment,” TEWU said.


According to TEWU, it hopes this

year “government and other stakeholders

will exhibit a greater responsibility

where Ghanaian workers will get what

they really deserve for their hard work

in keeping the economy going.”

Mr Karbo said both the teaching

and non-teaching staffs, in the national

interest, went the extra mile in ensuring

the successful implementation of the

government’s Double Track policy

under the free Senior High School system

last year.

“Looking at the Double Track and

its associated workload, TEWU will not

be asking too much by urging the government

to pay our members for the

extra work they are doing for the double

track and by extension the free SHS

system to work efficiently for the training

of quality human resource for the

country,” the General Secretary explained.

State of Tier-Two Pension


TEWU is not leaving anything to

chance in ensuring that there is prudent

investments of the Tier-Two pension

funds, so that from January 2020 onwards,

when some of our members retire,

they can benefit from the Tier-Two

Pension monies without any hitch.

It said there are concerns over the

decision by the government to

change the service providers and it is

becoming a tussle between the new

service providers and those who are

exiting, this we think it is not a good

sign for the pension industry in


“We trust that the governance issues

surrounding pensions and related

transitions from one service

provider to the other will be handled

smoothly, so that it will not unnecessarily

interrupt the funds operations

and the investments, and can lead to a

drop or cut-down in the profit of


“We will work diligently under the

laws of the Pensions Regulatory Authority

Act, to ensure pension funds

are safe.

“This we will do by getting all

these lingering issues addressed so

that the funds administrator, which is

the main custodian of the funds, will

work towards accurate and credible data

base of contributors.

“That will help in calculating the

benefits for each member and the associated

profit or dividend that will yield

out of the investments.

“The politics and the struggle that

characterised the delay in releasing the

tier-two pension fund to fund managers

of the labour unions are still fresh in

our minds.

“TEWU has, therefore, resolved not

to allow politics to ruin the investment

or the smooth governance of the tiertwo

pension funds under the Ghana

Education Service Occupational pension

scheme for our members within

the GES.

TEWU members

TEWU member institutions include

the universities and polytechnics, the

GES, the Colleges of Education, the

West African Examinations Council,

WAEC, the Ghana Library Authority,

and Ghana Museums and Monuments


The rest are Ghana Institute of Languages,

GIL, Ghana Institute of Journalism,

Ghana Institute of

Management and Public Administration,

and private schools like Lincoln

Community International School, German-Swiss,

and Ghana International


Abbeyman family

accuses police of

violating law on

land acquisition



•The main gate to the plot

THE COUNCIL of Elders at

Abbeyman in the Ga West Municipality

in the Greater Region

has accused the Ghana Police

Service of forcibly assuming

ownership of plots of land at


According to the Council,

documents at the Lands Commission

and the Public and Vested

Land Management Department

confirm that the plots of land already

belong to one Kwabena


The elders referred to a petition

the Council wrote to the Director

of Police Estates, Police

Headquarters, Accra, on December

2018, complaining that a

team of police personnel numbering

about 50 had stormed the

site in question and locked the

gate to prevent the real owner

from getting access to it.

They said the police claimed

the land in question was given to

the service by Landline Properties


The petition, signed by Jacob

Nii Ahele Buabeng, the head of

family, said the walled four plots

of land in question was sold to

one Kwabena Boahene by the

chiefs and elders, who could attest

to the fact that there were

documents covering the land.

He said following their petition,

the Police Estate Department

ordered an official search at

the Lands Commission of Ghana

with reference number

LCGAROS215062O18, which

proved that the land belonged to

the said Boahene.

Nii Buabeng said another official

search conducted at the Public

and Vested Land Management

Department with reference number


also attested to the same fact.

He said the High Court in

2015 in suit number

BMISC/852/20 ordered the Executive

Secretary of the Lands

Commission, his agents and assigns

not to issue certificates to

Landline Properties concerning

the Abbeyman family lands and

that it should also suspend land

title certificate number GA 16211

issued to Landline Properties

Limited and its third party.

The petition, addressed to the

Inspector General of Police





Ayawaso by-election violence:

Victim to lose

leg or die


ONE OF the victims of

the recently held

Ayawaso West Wuogon

by-election violence

could have his right leg

amputated by doctors at the 37 Military

Hospital where he is receiving


According to the doctors, amputation

of the badly damaged leg could

be the only way to keep him alive after

the serious injury he sustained.

The 37-year-old Ishahu Yaro and

five others were shot at close range

when masked and hooded armed men

said to be operatives of the National

Security stormed the La-Bawaleshie

residence of the opposition National

Democratic Congress candidate in

that by-election.

Yaro’s injured right leg

has been wrapped in a huge

white bandage with a shiny

metal fixed along the leg to

keep it straight and supported

with pillows because

the close-range shot scattered

the bones in his legs.

Doctors have warned

him that one of the options

to keep him alive is to have

his damaged leg severed.

Yaro, who is a footballer,

has already undergone two

separate surgeries to help

recover the leg and was expected

to go through a

third surgery yesterday.

His football career appears

to have come to a

sudden end due to the

damage to his leg.

The Minister in charge

of National Security, Mr

Bryan Acheampong, has

admitted he deployed the

masked and hooded armed

men, explaining that they

acted on intelligence to deal

with some “undesirable circumstances.”

The action by the security

officers has been

roundly condemned by a

large section of the public,

including civil society organisations,

with a call that

the perpetrators should be

identified and brought to


President Nana Addo

Dankwa Akufo-Addo on

Wednesday, February 6,

2019, set up a Commission

of Inquiry chaired by former

CHRAJ boss, Justice

Emile Short, to investigate

the violence suffered by innocent

and helpless civilians.

• Ishahu Yaro must lose his leg or face death

Ban political parties with vigilante groups



THE INSTITUTE for Liberty and

Policy Innovation (ILAPI) is calling

on the Electoral Commission (EC) to

immediately ban all political parties

which patronise political vigilante

groups in the country.

According to ILAPI Ghana, “we

cannot sit down and allow politicians

and other beneficiaries of these political

vigilante groups to violate the

rights of ordinary Ghanaians all in

the name of voting.”

Speaking to the DAILY HER-

ITAGE yesterday in an interview,

the Executive Director of ILAPI, Mr

Peter Bismark Kwofie, said in other

jurisdictions, vigilante groups are mobilised

to protect their own communities.

• ILAPI Ghana to EC

“This becomes an everyday security.

However, in other parts of

Africa, political vigilante groups play

a key role in securing electoral victory

to enhance the party's electoral fortunes.”

Mr Kwofie said politicians came to

this level because of lack of trust in

the security services.

He said in recent times, vigilantism

appeared as a competitor to the

State’s security agencies in the pursuit

of public legitimacy.

He said the effect would lead to

coups d’état, insurrections, secessionist

movements, assassinations and

death squads, ultimately dislocating

the State’s sovereignty over a certain

population or territory.

• Mr Peter Bismark Kwofie, Executive

Director of ILAPI

“If this is not stopped immediately,

it would be the beginning of

our chaos and destabilisation in

Ghana. We can all see and feel the

danger it poses to our democracy,

looking at what happened in the justended

Ayawaso Wuogon by-election.”

What EC must do

The Executive Director said the

EC must sanction political parties

with vigilante groups because elections

are not organised by the political

parties but by the EC under

articles 43, 44, 45, 46 and 51 of the

1992 Constitution and Electoral

Commission Act 1993, Act 451.

“The EC must put up norms refraining

political parties from mobilising,

funding and arming these

electoral militants who pose as ballot

box protectors,” he stated.

Mr Kowfie said the violence

which erupted during the Ayawaso

West Wuogon by-election dented the

operations of the EC in organising a

free and fair election, though the

Commission had mentioned that the

incident occurred far from the 137

polling stations.

“Therefore, the EC has a reserved

right to exercise sanctions especially

when political party vigilante

groups’ mar the operations with violence.”

“A harsher sanction should be

meted out against political parties that

have created these vigilante groups.

Sanctions may include, reducing their

counted votes by a fixed percentage,

pay a fixed penalty unit and at the extreme,

ban them for a number of

years by revoking their license,”

ILAPI suggested.

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•Donald Trump- "Their land is gone"

Trump sees total rout of Islamic State group as imminent


has said territory held by the Islamic

State group in Syria and

Iraq could be "100%" liberated as

early as next week.

"It should be announced,

probably some time next week,

that we will have 100% of the

caliphate," he told a gathering of

coalition partners.

US military and intelligence

officials say IS could stage a

comeback without sustained

counter-terrorism pressure.

Mr Trump shocked coalition

allies in December when he declared

that the group had been

defeated, amid reports he wanted

to pull out US soldiers within 30


But he later slowed the withdrawal

after several resignations

from key defence officials and

strong criticism from Republicans

and allies abroad.

The global coalition against IS,

now numbering nearly 80 nations,

was formed in 2014 after the

group overran swathes of territory

and went on to launch terror

attacks outside the region. BBC



Zimbabwe's army 'ready

to retreat from streets’


ARMY says that it

has concluded an

operation to restore

peace and order in

the country.

This follows last month's violent

protests against an increase in fuel


Up to 17 people are believed to

have died, and over 1,000 others, including

minors, were arrested.

Soldiers have patrolled major

cities since the protests broke out.

Zimbabwe defence forces inspector

general, Douglas Nyikayaramba,

says the army is ready to

return to the barracks, but only if

the police ask them to.

He also promised to investigate

rights abuses allegations levelled

against the army.

The Zimbabwean NGO Human

Rights Forum says it has verified 17

• Manuel Chang is wanted in the US for fraud allegations

killings, and more than a dozen


Members of the international

community have called on Zimbabwe

to remove soldiers from the


The main opposition Movement

for Democratic Change alliance had

made this one of the pre-conditions

to any talks to resolve the worsening

social and economic crisis. BBC

•President Joseph Kabila was supposed to

•Michael Flynn has admitted one count of lying to the FBI have stepped down nearly two years ago

• Protests broke out over fuel prices.

World news in 4 stories

• Michael Sata died in office aged 77

Zambia inquiry over

ex-leader's death certificate


MENT is investigating former

Vice-President Guy Scott

for publishing the death certificate

of late President

Michael Sata in his new book.

Mr Sata, who was elected

president in 2011, died in a

London hospital after just

three years in office.

The official cause of his

death has never been publicly

disclosed, except that he died

of "illness".

While some people have

been demanding more details,

Mr Scott said in the book, entitled

Adventure in Zambian

Politics, A Story in Black &

White, that his former boss

died of carcinoma cancer.

His decision to publish

such details has divided the

nation, with some praising

him while others expressing

outrage, arguing that the matter

was private and Mr Scott

had acted insensitively and


Chief government spokeswoman

Dora Siliya told a

media briefing in the capital,

Lusaka, on Wednesday that

the issue had been tabled before

cabinet and was being investigated.

Mr Sata’s son, Mulenga,

said it would be difficult for

him to comment because he

has neither read the book nor

has been made aware of its

content. BBC

Brexit: May and Juncker talks 'robust but constructive’


Claude Juncker have described

their talks on changing the Brexit

deal as "robust but constructive",

in a joint statement.

The European Commission

President stressed the withdrawal

agreement could not be changed,

as the UK PM wants.

But he said the EU was open

to adding words to the non-binding

future relations document

that goes with it.

The two leaders agreed to

meet for further talks before the

end of February.

• Theresa May was met by an anti-Brexit protest as she arrived at the commission's HQ

The EU and

UK Brexit negotiating

teams are,

meanwhile, set

to resume their

talks to find out

"whether a way

through can be

found that

would gain the

broadest possible

support in

the UK Parliament

and respect

the guidelines

agreed by the

European Council".

And Brexit Secretary Steve

Barclay and EU negotiator

Michel Barnier will hold talks in

Strasbourg on Monday.

Mrs May is insisting the UK

will not be "trapped" in the backstop

- the plan to avoid the return

of Irish border checks

whatever UK-EU trade deal is


She says the plan must change

if it is to win the support of MPs

who urged her to seek "alternative

arrangements" when rejecting

the deal last month. BBC





We must conduct malaria test before taking medication

A COMMERCIAL currently running

on national television is urging

Ghanaians to stop the self-diagnoses

whenever they are under the weather

because it could be fatal.

The message of the ad is that we

all need to avail ourselves for

thorough test before taking

prescribed malaria drugs.

Many a time, we are quick to

assume that we have malaria

whenever we feel feverish and go in

for self-medication. The danger is

that considering the potency of some

malaria drugs we could be hurting our

organs instead of healing.

In Uganda, a study that sought to

ensure diagnostic tests for malaria

before prescription helped to reduce

over prescription by as high as 73%.

The Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT)

in registered drug shops in a highly

endemic region in Uganda

substantially reduced over diagnosis

of malaria, improving the use of

valuable malaria drugs.

Most of the 15,000 patients who

visited drug shops with a fever chose

to buy an RDT when offered one by

the trained vendors taking part in the

study. Once they performed the test,

results showed that less than 60% of

the patients had, in fact, malaria. The

vendors usually complied with the

test results, reducing over prescription

of malaria drugs by 73%.

The researchers from the

Artemisinin-based Combination

Therapy Consortium at the Ministry

of Health in Uganda and the London

School of Hygiene & Tropical

Medicine in the UK carried out the

study because up to 80% of malaria

cases in Uganda were treated in the

private sector.

The private sector is a common

source of treatment in many other

malaria-endemic areas, especially

where there is poor access to public

health facilities. Patients buy antimalarial

drugs in shops to medicate

themselves, although malaria is not

always the cause of their fever, and

thus inappropriate treatment is very


Prof. Anthony Mbonye from the

Ugandan Ministry of Health and lead

author of the study, said: “Our

findings show that it is feasible to

collaborate with the private health

sector and introduce malaria RDTs in

drug shops. The next step is to refine

the strategy and understand the cost

implications of scaling it up in

Uganda. Our long term aim is to

provide evidence to help the World

Health Organization develop

guidance to improve malaria

treatment in the private sector.”


aware that some pharmacies in

Ghana have begun insisting that tests

are run before prescriptions are given

for the treatment of malaria.

We wish to call on all to support

the campaign so as to reduce

significantly complicated cases that

arise due to taking drugs for the

wrong ailments.

14yr-old pupil testifies

in Major Mahama trial




pupil of the Roman Catholic

Basic School at New Obuasi

(formerly Denkyira Obuasi) in

the Central Region has appeared

in court to testify about how her father’s

gun landed in the hands of one of the

14 accused persons, Akwasi Asante.

The form two pupil (name withheld),

while being led by Mrs Evelyn Keelson,

Chief State Attorney to give evidence as the

sixth prosecutions witness, said Asante took

her father’s gun without his (father’s) permission.

According to her, on May 29, 2017, she

returned home from school to pick her

pocket money and upon reaching the house,

she realised there was nobody home. She

said moments after opening the door to

their room, Asante popped up and entered

the room to pick the gun from it.

She also said when she asked him twice

where he (Asante) was taking the gun to,

Asante never answered her, so she locked

the door and left for school.

The witness told the court that, upon

• Late Major Maxwell Mahama

her return from school, he informed the father

and the father reported the matter to

the police. He subsequently identified Asante

as he stood in the dock at the court.


When asked under cross-examination

from the defence if she had read the statement

made to the police in 2017, she

replied in the negative but said she had

memory of all those incidents.

When asked if she had told the police

the gun was not functioning, he responded

in the affirmative.

Counsel again asked how she was able to

know the gun was not functioning and she

replied that her father had stopped using it

for a while. She also told the court that the

accused person sometimes came for the gun

from his father to kill pigs and had always

done so with the prior notice of her father

or mother.

When asked of her relation with Asante,

she said they are not related but he is someone

who comes to the area to play draught.

She also said she did not recall the last time

the accused person came for the gun prior

to the May 29 incident.

The court, presided over by Justice

Mariama Owusu, a Court of Appeal judge

sitting with additional responsibility as a

High Court judge, adjourned the case to

Feb 12, 2019 for further cross-examination.

Fourteen persons are standing trial at the

Accra High Court over the killing of Major

Mahama, who was an Officer of the 5th Infantry

Battalion, at Burma Camp.

So far, Warrant Officer Sabi Kwasi, who

was a member of the late soldier’s team,

Madam Esther Tawiah and Kojo Nfum

have all given their evidence.

Abbeyman family

accuses police of

violating law on

land acquisition


(IGP), noted that “surprisingly, all efforts to

get the police to open the padlock that they

have put on our gate have proved futile as the

police remain adamant.

“Sir, we see the attitude of the police to

be in violation of the laws governing land acquisition.”

They have, therefore, appealed to the IGP

to use his good offices to ensure quick resolution

of the impasse “as bags of Portland

Cement that we have stored on the property

have started hardening up.”

Mr Boahene, in an interview, complained

that because the place had been locked he

was unable to access the land and a container

full of cement had been left to rot there.

When contacted on phone to react to the

issue, the Director of Police Estates Department,

Chief Joshua Coppson, said the issue

had come to their attention and that they had

worked on it and referred it to the appropriate

quarters to deal with it.

But, when Nii Buabeng and his elders visited

the Property Fraud Unit of the Ghana

Police last Monday, they were told they did

not have his petition on file.

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Faith power: key to achievement




Faith is a manifestation

tool. If you don’t

have faith, it will be

difficult for you to

turn your aspirations,

dreams and hopes

into reality.

We may consider faith to be

the complete trust or confidence

we have in somebody or something.

It is all about believing.

You have faith when you believe

that something you

strongly desire is possible of

achievement. Faith is believing

in the power of God to turn

things around in your life.

Importance of faith

Jesus knew about the power

of faith and what it can do to

transform life. He taught his disciples

about the importance of

faith about 2000 years ago.

What he taught then is still

relevant to us today. Jesus said:

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let

him ask of God, who gives to all

liberally and without reproach,

and it will be given to him. But

let him ask in faith, with no

doubting, for he who doubts is

like a wave of the sea driven and

tossed by the wind. For let not

that man suppose that he will receive

anything from the Lord, he

is a double-minded man, unstable

in all his ways.” Does this

scripture speak to you?

What Jesus meant was

this: If we ask anything

from God, we must not

doubt but believe before

it will happen. In other

words we must trust in

the power of God to give

us what we desire and are

passionate about.

The reason many people

are stuck in life is because

they lack faith in

God and in their dreams.

Doubt is a stumbling

block to the manifestation

of our dreams, visions

and aspirations.

A double-minded person

is unstable in his

ways, he lacks focus and

that is why it will be difficult

to turn his desires

into reality. We should remember

that broken

focus is the number one

reason success eludes

many people.

We should model our

life after Jesus. We should

be good imitators of his


We should have absolute

trust and confidence in

his power to give us what we

want. He said: “Most assuredly, I

say to you, he who believes in

Me, the works that I do he will

do also, and greater works than

these he will do, because I go to

My Father. And whatever you

ask in My name, that I will do,

that the Father may be gloried in

the Son. If you ask anything in

My name, I will do it.”

Jesus impacted the world in

his time. His life touched the

lives of those around him.

He healed the sick, exorcised

demons, brought the dead back

to life, fed multitudes, turned

water into wine, walked on

water, calmed storms, made the

deaf to hear and the blind to see

among numerous other miracles.

He said we have the ability to do

the things he did and even

greater works.

He, however, said things will

not happen unless we believe in

him and make our requests in

his name. If we apply his teachings

to our life, we can indeed

do what he did and even greater

things provided we exercise faith

in him.

Faith is what enables us to

He healed the sick, exorcised


brought the dead back

to life, fed multitudes,

turned water into wine,

walked on water,

calmed storms, made

the deaf to hear and

the blind to see among

numerous other miracles.

He said we have

the ability to do the

things he did and even

greater works.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t

see the whole staircase.

-Martin Luther King JR.

create things. This reminds me

of the profound statement made

by Dr. Stephen Covey to the effect

that “Everything is created

twice, first in the mind, then in

reality.” Every tangible thing you

see first existed as an idea or

image in somebody’s mind.

The scriptures state: “By faith

we understand that the worlds

were framed by the word of

God, sothat the things which are

seen were not made of things

which are visible.” (Heb. 11:3).In

other words the things we see

come from the things which are

not visible.

The universe is a unified

field. Each and every one of us

is connected to this field.

The universe is made up of

energy and we are part of it.

Our thoughts are energy.

Physical equivalent

Your thoughts are sent out to

this unified field and is created

in this world and brought back

to you as reality. Our thoughts

are thus transmuted into their

physical equivalent.

Be wary of your thoughts as

they will become your reality.

When your mind broadcasts

positive thoughts to

the universe, it will

respond by allowing

positive things to

manifest in your life.

Negative thoughts

will produce negative


Faith is what inspires

action. And action

produces results.

For instance if you

have to board a plane

from country A to

country B, your desired


there is no guarantee

you will arrive safely

in the latter. However,

having faith that

you will arrive safely

is what will cause you

to buy the ticket and

board the flight.

Faith is what enables

people to take

risks. They take risk

because they have a

strong belief in a

positive outcome.

If you believe you

can succeed, you will

“Most assuredly, I say to you, he

who believes in Me, the works

that I do he will do also, and

greater works than these he will

do, because I go to My Father.

And whatever you ask in My

name, that I will do, that the Father

may be gloried in the Son. If

you ask anything in My name, I

will do it.”

take action towards its attainment.

The lack of faith has a

disenabling effect on the individual.

Bible makes it clear: “What

does it profit, my brethren, if

someone says he has faith but

does not have works? Can faith

save him? If a brother or sister

is naked and destitute of daily

food, and one of you says to

them, “Depart in peace, be

warmed and filled, but you do

not give them the things which

are needed for the body, what

does it profit? Thus also faith by

itself, if it does not have works,

is dead.”

In simple terms, works and

faith go together. Faith finds expression

in the activities we

carry out to actualize our


We have seen what faith

power can do. But how do we

acquire faith?

We must believe in the power

of Jesus and of God to help us

achieve our goals in life. Luke

1:37 says, “For with God nothing

will be impossible.”

Priceless gift from God

Faith can come to you as a

priceless gift from God. In this

case you don’t struggle to get it.

You can also develop faith by

reading the scriptures and meditating

on them. By reading the

Bible you will eventually come

to trust God and his promises.

We can listen to powerful and

inspirational sermons delivered

by men of God. This can rekindle

our confidence in God.

We can take inspiration from

Biblical characters who lived

successful lives as a result

of their faith in

God. Abraham and

Sarah, Moses and Joseph

readily come to mind.

God decorated their lives

with success because of

their faith.

We should humble

ourselves and ask God

for faith and it will be

done if there is no doubt

in our heart.

Faith is beneficial to

the man who has it. It

can help accelerate his

success in life.

It can contribute to

his general well-being.

Prayer and meditation is

faith being expressed in


Both can calm and

relax the body and mind.

It drives us to take

risk without which success

will be difficult to

achieve. It enables us to

overcome obstacles or

turn them into stepping stones

to success.

In conclusion, faith is what

enables us to anticipate that

there will be a positive outcome.

It stimulates and sustains our

enthusiasm in our quest for successful

achievement. It helps us

to create the life we desire and

deserve. It is the key to living an

amazing life.

Yours in inspiration,




Cell: 0559 466 048, 0208

455 296

“By faith we understand

that the

worlds were

framed by the

word of God,

sothat the things

which are seen

were not made of

things which are

visible.” (Heb.

11:3).In other

words the things

we see come

from the things

which are not visible.

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Tips for preventing acne

Keep your face clean

Whether or not you have acne,

it's important to wash your face

twice daily to remove impurities,

dead skin cells, and extra oil from

your skin's surface. Use warm, not

hot, water and a mild facial cleanser.


Many acne products contain ingredients

that dry the skin, so always

use a moisturizer that minimizes dryness

and skin peeling. There are

moisturizers made for oily, dry, or

combination skin.

Try an over-the-counter

acne product

These acne products don't need a

prescription. They may have ingredients

such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic

acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid,

which curb bacteria and dry the skin.

Start with a small amount at first.

Use these products with caution if

you have sensitive skin.

Use makeup sparingly

During a breakout, avoid wearing

foundation, powder, or blush. If

you do wear makeup, wash it off at

the end of the day. If possible,

choose oil-free cosmetics without

added dyes and chemicals. Read the

ingredients list on the product label

before buying.




Increase campaigns against

FGM - Otiko Djaba


of Henry Djaba Memorial

Foundation and

former Gender Minister,

Ms Otiko Afisa Djaba has

called on the government,

traditional authorities and civil society organisations

in the country to implement

concrete actions and increase awareness

campaigns against Female Genital Mutilation


Condemning the practice of FGM in

Ghana, Ms Djaba said women have the

right to their sexuality and shouldn’t be

allowed to be subjected to risky, lifethreatening

and inhuman act which can

ruin them completely.

Celebrating this year’s International

Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM, Henry

Djaba Memorial Foundation, in a press

release, urged security agencies and the

judiciary to enforce the law and make

sure people who flout the law against

FGM face the full rigours of the law to

serve as a deterrent to others.

Read below the full statement:








Today, 6th of February, marks the International

Day of Zero Tolerance for

Female Genital Mutilation. This day was

set aside by the United Nations as part we realize that it impacts negatively on

of its efforts to eradicate Female Genital the people, it can change with time.


Therefore, •Okoene a healthy and positive culture

Female Genital Mutilation is one of Chinenye should be Cynthia a catalyst for development.

the ancient cultures which have been We do not intend to condemn or undermine

practised in Africa and other parts of the

the culture of other people.

world for decades. History has it that the However, culture that violates the rights

practice of FGM came from neighboring of the people is not worth practising.

countries such as Burkina Faso, Mali, The practice of FGM has serious implications

Niger and Togo into Ghana.

for the health of women and

In Ghana, some parts of the Northern,


Upper East, Upper West, Brong Friends of the Media, its implications

Ahafo, the Volta Regions and the Zongo for maternal health are huge on the individual

communities in certain urban centres of

and the nation as a whole. The

the country are notable places where the practice of FGM has no health benefits

practice still goes on. It is clear that the for girls and women but rather exposes

adoption of that culture has not served them to health hazards and psychological

any good purpose in our country. Culture

trauma. It causes severe bleeding, prob-

is what makes us a unique people lems in urinating which can develop into

and makes others identify who we are. cysts, infections, as well as complications

Culture is dynamic and where and when in children and increased risk of newborn

deaths, fistula in women during

childbirth and maternal death.

Ladies and Gentlemen, FGM is recognized

internationally as a human rights

violation of girls and women and further

reflects a deep-rooted inequality between

the sexes, which constitute an extreme

form of discrimination against women.

It violates the right to health, physical integrity,

the right to be free from torture

and cruelty, inhumane treatment and

right to live where it results to death.

Studies show that an estimated 100

to 140 million girls and women in the

world today have undergone some form

of FGM and two million girls are at risk

from the practice each year.

Although the current national prevalence

stands at about 3.8%, prevalence in

the Upper East stands at 27.8%, which is

far higher than the national prevalence.

This increase could be attributed to the

cross-border practice where people in

the Upper East move into neighbouring

countries to perpetuate this crime.

Henry Djaba Memorial Foundation,

with its vision of contributing towards

the creation of an equal and equitable

society, which respects the rights and interests

of all persons irrespective of gender,

social class, religious persuasion or

ethnic origins, wishes to mark this day

with a clarion call on the Government,

traditional authorities, civil society organizations

and all involved parties to implement

concrete actions and increase

awareness campaigns against FGM.

First Lady calls for proper cancer-financing mechanism

•Female Genital Mutilation is violation of human rights

FIRST LADY,Mrs Rebecca Akufo-

Addo says Ghana needs to boldly confront

the financing of cancer treatment

in the country to help provide quality

care for patients who suffer from the


She emphasised the importance of

creating awareness of cancers to aid

screening and promote early detection

in Ghana and in Africa as a whole.

"We must begin to think of, and

treat cancers as we treat diseases like

malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.’’

“Both the public and private sectors

must support our people to have

unhindered access to cancer care,” Mrs

Akufo-Addo said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a cancer conference in

Accra, Mrs Akufo-Addo called on

both the private and public health insurance

players to cover as many cancers

as possible in their benefit packages,

since the cost of treatment was a

big burden to most sufferers.

She said the country also needed to

invest in financing and the training of

more healthcare professionals to acquire

the needed skills to manage cancer


The conference was organised by

the Association of Representatives of

Ethical Pharmaceutical Industries

(AREPI), a body of multinational

pharmaceutical companies operating in

Ghana, in collaboration with the

Union for International Cancer Control

(UICC), the biggest global cancer

fighting organisation.

The Access Accelerated, made up

of biopharmaceutical companies committed

to tackling the growing burden

of non-communicable diseases in low

and middle-income countries, also supported

in organising the conference.

The conference forms part of activities

marking this year’s World Cancer

Day, observed on February 4

annually, and was attended by Princess

Dina Mired, Princess of Jordan and

President of UICC.

A 2018 publication by the International

Agency for Research on Cancer

states that almost 23,000 cases of new

cancers are recorded annually in

Ghana.Out of the number, more than

15,000 people die every year.

The First Lady described the numbers

as alarming, since she said those

were just the officially recorded numbers.

“Imagine the numbers that go unreported

and undocumented,” she


Another major hindrance to cancer

care is the limited awareness amongst

the general public about the disease.

She said although cancer, when detected

early and access to appropriate

treatment provided, has a better recovery

success rate and outcome, people

still waited and sought hospital care

when the disease was in its advanced

stages, compromising their chances of

securing a positive outcome.

She, therefore, urged people to seek

early medical care to improve their

chances of the desired outcomes.

Princess Dina Mired, on her part,

expressed regret that for some countries

including Ghana, cancers meant

The Foundation condemns and

frowns against the practice of FGM in

Ghana. We cannot afford to allow our

women and girls to be subjected to this

risky, life threatening, inhuman, degrading

and shameful practice in this country.

Women and girls have a right to their

sexuality and must be allowed to be who

they want to be.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

the law against FGM Act 741 of the Parliament

of the Republic of Ghana entitled

Criminal Code (Amendment) Act

2007 provides for imprisonment

and/or fines for both the circumciser

and those who request, incite or promote

excision by providing money, goods or

moral support. The person commits an

offence and is liable on summary conviction

to imprisonment for a term of not

less than five years and not more than 10

years. The Foundation, on this occasion,

urges the security agencies and the Judiciary

to enforce the law and ensure that

people who flout the law against FGM

face the full rigours of the law to serve

as deterrent to others.

We want to encourage the media to

use their tools for communication to create

more awareness, increased reporting

and to let the public know that the practice

of FGM is a crime in Ghana

Thank you.

Otiko Afisah Djaba

Execuitve Director

Henry Djaba Memorial Foundation

deaths while in other countries there

were no deaths with cancers.

She emphasised that access to quality

care as well as prevention and

awareness creation were critical measures

needed to stop cancer deaths.

Dr Joel Yarney, a Radiation Oncologists

of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital,

Accra, said five per cent of

Ghana’s population was now suffering

from all forms of cancers, which were

part of non-communicable diseases

that had been increasing among

Ghanaians lately.

He, therefore, advised Ghanaians

to live healthy lives, eat well and go for

regular medical check-ups to help them

live long and healthy. GNA

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AWW violence was NPP’s grand

plan for 2020 – Asiedu Nketia

THE GENERAL Secretary of the opposition

National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr

Johnson Asiedu Nketia says the violence that

characterised the by-election in Ayawaso West

Wuogon was the governing New Patriotic

Party’s (NPP) grand strategy for the 2020


Speaking at the ‘Aagbe wor’ demonstration

yesterday, the NDC chief scribe said: “They

are implementing their campaign promise and

that campaign promise is to unleash violence

and through violence cow everybody down…

for them to impose themselves on Ghanaians

and do whatever they want to do.”

“The leopard will not lose his spot because

it has been immersed in water. The spots are

still there. The all-die-be-die spots are still

there,” Mr Nketia said.

Voters in the Ayawaso West Wuogon

constituency in Accra on January 31 went to

the poll to elect a Member of Parliament (MP)

for the area in a by-election necessitated by the

demise of the incumbent MP Emmanuel


Agyarko’s widow Lydia Seyram Alhassan

won the election which was marred by

violence leading to the shooting of six persons

believed to be supporters of the NDC.

The NDC withdrew from the election

citing security concerns.

Akufo-Addo responsible for violence

The Minority in Parliament blamed

President Nana Akufo-Addo for the chaos

that characterized the by-election.

Minority MP for Ningo Prampram Sam

George who was monitoring the election for

the NDC was brutally battered by an

individual believed to be a member of one of

the terror groups affiliated to the governing


The Minority Chief Whip Muntaka

Mubarak told reporters in Accra on Tuesday

President Akufo-Addo cannot absolve himself

from the violence-laden by-election.

He said it was the minority’s strongest

conviction the violence was state-orchestrated

saying, “The Minority holds president Nana

Akufo-Addo as commander in chief and

chairman of the National security council fully

responsible for the 31st January 2019


Three-member committee to probe


The National Commission for Civic

Education warned the violent nature of the

by-election was dangerous signs ahead of the

2020 general election.

“It will be extremely difficult for us as a

nation to quench a fire of national violent

unrest once it gets started.”

Meanwhile, the government has set up a

three-member commission chaired by a

former boss of the Commission on Human

Rights and Administrative Justice, Mr Emile

Short to within a month unravel circumstances

leading to the violence.

Other members of the presidential

commission are Mrs Henrietta Mensah Bonsu

and Mr Patrick K. Acheampong.

They have been mandated to: “(a) to make

a full, faithful and impartial inquiry into the

•Johnson Asiedu Nketia,

General Secretary, NDC

circumstances of, and establish the facts

leading to, the events and associated violence

during the Ayawaso West Wuogon By-

Election on the 31st day of January 2019; (b)

to identify any person responsible for or who

has been involved in the events, associated

violence and injuries; (c) to inquire into any

matter which the Commission considers

incidental or reasonably related to the causes

of the events and the associated violence and

injuries; and (d) to submit within one month

its report to the President giving reasons for

its findings and recommendations, including

appropriate sanctions, if any.”

Meanwhile, a criminologist has called for

the review of the terms of reference of the


Dr Justice Tankebe said the scope of

investigation of the commission must be

expanded to cover other areas of operation of

the police.

“I hope that the mandate given the

Commission is changed a little bit. The first

one should be an investigation into what

happened at Ayawaso. The kind of security

architecture we have can be the second

mandate of the Commission,” Dr Tankebe

told sit-in host Eric Mawuenya Egbeta.

“The Minority holds

president Nana

Akufo-Addo as

commander in chief

and chairman of the

National security

council fully

responsible for the

31st January 2019


Gborbu Wulomo lauds Akufo-Addo,

others over peaceful Yaa Naa installation




Wulomo Shitse, Wor-

Lumor Konor

Borketey Larweh

Tsuru has lauded

President Nana Addo

Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the

committee of eminent chiefs and

the people of Dagbon for their

respective roles in ensuring the

peaceful installation of the new Yaa-

Naa of Dagbon.

According to him, the manner

the “about 17 years of conflict in

Dagbon” was put to rest is one that

deserve commendation of all who

played a part.

In a statement issued through his

communications directorates, he

said the conflict “has indeed been

brought to an end by your

exemplary leadership and


It added that, “Your focus and

resolve to attain this has really paid

off. The Gborbu Wulomo Shitse, on

behalf of the entire Gadangme

State says Ayekoo!”

Below is the full statement:

The Gborbu Wulomo Shitse,

Wor-Lumor Konor Borketey

Larweh Tsuru wishes to

congratulate you, Nana Addo

Dankwa Akufo-Addo for the

yeoman’s job done to bring peace

to Dagbon.

The about seventeen years of

conflict in Dagbon has indeed

been brought to an end by your

exemplary leadership and

intervention. Your focus and

resolve to attain this has really

paid off.

The Gborbu Wulomo Shitse,

on behalf of the entire

Gadangme State says Ayekoo! The

excellent work done by the

Committee of Eminent Chiefs led

by the Asantehene Otumfour

Osei Tutu II mustalso be

celebrated by all.

Indeed; ‘It is only Royals who

can speak for Royals, because it is

only Royals who understand the

language of the Royals’ – this is

what the Committee of Eminent

Chiefs has proven.

The Gborbu Wulomo Shitse

will therefore seek this

opportunity to also congratulate

the members of the committee,

including,the Asantehene, Otumfuo

Osei Tutu II, Yagbonwura,

Tuntumba Boresa Sulemana Jakpa I

and Nayiri, Naa Bohogu

Abdulai Mahami Sherigafor

for this wonderful work


The joy and numerous

compliments being expressed

by the people of Dagbon are

enough to exhibit the depth

of peace and tranquility that

the conflict resolution in the

area has brought to the


Dagbon has been in crisis

since 2002 and this retarded

development in the area for

a very long time as no

proper development can go

on in areas fraught with


As a leader and father of

the nation, your vision and

plans for the people will not

be achieved in the midst of

conflict and clashes, so your

move, backed by passion and

purpose to attain peace can

only be commended and

commemorated for many

years to come.

It is worth noticing that

this fate could not have been

chalked up without the cooperation

of the sons and daughters of

Speaker walks out Suhuyini from Parliament over rude behavior


Parliament (MP) for

Tamale North,

Alhassan Suhuyini, on

Wednesday, had a

taste of the powers of

the Speaker of Parliament when he

was ordered out of the Chamber

while proceedings were ongoing.

His crime was disrupting

proceedings by intermittently

making noise even when the

Speaker was addressing the House.

The Marshall, who is always

positioned in the Chamber to

ensure that the Speaker’s directives

of such manner are enforced,

quickly walked to where Mr

Suhuyini was seated and ensured

that he moved out of the Chamber.

Mr Suhuyini, who did not

protest, walked out amidst shouting

on top of his voice to display his

unhappiness about the sanctions.

The First Deputy Speaker, Hon.

Joseph Osei Owusu, who presided

over yesterday’s sitting had on a

number of occasions cautioned

Members to minimise their voice

•Alhassan Suhuyini

was ushered out by

the Marshall

and also comport themselves while

a Member is on his or her feet

contributing to the subject before

the House or while he himself is

commenting on an issue or making

his ruling on a matter before him.

To drum home his message of

not tolerating indiscipline in the

House, Hon. Osei Owusu at a

•Wor-Lumor Konor

Borketey Larweh

Tsuru, Gborbu

Wulomo Shitse

point, shouted on the MP for Assin

Central, Kennedy Agyepong, who

was heartily chatting with one of his

colleagues to be attentive while

proceedings was ongoing.

The House was considering an

application brought before it by the

Second Deputy Majority Whip,

Matthew Nyindam, appealing to the

Speaker to compel the Minority

Caucus to apologise for displaying

placards that had the inscription

‘Bloody Widow’ in protest over the

swearing-in of the newly elected

MP for Ayawaso West Wuogon,

Lydia Seyram Alhassan.

While the Speaker had ruled that

the Minority apologise over their

action yesterday, a ruling which was

challenged by the leadership of the

National Democratic Congress

MPs, Mr Suhuyini was heard

shouting on top of his voice and in

the process, interrupting


It was not the first time he was

doing that as his earlier interjections

were ignored by the Speaker just

like any other Member who was

spotted to be doing same.

Suhuyini’s reaction

Mr Suhuyini, reacting to his

ordeal said “Liberty is always taken

and sometimes blood would have to

be shared if you stand for what is

liberating and all my life I have

stood for what is in my view bias,

what is unfair and I don’t mind

Dagbon. The Gborbu Wulomo

Shitse, on this note also commends

the people of Dagbon, especially,

the chiefs, queenmothers and

opinion leaders who sacrificed their

pride, ego and priesthood to

embrace peace and to ensure truce

in Dagbon.

The reward will be enjoyed from

this generation to many generations

yet unborn for a developed Dagbon

State. To the New Overlord of

Dagbon, Yaa Naa Abubakari

Mahama, the Gborbu Wulomo says

he welcomeshim as the former joins

the league of Overlords in the

Republic of Ghana.

It is his prayer that God grants

the new Yaa Naa the wisdom to

lead and energy to bring his vision

for the people of Dagbon to

fruition. The Shitse will also like to

seize this opportunity to implore

fellow Ghanaians living in areas

bedeviled by such protracted

chieftaincy disputes to take clues

from the Dagbon example and give

peace a space.

‘Royalty will always belong to

Royals and Royals are of noble

character devoid of strife, conflict

and discord’.

dying for that and asking me to

walk is less than being killed for

what I believe in.”

To him, he was given a raw deal

by the Speaker since he was singled

out for sanctions despite many

others doing same.

He said “it is high time as a

people we all recognise what is

wrong and encourage all not to

engage in it. But when we begin to

pick and choose – when our side is

wrong, then we find all kinds of

platitudes to defend it and enlighten

the effect of it only to right what

we consider is wrong of others and

make them appear more devilish

than they really see.

“I don’t have a problem with

that. I don’t have a problem with

our members being referred to the

Privileges Committee. But like I said

we all know what the Members who

are calling for justice now are doing

on the Privileges Committee as far

as Kennedy Agyepong case is

concerned, which is worse. Well,

why not asking why the report has

still not come?”

Ministers must pay

tolls – Roads Minister


Amoako-Atta has charged

road toll collectors across

the country to ensure they

take tolls from every

Minister of State and other

ranking individuals.

According to him, there

are only a few categories of

organisations which are by

law exempted from paying

tolls, such as Fire Service,

Ambulance Service, Police,

Security Agencies and the

diplomatic corps.

He added that apart from

these all other categories of

organisations and individuals

are supposed to pay the

appropriate toll when they

get to the tollbooth.

According to him, he’s

received several reports that

some government officials

and other high ranking

individuals because of the

positions they occupy refuse

to pay road toll whenever it

is demanded of them, a

situation he said would no

longer be countenanced.

“We have also

experienced that some

people pass through the

tollbooth without paying the

appropriate tolls, they tell

the collectors in the booth

that I’m so so and so and

they allow them to pass

through. All the tollbooth

collectors have been

instructed by my ministry

that apart from the


organisations, every single

individual no matter who

you are in Ghana, you are

supposed to pay the

appropriate toll when you

get to any tollbooth across

the country. If you’re a

managing director you are

supposed to pay, if you are a

minister you are supposed to


pay,” he stated.

He added: “By the grace

of God and by the grace of

His Excellency the

President, I am privileged to

be the Minister of Roads for

now, you can verify from my

driver anywhere across the

country I pay the toll, it will

not make sense for me and

leadership is by example to

get to a tollbooth and tell

them I am the Roads


Pay the tolls, leadership is

by example and the law does

not exempt the road

minister from paying

appropriate toll anywhere in

the country. The most

important thing is the law

and not me. All my deputy

Ministers and Directors pay

the appropriate tolls

everywhere.” The toughtalking

minister told the


“We have also

experienced that

some people

pass through

the tollbooth

without paying

the appropriate

tolls, they tell

the collectors in

the booth that

I’m so so and so

and they allow

them to pass


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US Dollar USDGHS 4.7871 4.7919

RATES Pound Sterling GBPGHS










3rd Ghana Beverage Awards

launched to focus on ‘Drink Ghana’

AS PART of the

“See Ghana, Eat

Ghana, Wear

Ghana, Feel

Ghana” campaign,

Global Media Alliance

(GMA) has introduced

‘Drink Ghana’ at the launch of the

third edition of the Ghana Beverage

Awards (GBA).

The event, which is on the

theme ‘Drink Ghana, Inspiring

Excellence in Ghana’s Beverage

Industry,’ this year will promote

particularly local beverages with

‘Drink Ghana.

Drink Ghana is part of efforts

to complement the work of the

Ghana Tourism Authority and the

Ministry of Tourism, Arts and

Culture in igniting the ‘I am

Ghanaian’ spirit.

The launch saw the introduction

of four (4) additional categories

into the awards scheme to

honour more players in the beverage

industry. The new categories

include International Wine of the

Year, International Beer of the

•Mr Ernest Boateng, CEO of Global Media Alliance

Year, International Spirit of the

Year and New Beverage of the


The addition is to acknowledge

the contribution of the foreign

beverage market in refreshing

Ghanaians as well as encourage

strong and healthy multicultural relationships

with our foreign counterparts.

The New Beverage of the

Year Award goes to the latest

brand in the year under review,

which is enjoying massive public

appeal while adhering to high quality


Speaking at the launch of the

2018 Awards in Accra, the Chief

Executive Officer (CEO) of

GMA, Mr Ernest Boateng, said

this year, Ghana Beverage Awards

is keen to promote the efforts of

the small and medium beverage


“We are looking at a future

where indigenous beverages get

the needed visibility or exposure

they need to appeal to both the

local and foreign market. The

Ghana Beverage Awards is that

one platform that is taking on the

responsibility of advocating our

local producer,” Mr Boateng said.

The Tourism, Arts and Culture

Minister, Mrs Catherine Abelema

Afeku, who was the special guest

of honour for the event, called for

beverage companies to come up

with innovative ways by which

more traditional Ghanaian drinks

like asana, sobolo and palm wine

can be well packaged, branded and

sold internationally.

“We need to take our very best

out of Ghana and share with the

world what we enjoy most.”

She went ahead to add that the

initiative to promote Drink Ghana

could not have come at a better


The Ghana Beverage Awards is

organized by Global Media Alliance.

Supporting partners are the

Food Research Institute (FRI)

under CSIR, Ghana Tourism Authority

and the Food and Beverage

Association of Ghana. Media partners

are Daily Guide, Citi FM,

Happy FM, YFM and e.TV


Last year Guinness Ghana

Breweries Limited bagged the ultimate

award with Guinness Foreign

Extra Stout adjudged Product of

the Year and Beer of the Year.

Other brands were rewarded on

the night for their various specialties.

Touchpoint Magna Carta wins ‘PR Consultancy of the Year’ award


consultancy, Touchpoint Magna

Carta, has been awarded the ‘PR

Consultancy of the Year’ at the

7thNational PR and Communications

Excellence Awards held at

the La Palm Beach Resort in


The event, which was organized

by the Institute of Public Relations

(IPR), Ghana, saw

Touchpoint Magna Carta beat

four other agencies in the country

to annex the coveted award.

Touchpoint Magna Carta, a

member of the NINANI Group,

is a wholly-owned Ghanaian consultancy

firm offering services in

reputation management, event

management and media strategy

and buying.

Speaking about the award, Mr

Joel E. Nettey, Chief Executive of

the NINANI Group, said the

award was in recognition of the

quality of work Touchpoint

Magna Carta had been doing over

the six years that the company had

been in existence.

“In a highly competitive PR

and communications space, recognitions

such as these are not just

moments of pride but also a testament

to the depth, breadth and

the quality of the work we have

been doing for our clients for the

past six years and our clients can

testify to this fact. We share this

with our clients for trusting in the

quality of our work and being

•Mr Clarence Amoatey (2ndR), CEO of Touchpoint Magna Carta,

with some management staff members at the awards night

great partners,” Mr. Nettey said.

Touchpoint Magna Carta’s exceptional

talent was also recognized

at the awards when the

company’s General Manager,

Clarence Amoatey, was adjudged

the PR Discovery of the Year.

About Touchpoint

Magna Carta

Touchpoint Magna Carta is an

indigenous Ghanaian communications

agency specializing in event

organisation, and Media and Reputation

Management services. It is

affiliated to Magna Carta, an exclusive

African affiliate of the

Global Ketchum Group, which

has more than 100 offices around

the globe.

A key player in the interactive

marketing, media and entertainment

industry, Touchpoint Communications

has helped brands

and businesses from various sectors

such as the finance, telecommunications,

Oil & Gas, and

confectionery, build positive public

profiles over the years.

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Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about

anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for

yourself —Henry James

OccupyGhana writes to Akufo-

Addo over Ayawaso violence





31st January

2019 parliamentary


held at the

Ayawaso West

Wuogon Constituency in the

Greater Accra Region, your office

deployed an armed force (not established

by law) to ostensibly perform

policing duties.

We have seen video footage of

these men, attired and bearing

arms, engaging in acts of violence

that we have condemned in our

Public Statement of 1st February


We have also seen that some of

these men were being driven in

vehicles bearing the name and insignia

of the Ghana Police Service

and were, in some instances,

chauffeured or accompanied by

persons who appeared to be regular

police personnel.

Concerned about the legality or

otherwise of that force, we have

checked the Constitution (particularly

articles 83 to 85, 200 and

210) and all statutes relevant to

National Security and have found

no law that backs the force that

• President Nana


your office deployed.

Sir, Ghanaians have exercised

our “natural and inalienable right

to establish a framework of government”

for ourselves, which is

required to secure for us and posterity

the blessings of liberty

among others. It is for this reason

that our Constitution affirms that

“all powers of Government spring

from the Sovereign Will of the

People,” in “whose name and for

whose welfare the powers of government

are to be exercised in the

manner and within the limits laid

down in [the] Constitution.” Thus

any act(s) and/or omission(s) that

threaten these aspirations and legitimate

expectations of Ghanaians

ought to arouse the concern

of all responsible and well-meaning


Therefore, we write to demand

that you kindly indicate to us:

i. The legal bases upon

which you assembled, maintained

and deployed that force, of any;

ii. The circumstances

under which the Ghana Police

Service facilitated the acts of that

force by supplying vehicles or

other logistics for the operations

of that day;

iii. The reason and necessity

for maintaining the said

force outside the legally and constitutionally

recognised services

established by law;

iv. The procedure for recruiting

persons into the said

force; and

v. The financial provision

made for maintaining this


We demand answers to these

questions because the powers of

government, as required by law,

must be exercised, first, in the welfare

of the people who were inexcusably

violated by this force, and

second, “in the manner and within

the limits laid down in [the] Constitution.”

This letter is a formal request

for information under Article 21

of the Constitution. Further, it

constitutes statutory notice of our

intention to take appropriate action

against the Government

should you fail to respond to and

address the issues we have raised.

Thus if we do not hear from

you we shall go to Court to seek

reliefs including (but not limited

to): (a) providing the information

requested above, (b) declaring the

said force illegal, (c) ordering that

the force be disbanded, (d) ordering

you to account for all of sums

of money expended on maintaining

this force, (e) and further ordering

that all such sums be

refunded to the State, the expenditure

on the said force being contrary

to law.

We are counting on your cooperation


cc. His Excellency the


His Excellency the Vice-President

Attorney-General and Minister

for Justice

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Minister for Defence

Minister for the Interior

Minister for Finance

Chief of Defence Staff

Inspector General of Police

The Auditor-General

National Security Coordinator

John Boadu elected vice chair of the Democrat Union of Africa

THE GENERAL Secretary of

the New Patriotic Party (NPP),

Mr John Boadu, was, on Tuesday,

February 5, 2019, elected, as the

Vice Chairman of the Democrat

Union of African (DUA), at its

2019 conference which was held

at the Labadi Beach Hotel in

Accra, Ghana.

The Democrat Union of

Africa (DUA) is the African

Chapter of the International Democrat

Union (IDU), which is the

global alliance of all centre-right

to right wing political parties as

well as like-minded organizations

and think-tanks, dedicated to promoting

conservative ideology and

democratic principles in Africa

and across the globe.

The Accra conference, which

was hosted by the NPP and ably

• Mr John Boadu

partnered and supported by the

Westminster Foundation for

Democracy, the Conservative

Party of UK as well as the Konrad

Adenauer Stiftung, was used

to advance preparations towards

the re-launch of DUA for the

purpose of rejuvenating the

Union to effectively promote

the goals and aspirations of the

African people.

Again, at this conference,

President Akufo-Addo was honored

by the IDU, which conferred

on him, the title of

Honorary Patron of the Democrat

Union of Africa, for his unflinching

commitment to the

ideals of the IDU including the

promotion of democracy, rule

of law and good governance in

Ghana and across the continent

of Africa.

The conference also elected

Mr Mac Henry Venaam, the current

Presidential Candidate of the

Popular Democratic Movement,

which is the leading opposition

party in Namibia, as the Chairman

of the Democrat Union of


The Democrat Union of Africa

(DUA) is the African Chapter of

the International Democrat

Union (IDU), which is the global

alliance of all centre-right to

right wing political parties as

well as like-minded organizations

and think-tanks, dedicated

to promoting

conservative ideology and democratic

principles in Africa and

across the globe.

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Adongo warns BoG Governor against

credibility crisis of Central Bank

THE CONDUCT of the Governor

of the Bank of Ghana

is bringing down the revered

institution into serious credibility

crisis, the Member of

Parliament for Bolga Central,

Isaac Adongo has said in another letter to

the BoG Chief.

It would be recalled that the lawmaker

in May, 2018 wrote to the Governor of the

Central Bank, Dr Ernest Addison requesting

some information to assist him in his

work, which he was flatly denied.

But Adongo has issued another letter

addressed to the BoG Governor cautioning

that the “continuous manipulation of the

Policy Rate that is not consistent with the

fundamentals of the economy and concealing

of critical economic data will further

worsen the credibility crisis of BoG and derail

any efforts at attracting badly needed investments

into the country.”

A copy of the letter is published below:

Bank of Ghana (BoG),

P.O. Box 1989,


Dear Governor Addison,

Please accept my warm greetings.

You would recall my earlier letter to you

dated 22nd May, 2018, in which I requested

some information to assist me with my


Surprisingly though, you chose to ignore

that request. I pray this is not a norm

at the bank under you.

In that letter, however, I advised you to

stop fuelling systemic risks in the financial

sector, and to rather work to address the

loss of credibility in the sector. I am compelled

to write to you a second time about

the erosion of confidence in Bank of

Ghana (BoG), our central bank, and the

simmering credibility crisis of the institution

due to manipulation and apparent concealment

of economic data, ostensibly to

deceive investors and players in Ghana’s financial


A review of BoG’s Summary of Macroeconomic

and Financial Data and the Monetary

Policy Committee (MPC) press

statements show a very worrying trend, that

I want to bring to your attention. This trend

is creating serious credibility deficit in the

Central Bank, especially now that the extended

credit facility (ECF) arrangement

with the International Monetary Fund

(IMF) is ending, with international investors

having uncertainties about policy and institutional

credibility, going forward.

The following are among some of the

worrying issues:

1. Concealment and manipulation of

Net International Reserves (NIR)

It is very interesting to note that your

July 2018 and May 2018 MPC Press Statements

were very quiet on Ghana’s Net International

Reserves position. Why was this

so? Apparently, this was because Ghana’s

net international reserves had been worsening

since May 2018 when it recorded

USD4.65 billion. By October 2018, BoG

had drawn down about USD1.3 billion of

the reserves in response to portfolio reversals

and mounting pressure on the cedi. Indeed,

Ghana’s international reserves fell

dangerously low to USD3.3 billion that

could only cover 1.8 months of imports. As

a result of this precarious NIR position, the

country began to experience high levels of

vulnerability. Government’s efforts at increasing

borrowing to provide more forex

faltered because investors were not interested

in lending to Government unless interest

rates were increased. In the process,

the government’s borrowing, gap referred

to as uncovered auction, increased to over

GHC5 billion – USD1.04 billion, using an

exchange rate of GH4.8 to USD1.

• Isaac Adongo, MP

for Bolga Central

Sadly, BoG unethically and unprofessionally

decided to falsify Ghana’s

NIR to mislead investors and the markets

by suddenly adding Ghana’s Petroleum

Holding Funds to our net

reserves. This was a serious misconduct

that was clearly against the IMF’s

Balance of Payments Manual 5

(BPM5) guidelines on the definition of

NIR. The Petroleum Holding Funds

•Samia Yaba Nkrumah is the

daughter of Dr Kwame


are encumbered funds which are not

available to BoG and cannot be added

to its reserves.

Therefore, by adding it to the NIR,

it was equivalent to stealing someone’s

money to add to yours to avoid being

identified for your true level of


As you are aware, the BPM5 is designed

by the IMF and provides international

standards and guidelines for

compiling balance of payment (BOP)

statistics. It is actually your Bible and

that of all Central Banks in compiling

balance of BOP statistics yet I observed

that you decided to violate it

with impunity, even under a Fund program.

As a result of this manipulation

and concealment of the true data on

Ghana’s NIR position, the markets were deceived

into taking decisions based on such

falsified economic data.

Interestingly, you adjusted the NIR in

your latest Summary of Economic and Financial

data, which gives completely different

figures for the various months of the

year from what was reported in November


Mr Governor, this is chaotic, unethical

and insincere. It is observed

that this time, you added another

USD600 million to our NIR position

as at December 2018 to increase the

figure from USD3.2 billion to USD3.8

billion, apparently to hide the true

state of our reserves and the unprecedented

draw down in NIR.

Mr Governor, I want to take the

opportunity to urge you to desist from

such behaviour and to stop cooking

Ghana’s economic data. Let us be true

and consistent in approach as prescribed

by international standards and

tell the true story of Ghana’s economic


Based on the projections of possible

global economic downturn, Ghana,

as a commodity exporting nation, has

to be extremely worried about the low

levels of NIR, especially in the face of a cumulative

trade surplus of USD3 billion.

Strangely, however, we failed to build on

our NIR and that has now exposed the cedi

to severe headwinds, going forward, and

this must be informing monetary policy actions

and not fictitious economic data to

lure investors.

For example, it is worrisome that the

level of NIR as at end-2018 is less than

what it was on 31st December 2016. This is

in spite of the fact that the country made a

• Dr Ernest Addison,

BoG Governor

cumulative USD3 billion trade surplus,

mainly from oil exports, between 2017 and

2018. This means that effectively, our external

vulnerability has worsened as a country,

resulting from excessive BoG intervention

to support the depreciating cedi.

Mr Governor, I want to appeal to you

to stop endangering Ghana’s international

reserves through such excessive intervention

in the forex markets. Please allow the

cedi to adjust to the shocks and thereby

save the reserves for a rainy day. Otherwise,

if we experience a sudden increase in capital

flow reversals or a slump in world commodity

prices, going forward, we will be

forced back to the IMF even after the intended

exit this year. Henceforth too, BoG

should ensure that it is reporting Ghana’s

NIR accurately in its Summary of Macroeconomic

and Financial Data and MPC

Press Statements to give transparency and

clarity to the markets and not seek to hide

In your MPC press statement of January

28, 2019, you said the overall

BOP had deteriorated from a surplus

of USD1.1 billion in 2017 to a deficit

of USD671.5 million in 2018, equivalent

to 1.0% of GDP. Interestingly,

however, the Summary of Macroeconomic

and Financial Data for January

2019 captures the overall BOP

as of December 2018 at a deficit of

USD1.28 billion, equivalent to 2.0%

of GDP.

things in a manipulated Summary of

Macroeconomic and Financial data.

2. Manipulative Policy rate cuts

and Policy Distortions

Mr Governor, it is becoming very clear

that MPC meetings are now focusing on deceiving

investors when Government is

about to go cup in hand on a road show to

borrow money. It is very strange to see any

serious fundamentals of the economy and

the thrust of monetary policy that supports

your recent Policy Rate cut. In particular,

the data contained in your MPC Press Statement

and the Summary of Macroeconomic

and Financial data do not support 28th January,

2019 Policy Rate cut. For example:

i. Inconsistency in overall BOP: Mr

Governor, it is curious to note that despite

ignoring my letter of 22nd May, 2018

(which bothered on data inconsistency), you

appear to have entrenched it and now extending

same from the banking sector to

the external sector.

In your MPC press statement of January

28, 2019, you said the overall BOP

had deteriorated from a surplus of

USD1.1 billion in 2017 to a deficit of

USD671.5 million in 2018, equivalent

to 1.0% of GDP. Interestingly, however,

the Summary of Macroeconomic

and Financial Data for January 2019

captures the overall BOP as of December

2018 at a deficit of USD1.28

billion, equivalent to 2.0% of GDP.

Where did you get the deficit of

US$671 million from? This is grossly

unethical and connotes an active attempt

to conceal data in other to deceive

the public and investor

community in particular.

ii. While I am unable to decide

which of the overall BOP deficit figures

to use for my analysis, I have, on

my own prerogative, decided to base it

on the USD671 million deficit that

was contained in your press statement.

The curious question with that deficit

is: why is the BOP for 2018 in deficit

despite a trade surplus for 2018? This

is because of capital flight as investors

are taking their monies invested in

Government Bonds in search of better

yields abroad. That is why you are

having a precarious NIR position despite

a cumulative USD3 billion trade

surplus over the last two years.

To reverse this vulnerability and

improve foreign currency liquidity would require

a monetary policy stance that attracts

more foreign exchange denominated investments

into the country. This is not achieved

with Policy Rate cuts because that will

rather drive away portfolio investors leading

to further capital flight and flow reversals.

So what is the basis for this fictitious Policy

Rate cut? One wonders if it is

meant to deceive investors to price

low for the USD3 billion Eurobond

foray planned later this


iii. The constant regulatory

tyranny in the last quarter of 2018

produced foreign exchange rates

and depreciation figures you

wanted to see and not what the

market produced. The cedi crossed

the GHC5 to USD1 mark way back

in October 2018. As you and your

staff continued to warn and

threaten banks whose exchange

rate quotations exceeded the

GHC5 mark in their Intraday reports,

the banks began not to quote

their actual rates for foreign exchange

transactions, Hence, the

data you have released on exchange

rates and depreciation of the cedi

are suppressed and do not reflect

the market value of the cedi.

Mr Governor, I want to, again, urge you

to desist from manipulating the market with

threats and tyranny to allow market forces

to dictate the exchange rate. We are now indirectly

operating a controlled exchange rate

regime and that distorts market information.

iv. Interest rate distortions between Policy

Rate and various instruments: The conduct

of BoG and the recent interest rates

movements on Government’s risk-free debt

instruments suggest that both the Government

and BoG have no trust in the economic

data that have influenced Policy Rate

cuts in recent times.

While BoG is cutting interest rates to

signal a downward trajectory of interest

rates, the same BoG and Government are

raising interest rates on benchmark risk-free

instruments to signal rising risk-free costs

of capital. What that means is that the market

is being told that you can lend to Government

at a high interest rate and,

therefore, before you lend to any other person,

your starting interest rates is what

Government will pay you and it is rising so

charge a premium above what Government

pays. Does this reflect a BoG that believes

in its policy rate decisions?

The above shows that as you have continued

to artificially cut policy rates to deceive

the people and score cheap political

points, the fundamentals of the economy,

which you recognise in pricing Government

securities, are showing that interest rates are

going up and should be going up.

v. Struggling Economy

The data released for the MPC meeting

as reported in the Summary of Macroeconomic

and financial data, show an economy

that is struggling to support productive activities

and require a deliberate policy to inject

the needed foreign direct investment

and improved appetite of lenders to Government

to raise the needed resources to

fund the economy and revive several ailing

sectors of the real economy in the last two

years. The data is showing very worrying




It is clear from the above that the economy

needs serious stimulus to return to its

robust non-oil GDP growth in 2016. BoG’s

own Composite Index of Economic Activity

(CIEA) supports the fact that the economy

is struggling.

Table 2: BoG Real Sector Indicators

(CIEA) –November 2017/November 2018

All the indicators of your own surveys

show deteriorating economic performance

on your composite index of economic activity.

As a matter of fact the high business

and consumer confidence started disappearing

towards the end of 2017 and has now

worsened per your own data.

To summarise, this requires investment

by Government to propel the non-oil sector

of the economy to replace the dominant

performance of oil since 2017. With Government

facing significant uncovered auctions

of about GHC5 billion in 2018 and

massive portfolio flow reversals, monetary

policy should rather focus on eliminating

the unattractiveness of Government Debt


The continuous manipulation of the

Policy Rate that is not consistent with the

fundamentals of the economy and concealing

of critical economic data will further

worsen the credibility crisis of BGG and

derail any efforts at attracting badly needed

investments into the country.

Mr Governor, we have been enjoined to

be citizens and not spectators, and it is in

this direction and in performing my civic

duties to my constituents in Bolgatanga that

I took it upon myself to write you this letter.

It is my hope that the issues I have

raised will be addressed for the sake of the

good people of this country, and out of respect

for the high office you occupy.

Complements of the season, Mr Governor


Member of Parliament (MP), Bolgatanga

Central, and Member, Finance

Committee of Parliament



Julian Darksta out

with ‘Talk Talk’

•Julian Darksta



showbiz as Julian Darksta, a

United Kingdom-based

Ghanaian Afro-beats and

dancehall artiste who is gradually

making waves in the international

Afro-beat and UK Afro

swing scenes has dropped his third

track dubbed ‘Talk Talk’.

According to Darksta, who doubles

as a businessman, has released

three songs though he has

recorded a few more songs which

are in online music shops.

‘Talk Talk’ was produced by

K’Adu, a UK-based producer.

He explained that “‘Talk Talk’ is

a song for everyone who believes

in him- or herself and does not pay

attention to the negatives from the

society. It is also to encourage

everyone to keep focused on their

goals in order not to get distracted.”

The artiste, known for his talent

in word play and the fusion of

African, American and West Indian

decent in his songs, started music

professionally two years ago as a

graduate from the University of

the District of Colombia. He was

raised in South London, Ghana

(Accra) and USA.

He is inspired by versatile

artistes and is overly inspired by

the great Bob Marley because of

his messages about love, peace and

unity, which he believes the modern

world needs.

He encouraged the young ones

to never give up on their dreams

because no one can determine the

end result and they should feel free

to try new things because success

comes from failure.”

His songs are available on

ITunes, Spotify, SoundClound and

other such platforms, and he is Julian

Darksta on all social media


Fimfim sends late Ebony a letter


YOUNG PROLIFIC Ghanaian songwriter,

composer, performer, and producer

known in showbiz as Fimfim is sending a

long letter to the late Ebony in his new

track dubbed ‘Dear Bony’

According to him, ‘Dear Bony’ is not

just any other song but a piece he puts together

to keep Ebony fresh in the memories

of people. “I imagined

her in heaven and decided

to write a letter

to her. The content

of the letter

is what the

song is all

about,” he



added that,

“It's very

normal for

people to


about people

the very

moment they

die. Nana Hemaa

is one female artist

that I cherished so

much and so dedicated a


tribute song to her when she

passed. I don't think I could've delivered

this piece of awesomeness if I was ever

contracted to do this song. This song was

brewed out of the love I have for her and

also to keep her name and good works


Fimfim, who started as a rapper and

later ventured into production, which is

solely making beats and recording songs,

has produced for other musicians and currently

responsible for the banger by Tulenkey

titled ‘Proud Fuck Boys’. “Other

musicians that I've produced for are

Mzbel, 2twenty, Dobble, King Prinz, 5five,

Luta, Jupitar, Deon Boakye,

Gariba, Gemini, and more.”

The artiste said he

has quite a number

of songs to his

credit but notable


them are ‘She

wan me’ feating


‘One Boy

One Girl’





Kwaw Kesse;

‘Make Way’ featuring


‘Nana Nie’; ‘Selewa’

featuring Haywaya; ‘The

Rapperman’ ft Kesse and

‘Ohene’, an African hip hop story.

“All these songs were produced by me.”

“‘Dear Bony’ is 4mins 58secs short and

I said short because you get so much engulfed

in the story that you don't realize

when it ends. This project commenced

mid last year and was completed in January

this year.

“The project took that long because I

had to re-record several times before I

could settle on what I really wanted. The

song needed to carry emotions and retaking

it several times was the only guarantee

to get it right.”

‘Dear Bony’, which is a hip pop genre,

is set to be released today, February 8,

which happens to be the first anniversary

of Ebony’s passing.

“The song is on all digital platforms

such as iTunes, Spotify, and deezer. It also

has a splendid video to it on YouTube. Just

search Fimfim.gh on YouTube and you'll

be directed to the link to my channel to

watch the video and other nice videos.”

The artiste, who expressed his nostalgic

feelings towards the late Ebony, passed a

note to Mr Kwarteng, her father, and Bullet,

her manager, that, “It's quite unfortunate

she's not here but I would only wish

she doesn't change.I miss her free spiritedness.

“I don't think I have any advice for

both of them but all I would say is, Bony

lived a sweet life and was a fighter. The

people really loved her and all that love

might gradually fade when she's not allowed

to rest in peace.

“’Dear Bony is a letter to Ebony in

heaven and I urge everyone to read this

letter when it's released.”

‘Slain’ to

premiere on

February 17

GHANA’S YOUNGEST female movie producer,

Mary Magdalene Agbavor , is set to premiere her

debut feature film ‘ Slain’ on February 17, 2019.

According to the producer, Slain’, as the title suggests,

talks about how young people end up making

wrong decisions

by the influence

of social media

and the love for

The movie features

super stars such as

Gloria Sarfo,

Jessica Williams,

Kelvin Funkeye and

the talented young

star Yaa Jackson

and a host of other


material things.

The movie

features super

stars such as

Gloria Sarfo, Jessica


Kelvin Funkeye

and the talented

young star Yaa

Jackson and a

host of other


Her first feature

film, which

is already making

waves, is set to

have an Executive

premiere on February 16, 2019 at the Global

cinemas (Weija-Kasoa road).




Viberz features

Ras Kuuku on

‘Bless Me Today ’




VIBERZ, MADE up of budding

Ghanaian music duo, known in real

life as Samuel Jeff, otherwise called

Young, and Prince Abrampa, aka Ice,

have featured Ras Kuuku on their

new track, ‘Bless Me Today ’

According to the duo, ‘Bless Me

Today’ was inspired by the famous

Bible character Jacob, who struggled

with an angel to bless him.

The duo said, “Afro pop is our

genre of choice simply because it defines

where we come from, the

dance, the concept that we speak

about. It is who we are.”

They have released songs like

‘Rosalinda’, which is mixed and mastered,

and their new project with Ras

Kuuku, ‘Bless Me Today’, is an afrobeat

tune that is fused with an intriguing






“Afro pop is our

genre of choice

simply because it

defines where we

come from, the

dance, the concept

that we speak about.

It is who we are.”



rapper and lyricist Phrame,

born Benjamin Arkoful, has

dropped his much-anticipated

album dubbed ‘Brenya’.

‘Brenya’ has 13 songs with an Intro

and Skit making it 15 on the list. It features

Fimfim, Nuel Triumph, Sena Huks,

Tek Deep, Koo Ntakra, Nii Mayweda,

Achaa, King Prinz, Gariba, Chymny

Crane, Nana Nie, and Efo Shaker.

According to the artiste, who is currently

managed by Trump Music Group,

he was inspired by the hustle and pains he

has been through. “There was a time that

money to pay for studio was a problem

until I got management team (Trump

Music Group) to make my works professional.

So looking at all of these, an Akan

will say ‘mabré na mé nya’ so that's the

main reason why I named the album


He said it took him three years to write

and record the songs on the album, which

has songs like ‘Brenya’; ‘Jah Guide’;

‘Obaa’; ‘Mayor’; ‘Sokoo’; ‘Dagrafa Dagrafa’;

and a skit produced by Fimfim)

produced by various producers.

Others are ‘Julie’; ’Next Time’; Revolution;

‘Rasta Love’; ‘Recognize Remix’;

‘Amen’; and ‘One Day’.

The album is on all digital stores like

ITunes, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud,

Napstar, Amazon, and Deezer,

Phrame said, though all the songs are

his favourites, he likes Brenya most because

of its strong message about life and

its quality production.







Spurs stadium not ready for London

derby with Arsenal on March 2


League match against North London rivals

Arsenal on March 2 will take place

at Wembley because Spurs’ new stadium

is not ready.

Spurs were originally scheduled to

move into the new ground in September

but the project has suffered construction

and "safety systems" delays.

The club recently said their new stadium

would not be ready to host

matches until at least March.

"Thank you all for bearing with us.

These next few weeks are pivotal."

Tottenham's next scheduled home

game after the Arsenal fixture is against

Crystal Palace on Sunday, March 17.

However, that could be changed as it is

the weekend of the FA Cup quarter-finals

and Palace are still in the competition.

"Remedial works on the safety systems

in the new stadium are near completion

and we shall then move forward

to the final stages of testing the fire detection

and alarm system and its integration

with the other safety systems," said

a Spurs statement.

"The success of this testing is critical

to our ability to obtain a safety certificate

and open the stadium. We shall provide

a further update in due course."

The new ground, which will also host

NFL games, will have a capacity of

62,062 and is located on the site of their

old White Hart Lane home.

Tottenham, third in the Premier

League, have used Wembley since the

beginning of last season after White

Hart Lane was demolished at the end of

the 2016-17 campaign.

GFA officials

paid $400k to

blackmail me

AFORMER president

of the Ghana Football


(GFA), Kwesi

Nyantakyi, has alleged

that officials of the

football powerhouse

connived with investigative


Anas Aremeyaw

Anas to set him



who is serving a

life ban from all


activities imposed

on him by

Fifa, was emphatic

FA officials

against him paid

Tiger Eye PI $400,

000 to blackmail him in

Africa’s biggest football


“The project is a sponsored

project,” the former CAF executive

stressed in his first public interview

after the case.

“The people at GFA who

didn’t like me paid $400,000 to

blackmail me,” Nyantakyi pointed

out in a Net2 TV interview.

Anas behaves like ISIS

Nyantakyi also described Tiger

Eye PI, which investigated him in

the football corruption scandal as

“a criminal organisation.”

“Anas behaves like ISIS,”

Nyantakyi stated. “They set people

up and I was set up.”

According to him, Tiger Eye

• Says Nyantakyi

• Kwesi


PI is not a credible organisation,

describing Anas’s outfit “as a

criminal organisation infringing

on people’s rights.”

He served notice he might be

suing Anas again for “infringing

on his right” in Dubai, where the

laws bar people from recording

persons “secretly”.

The former GFA boss insisted

Anas’s team demanded money

from him “through a lawyer at

Legon [the University of Ghana]”

to drop his video.

Nyantakyi was captured in an

investigative documentary engaging

in corrupt and bribery activities.

He was initially handed a

provisional 90-day ban, which

was later extended for 45


“The adjudicatory

chamber of the independent

Ethics Committee

has banned Mr

Kwesi Nyantakyi, former

President of the

Ghana Football Association

(GFA), for life

from all football-related

activities (administrative,

sports or any other) at

both national and international

levels,” a Fifa statement

of Tuesday reads.

“The adjudicatory chamber

found Mr. Nyantakyi guilty of

having violated Article 19 (Conflicts

of interest), Article 21

(Bribery and corruption) and Article

22 (Commission) of the

FIFA Code of Ethics, 2012 edition.

As a consequence, Mr Nyantakyi

is banned for life from all

football-related activities (administrative,

sports or any other) at

both national and international

level. Additionally, a fine in the

amount of CHF 500,000 has

been imposed on Mr Nyantakyi.

“The decision was notified to

Mr Nyantakyi today, and the ban

comes into force immediately,”

the Fifa statement read.

CAF Confed.Cup:

Kotoko to rally supporters

ahead of Zesco clash


Asante Kotoko has put together activities

to galvanise support for the

team in next week Wednesday’s CAF

Confederation Cup Group C clash

against Zesco United in Kumasi.

The Porcupines engage the Zambians

in day-two of the group stage

in a 1:p.m kick-off game, and Management

is starting a publicity drive

that will see it go to workplaces and

homes of the supporters.

A press release signed by the Director

of Communications, Samuel

Sarfo Duku (Esq), said the idea is

to remind the supporters of the

game and the need for them to show

up in their numbers.

“As part of measures to ensure

that we get a fully packed Baba Yara

Stadium on the match day, Management

will, on Friday and Saturday,

embark on an awareness drive at the

Suame Magazine in Kumasi,” says

the statement.

“We will meet with the artisans

and traders at their shops and locations

within those environs to drum

home our need for their presence at

the Baba Yara Stadium.

“Management will, within the

same period, also visit the Kumasi

Business District, the notable market

centres and artisan catchment areas

both in and out of the metropolis to

sell the game to our supporters in

those areas.

“Management has resolved to

also visit the offices of public and

private establishments in Kumasi

and its environs to remind our supporters

of the game and also impress

on the directors and

departmental heads to allow their

employees to be at the stadium.”

“It is one of our key responsibilities

as Management to whip up enthusiasm

in our supporters to get

them to troop to the stadium in their

numbers to cheer on the team, and it

has become necessary that we embark

on the aforementioned activities

because the game is fixed for a

working day and at 1p.m. when

workers will normally be active at

work,” the statement explained.


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